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Just Let The Black Women Go Bro! #SHORTS

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As much as I give Lil Goodiee a maximum salute for being the co-founder of a monumental worldwide movement(Soft Guy Era) that will heavily contribute towards the correctional resetting of the Western dating market, I have to give him a side eye and some serious push back on the “I only date/like black women” mantra.

Come on bro, after all of the reports and feedback you’ve received from the guys you know regarding how much better their lives have become since they stopped dealing with black straggs, you’re still going to hold out for that black female unicorn(that’s never coming by the way), really bruh?

It just goes to show you how yet again that SYSBM™ is for the very few, not the many. There is no way that I personally wouldn’t at least give white women a shot after hearing all of those positive experiences from black men around me.

I really don’t understand some black men and their disconnect with logic, reason, wisdom and common sense all in the name of “keeping it real”.

He says he cannot relate to white women, yet black women don’t want to relate to him either, they simply want to syphon his money and resources.

From what it sounds like as per usual Lil Goodiee hasn’t received anything positive from black women, he’s only gotten drama, contention, dishonesty, infidelity and the draining of his money, yet he’s still choosing to stick it out with them??

At some point you have to start using your head, if you’re given information by your own peers/friends relating to how their lives have significantly improved since kicking black women to the kerb, at that point only a fool wouldn’t at least test the waters out if only for his own personal experience.

I’ve told you before, black women view black men as slaves, commodities and assets, as a black man dealing with a black female, your sole function in her life is to be a cash mule flunky who is only there to fulfil her carnal, materialistic, hedonistic and superficial wants, nothing more.

Like I’ve said on many occasions, black men who still choose to deal with black women despite being shown on the daily just how little black women value them are gluttons for punishment, they’re addicted to black snatch and deserve to be used up and rinsed out by these black sirens.

To be honest, this issue of most black men being unable to let go of black women is more of a problem in the US, as you guys already know, here in the UK black men are dating out at a rate of 60-70%, we’re not afraid to give these black daggles the boot.

Goodiee has plenty of videos on his YouTube and TikTok channels talking about how he’s been cheated on by the black witch. This is not to say that white and other non black females don’t cheat because they do, however nowhere at the rate of these modern day black Jezebels.

Lil Goodiee and black men like him need to do better and start valuing themselves, and the first step towards such improvement is being honest about the current black female dating landscape, it’s a steaming hot pile of decomposing garbage.

Black men need to stop allowing themselves to be used as punching bags and financial instruments by these scraggle daggles believing this is the way to get said women to like them. Lil Goodiee is NOT going to find his ideal woman within black female society no matter how long he waits it out.

BLACK WOMEN AS A COLLECTIVE DON’T LIKE BLACK MEN, they only tolerate and deal with them because no other races of men will date and marry them en masse.

Gentlemen, continue giving these black females an extremely wide berth, we already know that the modern day black woman isn’t worth a fart in a windstorm and is only fit for the trash heap. Unfortunately other black men like Lil Goodiee have yet to catch up and realise this. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Black Female Juice Just Isn’t Worth The Squeeze

Most High Bless

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35 thoughts on “Just Let The Black Women Go Bro! #SHORTS

  1. When will these black female loving black males learn? Declaring that you only like black women isn’t going to get you any Scooby snacks or brownie points with them, they’ll simply look upon you with even more disdain, disgust and hatred. Break the damn chains, walk away, do better and value yourselves.

    1. Sooner or later, Goodiee’s gonna at least try out a Latina or a Mulatta. A man that’s clever enough to co-found such a powerful movement won’t continue to observe his cohorts’ successful relationships and not want to participate lol

      1. Abe Martinez,

        Hopefully he does because what he’s doing at the moment doesn’t make any damn sense from where I’m standing.

  2. Yup, they only love pookies and other agressive men. Let me tell you brothers something, the best love and respect that I have ever gotten from were Asian women (from philiphines, Japan, Thailand,) and Eastern Europe (Germany, Romania, Czech Republic, Prague).

