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Pander Bear Derrick Jaxn Files For Divorce!

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I’m certain there was no “prayer, counselling and deep consideration” on Jaxn’s part, he simply realised that he wasn’t built for long term relationships and commitment and that he must remain loyal and true to his path ie the way of Tyrone, Dey Dey and Skillet.

In the video below is the high mileage, BBL’d, tatted up, fake eyelash, weave and heavy makeup wearing hoodrat who’s been bragging about taking away Jaxn from his wife, she calls herself Pinky Love.

I continue to talk about a particular sect of black men who are NOT cut out for long term relationships and commitment, Derrick Jaxn is one such specimen. Jaxn is your quintessential Field Mouse, Roof Top Trey, Slim Sauce, Shorty Fist type Negro, he is the archetype who the majority of black women gravitate towards believing they can convert such a man from the dark side.

However they soon find out that the modification process cannot be completed, often times it’s too late as they’ve already been impregnated and had children by this type of black male. Derrick Jaxn never stopped cheating from the last time he was exposed, the rumoured reason behind the sudden divorce announcement is because of Tasha K releasing new photos of Jaxn in Miami with his mistress Pinky Love:

It also seems as if Jaxn’s wife Da’Naia Jackson has lost the plot as a number of weeks back she posted this video attempting to curse those who were possibly trying to warn her that her husband was still stepping out:

As far as I’m concerned the worst thing about all of this are the millions of knuckleheaded black females who’ve subscribed to panderer Jaxn’s enchantments of deception and supported him.

For years wise brothers have been warning Jaxn’s black female followers that the guy is a blatant fraud, however they’ve refused to listen to sound advice, in fact most have dug their heels in deeper and doubled down in their support for him.

To be honest, those women who’ve supported Jaxn fully deserve the calamity and disaster that will certainly follow listening to and acting on his advice, telling these women that it’s always the man’s fault, that they don’t need to change, that they can bring their delusional, janky, disjointed selves forward and some man will scoop them up regardless, smh.

Slowly but surely these bean-headed harridans are discovering that no man of worth and value is willing to deal with defective products, especially those that are beyond repair. Here is the kicker, as long as Jaxn still allows black women to hold onto their victimhood mantle, they’ll still follow him to the ends of the earth and off a cliff.

The geezer isn’t even discreet with his cheating, the dude is out in the open amongst big crowds with his hoodrat sidekick in the heart of the city believing that people won’t recognise him, what kind of industrial grade flakka is the guy smoking, smh?

What we do know is from this moment forward female empowerment specialist Derrick Jaxn will be slinging his ding a ling at anything and everything he can get his hands on and judging by his following, he’ll have no difficulty keeping his willy wet despite him being involved in yet another cheating scandal. Penis slinging Pookies typically remain that way for life, they very rarely reform themselves.

Gentlemen, SYSBM™, get your passports and never look back. Do you really want to run the risk of running into a female who freely follows this swindler and who cannot see the forest through the trees?

Jaxn can’t even get himself halfway decent women to play away with, everytime the guy’s been exposed it’s always some weave wearing, heavy makeup, hoodrat mentality type chick that he’s been dicking down behind closed doors.

Pinky Love is NOT that attractive, remove the weave, fake eyelashes and makeup and I guarantee you you’d be looking at a totally different creature.

The only reason Jaxn married Da’Naia is because he impregnated her beforehand which wasn’t a good look in the slightest for himself as well as his brand. Other than black women as a collective being a bunch of steadfast dummies who will continue to support this guy no matter what, from myself nothing more needs to be added. Gentlemen, your thoughts. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Men Like Derrick Jaxn ALWAYS Cheat

Most High Bless

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17 thoughts on “Pander Bear Derrick Jaxn Files For Divorce!

  1. I saw this article a lot on Facebook and YouTube.

    Someone ask me why do some brothers laugh at Derrick’s misfortune on relationship breakdown?

    My answer:
    Because people like him are a simp/pimp panderers who exploit BW’s misery and shitting on good BM. These simps deserver what they get because they think they can scam BW’s low self esteem by lying to them. Giving them no accountability, making books like ‘Single mothers for Grown Men’ like some simp ever get an opportunity to date Single mothers.

