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They Chose The Women They Chose – Get Over It! #SHORTS

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Once again, a big shout out to TeamWhiteGirls for bringing this to my attention. Firstly, let’s deal with the weave/wig, fake eyelashes, fake nail wearing, duck lip filler black siren in the last video.

No witch, the real reason why so many black NFL draftee players get with white women is because white women are prepared to BUILD WITH BLACK MEN FROM THE GROUND UP.

White women are nothing like you black sirens who want a pre-assembled, boil in the bag, microwave and ready in 3 minutes black man, white women are more than prepared to ride with a black man from when he has little to nothing.

I find it funny though that once that black man has built himself up and become somebody of reputation, all of a sudden these same black harpies will quickly come scurrying out of the woodwork sniffing in that man’s direction.

Black women are a bunch of entitled, selfish, lazy Jezebels who only want to deal with the finished product, they have absolutely no motivation to work with any man who doesn’t have any value to his name(apart from white males).

Gentlemen, don’t fall for this re-engagement Kansas City shuffle, dick policing black women and their black male simp flunkies know exactly why more black men are throwing in the towel on black women and opting for women from non ethnic backgrounds.

Unfortunately, we still have a load of blue pilled, black male simps as well as their black female overlords who want to play games and pretend they don’t know the legitimate reasons why more black men are choosing white women over black women.

We’re not playing these stupid games anymore, black women know the many reasons why they’re being left on the top shelf to collect dust, we’ve been repeatedly telling them for years but they don’t want to hear it.

Black women had first dibs on those black men and they rejected them because they wanted the gangsters, thugs and criminal type guys, the street hoodlums who can bring in and treat them with that fast money.

In the meantime, congratulations and a maximum salute to those black men who made the NFL draft with their white girlfriends. More successful black men are finally using their heads and steering clear of black women for many obvious reasons.

The same thing I’d say to Dick Police Detective and agent Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson is the same thing I’d say to anybody who has a problem with black men dating and marrying white women. If you want black women to be chosen more then IMPROVE THE PRODUCT!

The truth is most black women are NOT fit for relationships or marriage, the majority no longer look physically attractive, they’re incredibly disrespectful towards black men and this isn’t even taking into consideration their contractual obligation towards the State to keep black men flat on their faces in exchange for welfare, government assistance, benefits, housing etc.

Like I said before gentlemen, don’t get sucked into these redundant conversations, this is old news and just another attempt by black women aka “Da Communitah” to keep black men stagnant on the proverbial plantation. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Don’t Get Hoodwinked Into Participating In Redundant Conversations

Most High Bless

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41 thoughts on “They Chose The Women They Chose – Get Over It! #SHORTS

    1. Antonio Estabon,

      I can imagine. Obviously these black sirens and their black male simp flunkies were not happy at all, lol. Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine. #SYSBMFORLIFE

  1. If it’s not these masculine man face heauxes it’s the I can’t break free from my programming beta male simp enforcer types that are always trying to dick police the free thinking black man. It always warms my heart whenever I see a black man with a non black woman whether it be the NFL/NBA draft or just in general. These blue pill simps know the B-Dub is trash but they also suffer from the crabs in a barrel mentality & that’s part of the reason why they get so upset when they see a black man with someone who doesn’t remind the simp of his overweight masculine man face mama!

    1. Val Zod,

      As I’ve said many times before as well as in my book Negro Wars, the blue pilled, black male simp is the black female’s last bastion of hope in attempting to get decent, well to do brother to remain on the decadent plantation.

      The main problem they have as we’ve both pointed out is the fact that the current condition of the modern day black female is square deep in the sewer pipe. These pathetic blue pilled simpletons are so desperate to please their black queenies for Scooby snacks and brownie points.

  2. I’ll copy and paste my post from yesterday on the open mic article:


    Like I’ve always said, black athletes are the smartest group of black men on the planet when it comes to choosing partners. Yeah of course, not every relationship will last forever, but overall these men know the value of PEACE and having your own supporter by your side when you make it big.

    All the kweenz, simps and homos (who have no business spekaing on straight relationships) are kicking up a fuss like they always do every draft season like that’s gonna change anything. All of a sudden everyone cares about black wealth and love after shitting on black man all year round for the hell of it. Similar story to when black footballers date and marry out.

