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The video above just goes to show you just how brain damaged and delusional most black women are. Perhaps I’ve missed a point in time, can somebody please point out to me any moment in history where black women have ever had the backs of black men, I’ll wait?

Additionally, at least black men are willing to acknowledge their faults and rectify them, this
also goes for men in general, women however being constantly praised, exalted and pampered by Western society, social media as well as the lamestream press believe that with themselves no changes are necessary.

Something else that needs to be pointed out is the fact that most black men have been mentally damaged by the very same black sirens that love to make fun of and mock them.

How is this raptor clawed beast sitting there pretending that her and the rest of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure haven’t had any part in the destruction of black men?

SYSBM was born directly as a result of black female dysfunction. Since beginning to prolifically write about as well as cover the ongoing destruction of black society at her hands, I cannot recall the amount of black men I’ve spoken to who are eternally grateful for the information I have brought forward from which most have been able to use to heal themselves.

Notice the depiction in the video, black women standing on the sidelines mocking black men who are working on themselves, NOT helping them even though they love claiming that they have our backs, smh.

Brothers, leave these so called “divestors, levelling up, swirling, burn the cape merchants” to their own devises, they’ve already failed on all fronts and as per usual believe they’re winning whenever they dunk on black men. As stated in the previous article, black women as a collective hate black men, always remember that.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gents? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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40 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Most black men want scooby snacks from black females.

    The fact that most black men would rather wait for 15 years to find a black girlfriend says it all.

    These negress sheboons will continue mocking black men cause they know the mental state of blackistan males.

    I would rather wait for 15 years to find a white girlfriend.

    1. Brother Wittexton , black women are the only species on earth who hate their male counterparts. While other non black women are giving us a helping hand bw go berzerk.
      Black women don’t love productive bm they only want them once pookie and Ray ray have done spraying their cum on their faces.
      If a black woman sees me with my non black woman and she says that my mother is black and embarrassing her I would respond at least my mother married a productive bm for 30 years good years and she is not a single mother like you bozos are .
      What is your say brother Wittexton concerning this matter?

      1. Black mothers don’t mean anything when it comes to relationships between black men and white women.

        I’m not dating my mother.

        I’m not marrying my mother.

        I’m not a incest.

  2. @Verbs2015

    Then they wonder why they’re “unprotected” and unwanted by their male counterparts or any other men for that matter.

    I glimpsed her channel briefly and can see what she’s all about. The funny thing is, these fake so called ‘SYSBM’ dudes will look at her from the still of this video and say something along the lines of “I’m SYSBM, but if a black woman looks like THAT, I’ll give her a chance!!” SMH lol. Thing is, they don’t care about looking decent for YOU, black man. That’s only when she wants to attract other men because any other time she’ll weigh 100 pounds more and let herself go when black men are her only option, which is the case 9.9 times out of 10.

    Lift us up, how? All my life I’ve heard nothing but disparaging remarks about black men from them. I don’t remember ever being lifted up by them at all. Maybe there’s older Pookies or some washed up losers who may try and get with them, but most black men nowadays want no parts of Keisha no matter their age. I won’t be reaching out to them when I’m 50 or 150, not ever. I won’t need to anyway.

    The idea of good black men healing, being HAPPY, leveling up, self improving etc is something they fear so they have to mock it. They have no leverage, can’t control you, can’t tell you that you ain’t shit, plus they know once you discover your self worth and the veil if lifted, it’s a wrap. When you’re sexually disciplined, forget it. They HATE that.

    This is why I’m eternally grateful to women like Suerraya Brooks because unlike “our” women, she lets it be known that good black men are WANTED, appreciated and desired. And she can only speak for Germany. Joan J who hasn’t been active in a long time used to advertise her country for good, black men. I hope she’s alive and well and comes back soon. We need more non black women speaking up on our behalf. We also can’t forget the brothers who actually care about our image and show the receipts from their own lives.

