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So, as you can see the Soft Guy Era has now hit the mainstream, even faster than the Passport Bros did. You have to understand that since the advent of the smartphone, these mainstream media outlets have been relegated to the top shelf to collect ever increasing layers of dust.

Nobody with two brain cells to rub together listens to the mainstream media anymore, now they themselves are forced to jump onboard and report on trends and fads that grass root individuals and groups are setting.

Of course we knew that they(Fox News) would attempt to paint men in a bad light as well as deliberately miss the main point of the Soft Guy Era movement which is about RECIPROCITY ie women equally pulling their weight. Isn’t Fox News supposed to be a conservative mainstream news outlet? Why do they sound no different to the left?

It never surprises me how so many men are only too willing to sell their masculinity and manhood down the river just to get some pats on the head, Scooby snacks and brownie points from women, smh. Those blue pilled simps on that panel are prime examples of this.

Modern women are still refusing to accept that because they’ve voluntarily removed themselves from the realm of traditionalism, they are no longer qualified to receive any customs that stem from that arena.

Women choosing to move themselves into the realm of modernity essentially means they’ve become men, therefore they now have to perform in exactly the same manner as men do.

There is no more chivalry, there is no more men walking on the outside of the pavement(sidewalk), opening doors for women, pulling out chairs for women, entering taxis/ubers first, sending women flowers, footing the bill for everything etc, those days have now FINISHED!

The Soft Guy Era is giving women the equality they’ve been fighting for through their so called women’s empowerment movement.

At this point the only women who are entitled to traditional treatment are those who respect men, are virgins(only virgin women have the right to ask for marriage) or have a bodycount no higher than 2, are NOT working, are fit, feminine, friendly, CHILDLESS.

NO tattoos, NO nose rings, NO abnormal piercings(tongue, eyebrow, naval, side of the mouth, cheeks etc), NO weaves/wigs, NO makeup, NO raptor claw fake nails, NO plastic surgery of any kind, are honest, accountable, responsible, humble, hold to a strong moral compass as well as value a traditional mindset.

As women you cannot claim to be strong, independent boss babes who don’t need men yet at the same time still expect men to pay for everything, that’s a completely ridiculous and unrealistic expectation.

Like I said in the last Soft Guy Era article, the gravy train is over for these entitled modern day females, no more free rides, no more sitting on their backsides doing nothing expecting the man to put in all the work.

If she’s not reciprocating the same energy you’re putting in then kick that heifer to the kerb and move on, she’s not worth your time nor energy. NEVER forget as a man that it’s these females who are supposed to be proving themselves to you if they’re seeking relationships and marriage.

Of course in typical feminist fashion, Fox News didn’t even bother touching on the fact that especially since the introduction of social media and dating app, modern women have become incredibly entitled and spoiled.

As I said before, the mainstream press at this point is irrelevant and more folks need to begin treating them as such. We the people now set the trends, make the news and report on the things that actually matter.

Unlike the Soft Guy Era detractors, haters and scoffers, at least Drizzle Drizzle Kings have the testicular fortitude to hold modern women to account for their claim of equality. No masculinity or manhood was harmed or lost in the making of the Drizzle Drizzle/Soft Guy Era movement.

I’m glad to see more men finally moving towards revoking traditional treatments from modern day women as per the Traditional Treatment Disqualifiers For Women tenets that were created back in March 2023 by myself, commenter Blue Collar Trevor and other brothers here.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gents? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Soft Guy Era Just Like SYSBM™ And The Wall Will Remain Undefeated

Most High Bless

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19 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Brother verbs I have got a question 2 question at most

    1. Why do ww despite mostly having feminist mindset prefer going for black men despite their economic background because black men are winning not just in North America but europe and asia as a whole ?

    2.Is it true that black men are the most conservative men on planet earth due to their masculinity because WW and other non black women are rejecting their own men ?


    1. Edward Maina,

      1. Because their white male counterparts having become softies are pushing everything that’s against masculinity. Despite white women being brainwashed by the feminist movement, deep down they still desire masculine men.

      2. Black men are the most masculine men on the planet but sadly not the most conservative(at least not in the West). The raw masculinity is what women are looking for, hence why more non black women are opting to get into relationships with us. Unlike black women, non black females don’t attempt to psychologically castrate black men, therefore allowing us to be free and be NORMAL around them.

  2. Tucker Carlson quit his job from Fox news in 2023 because he knew it wasn’t really a conservative news channel anymore.

    Tories in the UK ain’t really conservative anymore either.

    I’ve noticed both Republicans and Tories from both countries of USA/UK are actually leftists liberals who are more in favor of globalist UN governments than anything else.

    No different to the labour party in UK and democrats in America.

    Masonary secret societies decides who becomes prime minister or president.

    Elections are always rigged.