    I mention that people like me and American Black Man and probably Money Cultural put men under the bus more than women. The reason why I put men under the bus more than women is because we all know how women especially BW are, however we have a lot of Blue-Pill crisis in the west and full of simps, that is why I do this. It is easy to go hard on BW however the simps like Derrick who panders are like food and cannon fodder to these women. They are the one who throw money at the 304s and pay for their lifestyle.

    Since Derrick made a book called ‘Single Mothers for Grown men’. What he means that since brothers like Quincy which he stated many times that he is Childfree calling him a ‘Immature man-child’ because BM like Quincy got no kids. I know about how these BW shaming man who got no kids because BM without kids are very wise and they hate the fact they these BW cannot have them.

    Now these BW saying how they got conned by him and got scammed. Let me tell these BW this:
    Thinking Black Men knew about Derrick many years of how he is a scamming simping pimp.
    The problem about these simp/pimp coaches is that they were never boyfriend/husband material anyway because they so focus on physique and spend time talking about the definition of a ‘Real Man’ instead of how to be a husband.

    This is the same Derrick who made an Asian woman a single mother and then he married to this hotep militant rebel woman. When he got caught cheating, he blames it on the Devil and Bible because he got caught.

    As for Da’Naia Jackson video as she made a video to put a curse on American Black people who slander Derrick’s name. Unfortunately the curse backfire and the curse went on Derrick.
    The curse backfired because you cannot put a curse on the redpiller. You cannot put a curse on redpillers because Red Pill represent the Truth and Truth Set you free.
    The curse affected Derrick because he was always a pookie.

    What people need to understand that Derrick started this Dating Coach scam since in is late 20’s meaning he was very naïve to understand females, he thinks that he is smarter than the mature brothers when it comes to BW. Kevin Samuels mention about how high value man do not cheat, they practice options. The reason why top men practice options because when they become upper tier men, they will more access to women and 90% of women approach the top men are not wife materials so when they top men look for marriage they will have to venture out. Top men are very smart at weeding out females. That is why brothers supported Kevin because we was very experience as well as people listen to SYSBM. Unfortunately Derrick does not get this because he was always a thug at heart and these western/modern females always fell for these tricks.

    Another thing Verbs, someone mention that every video he made about these type of bad men women should avoid, in reality he was talking about himself.

    1. That is real talk.
      Nothing wrong with laughing at the simps’ karma because they all saw it coming. That is why these simps and blue pill need to take the red pill because they will learn the hard way. Just like Derrick and the likes of these Pro-Feminist panders as they end up getting me-too by these same females they simping and defending.

      Verbs, did you notice that it was Derrick is initialising the divorce, not Da’Naia.
      This is how the educated pookies operates. I call it educated because Derrick made fortune on conning females. These BW telling Da’Naia to divorce the guy, but you know these BW always stay with the thugs no matter how bad he is. If this was a good man who made a mistake, she will divorce him for petty reason, but they will stick by the Thugs and bad boys.
      Also I agree with Verbs that these are the same BW got hurt by Derrick are to ones who are attracted to thugs anyway so they stood by him.

      Also I did not know that Derrick marry Da’Naia because he got her pregnant. Basically means that he was going to pump and dump her and not to marry but he have eat his own words like ‘Real Man stay with a women who he got pregnant by and be accountable’. But it seems that he could not handle his own advice so when he got rich he back to his thug/pookie self again and reveal this in public. I think Kevin Samuels mention briefly about it when Derrick become rich, he starts having option.
      I agree with Michael that Derrick as a young and naïve person as he become a Dating Roach since he was around late 20s so he thinks that he more expert than the experienced Red-Pill men which he was not.

  2. You should check his reviews (need to log in to Facebook to see it):

    These women are now coming out saying Derrick is a fraud and a con-artist.
    These BW getting their soul ripped apart by his betrayal.

    What is funny about these reviews that which you stated that the red-pill thinking brothers warned these females many years ago about him.
    These females act like they got hurt about this scandal.
    I say too late and these females deserve what they get for following this pimp.

  3. Verbs,

    According to the YouTube Videos. He is now 33 and his channel and made books since 2013. Basically he became a so-called expert at 24 giving dating advice to 30 to 40 year old mature single BW.
    Basically he was the Toy Boy to these BW.

