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Brethren, this is one of many reasons why you should never deal with single mothers no matter what:

Do you see how these black women work together as an unholy alliance, the daggle single mother at the table isn’t even paying for the meals but the waitress is deliberately listening to her over the man who is, smh.

Ordering food for your children(she could really be ordering for another dude on the side as well) because he was late to the date, the audacity of these self entitled delusional whores is off the chain.

This is one of many reasons why you don’t deal with single mothers and why until you’re both an item, as a man you MUST keep the dates as simple and as cheap as possible. NEVER allow these ponce mooching females to gaslight you into spending ridiculous amounts of money on dates.

Gentlemen, steer well clear of these single mothers, protect your seed at all costs and never settle for less when it comes to choosing quality women.

Additionally, just to let you guys know, next Wednesday’s Open Mic will be the final post of 2022. I much prefer to end the year on Open Mics because then you’re free to post links if anything new pops up.

I’ll begin posting new articles from the 30th January 2023. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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20 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. I blame the blackistan man cause he decided to date not only a negress but a single mother.


    1. Witwijf,

      Unfortunately too many black men don’t understand their worth and true value because they’ve been successfully brainwashed and indoctrinated by the black witch’s coven. In this day and age there is no excuse for a single black man to be going on a date with Shaniqua who has 7 children by 6 different men.

      1. Verbs2015,

        Frankly I found the black male simp in the video far more disgusting than the scraggle daggle. In the US, the black male simp population has gassed up sub par black pussy so hard for so long that all daggles believe they are quaens to the black male.

        If you are a Black Man in America who has anything going for yourself, the dating pool of black females is a wasteland. Black females in the US have no motivation to improve. This is because the black male simp in the US will worship and simp to the mangiest, lousiest, most ran thru daggle, even when she has a brood of nigglets by multiple black male scum bags.

        The black male simp cannot date out. This is because the only type of female who would let him touch her is the scraggle daggle. The scraggle daggle has descended to such depths because the black male simp has gassed her up to the pinnacle of delusions. I see this everyday, from black males at every strata of the black population.

        Frankly, I see the black male simp as being more responsible for the sorry state of Blackistan than the scraggle daggle. Females will naturally follow a male who is truly alpha. If the black male simp did not exist to such an overwhelming degree, many scraggle daggles would pursue self improvement. As it stands, she has no need to pursue self improvement, because the 90 percent plus of black males in the US who are simps, say that she is perfect as she is.

        The black male simp in the video says that he would pay for the daggle’s steak dinner but not for her kids’ dinners. He even says he would take her out again. First of all, I would never ask such a female out period, full stop. And I would feel much better about buying steak dinners for hungry children, than for triffling scraggle daggles.

        I could buy a child a dinner. But I couldn’t buy a daggle like the one in video, as much shit as she could eat.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I said this many times before as a childfree black man, I refuse to date single mothers because its a waste of time and that single mother destroyed her own life by having kids with the wrong man . I am not being the clean up man for a single mothers mistakes. I am only interested in dating single childfree non black women so that we can build our own nuclear family from scratch. I am also not interested in dating black women too.

    1. I always I agree with you.
      Also Derrick Jaxn said you are not a grown man if you do not date Single Mothers and BW thinks you are a man-child because you are child-free. Why? Because Derrick (this Simp/pimp pandering) Jackson he made a book called ‘Single Mothers for Grown Man’.

      1. Andy C.

        I fully agree with you Andy but at the time I don’t give a shit about Derrick Jaxn calling me not mature because I refuse to date single mothers as a childfree man.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you always say, I fully agree with you bro. The cons far outweigh the pros many times when it comes to single mothers. No clean up men over here. It is your duty as a single man to start your own legacy/family from scratch, NOT take onboard another man’s scraps and excess baggage.

      1. This should be the preferred pathway. However since we are not all the same, the same age, etc, etc. I can report that single mothers in other countries are much, much better than the average BW who is a single mother. I am at the age where I know some men who have married women overseas who are single mothers because they don’t want to have any more children of their own but don’t mind helping to raise the woman child*ren to be adults because after a certain point nurturing stops (mothers job) and learning how to become an adult comes from your father.

