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They’re Still Telling On Themselves, Smh!

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Here he goes again, Dr Umar “GerbilFace” Johnson prattling off the usual tripe about there being a so called “epidemic” of black men who are choosing to throw in the towel on black women(for many good reasons) in search of love and companionship elsewhere.

However as predicted, Dr Johnson fails to address the many valid reasons as to why more and more black men are choosing to give black women as a collective an extremely wide berth, the Facebook post below is a classic example as to why most black women are destined to remain upon the mountain of singledom until they hit the grave:

This is the black siren’s blueprint right here and something that I’ve talked about on this website many times before, modern day black women only want the upwardly mobile, professional black man as a financial fallback option once they’re 2,3,4,5,6,7 children deep having been repeatedly impregnated by the likes of Slim Sauce, Trap House Jim, Field Mouse, Two Snacks, 12 Gauge Mike and Shorty Fist, we know the deal, we’re not stupid over here.

Gerbilface cannot be taken seriously on any level, as I’ve said previously, if you want consumers to accept and take onboard your product, you MUST listen to feedback from the buying market concerned and properly address any shortcomings and improvements that can be made to make that product better.

Black love advocates such as Johnson continue to ignore various points and issues voiced by many black men concerning the many shortcomings and transgressions of black female society, nope, instead these disingenuous buzzards choose to use insults, guilt tripping and shaming language hoping this will be sufficient in persuading those men who have departed, to return to the plantation.

Dr Johnson shares the same sentiments as Pretty Thandiwe Khumalo, back in December 2022 he appeared on the Men Can’t Always Be Wrong Podcast where once again he stated that upwardly mobile, intelligent, forward thinking, professional black men are SELFISH because they don’t want to provide FREE mentoring services towards as well as step up to look after the bastard children of single black mothers, don’t believe me, here’s the clip:

First and foremost, when it comes down to non black communities, they will PAY for any services they require from other members of said tribes, they don’t practice the “give me a deal, I want something for free” religion that so many black folks are steeped in.

Secondly, why should I mentor/raise Keisha’s bastard children, what profit is it for myself to raise up somebody else’s legacy instead of concentrating on, creating and establishing my own family tree from scratch?

Yes, when it comes to children that are not biologically theirs, black men have every right to refuse to look out for them, Johnson should be going after the men who sired those children, not the men who have nothing to do with them.

Johnson wants professional black men to perform clean up man/janitorial services ie mop up the incredible mess Shaquanda created when she decided to open her legs to Cheezy Grillz because in her words, “he had swag”.

Johnson should lead by example and take onboard one of these single mothers he so commonly sings the praises of, of course this would be on top of the 2 single mothers he’s already created via his own recreational escapades.

Get out of here with that volunteer garbage, free thinking brothers are leaving the building in their droves(as mentioned before, for many good reasons) and they’re NEVER coming back, especially in light of the fact that black women have categorically stated time and time again that they are NOT attracted to good, decent, upwardly mobile black men(once again as can be seen in the above Facebook Post and the video evidence below):

Brothers, continue to ignore black female pandering simps such as Dr Umar Johnson, since black women as a collective want to live by the thug, they’ll have to die by the same. Black women must be left to stew, marinate and burn in their own failures as well as face the negative consequences of the bad decisions they’ve made BY THEMSELVES. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Staunchly Reject Being A Clean Up Man For Any Single Mothers

Most High Bless

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24 thoughts on “They’re Still Telling On Themselves, Smh!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Umar Johnson needs to shut the fuck up and concentrate on building that boys school of his that he keeps on rambling about for the past 14 years since 2009. As a SYSBM childfree black man at 40, I refuse to date single mothers because its not my job to raise another mans bastard kids all because of black womens poor mating choices and stupid dating decisions in life. We all know that the reason why good black men like myself are dating non black women at a massive rate because black women have made it very clear that they are not attracted to us good black men in their sexual prime years (18 to 30) but they only want to date us good SYSBM black man when they exit their sexual prime years when they become old, fat, ugly and when they become single mothers with lots of bastard kids from different wutless thug bad boy black baby fathers. Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit because I ain’t cleaning up anyone’s mess. Like I said before Verbs I am only interested in dating beautiful childfree non black women so that we can build our own nuclear Fitzpatrick family together.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Gerbilface Johnson is living in a completely different reality, I said this before and I’ll say it again, he can only be taken seriously after doing these 4 things first:

      1. Open up the boys academy he was collecting donations for.

      2. Clean up his dirty apartment.

      3. Kick the drug habit.

      4. Marry a black queenie.

      Until the dude fulfils all of the above, I’m not interested in anything he’s got to say, however I’ll continue to roast him because it makes for good entertainment.