    Like you said, at least we acknowledge our errors and are willing to fix them. GZA has a verse in ‘Breaker, Breaker’ where he says “to check fault in one’s self is pure loveliness, you break the mirror that reminds you of your ugliness”. When in the history of kweendom have black women ever held themselves accountable for ANYTHING? When non black women and men go at them, they blame US for it and say they’re only being emboldened because of what they see from black men on social media LMAO. Of course it’s our fault as always. Forget the nasty attitudes, loudness, aggression, total lack of any femininity, fighting in public places, twerking everywhere no matter where they are, etc you know, things THEY themselves put on display for the whole world to see. Amazingly though, no one ever imitates black male simps who refer to them as queens and goddesses lol.

    But that’s fine, let them keep making these cute little skits making fun of black men all they want. At the end of the day, they’re the ones who are gonna fare the worst out of everyone and we won’t be there to “lift” THEM up or save them from their own demise. We learned from Kevin Samuels time wasting mistake.


    1. .Black women have turned the black communitah into the modern day gulags. No development no nothing.
      .I know most brothers in this platform have been called uncle Tom , boot licker, house negro and coon because of not tolerating the ills of the black communitah.
      Black women always potray the victim hood mentality, I don’t know if a successful brother is an alien to the black communitah.
      .To be honest guys I didn’t know this story of NFL draftees with future white wives caused some much bezerk in the communitah until now.
      Brothers this pan frying clown Umar Johnson will not stop pandering. Calling black sirens “queens” well I don’t see black queens but I see a bunch of disgusting, degenerates, pathetic good for nothing hoes and embarrassment to humanity. Mmh black woman, mother of living things as Yaya bin hoteps call them. Mother of stupidity single mothers and all that Is in it. What is your say brother SYSBM Forever

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      Here is another example as to why black women remain unprotected, skip to mark 31:30, that’s where the action begins. What were you saying about nasty attitudes, loud and being violent:

      I cosign everything you said. I’ll keep on repeating it till the cows come home, black women and other ratchet females who follow them need to be left to crash and burn out in their own failures. Don’t save them whenever they cry out for help, leave them to suffer.

      As you quoted rapper Gza, I’m going to quote Ice Cube, “check yourself before you wreck yourself”, this is a concept that most black females don’t understand. They’re still throwing black men under the bus foolishly believing that their white lord and saviour Admiral Frost has their back.

      These black women are already on their own, can you imagine how worse their position will be when the chips are down? Reason 987,649,856 to get your passports and leave these black sirens in the sewer pipe where they belong.

      1. @Verbs2015,

        LOL! What is it with them twerking or shaking their ass in the middle of an argument?? What’s that about?? I’ve seen them do it before. I don’t really watch these dudes like that, but I’m not surprised about the violent reaction from that unintelligent ratchet.

        Black women are like those muslim extremists who say behead anyone who claims Islam is violent. All they do is prove everyone else’s points about them each and every time. I can’t remember the last time I saw a black female handle a disagreement with any kind of class. Always loud and wrong no matter the consequences. It’s funny how Pearl was sitting there all silent when she could say A LOT about black females like she has done in the past on Twitter, even if she can be an annoying troll at times.

        1. SYSBM Forever,

          I remember seeing a video a few years back of two black women(in the US) fighting who were locked in a hair scrummage leaning against a car in a petrol station, didn’t one of these heifers decide to start twerking in the middle of the battle? All these black sirens know is violence and more violence, they have no conflict resolution skills that DO NOT involve throwing hands and stomping folks out.

  3. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! These Black women who make these skits mocking Black men aren’t funny; they just aren’t. She also couldn’t help but employ the same misandristic tactic of making us look and sound dumb. Funny how we don’t have to do anything to make them look bad whenever we address them; we just show their behavior, and that speaks for itself. Black women have never had the backs of Black men, but they always lend support to other groups and movements such as feminism, the Alphabet mafia, and the Palestinians; speaking of Palestinians, there are protests all over the country on college campuses, and there was one in Mississippi where an obese stragg encountered another “bear” in the form of a frat boy who made monkey noises at her:

    Again, these straggs can’t fathom sitting out a protest; leave the Jews and Arabs to fight this out amongst themselves!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      “Leave the Jews and Arabs to fight this out amongst themselves!”

