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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

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He told the truth, no lies detected. So, let me get this straight, black women have been beckoning Passport Bros to leave the country, here we have Passport Bro Auston Holleman above who has actually done that, set up his new residence in Brazil and yet these disgruntled, angry and bitter black females are still pouring into the comment sections of his videos.

This business about US black women telling passport holding US black men to leave the country is all smoke and mirrors, in reality black women still want their favourite scapegoat to be within reach whenever required, additionally they’re not happy that upwardly mobile, intelligent black men are choosing to take their resources elsewhere leaving those same black females to choose from the dregs and the scum of black male society, yep the guys they’ve openly confessed to being in love with anyway.

As per usual with black women, watch what they do, NOT what they say. In other news I came across this clip:

Once again, no lies detected(NO, I’m not a fan of Ace Metaphor). As I’ve stated many times before, it is NOT your job as a quality black man to rehabilitate and save broken beyond repair women, leave them with the dogs and the fleas they love to frolic in the hay with.

Brothers, I’ll be taking an extended break from posting articles(not from posting links as well as responding to comments) and will return on 30th January 2023 from a much needed and well deserved break.

In the meantime feel free to post links to any and all things relevant because I’m sure that there will be much to talk about between now and the end of January.

Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas, I wish you gentlemen a happy one and a prosperous New Year. Your support over these years has been and will continue to be greatly appreciated. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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148 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!


    Even negress females from Britain are attacking passport bros.

    I’ve looked at some of Auston Holleman vids.

    His message is spot on but he ain’t dating out.

    He is still a blackistan guy.

    The only achievement his done is moving out of the matrix.

    If I was him in Brazil, I would date a white Brazilian becky.

    1. I do not understand why British BW are going after Passport Brothers.
      This is an American fight. British brothers do not call themselves Passport Bros as Passport in UK is standard form of ID. Also this does not affect UK females at all so why are they sticking their nose in American brothers business?

      I am going to make assumption about this:
      UK Black females become rejects because UK are always diverse and UK BW adopts American dysfunction. They cannot talk shit about UK brothers because some are Caribbean men like myself and they they do not play this dick police here in the UK (they can try but they will get a middle finger here).
      So what they do is they go to American Panels such as YouTube or TikTok and use American Black Men as Scape goat. Africans do the same, they also go to American Panels and talk shit about American BM because they know they are rejects in their own country. American Brothers are always an easy target for Social Media attack.

  2. As Quincy will say, he is Childfree looking for foreigner.
    Tip for Quincy: If you looking for Turkish woman, they do age like milk but if they get a Black Man, they will become wine as I mention last year and I checked again on Facebook those former power couple (not mention their name on here) still in Greece, she looks more younger in her 60s because she score a Jamaican guy.

    Also check out Money Cultural Website as he got some good posts about the Jamaican stories and the simps.

    Money and Quincy, think about going to main Europe on Eurostar train next year. You can go to Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam from London Kings Cross St Pancras International Station.

    Also shout out to the other UK brothers such as Michael MisterTea, Mister Master and some who wrote some masterpiece comments throughout the years. He explain the origin of the ‘fall of manosphere’, ‘the true meaning of High Value Man’ from Kevin Samuels as he watch all of his content, not as you hear on manosphere and he explain of the ‘Alliance against the American Black Men who got Passports’ which is replacing the Dick Police because this is not about dating foreigners, this is about leaving America and BW are chronically pissed.

    1. Andy C.

      Thanks for the travel advice bro. You already know that I love my Turkish women. 👍

  3. Man, Sorry if I haven’t been active lately. This year, 2022 has not been my year man, but I pray that when 2023 hits, I’ll pull through, and put all the bullshit behind me. My two cents on the two videos: Maybe if women in the west would develop some traits that gonna keep a dude, leave that feminism, strong and independent mindset, sexual liberartion behind, and stop picking dudes that are not gonna commit to them like that, then they wouldn’t be acting like a hot head, and be mad at the the world because they wasted their time giving all the steak and fried chicken away to dudes that did not wanna connection with them like that.

    I got to get this off my chest: Women in western society, they’re done. That article that some dudes mention in 2030, 45% or 50% of women in America being single and childless, yeah I can see that happening big time. I can see it. I can’t fix that man. I’m 23 years old. I’m still single, and technically still holding my V card, but at this time of age, I’m proud that I’m still holding it, but what I’m observing through this American dating market, it’s done for. Even if there are some “good ones” out here in the west, it’ll probably be a gamble for me because I’ll have to go through a bunch of rotten apples just to find that “good” one, and I’m not trying to take that risk. I got one life to live, and I’m not finna waste it by being around a bunch of chicken heads who are living in fantasy land. The Passport movement is growing big time. I can do nothing but salute to the dudes who traveling and say fuck this shit in America because I can America standing on it’s last two legs. These folks wanna talk that America is the greatest country, like how is America the greatest country when folks are engaging in some questionable shit? With the passport, I ain’t lost plans of getting one. I’m just trying to get myself together right now, but I know when 2023 hits, applying for a passport will be the mandatory plan I have for next year. Black men, no matter what shade or nationality you are, it’s time to be on the raise, and it’s time to go.

    P.S. For any brothas that on the health and fitness grind, I got a couple of questions:
    A) Is it better to do a full body workout, or just be like one day, hit chest, back, abs, and another day, do leg day, and weights and all that?
    B) How many days should you workout and exercises, 4, 5, or 6 days a week?
    C) What are some ways to not slack off with your fitness? I have days where I slack off because I be having one of those days where I got too much going on, and I slack off with exercising and working out.
    D) How can you maintain good eating habits without being snackish? I do have the mindset of eating right, but I have a snack problem that can’t go away.
    E) What are some good abs workouts?

    1. On the subject of health and fitness, I will do my best to answer your questions.

      A. It depends on your choice towards doing either a full body workout every day or individual muscles. I go with the latter but add some exercises that target two muscle groups as well. Pull-Ups being one of them.

      B. Depends on your time management and availability to go to the gym. In my case, I go to the gym 6 days a week. Although that might be subject to change since I am making preparations for my new career choice which is IT. In summation 2-3 days a week of going to the gym is ideal, although it again depends on your availability and time management.

      C. At your room or place, try calisthenics and yoga as ways to get the body active. Then do a few exercises such as push-ups, bridges and squats to give your body a warm-up. At the gym, try progressive overload in conjunction of doing heavy weights with fewer reps. As long as you spend 30 minutes minimum at a gym, you have made progress on a physical scale.

      D. As for snacking, avoiding processed foods is top priority and to have a snack, do it 1+ hour after eating a meal. Aim for non-GMO/Organic snacks to eat, which fruits(berries) are always safe to eat.

      E. Abs exercises I tried so far and would recommend are:
      Leg Raises
      Reverse Crunches
      Bicycle Crunches

      At the gym, I did Abdominal Crunches, Goblet Squats, Russian Twists and Dips.

    2. 26 grams of sugar or less a day
      Eat sugar with fiber best to get sugar with fruits and vegetables
      it absorbs the sugar when in digestive system
      metabolizes and slows down the glycemic intake of sugar
      in to the system. Oatmeal cookies has fiber in it & slows it down the intake of sugar in system. Increase water intake combine it with a pinch of baking soda (as so called black men do not absorb water in kidneys as well it goes straight to the bladder). Watch interviews with John Salley (former NBA champ) he talks alot about health & is a vegan.

      3 days of lifting is enough but when you start as a fmr. D1 Athlete we only lifted 3 times a week. Set up your weights b4 you work out. 15 minutes to 20 minutes are enough per day. 5 seconds in between each different machine to lift. SPRINT 6 DAYS A WEEK 4-5 minutes. Pushups in the morning as soon as you wake up. Avoid fast food, Bread turns to a polysaccharide which turns to a simple sugar which turns to a stored fat.

      Day 1
      1X6 @60% 125 lb
      1X6 @65% 110 lb
      1X6 @70% 120 lb

      4X3 @ 65% 100 lb

      1X15 @60% 200 lb
      1X12 @65% 215 lb
      1X10 @70% 230 lb

      1X12 @50% 100 lb
      1X10 @60% 120 lb
      1X8 @70% 140 lb

      DAY 2
      BOX JUMP
      RUNNING ARMS 5lb

      DAY 3
      1X6 @50% BW(BODY WEIGHT)
      1X5 @70%
      1X4 @60%

      3X5 @55% 75 lb

      4X8 @65% 110 lb

      REP JERK
      3X10 @50% 85lb


      EACH WEEK TAKE YOUR WEIGHTS UP 2.5 lb to 5 lb for gains

      1. Thank you for posting this. I do most of these and made some good progress on my body. Went from 220 lbs to 184.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    Good SYSBM black men throughout the world are fed up with black womens shit and that’s the reason why black men like myself are travelling to different parts of the world to find themselves a beautiful in shape childfree non black women to have their own nuclear family with.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The entire world is your oyster to explore, never allow these disjointed black harriets from stop you from seeking out love and companionship wherever you may find it with whomever you choose. Happy New Year brother.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Happy New Year 2023 to you Verbs. 😎😎

  5. What’s going on gentlemen?? I hope you’re all doing well. 2022 has been quite literally the worst year of my life, but I’m finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

    I’m seeing someone new (snow bunny of course) who has never dated an African American man before. So she is naturally unaware and ignorant to how awful these AA women area. We touched on the topic, but she didn’t believe what I was saying. So I told her, mention to your friend (one of these broads we avoid) were dating, let me know her reaction.

    She did and of course, the reaction was exactly as expected. Y’all are taking all good men, why can’t we stick to our own kind, she went off on her so much to the point they’re not really talking.

    The funniest part about it? This dumbass broad is married to captain frost. Blonde hair blue eyed, you name it. These chicks don’t recognize their own hypocrisy and my girl now sees it, and is keeping her distance.

    Which I am grateful for. Go where you’re appreciated, and not expected especially to you young cats on the fence who don’t comment. We know you’re here. Take the plunge. Once you do, you’ll NEVER EVER go back.

  6. Lets roll the dice!

    As I saw the video of the brother who is now living in Brazil, I know that there are plenty of black females who are pissed the fuck off because that he’s one of the passport bros who has said no to the scraggle daggle crap! Not only black men who are now with non black women but they are leaving the country full stop. Black men don’t want women who are like their mothers, aunts, grandmothers, siblings and female cousins.

    And the other video. Here this. I have never ever seen a black women who is feminine for years. I can’t even remember when the last time I have seen a feminine black women. A sexually charged black woman, all the time. But a feminine black woman, no! Not for a long time. The only time they will not show masculinity is when they are with Pookie and Ray Ray.

    Continuing rolling the dice!

    Right, the reason why there are so many ratchet black women is because that not only their mothers are raising them to be this way but they haven’t had a father growing up. My family members on my mum side are just ratchet to the core and they’ll make me flip out in a heartbeat. I just have to make sure that they don’t get off pushing my buttons and other people buttons.

    As 2023 is around the corner, I was thinking about the simps that will continuing to defend these ghetto hoodrats that don’t even like them. We are goanna have more and more simps in 2023 and they are goanna attack SYSBM and the passport brothers. Simps like Bareback Fountain, Dr. Foolmar Johnson, D Derailed, Woke Poofgressive, Shawn James, Rap Raven and all of the other simps are ready to go to battle.