  2. This man never fails to amuse me in how drastically delusional he is.

    First of all, as a guy who lives and travels all around Asia, and spoken to many people from all parts of the world, he is wrong to say that other men operate to keep the resources within their community. Nothing can be further from the truth. People all over the world look out what’s best for themselves and their immediate families first.

    Very rarely do they do what he claims. If someone from Tribe A finds that his life will be much easier if he dates and marries into Tribe B, he will most likely just join Tribe B if it means he will have an easier and stable life for his immediate (future) family. After all, it is the “Survival of the fittest” mode for many people in the world that live in impoverish communities. Nobody will choose to stay in poverty for the sake of “My people”.

    Secondly, NO man, in any culture in the world, unless he is infertile, or it is god’s calling to that specific man, especially if he is the educated, upper-class, highly desirable of his community is going to give his resources to a single mother!

    Most rich people never give their money/wealth to random people even if they are of the same race, ethnicity, or nationality. Most people only care to leave behind their resources only to their immediate family and loved ones, NOT to their community.

    I do not know where he finds these men who are this altruistic that they work hard their whole lives for their family (or they attain money and wealth by exploitation, corruption etc)just to give it away to random irresponsible women who don’t know how to pick men. So this claim of “Snow-Bunnies” he talks about is straight out of a fiction novel.

    1. Carnio,

      The only reason why Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson is still getting some traction as well as attention is because sundry knuckleheads continue to bring the dude onto their platforms and deliberately skirt around the questions that are going to put him in hot water(drug habit, failed school, stripper saga, dirty apartment, hasn’t married a black woman yet but keeps getting on professional black men to wife up the same).

      I cannot believe the amount of dopy individuals who still support the dude. Yes, there are certain things he talks about that are correct, however the fact that he’s failed to deliver on promises should be enough to completely discredit him.

      The support he continues to get just goes to show you how damaged black society is, you can blatantly be defrauding black folks but if you preach the victimhood doctrine, they’ll give you a squeeze and will continue to fill your pockets with their cash, smh.

  3. Comment #1 (From Facebook):

    From a Facebook by ‘Alex Harrison’ (edited):

    He loves single mothers of all races because they believe in that falsehood school scheme of his.
    He does absolutely nothing for the community, he does absolutely nothing for the children, he does absolutely nothing to combat the systematic welfare abuse by these women and he has the nerve to point fingers.
    I tell you the day will come when he is on Child Support.

    1. MMT,

      Comment #2 was off the chain, there were a few things mentioned that I didn’t agree with, however overall the majority of that list was spot on. If black folks simply stopped giving the dude a platform from which to speak, he would disappear into relative obscurity overnight.

      Too many black folks are cowards, when Johnson is in their presence they point blank refuse to ask the all important questions most probably because of cult of personality.

      Those guys on the Men Can’t Always Be Wrong podcast are classic examples of this, which one of any of those bootlickers confronted Johnson on the fact that his FDMG Academy for boys to date hasn’t been opened yet or asked what he has done with all of the donations he’s collected, I’ll wait?

      1. There were some I disagree on from the list from the comments.
        I was going to copy and paste the comments to Open Mic topic. But I decide to save it for this one because I knew you going to roast this Umar guy.

        I picked out the best comments because there were loads of gems on some videos cooking this hotep.

        I do not blame the hate on this guy because he just basically punish law abiding American Black men who follow the god’s path to better themselves and hardworking who got nothing to do with the destruction of the black community.

  4. Comment #2 (From YouTube):

    Comment from Obsidian Radio by ‘Nelg’:

    102 Reasons to never trust the world’s leading clown called Umar Johnson (Self proclaimed King Kong) with your money, community, time, soul, effort, resources and children or wives.