      I fully agree with this statement, I have no idea why so many black folks are getting involved in the Israel Vs Palestine conflict, it has absolutely nothing to do with us whatsoever. Neither side has asked for help from black people either, smh.

      1. The state of Israel and the state of Palestine are western created ‘nations’. The United States through the United Nations and United Kingdom started the middle Eastern tussle. It also added that the infamous Rothschilds had a hand in both settlements.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    The above video with that black woman reconfirms the reason why I gone off black women forever because they are way too manly for me. These pro black Simps need to give up on this mystical black love because it’s dead and finished the the only type of men black women love are the worst type of black men with a long criminal record and 7 baby mothers or their white lord and saviour white man.

    1. Brother Quincy, black women are the most deranged species that have ever walked on the face of the earth especially of this modern era.

      They complain no brother is checking for them because they are dark skinned. “NO! NO! NO! it’s your behavior that turn black men off”

      Brother Quincy, sometimes I wonder what happened to the black communitah it wasn’t like this during the civil rights era or during segregation era. But when bw sold the black family for the highest bidder in exchange for welfare it was game over for black communitah.

      And then came the feminist Becky that cheeky old bastard πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she has been covering brothers with warm blankets and serving them with warm cocoa or soup once the sisters threw brothers out, brothers who had dignity and potential. Now sisters are being evicted out of their homes, being rejected oversees and being chopped off by Brad, guess brothers have the last laugh huh Quincy.
      Brother Quincy if a bw sees me marrying Becky or having kids with her , she shouldn’t start preaching black love and embarrassing my black mother. My respond would be swift “MY KENYAN MAMA HAS MARRIED MY KENYAN PAPA FOR 30 YEARS UNLIKE YOU BOZOS WHO HAVE DIFFERENT KIDS FROM DIFFERENT MEN AND ARE SINGLE MOTHERS”.

      What is your say brother Quincy

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      This is the elephant in the room that these pro blacks refuse to address, how do you even begin to build with a group of females who positively hate your guts? Red, black and green pro blacks and Sloteps are a bunch of dummies who are foolishly looking at black women idealistically instead of realistically.

    1. So, basically they’re talking about dykes and other gender confusions?

  5. SYSBM: These ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles is back with their hateful ways.
    White sugar honey: I have a real feeling that they like pussy!

    As we see that state of the ratchet black woman, there is a reason why black men in the UK around 60 per cent because they have seen the dysfunctional behaviour for a long time. If a black man wants a black woman, then that is cool. but what kind of black woman he’s goanna get? A good black woman? That is now a unicorn. He might get a ratchet black woman that no one wants.

    I know that black men prefer black women but the thing is that black men are leaving black women as they see so many ratchets. Me, I can date who I wanna date as long that the woman is not what I want. The ghetto gaggers will show their hatred towards black men while they are getting dick in front of the camera. And when they get ram out by Bottom Shelf Brad or have multiple baby fathers, all of a sudden, they are chasing down black men.

    Black men are running away from black women with the quickness!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black men.


  6. Herschel Walker’s gay biracial son, Christian Walker, has put out this video on Instagram that is rife with just about every talking point that the Soft Guy Era movement was created in mockery of:

    Isn’t this battyboy supposed to be a conservative? Yet here he is speaking the same garbage rhetoric that liberal women speak; he also has a blue check on his page which leads me to believe he’s another influencer who is a part of this concerted effort to control the narrative around masculinity and what men should do. Does anybody else notice how all of these influencers sound like they’re speaking from the same script? If I ever made it as a YouTuber, I would distance myself from that label.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I point blank refuse to listen to male sodomites, they’ve chosen to abandon their manhood and masculinity but still believe they have the right to talk on issues relating to male/female relationship dynamics, really? Female sodomites can also take 20 seats because I don’t have time for them either.

      Yep, these agents of chaos are everywhere, they’re government sponsored flunkies deliberately sent in to disseminate propaganda, misinformation and disinformation.

