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The Soft Guy Era Is Still Rolling Strong! #SHORTS

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The Soft Guy Era for the modern day female means equal reciprocation, no more freeloading, no more free attention, no more free meals, no more free rides, no more OnlyFans subscriptions, no more free money, coming out of her own pocket paying for her own nails, hair, makeup, putting in that work and for once properly pulling her weight.

As you can see with these particular batch of Soft Guy Era videos, I decided to include a few of the detractors of the movement, whether they be haters making videos themselves or scoffers responding to pro soft Guy Era advocates in the comments.

Take note of the black siren in the first video and pay close attention to what she said at the end, she stated that “we CANNOT afford to let these guys know their worth”. That statement says it all right there.

The long and short of the story is these modern women have been strategically riding the gravy train of syphoning men’s money and resources and they’re desperate to keep said train on the tracks.

They know full well that they’ve been manipulating men who don’t know who they are and thus have no idea regarding their worth, you heard the black witch say it herself.

The reason why these miscreants are in full panic mode is because in men holding a mirror to their faces, it’s causing said men to finally stop, think and reflect on how many of them have been taken for a ride via capitulating to the ridiculous, foolish and outlandish demands women made because they were afraid of their access to sex being cut off.

Limitations of sex isn’t even a concern in the West since most women have embraced feminism, part of which promotes sexual liberation.

The overwhelming majority of Western females are whores, they have NO sexual discipline, they joyfully harbour the Jezebel spirit, they couldn’t control themselves sexually even on their best day. They jump from one penis to the next and see nothing wrong with their promiscuous activities.

You’ll notice that a few of the guys above used the same tone and melody to speak as the women do, highlighting the fact that the majority bulk of Western females are simply NPCs and bots who lack the courage to embrace their individuality as well as to critically think and reason for themselves.

As mentioned before fellas, it’s all about cutting off the money and the attention from these dysfunctional females, going by what commenter SYSBM Forever stated previously, I honestly believe not giving these women attention would hurt them much more than the withdrawing of funding.

At the same time both can be linked to each other, no attention means no money and no money in their direction can also mean no attention.

Gentlemen, once again, don’t be fooled by the fake bravado women are displaying pretending they’re not bothered by the Drizzle Drizzle movement, these heifers are on the ropes bleeding heavily but unfortunately for them there is nobody in their corner to throw in the towel.

You can guarantee right now Western females and their feminist overlords are sitting at roundtables in darkly lit smoke filled rooms brainstorming on how they can effectively combat the Soft Guy Era/Drizzle Drizzle movement.

However it’s already a chicken wrap, Western women have overplayed their hand and now they’re going to reap the reward of that action. Popcorn and freshly squeezed juice are at the ready for the show, lol.

The message over here remains the same, gentlemen, starve these harridans out of both money and attention by getting your passports and never looking back. For those black men truly seeking viable and sustainable results, SYSBM™ and Passport Bros still remain the best solutions available to date. #SYSBM™ #SOFTGUYERA #DRIZZLEDRIZZLE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Starve Them Out, Give Them No Money Neither Attention

Most High Bless

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43 thoughts on “The Soft Guy Era Is Still Rolling Strong! #SHORTS

  1. Accountable Commentary made a video claiming that the ‘Soft Guy’ Era always exist for 20 years.
    When I watch this video, I kind of agree that the ‘Soft Guys’ men always exist for the longest and I also agree that the ‘Pookie’ and ‘Ray-Ray’ were the OG of the Soft Guy.

    Think about it:
    Why is ‘Pookies’ and ‘Thugs’ were the OG of the Soft Guy?
    Because they never Pay a Premium when it comes to Keishas, they never get to jump though 1000 hoops for Keishas to get laid.
    Thugs can get 10 BW pregnant and never go on Child Support.
    Only the productive men have to pay Premiums just to say hello to Keishas and go through Child Support and deal with the rigged system.
    Keishas are Paying the Premium for Pookies and Tugs. Also Keishas paying Premiums for White Men.

    They are mad because the productive men are doing it.

    1st it was SYSBM, now that is lowkey as not trending
    2nd, Passport Bros, still trending and still mad at them because these BM are leaving the completely plantation.
    Now this Soft Guy Era because the men are withdrawing money and resources from these women.

