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Man Vs Bear Foolishness, The Lunacy Continues!

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Yep, the Las Vegas strip prostitute Chasity Soules is back at it once again, she’s decided to throw her hat into the ring and chime in on the TikTok hypothetical man vs bear in the forest debate, at this point the jokes truly write themselves.

We’re now supposed to believe that these same women who revel in the culture of being sluts/whores as well as vigorously mining for attention and validation from males online they don’t know, are all of a sudden scared of men, is this for real?

This black harriet claims to be “fearful” of men and would much prefer to be confronted by a bear in a forest, yet just like most of these Western Jezebels, she doesn’t have a problem with being in the vicinity of men once MONEY is brought into the equation.

A female who is on the prowl looking for MALE CLIENTS on the daily is all of a sudden afraid of men??? This is yet another example of Western women and how they typically never think anything through to the end.

It never ceases to amaze me how Western women as a collective can continuously be lead down paths of stupidity and foolishness so effortlessly, yet these are the same women who’ll claim to be “smarter than men”, really?

The outlandish, arrogant and dumb responses from women over this hypothetical Man Vs Bear in the forest question goes to show us just how delusional and removed from reality most women in the West are.

Comfortable times unfortunately produce a lot of stupid people who tend to take the things around them for granted, Western women are the quintessential examples of lazy and thoughtless decadents who desperately need to be slammed head first into the wall of reality.

It seems that the more advanced society becomes, the more these feminist Jezebels lead themselves to believe that they “don’t need men” and they increasingly look upon men as a nuisance and a pestilence.

The fact of the matter is, if we returned to a raw, bare bones, fend for yourself for survival society where men had to literally go out hunting for food, these knuckleheads called Western women would not be singing this stupid song of preferring to be confronted by a bear.

They would be more than happy for men to be there protecting them from bears as well as other dangerous animals. The honest truth is in 2024, these modern day females are much more of a danger to themselves than men could ever be.

It’s men who are the ones out here giving women the better advice which they refuse to take but instead choose to listen to other women who have no problems feeding them janky, reckless and dangerous information just to see them fall and fail.

There are only a handful of women in the West who truly understand just how evil, vindictive and spiteful other women can be and often are, most however still foolishly believe in the facade of there being some form of genuine comradeship between women, however nothing could be further from the truth.

Brothers, leave these knucklehead females of the West to be lead up the garden path/dead end alley once again through the man vs bear in the forest debate.

As I’ve stated before, most Western women seriously lack the foresight, intelligence, common sense and the wisdom to recognise when they’re being hoodwinked and bamboozled.

The above is one of many reasons why so many men don’t approach women anymore, it’s not worth the trouble dealing with a damaged, rabid, angry and bitter harridan who believes as a man you’re a monster coming to inflict harm upon her.

As for Chasity Soles’s story, if it is true(I personally doubt it but I could be wrong) then I guarantee you that she wouldn’t have responded in that manner had currency been part of the discussion.

The long and short of it is because those men probably weren’t talking the language of coins and change in exchange for “extra recreational activities” or alternatively didn’t lay out a satisfactory price, she conveniently felt “harassed” and “in danger” and needed to be walked to her car by a security guard.

Women have NO PROBLEMS being around men whenever there is something to be gained from interacting with us, don’t let these bleating harpies fool you.

A very small number of women get it and realise that most women are detrimental towards themselves first and that men are NOT the real problem, THEY ARE.

Get your passports gents and don’t look back, most of these women in the West are determined to ride the Feminist Express until the wheels fall off and even then they’ll still choose to remain onboard even when the train crashes and burns out. The misandry out here is very real. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Leave These Delusional Females To Fight Off Bears By Themselves

Most High Bless

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19 thoughts on “Man Vs Bear Foolishness, The Lunacy Continues!

  1. I would assume these two men are blackistan males that approached this sheboon.

    The negress is the bear and always has been.

    No money supply to women means they are scared of men.

    No money supply to women means they don’t want men around them.

    Lose a job, no materialistic woman around.

    This is exactly why soft guy era exists.