    Derrick Jaxn who is filling a divorce with his wife. I heard that his wife found sex tapes of him busting cheeks. There are types of his slamming round buns. The man is going down hill with the scandals. Some men are laughing but me, I have to just shake my head. But you guys might disagree with me but do feel sorry for her. I’m a type of guy who is not getting married but if I was married, I’m not cheating at all.

    And there is a video of biracial women saying that they hate it when black men date white women. I don’t mind biracial women and if I want a relationship again in the UK, then I wouldn’t mind dating a mix race woman (or a white chick). But these women are bircail. Why they are saying this and they are mixed? Doesn’t make sense.

    Anyway, that’s it now. If you guys don’t celebrate Christmas, that’s cool but if you do, I hope you enjoy it and have a happy new year as well. Verbs, I hope to you have a great 2023 and enjoy your break. I need a break as well, blud! SYSBM and Passport bros, keep doing your thing.

    One last thing. Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times especially during Christmas as these ghetto ratchet Christmas ghouls are coming after non black women.


    1. Mixed race women need to climb the fuck down. Just because they mixed doesn’t give them first refusal over Black men even though they believe they’re first in the queue. Guess what? THEY’RE NOT!

        1. I was married for years (18) and I never cheated on my ex wife nor did I abuse her an any way. I was the workhorse in the marriage and took care of her. Many people told me that after the divorce, I am very lucky and got out unscathed.

          1. 18 years is a long time. I have no issues of marriage but there are some people expeacailly men are not getting married at all.

  7. Now every random guy is claiming SYSBM or get your passport after today. Even though it shouldn’t have gotten to this point but well…

    After the conviction of some rap/singing maggle from Canada and that case with WAP 🤮 daggle male horse. Go through some of the comment sections and notice how many people are now claiming and hashtagging SYSBM. Some of the same people who used to cap low-key for the daggles. Even some trying to save them or having negotiations or whatever the hell they’re talking about this month.

    SYSBM is NOT a movement. It’s beyond that, it’s a lifestyle. Movements have to recruit people and they have one leader. And yes we have the Lord Commander MBD, but we also have our round table and councils and of course us Knights here on Slaying Evil.
    As I’ve said before we don’t have to recruit. They either figure it out for themselves or they end up hanging out with daggles, catching a case and end up getting convicted of a crime with he said/she said, two women who committed perjury, WITH reasonable doubt (for the international bros, the standard of the courts in the US is that you only find a defendant guilty if there is no reasonable doubt that they committed whatever offense) and lack of DNA evidence. In the “woke” capital of the world.

    Even though I was involved in the car accident and will probably be light in my pockets due to this BS. At least I’m not Tory Lanez. Oh well.

    This is what happens when you’re a Jamaican-Canadian lame trying to act like a thug. The women would throw you under the bus, but not pookie. And this dude is definitely not no pookie or ray-ray. He’s a preacher’s son. Let’s not get it twisted and get fooled by the tattoos. Hell, his music is that auto-tune rap/singing s*** that Future does. He learns the hard way as he’s sitting in a LA county jail eating a ham sandwich and apple.
    Everyone enjoy your holidays and happy new year!

    Save YourSelf Black Men

    1. Mack G,

      “SYSBM is NOT a movement. It’s beyond that, it’s a lifestyle.”

      Mack G, truer words were never spoken. SYSBM is a lifestyle or it is nothing at all.

  8. Happy last Open Mic Wednesday post of 2022! Hard to believe that the year is already almost over, but now is a good time to reflect on the year’s events and what we’ve accomplished thus far; for myself, I left the job I worked for the last 5 years and found work closer to home. Along with the job change comes longer hours and a little more money in my paycheck; I also joined Doordash earlier this year to make some extra money on the side. In the coming year, I aim to find an apartment and be out on my own for once; my 20s have passed by without me doing anything exciting, it’s just been an endless cycle of work, transporting my parents everywhere they needed to go, and just laying around the house, and I’m done with it! The day I leave that house is the day I’ll begin to thrive; this is what saving yourself is all about. I’m wishing you all a merry Christmas, and a prosperous new year in 2023; be blessed, and cover your 6, gentlemen. #SYSBM

  9. Are any of you guys familiar with this soccer player named Pele? He died recently.

        1. Kameron Brown,

          Soccer is a word mostly used by Americans, we rarely if ever use it in the UK, in fact you’ll find that most of the world uses the word football.

  10. BREAKING NEWS: The Tate brothers have both been arrested for alleged human trafficking and rape; just type the name “Andrew Tate” into Google’s search bar and see what results you get. Just like his cancellation from all of social media, the mainstream media is making this into a big deal as if he and his brother getting arrested is a matter of national security in Romania. This took place just after he made a video directed at the feminazi in training Greta Thunberg, telling her he wasn’t going to recycle his pizza boxes (not sure why he felt the need to address that autist child); apparently, those boxes were used as “proof” that he was in the country, then they went in and arrested both Andrew and Tristan. It’s funny because Andrew predicted they’d try this type of thing after he was banned; first, they cancel you, then they arrest you if you still won’t behave; lastly, they’ll kill you to silence you once and for all. When Ra’s Al Ghul was training Bruce Wayne in the film “Batman Begins”, he taught him about using smoke bombs not as weapons, but as DISTRACTIONS; brothers, this news of the Tate brothers’ arrest is a distraction from something else going on, I believe. Speaking of distractions, why haven’t there been any arrests of the people on the Epstein/Maxwell client list? Also, where was the widespread coverage of the FBI arresting the 17 Jewish rabbis in New Jersey for trafficking human organs, baby parts, and money laundering? What about Sam Bankman-Fried, a young Jewish man who is currently awaiting trial for fraud and other charges, being released on $250 million bail? His parents are both Stanford law professors; will they allow their son to go down like that, or will they use their knowledge on law to help him get off easy? These are just a few things to consider, but there’s lot more going on that the masses aren’t aware of; as Ra’s Al Ghul said, “theatricality and deception are powerful agents”.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I’ve also been following the arrest of the Tates, Tristan Tate apparently has now been released but Andrew is still being held for 30 days which has already been appealed by his lawyer. I’m NOT buying into any of the mainstream media propaganda concerning human trafficking, rape and money laundering, NOT one ounce of it.

      This was and still is the same mainstream media that has super hyped up and fantasised a common cold to be a deadly virus(one that 99.98% of the population can survive from and one that 80% of the population wouldn’t even know they had).

      This is exactly what happens when you speak out against the Matrix, they send their agents after you. I remember when they cancelled Alex Jones from social media, he simply set up as a response which is doing extremely well. The thing with Andrew Tate is their attempt to ban him off all social media FAILED MISERABLY, this is the first time that the powers that be have attempted to cancel an individual and been unsuccessful.

      When you’re of such a high status such as the Tates, women automatically come flocking to you in their droves WILLINGLY, you don’t need to be involved in any form of human trafficking. Again, like clockwork every man and his dog was already in place to film the raid of Tate’s mansion and the lamestream media right on cue ran the same propaganda headlines at the same time.

      Obviously the sheeple will fall for the lies and propaganda, they’re already celebrating Andrew Tate’s arrest, however those knuckleheads fail to realise that at any time once their usefulness has ended, they can and will be next on the mainstream media/cancel culture chopping block. I came to the realisation a while back that for those of us in the know, there is no running from this beast system and at some point we’re all going to have to face it head on:

      Outside of profound witchcraft and deep sorcery, I really don’t understand how so many people despite now discovering that the fakestream press lied to them concerning Convid-1984 are still managing to get sucked into the lies and falsehoods being propagated concerning Andrew Tate. I agree with you, I believe Tate’s arrest is some kind of distraction from something bigger going on besides the arrests being totally unjust and bogus in of themselves.

      I’m completely circumventing the mainstream media when it comes to information about Tate’s arrest or anything else for that matter, I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them. 2023 is going to be a very interesting year indeed.

  11. Summary for 2022, I will call this the Kevin Samuels’ Salesman analogy:

    What can I say about 2022?
    If anyone now to this website and know about Kevin Samuels that before he was a High Value Man, he use to be the top-dog salesman and he uses a lot of sales analogy when it comes to marketing and products.

    Why am I bring this up? Because this ties in with the red-pill and the SYSBM mind frame.

    This is where females, especially BW do not understand about the sales-analogy. The economy runs by patriarchy style, not the way the liberals want. Meaning whenever you go, you have to compete in business, selling your product, applying for jobs and dating market.

    What happens is these liberals teach these BW do not have to improve their lives because they are flat out degenerate. Example losing weight, becoming feminine, get with the man’s program. This is what Kevin was explaining to the BW before his death, even before KS, you had MGTOW and Red pill explains this. But instead of BW improving their product i.e. being feminine. They decide to shame BM because they do not want to deal with the single-mother, drama, ghetto, makeup.
    You cannot shame people because they decide not to go to your shop or they chose to date elsewhere.

    Once you know your competition, then focus on your product. Do not listen to these debates about this definition of a Real Man, masculinity or feminine because they do not themselves that.

    I did say months ago that Kevin was no ‘Messiah’, now some BM thinks he is a Messiah since he died.
    Why do some people think he was a messiah? Because when David Carrol dies last year BM start to wise up and listen to KS and SYSBM such as Madbus and Verbs on this site. Then when Kevin passed away, the blue collar men was saving up hard in real life, and study other cultures until the lockdown was lifted so they can travel.
    Some people like Kid Organic stated that how Kevin did not do anything to the Black Community. I disagree because in his Facebook private Group (not the official group which now run by simps, I mean he had a group where on one can find) he paired up few couples and few got married. Also his death impact a lot of brothers. Don’t believe me? Look at at what you see now on social media: The rise of the Passport Brothers. After his death, we had an alliance against BM who hold passport, then you have countless videos from TikTok, usually from some hideout mutant females making videos crying about how they hate passport brothers. Once those video and shaming (SIGN) language does not work these BW now resort to troll foreigners such as Filipino, Thai and Eastern European women because they are getting picked by BM over them.

    This is how I explain the Salesman analogy because these BW listen to simps just like Derrick Jaxn who tell them that is is OK to be damange goods (being fat and single mothers) and these BW thinks BM will accept it. Remeber being liberal and Polictal Correct will not sell because if you look at films for an example when films become liberal, no one will buy tickets just like no one will date single mothers.

    As far as Derrick Jaxn, he deserve what he gets because he was always a simp pandering and making money lying to women can bit you in the ass just like the simps as they learn the hard way.

    2022 was the year of this:
    Kevin become the modern Messiah as he died for black love and the rise of Passports.
    Madbusdriver is the modern Moses because helped a lot of brothers and Verbs made great articles encourage brothers to get out of this slave mindset.

    1. Michael,

      Happy New Years bro.

      Kevin’s Salesman analogy is spot on.
      I know some on here think that this sounds crazy calling Kevin Samuels a Black Social Media Messiah because his death made BM more red pill than ever. But in reality the simps and BW made Kevin the ‘Black Social Media Martyr’ because he died believing in Black Love. Accountable Commentary said is correctly that he was BW’s last hope in dating, after he is gone these BW has damn themselves to doom.