    So I do not know why these Black females are tripping. I thought they love this B4 movement from South Korea.
    You see, these 304s believe that all these new Age feminism such as B4 is fazing Red-Pill men at all because Red Pill always adapt for feminism for decades and now they can and always since 10 years navigate and have options.
    Red-Pill men are experience meaning they fear nothing!

    1. MMT,

      What I noticing is that every time a movement particularly involving black men picks up steam, there are always individuals making videos claiming that the movement actually began somewhere else or in a different time rather than just appreciating the present clarity that has now come upon a larger group of men.

      I remember when SYSBM™ had its mini moment in the spotlight back at the end of 2019, beginning of 2020, back then there were guys claiming that SYSBM™ never started with MBD.

      Yes, there were individual black men dating out before MBD came on the scene, however it wasn’t specifically and officially known as SYSBM™.

      I agree with Accountability Commentary, you’ve always had a small minority of Pookies and RayRays who haven’t had to come out of pocket for the black females they’ve been dicking down, however no name has been formulated for that type of set up until now.

      To be honest I believe we just need to savour the moment and appreciate that a much larger group of men have finally realised that they’re not obligated to bestow traditional customs upon women who are NOT traditional.

      Additionally, we have to remember that the Soft Guy Era/ Drizzle Drizzle movement is across all races of men, though it was founded/created by black men.

      Anytime individuals actually formulate a positive movement, put a name to it, push and promote that lifestyle as well as create productive goods and services in relation to the same, I’m going to give those individuals the maximum props they deserve.

      MadBusDriver is the creator and the founder of SYSBM™, so I’m going to give him maximum credit for that, the same goes for ScarFaceMark and Lil Goodie in their founding and creating of the Soft Guy Era, they get their credit, props and salutes as well.

      This wave is going to continue where more men finally say “enough is enough” and put the brakes on sharing their money and resources with ungrateful, entitled, unappreciative whores/Jezebels and I’m just glad to be alive to see it unfold.

      These women can get mad all they want, their fun in the sun is coming to an end and there is nothing they can do about it though you can guarantee right now they have folks sitting down brainstorming on how they can derail the Soft Guy Era/Drizzle Drizzle movement.

      You CANNOT destroy an idea, that’s what these feminist Jezebels of the West don’t and never will understand.

      1. Verbs wrote:
        “What I noticing is that every time a movement particularly involving black men picks up steam, there are always individuals making videos claiming that the movement actually began somewhere else or in a different time rather than just appreciating the present clarity that has now come upon a larger group of men.”

        I have also notice this myself.

        I think the reason why OG claims that this exist for decades (this is my theory) because Internet and Social Media never existed at the time meaning none of us knew about the history.
        Such as Red-Pills or black men has dating options.

        Before the Internet and Social Media we did not have the Red-Pill knowledge because people in the Social Circle taught us to be simps because they assume the modern females are not that bad, until we learn the hard way. Also in the dating pool and local areas we can only choose 304s and taught not to have options.
        If some had very good social circles, they will taught Red-Pill instead telling use BM you must get your money up to get a female or women do not date unemployed men, even we all see clear as day the these females become Baby-Mama with unemployed bums. With all the BS we all fed and not to have dating options, even Pro-Blacks got married to a Becky in the 1970s. It is this whole ‘Don’t do what I do, do what I say’.

        Now thanks to the internet and Social Media, we all see Feminist with full force and shows their True Colours, this time it is out in the open.
        I am glad Internet and Social Media exist because we have ‘Red-Pill Men’ online. People like Madbusdriver who Created ‘SYSBM’ and yourself who created this website to teach us that we always had options all along because these Pro-Black simps lied to BM to keep them in the plantation.
        Also David Carrol and Kevin Samuels death during the Covid wake up the American Brothers and created the Passport Bros when the Pandemic is over. Now we have the ‘Drizzle Drizzle’ which telling men to stop throwing money at the thots.

        I agree with you that we should saviour the moment because the feminist especially BW are taking lots of Ls at these times and these females hating the fact that Black Men are flourishing and regaining their humanity which them fearing them the most.