    They wonder how white women are scooping up black men who had little to nothing.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      You know it’s funny, I assumed/reckoned exactly the same thing when it came down to her supposed encounter, I don’t think the guys were white because we already know how black women worship white men. A black siren would only have that fire in her chest for her black male counterparts. Roll on the Soft Guy Era, Passport Bros, SYSBM™ as the cures to being surrounded by dysfunctional females. Indeed, the black female has always been the rabid bear in the woods.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    This modern day black woman Chasity Soules is fucking stupid because if she got with a Bear in the forest the Bear will yam her up and eat her for breakfast. The stupidity these black women are on in 2024 is mind blowing. This is the reason why I refuse to date black women as SYSBM childfree black man at 41. I am only interested in dating beautiful childfree non black women who fit, friendly and they have their heads screwed on and they are not into this strong independent women feminist bullshit.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The strong, independent, I don’t need a man, I can do bad all by myself mentality has rendered most Western females unfit for purpose. What an incredible mind job, where an entire cohort of females in the West have be persuaded to forego their biological purpose to have children and build a family, being replaced by chasing an empty career, being free and easy whores as well as chasing attention and validation from strange men online, smh. SYSBM™ till the wheels fall off.

      1. Black women are becoming the laughing stock of humanity as far am concerned brother verbs, they complain black men are not checking for them not just in the clubs but at work places. Very funny and laughable at the same time WW and other non black women are checking for brothers in any part of the world especially in scandanavia where the snow bunnies are becoming more aggresive to find a brother.

        Brother verbs , the NFL draft was a foreshadowing for what is to come can you imagine the NBA draft the melt down bw are going to have?. hahaha bw are scoring losses even in south Korea some koreans do not even want bw Italy has already become hostile ground for Shanequa but for brothers lets just say…. Its heaven on earth. Back to you brother verbs

  3. Our friend Chas-titty Soules is at it again lol. This is why you can’t take western women seriously.

    First we’re “harassing” them and being creepy just for saying hello. They start a whole #metoo movement and end up getting totally innocent men in trouble for NOTHING, men comply with their wishes and leave them alone or “do better”, then these chicks make a million “don’t men like women anymore?” tiktok videos, now they’re scared of us again lol. Like the late DMX said, what they really want from a….?

    Just earlier in the week there was a viral video of some white woman complaining because she was at a music festival with friends and there were a group of men who were looking and didn’t approach them. Even when some of them walked past the men to get their attention, none of them said anything. But we’re more dangerous than bears, right?

    As for Miss Bosom over here, boo hoo. You’re alive, aren’t you? LOL @ the security guard’s reaction. He ain’t paid to be your personal bodyguard, sweetie. Men aren’t entitled to your attention (I agree), but you’re entitled to our help? About “walk me to my car”. How about you call the police and wait for them if you feel so threatened? As for calling people “scared” for not stepping in, yeah ok. No shaming language is gonna make me crash out for a total stranger. What if I have a woman at home waiting for me? I’m supposed to get into something and risk not coming home to HER for you? Please. I recently watched Unhinged with Russell Crowe. Without giving too much away, there’s a scene in the movie that shows what happens when some bigshot simp decides to play the hero and fcuks with the wrong one.

    Or, maybe they’re right. In this day and age, if you’re a western woman, especially a bdub, I don’t even think the Cocaine Bear will come at you, not worth the stress or hassle lol. It will probably run in the other direction for it’s own sanity.

    Seriously though, comfortable times and first world problems do indeed produce stupid debates like this. Try being a woman in the Congo or Palestine right now and tell me about your lack of safety here. Problem for them is, too many of us have become jaded and are checking out entirely and/or leaving….

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      This is why Western society is an evil piece of garbage, purposely elevating women over men to the point where said women aren’t held accountable for anything. This is straight from Satan’s handbook on how to destroy the nuclear family and weaken society as a whole.

      No matter what the accusation from the start the woman is automatically believed until her story is proven to have more holes in it than some Swiss cheese. Then and only then is the possibility of the man being innocent taken seriously, smh.