      Brother here may disagree about Kevin being a Martyr of the Black Social Media but the proof is here in real life because months later after his death this resulted with the rise of Passport Brothers. His death made BW and liberal women fear more in the dating market. These females can make countless video about ‘How they don’t care about BM travelling or got Passport’ or ‘dating foreigners’, but behind the tough talk video is the fear and deflection because they are losing completion.
      As you stated that they resort to troll Asian and Eastern European women because they are getting picked over them. Even a Filipina woman made a video debunking western women because these western females keep on talking shit about foreigners.

      Verbs stated correctly that even African and East Asian countries live in below poverty level, they still know how to be a woman but in the west, these western females choose to be liberal and have this hate on patriarchy because patriarchy is based on God’s nature. Patriarchy has flaws but it does not mean you should hate it. I may disagree on some patriarchy but this is now nature takes it.

      I give you a scenario when I say I disagree on some patriarchy based on nature:
      You have older women getting mad that these older men dating younger women. I get it they compete against the younger counterpart. As men when we were younger lets say we were between 15 to 18 years old and dating women in our same age range. At at the same time us young cats have to compete against the older brothers such as 20 year olds. Why? Because young women prefer older men, most women said it themselves as they prefer older men as a preference. Do us men complain? No. Because it is nature for older men to protect and provide. Now when we get old, we see some women like use and they are young because we are a bit established and our standards improve and we can expand our options.

      This is what older women do not understand and what I realised is they waste their prime years of being liberal, sexual reckless and turning down good men for bad boys. Now they are old and washed up, they hate the fact that they are going through what men went through when we were young, except that they are competing against the young and fertile women. Also competing against the foreign women.
      They have to live with it.

      1. Sheriff X,

        The typical black male phenotype in the US, is a 100 % Grade A black male simp. Now, I’ll grant you that there are various degrees of simphood among them, but most are still Grade A simps.

        This phenomenon accounts for the fact that the American negress is the pinnacle of scraggle dagglehood. We can chronicle and catalogue all the failings and shortcomings of the American black scraggle daggle all we want. But the unhappy truth is that she would not have the means nor ability to do 1/100th of the evil she does, but for the empowement and enabling of the American black male simp.

        Just as the American black scraggle daggle is the pinnacle of scraggle dagglehood, the American black male simp is the pinnacle of simphood. And over 90 percent of American black males are Grade A, low to no standards simps.

        The sad truth is that the scraggle daggle will continue to proliferate and get exponentially worse, as long as the overwhelming majority of American black males continue to simp exponentially more and more.

        1. AmericanBlackMan,

          This is why some UK brothers give you respect when you go hard on Black Men instead of women.

          Someone ask me why do some brothers like myself and AmericanBlackMan put Black Men under the bus instead of women?

          This is my answer to them:
          Because we understand female nature. Especially BW with their liberal/feminist mindset who are pro alphabet (LGBT) to control them.
          However we do not put average Black Men under the bus, no. We put Blue-pill men, simps, pro-liberal feminist beta male cucks under the bus. Because the blue-pill simps are the enabler of liberals. Even Money Cultural mention there are UK BM are simps by stealth. Simps are more dangerous than the feminist because they will do more collateral damage just to do the feminist’s dirty work. Remember, women do not get their hand dirty so they get their simp enforcers to do the work.

          The simps are the food who are use to nourish the liberals, feminists and BW. Feeding the BW lies just like Derrick Jaxn. Hating to other men, especially BM because other men has options and chose not to deal with these 304s.
          They believe that taking side to feminists and attach the black patriarchy will win hearts and mind of the evil feminist and get laid with them which that will never happen in the lifetime.
          I remember these pookies and thugs were all pro-Me-Too because they like to put successful BM under the bus, but what they fail to realise that the Black Version of Me-Too does not discriminate. Meaning they can go after simps too.

          You said something very scary in the black hood in America as this does not happen in the UK:
          I remember you mention that these simps who are heavily brainwashed by the matriarchy has taught that women are slim to chose in the communitah from so they resort to stealing women from other men. Even there are plenty of fish in the sea. Damn! It is like saying ‘If you can’t get one, steal one.’

          Remember the topic Verbs made last year how this psycho simp said he will die for a scraggle daggle, classic clip:

    1. I had a friend told me about Kevin’s prophecy about his death will cause a rebel against the stereotype and average Black Men in America will evolve in mainstream media. I thought this was all BS but it turn out to be true because of this Yahoo article.

      Verbs, I know I bring up Kevin, even he has passed but you got to admit that his death is haunting all the BWs and making thinking brothers evolving.
      Here is the proof, the Yahoo News, main stream media link you showed us about Passport Brothers in America.

      They always say the haters like to make this red pill stuff mainstream.

      Once day, it may become National News.
      The passport brothers can and will never be stopped, period.


    So, we have 4 daggles suing L’Oreal after getting uterine cancer from using their chemical hair straightening products; this didn’t have to happen. Black men have been saying for the longest to the scraggle daggle to wear their hair in its natural state, but they called us gay; I don’t know what program this was, but I remember seeing a clip where this White lady revealed these hair straighteners contained an ingredient that plumbers use to unclog drains that are plugged up. I doubt this will deter the BWs from completely ditching the chemical hair straighteners in favor of more safe, natural products; I’m sticking with juices and berries like Prince Akeem!

  13. Gentlemen,

    Dr Umar Mullet Head Gerbilface Johnson is at it once again:

    Bearing in mind that the average white woman’s median net worth is more than the average black man’s, how are black men marrying down whenever they get with white women, I’ll wait?

    Additionally, as we’ve mentioned many times before, if black women as a collective are so great and special, why hasn’t this boys academy non manifesting clown married a black queenie yet?

    Nobody has the balls to challenge this fool on his own shortcomings, yet they continue to platform the knucklehead allowing him to spew his pro black racist rhetoric, smh.

    Where’s the school Umar?

    1. This guy is like a joke with a punchline that never ceases to deliver; if he truly doesn’t want race mixing, he may want to consider dropping the name “Frederick Douglass” from his school’s name because he married a White woman. I saw a clip of him the other day where he was pleading with Beyonce to get rid of the blonde hair color, and Sha’Carri Richardson to get rid of the blonde weave; remember when he was exposed for sleeping with Khym Ringgold, the “Conscious Stripper”? She wore it just like any other hair hatted hooligan!

      1. BCT,

        It really doesn’t stop with Gerbilface, he’s able to continue with this garbage while at the same time not coming through with his boys academy because sundry knuckleheads religiously give the dude a platform to speak from. I search engined Sha’Carri Richardson because the name wasn’t familiar to me, what a horrible looking woman. Yep, Johnson was clapping the cheeks of Ringgold and never once told her to remove that blonde weave. In fact, didn’t he label her as an “empress”?

        1. I didn’t know you weren’t familiar with who Sha’Carri Richardson was; to keep it short and to the point, she’s your typical hoodrat, and she’s also a lesbian.

          1. Between ratchet Sha’Carri Richardson and that pink haired dyke Megan Rapinoe it’s enough to quit rooting for America altogether in the Olympics or Women’s Soccer. And don’t even talk about that woman-beating shemale freak Britney Griner. I’ll root for the Russian or Eastern European women in whatever sport, at least they’re still feminine.

            1. I reject the whole concept of female entitlement. Nobody is enttled to shit except repect, and then only if they are respectable.

              What makes American female entitlement even worse is that most American females are disgustingly obese, lack feminity, and their feminine hygiene leaves much to be desired.

              Now the scraggle daggle is worst of all, but non black American women are getting worse.

              I still blame the simps for much of this, because they don’t hold females to any standards.

            2. You know you’d smash Megan Rapinoe.

              I used to want to tap that myself… until I found out she is around the same age as my older brother–who is just a couple of years older than me–so I will pass on that one.

              1. Sorry Kameron, I think that dyke Megan is only interested in strap-on penises, with her as the wearer.

                And didn’t you say you’d also smash this old, awkward-dancing British lady?


                You are a fellow SYSBM bro, but please seek help. LMAO!


    The powers that be are planning on vaccinating your food; it will be in your best interest to learn how to plant a garden and buy heirloom seeds to grow your own vegetables. This is just so evil what they’re doing to the masses, and they don’t have a clue!

  15. Gentlemen,

    Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson is at it once again this time taking pot shots at the late Kevin Samuels. Though I wasn’t a Kevin Samuels fan, I’m not a fool and could clearly observe that Samuels was genuinely trying to help black women better themselves.

    Kevin Samuels was the black female’s last hope in fixing up, setting realistic goals and standards and finding a man, however most rejected him and any other black men who attempt to point them in the right, more realistic direction.

    I stated for a long time now that black women as a group need to be left to their own fate, they are the most incorrigible, uncooperative, stubborn, miserable and unhappy women on the planet, they will find fault even when there isn’t any.

    Note that Johnson’s approach to “helping” black women is simply to NOT reprimand or castigate them for their horrible choices, I genuinely don’t understand how Johnson can sleep comfortably at night.

    Remember, this is the same man that has yet to open up his boys academy(which will NEVER happen) yet he’s always on somebody else’s podcast or livestream talking cash greazy on black men who’ve rightly chosen to expand upon their dating options(an expansion for so many good reasons):


    1. Verbs, pay the false Pan African no mind. He is not worth talking about.

      Lets go over this Umar video about Kevin Samuels:

      Kevin never mention anything about European standards because being fit, feminine and being a wife is got nothing to do with Europe. This is nature. BW always adopt European standards instead of Afro Natural beauty.

      Superficial minded:
      Kevin is one of the top 10% men so Red-Pill understands how the dating works. For black men we have 90/10 rule and for white men they have 80/20 rule. If the thinking brothers do not know about 90/10 rule is basically means 90% of women go after the top 10% and for white men 80% women search for top 20% of men. As for superficial minded, if you a top 10% brother, then you should have real/true standards and weed out these 90% females because they are not wife minded as they will date you for your resources and lifestyle.
      Also western females will compete against foreigners.
      Bear in mind that Kevin could wife up any foreigners in a heartbeat, but he choses the ‘Social Media Messiah route and become a ‘Social Media Martyr’ because he died promoting Black Love.

      Umar mention that BW supports Kevin because he bashes other BW:
      I agree with this statement because Kevin made topics about ‘Single friends keep women single’ and like minded women support this.
      Link =

      Lets go deep into this when Umar stated Kevin bashes other BW. Verbs and other BM youtubers knows that BW hate each other. You have like minded woman who have friends who are toxic, ghetto minded, single bitter females. Then suddenly when this like minded woman found a good potential brother, not a pookie, thug or a 12 gauge Mike. A good Black Man who has potential, the friends of the like minded women start to get envy with her and find many ways to sabotage her relationship with the man. When these like minded women listen to Kevin, they wake up ditch these toxic friends and keep a man.

      So if Umar saying how BW support Kevin bashing other BW, he is basically saying Kevin is telling these women to ditch their shitty, toxic, ghetto, negative friends. Nothing wrong with ditching bad people.

  16. Gentlemen,

    Things have now gone to the next level with SYSBM™ and the Passports Bros High Speed Express, now we have foreign women openly moving to set up networks where black men can freely meet foreign women, in this case Filipinas.

    As long as black women believed that black men would never leave them, they felt secure in continuing to disparage, ridicule, laugh at, mock and throw us under the bus at every opportunity that presented itself.