    2. @MMT

      This is a different topic, but in all honestly I can’t fully rock with AC. I totally agree with him when he states that black men should stay away from Keishas, period because it’s a global issue. But unfortunately, he’s another xenophobe on that ‘FBA’ stuff, so while he rightly calls out black women, he’s also taken shots at other black men basically implying we’re inferior and not on the same level as those from the states. He even had one video when he referred to a brother from Ghana as having a “defecating in the street” accent for no reason at all. Many of his followers also have that same mentality.

      No need for that kind of ignorance. He can have pride in other black men from his country without calling non so called FBAs “tethers” and all these other insults. Just focus on Keishas. Being from the states doesn’t give you automatic super powers. He wouldn’t talk like that to many black men in other countries no matter how weak he might think we are cos he’d end up in hospital or worse, so he needs to watch his mouth with that.

      It’s a shame when I listen to someone who seems cool and they go and start that b.s. Unfortunately black men aren’t as united worldwide as they could be because of tribalism and egos SMH.

      1. I think this is more of an American thing when it comes to tribal debate between FBA (Foundational Black Americans) and ADOS (African Descendant of Slavery) people.

        Shawn James speaks focus on FBAs, however Kid Organic pay them no mind. I think this is some Pro-Black thing there to see who deserve Reparations (Slavey Compensation money) more.

        I did notice he did called African men “defecating in the street” too.
        I think because there are some Pro-Black politics beef between American Men and Men in the African Continent (such as Ghana or Kenya) which I do not pay attention there.

      2. SYSBM Forever,

        I never even knew that about AC. I really don’t understand guys who take the tribal stance position, I’m from Nigeria, born in London yet I speak on behalf of black men worldwide because I realise that we should be united on all fronts(especially against the black siren).

        I attribute a large portion of blame to the race hustler Tariq Nasheed(who I believe is an agent), he’s the one who keeps coming out with most of these terms of separation and division such as FBA, tether etc.

        Nasheed profits heavily from black society remaining broken but too many of his followers unfortunately are not putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

        That tribalism bollocks isn’t helping anybody, like you said, black men can take pride in their countrymen without alienating others.

        1. Verbs2015,

          Oh, Tariq Nasheed is BLATANTLY an agent. A lot of this is because of him.

          He’s said in the past he’s been offered money by whoever to go at Black immigrants, but turned it down. Obviously the bag got bigger and he was made an offer he couldn’t refuse – that or the FBI/CIA have something over him which I wouldn’t be surprised about considering he’s a former Pookie.

          He himself has said in the past that there’s a notion Africans hate Black Americans but he knew that wasn’t true cos he’s travelled all over the continent and received love and built with them. He’s even been over here in the UK several times and I know people he’s personally worked with, so why the sudden heel turn?

          Some people reckon he changed after he had that debate with self proclaimed ‘white advocate’ Jared Taylor years ago where he was effortlessly demolished – because Tariq is only big and bad in his comfort zone, but when he goes on Fox news and other platforms and debates non black people, he’s exposed as a blubbering, smart dumb youtuber who doesn’t really know shit – and ever since then, he uses racist talking points and focuses all his venom and hatred against other black people. “White Supremacy” is out the window. Black immigrants (who are just as powerless) all of a sudden are the real enemy now apparently – not racist cops and politicians. Funny, he doesn’t go hard at Hispanics, particularly the Mexicans in LA because he knows he’d get deleted.

          I mean, look at the thumbnails of some of his videos. You’d think a white racist group was behind all that. He hasn’t achieved anything but start a hate cult which is just an extreme radical version of ‘ADOS’ to compete with Tone and Yvette Carnell. It’s sickening. Meanwhile, people who are anti black don’t give a shit where any of us are from and ever since Elon took over Twitter, the racism has blown up and pretty much gone mainstream. But I see whites from different countries having each other’s backs and not insulting and alienating others.

          Honestly, this brilliant video that exposes him is the only thing you’ll ever need to watch:

          But yeah, my point is I’m not rocking with other black men who are on that wave. Dennis Spurling is slowly starting to lose my respect too. You gotta watch out for some of these guys.

          I don’t always agree with how IP does things, but at least he gets other black men from all over on board – mainly himself and Theo – and agree that we all need to be on the same page….something white men globally have learned to do despite their differences. They’ll never side with any of us over a white man from another country – EVER.