    In the topic of red pill version 4.0 – Soft guy era

    It ain’t no surprise that 4.0 reached mainstream further than 3.0 – Passport bros

    4.0 is more effective because not everyone can just move abroad permanently to start a new life.

    4.0 is challenging women to take more accountability for their actions while giving them equality that they have been asking for centuries.

    Normally I would not travel on holiday to USA again.

    If I do decide to do this vacation in future with a white Dutch girlfriend, I would only go to Texas with her.

    I would go there not only cause I’ve never been there before, its known to be more conservative in general.

    Death penalty, banning abortions, supports nationalism, Bitcoin mining farms for financial freedom.

    Texas also has hot weather and I believe it is the only hidden gem in USA where Black men could date White American women compared to all other 50 states combined.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      I got very suspicious of Fox News when they began running pro LGBTQP propaganda. I now see why Carlson kicked out and to be honest he’s got a much larger audience since leaving especially in view of some of the monumental interviews he’s done, President Putin being one of them.

      It’s very sad when you look at the political landscape in the West, the veil has been removed, there are no opposing parties anymore, they’re all one and the same. In the UK Labour is now set to come in and run exactly the same moves as the Tories and worse, watch this space.

      Men have to reverse this gynocentric garbage that they’ve foolishly settled for, women need men so it won’t take that long to starve these heifers out. As I’ve said before, the Soft Guy Era won’t be the last in a long line of effective applications men use to get their power back, it’s just the latest one.

  3. “At this point the only women who are entitled to traditional treatment are those who respect men, are virgins or have a bodycount no higher than 2, are NOT working, are fit, feminine, friendly, CHILDLESS.

    NO tattoos, NO nose rings, NO piercings, NO weaves/wigs, NO makeup, NO raptor claw fake nails, are honest, accountable, responsible, humble, hold to a strong moral compass as well as value a traditional mindset.”

    Hmmm I totally agree with most of this. Personally though I have no issue with a woman who is working as long as she’s not one of those career driven females and will tend to the home when needed. Besides, when we first meet I’m not subsidising no lazy chick. With ear piercings, non elaborate earrings are fine. Makeup – I’m no expert, but there’s that faint ‘natural’ makeup where you couldn’t really tell if she’s wearing any – slight enhancement if you will. I don’t know what it’s called, but you get my point. Obviously not that cake batter and clown shit most women wear.

    The woman has to be hotter for YOU. You have to treat it like you’re an employer for a huge tech company and she’s the potential employee. She has way more to prove to you than you do for her and even when you decide to “invest” in her so to speak, there’s still a probationary period for her to prove she’s a real one. Unlike entitled bdubs who make the absolute worst candidates yet think they should be given the whole world from day one, women need to show and prove their value before they get all the benefits.

    No more free lunches. No more simping. No more tolerating games and disrespect. Men need to start being men again like the old days, because honestly, the future of humanity depends on it. If all technology disappeared tomorrow and we had to go back to chopping wood, building things with our hands and either running from or hunting animals for our survival, we’d be done out here. Heck, you don’t even need to go that far. Men of today would barely survive the conditions of 60 years ago because they’ve become so soft. How you gonna survive if you let women do whatever the hell they want and treat you any old way? Men nowadays are scared to stand up to women on the smallest of stuff and it’s pathetic. Black men would be the first to go because they have Stockholm Syndrome and think their women should rule them SMH.

    As for the lamestream media, anything they’re openly against at this point is most likely something that needs to be embraced.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      I should’ve clarified piercings, I mean the naval, tongue, side of the mouth, eyebrow, those types to me are unacceptable, however earrings are just fine(as long as they’re not too out there). It can be quite difficult to find a woman who works and at the same time respects you as the head of the household and the relationship. Sadly, so many of them believe that because they are earning money, this somehow gives them some sort of authority and leverage in the relationship.

      Because so many of these women eat crappy foods, their skin pays the price, this is one of the reasons why they lay on the makeup so heavy and thick. I cannot recall the amount of times I’ve walked past women in the streets who are wearing 50,000 pounds of industrial grade makeup on their faces yet I can still see numerous spots on their faces they’ve attempted to cover up.

      This complete reversal where the men are chasing after the women is akin to heresy, you’re right, it is the woman’s job to prove to the man that she is worth investing in and being kept long term. We know the saying, it’s the man’s job to obtain the woman but it’s the woman’s job to RETAIN the man. Sadly in 2024 most women in the West don’t have any significant qualities they can present to keep men in place.

      Dating apps as well as social media really have been the bane of male/female relations, now most of these women walk around with an extremely entitled attitude and a serious overinflation of their worth in the sexual market place.

      The West is beyond evil for promoting and exalting women above men, men in Western countries are equally disappointing for choosing to go along with the female worship instead of nipping it in the bud from the beginning.

