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Is This Your Queen? Ready To Be Ghetto Gagged! #SHORTS

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Why is the guy with dreads getting majorly upset? This is what these black females do, we free thinking black men already knew this, perhaps however he didn’t.

She’s ready to have a train ran on her by 3 bottom shelf Brads, this is your modern day black female, this is what she thinks of herself when it comes to fulfilling the sexual fantasies of her white lord and saviour Admiral Frost, the black witch is ready to do anything for him.

Where is Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson on this, of course, nowhere to be found. He won’t dare criticise his “black queens” because they’re the ones topping up his pockets.

Again, these are the same black women these pro black simps are ready to jump up, defend and fall upon the sword for. Did you notice when the guy with dreads pressed her on whether she was cool with what was going on ie the set up, she went silent for a moment.

These black sirens have no problems dehumanising themselves for Brad but then expect you to jump through 10001 hoops for some used up, rinsed out, ran through, semen filled snatch. No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

I guarantee you if she was surrounded by 3 black men she would’ve been demanding that they pay her some money, yet all three of these Captain Snowy types at this point got to smash for free.

Don’t worry, once she’s finished getting her guts rearranged by all three of those guys, she’ll be able to waltz right back into “Da Communitah” where they’ll be some blue pilled, pro black simp ready to call her “queen”, cuff and impregnate her.

This is one of many reasons why black women don’t respect black men, most black men point blank refuse to hold these black sirens accountable whenever they transgress and go astray because they’re a soft touch.

Just think, she’ll be bringing her 3 times jizzed up cooch back for some pro black simp to eat her out, it’s beyond disgusting to think about. Black women as a collective have no respect for themselves, so why should I respect them?

At least white men as a collective will hold their female counterparts to account whenever they engage in shady behaviour. You can guarantee that particular white female will be marked and word will be passed around regarding her extra curricular activities.

As an Original SYSBM™ Knight and a true SYSBM™ Practitioner, I don’t have to worry about women like this because I give them an extremely wide berth. The same however cannot be said for those black men who are still choosing to deal with these trashy broads. SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Whores Do Whatever Brad Tells Them To Do

Most High Bless

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19 thoughts on “Is This Your Queen? Ready To Be Ghetto Gagged! #SHORTS

  1. Something is off with the lady in the video but being a practitioner and an SYSBM knight, I know better than to defend her because as she said herself, she don’t need men like me. Prevention is better than the cure. It’s time for another reading of the tenets.

    1. Robert Chavis,

      The overwhelming majority of black females are mentally ill because they’ve been ran through by 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Field Mouse and Chunky Bruh.

      Women in general aren’t built to have sex with multiple men, hence why we have so many mentally ill females walking the streets today and the black female is leading the charge when it comes to NOT being right in the head.

      This is another reason why black women are unable to commit, via their religious dedication to feminism/Jezebel, their pair bonding abilities have been completely fragged.

  2. Oh man, those pictures are too much and made me squeamish lol.

    Black women happily let themselves be used and abused by Brad. Not threatened or cajoled into it, but willingly. I hear about all the stuff these “race loyal” kweens get up to when they go to Cyprus and these other places in Europe on their degenerate swirling cruises. Then they have the nerve to dick police black men and talk about “fetishes” when a white woman or any other non black woman simply expresses an interest in us.

    Like I said before, they’re not my women, so they can have all the fun in the world with Captain Snowman.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Indeed, let’s not forget about these black females and their “race play” antics but we’re not supposed to look at them as sellouts for engaging in that type of degeneracy, smh. Of course the term sellout in the eyes of black women can only be used against black men.

      The modern day black female is an international whore who has absolutely no problems opening up her legs to the lowest bidder, just ask Trap House Jim, Sheggy and Roof Top Trey.

  3. The dynamic between white men and swirlers is free sex and nothing more.

    This dude in dreads in living under a rock by his reaction.

    A snow bunny won’t be dehumanising herself for any black men.

    White Dutch women are my women.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      I completely agree regarding the relationship dynamic between white men and black women, I’ve been stating for the longest that black women are the ones who desperately wish there was more to it.

      At the same time let’s not pretend that white women(at least those in the West) aren’t also out here making slap fools and mockeries out of themselves, some of the things I’ve heard coming out of their mouths in recent times even the devil himself would be embarrassed to say in public.

      1. White Black Even Some Hispanic Women Do Crazy Shit At Times Here In Babylon (USA) Except That These Black Females TAKES THE CAKE IN FUCKERY!

  4. SYSBM: Have you heard about ghetto gaggers?
    White sugar honey: Yep. Downright degrading!

    I have no issues with black women dating non black men — Ah, the hell with it. I always say this all the time.

    Right, I know about ghetto gaggers since 2013 and trust me, it really the most disgusting, degrading thing ever. I know that porn is messing up men’s mind but I really don’t understand why anyone would enjoy ghetto gaggers. Have I watch porn — yes like every other man.

    When a ghetto ratchet black women say that black men ain’t shit, they end up with the worse type of white dude who will do nothing for her just like the worthless black man. And when they realise that the white beta male ain’t all cracked up to be, then they go pro black.

    The white beta male can do worse then any man. Have you heard what happened to the black women who was murdered by the beta male she met on Tinder and he chop up her body. They find her leg first you know.