    For the modern day black female it’s bad enough that domestic non black women are swooping down and scooping up the quality brothers they keep on telling us “they didn’t want anyway”, now foreign women are also getting in on the action equally realising that they too can find and snag themselves a quality brother.

    In the words of the legend Rick Scorpio, black women will regret making good black men their enemies:

    Black men, at this point you have to be completely blind not to realise that you’re desired and in demand by many more women than you think, be free and as always choose wisely.

    1. Big ups to Helgababushka for creating this network for us to connect with Filipinas; do you know where we can go to get more info on this, Verbs?

      1. Blue Collar Trevor,

        I believe Helgababushka is currently in the process of creating the network, therefore as she progresses, no doubt more information will be given. Keep an eye on her TikTok and YouTube profiles which go by the same name.

    2. There was a unknown man knew about Kevin’s prophecy when he died and no one knew this happens. I wish I know he was mention this and he does not use social media when he said this.

      If people still did not believe in this prophecy, then here is the question to all:

      1. Why did we have an ‘Haters Alliance’ against American BM with Passports?
      2. Why do we have the rise of Passport Brothers?
      3. Why is Black Women making countless videos about Passport Brothers?
      4. Now BW now resort to trolling and going after Philippine women whilst white women going after Thai women because they are just simply getting chosen over them.
      5. Then now you have Filipina got troll so much they have to make videos defending Passport Brothers.

      Kevin’s prophecy was based on Sales Man analogy.
      BW cannot improve themselves so they resort to hating men for going else where. On top of it all, BW going after Filipino women, for what? For getting picked over them in the dating market.

      Triple H said this, know your competitors, then improve and focus your own product, once you improve your product, you do not have to worry about competition.
      This is what men go through e.g. Managing Finance, keeping fit, well being, self worth. This is what Red-Pill talks about all the time, even mention on the SYSBM Tenants.
      But BW do not want to improve their product and image by simply being feminine. But listening to stupid simps like Derrick Jaxn because he is back on YouTube talking shit and telling BW that their shitty image is perfectly OK and expect men to accept it. No we do not because we do not buy crap/faulty goods. We go for quality goods.
      You cannot hate consumers for shopping elsewhere because your product is crap.

      1. Modern BW are the Big Three automobile of the 1970s. Poorly made and gas guzzling. Imports like VW, Honda, Audi and Renault started making inroads in the US market. Better made, smaller, better gas mileage, better service. Rather than improve their product to compete, the Big Three tried to shame American consumers into sticking with their obsolete products. “Buy American” was their slogan. Shaming language, sound familiar?

        It was easier for the US auto industry eventually to retool to become competitive than it is for modern BW Klingon to switch up their hostile, misandrist ways, lose the weight, wear their hair natural, be nice, and to at least learn to boil water if not cook a meal.

        I applaud the Passport Bros especially the young ones like Austin Holleman. They watched my generation and got hip early. They are literally adding 25 extra years to their lives by not wasting time, money or seed on the failed American BW.

        1. Spot on commentary you just made. Many good things can flow from the pairing of the cream of Black male society with non black women.

          As more and more quality Black men form successful relationships with non black women and make successful families with same, they can create a cultural narrative different from that of the toxic hip hop/rap cultural narrative of Blackistan, that has already destroyed a couple generations of Black youth.

    3. I watched Akwesi’s video about some BW trying to debunk Passport Brothers with biblical words which the woman has no match for the Passport Bros.

      There was a comment on his video where he set the record straight about Passport Brothers.

      I put the quote here as this was real talk:

      “It’s a lot of pookie and ray-ray azz ninjas who are holding on to the coattails of the passport bros and it’s causing a lot of confusion,

      the real passport bros are done with black american women, the real passport bros are pretty much done with all american women in general,

      The real passport bros aren’t interested in debates, and conversations with black american women,

      The real passport bros aren’t interested in going on black women’s TikTok lives to go back and forth with black american women,

      The real passport bros block and ignore black american women altogether on all social media platforms!!!

      The real passport bros only make videos addressing the dangerous lies that black american women try to put out in their videos about us, other than that, we passport bros have nothing to say to black american women…

      the real passport bros are totally turned off to the culture of american women!!! We aren’t interested in dating, marrying, having casual sex or socially associating with american women ESPECIALLY black american women…

      The real passport bros will never bring their foreign wives back to America, we true passport bros are also not interested in sex tourism with prostitute foreign women,

      We real and true passport bros are EXTREMELY SERIOUS about finding traditional foreign women for marriage, leaving america and building a family in a different country with a traditional culture.”

      1. Verbs can you delete the 2 repeated comments.
        Sorry for the same one because when I posted it there was problems posting it.

      2. Sheriff X,

        I’m glad you posted that particular comment because I couldn’t find it when I went to the video. I came across a comment on Akwesi’s New Years address part of which said the following:

        “People who run to other countries instead of dealing with the issues should be considered cowards imo.”

        The problem with this comment is there is only one party(black men) who are willing to sit down and deal with the problems, the other party(black women) at the behest of their white lord and saviour Admiral Frost are determined to continue fomenting even more issues and drama in their ongoing quest to destroy their own people.

        You cannot work with individuals who have no interest in fixing that which is clearly broken. Black women couldn’t care less about dealing with issues and problems within “da communitah”, they’re only concerned about getting their cheeks clapped by the dregs and the scum of black male society(Slim Sauce, Field Mouse, Trap House Jim etc) while at the same time indulging themselves in everything materialistic/superficial.

        On the contrary, only a premium knucklehead after observing how little black women care about the day to day runnings of black society would stay behind and waste his time putting in work that most definitely won’t be appreciated and respected at all.

        1. Verbs,

          I am glad you mention the quote about what Akwesi said about how if you flee then you are a coward.

          Akwesi may have a point about how flee equates to being coward. However if you saying that to a American Black Men, that should also be applied to immigrants who seek asylum. Why? Because they are doing the same.
          That is why that term Akwsi use is a Grey-Area. When black men leave the hood, they are partially fear persecution, not from political, but from tribal point of view because the black tribe is been completely conquered by elder liberals because they are loyal pro-liberals and they vote for the same liberal who does nothing to them. David Carrol’s own words: “No Hope, No Change”.
          Also they have no respect for successful BM (crabs mindset) and hate on Black Business when they use this ‘hook-up’.

          Sometimes you got to take a L and flee because when your home neighbourhood is ran by matriarchy, you cannot fix the problem, heck the BW in the hood does not even respect Blue Collar Men anyway.

          There are reasons why Thinking brothers have to take an L and flee. I give you real scenario:
          We had in the UK called Fathers for Justice where dad fighting back against the rigged system in the UK against women, they failed, you had Men’s Rights Activists, they failed because of the white cucks block the rules, in the US, you had Detroit 300 which save the black community, destroyed by BW.
          So what is the point of calling BM cowards when they tried and failed?
          Now they resort to online rebellion which is a better solution for Western Men and becoming successful. Such as Red-Pill, MGTOW, SYSBM and now this Passport Bros. I am not going to include Black Manosphere as it is run by a Becky (Just Pearly).

          I also agree with you Verbs that comment he made is a problem because this remind me of Umar when he call a BM a coward for leaving the black community because the BM family was facing death in the hood and Umar implying that he should stay in the communitah and get killed just like Nipsey Hustle.

          1. MMT,

            That particular comment I pointed out wasn’t made by Akwesi himself, I just found it scrolling through the comment section of one of his videos. One thing I’ll never understand about Akwesi 100 is his mentor Dr David Carroll clearly established many points of view with plenty of evidence to bolster them. Two of them stuck out to me the most, the first was that the black community was finished and couldn’t be saved, hence his slogan “no hope, no change for the Negro”.

            How are you supposed to rebuild a community when only one party is interested? Black men who support the reconstruction of black society can never answer this question.

            The other point of view was NOT dealing with a black female if you’re looking for a long term relationship/marriage. For some reason despite the evidence being overwhelming, Akwesi struggled to accept these conclusions especially the second which is why he chose to go in on SYSBM™ when we had a small moment in the spotlight but then put the video to private because SYSBM practitioners and supporters give him that work.

            It’s just like MBD has stated many times over, most black men can’t take their mother’s breast out from their mouth, despite how horribly and vile black women treat them, they lack the courage, dignity, integrity and the self respect to simply walk away and never look back.

          2. Black manosphere ran by a becky. This is just pathetic now seems black men can’t have their own thing, I haven’t been keeping track on what’s been going on as I’ve mostly been on a hiatus.

            As for MGTOW I find them a joke, let’s not pretend that group doesn’t have it in for Black men, other groups of men can pretend to accommodate black men but off the web and in real life its a different story.

            As for Umar Johnson he should be ignored, he’s lost all credibility since he hasn’t built that school. He’s a social pariah as far as I’m concerned.

            As for blue collar men there’s a reason there’s a lack of young men in the UK going for it, UK women don’t respect it nor would date a blue collar man even though he may earn 6 figures. Even earning 6 figures in the UK is rare, the pay in this country has stagnated for nearly 3 decades. I blame this American culture export of the 6 figure mentality.

            In summary the west is a mess. I say this as a 25 year old man. The way I see things is a man has to do for himself, a black man will have things unnecessarily made hard for them by others. All I say to those that make it through the hard times is not to forget and repay to others as they have done to you.

            1. Verbs, Akwesi actually said it himself, the commenter just repeat what he said.
              The problem is that I know he trying to promote ‘Race Preserve’ but what guys like him and Umah need to get in their head is Thinking Black Men are Conservative and Black Women are liberals, Conservative and liberals are opposite to each other, they cannot work together.
              Red pillers accept this a very long time ago and moved on.

              Jon, that is right – JustPearly is a Becky and the Becky is the leader of the Black Manosphere.
              Unfortunately the Manosphere was trying to find leadership since Kevin Samuels passed so find someone to take his place and the Becky self appoint herself as the leader of the Black Manosphere. Even Madbusdriver made a video about this and he find this very comical.
              Link =

              1. MMT,

                Akwesi actually said that himself as well? My bad, I didn’t watch the video to hear that. This goes to prove my point, Akwesi 100 has a serious learning impediment when it comes down to understanding that the black community as a whole is finished and is not worth fighting for. Again, how are you supposed to rebuild “da communitah” when only one party is interested in undertaking the process?

                The “No hope no change for the Negro” slogan wasn’t simply made up by the late Dr David Carroll for laughs and giggles, based upon the mentality of black folks as a collective he created it because he foresaw the grim future of the so called black community.

                There is NO FUTURE for the black community, Akwesi can waste his time believing otherwise, however he’s simply embarking upon a fool’s errand trying to fix a community that at this stage clearly cannot be saved nor redeemed.

    4. Again big ups to Helgababushka. Filipinas have always been among my favorites. But the brothers really need to be checking on Vietnamese, Thai, and Hawaiian women as well. Especially Vietnamese women. I recently met a Hawaiian cutie. She currently lives on the US mainland, but she tells me that Hawaiian women in Hawaii love American black men

    1. I went to college with a Nigerian dude who basically told me that ABW were only good for target practice. Can’t cook, can’t clean, can barely even fu**. His whole deal was to get his degree, get a US corporate job on his resume, then go back to Nigeria to marry. These dudes are not swooping in to rescue these American hoes.

