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Plastic Looking Freaks Of Nature! #SHORTS

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This is yet another reason why more black men are choosing to throw in the towel on black women and instead opting to pursue women from other ethnic backgrounds, unfortunately most black women have gravitated towards looking like plastic exaggerated caricatures and mutant looking freaks of nature. Who told these heifers above that such a look is attractive?

Remember, these are the same black women who claim that white women are trying to look like them, yet I don’t see white women as a collective going to these great lengths to look like literal freaks from the underworld. You guys already know how I feel concerning the external appendages most black women use in their efforts to look more attractive(which typically never works, they tend to look even uglier than before).

Black women as a collective are really out here trying to look like Frankenstein clowns, circus side show attractions and messed up scientific experiments. Of course to the blue pilled, black male simp, the modern day black female is still a “queen” even though practically everything on her is fake. And these heifers have the audacity to talk about black men needing to step their game up while looking as fake as a $3 bill, smh.

I keep on saying it, there was and still is a serious dearth of attractive women in black female society. With black women jumping on foolish trends and wearing all of these disgusting external appendages, the problem has now gotten far worse in a very short period of time.

Fake eyelashes ARE NOT ATTRACTIVE, fake nails ARE NOT ATTRACTIVE, weaves/wigs coming in all different colours ARE NOT ATTRACTIVE, wearing 10000 pounds of makeup IS NOT ATTRACTIVE, butt implants ARE NOT ATTRACTIVE, silicone breasts ARE NOT ATTRACTIVE, duck lip filler surgery IS NOT ATTRACTIVE, tattoos ARE NOT ATTRACTIVE, being overweight and in some cases morbidly obese IS NOT ATTRACTIVE, being a so called “boss bitch” IS NOT ATTRACTIVE, subscribing to the doctrine of feminism IS NOT ATTRACTIVE, behaving in a masculine manner IS NOT ATTRACTIVE, embracing an attitude and attempting to pass it off as a good thing(strong) IS NOT ATTRACTIVE, claiming to be “an independent woman who doesn’t need a man” IS NOT ATTRACTIVE, wearing a nose ring looking like a cow at the farmers market IS NOT ATTRACTIVE, painting your face with ridiculous and outlandish colours IS NOT ATTRACTIVE, looking fake IS NOT ATTRACTIVE, random body piercings ARE NOT ATTRACTIVE, dressing like a $1 whore IS NOT ATTRACTIVE, high body counts(as far as I’m concerned anything over 2) IS NOT ATTRACTIVE, the list goes on and on.

And these women wonder why they continue to remain chronically single at a super high clip, over here the reasons are obvious to us. A REAL black woman in this day and age is an extremely rare find. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Freak Of Nature Looking Type Females Are Not Suitable Candidates For Relationships And Marriage

Most High Bless

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23 thoughts on “Plastic Looking Freaks Of Nature! #SHORTS

  1. Blackistan men would still message her DM despite looking like a clown.

    This is always the outcome in black societies.

    Any blackistan man telling black men to wife up a negress needs a slap in the face.


    1. teamwhitebecky does the same thing with the ugly lashes, high body count sooo what is your point?

      1. InterracialSimps,

        Becky overall still looks much better than these mutant, overweight, plastic black queanies walking the streets. Additionally, black women embrace slut culture more than any other race of women, take 10 seats mac.

      2. Why you so worried about Becky? How about hold yourself to a higher standard?

      3. #teamwhitebecky looks better fresh faced out the shower than most black sheboons.

        #teamwhitebecky’s body count is nowhere near as high as the sheboon’s.

        #teamwhitebecky for the most part watches her weight, hits the gym and looks her best.

        #teamwhitebecky knows that she is the standard of femininity that black hoes are jealous of.

        #teamwhitebecky head to head can beat out most any bonnet headed Ebony when it comes to getting any BM that she wants.

        Why do you come on here to embarrass yourself?

    2. Salute, brother Verbs. You know, there’s a pretty clear delineation between accentuating and flat out buffoonery. A little make up or so is fine. This is ridiculous. Black women have zero grounds to call us self haters when they go through this much crap to not even look like themselves.

      1. Mister Perfect,

        Salute to you as well brother. Black women as a collective don’t even look original anymore, at this stage they’re the furthest thing from looking normal. They all look like clones of each other yet they’ll be ultra quick to put their demands on the table as to what they expect from a man while offering nothing different in return than the next woman, smh.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Black women these days in 2022 are always looking fake from head to toe and sadly that’s the reason why I refuse to date black women as a childfree black man at 40. I prefer to date a natural good looking childfree non black woman.

    1. The final woman in those videos ended up looking like Miss Piggy from the Muppet Show. Even a natural frog would jump/leap, high, high, high away from that beastly looking woman. Duppy know who to frighten!