    1. Blade,

      More men need to start clouting violent women in the head(if they can get away with it), they’d stop these out of pocket, random, violent antics very quickly. This is the problem with the West, men(especially white men) have become left leaning, liberal softies who’ve lost control of women. That heifer would’ve never pulled that garbage in an African country, she would’ve been severely dealt with on the spot.

  7. Why the rate of single men in the US looking for dates has declined:

    Oh, so now they want to pretend to care about men now that we are deciding to walk away from dating and relationships? Peep the propaganda here: they are trying to link the single man phenomenon to suicide and mass shootings (in other words, you’re an Incellian terrorist if you’re single),but it’s “empowering” for women); they also take subtle jabs at the Manosphere with words like “misogyny” and “conspiracy theories”. The following comment I read pretty much sums it up: “Men are done. When Tom Brady, who is in the top 1% of the top 1% of men can’t keep a modern woman happy, what chance do the rest of us have?!?!? Men are done, and we are now focusing on ourselves for the first time in human history. Here endeth the lesson.”

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      This is why mainstream media must never be taken seriously, they always have a sneaky agenda afoot, they’re constantly twisting the narrative on anything and everything. We already know what’s going on here, the overwhelming majority of Western women have abandoned a moral compass as well as traditional customs and have instead embraced modernity, hedonism, superficiality, materialism and carnality.

      Additionally, said women through being heavily brainwashed, indoctrinated and programmed by feminism, social media and dating apps are also only going for the top 5-10% of men. Before the average guy had a chance of getting an average woman, not anymore.

      Most of these Western females are plain Jane average but yet they believe they’re entitled to the best of the best men because of the outlandish, unrealistic and ridiculous expectations they’ve conjured up in their minds from listening to decadents such as SheraSeven aka the sprinkle sprinkle black witch.

      Western women just aren’t worth the trouble anymore, they don’t add any value to men’s lives nor do they bring us peace. I really don’t blame men at all for checking out. As I keep on saying, leave these delusional Western females to suffer and burn in their own calamities and failures and DON’T save them whenever they cry out for help.

      1. Apparently, he’s supposed to be the British equivalent of our Uncle Sam (or the Canadians’ “Johnny Canuck”).

  8. This, while off topic, will make for a great topic. Apparently Shaq’s ex wife Shaunie confesses that she “never really loved him.” Clearly she LOVED the money and lifestyle and took advantage of the biased, wealth transferring court system.
    Funny, isn’t this EXACTLY what black women try to tell (well off) black men that white women will do when trying to shame them into settling for black garbage?
    They are just mad that white women can actually get these men and get the opportunity to do so way easier than they can. I wonder why…


    These white men showing their insecurities once again with their modern Birth of a Nation style fear mongering and obsession with us.

    I’ve never even heard of this guy, but it seems like he’s some big name, whatever the hell he is.

    All the myriad of reasons why Europe and America are falling, yet a minority of black men in relationships with other women is the reason for these countries downfall lol. They really think everyone is stupid.

    Black men with means who go out to foreign countries are usually the cream of the crop and on their best behaviour for the most part, meanwhile stories of white male immigrants, excuse me, “expats” messing with children come by the ton. Cultural enrichment, yeah?

    What do I always say? They thought they’d have all the spoils for themselves. Most of these white men you think are “cool” will throw on the Klan hoods the minute they see you get any sexual attention from white or Asian women, hell, any women for that matter. You notice how it’s white men with their particularly weird obsession with Japan who always push this shit even harder than Asian men? I’ve been hearing for years how they go out to Asia and talk shit about us. Unfortunately for them we now have access to social media and can control our own narratives, but we still have a lot of work to do, black man.

    1. I find this strange that White Men dick police over Black Men dating Asian.
      Why the hell these Western White Men getting mad over an Asian female?
      Asian females is none of White Men’s business. These white incels act like they have the money to own Asian women.

      White men have no business going after men who is dating Asian.
      White men need to stay in their own ‘White’ Lane because Asians stay in theirs.
      White men need to worry about their white counterpart.

      White men need to mind their own business when it comes to Asians.

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