        2. Tommy Sotomayor who used to be tight with Tariq Nasheed aired him out when Tariq turned on him.

          Tariq hates anyone who is doing better than him. He will go at any black man and try to do it himself.

          Look at all what Tariq has tried to pillage on.

          Remember when we had a few black guys trying to create social media platforms. Tariq decided he wanted to create one, MoorUs and it never came out but became a gaming company that made a game about Tommy Sotomayor.

          We had some guys who wanted to make positive hip hop which Tariq laughed at and then Tariq decided he wanted to be a music artist, MinkSlide or whatever his name was when he did that.

          Tariq started coming after men who wanted to create schools for black boys then he decided he wanted to do a black man, black boy lecture series in those same cities.

          Tariq went to Ferguson like Black Lives Matter and tried to sell his shit and got ran out of there. BLM got ran out of there was well too but the damage was done.

          Tariq loves to make documentaries, its his hustle.

          Tariq loves black women but his wife is biracial.

          Tariq claims to be so pro black but he never goes to war with any men beyond black men. Tucker Carlson ate his ass for lunch in 2016. Tariq made no diss videos, no nicknames, he just took it and moved on.

          Fuck Tariq Nasheed

          1. SYSBMRookie,

            Well said. He’s all over the place.

            Tariq is just a glorified grifter. He’s like those loser “conscious” dudes who can’t get any real work and only possess a bit of knowledge they got from a couple of books and lectures, so they hustle and sell bootleg DVDs, mixtapes, weed and anything they can get their hands on.

            I remember that ‘MoorUs’ flop lol. He blamed some Indians for it not taking off LMAO. I also remember when he was supposedly going to take the UN to task for the mistreatment of black people in America.

            Dude is one huge clown. You’re right that he only hates on other black folks and goes after anyone who does better than him. His beef with Tommy is reminiscent of 50 vs Ja Rule. He only started that FBA bullshit after seeing the ‘ADOS’ movement gain momentum and then tried to bully the founders (I’m not defending them, mind you, but that was clear to see). I also remember when he doxxed that chick who used to do a podcast with Professor Griff years ago and basically ruined her life just cos she disagreed with him.

            Tucker Carlson pulled Tariq’s card and he couldn’t even stand on his square lol. Then he tried to act tough after the fact to save face. That’s the thing. When he’s in any other domain and can’t hide behind stupid jokes and insults and doesn’t have his braindead followers in the live chat cheerleading, anyone with sense can easily run intellectual circles around him.

            He doesn’t have real smoke for those in power or other races. When he tried to say something slick about Hispanics a couple of years ago, he had to run to Hawaii and let his followers take the heat and he learned his lesson. He can only pick on people who look like him.

            1. I forgot about FBA as that was his answer ADOS. He claimed he didn’t like the fact that Yvette Carnell was a lesbian and felt that so called Foundational Black Americans are not swirlers, LGBT, coons, republicans, etc. Whomever, whatever he disagreed with. He was supposed to host a convention similar to ADOS but his was going to be in Dallas and we went there and stood in front of the arena he claimed he was going to rent out for the event.

              I am not sure if he had the event as I stopped following him years ago. Listen to any of his shows, you can count the number of times that he mentions white supremacy.

              His dumb ass followers truly think he’s brilliant but he takes their money for his hustles and gimmicks.

              Hey Yall, I am going to host a convention so I am going to need you all to donate so we can have a big venue not no janky venue.

              Hey Yall, I am starting an app, I need you all to donate so we can have our own shit.

              Hey Yall, I am starting a music group and record label, I need you all to donate.

              His supporters are rocks and Tariq will sell them out faster than Starbucks will sell out of almond milk to cute white girls.

              I remember he was a fill in for Jason Black and they became home boys in the grift as Tommy was their mutual enemy even though he introduced both of them to each other.

              Tariq claims he wants to work only with black folks but then says I had to work with the white folks because black folks cant do good business.

          2. SYSBMRookie wrote:
            “Tommy Sotomayor who used to be tight with Tariq Nasheed aired him out when Tariq turned on him.”

            Tommy and Tariq were like bros at the time. As soon as Tommy ask Tariq a basic question about he Jew.
            Tommy mentioning a Jew as a basic question triggered Tariq off and did a U-Turn on Tommy over a question about the Jew.
            The Jew question alone started Tariq to have a huge beef with Tommy.