    2. All one has to do is just get on social media and listen to what these American brauds say and do; they reveal so much about them that shows they are worthless and have nothing of substance to offer a traditional man. They pride themselves on their whoredom, sexual promiscuity, morbid obesity, physical and emotional abuse of their male counterparts, their obstinacy and narcissistic personality traits; also, have you noticed how dull and lackluster they are in conversation? These modern chicks sound half dead, they lack decorum and demeanor, they can’t dress to impress even a grasshopper, and a great lot of them fancy that nasty bull ring in their noses. It’s game over for Western females!

    3. I work with two men of Vietnamese ancestry. They still go to Vietnam on vacation and every chance they get, so they have retained much of their culture. They both have been good friends and are more trustworthy than most American Black men I know.

      One is constantly telling me that American Black men should go to Vietnam to find a good wife. He says it is true they would love to come to the US, but they would remain submissive and loyal because it is so deep in their culture for women to cater to their men. The other one is married and I have been to his house many times. I can tell you this, his wife treats him like a king.

      1. There are still a lot of Hafus in Vietnam from the brothers that were there in the 60s and early 70s. I may take a trip there one day soon just to see what it’s like (just as a tourist, not looking for a wife).

      2. AmericanBlkMan,

        Vietnam is definitely being slept on, there is a popular YouTuber who goes by the name of MoonTellThat who now lives in the US with her white husband, she comes from Vietnam:

        I agree, Vietnamese women are ultra committed to their men, however I personally would still recommend NOT to bring them back to the West permanently, only for temporary visits here and there.

  17. Gentlemen,

    He told the truth, no lies detected. As I’ve been stating for the longest while, Western women as a collective have become extremely spoiled, rotten and contaminated. Traditionalism and modernity cannot be meshed together successfully.

    Once you depart the shores of the West in search of classic/traditional women, you’ll experience a complete dating reset, how things used to be in the West before the advent of social media and dating apps.

    Never be afraid to broaden your horizons if the women on your own home turf aren’t up to a reasonable standard.


  18. Gentlemen,

    At this stage it’s too late to beg black men to stay, too much damage has been done by the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure. Also please note that black women are the only individuals on the planet who are openly rejecting their male counterparts en masse, no other women are doing this.

    One of the main issues I see is the fact that black women as a collective are NOT quality women, why should black men remain for a group of females who in 2023 are well below par?

    Additionally, let’s face it, there is only a very, very small number of black women who are reaching out trying to persuade black men to stay(Courtney Michelle, D’Nieka Marie), the overwhelming majority of black women however are proud and happy to give brothers the middle finger and are actively encouraging us to leave, we’ve all seen the videos, posts and comments.

    Brothers, always go where you’ll be loved, appreciated and respected, you’re NEVER going to experience any of the above dealing with Keisha, Tamisha and Tequanda.


    1. As it was stated in the popular song by OneRepublic, “It’s too late to apologize”; Rick Scorpio’s prophecy about Black women regretting ever making us their enemies is playing itself out in front of us.

      1. Verbs2015,

        “At this stage it’s too late to beg black men to stay, too much damage has been done by the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure. Also please note that black women are the only individuals on the planet who are openly rejecting their male counterparts en masse, no other women are doing this.”

        What you are saying is 100 % spot on. But here’s the thing for me. And maybe I am a recovering simp, like a recovering alcoholic who hasn’t had a drink in ten years.

        As I see it, there is only a very small percentage of the black female population that has any sex appeal. Most simply lack sex appeal at face value, and that is before you factor in all their intrinsic cultural shortcomings.

        I have spent time in cities with huge black populations: DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, NYC, Dallas, to name a few. My occupation has afforded me a lot of travel. And in my red pill state of mind, I would say that less than 10 % of the black female population can qualify as objectively attractive.

        This is why I believe that the black male simp suffers from an extreme psychological programming disorder, one that causes him to look at a population of females where upwards of 90% are physically ghastly, and still have thirst for the average scraggle daggle.

        Now I do believe that previous generations of black females looked better than the current crop. I also believe that the downward spiral breeding taking place between Shaniquas and Pookies, and the combination of their bad genes, is spawning a progressively uglier population of scraggle daggles.

        I will add that the black male simp’s butt fetish has become so consuming that he will get wood for the most disgustingly beastly black female, if she has an elephant ass.

        1. AmericanBlkMan,

          100% agree with your above statement, it’s the same here in the UK, it’s become extremely rare to find a naturally attractive black woman. I know of a few, however they are very, very few and far between. All I see in these London streets is clown face makeup, weave/wigs, ridiculously long fake nails, fake eyelashes and now many of these females have jumped on the septum ring trend(which I’m finding out is worship of the deity Baal).

          I’m maintaining my stance that large swaths of black men are under a spellbound trance put on them by the black female herself, hence why those same Negroes still find most black women attractive and without hesitation will fall upon the sword for their “queenies” whenever required, smh.

  19. Brothers,

    As the men in the video have stated, it has already been well established that black women overall DO NOT WANT good black men(except as a fallback option once they’ve hit the Wall with 1,2,3,4,5,6 children en tow).

    Never allow these black sirens to draw you into this false narrative in their deceitful efforts to get you engaging them in conversation once again, thus wasting your time and keeping you on the proverbial plantation.

    At this stage black women ought not to speak and should be holding their mouths in shame as well as embarrassment(if they even know what those two words mean), even non black men and women are pointing out the fact that black women love 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Cheezy Grillz, Shorty Fist and Field Mouse.

    Finally, in the past haven’t I posted numerous video clips of black women themselves openly confessing that they want thug Negroes because those are the men they’re attracted to?


  20. Brothers,

    Back in the day before the advent of social media and dating apps, the first number dates were kept simple and inexpensive, as I’ve stated many times before, I remember when going to the park was a looked upon as a big thing.

    Nowadays these entitled Western harriets want you to spend ridiculous amounts of money on them even though you don’t know these females from a can of paint. Gentlemen, keep the dates as basic, as simple and as cheap as possible at least until you’re officially a couple.

    As the man said, if the woman is not traditional, then she’s NOT entitled to traditional treatment. Don’t get swindled into spending large amounts of money on strange women and never allow them to gaslight you into doing so if they throw the “you’re just broke” card in your direction.


  21. Gentlemen,

    This is why large swaths of black males are pandering simps/cucks and are not to be taken seriously at all. After hearing these black heifers state that they’d have no problems dating white men, these two mullet heads still went on to maintain their pathetic position of “black love”.

    This is why most black women openly treat black men like garbage and with utter contempt, they know most Negro males don’t have the self respect, pride and testicular fortitude to walk away from them.

    These guys are a joke, so willing to forgo a better selection of women just to “keep it real” while the same black women they’re desperately trying to appeal to have no problems throwing them under the bus for Admiral Frost and Colonel Sleet, smh.

    When will these ignorant Negroes learn that black women have no allegiance towards them whatsoever?


    1. The one chick talmbout she’d date a white boy with some “razzle dazzle.” Translation: a Machine Gun Kelly-type wigger white rapper dude.

      Why is it that BW want even their white dudes to be thugs? They make them dudes get tats and fades like niggas hahaha. Low vibrational hoes yet niggas still simp for them.

      Meanwhile, I want the whitest, most suburban, Jan Brady white girl next door I can find…which is becoming more and more rare as these chicks follow the marching orders of Rihanna, Beyonce, Lizzo, Cardi B and Meg the Male Horse.

    2. A lot of these podcasts are just wastes of airwaves; what did these two pandering simps accomplish by saying that they are willing to hold out for the scraggle daggle while the one daggle said she will date a “razzle dazzle” White boy? Once that razzle dazzle wears off, then she’ll come back to the communitah she tried to divest from and cry to gain sympathy from the one race of men who genuinely loved her; this is truly pathetic and disappointing.

  22. Welp, Brazilian feminist daggles have targeted Austin Holleman and some are sending him death threats. They are also trying in vain to paint him with the “sex tourism” brush. He’s talking about relocating to Thailand now.

    The problem here is niggas just cannot let go of BW. They think that there are “better” BW in other countries than America. Wrong, black hoes are the same no matter what the nationality. They’re just WORSE in America. As Verbs has said, you have to break from the bloodline altogether to get a decent outcome.

    Channels like More to Life and Zoom to Thailand are having zero problems. Why? Because they deal with Asian women only.

    Passport Kings, let this be a lesson to you, avoid these toxic melanated hoes at all costs. Asian and white only no matter what the country. I only mess with Asian and white, mostly Asian, they seem to like me.

    SYSBM, kings.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Yep, done said in my book Negro Wars that black female dysfunction is an INTERNATIONAL PROBLEM. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you’re dealing with, black women in said areas as a collective always seem to follow the same reprehensible playbook as the black sirens of the West.

      Back in 2008 I went to the Dominican Republic, the melanated brown and darker skinned women looked outstanding, no weaves, no tattoos, no fake eyelashes, no heavy makeup, no raptor claws/fake nails, just natural beauty to its fullest.

      Fast forward to 2023, those same women in the DR do NOT look the same at all, so many are now tatted up, have BBLs, duck lip filler surgery, fake eyelashes, weaves/wigs, fake nails, extra thick layers of makeup etc.

      Travel across the Atlantic to Africa and many women in the motherland are engaging in the same degenerate practices.

      You’ll seriously struggle to find a location on this planet where non mixed black females are not afraid to bask in their natural beauty and who haven’t picked up the feminist/misandrist doctrine of these Western black whores.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      Here is the feminist black witch from Brazil who is going after Auston Holleman, like I’ve always stated, black women as a whole are a pestilence and a serious menace no matter what part of the world you reside in:

      As you can see, the pestilent women as well as their blue pilled simp flunkies from the Coli are loving all of this. Holleman is much better off in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, The Philippines, Laos, Indonesia etc, feminism is practically non existent in those regions plus there aren’t any dysfunctional and disgruntled black sirens in those countries who can put a spanner in his works of continuing to demonstrate why black men should walk away from the Western dating market as well as consider living abroad.

      Also, I’ve just found these links, no wonder he’s kicking out, Holleman has hit the regional news outlets:,youtuber-norte-americano-grava-videos-estimulando-turismo-sexual-em-salvador.html

      1. I read that link and translated in English.
        According to Brazil and the Feminist, Austin is the Leader of the Passport Brothers.

        I am glad that SYSBM do not affiliate with the Passport Bros, but only affiliate with Travelling Bros because I know there will be Pookies will join the Passport bros gang.

        Austin need to be mindful about bringing this western mindset in Latin Countries such as saying Latina women are easy because American Black Men are already in scrutiny anyway.

      2. Verbs,

        As usual at this point, this Brazilian feminist daggle Stephanie Ribero was outed as a former swirler.

        Dating out for me, but not for thee.

        Also as usual, she married a fallback Black simp.

        The funny thing is Austin Holleman was down in Brazil dating BLACK WOMEN. Maybe he should have gone for Brazilian white women instead like Gisele Bundchen lol.

        Feminism is a PLAGUE.