      I saw that viral video you mentioned, men no longer approaching women is the fault of these loudmouth feminist scum buckets as well as the women who should’ve stood up to castigate them but instead choose to remain silent.

      You’ve inspired me to watch that film Unhinged, I watched the trailer, it looks quite interesting. It reminds me of the 1993 film Falling Down with Michael Douglas.

      Speaking of being unhinged, I don’t think Western women realise just how many men have been brought to the edge of snapping because of their endless shenanigans and folly.

      As a result of said women constantly slating off males, there are much higher numbers of men currently walking the streets as we speak who are ready to smash in the face of any female if she even looks at them the wrong way.

      I don’t think these stupid females of the West realise what they’ve done and how so many men are eager and ready to bring them back to reality very quickly(and take them out completely).

      Western women have had it way too comfortable for far too long and they’re about to find out exactly what men can and will do when they’ve had enough. What’s even worse is said women believe the system is going to help them in their days of tribulation and distress, NOT so.

      I’m lead to think about the 2019 Joker film and how a couldn’t care less society drove him over the edge. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

  4. Most black women in America, in fact the overwhelming majority of them, were built for Pookie, Ray Ray, Slim Sauce, Chunky Bro, Cheezy Grillz, Bottom Shelf Brad, 12 Gauge Mike, and the garden variety black male simp. If you don’t belong to one of these categories and you try to make a life with the American black female, you do yourself grievous harm. She wasn’t built for you. I’m sure the same can be said of black females in the UK and Canada.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      The modern day black female is the quintessential example of an individual who has been successfully programmed, indoctrinated and brainwashed by the feminist movement to such an extent where she has taken the doctrine far beyond any other women on the planet.

      Trust me, black women in other parts of the Western world(UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Western Europe) are just the same, this is why black men with sense and intelligence must seek out love and companionship on non feminist soil.

      The black witch is a complete and utter disgrace not only to black female society but also to womanhood in general.

  5. SYSBM: Today was raining today.
    White sugar honey: Let’s say in for the weekend if it rains tomorrow.

    I heard about this foolishness of man vs bear when the women say that they rather be around with a bear then a man. When men see these Western women, he starts to think about getting his passport and fly out of dodge and marry an overseas honey.

    A bear can take out any grown man and it even will take out a woman as well. And plus, if anyone runs away from a bear, the bear will chase that person down and will catch them. They think that a bear can’t run because of it’s size. A bear can run up to 20 miles per hour and that it quick.

    Imagine if a female says that she rather be around with a bull then a man. The bull will gore that in an instant during Taurus season. The bull is making sure that she getting gore the fuck down.

    What if a woman says that she feels safe when she with a Lion then a man. The king of the jungle is hungry and she’s on the menu.

    My thing is this. If they fear men that much which is not true, then why the go into a man’s car and get smashed in the back seat, asking him to come over and clap these cheeks after finish watching Netflix, getting breed up buy the wrong dude and try to find a Russell Wilson afterwards.

    Let me tell you something, these women might not have a father around or they have a bad boyfriend that doesn’t give a shit about them. The black woman is right. They are doing to much.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming non-black women.


  6. I couldn’t make it through the first 25 seconds on the first video. This is what y’all deal with.🛫

    About the Writer,
    Bounty Hunter for Dick Policing Certification 1.0
    SYSBM Online University ™ Alumni 2013
    I like long walks to the Bank.💱🏧💶💴💵
    going to the Library📚, love traveling🧳, and avoiding the daggle ☣️

    1. G1,

      These black females stay rambling about nothing. She’s a prime example as to why women in the West cannot be taken seriously. She’s also an example as to why more black men are throwing in the towel on black women and instead choosing to deal with women from non black ethnic backgrounds. #SYSBM™

  7. Black women are no different to street dogs who sleep in decomposing garbage, brothers do not waste your time trying to ressurect the communitah , Becky, Maria ,Ling ling and Yakamoto is ready to give you a hand ,they have been watching brothers struggling to climb up to the top of the mountain. And do not bother listening to that shameless clown Umar Johnson preaching black love and shit .BLACK LOVE IS DEAD, BURIED AND SIX FEET UNDER. Any brother with comments or something to add up feel free to do so.