    1. Talks the talk but can’t, won’t and will never walk the walk, all bark and no bite, all dreams and no fruition, all plans and no action

    2. Track records are non-existent

    3. Loves to hear himself talk

    4. Turns down advice, resources, and help offered by his own kind

    5. Makes claims to want to build for the community but takes the money for himself

    6. Calls any black person who has legitimate questions a coon

    7. Doesn’t want to learn about business yet wants to own one

    8. Lied to his own government and people about the money he gained for 13 years (from 2009- 2022)

    9. A self proclaimed king

    10. Lied about being a descendant of Fredrick Douglas and got exposed

    11. Calls himself King Kong

    12. Lies about having a degree or certificate but hasn’t, won’t and can’t prove it

    13. Claims to be a clinical psychologist but misdiagnosed kids and got kicked out for it

    14. Wants to educate your kids but won’t even care after his own

    15. Makes excuses to see his own kids

    16. Talks and acts like a politician

    17. Loves to critique others but gets mad when others do the same and calls them a hater or a coon for doing so

    18. Has a “Do as I say not as I do,” mentality

    19. Breaks the very rules or standards that he wants others to live by

    20. Has many aliases

    21. Claims a certain profession but can’t prove it

    22. Only wants to educate only the young boys and leave young girls ignorant

    23. Uses jargon points and mind manipulation

    24. Claims pro black and supported a white show called Vlad TV and still calls any other Black person a coon for doing the same

    25. Equates homosexuality with bestiality and paedophilia

    26. Teaches that interracial marriage will destroy black people as a whole

    27. Panders to women instead of dealing with the total truth about them

    28. Changes his birthday at a whim

    29. Claimed that he was Jesus

    30. Claimed to have the same birthday as Jesus (even though Jewish people don’t celebrate their birthdays and it’s not even in the Bible)

    31. Has sexist and misogynistic views

    32. Says that a women who desire wild sex has mental issues

    33. Claims the ancestors sent him

    34. Is vague and evasive when questioned about the school, and money

    35. Has a crab in a bucket/barrel mentality

    36. Calls out black men for not being leaders yet was living with his mother

    37. Was the care taker of his own mother and got paid by the state for doing so while never actually being home to care after her

    38. Got caught scamming

    39. Makes excuses every time for why the school is not being built

    40. Was sleeping with a woman and only brought her to hotels with no intention of dating her long term

    41. Spends the people’s money on himself

    42. Acted like he was on the phone only for it ring on his ears LIVE on social media

    43. Lied about going to Millersville University when it was about another man who went by the name Umar Johnson

    44. Refuses to provide any financial documentation showing how much money he has collected, or how he has used any of the funds

    45. Lied about a company that he hired only to later fire due to him having no funds and said they didn’t want to do the job

    46. Always talks and begs for money every chance

    47. Never really had any real intention of helping his people

    48. After being asked legitimate questions he negates it by talking about something else

    49. Looks dirty and as if he’s on crack

    50. Hasn’t, won’t, and can’t admit to his wrongs

    51. Wants his followers to find out about the address of the people who are exposing him by putting their private and personal life at risk

    52. Is quick to make everyone their enemy

    53. Has unprofessional and unlicensed helpers mop away black mold

    54. Sells a pie in the sky dream

    55. Puts on a front every time

    56. Avoids the HVAC team he keeps saying he needed. Even when he gets one the school will be pushing black mould since he won’t fix that major problem