      1. In fact, I could also add that she looks like George from Rainbow (British children’s programme from the 1970s/1980s or Grotbags from Emu’s World (another British children’s programme from the 1970s/1980s) (I’m truly showing my age)! and whilst we’re on the subject, brother Verbs has been talking about the extreme aggressiveness and violence demonstrated by a lot of black women, exuding ill-placed and unnatural masculinity. Miss Piggy, for example, look how domestically violent she was against Kermit the Frog? I wonder if Jim Henson had a black woman in mind when he created Miss Piggy! Fat, loud and aggressive! Does she not remind us of many of black women and some of our mums?

      2. In fact, she actually looks like George from Rainbow or Grotbags from Emu’s World (British children’s programmes in the 1970s and 1980s). Whilst we’re on the subject, Brother Verbs has always talked about the extremely aggressive and violent behaviour, of some black women and some of our black mothers. He has also talked about the growing mutation of unnatural masculinity amongst black women also. I wonder whether Jim Henson had a loud, fat, violent, high maintenance black woman in mind when he created Miss Piggy? Look at how Miss Piggy was so domestically violent and disrespectful towards Kermit the Frog? Hmmmm, who does that remind you of? Either way, those women clearly have too much time on their hands for this evil foolishness! God help them!

  3. Let me tell you something. When it comes to a black woman who has natural beauty, it’s goanna be really hard to find a black honey has that natural beauty. But when it comes to the black women with weave, pounds of make up and so on, there are tones of them. Trust me, I know. When it comes to black women with fake beauty, you wonder why black men are with women from other races. I have seen it for many, many years now with black women not embracing their natural self. It looks like a natural black woman is like a unicorn as well. You don’t hardly see one nowadays. I have four exes and they where natural. Just four. Not only that, I have female family members wear weave as well, blud. Let me tell you something. When you walk them street, when you see a black women walking past you, you will know that she not goanna look at her natural self. I prefer the natural look. Nuthin’ else!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. sir, your white sugar is aging like crack and its coming after the naturally beautiful black women. they hate us just like you. you talk about natural black women don’t exist but worship plastic white women with fake lips, hips, hair, aging creams and fake bodies.
      Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.<= the only ghetto scrabble dangles that are coming after anyone are you interracial simps lol

      1. Money Cultural Imitator,

        I challenge you to post as many links as you can to attractive black women WITHOUT weave/wigs, fake eyelashes, fake nails, heavy makeup, tattoos, BBLs etc, I’ll wait. I’ll give you 3 days to respond, if you don’t post anything we can safely conclude you’re full of trash. Tick tock, tick tock, times a wasting, chop, chop!

      2. Fake Copycat Simp,

        Where’s your natural Daggle then?
        Oh, that’s right, with Sheggy, not you. Shame…

  4. I think I understand why the scraggle daggle invests so much money, time, and energy in weave and make up. She is desperate for attention and she knows she is unattractive. So she uses extreme makeup jobs to get the simp’s attention.

    The other side of the coin is the black male simp. Since there is such a dearth of decent looking females in Blackistan, the black male simp is desperate for a decent looking woman. He is so desperate for a decent looking woman that he imagines that the extremely painted daggle is sexy.

    Blackistan is scary sick.

  5. Yesterday, I was listening to the Thinking Man’s Templar while working, and I heard a video where he was talking about how feminine spirited Black women are a thing of the past; he even touched upon how Black women have to overcompensate for their lack of femininity by being extra raunchy and using all of the weaves, makeup, and slut attire, only making themselves uglier in the process. They are simply reaping what they’ve sown; they wanted to be like Black men, and now you can hardly tell them apart from Black men. Scratch that – they look like monsters!

  6. The Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Simpistan, Cuckistan and Wokeistan) clown show is non-stop event.

    L Express Drones continue to rain L’s on the Ghetto Union around the clock.

    L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


  7. No homo but me as a man without makeup and bbls etc will always look 10X better than these women who strive to put on “the clown suits”! Therefore these fake chicks are inferior to any man, and we should act accordingly!

    1. Shady Grady,

      These women honestly believe they look attractive like this, nothing but freaky looking monsters out here, smh.

  8. These heffas wear bonnets, eyelashes, weave and clown makeup to SPITE Black men. They know most decent BM hate that sh*t but they do it anyway. Then they get mad when brothas take off for South America and Asia tracking down the source of where these sheboons buy their hair. Turns out these women are beautiful fresh-faced out the shower.

    Like St. Kevin used to say, “you can’t make this sh*t up.”

    1. That is the plan, wearing bonnet is a sign of rebelling against black men.
      Just like liberal White Women who shave their hair balled to rebel against patriarchy. You also see BW doing the same and expect BM to accept it.
      You also notice that these bonnet wearing BW making videos about Passport Brothers.

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