  23. Recently, a clip from a show called “Face The Truth”, which was hosted by Vivica Fox, has resurfaced and has made its rounds in certain red pill spaces; the clip features a single mother and her son who is depressed, unemployed, and has a drinking problem. Now, I must warn you that the following clips will make your blood boil because they compose the grossest display of misandry I’ve ever witnessed:

    This young man is an emotional trainwreck because he never received the emotional support he needed from his mother, nor did he have a father figure to look up to for guidance; his stragg of a mom is the sole reason why he’s in a dark spot, yet she acts like she isn’t responsible for what her son has become. So typical of her to not take accountability for robbing her son of his childhood, and she has 5 other chickenheads to back her up in verbally dressing her son down; thank God this garbage program only lasted for 1 season. I hope that this brother discovers SYSBM or Passport Bros, and completely severs all ties with his mother.

    1. I saw this video before and I was going have an input about the mental health in the Black Community.

      I was looking on YouTube but I did not do more research on this but I saw a UK version, but I will tell you and brother as my personal observation in the UK and America is 3 times worse there. Also I will give you deep insight with this:

      For some reason which I do not understand that it is claim that it forbidden or against the black community/culture to get therapy because it is a sign of weakness or flaws.
      In most cases the mothers will never accept or acknowledge that the son has flaws. Example, he born disabled, wheelchair, mutated body due to genetics, being trans or mental disability such as Down Syndrome. They think they are perfectly OK even they know 100% the boy has flaws or disability. The doctor will tell the truth to the black community however the mothers in the black community refuse to accept, so they resort to forcing the boys to church to get emasculated to believe that this will cure the flaws.

      Instead of therapy or counselling which they really need, they are taught to talk to the black community about their problems, however their response will always be ‘Man Up’ or ‘Be a Man’ and most cases as you see on TV the man gets shunned for seeking help. They believe seeking help is for coward and a weakness. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, that is what the black male space is for.

      They also the black culture discourage seeking therapy from the outside because they afraid that the white people exploited black men weakness. Which is a lie and in fact they get shunned more in the black community.

      I give you a scenario and this is no joke/cap as this did happen:
      There was this boy who had issues and spoke to a black woman who claim to be a counsellor, the boy spoke all deep stuff, emotional stuff, and the mention about his mum (which was root cause of the problem). That is what you do during therapy. As a therapist, you should know about confidentiality, this BW did not instead, she went to the boy’s mum and told her what the boy said. What did BW therapist is equivalent to a mother who read the daughter’s personal diary where she writes all her personal feelings and reading personal stuff is abuse of trust. So this boy’s mum found out what the BW therapy told her she decide to give the boy the full blown BDSM, not kinky leather stuff, I mean make is emasculated to the max as a punishment.

      This is reason why when you saw the clip from ‘Face the Truth’ instead of going against the demon which is the mother, instead, they decide to chastise the boy, why? Because he is a male and he have to take accountability for his mother’s f*ck up, even she was the one who cause it.
      They do not want to blame women at all as you see on Social Media that they will find many ways to blame BM for everything, even during the events where BW are not in the picture at all.

      The real reason why people do not address the mental health issue in the black community because they do not want to acknowledge that the community has problems, so they decide to ignore it. But through the years you see more and more of BW ratchetness and BM becoming more simps than ever. Also due to matriarchy, this is done by design. If you get therapy or healing you become a threat because you are doing something right. This is why BW do not like BM who are following the rigorous path and want them in the mental planation.

      Another thing about mental health in BM, they expect BM to be like god and if you have flaws you will not be accepted in the dating pool. You know the 6’s (6 pack, 6 figures, 6 inch cock and 6 foot height).
      Even BW do not value relationship as if anytime something goes wrong, such as accident which make you unemployed or disabled, being unemployed and wage reduce due to organisation structure or redundancy due to economy, the BW will instantly bail on you, leave you, dumped or divorce because of something happen out of your control.

      As thinking brothers always said, women are never admit they are in the wrong because they are allergic to accountability.

      This is what Kevin Samuels always encourage therapy to make you better.

      My advice is to stop listening to the black community and get some therapy because the black community are not going cure your problems, the pro-black does not solve any issues as they just talk and put women on the pedestals.
      Once you get therapy, then move on to RedPill. You have SYSBM which help you build yourself up.
      Do not listen to haters who are against travelling because travelling other countries also helps.
      Shawn James use to say to Verbs that Travelling are for Incels. Which means travelling does cure incels and make them remove the incel label.

      1. This is very spot on behind the reason why the mental health issue is rampart in the black community.
        Also BM get chastised by getting help.
        The good thing about internet is you have red-pill groups who can help BM. SYSBM is part of the solution because it is about making you what you meant to be – a man, detox the mindset from the liberals who poison your mind with blue-pill simp BS.

    1. Michael,

      I listen to Shawn’s videos.
      The problem is that he always use White Supremacy as an excuse saying it was design to ‘Divide and Conquer’ by making Black Men and Women hate each other.
      I call bullshit on this White Supremacy because BM never brought up to hate BW, however BW brought up to hate BM.
      This whole race purity thing is gone unfortunately because BW destroy the black community a long time ago which and he knows this.

  24. Verbs2015
    1st off Happy New Year, 2nd While it Maybe a New Year, It’s Still the Same BS From the Bitter Black American Sistahood. Just Yesterday it was Reported that Actor Michael B. Jordan is Dating a British Model by the name of Amber Jepson. I’ve Seen Her Instagram Page & She’s a Definite Step-up from Lori Harvey. She maybe an Instagram Influencer, But from What I Read in an Article from the Daily Mail, They are Both Financially Independent, But then I’ve been to Social Media, Twitter mostly to see their meaning ”Black Twitter’s” Reactions & Clear as Day. It’s the Usual, He’s a Sell-Out, He Hates Black Women etc, There are Some that are Defending Him, But Regardless, They’re Showing us or Should I Say Shaming us once again, That When it Comes to Interracial Dating, It’s Only Exclusive to Black Women & Black Women Only. Bottom Line, Jordan the way I See he did we’ll for Himself, Because Remember When he was with Lori Harvey & was on the verge of Proposing to her. She Turned him Down, Basically She Told Him, She’s only there to Ride his Coat tails & Nothing More. Clearly She was a Clout Chasing Gold-digger & He Traded up for Someone Worth more than She is. That’s What being part of SYSBM is All About. Looking for Better & Never Looking Back. SYSBM For Life. P.S. Here’s the Article from the Daily Mail!!!

    1. I do not why the black community and BW hating on Michael B Jordan.
      The last time he promote black love, Lori dumped him because she was no serious with him.
      Michael even offer the world to her when he was a gentlemen. On top of it the BW clowned him when he got dumped by Lori.

      Now Michael moved on, he is now a villain.

      Sorry, but the BW had their chance and they blew it. Michael learned his lesson and moved on as he did and there is nothing the haters can do about it. Especially the stupid Umar Johnson. I know he did not say anything about it yet but I know he will so he cannot talk this crap about him as he tried this black love and BW again when they meet good men, they somehow fucked it up. BW can take this L.

      1. Mister Master,
        I’ll Say this, When it was Announced that TLC Member Chilli aka Rozonda Thomas is Dating Actor Matthew Lawrence. The Black Sistahood was Praising the Hell out of that, But When it Came to Michael B. Jordan Dating outside the Spectrum, It’s All Grab the Torches & Pitchforks. Once Again, Double Standards/Hypocrisy at Play, Hell Black American Females were all ”Black Girl Magic” When Meghan Markle got Married to Prince Harry & Funny thing is Markle Didn’t even Considered herself as a Black Woman, But the Public & Media Showed her that in their Eyes She’s a Ni—r & They Definitely Didn’t like the Fact that in their Opinion ”a Negro Bitch” is Married into Caucasian Royalty. Bottom Line, Let the Sistahood Be Bitter About Dudes like Michael B. Jordan Dating out, All they’re doing is Continuing to Show Why Straight Brotha’s Don’t Want to Deal with Them. SYSBM For Life!!!

    2. It’s also come out that Lori Harvey is now dating British actor Damson Idris, who is supposedly friends with Michael B. Jordan; Damson must love the sloppy seconds.

  25. I’m Baaaaaack. After nearly 3 years from being on this site, I am finally back to fight the good fight! I hope all is well and wish you a New Year.

    I have alot of insight to share and hope we make a change in saving the thinking black man from the clutches of Black women, White men and the Simps! Lets get to it!!

    1. Carnio,

      It’s been a very long time, good to hear from you brother. Hope all is well with you. You’re going to have to fill me in as to what’s been going on with you, in your own time. Glad to see you back.

      1. Oh, absolutely, In fact I also have a lot to catch up on since I haven’t been keeping up with alot of what’s going on in a lot of online spaces.

        I have no idea what Passport bros. are although I can take a guess what it entails. As usual, SYSBM , is still the rage , which I am extremely glad, but of course it is under attack per Black witch and the Army of Simps.

        I also noticed you and Madbusdriver wrote a new book. That’s crazy awesome, I gotta buy it as soon as possible!

        I got involved with some other online spaces that have nothing to do with SYSBM or dating in general, but whenever the topic of (black) men vs black women come up, it is almost always Misandric male bashings per usual And I always link your site/articles for their references ( and yet make 100s of excuses, blaming men for everything as usual). Although SYSBM (and Passport bros?) is growing and thriving, I feel that the whole movement needs to be even more lionized and aggressive in the way the feminist man hating gender KKK have been crapping on men for the last century by attacking those who condemn SYSBM/PBs because it is long overdue.

        Also, I’m going to change my User name to something new to reflect my personality since I’ve been living in Asia for little more than half a decade now and some of my views have improved.

    2. CARNIO IS BACK! Welcome home brother. SYSBM is still the rage but Passport Bros is the bomb. Funny enough the white man has kicked back and put his feet up while his weaponized, emasculated black simps and ugly butthurt Keishas have taken over dick-policing duties completely. Hell some white dudes are cosigning the Passport Bros.

      Living in Asia sounds good, brother. That makes you a Passport Bro as well! Although I personally prefer Passport Kings.

      1. Great to see you are still here!

        That’s horrible about the simps, as I see it, simps are my biggest headaches now. They are a traitor to their own sex and make our lives miserable!

        Is passport bros. a Black male thing only? because I see many non-black men use this to refer to themselves. Is it a off shoot of SYSBM?

        1. Carnio,

          Passport Bros predominantly consists of American black men because they were the ones who founded it, however any race of man who has had enough of broken beyond repair Western women, chooses to get his passport and travels overseas in order to meet with traditional, NORMAL women can call themselves a Passport Bro. SYSBM forms part of the foundation of Passport Bros for the black men who are walking away from the gynocracy and especially the black witch.

    3. Welcome back Carnio,

      You may come accross the likes of me, Mister Master or Sheriff X as we have similar talking points as we are UK Brothers, mostly Londoners like Andy C, Verbs, Quincy, Money and others.

      If you look at old topic or Mister Master, I sometimes talks from deep observations such as ‘Origin of the Rise and Fall of the Black Manophere’, ‘Haters Alliance against Black Men with Passport’, Shawn James as the founder of Passport Gate, where he goes against the Travelling Bros (wrong move on his end) and turns out he was inexpericinced since 1989. Then we had David Carrol and Kevin Samuel’s Death made BM more wiser which causes the rise of the Passport Bros.

      If you look at previous topics you see a lot of what happening during your absence.

  26. Gentlemen,

    As you can see, here we have a black daggle from the UK demonstrating the same nutty, unhinged, mentally disjointed, scatter brain mindset as Keisha from the US. As I keep on saying, black female dysfunctional is an INTERNATIONAL PROBLEM, never forget this.