    1. Edward Maina,

      Black women and other females who think like them can fend for themselves when it comes down to encountering bears in the forest. It just goes to show you how far black women and other Westernised females are from reality. Because the overwhelming majority of them don’t live around wild, dangerous animals, they’ll foolishly compare being confronted by a bear to an encounter with a dog or some other domestic pet, smh.

  8. TikToker: Would you rather be in the woods with a bear or a man?

    Women: The bear, because I don’t feel safe around men.


    Even though this is a hypothetical question for TikTok, the scraggle daggle have already answered this question foreal; you may ask, How? Look at it this way: the United States of Amerikkka is the woods, and Bottom Shelf Brad is the bear! They chose the bear when they declared themselves to be “strong” and “independent”, when they decided that the Black man was no longer needed, and chased Brad thinking he was a better option. There are many examples of Black women getting maimed and/or killed by the “bear”, including (but not limited to) the victims of Jason Roger Pope (DJ Kid) and Mike Oliver, Alleah Taylor getting badly beaten by Chad Wheeler, and the butchering of Sade Robinson; many more cases have been chronicled by King Sigma in his classic “Surviving Bottom Shelf Brad” series. Rick Scorpio’s words remain vindicated to this day; Black women will have deep regret for making good Black men their enemies because they are encountering the bear in his natural habitat, and it’s not ending well for them at all!

    P.S. Is Chasity Soules really a prostitute on the Las Vegas strip? If so, I’m not surprised because she looks like a hoe.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      There are very few Western women especially black women who actually live around wild, dangerous animals, they don’t have a clue what it would be like to encounter a bear, however they’ll say and do anything to keep the feminist mantra going.

      They honestly believe a bear is cute like a dog and is going to warmly greet them, this is one of many reasons why I stated that Western women need to be smashed headfirst into the wall of reality because they have completely lost touch with what is real.

      Black women stay chasing after Bottom Shelf Brad and frequently pay the price for doing so, however as far as they’re concerned, the penalty is worth it because in their eyes the white man is their god.

  9. I am trying to comprehend and understand this stupid ‘Man vs Bear’ debate because I did some research on this and this is some god know what the hell the females come up this. I know this is invented by Black females which is obvious because they are the most stupid species on the planet by far none.

    When I watch these video and done some research on this, they really believe that the bear are the most ‘real men’ than ‘humans’. This is some kind of ‘Make Believe’ they live in.

    They think that in their stupid mind that in the forest that they will deal with ‘Gentle Bear’, ‘Yogi Bear’, ‘Winnie the Pooh’ and ‘Paddington’. No 304s, even ‘Yogi Bear’ is smarter than an average bear, but Yogi is sure is way smarter than these ‘Educated Independent single BW’ that is for sure, period!

    I hope one day that they will come up with the ‘Lion vs Man’ debate and say ‘Lion’ are the real men than the BM because in the animal kingdom, the Lion kills up fatherless kid because dating a single mother.

    These modern western females need to research on the animal kingdom and nature because in the world of matriarchy, they will never stand a chance.

    They say that BM are jealous because in parts of African continent, there are women only village. The reason why women can survive in the forest in those village because men teach them the trade to make these women self sufficient. These modern female wish they want to live like that, in reality the western females would be 100% useless to these tribal women there.

    As for these Black females saying that Black Men are fazed and butt-hurt about they prefer the bear over BM, I say they can have the bear and I got over 100 countries to choose from. Simps believe that western women are the only pick in the dating market, the SYSBM knights know they have plenty of countries to choose from and they got Passports to travel and have options.

  10. So, I noticed “man bears” was trending on Google (yes, a dumb hypothetical question from TikTok is now of relevance in the mainstream); there were 2 links I clicked on, one featuring a blue pilled simp defending why women choose the bear, and the other of a guy who is pushing back against the stupidity of this whole thing:

    The last line sums it up: “I’d rather see a bear in the woods than another woman in human resources”.

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