    In the world of porn, we have heterosexual porn, interracial, homosexual, BBW, cuckoldness, even incest. But then, we have the one that is downright sick and that is ghetto gaggers and thug hunters.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      As much as I hate porn due to the damage it’s bringing on men, at the same time I do understand that because women in the West are so jacked up, until men are able to get themselves into environments where the dating scene is normal, they need sexual release and porn is the easiest vice to use in the meantime. It’s sad that things have come to this. As for the modern day black female, in their eyes any Brad will do because he is god, smh.

  5. Verbs 2015.

    Black women love their white lord and saviour so much that they would do any to stay as his slave bitch. That black man with the dreadlocks in the above video is a fucking simp because black women will never date guys like him until they become single mothers and they want a man to become the clean up man to clean up the mess that they themselves created. These black men simps are foolish and delusional into believing in this black love that doesn’t exist in 2024 as we all know that black women only love bad black men, white men/other non black men and celebrity men. Black women hate simps, SYSBM black men like us, Passport Bros and good black men.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Remember that masculine looking black siren who goes by the name of Kola Boof and how she said that she would rather be a white man’s whore than a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of a black man’s shoe.

      Again, one of the reasons why black women as a collective have such a disdain and deep seated hatred for black men is because simps like the above dread head who don’t hold them to account. He should of been going off on that fat black whore but instead he decided to side rage against Admiral Frost.

      It’s sad, most black men who deal with black women are so afraid of them but have no problems going in on other black men who have the nuts to step up and check these black heifers, smh.

  6. The Waka Flocka Flame doppelganger doesn’t have a clue about what he encountered; this is nothing more than plantation activity. Those White boys all are smiling and playing with this obese stragg’s boobs, but they wouldn’t be caught dead with her in public; I spoke about seeing something like this 2 weeks ago on Open Mic Wednesday where there was a skinny White guy (who looked very similar to the one in the video) rubbing his face in a fat Black female’s breasts in a car next to mine. Like I stated earlier, the Black guy with dreads is cluess about what he witnessed or he wouldn’t be so butthurt about seeing Ghetto Gaggers activity in 4K; the Brad worship seen in this short clip underscores what David Carroll said about classifying being a Black woman as a mental disorder. Just look at that stragg; she’s clearly off in the head.

  7. SYSBM Forever wrote:
    “Oh man, those pictures are too much and made me squeamish lol.”

    Verbs wrote:
    “Where is Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson on this, of course, nowhere to be found. He won’t dare criticise his “black queens” because they’re the ones topping up his pockets.”

    SYSBM Forever and Verbs,

    Unfortunately Ghetto Gaggers are now strong and powerful because of black feminist sponsors.
    I remember I first time heard about ‘Ghetto Gaggers’ which was 2012 when I watch Akwesi’s video (now that video is on Private) then I did some research about it and it turn out to be some dirty racist porn, I do not consider it porn at all.

    Throughout the years, these BW and Pro-Black simps so focus on Tommy Sotomayor and Red-Pill BM because they care about Keishas so much, but they will no say anything about ‘Ghetto Gaggers’. Why? Because the BW actually supports it. Throughout the years because Pro-Black hotep simps turn a blind-eye on ‘Ghetto Gaggers’, ‘Ghetto Gaggers’ has sponsors by the KKK and BW endorse it. Also the simps are the subscribers of ‘Ghetto Gaggers’.

    Why ‘Ghetto Gaggers’ is so powerful now?
    Thanks to simps sponsors and Black feminist, during the days of FS Avenger (Black Avenger) website. ‘Ghetto Gaggers’ has been going to FS Avenger website and the person who runs ‘Ghetto Gaggers’ are shitting in their pants because FS Avenger is Hard Core Red-Pill BM’s website and ‘Ghetto Gaggers’ seeing FS Avenger as a threat because FS Avenger expose ‘Ghetto Gaggers’ making trailers using Shawn James’ and late David Carrol’s soundbite on the ‘Ghetto Gaggers’ trailers. Shawn and David saw it and was expose on the Rabbit Hole.

    SYSBM Forever and Verbs ‘Ghetto Gaggers’ gets deeper as you think.
    ‘Ghetto Gaggers’ did mother and daughter version (yes BW by the way). Brian Solange expose deep and ‘Ghetto Gaggers’ trying to use copyright against FS Avenger (Brian Solange) because the Hard-Core Red-Pill BM expose ‘Ghetto Gaggers’ doing the lynching version using the KKK slave play showing Keishas getting lynched (hang) – Jim Crow Style.

    This gets better, the Keishas who participate in ‘Ghetto Gaggers’ say that the KKK men in ‘Ghetto Gaggers’ are the nicest guys, more nicer than BM. I remember the Keisha said this and stated that BM need to step up to the plate.

    It is sad that FS Avenger website is gone because all the dark secrets of ‘Ghetto Gaggers’ as all there. However I take this knowledge the send this to SYSBM Brothers so they get the information they need to be aware of Keishas.

    As for the simp with the dreads on the video dissing the white man. I think he is new to this, but SYSBM Knights know about ‘Ghetto Gaggers’ for 10 years now.
    This guy is butthurt Keisha rather have a small dick WM over a Pookie. I know I mention ‘dick’ here because the White Man said he is got a 4 inch package and he gets the Keisha and the simp trying to compensate by dissing the White Man. The dread guy need to take an L because he has no match for the White Man. Because Keisha knows that White Man is ‘God’ and the Dreadlock simp cannot box with God, his arm is too short to hit him.

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