    57. Lied about having St. Paul’s College but never had the $2 million to buy it in the first place

    58. Lied about being abstinent but was exposed by the hooker he had sex with

    59. Lied about having a deal with an unnamed NBA player

    60. Evades taxes

    61. Has no plan to pay the teachers, and contractors for their work

    62. Lied about not knowing about the tax exemption

    63. Resorts to name calling every chance he get

    64. Lied about the HVAC unit he wants cost more than the school he purchased for over $400,000

    65. Sounds more like a story teller than a truth teller

    66. Keeps changing the price of the very blueprints that he bought

    67. Gives the people a false sense of security and hope

    68. Says to support black companies yet wants free to less money to pay them for their hard work

    69. Denies mentorship from someone who built a school almost 36yrs from the ground up

    70. Is quick to tell others how to think, eat and live but isn’t willing to follow his own advice

    71. Won’t refund you on the money for a interview he never attended after he said that he would

    72. Will ghost you after he gains your money and blocks you for the interview that he said he would do

    73. Plagiarizes and imitates another man’s mannerisms

    74. Tells others what to do within the school but won’t lift a finger to do any thing himself

    75. Is constantly mixing truths with lies

    76. Keeps his followers from his true intentions or purpose

    77. Is willing to gamble the school money away

    78. Is only in it to gain followers and not it it to actually renovate the school

    79. Hired the professional for the electricity then fired them only to lie and say that they left on their own accord

    80. Is not willing to fix the issues plaguing the run down mouldy school

    81. Proclaims being Pro-Black yet hires white people to do the job that black professionals can and are willing to do

    82. Does women’s conference only to get shelter, food, and sex from naïve ignorant weak minded women

    83. Proclaims the title the Prince of Pan-Africanism yet wears Americanized clothing

    84. Takes no accountabilities whatsoever

    85. Lies about being the most requested scholar in the world

    86. Refuses to quit while he’s ahead of himself

    87. Rejects the principle of variation in society

    88. Thinks that all white people are racist

    89. Believes that the conditions of the past is still bound currently

    90. Is always on the defensive about anything even when it’s in a positive tone

    91. Doesn’t care about the consequences of his bad actions

    92. Is narcissistic every time he speaks

    93. Loves to waste people’s time only to gain their money

    94. Begging for money on a second or third school when he hasn’t even finished the first

    95. Says that he doesn’t care about the people but about the donor’s donation (last I checked the donors are people)

    96. Lies about being a principal of any school with no proof

    97. Lies about being a professional psychologist but can’t control his own emotions

    98. Claims to be well educated yet still believes in a Pseudoscience called astrology

    99. Failed to plan and didn’t want to accept that such task was necessary

    100. Won’t obey the law of the land even after he took an oath to do so. The whole cease and desist situation is a prime example (render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s)

    101. Claims 6 degrees even though most of what he claims are only certificates but yet has no job or career that’s providing him money.

    102. He talked crap about Kevin Samuels talking about black women yet turned around and starting using Kevin Samuels talking point

    The moral of the story is don’t trust a (KING) CON the likes of Umar Johnson (real name Germaine Shoemaker) with your money, kids, or your soul. Also if anyone has an issue with these fact provide facts that proves otherwise. I have Umar’s actions and words proving what I wrote. If you don’t like it then stfu. All it takes is to due your research on this fake dude to see that I’m right and that the facts and evidence speaks for themselves.

      – Dr. Gerbilface


  5. (Thinking) Black men,

    Just like men of all other nationalities towards their women, you do NOT owe black women SHIT!

    Black women as well as the Gender KKK/Feminists with their rainbow-colored hair and pink faces make it well known to us that women owe black men nothing! We were all told countless times in our lives that we are not entitled to women’s attention, not entitled to their bodies, not entitled to sex, not entitled to anything, especially since we are too “soft” and too “lame”.

    So for this simple matter of fact, Black man, do not feel you owe them ANYTHING.

    Do NOT feel guilted into being a step-father, Giving Gender Nazis attention, sex, and DEFINITELY do not give resources! Notice this Quack who calls himself a “Doctor” Never attacks the main source of the problem of this “snow bunny crisis” by criticizing the women for being single mothers in the first place?

    Even if YOU, a man who is childless, does NOT have children, are being blamed and shamed because single mothers exist.

    Mrs. Umar Johnson needs to be called out for his Misandry! He hates black men. He is no different than a white supremist but strictly targets black Men. He should just be honest with us all! He hates black men because he hates to see them happy with White women. He himself wants a white woman. otherwise, he would not be this angry to call this a “crisis”. I don’t even see White men foaming at the mouth about this than he does.

    He should just come out the closet and say “I hate black men who are blessed and lucky to have a beautiful white women in his arms but not me. I want one too but I can’t get one”

    1. Carnio,

      Umar Johnson has dug himself too deep into the pro black pit, if he’s really about being “Pan African”, he could easily travel to the motherland and pick himself up a black female from there.

      So many of these pro blackity black merchants talk a big talk when it comes to Africa, yet very few if any of them would go there to live yet alone pick up a wife from the continent.

      Yet for some reason Johnson hasn’t but continues to berate and disparage free thinking black men who have had enough of the black female’s dysfunctional garbage.

      The nerve of the dude, blaming professional black men for a single mother epidemic in black society that was solely brought about by black women who chose to open their legs to the wrong guys, you cannot make this stuff up, smh.

      1. Verbs and Carnio,

        I will give some input about Umah as he mention about this Snowbunny Crisis:

        So be is basically, the Snowbunny crisis is equivalent to a Covid? LOL

        I do not think that he hates BM, he fears White Women.