        Beyond that BM men so-called Travel Bros are doing the same crap they do at home. Dating single mothers in Colombia like you see in the video above. Not asking for food for the children but banking on the long term that you will wife her up. But as I said these men end up doing what they normally do. Meaning they hook up with single mothers because they tend to give up sex quickly after meeting.

        Men like things easy, because life is difficult, I get it. But that is an excuse, you should always try to do your best and that includes with women. Even single mothers, some are victims of domestic violence and of course the Red Pill trope of being a widow.

        What BM and BW often miss about Russell Wilson is that he made Ciara follow his rules to become his wife. It doesn’t matter she was a single mother (Future) she also had additional children with Wilison.

        So while Red Pill barkers and their followers often like to clown Russell Wilson, he did the right thing when a single mother and men should follow his lead if you are going to go that route.

        That is the knock on going overseas unless you can date women under 25, you are going to meet quite a few single mothers. UNLESS you go after middle class women, which ironically Red Pill followers run away from while SYSBM Knights run towards those women.

        That is why Black men encounter fewer problems in the Philippines/Thailand/SEA.

        1. Or how about don’t date single mums of any race. I got to blame American BM for perpetrating this stereotype of black men dating the scraps from other races.

          Its simple if you’re a childless man don’t date single mums of any race they’re not on your level. There are more women than men gender ratio wise.

  3. As, the old saying goes: “Never feed a stray dog. There’s only trouble ahead.” Something brothers should meditate on deeply!!


  4. The worst part of this, in my mind, is the people in the clip who agree with the idea that he should pay. The community is in this dysfunctional state because so many are willing to co-sign it.

    1. Samuskusanagi,

      I still remember back in the day when merely going to the park for a date was looked upon as important. Somewhere along the line many men were bamboozled and hoodwinked into believing that they have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on dates in order to impress women and prove themselves “worthy” to them, smh.

    1. Michel,

      The bus driver knows how to deal with these feral hogs, cosh em in the head first and ask questions later. You’ll notice how the approach to dealing with violent non black women by men is completely different to how violent black sirens are “managed”. Black girls and especially black women stay instigating trouble but then want to play the victim immediately after they receive their just desserts, smh.

  5. Isn’t it funny that in the midst of a cold snap (27 degrees F in the UK) that gas suppliers are raising the prices?

    Ain’t it funny that because it’s nearly
    Christmas there’s avian flu?

    Isn’t it funny how the rail strikes, teacher strikes, postie strikes, nurses strike that the poorly paid workers are accused of being Putin supporters?

    Ain’t it funny that “green energy” push is literally plunging the country into economic recession?

    Ain’t it funny how climate change applies to the Western countries but not China?

    Isn’t it funny how when someone dies after a short illness, no one mentioned how many times they took the deathshot vaccine?

    Klaus Anal Schwab would be proud of the progress his WEF cronies have made in exterminating the human race. “You vill eat ze bugs and you vill like it!”

  6. I was goanna talk about some things on Open Mic but when I saw this, oh boy.

    The reason why a man that has no children shouldn’t date a woman with children is that the single mothers are looking for a sucker to take care of their children. And the woman that is ordering more food, she’s giving it to her children and her man.

    Here is the thing, if the man knows that she’s has children, why in the hell is he taking her out for dinner? Is he wanna smash the ting? I know about single mothers because I have had sexual encounters with them. But for long term, is a no, no!

    As well know that these simps are goanna say that this dude need to order more steak for the woman for the children and her worthless man who is at home taking care of children which doesn’t belong to them.

    When you go to these dating websites, you will see the amount of single mothers there. Some of them have more then one child. When a man says that he will not date a singe mother, he will looked as a villain. I’m one of those villains.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honeys safe at all times from these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women, especially in the damn snow.

  7. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I saw the first video on the Ho3busters IG page last night; the lack of respect that this single mama daggle had for him, as well the daggle waiting their table, is enough to make your blood boil, but this guy didn’t have enough respect for himself, either! This should be a learning experience for all men: say NO to single mothers, and save yourself from the headaches that come from dealing with them and their bastard children. Anyway, I wanted to piggyback off of the Derrick Jaxn divorce scandal and share this video by Mr. Locario who is saying that Jaxn is a hero to the modern male:

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