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Shout out to King Sigma for bringing this story to my attention. Yet another victim of Swirl Mountain which the levelling up/divest/swirling community is being awfully silent about.

This is the problem when you walk around declaring that you’re “strong” and “independent”, at some point somebody is going to put those bold claims to the test. Additionally, by making such declarations you leave yourself open because now everybody knows that you have no protection.

This wasn’t the first victim of Swirl Mountain and it certainly won’t be the last, coming soon to a street near you, black women are going to find out what it really means to be independent, nobody around to help them when they find themselves in precarious situations.

As the legendary black male YouTuber Rick Scorpio stated many years ago, black women will regret making good black men their enemies. Of course black women won’t learn anything from this because they think they’re invincible, they all believe these types of horrific calamities won’t happen to them.

in the days, weeks, months and years to come Swirl Mountain will claim many more victims and the swirlers will continue to excuse their white lord and saviour’s transgressions against them because in their eyes, he is god.

These modern day black females continues to forget the relationship dynamic between themselves and white men, they are the sex slaves/grunt work flunkies and white men are their masters and lords.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week fellas? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

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20 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. This is the same demographic who go as far as making fun of black male victims like Emmit Till and Tamir Rice – yes, even innocent little black male children are targets of their wrath. I didn’t pay much attention to this story and don’t really care to be honest. I can only imagine the nonchalance and indifference of what happens to swirlers and bdubs in general will only increase since they’ve gone out their way to make good black men their enemies. Oh well, they have Pookie, Umar and the hard headed simps to help them. They told us we’re not needed, so we’re simply taking heed.

    Anyway, in other news…

    This story right here pissed me off. So this woman was the one who asked the guy to guess how old she is, he gave her an answer, she didn’t like it cos his answer was wrong, so this 39 year old grown woman then decides to glass him in his face narrowing missing his eye. She should have received a jail sentence, but the FEMALE judge concluded she isn’t a risk to the public and decided to give her a slap on the wrist cos she was feeling a bit low and is generally a good ole gal, basically. SMH.

    Let this have happened in the Middle East or any other country not run by simps and feminists and her bad day would have gotten 1000 times worse. She would have been lucky to end up on an episode of Banged Up Abroad.

    This is why increasing numbers of men aren’t running to their rescue anymore. Personally I keep away from drunk women cos I don’t find it cute and think it’s unladylike, plus when they go crazy and you react, you’re the one who gets in trouble.

    Just like the black harridan (although not as bad but close), these modern western women are gonna learn the hard way. They don’t care that ultimately, they’re only making it worse for other women. They just want to bask in the female privilege they currently still have, but it’s dwindling and it might get to a point where a lot of them are gonna be food out here like ancient times as a result of overplaying their hand.

    Grab your passports and head out of the west.

    1. I heard this story as well. Hitting someone with a glass bottle is LETHAL ASSAULT. Better to just learn how to mix my own damn drinks and stay home if this is how it is. Don’t think for a second non-Westernised societies aren’t taking notes, should the West finally lose its death grip on the world, they will NOT be recreating this bullshit and miss “strong and independent” will have nowhere to run.

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      This is why so many men are afraid to tell women the truth, because they know the overwhelming majority of women cannot handle brutal honesty.

      I still stand by the statement I made in my book Negro Wars, if you cross paths with a violent female and there’s no way to talk her down from doing something stupid, if you can clout the rabble rousing jackal in the head and GET AWAY with it, DO IT.

      I remember seeing a video clip a few years ago of a guy in NYC who had to take down a violent female, of course afterwards he had to swiftly flee the scene because if caught he would’ve been arrested and be painted as the villain even though the woman started it.

      The other reason why I say the above is because more time if these women ever get brought before a court, they’re more likely NOT to be punished because most of these so called judges whether male or female are left leaning, liberal feminists.

      At least you know that justice has been served on the spot if you’re forced to take down a witch and can get away with it.

      I don’t like people who are drunk either(especially women), a few weeks ago when I was on the bus I almost got into it with a drunken knucklehead who kept bumping into me while standing and talking to a female opposite who he knew.

      I eventually had to softly push the dude to the side while telling him that he kept bumping into me. Of course this drunken fool wanted to fight me but his female acquaintance stood in-between us. It just so happens that I was getting off at the next stop so he was spared from being punished.

      Unfortunately this is what you have so much of in this Godless nation called the UK, irresponsible individuals who have totally lost respect for themselves and by extension believe they have the right to disrespect others and get away with it.

      Additionally, I walk these streets and am sore vexed daily by the amount of mobile phone zombies that almost run into me because they’re not looking at where they’re going. Is the phone that important to the point where they can’t put it down for just 5 minutes?

      As a sane individual who can think and reason for yourself, a large portion of your time is spent isolating yourself from the majority of the public because you can clearly observe that you are surrounded by mainstream media believing NPCs who lack responsibility as well as critical thinking skills.