        Let me explain this theory:
        This is from the King Kong analogy which was all watch when the planes shoots the King Kong from the Empire State building. The man said ‘It was not the plane that kill the beast, it was beauty that kill the beast’.

        In reality, deep down, he want the Becky but cannot admit it. So he talk all this pro-black hotep stuff.
        I agree that Black men want white women because they are attractive, however, thinking BM are smart and have standards, however the hoteps are closet simps towards White Women. When hoteps call themselves ‘King Kong’ like Umah he knows he is closet simp for Beckys? Why just like the film ‘King Kong’ Kong maybe the toughest hotep in the room but when you see the snowbunny as Umar describe it, the King Kong guard is down, way down, King Kong gets son entice by the snowbunny he gets distracted by them.

        Understand these hoteps where they talk all pro-black.
        Remember, they are pro-black on the streets, Becky in the sheets.
        Most original problacks in 1970s married to White Women and we all seen this in real life.

        They will preach this pro-black simping for BW calling them ‘Queens’ but they get home to their Snowbunny.

        Umar talks this White Women agenda, but however this is not new as these White Women married to the hoteps since the 1970s.

        Snowbunny is a least of his problems as he got the tranny issue from National TV. Calling her queen but got mad when this homeboy told him about the tranny after the TV.

        Remember Verbs, Umar calls himself ‘King Kong Conscious’ and watch ‘King Kong’ film and that what he fears.

  6. Yes Verbs, what’s going down blud? Hope everything is cool for you. Come back for 2023. Guess what? Bad news for the simps. This trouble maker come back for 2023, star! They must be thinking “Oh no, here he comes.”

    Dr Foolmar Johnson come back again for 2023. You see, when he opens his mouth, it nothing but cringe worthy. I just couldn’t listen to someone like that fool, bro. Now, the interracial relationship/marriage. This man really needs to shut the fuck up and stop dick policing. Why a man wanna know where another man pushing his wood in? You know, this is some homosexual, gay, Billy Porter type thing, bruv!

    And let me tell you something about the ratchet black women. They don’t want the good black man. They want the worthless men who will breed them off and refuse to take care of their off springs. Dr Foolmar Johnson must be still sniffing cocaine. And he’s must be sniffing it hard like Tony Montana in Scarface.

    It seems like it’s goanna be the same shit like 2023 with the ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles and the simps. First, they coming after SYSBM and now they are coming after the Passport Bros.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles along with the simps are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Good to hear from you bro, good to see you back in the new year. Yep, Dr Foolmar Johnson is at it once again, recently I come across so many clips of the dude rattling off the usual rubbish but as per usual nobody is asking him the pertinent question, where’s the damn boys academy? As commenter Carnio stated, Johnson is a feminist who hates black men in particularly those who have their things together. No clean up men over here.

      1. That is true. Dr Foolmar Johnson is nothing but a black male misandrist who has a huge hatred towards black men just like his mother who raised him to be this way! And when these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles see a man like this dick police officer like Foolmar, they will go on a cringe fest!

  7. Umar Johnson needs a slap in the face.

    He should stay in his lane but he won’t stay there.

    I don’t want to hear what he wants to say anymore.

    Its all talk but no action.

    Even though I’m team becky, I’m still very selective on which snow bunny I choose to date.

    I’m not naive at all.

    I’m not going to choose any white woman.

    It has to be someone of high quality.

    He can’t dick police in Britain UK.

    If he comes to visit here in future and tries that shaming tactics, he would be permanently banned from entering the UK.

    1. Umar will never play that dick policing game in the UK.
      Especially towards Caribbean type such as Jamaican as UK blacks will give him a beatdown.

    2. Witwijf,

      Gerbilface’s shaming and guilt tripping tactics simply aren’t working anymore, upwardly mobile US black men have been exiting the building for a while now with a sudden upward spike in recent times due to the Passport Bros movement gathering increased momentum. It goes back to what I said about improving the product in order to retain a solid customer base, black men of worth and value are NOT going to stick around to deal with Keisha’s devil seedlings.

      Black women aren’t going to change especially for black men, at some point Dr Johnson is going to have to face the fact that the overwhelming majority of black women are a lost cause, cannot be saved and there’s nothing he can do to change this. Black men here in the UK laugh at this fool, he’s falling upon the sword for a group of women who aren’t even loyal to him, smh.