            SYSBM Rookie wrote:
            “Tariq loves black women but his wife is biracial.”

            This is because all the talk Pro-Black and White Racism, Tariq is married to a Jew family and his films are funded by the Jews and which got Tariq exposed.
            Being obsessed with Tommy. Calling productive American BM, ‘Coon’, ‘Sambos’, ‘Uncle Tom/Ruckus’ and Racist Terms because they disagree with him, even BW are are the real Race Traitors which they put out out-right for the world to see.

            1. Tariq is a disrupter and agent with his questionable ethics and conduct.

              The modern-day black church is now podcasts wokeism and hotep tomfoolery! You have mindless drones who follow these podcasters to the end of the earth and do any dumb shit they say.

              Jason Black, Tariq Nasheed, Umar Johnson, Derrick Jaxn, et al. are like the black pastors of the past, but Tariq is the worst! Honorable mention to Damon Young, Panama Jackson, Kimberly Foster, Soncerae, Psychology Today writers, Madam Noire writers, and African American studies majors.

              Guys like Tariq will sit here and derail the legitimate plans of others to fund their scams and frauds.

              He did this alleged black history museum, which is nothing more than an event venue and dance hall, but let his brainless followers tell it, it’s comparable to the Civil Rights Museum in Atlanta, LOL!

              These guys will pretend to care about black women in their lame and futile efforts to fight SYSBM, MGTOW, passport bros, bluebook gentlemen, IBMOR, BMO and black manosphere 1.0. The 2.0 Black Manosphere has become a minstrel show that is more masculine than the hotep podcast crew but still as fucked up.

              As Dominique Magazine and others say all the time to them guys, show us your black girlfriends, black wives and the black businesses you are building since you are about that life. We will wait!

              Years later, we are still waiting!

      3. SYSBM Forever,

        I, too, have heard AC speaking that ”non FBA/tether” stuff; I don’t like that term used to describe Black people like myself who are children of Black immigrants; the Blacks who tend to use that term also use it to exempt themselves from Black dysfunction and accuse Black immigrants and their descendants of trying to smear the image of FBA Blacks. I remember seeing somebody post the mugshot of that stragg who attempted to burn down MLK Jr.’s childhood home, and one guy commented “she looks like a tether”; what exactly is a so called “tether” supposed to look like? Also, what difference does it make if she’s FBA or not? Daggledom is a pestilence that affects Black females all around the world! I do believe a lot of this animosity stems from some Black immigrants in the past who’ve publicly taken certain political stances that entailed speaking against reparations for Blacks who descended from slaves, but not all of us feel the same; they will even call FBA Blacks “tethers” if they have certain political stances and opinions.

        1. BCT,

          What these crack smoking, mental midget dickheads don’t realise is that racist anti black folk are just that – ANTI BLACK. They don’t care who comes from where – we’re all just one collective n-word to them. If the police point guns at a black American and a Jamaican sitting in the car, you think they’re gonna ask about lineage before they decide to pull the trigger? So this whole notion that black immigrants are trying to smear the image of FBA is ludicrous.

          As for reparations, look, that’s just their cover story. Reading the postings from these FBA nuts, literally 99% of it all is all about hating other black people. I’ve seen them talk shit about Australian Aborigines. What the hell have THEY done to so called FBA?? I’ve never met one in my life and they keep to themselves while living on their own land all the way on the other side of the globe not interfering with anybody. So FBA are just a hate cult who have to talk shit to feel better about themselves. When they do talk about reparations, all they focus on is making sure other black folks don’t “get the bag” rather than justice. Everything is about getting one over on other black people. None of them are serious, including their bitch ass leader. Like you, I’ve seen them call other black Americans “tethers” for disagreeing with their bullshit lol SMH.

          Speaking of which, Dennis Spurling is spinning the old “Africans hate us” narrative and now trying to sue African nations for selling so called FBA into slavery…SMH. What does he expect to get paid in, coco leaves? He said it will be easier to start with Africa rather than the American government. So basically, just another cowardly delaying tactic to avoid going toe to toe with the REAL oppressors….