      I struggle to understand this “let’s get drunk for the hell of it and be irresponsible” culture that has been present in the UK for years. The message remains the same, the West is done, get your passports and get the heck out of dodge.

  2. Is there any story in history of white women mutilating body parts of black men?

    Not a single story ever.

    White men have historical records of mutilating body parts in USA but are still seen as gods that can’t do anything wrong.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Because of the history between white men and black women, it’s a risky dynamic for these black females to get involved with, albeit Swirl Mountain acolytes believing the white man’s ice is colder as well as trying their hardest to get away from the very community they put in the sewer pipe will still choose to go there and frolic in the hay with General Blizzard at their own risk.

  3. Hybristophilia should be classified as a mental illness. It’s the where the whole “bad boy” fetish comes from.

    Imagine if Western women got wet for responsibility, having discipline and being intelligent, we’d have cured every illness and colonized all the planets by now.

    1. QuietNinja,

      Non Westernised nations understand the importance of not giving the woman equal footing as the man(because men and women are NOT equal) and a free reign to be a goofy knucklehead because they know what women are capable of and have seen that giving women “freedoms”(which really means allowing them to be unbridled whores without being responsible for the negative consequences that follow) typically doesn’t end well for them and society overall.

      The black female’s propensity towards choosing thugs, gangsters and criminals over decent, non criminal minded NORMAL men is a serious problem and yet another reason why black men with two brain cells to rub together must exit “Da Communitah” as well as get away from the stupid black female who is running it further into the sewer pipe.

  4. SYSBM: They found her foot.
    White sugar honey: Hope they find her body and I hope the fool get executed!

    I heard about this on YouTube. Let me tell you something. The white beta male can do some crazy things to a black woman. I’m not goanna say that I don’t have an issue with a black woman dating non-black men because I always saying it but these beta males will kill a black woman like it was nothing. They white beta male will chop them up and scatter their body all over the place, they will strangle them to death and put them in a luggage, they will use them in ghetto gaggers and have sex with them in a brutal manner, the list goes on and on. The beta male is still in jail with a five-million-dollar bond. If the ghetto ratchet scragglies are saying that white men are better then black men, then why something like this always happen to black women when they end up with Bottom Shelf Brad?

    Hey, keep your white sugar honeys safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      If white men aren’t out here killing black women and chopping them into bits then they’re using them a sex slaves and at the same time giving them HIV and other STDs. Let’s not forget Jason Roger Pope aka DJ Kid.

      1. Yep, that is true. And let’s not forget the French man who infected 1000 Kenyan women with HIV!

  5. Gentlemen,

    Here is another example of the black witch doing what she does best, being a nuisance and a pest, I’m sure some of you guys have come across this recent video of a black female harassing actor Alec Baldwin in what looks like a cafe.

    Then the black siren wants to play the victim when he’s had enough and slaps the phone out of her hands. Black women are totally incapable of leaving people alone, their need for attention trumps every other race of women on the planet, smh.

    Lastly, why is it that too many black folks love getting involved in business that has absolutely nothing to do with us? Let the Arabs and the Israelis sort out their own problems amongst themselves, they don’t need our help and they’re NOT asking for it either:

    1. Verbs2015,

      Good. Let others experience some of the same chaos we’ve been subjected to most our lives. I gotta admit, sometimes I get a kick out of seeing these bdubs cause mayhem in public when no black men are in the vicinity lol.

      According to the Keisha panderers like that jew boy whatever his name is and that weirdo punk ‘AngryBiracial’ who you posted about in an article last year, black women are the sweetest, kindest and most loving women on the planet while black men are these evil, huge monsters who attack and disrespect them for no reason at all. I mean, that’s been the narrative for so long, right?

      Or like the Russian chick who was on Twitter a few weeks ago defending Keishas and saying how we’re disrespecting our mothers, aunts blah blah blah. Yeah, wait til a group of jealous black females attack her in the street when they see that hair flowing and she’ll get that wake up call. When they attack other women, it goes in our favour as long as people learn to make the distinction between us and them. We just need to separate ourselves from Pookies and control our own narrative as decent black men.

      I say let these bdubs keep up their antics. Social media is a great tool because they have no problem showcasing all the things we’ve been talking about for decades. I’m glad when it spills outside da communitah. People are already getting tired of them.

  6. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! Here we have another casualty of Swirl Mountain; where are the divestors who crafted the false narrative about “Black femicide” being committed every 5.5 hours? This is what Black feminism has wrought inside of the communitah; General Tito (whose channel seems to have vanished from YouTube) did a live where he shared how while he was incarcerated, a White supremacist told him and the other Black guys around how Black feminism has gotten more straggs killed than anything else. How he even got in a White supremacist’s good graces to hear him share this is a story in and of itself; so, it’s no secret to any of us who watch Tito that he’s done time in the joint, so he knows firsthand about prison culture. He was part of a Black gang (I think he said he was a Vicelord) and their was a rival White gang, and there was a rumor floating around that one of the leaders’ daughter was pregnant with a Black man’s baby; it remained that way until she came to visit him one day, and along with her was the Black guy she was rumored to be pregnant for and their mixed baby.