    1. Rober Chavis,

      Yep, as soon as they see you’re a black man who has his head screwed on straight, doesn’t have a criminal record, doesn’t have 6 baby mothers en tow and values his future, black women will automatically classify you as “an educated lame, square” and “corny”. I don’t have time for that foolishness, since your average black female places so much more value in criminals, gangsters and thugs, let her have them.

  3. It is sad that these Black Men who claim to be smart will rather still deal with Keishas. Even the Division 1 Athletes explain to him with their own personal experience about why Beckys are better.

    I going to bring Kevin Samuels in this because he died by being overwork to promote black love.
    Even Madbusdriver, Andy C and I was a heavy binge watcher of Kevin Samuels and support his videos. MBX and I know fully well that when Kevin preaching the ‘Black Love’ and Black Men and Women unite together was a complete utter waste to time and the whole black community cannot be fixed. We all know that. Even Verbs stated on his books that the ‘Black Culture’ is dead. Even Kevin tried his very best, but we all know that it was 50 years beyond repair and cannot be fixed, but have to be abandoned.
    At the end Kevin died trying.

    I am also going to bring the ‘Pro-Black Passport Bro’ Auston Holleman as young as he is, he is still stupid at young age and he should know better to listen to the Red-Pill men because he still do no get it.

    This young fool basically went to ‘Kendra G’ (Kevin Samuels wannabe) panel, trying to troll and expose her. I watch the video and I do not like what Kendra G say but she got a point on what she said to Auston. Why? Because one thing a true Red-Pillers knows that a man with the high calibre travelling mindset will never go on a Female panel like ‘Kendra G’. Oh this gets better Verbs, Auston stated on the panel that he wanted to settle with a Black Female.
    Auston need to take that big ‘L’ because you never go on a Panel of a Females because you will be surrounded by Bitter Feminist audience which is equivalent to be in a Colosseum being a slave getting fed by the lions.
    We talk to modern females nor debate them, lost cause (SYSBM Tenet #23).

    Kendra G’s Version =
    Auston Holleman version =

    I agree with you Verbs that these men need to grow some balls and brains to let go of the modern females. As Accountable Commentary (I know some of the brothers do not rock with him) stated that these men still deep down they want to deal with Keishas and wife them up for the sake of Black Love.

    Please take John Rambo’s advice “Let it go”. Let the Keishas go.

    1. Thanks for this Michael.
      We was not Pro-Kevin Samuels, but me and MBX was at the side-lines watching Kevin’s videos and he was exposing the true nature of BW because these Keishas talk about how they want the unrealistic standards of the top tier men and Kevin stated these men will not choose them, but foreigners.

      As for Auston, he is an embarrassment to the Passport Bros. He should know better not to deal with Female Panels. But unfortunately he still want to deal with Black Women and you have this Co-founder want to still wait 15 years for a Keisha to be submissive. That will never happen because they made it clear that they rather deal with brad and bear over him.

      I will say this:
      Western modern women will never change and men cannot change women. If God cannot please women, then men can’t either.
      I remember Pro-Black saying how BW needs helps. There are 2 simple questions: “Do these women want help” and another is “can they be helped?”

      For all those guys saying ‘not all’, I agree when you are in your 20s, but when you get older to your 40s, the ‘not all’ is no longer convincing because at that age you need to let go and move on.
      They tried that with Quincy years ago and he said ‘no’ and I do not blame him. He moved on 20 years ago.
      These ‘no all women’ brigade simps need to stop the caps and let go of these modern females.

      1. Andy C,

        What you said about getting older and needing to let go is spot on, black men 20,30, 40 years ago were hearing the same “not all black women are like that” mantra. At some point you have to grow up and be honest about the environment. As I’ve said before, black female society is in the toilet with no hopes of recovery, those black men holding out for “the one” just need to accept that their black female unicorn isn’t coming and simply move on with their lives.

    2. MMT,

      I heard that Auston Holleman went onto Kendra G’s show but I never saw the clip, much appreciated for posting those here. Auston said he wanted to settle with a black female?? Wasn’t this the same guy who was rightfully slating off black women in this video below:

      I can’t stand certain black men and this flip flopping garbage, the guys goes off on black women for all the right reasons in the video above but now all of a sudden wants to date and settle down with the same black females who have given him nothing but problems, disrespect and strife, make it make sense.