  8. Verbs2015,

    Overall I like everything about this article. And I agree with it totally. But you know me, I have to go after the black male simps.

    The sad truth is that Pretty Thandiwe Khumalo is accurately describing the majority of black males. Even though many Black Men have left the building, the vast majority of black males are staying put. They are willing to stay put in a burning house, and are willing to gladly go up in flames with it.

    I will always blame the black male simps. This is because I have enough experience to know just how much of a follower the average female is. The black scraggle daggle is no exception to this truth about female nature. The scraggle daggle can only project the illusion of being a strong black female because the black male simp is so weak. The weakest, foulest, lowest, most disgusting female phenotype on the planet, flexes on the black male simp everyday. And the black male simp continues to lick her crusty feet.

    The source of the scraggle daggle’s illegitimate power is the black male simp. Without the black male simp, the scraggle daggle collective would have self destructed a long time ago. And truth be told, the vast majority of the black male collective is still simping to the scraggle daggle.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      You’re absolutely right, most black men are willing to stay put and go down with the ship SS Bitter Angry Black Sisterhood, however a majority of black men leaving the building isn’t required in order to cause a serious rift and scupper the black female’s duel mating strategy plans.

      The black men within the Passport Bros movement are a small but steadily growing number of individuals who’ve had enough of black female dysfunction but look at how that small group has riled up the daggles to where they are making video upon video throwing all manner of shade in their direction.

      The same goes for SYSBM™, yet again another small but rapidly growing number of black men who’ve also had enough of black female degeneracy and have instead chosen to take their chances with traditionally minded women from other races. Don’t forget the uproar these daggles and maggles flew into once the SYSBM Tenets were posted just over 3 years ago.

      The black men who choose to remain can continue to simp all they want, however such actions CANNOT be sustained long term, changes are coming soon in which not even these blue pilled, black male SIMPletons and panderers will be able to save their “queans” from the wrath to come.

      Yes indeed, the blue pilled, black male simp is the foundation of the black female’s continued reign of terror and comfort, however as I said previously, this model of imbalance cannot be sustained for much longer, it’s downfall is inevitable and rapidly approaching, coming very soon to a street near you, stay tuned.

  9. Hello verbs how come very time I go to cashier service it’s always an issue with black women they treat me really badly I mean I’m tall muscular goodlooking so I’m not sure what the issue is with them seriously it affects me mentally and I’m not doing well cause of it as I said one just gave me a very bad attitude everytime I go their she’s fat out of shape and hideous too lol

    1. Zidane Williams,

      Plenty of brothers here will tell you that they point blank refuse to deal with black women when it comes down to any kind of service interaction because most of them cannot keep their disdain and hatred for black men separate from interacting with customers and clients.

      You’re best giving them an extremely wide berth if they’re giving you a bad reception and causing you mental issues as well as unnecessary stress, if possible you should take your business and custom elsewhere where you don’t have to put up with their unprofessional nonsense.

      Unfortunately most black women are just miserable individuals who hate to see other people happy especially black men, you’ll find that black women as a collective are at their happiest when they are inflicting pain, suffering and misery upon others. A harsh reality however none the less a true one.

  10. I find it amazing how a man who is supposedly a licensed psychologist can be so unaware of his own delusional mindstate; there is no such thing as a “snow bunny crisis”. What Umi Zoomi refers to as being a “crisis” is really an awakening of the Black man’s agency and his quest for freedom; no longer are free thinking Black men willing to be sacrificial lambs for a community that never respected nor cared for them outside of what they could provide for it. Besides, where was it written that upwardly mobile, successful Black men are supposed to give their resources back to the communitah? I never signed such a contract, and I never will!

    Also, is this pineapple hairdo wearing shine unaware of who really controls the money that flows through the Black community? If he’s so concerned about the money leaving, he should check the scraggle daggle on their spending their money at Korean owned beauty supply stores; a good amount of their dollars also goes to the Black church, an institution he could collaborate with given that they were once centers where Black people assembled to have meetings discussing the future of their community. Have you ever seen Umar hold such meetings?

    Umar is really an articulate idiot, and he’s starting to show his true colors with his misandristic rants against free thinking brothers; everything he said in that second video you posted is a load of tripe, and he knows it! Avoid phonies like Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson. #SYSBM

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