    I find it funny how these types of women without fail implement “standards” and have their wake up call AFTER they’ve been used up and rinsed through by Slim Sauce, Trap House Jim and Field Mouse. Where were the standards when her purity was intact, of course, nowhere to be found, she was too busy “having fun”, smh.

  27. Gentlemen,

    I see the attacks on the Passport Bros have now gone mainstream with Fox 26 jumping into the fray attempting to paint black men who are getting passports as sex tourists.

    Take note of the propaganda being used against the Passport Bros movement and know that exactly the same techniques will be used against SYSBM™ once the lamestream press properly catches wind of what we’re all about.

    Yes, Holleman made a few reckless moves and should’ve been more tactful in his presentations while in Brazil, however attempting to paint black men travelling overseas as sex tourists just because of one guy’s mistake is beyond a joke.

    Let’s face it, intelligent black men know what the real deal is here, When the Black woman is in trouble, without fail she’ll always go running to her white lord and saviour General Blizzard for salvation.

    Black women want the leverage they had over black men to remain in place as they know they’re up the creek without a paddle. Black men are checking out in record numbers and there is NOTHING black women can do to stem the flow of brothers leaving the building.

    However as per usual, instead of humbling themselves and apologising to black men for at least 60 years of throwing us under the bus, nope, these black sirens roll into Fox 26 studios spreading lies and false propaganda about black men travelling while at the same time pretending that they care about foreign women, their living conditions and plight, smh.

    As I’ve stated many times before, rest assured when SYSBM™ has its true moment in the spotlight, these black sirens will magic something negative out of the ether and will attempt to tarnish us in exactly the same manner, watch this space.

    UNDERSTAND THIS, anytime black men manoeuvre to exercise some form of freedom whether it be freedom of choice or freedom of movement, such executions are immediately seen as a severe problem regardless of what spaces the men belong to.

    Any movements involving black men where black women are excluded in the eyes of these black sirens and their white lord and saviour are viewed as omega level threats that must be quickly and successfully sabotaged, ruined and shut down, NEVER forget the modern day black female’s contractual obligation towards the State:

    1. Verb, you beat me to it. I am glad you post is as you can do the embedded version.
      There was rumours about it but I have to wait to share it.

      Also Verbs, I think SYSBM should not affiliate with Passport Bros, only Travelling Bros because SYSBM do not preach this seeking love and sex tourism.
      Also they will try to put SYSBM in the same category as them which the thinking brothers do not preach this sex stuff.

      Here is another one:

      Accountable Commentary explain why White Men do not get backlash:

      Also link where White Men did the same thing, but nothing happen to them as they done this for the longest.

      I think this is all a slander against American BM by this BW Brazilian Feminist.

      1. Michael Mike,

        Just to let you know, anybody who comments here can use the embedded version of videos, they just have to use the embed link instead of the normal one. Try it out, use the embed code instead when you post a comment.

        I don’t really feel the affiliation to Passport Bros will be the main issue, I believe as soon as the lamestream press discovers that SYSBM™ prioritises the heterosexual free thinking black man first and NOT the daggle(as per SYSBM Tenet Number 10), that’s when all hell is going to break loose.

        As far as black women and their overlords are concerned, the black female is in charge of “da communitah”, therefore black men(who black women don’t consider as a part of the black community, remember black community = black women only) must worship the modern day black female and anything contrary to that arrangement in their eyes is akin to blasphemy and heresy.

        1. Truly and honestly, I think passport bros is just a US thing in my opinion. You shouldn’t have to justify going abroad or owning a passport.
          In the UK and Europe its a standard thing to own a passport and travel.

          American bm have my sympathy in this aspect but you don’t need to justify it just go abroad.

          1. Jon,

            You’re right, the US black female has had a lock on the US black man for so long, she can’t believe that her male counterparts are getting their passports and going abroad instead of dealing with her difficult behind.

            I’ve stated the same in the comment sections of so many video talking about passports and travelling, if you’re based in the UK, Europe or any of the Commonwealth countries around the world, owning a passport is a standard practice, it’s a normal thing to have.

            It’s only the US black female alongside her blue pilled, brown nosing, Negro male simp flunkies who are trying to paint the picture of owning and using a passport as a bad thing, smh.

    2. I couldn’t watch the whole video and take it seriously….I stopped watching after three minutes and pretty much just guessed it was just going to be another black male bashing video as usual…

      First of all,

      The reporter is nothing but a traitor to his own sex. Leave it to the simps to eat up everything black women tell him to repeat the usual slogans of “Bashing Black Women™” so that he can attack other men to make himself look like he is some new aged man to his masters. So, I simply just pressed the forward key to skip past whatever gibberish he was speaking,


      The thing that disappointed me the MOST was when the black dude being interviewed about his experience in Brazil. Why is he apologizing?? Why is he in such a defeatist and apologetic tone? Dude is talking to the screen with his tail between his legs like he just been castrated! There is no need to feel any kind of guilt about going to Brazil or any place of your choice and doing YOUR OWN BUSINESS, whatever that may be. Whatever it is you want to go to country ‘X’ for, you have a birthright to travel and come and go as you please! DO NOT feel sorry or ashamed for it. It is NO ONE’S DAMN BUSINESS but your own.

      EVEN if certain groups of men, regardless of their race or nationality wants to go on sex tourism, SO WHAT????? Having SEX is NOT a crime! SEX is normal and a part of everyday life!!! SEX is extremely important for our mental and physiological health! If Black men want to go to Country ‘X’ and go on SEX tourism that is HIS BUSINESS and none of YOURS! GET out of here with this Prudish, puritanical crap! Men can go on SEX tourism JUST LIKE WOMEN GO ON SEX TOURISM! :

      Women ALSO go on sex tourism to many countries and BANG poor black men all over the world too! Yet, I don’t hear an outcry about this, instead it is known as ” Romance tourism” . Yet when men want to break out of the prudish, United Sexually Castrated States of America (or anywhere in the Anglosphere) suddenly it is that we are vile sex tourists and “TRAFFICKERS”??? Where in this world do they have receipts of Black men having some kind of criminal activity of picking women in foreign countries up off the streets and trafficking them off somewhere? because one or two black men were caught doing it? or is it another one puritanical hysteria in that having sex = human trafficking?

      Each and every year the Gender Klu Klux Klan gets more and more crazy and hysterical the moment men find a way to seek happiness OUT of the Anglo sexual concentration camp! Black Men, like any other men, travel for the number of reasons as there are stars in the sky. Some Travel because They want a traditional wife and cannot find one back home, some travel because they are fascinated by another culture, some travel out of curiosity, some travel because they hate America/the Anglosphere, some travel because they want to meet new friends, or that they want a new life challenge, or they want to find a new home. yes, some men, just like women, travel because they want to have SEX. NONE of these are bad reasons. Yet the Gender anti-sex/anti-male Klansmen seem to have FBI/CIA level agents that seem to follow specifically black men everywhere and have a whole list of records and reports that we are all somewhere in the world, collecting women and just traffic them somewhere into a sex business. Do these people even know what trafficking means???

      And if they are so sure that most of us do, where are these black men learning this trade? cause I certainly missed this in school!!!

      Then I fast forwarded it to when Donkey Kong was speaking to Tweddle dee and Tweddle dumb about how “why they have to bash black women™”, ” They can get their passport, we don’t care” and other insecure statements.

      These cartoon clowns are COPING so hard that you can hear the frustration in the tone of their voices. NONE of us here are stupid, they DO care! They are upset because black men are breaking free from the cotton field and the ‘massas’ will soon have no one left in their plantation. and this Gender Uncle Tom of a reporter is making all of us look BAD by peddling this crap!

      THIS IS SLANDER!!! THESE IDOTS SHOULD BE SUED FOR SLANDER!!!!!!!!!!!! Black men should collectively complain or sue these fools for slandering LIES and making the non-black community believe such lies about us! If black men were to make bold statements or slander black women, they band together like fire ants and will rip their opponent apart, yet they hypocritically feel it is alright to LIE on us as usual…

      SYSBM and Passport Bros, NEED to be vile and aggressive to these SNAKES!!!

      1. Carnio,

        I’m glad you’ve posted these videos because it just goes to show how heavy black men are dick policed as opposed to other groups who can do as they please without criticism or recourse. Like I said to commenter Michael Mike, SYSBM™ are ready and well prepared for the attacks that are to come for us once the lamestream media discovers that our lifestyle doesn’t put the modern day black female at the forefront for worship and adoration, watch this space.

    3. So it begins: the public lynching of the Passport Bros community; this is going to follow the same MO they employed in their discussions about MRAs, the Red Pill, MGTOW, Incels, and other online male spaces they’ve targeted. Gone are the days where there was honest reporting to the public; individuals like the pandering simp in the video use their influential platforms to humiliate other people and groups for higher ratings, a sort of self righteousness; the trickle down effect of this practice only serves to create a negative, judgmental culture. This is known as “negativity bias”; Western media is geared towards making their viewers angry at individuals, groups, and ideologies through negative representations. Can we not consider this as “yellow journalism”? You cannot practice yellow journalism and still expect to be taken seriously as a journalist, unless you’re working for one of the two political parties; as for the two straggs, they can stop the cap about “we don’t care” because they sure have so much to say about it. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they were to turn around and say they were all for BW going overseas to get with European men; lastly, if I ever were to meet the host of that show, I’d pull out a can of red paint and aim it right at his nose to complete his metamorphosis into a clown.

    4. Verbs2015,
      I’ll be Real with you & I Say this with 100% Certainty. Any BW I See be it from America or Outside with the Anti-Black Man Mindset. I Consider them to be a ”White Supremacist with Brown Skin”. Here it is with so Much Going on in the World. These Females got Nothing better to do with themselves than to play Dick Police with Straight Black Men. Now they’re going Further with this by trying to Paint Black Men, Who are Seeking Love Outside the States as The Poster Boys of ”Traveling Sexual Abusers”. I Mean, You Really Can’t Make this Shit up. As if it wasn’t Hard Enough for Brother’s Who have a Good Head on their Shoulder’s to Find a Good Female Life Mate. Now this. Mind you it was Black Women who made the 1st Movie, Buy Going on the Soapbox & Saying ”Black Men Ain’t Shit, Nigga’s Ain’t Worth Nothing etc”, But it’s Funny, How We Don’t Say Anything Ugly/Negative About Black Women Who are either Dating or Marrying Outside the Spectrum. It’s as I Mentioned Before How they want to be the only one’s that Have the Right to Date or Marry Outside. Which Once Again Shows two Words ”Double Standards” & Sniveling Hypocritical Sapp-Sucker’s like Umar Johnson get into their Heads. Enlarging the Issue, Yet Johnson is Nothing more than a 1st Class Clown Making himself look like a Fat-Ass James Harding with that Bushy Rug on his Face. Bottom Line, Brother’s, Don’t Allow the Anti-Straight Black Men Mob Tear you Away from Finding Happiness. Let the Salty-Shaniqua’s stay with their Captain Euro Frost’s. Then When He Eventually Tires of her. She’ll Have no one else But Herself.
      SYSBM For Life!!!

      P.S. Harvey from ”Your World, Your View” Made a Video on the Subject of Gerbilface ”Opportunist” Johnson. Here’s the Link.