      The black woman was the catalyst behind him getting his passport and travelling overseas to begin with, what is wrong with these soft touch black men? Yep, men shouldn’t be going on to women’s panels, if they want a conversation, let them come to us.

      Nothing is ever going to change with this modern day black female, black men need to understand this and stop believing that there are outliers because there aren’t.

      I believe most black men haven’t really comprehended the true magnitude to how deep the disdain and hatred for them from black women runs , I’ve seen NO LOVE from black women towards black men at anytime, NONE!

      As black men we don’t have anything to prove, leave these arrogant black hags to stew, marinate and burn in their own failures, these heifers will feel the pain soon enough.

      It’s funny because Kendra G pinned her own comment which said the following:

      “To all men who don’t want to date black women, we are okay with your decision! Enjoy the race you prefer. Now, problem is solved!”

      Now we as black men know that statement above is complete and utter rubbish because black women(especially in the US) will go out of their way to attempt to ruin, sabotage and destroy interracial unions between black men and non black women, we’ve seen this time and time again.

      Despite what they say, black women are NOT okay with black men dating out. Weren’t these the same black sirens working in post offices who were conveniently losing black men’s passport applications?

      Additionally, I’ve heard countless stories of black men being out and about with their non black female companions only to received the dirtiest looks and stares from black women.

      Let’s not even talk about black women in frontline customer service roles and how they treat black men when they see they’re with non black women.

      I’m going to have to repost some of the older articles I wrote on black women and how they hate seeing black men dating out and being happy outside of their control.

      These black sirens are liars, they want us on the backend to perform cleanup man services for them once they’ve had their fun with Thuggo and have 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 children en tow.

      1. Verbs wrote:
        “Auston said he wanted to settle with a black female??”

        Oh yes he did. Watch the link, both versions, from start to the end and you hear from his mouth. He believes that the Black Women can convince him or make him change his mind.
        Someone need to tell him that Black Women will never convince him because they will and ever be a Black-Patriarchy hating feminists. He need to leave them and move on, use the Passport skills to salvation. Do not stay here and wait just like Boyce Watkins where he marry a female who friendzone him for 30 years.

    3. MMT,

      Autistic Holleman doesn’t know what he is. He said he distanced himself from Passport Bros a long time ago, yet he’s literally the poster child of the entire movement and couldn’t separate himself from it if he tried, considering he has the worst reputation of all of them.

      After seeing videos of his mother, I don’t fully blame him. I mean this is a woman who was standing there cussing him out on live video with her breasts exposed and telling him he’s a loser like his daddy. I mean, the chick is an old, full blown thot who prances around half naked for attention and has creepy ‘son-husband’ vibes like a lot of bdubs do with their male children. It’s no wonder he’s the way he is.

  4. Lil Goodiee is another prime example of why most black men cannot be SYSBM.

    His mindset of drizzle drizzle and says he is only into sheboons is a contradiction within red pill movements.

    I’m thinking how can one be the founder of this soft guy era and still be into black females?

    It makes no sense at all in my mind.

    His mates have told him positive traits of what white women are doing for their black men.

    This is a quote from his statements.

    “White women are cooking prepped meals for their black athletes 6 or 7 times a day, paying food bills for their black husbands and wrote essays for them to complete assignments on time in college”

    He says he can’t relate to snow bunnies but yet, white Beckies are bringing something to the table in return for their black boyfriends.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      I really don’t get it either, the self esteem and self confidence of most black men is square deep in the sewer pipe. How can guys like this keep going back to the same black women who have no problems giving them the middle finger? The guy unfortunately is satisfied with the scraps and the crumbs, just imagine how much happier and content Goodiee would be if he made the same decision as his friends and crossed over. Again, he’s one of these “black women till the day I die” black men who still believes his black female unicorn is coming, smh.

  5. The programming from the black witch runs too deep for most black men to overcome. You literally have to be built differently to fully embrace the SYSBM lifestyle & be unapologetic about it!