      The simping has to stop, hopefully the Soft Guy Era will stamp out a good portion of it leaving the die hard blue pilled simps to require some sort of economic upheaval/shakeup to break them from the spellbinding trance of believing that pandering to women as well as giving them money and free gifts for nothing is the best way forward.


  4. That was quick for the Soft Guy era to become main-stream.
    Soft-Guy era is meant to be a joke but the reason why it went mainstream faster than the Passport Bros because the BW are getting freightened. They can talk about how they do not care, but the main-stream media tells you otherwise.
    Also you notice that the most ugly BW has the most things to say about the Soft-Guy era and the Passport Bros.
    At least that the SYSBM is not mainstream and I like to keep it like that.

    1. MMT,

      MGTOW – Created and founded by a black man named Barbarosa.

      SYSBM™ – Created and founded by an American black man(MadBusDriverx).

      Passport Bros – Founded and created by an American black man(King Sigma though YouTuber Brazil Yesh ran with the term and popularised it).

      Soft Guy Era/Drizzle Drizzle Movement – Created and founded by two American black men(ScarFaceMark and Lil Goodie).

      It makes sense that black men are out here setting trends and new standards because we’re the ones who’ve had to deal with the most when it comes down to women, namely black women.

      We will continue to set the trends that make these black sirens uncomfortable, additionally non black women who choose to subscribe to the black siren’s skullduggery will also be put in their place.

    1. Good. After centuries of domination, Chosenite media control is starting to disintegrate. They`re eating their own and with every response they show their hand.

  5. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! Wow, that was fast; it must be a new record for mainstream media. You know, the fact that they are so quick to jump to spreading misinformation on the “Soft Guy Era/Drizzle Drizzle” movement shows that we really have them shook (by “them”, I mean the powers that be/the government), and they are employing whatever means possible to stop the momentum of this movement in its tracks. It seems to me that they chose Fox News (they should be called “Faux News”) to do the job since they cater to an audience full of people who pride themselves on their traditionalism; just look at the comments on the article, and you’ll see what I mean. Who would’ve ever thought that a Fox News panel would sound like The Young Turks? Hell must be frozen over right now!

    There was the one guy on the panel who said he used to be a relationship columnist, and that told me all I needed to know; so called “relationship experts” aren’t fond of men who figure out how to navigate the dating world without first consulting them. Don’t you just love how the females used the same lingo as liberals to attack men who go against the societal grain? This speaks to something that General Tito said before his channel was terminated: Black men are the “great unifier”; you can have two opposing groups who disagree on just about everything, but the one thing that will unite them is their hatred and disdain for the masculine Black man. If the mainstream media isn’t effective in attacking the Soft Guy Era movement, they have social media “influencers” at the ready who’ll use their influential platforms to spread the narrative around certain issues that are approved by the elite. There is a saying that goes “if you ain’t got no haters, you ain’t poppin'”; it looks the Soft Guy Era is poppin’, and to that I say “drizzle drizzle”!

    Lastly, I want to thank Verbs2015 for the acknowledgement of my contributions to the “Traditional Treatment Disqualifiers” list; sometimes, I don’t feel like I’m worthy of it because I’m virtually unknown in this online space, but it is very much appreciated. That lets me know that you’re a real one; stay soft, my fellow soft kings.


      1. It`s just controlled opposition to make Tradcucks think they`re being taken seriously. They don`t “conserve” anything.

  6. SYSBM: I heard about the stabbing of that 14-year-old in Hainult.
    White sugar honey: My condolences to his family!

    The soft guy era has it mainstream as they see these men refuses to simp for the women, doing nothing for them, nit giving them money other things as well. And the women are mad about that. No simping here, no captain save a hoe and also, no clean up man.

    An in other stuff as well, I heard about the stabbing of the 14-year-old boy in Hainult by some pussyhole with a sword. There was a double stabbing in Kilburn Park Road last week in broad daylight.

    And with the puff daddy thing as well. there is more things with Poof Didd — I mean P Diddy. The FBI has found video tapes in P Diddy’s house and guy, I really don’t know what on these types but it’s not great.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggles are coming after non-black women.


  7. Verbs 2015.

    I am so glad for men in 2024 for taking on the Soft Guy era because those men are recognising their self worth in the dating world and they refuse to be slaves to women. Me as a SYSBM black man I refuse to bow down to a woman because the media and society tells her that she is better than me just because she wears a dress, has a University degree and she has a well paid job.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      It’s all about knowing your worth as a man as well as setting up and upholding reasonable standards that any women you deal with on a long term basis must meet. Women hate men who have standards because for at least the last 30-40 years, women have been used to being exalted and worshipped by men. This simping nonsense has to stop.

    2. A woman wearing a dress is an anomaly in modern times; It`s all yoga pants all the time. Women claim “it`s more comfortable”, how is it any moreso than a piece of cloth that hangs around the waist with a slit cut in the side? Because they can low-key sexualize themselves in public.

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