  2. LOL….I see they’re even selling ‘Drizzle, Drizzle’ t-shirts online now.

    That second bdub needs to come with something original. The nerve of her or any black female to talk about what men should be doing when they’re the worst demographic of women who don’t even possess the bare minimum of femininity or just being decent human beings. They’re not in a position to be telling anyone anything. Unfortunately for her, these childish homo accusations don’t hit anymore. They’ve run that old shaming tactic so far into the ground it’s close to popping up in Australia. You got airheads past the age of 30 like Jesslee Wong calling men who choose not to consume certain foods feminine, so no one cares or takes that shit seriously anymore. Women were the main ones pushing the LGBTQ agenda on men years ago, yet they’re the biggest homophobes whenever something doesn’t go their way or they can’t control men. What that white guy in the fifth video said should be enough to shut that down. I don’t know why the gay community who supposedly have so much “PRIDE” never put them in check for that.

    Definitely the lack of attention will hit them way harder. With the Soft Guy Era, they can just write it off as jokes or some phase that will soon dissipate. But they need to experience the harsh consequences of what happens when you take good, well meaning men for granted. Many of us are still traditional to the core, but we KNOW OUR WORTH (sorry black siren) and only reward traditional, feminine women who deserve it. Those women ain’t in the US or UK that’s for sure and if they are, they’re not homegrown.

    Inflation has shot through the roof, people are begging for jobs on LinkedIn like never before, wars are going on as we speak….we don’t have time for these “independent” female idiots who make ridiculous financial demands on men they don’t even know just so they can stunt for likes on social media. Enough is enough. They need to be left behind permanently. They were given an inch and took a mile, so now they need to realise it’s not a game anymore. Foreign men don’t want them, increasing numbers of western men are checking out and those who haven’t are at least waking up and growing some kind of balls, so these western women are f*cked.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Where would we be without black women running the “you must be homosexual” card because men(particularly black men) are pushing back against their outlandish, ridiculous and unrealistic expectations of men?

      These modern women don’t have any new spells, witchcraft and enchantments to bring to the table(despite them following the practicing black witch SheraSeven), this is why they keep on running the same old shaming, insulting and guilt tripping techniques hoping they’ll start working again.

      As myself as well as commenter Blue Collar Trevor have stated before, I still reckon many of these females handing down very bad advice to younger women are paid government agents who have been funnelled in to ensure the destruction of society as a whole continues.

      In combination with all of these older angry and bitter women hot on the scene who’ve already ruined their own lives, are jealous of younger females and in reality want to see them also derail and destroy their lives, the psychological assault on younger women is in full swing.

      Instead of advising young women to find the best man when they’re in their youth and start a family, these mincers are out here encouraging younger females to be money hungry whores and to waste their prime years chasing superficial pleasures, fleeting moments as well as likes, clicks and views on social media.

      As mentioned before, the Soft Guy Era cannot remain as satire, it would be utterly ridiculous to return to the same crazy status quo that men have voiced their disdain and hatred for.

      No more money and no more attention for these whores and Jezebels, leave them in the dust to suffer and burn in their own failures and calamities.

      1. Verbs2015,

        “In combination with all of these older angry and bitter women hot on the scene who’ve already ruined their own lives, are jealous of younger females and in reality want to see them also derail and destroy their lives, the psychological assault on younger women is in full swing.”

        LOL the other day in the comment section of a youtube video some black man was saying how he married his current wife when she was 20 and he was 34 and they’ve been together 15+ years and have a happy marriage and three young children.

        Well, oh lawd, all the older, jealous, washed up hags were enraged and replied calling him all kinds of perverts and how her father should have had him locked up because he was probably messing with her when she was underage, how anything over 10 years is predatory and suspect no matter how old each party is, blah blah. LOL they were going green eggs and HAM in there. They literally didn’t know a single thing other than what he said in that one comment but they knew so much about him and his life.

        That’s the difference between men and women. We’re not jealous of younger guys because we don’t need to be. As long as we look after ourselves, we’re good. We just have a backlog of experience and the wisdom that comes with getting older, so we steer them in the right direction so they don’t repeat some of the mistakes we might have made and do better.

        Women (especially bdubs) may get older, but still haven’t developed mentally past the age of 16. I mean look at how these grown women talk and act when they don’t get their own way – insults, crying, temper tantrums – a lot of the time because some random man didn’t give them any attention lol. No different than a spoiled and sulky 10 year old child.