    1. Val Zod,

      Most of these black men are done, they really can’t let go because of the profound witchcraft that has been deeply implanted into their psyche by the black siren herself.

  6. Babatunde,

    I’ve never seen a group of so-called “men” who live in TOTAL and COMPLETE FEAR of what the Weave Beasts will think or say. They ALWAYS start with the… “my mama Black” or ” I love my black queens” PRELUDE before giving a usually very TEPID criticism of the Weave Beast. They’re truly Weak, Scary and Pathetic.

    Now, did you guys hear him say that he’s willing to wait 10-15 YEARS to find a Weave Beast that’s compatible with him🤣🤣🤣. You CAN’T make this stuff up.🤣

    Black males like him know that White and other races of women are SUPERIOR but for some damn reason they want to dodge bullets at the “cookout”. They’re the poster children for Stockholm Syndrome.

    1. TeamWhiteGirls,

      According to the Soft Guy Era one of its main tenets is reciprocity, that being said, since when have you known black women in significant numbers to reciprocate any good treatment they receive from black men, I’ll wait?

      I remember writing an article years ago about how black women as a collective don’t appreciate the kind gestures of good black men.

      Goodiee himself is testifying through the reports coming from his friends that traditional white women actually reciprocate and go beyond for the men they’re with.

      As I’ve said before many times, these “black women only” black males have been bewitched and are clearly under a spell, that’s the only way to explain their dedication to a group of women who wouldn’t urinate on them if they were on fire.

      The dude will be waiting for 15,000 years for a black siren to be compatible with him and he still won’t see one because she’s NOT coming, that’s what guys like him refuse to accept.

      1. Bw are the only species on earth who can make xenomorph look like a saint. They call black men lames but the moment non black women show interest in a brother they go berzerk.
        Brother verbs the bitter truth is that non black women are checking for brothers from any corner of earth and yet brothers aren’t even checking for Becky.

        Brother verbs, Umar the shameless pan frying clown knows where his side of the bread is buttered he is the most simpest dude I have ever met. Calling bw queens , QUEENS OF WHAT???? SINGLE MOTHER HOOD FAKE EYES LASHES AND WELFARE that Is what I would call them. Brothers who are busy building themselves up need to avoid these sheboons to at all times.

        What is your say brother verbs? Should we force this brother to change his mind concerning bw’s behavior?

    2. Teamwhitegirls,

      I remember years ago watching an episode of Sex in The City where one of the characters was dating a brother and this punk let his SISTER bully and intimidate them into breaking up because she was white lol.

      It may be fiction but even these white writers know that black “men” are scared to death of the matriarch SMH. So embarrassing.

  7. I knew it , I knew it , I knew it, this young man has spoken the truth bw ask you for money once you make it to the big leagues and yet they weren’t there when you were climbing up . They only see us as ATMs while Becky supports as we climb up, bw are busy complaining black men are marrying non black women while they are calling black civilized men lames . Well I can say let black women continue loosing.any further clarification brothers feel free to do so.

    1. Edward Maina,

      Traditional white women will hold it down and go beyond for black men every time, the problem is traditional white women have become an extremely rare breed and for the most part have been replaced by these left leaning, liberal, feminist, child hating trash buckets who have spread their doctrine of degeneracy and rebellion far and wide.

      Traditional white women will always be a better option than the black female any day of the week, black women believe black men are there to serve them. So much for said black females believing in the bible because the last time I checked, the women was made as a help meet for the man and the man is the HEAD of the woman.

      As for the brother, leave him to his own devises, he’ll have to find out the hard way that keeping it black won’t profit him at all, not now, not ever.

  8. What a copout.

    I’m past trying to convince these brothers of anything. He reminds me of black men who claim ‘SYSBM’ but are just as wishy-washy as Sunday christians and Ramadan muslims whenever a halfway decent looking bdub shows up.

    Guys he knows personally are literally showing him evidence the grass is greener on the other side AND he already knows how bdubs are, yet he’s still willing to waste 10-15 years of his life waiting for ‘muh kween’. Oh well. Let him get burnt then. That’s his problem.