    1. Why is she wearing that spaghetti strapped top with her arms out like Michelle Obama? Since when do they wear such tops on the news? Whose idea was this? The MSM keeps shoving this shemale in America’s face. The only thing worse than seeing her pic is clicking the video to hear her talk. I follow an 80s feed on Instagram and the first thing that jumps out at you is they didn’t allow ugly or fat women on TV back in the day. Old school eye candy, slim and mostly blond. And when a sista came on TV you knew she was hot. Now we get these magilla gorillas in the name of DiVeRsiTy and iNcLuSiOn. Sad!

  28. Verbs,

    This is why I think, if they already don’t do so, SYSBM and PB should come together from all 4 corners of the earth and attack their adversaries. Black men all have a natural enemy and if we don’t band together in the form of a collective, these attacks are only going to worsen and the extreme discrimination is only going to be legalized.

    Soon, mark my words, they will ban us from having the birth right to own a passport and travel freely without doing ” background” checks, active legal discrimination and lynching could make a come back. False accusations could be so bad as to ban men from traveling overseas because one had a consensual encounter with someone and now she feels threatened that he has discovered he has more options and his ex wants to cock block him. I’m not saying we need to go out and cause trouble, I’m saying, if black men are getting slandered like this, then globally they should call in and sue, call out the bigots that they are, call out the sexist that they are and shame them.

    Did you know that in the UK they proposed that men should have a curfew? I don’t know what happened if anyone took it seriously but the fact of the matter is that it was proposed by some nutty man hater and whose to say they won’t try again? misandry has gotten completely out of control and black men seem to be the number one targets since they are simply going to slander us as human traffickers and pedophiles just because we exercised our rights to live life as we see fit.

    This is a serious slander that can destroy our reputation to live a normal life all at the whim of sexual frustrated simps and Black women.

    And the number one most important thing , which I am very proud of you and your site is to keep (black) women and feminists (Gender KKK) OUT of our spaces!

    As I’m reading around I notice that black British men like Micheal mike make an interesting observation, passport bros do seem to be an American thing only and black American men seem to be the face of it.

    Americans in general are extremely insecure and patriotic and don’t like it when our own people want to find greener pastures in other countries.

    You are not even allowed to criticize America in any way no matter how evil our empire has been for the last 300 years of it’s existence. Getting a passport and leaving to another country, to many Americans, is the same as commiting treason. When I told people I’d rather live in Russia (the Asian portion) and my life in Russia is far much better than american will ever be, I mine as well should have just told them that I’m a Russian terrorist and want america to be nuked.

    It hurts their ego and pride. It shatters their self perception of being the “greatest nation on earth” when Americans want to leave out of the country. Black men seem to be the most vocal about finding the happy life out side the American empire and this is probably what triggered them to put black men as the main targets by lying and slandering…

    1. SYSBM and Passport Brothers should never have unity because unity always have infiltration. Just like the Black Manosphere over 5 years ago because when they has this Feminist/Manosphere alliance the Manosphere became the Blue-Pill ground and when groups become diverse (nothing wrong with being diverse) it is like letting the liberal Trojan Horse in and destroy what was created.

      The reason why SYSBM affiliate with Travelling Bros because Travelling bros preaching culture, language, knowing the laws, understanding cultural patriarchy (meaning where you go, you still have standards and self respect for yourself) and build network of friends online. Women are just a bonus to your life and not an end goal.

      Passport Bros is about finding women and sex tourism.

      It is true that Passport Brothers is a American thing, just like the term ‘Swirlers’ and ‘Divestors’ which BW call it because American Black Men are catching up to this diversity, even this been happening for 100 years.

      In the UK, Diversity is cultural normal, just like Passport is a standard form of ID.

      The problem about America is that the country is so liberal, anyone can be diverse, have flaws and fulfil your dreams, but for some reason it is a problem when a Black Man has it.
      What is also happening is that BM in America is also catching up with being a diverse minded people which makes them have options to pursue their goals and dreams and the BW hates it to the core.
      Now each year goes by the BM in America are taking redpill more, the liberals are in fear as they are leaving the mental plantation.

      Now BW are fining may ways to get BM back into the mental plantation.
      Now with the Passport Bros BW resort to making videos against Passport Bros, why? Because these BW are losing competition in the dating market. They try to form an alliance with Filipina to Black list American BM, but when Filipina said ‘No’ because this has nothing to do with them, the BW resort to talk shit about Philippines because they are getting picked in the dating market over BW.

      I did remember years ago that they will try to curfew men in the UK. That will not work because how are they going to do this? Make all make work 9am to 5pm which means they cannot do shift in any jobs anymore, business like Football and pubs will close because they are matches in the evening.
      Also what make the females think this will make them safe without men? Even without men, there will be female predators at night, Also some alphabet/rainbow (LGBT) can cannibalise each other, look at lesbians as most are penis-envy bulldyke who does more domestic violence damage way more than men.

  29. Verbs,

    Feel free to save and use those links in your future posts. I might even donate to you and write up a post about this because this is some serious hypocrisy!!

    Men always get shamed for finding happiness wether it’s to find a traditional wife/Gf or even if they do go on sex tourism , find sexual freedom that they cannot get back home but are condemned for ” exploiting poor women”

    But women, on extremely high numbers, go to places and sexually exploit poor black men/boys all around the world! Black men are the main targets of sexual exploitation in the same way that we are accused of

    There are no numbers or records of how often it happens simply because women are generally seen as good citizens and would ” never do such a thing” . But it happens in extremely high numbers more than people want to imagine and I want to expose this double standard to the world!

    So to sit here and attack Passport bros/SYSBM because they found an escape and LIE that we are all natural born sex trafficking criminals while women are these moral outstanding saints and commit no sin is extremely offensive.

  30. Bitter western BeDubs are behind the recent public scrutiny over passport bros; collaborating with foreign women to punish free-thinking Black Men. Watch this!

    1. Verbs2015,

      In the US, more and more daggles who can afford the plane fare, are traveling to Dubai. No doubt, they are trying to land a Dubais Porta Potty Weekend. I’ve read that many African females do this as well.

      These daggles are paying their own way to Dubai and offering Dubai Porta Potty services. The white women who do this, are flown out first class and put up in 5 star hotels by their rich Arab johns. The white women who do this get 20k per night, wheras the daggles will accept much less to be a Dubai Porta Potty.

    1. IzaEHFRH,

      Going to be dealing with that particular clip in the first article of 2023 next week Monday, stay tuned, article is already locked and loaded.

    2. I saw that clip.
      I did say to Verbs to pay him no mind, but I decide to take it back and I am glad that he is going to make a topic because this Umar guy is very annoying because all he does is scrutinise American Black Men for the failure of the black community and never touch BW who are responsible.

      Now he is declaring war on law-abiding good black men who got nothing to do with the destruction of the black community because they chose not to be cucks such as step-daddy.

      I am a UK brother like Verbs and all I see is Umar trashing American brothers who does honest work because they chose not to be the next Nipsey Hustle, you the know the guy who died when he was building the hood.

      Verbs you will need this clip too as this one is the top and this piss you off:

      Full Version, you can have snippet:

      1. MMT,

        Yep, I extracted that short clip yesterday because I wanted to speak on that as well. Next Monday’s article, stay tuned.

  31. That sounds very cool brother! I look forward to all of your future articles! Thanks a lot!

    1. Michel,

      Captain Euro isn’t pleased that the black man is quickly catching up to his position as the most desired man on the planet, if black men from way back had been travelling as much as Major Sleet, we would’ve reached that status a long time ago.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Looks like it’s a Brazilian feminazi as well(likely to be a black witch). Hollemen needs to set up his own website if he hasn’t done so already and start mirror posting his videos on Rumble. Folks have to begin breaking away from the popular social media platforms because you’re not allowed to speak freely on any of them. I came across this video on International Passport’s channel, looks like feminism is much bigger in Brazil and more problematic than we thought:

      1. Auston better fight back against this slander being thrown at him; this “Birth of a Nation” style of propaganda against Black men who are merely exploring their options outside of the communitah needs to be mercilessly decimated by thinking Black men. My idea of this being accomplished would look like that time the late comedian Patrice O’Neal destroyed a feminist on Fox News:

  32. Brothers,

    I was just watching an episode of Judge Judy and I couldn’t help but notice how far back onto her head the plaintiff’s weave had to be attached. I took some screenshots and have also provided the embedded link to part 1 of that clip. These modern day black females are out here literally bald headed:

    1. Verbs,

      Every time I see BW with Baby Hairs, this is a 100% turn off and very unattractive.
      The ones with ghetto weaves are far worse and it is 200% turn off.
      Complete avoid regardless of beauty trend.


    If you read the first article, you’ll see that the school’s principal is an obese, unattractive daggle; it was under her administration that numerous warnings from staff about this demon seed’s behavior and possession of a gun were ignored and brushed under the rug! What has this boy been through at such an early age that he has such a strong desire to murder people? He must be demon possessed to be filled with so much hate and anger at 6 years old.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The teacher was blessed to actually survive, look at how many folks are shot in schools and don’t live to tell the tale. Typical daggle principal, I’m wondering if the 6 year old boy was black and so because of that she decided to let the many warnings slide.

      If that’s the case then we already know where the evil intent came from, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the boy came from a single mother household because in the second article you posted they refer to possibly bringing charges against the mother.

      These schools are too dangerous, I most certainly will NOT be sending my future children to any public school settings. Private or homeschooling is the way to go, these public schools simply aren’t the safe environments they used to be years ago.

  34. Verbs 2015,
    Just Recently Tyre Nichols got Killed by 5 Cops, Except that this time it wasn’t Done by White Supremacists with Badges, It’s Black Cops with White Supremacist Mindsets. Though they’re Learning Quick of How they Can’t get away with the Shit that Racist White Cops do. See Kanye West was Right When he Said What he Said About Black Americans Having a ”Slave Mind”.
    Just Recently Lebron James went on Twitter Yesterday & Said of How ”We’re Our own Worst Enemy” & Much like How it was with Kanye, Black People Verbally Attack the Hell out of Him.
    Sharahzad Ali, Bill Cosby, Monique, Even Malcolm X from Back in the day have been Trying to Wake our People up with Knowledge to the World Around us & How do Black People more so Black people in America Respond, ”THROW THEM TO THE WOLVES”, They’re Sell-Out’s, House Niggers, Handkerchief Heads etc, Because in the mind set of Black Americans, it’s Better to Refer to your own as a Negative Term & go on tv or film & be a Clown for the masses, Than to Become Something Better, Something that’s not a Stereotype. Something that’s Respectable. Now it was a Definite Tragedy as to What Happened to Tyre Nichols, But the Fact that he was Taken Out by Black Men in Police Uniforms. Shows that the ”Slave Mind” does indeed Exist in Black People, Hell, White Supremacists Don’t have to the job of Murdering Black People more so Black Men, Because they know we do the job for them & You got Negros Who do not get this, Until ”Fit hits the Shan” aka (Shit hits the Fan). It’s F–ked up when White Men Who wear those Blue Uniforms Feel that they can Tag Team & Beat/Kill Law Abiding Black Citizens, But it’s all the more F–ked up When you see Black Men in Blue Uniforms Participate in this Perversity as well.

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