        Yes, like the old days, a woman’s prime is when she should be settling and raising a decent family. We don’t want washed up females who had their chance but thought they were too good to spit in a man’s direction, but now want to reach out to us later when they realise Father Time didn’t stop the clock on their behalf so they could be cute and fresh forever. Nah, not happening. Go buy a cat, sweetheart lol.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    Big up to the Soft Guy era in 2024 and I fully support it 100 percent. It’s about time that decent men finally know their self worth in dating and in life in general.

    1. Quincy wrote:
      “It’s about time that decent men finally know their self worth in dating and in life in general.”

      Damn right and Amen to that Quincy. I agree with you.
      Give these men back their humanity and their self-worth. Make these modern females sweat!

      1. Michael MisterTea.

        Thanks for agreeing with me Michael. 👍👍

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      That lack of knowledge concerning a man’s worth is exactly what women have used to take as much as they can from so many men. I’m glad that the Soft Guy Era has come about, men just have to act on it now and show these modern day Jezebels that they mean business. #SYSBM™

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I am SYSBM for life man. 😎😎

  4. I can relate to red version 1.0 – SYSBM

    I can relate to red version 2.0 – MGTOW

    The only thing that I can’t relate to in 2.0 is men not seeking quality women abroad to have kids with.

    I can relate to red pill version 3.0 – UK Passport Bro

    I can relate to red pill version 4.0 – Soft Guy Era.

    White Dutch women would either pay the full bill for me or split it with me.

    This is why I have to go Dutch on dates.

    I’ll never be asked to pay for everything with a white Dutch woman.

    This is Drizzle Drizzle that already exists within Dutch culture.

    Traditional women would still expect men to pay the full bills for everything, not just on dates.

    Even traditional women overseas have to bring something to the table too.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      As I’ve stated before, men are going to continue creating many ways in which they can circumvent the wiles of these modern day Western females. The Soft Guy Era won’t be the last creation, it’s one in a long line of many others to come.

      In the meantime I still say that black men especially should get their passports, seek out love and companionship elsewhere.

      The resetting of the Western dating market is going to take a while and things are going to get worse before they improve because women are going to try their utmost to hold onto their power at all costs even though they’ve already lost. #SYSBM™

    2. The black love crowd has dealt with more foolishness than I care to admit.

      I never had a white or non-black woman who scoffed at alternating who pays for the date.

      I never had a white or non-black woman who didn’t want to contribute to the success of the relationship.

      My last girlfriend was white, we split bills, we both did housework and we both worked! We were just two different people but she was not my first and definitely wont be the last white woman I will be with.

      I haven’t dated black women in over 20 years and I am 40.

      The hoteps can have black love and the bullshit that comes with it. That is the real struggle love.

  5. hey brothers am back i have been watching this soft guy era i can tell bw are going to have it rough come 2025 and beyond.Brother verbs i have been watching accountability channel lately and bw are feeling the pinch they are being evicted like rats hiding in the sewers others are being sent into the upper room by Brad , others being arrested.

    Brothers SYSBM and passport gang are in full steam ahead and these shanequas are done finished .If a black women asks me to pay her bills I tell her straight to the face I am not your brother because i share the same skin color

    Brother verbs sometimes I wonder what is going to be worse for bw is it being sent to the upper room or homelessness? back to you brother verbs

    1. Edward Maina,

      Black women were the pestilent chieftains who started this trend of having outlandish, ridiculous and unrealistic expectations that black men needed to meet which unfortunately other Westernised women have decided to pick up and run with.

      These delusional females refuse to understand that since they’ve chosen to throw traditionalism down the toilet and are instead opting to embrace modernity, they’ve now disqualified themselves from being given traditional treatment.

      They don’t get their bills taken care of by a man anymore, they have to pay their own. They’re no longer entitled to protection from a man anymore, they’ll have to protect themselves, it’s that simple.

      1. its game over for bw believe brother verbs interacial marriage is on fire bw soon or later will be the most single come 2030 by 65% or worse no need for trying to convince black women to change they are already mentally dead

  6. SYSBM: The soft guy era is here
    White sugar honey: drizzle drizzle!

    The soft guy era has got these scragglies triggered. Some of these women are extremely mad at the men as they are going in their soft guy era. But at the end of the day, the man should know his worth.