    1. He did since he was 24?
      I knew he did this in is late 20s and he thinks he understand women. He was wrong.
      I saw his old videos. I think he was into this thug stuff before he start pandering.
      He was the BW’s toy boy, now he become a f*ck boy.
      All that time he spend years making video putting BM under the us he was talking about himself.

  4. Two groups of PURE TRASH who deserve each other‼️

  5. He says counselling and prayer as a cover up.

    Yahweh has already cursed every black couple relationships.

    This is a perfect example of it.


  6. 🤣🤣🤣 That photo!

    Jaxn looks like the ventriloquist and she looks like the puppet!!!

  7. I know that this is goanna happen. I just knew it. Verbs, just remember that this simp use to throw black men under the bus just to please the scraggle daggle harridans. When I was ready your article while I was eating dinner, I just have to shake my damn head! Black men looking at this and they are just laughing their heads off because what he’s goanna go through.

    The chick he was whooping yeah. She’s bragging that she took Derrick Jaxn away. Let me tell you something. That ting is a side piece. She needs to know her space, blud! And plus how much thug dick went up her tun tun? Nuff cocky went up in it! From Chopper Man Stoley, Machete Man Briggy, Street Mice, Corner Boy Ronney, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta ram though that, raw!

    And why Derrick Jaxn is out there creeping while he has a wife at home? The dude is married. You know how many men wanna get married and can’t? I know there are women that cheat on their husbands. The simp really has a wife at home and he was doing the creep thing with a ghetto ratchet hoodrat.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe tonight now as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women. Especially in this snow.


  8. Verbs 2015.

    Wow Derrick Jaxn is getting a divorce. He is now getting his karma because he was always throwing SYSBM black men like us under the bus because we refuse to date black women and single mothers.

  9. So, Derrick JaxSIMP is getting divorced; this divorce should’ve happened after the first cheating scandal. This time, it’s much more embarrassing than the first because the scraggle daggle continued supporting him in spite of the manifest fraud he was revealed to be; what’s even more sad is how Derrick has so successfully manipulated and gaslit his wife that she is pronouncing curses on the very people who tried to save her from embarrassment a second time. I really hope this braud receives help because you can see in her eyes that she’s not all together; all of those verses of scripture she rattled off didn’t stop her from getting hurt twice by the ultimate f**k boy. Black women can pretend like they didn’t know what he was really up to, but they had ample warnings about listening to this clown; who will be next to step up to the plate and pick up where Derrick JaxSIMP left off? I’m just waiting to see the internet make parodies of this situation again!

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if these brawds double and triple down on their support for this snake, just to spite us.

  11. Verbs2015,
    On the Subject of Derrick Jaxn. What’s Currently Happening to him. It Couldn’t Have Happened to a Nicer Guy & That’s all I Got to Say about that. SYSBM For Life!!!

  12. Did Somebody Say…
    🌟 JUST CHEAT ! 🌟

    Once a playa, always a playa.

  13. Another classic article VERBS YOU HAVE TO DO PART 2 PINKY LOVE IS TROLLING HIS WIFE. Derrick Jaxn still selling out with blk women.

  14. Gentlemen,

    Derrick Jaxn is back to his old Pimp/Simp pandering self again as he is now making videos again pandering like the whole cheating scandal never happen.
    Females will never learn from the scam because they only forgive evil men such as Pookies, Ray Ray, Thugs and beta white men who does the execution of BW.
    But they will cancel good BM who makes mistakes, even it was not harmful.

    You cannot hate Derrick’s scamming hustle as BW will learn nothing and continue to get fleeced by him.
    BW cannot blame Passport Brothers for their cock ups.

    1. MMT,

      Derrick Jaxn supporters stay stuck on stupid for life, guys like him are some of the main reasons why SYSBM™ and Passport Bros have taken off exponentially. As I stated in my book Negro Wars, black women as a collective love being fleeced, bamboozled, hoodwinked and pimped by men who tickle their ears with smooth talking garbage. Leave them to their own fates, most unfortunately will have to learn their lessons the hard way and crash and burn as a result.

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