    The rest of us have already freed ourselves from worrying what da communitah thinks or has to say about anything and refuse to be shamed into sticking to “our” women for appeasement.

    REAL SYSBM brothers are truly cut from a very rare different cloth.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      I remember when SYSBM™ had its small moment in the spotlight at the end of 2019, beginning of 2020. So many black men were claiming to be SYSBM yet where are the majority of them today, nowhere to be found. I realised a long time ago that most black men who are angry at black females and their dysfunctional antics aren’t angry enough to walk away from them.

      The dude really thinks he’s gaining something by declaring his loyalty to black women, meanwhile said black women are getting their cheeks clapped by 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce and Trap House Jim and will continue to do so. How can he choose to hold out for his “queen” when he can clearly see black women are getting worse by the day?

      Like I said before, at some point you have to start using your head instead of your heart, black female society is in complete ruins and it’s never going to recover chiefly because black men have refused to check black women and put them back in line, exactly what I talked about in Negro Wars.

      There are still too many black men out here who want to continue making up excuses for black women and their endless shortcomings, I’m NOT one of them. #SYSBM™

  9. SYSBM: It was raining today. Outside is wet.
    White sugar honey: That’s why we stayed in.

    I saw this video clip today on J.R Wisdom on YouTube today. Right, let me tell you this. when it comes to the ghetto ratchet black woman, she’s goanna bring her dysfunctional behaviour to black men. When it comes to white women and other women from other races, it’s different. When he said that the white woman is typing his essays, preparing his meals and so on, I was thinking why I never got a woman like that. Because I can do all them things myself.

    He says that he only likes and dates black women, I was like “Alright. If he prefers black women, then that is cool.” But the thing is if black women sees a guy like him will they go for him or will they go for Rum Smuggler Don, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Whiskey Baron Tony, Long Cocky George and Fuck All Night? Because the black women who are ratchet really don’t go for a black man like that. I’m not knocking his preference but you get what I mean.

    The browning saying that 80 per cent of black women hate black men. and there are some black men that don’t even like black women neither because of the ratchetness they are bringing on display. These ghetto ratchet hoodrats has never had a father in their house hold and this is one of the reasons why they act like this. Black men are with non-black women around 60 per cent because they have seen the ratchet dysfunction for a very long time.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggles are coming after non-black women.

    Enjoy your bank holiday, guys!


  10. As a Former D1 Athlete,
    My observations of Lil Goodiee is as follows…

    He is a suburban black guy not from the city. This plays a important role in his interaction and understanding of said female. Think about this example when I worked at my family’s apartment on the west side of the city near downtown (the former murder capital). I wore steel toe boots, jeans, gloves, long sleeves and had a eye protection googles. That was to fix windows, doors, do electric work, plumbing, or even cut grass and trim hedges. Would often have to watch the truck to make sure the crack heads and women would not steal equipment out of the truck. Now in the suburbs it is very nice and often no dangers so guys literally cut grass in flip flops and basketball shorts. Leave the garage door open all day to show off the finish and paint job inside the garage. He does not face the same dangers of being set up to be killed or robbed when he goes on a date with a hood chick. I often had to pick up broken glass from liquor bottles, fast food boxes often thrown out on the yard by black women. Oooh! that shit pissed me off.

    He has no sexual attraction to white women, which is not uncommon for so called black American men. Unlike Africans from Europe who have attraction for European white women which is also not uncommon. Athletes get more than just food from white women, literally they are driving around campus in their cars. Often these girls give them clothes, pay for trips for weekend getaways aka flights. Will often help these guys with jobs when they get out of school or retired from sports. If you see a white woman in human resources at a major media company from your college you have that job as a brother. Not so much from black women at a media company or official sponsor of pro teams in America.