    If it weren’t for the sprinkle sprinkle woman, we wouldn’t see the soft guy era. The sprinkle sprinkle started this and now she is triggered just like the other women as well.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggles daggles are coming after non-black women.


    1. JD,

      What have we been saying for the longest, these elder angry and bitter black sirens having destroyed their own lives are incredibly jealous of the younger generations, therefore instead of guiding them in the right direction, also wanting to see them roll down Tragedy Avenue as they did, these black harpies deliberately choose to give them extremely bad advice which is guaranteed to lead to disaster.

      These elder black women know exactly what they’re doing, the so called comradeship between women is all a facade especially when it comes down to older Vs younger.

      The problem is younger black women are even worse than their elders, they for the majority part are too stupid to see that they’re being hoodwinked and bamboozled by those who are claiming to be looking out for them.

      What makes me laugh is black women are the least married and the least desired females on the planet and yet they still choose to make this plight even worse by handing out terrible advice like this, misery loves company.

      They’ll be able to “gather coins” and “rinse” the blue pilled simps all day every day, however they’ll have NO CHANCE running these games on intelligent black men who know who they are and know their worth. Let these black witches keep telling on themselves, smh.

      As I’ve mentioned before, shut the superficial, transactional garbage down quickly from the beginning by keep the dates dirt cheap and you’ll see that these Jezebels will manifest themselves very quickly as they don’t have any patience nor the skills to hide their true intentions.


    2. JD & Verbs2015,

      I mean, lipstickalley is a known KKKeisha cesspit. The worst of the worst post in there.

      Do they really think older men became successful in life by being stupid?

      They’re telling young women this, so why is it that all the current, older females who did all that in their youth are now single and unhappy? How’s it working out for THEM? Even if they have money, no man wants to touch them with a barge pole. Last I checked, all these older women couldn’t bag an Action Figure if they stole one from the store.

      Most of this advice is going to young black women who increasing numbers of black men even their own age no longer want anyway, so it’s pretty much pointless at this stage. I don’t want any black woman, young or old so none of them can finesse me. My own aunt tried that bullshit with an older man. When he wisened up and knew what was happening, he divorced her and bounced and now her washed up ass is out here living off the grace of others lol.

      Black women, being the snakes in the grass that they are, tried this same psychology tactic with Filipinas and then when that didn’t work, they showed their true colours and came with the insults which totally backfired on them (and blamed US for it!!!!) as we know lol. Traditional women from patriarchal societies ain’t trying to hear that mess cos they come from stable backgrounds and see how that works compared to the west and can see these women are messed up and unhappy as a result of their own actions.

      1. Check out this disgusting bs y’all. Screenshot of a bw saying that she would dupe her into thinking a kid was his, & then blame him for it if she couldn’t lie her way out of it..

  7. Check this out. A screenshot of a Bw encouraging paternity fraud. She said she would lie to the husband about the kid being his, & then blame him for if she got caught smh.

    1. JD,

      These black sirens are beyond disgusting, this is exactly why black women are the last individuals who should be given the benefit of the doubt. Reason 869,986,968 not to deal with them. Western women in general should be treated in the same manner.

  8. You know this movement is going to be good when in a short span of time, it has caught the attention of Shera7, has a lot of guys making skits and videos that are entertaining, and a lot of hit dogs are hollering about it on social media, not realizing that their janky logic on dating and relationships is being used against them. Drizzle Drizzle. I wonder how long it will be before the mainstream starts crafting a narrative around this; they’ll probably employ the same worn out talking points about men being broke and losers like the naysayers in the above videos, but we’ll be ready for them. Drizzle Drizzle!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Men by and large are still traditional, hence why the Drizzle Drizzle movement has had such a massive acceptance by men not just in the West but worldwide. Men are sick and tired of these modern day Jezebels and their transactional outlook on relationships in addition to their ridiculous unrealistic and outlandish expectations.

      It illustrates how delusional modern women are, they’re getting upset over their own statements being used against them by men, yet they can’t look inwardly and realise that they look and sound like knuckleheads and just as foolish every time they speak, smh.

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