    Everyone in the jail watched in silence to see how he would react; he didn’t get upset or lash out, but he did cry when he saw the baby. He took the baby and kissed his forehead and said that he was beautiful and commented positively on the baby’s appearance; all spectators soon resumed their activities after seeing him accept his grandson, but the White gang he belonged to kicked him out and told him he was no longer under their protection. Being alone, he approaches the Black gang and asks them for protection, even offering to pay them, but Tito is hesitant to accept because he doesn’t want trouble with the guy’s former crew. The White guy tells them not to worry because they aren’t hard like that; eventually, they agree to be his protection, and he puts money on each Black guy’s books. As soon as they become his protection, the White gang members leave him alone; now being a friend to Tito and the other Black inmates, they all hang out together.

    One day, they were watching TV when a female corrections officer changed the channel to a daytime talk show where misandry is endlessly spewed; he then spoke up and said what I mentioned at the beginning about feminism getting Black women killed. Tito and the other guys didn’t quite understand at first, but he explained to them that when the B Dubs atated that they didn’t need Black men anymore, they became easy targets for White serial killers; he highlighted a specific serial killer who targeted Black prostitutes, and even mentioned that before feminism, the pimps would be their protection. When Black women declared themselves to be strong and independent, they pretty much signed their death warrant; Rick Scorpio was ahead of the curve when he said that they would regret making enemies of good Black men. The future looks bleak for them; as for Sade Robinson, may she rest in pieces.

  7. Whether its the ghetto gagging scraggle daggle, or the low IQ hotep Pookie, the denizens of Blackistan suffer acute mental illness.

    Its downrighr criminal for black grey heads to go around lying to young blacks about da communitah’s virtues. The kindest thing black grey heads can do for young blacks, is teach them how to get as far away from da communitah as possible. This is doubly true for black males.

    Instead, the grey heads try to perpetuate generational black pathology. They do this because white liberal beta male zaddy compensates the pied pipers of Blackistani pathology very well. And they all want to be a well compensated pied piper of black pathology.


    I don’t really pay much attention to celeb stuff like that, but this is what happens most of the time when men don’t prioritise peace and their own wellbeing. I’ll never understand rich, successful men who don’t bother to vet women or go with females they knew were trash from the jump like this chick and actually seed them up top of that. Like damn, you worked hard for your success only to risk it to some stupid, lowlife thot. I know being rich and famous can make you a target, but come on.

    Oh and I notice all the bdubs and their backup singing male lackeys who are stuck with them are celebrating everything going on between Jeezy and his estranged wife and saying this wouldn’t have happened if he married a “sista” lol.

    1. If he would’ve married a sista, the same shit would happen too. They need to stop with all that.

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      These guys have the pick of the litter and yet they still settle for the trash. What’s up with dude getting a prostitute pregnant TWICE? Too many of these rich and famous black men are the cause behind their own destruction. They can keep that famous lifestyle, God knows what they sacrificed and had to do in order to get to that position. I’m good, I’d rather be a wealthy man on the quiet any day of the week.

      1. Verbs2015,

        It’s like being given the choice of owning brand new luxury cars but choosing a 25 year old vehicle with several previous owners that’s done over 300,000 miles and on it’s last legs. I’ll never understand it.

        Even the average working man with less to lose and less women to choose from still exercise dick discipline, but these celeb men still wife up crazy females that have been around the block more than police patrol and act surprised when they behave exactly as what they are (Remember Karrine ‘Superhead’ Steffans??). Crazy.


    Like I’ve always said, black athletes are the smartest group of black men on the planet when it comes to choosing partners. Yeah of course, not every relationship will last forever, but overall these men know the value of PEACE and having your own supporter by your side when you make it big.

    All the kweenz, simps and homos (who have no business spekaing on straight relationships) are kicking up a fuss like they always do every draft season like that’s gonna change anything. All of a sudden everyone cares about black wealth and love after shitting on black man all year round for the hell of it. Similar story to when black footballers date and marry out.

    No one cares about you when you’re a bus driver, janitor, electrician or plumber. But you come into some money or high profile position, all of a sudden da communitah come out from their burrows trying to see who you’re fucking and get into “gimme gimme gimme” mode like a bunch of parasites. SMH.

    They KNOW why black athletes disregard black females, but this wretched woman despite openly praising drug dealers and thugs and “don’t owe you no smile” is still somewhat of a sacred cow, but we’re the bad guys for pointing it out. No, we’ve had enough. There’s no shaming us. If our money goes into the hands of a non black female who is loyal and down for us, SO BE IT!!!


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