    Lil Gooldiee also does not want as you said alienate black women from his channel. Why? I bet they are mostly the ones subscribed to his channel.Social media is addictive he does not want to loose his attention and revenue. He will eventually shift over to pandering to women.. He also does not want to loose access to sex with black women, trust me I SEE THE WEAKNESS IN THIS ONE. I bet If you sent a black girl with a big butt, extra average face his way he is folding like a lawn chair. Often on channels that are adversarial to black women have a ton of black women subscribed. Also white women play the long game marriage is preferred black women play the short game clothes, shoes, hair and trips right the fuck now. Remember the majority of nfl and nba players do not marry white women look at it has the divorce statistics NBA 86%, NFL 84%. Often they take wives to nba award ceremonies, and espy award, or all star week and now have social media with pictures posted with there wives. There is even a site that has pictures of wedding photos of NBA players. I fucking died when i saw the former nba British dude John Amechie’s Husband on the site with his husband lol.

    Also white women do not pressure the D1 athletes to enter into the league before they are ready. Thus they reduce injury early on before they have physically developed muscular. They also don’t need black men to support there entire family with houses and cars due to the culture they come from. Thus it is less stess on them financially.

  11. Also Lets-B-Frank states black women are the assigned partner… Deep now as my African brothers living in England and Europe you have no assigned partners. Thus you choose the best partner no matter the color with no social stigmas. Nor legal pressures for hundreds of years, that restricted dating or mating. The brothers back here in the states are not where you guys are at, give us some time you’ve had hundreds of years head start.

    1. G1,

      These guys need to get the heck out of dodge quickly because the modern day black female is only going to get worse. Just look at how bad they are now and we’ve still got these wishful thinkers holding on believing that things will change for the better. Since there are no black men to check black women, “Da Communitah will continues to flow deeper into the sewer pipe. Goodiee just needs to read and accept the writing on the wall, the black witch is done and so is her community.

  12. Verbs 2015.

    Lil Goodiee needs to let black women go because they don’t like him like that and the only time that black women want a good black man is when she has hit the wall at 30 plus with 3 kids from 3 different baby daddys. These young black men in the NFL Draft have got it right with their white girlfriends because those white girlfriends are loyal to those young black men through thick and thin and they stick with those young black men throughout the good times and bad times in life in their relationships. Whereas black women are waiting on the finish line to get with a black man once he becomes rich and successful. We all know that black women are the biggest gold diggers on the planet because they are always looking for the perfect black man which doesn’t exist. We black men in the UK have got in right in terms of mixed race relationships with white women and other non black women because they treat us alot better than black women do and that’s the reason why mixed race relationships in the UK between black men and non black women is 70 percent and it’s only going to get bigger.

  13. I am traumatized by bw I will never date one and I am 22 . I get legit anxiety seeing them brah lol. Amount of abuse I have gotten from them is insane lol .I’m leveling up and all I get is hate from them too .

    1. Z,

      I understand exactly what you’ve gone through, steer clear of the black witch as all costs. she hates black men with a deep passion, that’s what most of these dudes holding out refuse to accept.

  14. It’s a crying shame that the co-founder of the “Soft Guy Era” movement still has his mama’s titty in his mouth (as MadbusdriverX would say); I really do hope that he didn’t help start this movement just so he can get Black women to reciprocate in a relationship. If that’s the case, he will die alone; I remember an article Verbs wrote on the old site where one pro Black guy made a video announcing that he was done with Black women, even mentioning that he passed up many White women and Latinas who were interested in him. Lil Goodiee is very foolish to think that he can find a decent Black woman in 2024; he needs to wake up and recognize the broken beyond repair product he’s holding out for. He will be greatly disappointed by the Brad worshippers, divestors, Reachbacks, and street walkers he will encounter.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Well said, there’s NO compatible black woman that is going to come to be by his side, NONE. There is absolutely no way that any black man is going to get black women to reciprocate in a relationship, it’s NEVER going to happen. Black women are determined to ride out the self centred Feminist Express till the wheels fall off, it’s all about getting one up on black men even if it means destroying themselves in the process.

      All his friends who are in relationships with white women are succeeding and excelling while he’s there standing at the bus stop waiting for a bus that not only isn’t coming but doesn’t exist to begin with, smh. Black women being broken beyond repair means just that, Lil Goodiee just has to take that condition seriously instead of continuing to waste his time holding out for “the one” that isn’t coming.

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