    No one cares about you when you’re a bus driver, janitor, electrician or plumber. But you come into some money or high profile position, all of a sudden da communitah come out from their burrows trying to see who you’re fucking and get into “gimme gimme gimme” mode like a bunch of parasites. SMH.

    They KNOW why black athletes disregard black females, but this wretched woman despite openly praising drug dealers and thugs and “don’t owe you no smile” is still somewhat of a sacred cow, but we’re the bad guys for pointing it out. No, we’ve had enough. There’s no shaming us. If our money goes into the hands of a non black female who is loyal and down for us, SO BE IT!!!


    Of course da communitah came after me on Twitter all day yesterday with the usual lol.

    I don’t know why people even bother doing the annual piss and moan as if it’s gonna change anything.

    Look how BWs carry themselves on social media and in real life. They were bad when I was young, but they’re monsters today. They literally brag about being unfriendly to regular black men and openly and shamelessly admit wanting drug dealers, so what young brother with potential and his whole life ahead of him is gonna want THAT by his side?

    SYSBM now and forever!

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      I went on your Twitter timeline and peeped that tweet you dropped about how nobody would care if those NFL draftsmen were bus drivers and I see that the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure alongside their pro black simp flunkies scurried out of the woodwork thick and fast and really came after you.

      I also see how they tried to switch it on you by saying that a black man made the original tweet you responded to, however regardless these pro black simps are always acting under the instructions of their black female overlords.

      Again, we already know the black witch’s position, “the black male is my grunt work flunky to use as I please, he is my slave and whatever he produces is mine and mine alone to access”.

      I keep on saying it, black women view black men as slaves, commodities and assets, if only more black men would be honest and just acknowledge this.

      If the black siren genuinely cared about black wealth so much then she’d stop buying all these weaves/wigs as well as abandon frequenting all of these Chinese nail salons every 2-3 weeks.

      The part that really gets me is black women pretending that they care about black men when all they do 24 hours a day, 7 days per week is urinate and defecate upon their heads.

      I’m so glad to see more black men waking up and saying enough is enough, these black harriets really thought their witchcraft and enchantments on black men would hold in place forever, lol.

      1. Verbs2015,

        LOL you know how it is. Da Communitah love to come at me with the pitchforks every now and again whenever I hit a nerve.

        “I also see how they tried to switch it on you by saying that a black man made the original tweet you responded to, however regardless these pro black simps are always acting under the instructions of their black female overlords.”

        That’s why I told them they were deliberately being obtuse. There ain’t shit a bdub can tell me. To say I’m beyond done with them is an understatement. Simps and bdubs both deserve each other. Those brothers who needed to read it were supportive and helped get the message out. Those are the only ones I care about.


        Once again, Queen Suereyya comes back with another gem defending black men against the wicked females we came out of:

        THIS is why we date and marry out. THIS is why young black athletes in their prime are giving bdubs the cold shoulder in favour of REAL women.

        I honestly need to see what Deutschland is saying as an option as it’s only a little under two hours flight and the women are MUCH better quality than the ones in this dump we live in.


  3. Another shoutout to TeamWhiteGirls.

    White American women are the only option for Black American men who are only into snow bunnies but can’t leave USA for whatever reason.

    White Dutch women in my opinion are a better option when it comes to choosing the best type of white Beckies to date globally.

    The blackistan males and sheboons are very angry of not receiving generational wealth from NBA and NFL.

    “White women are more than prepared to ride with a black man from when he has little to nothing”.

    This quote is a reminder of why thinking black man are using their middle fingers 🖕🖕 to black societies.

    White women are with their black boyfriends or their black husbands from start to finish lines.

    Black commumities only care about finish lines and not interested at building up from the start.

    This is why they are mad at white women receiving generational wealth from their black boyfriends or black husbands.

    1. Brother long time no see , just like last year when i stated clearly shanequa will be left in the dust once brothers starts marrying Becky and other non black women .My only advise to these upcoming succesful nfl superstars is to invest wisely eg real estate, stocks ,commodities and crypto at least when their time in the nfl comes to a close they will have amassed generational wealth for their mixed kids.

      For shanequa lets just say their generational wealth is section 8 and welfare. What is your say concerning the doom that awaits the scraggle daggles?

      1. The doom is here and it will get a lot worse for black societies within the next 5 years.

        Upcoming black athletes tend to be smarter in America when it comes to choosing the best quality partner for dating out.

        They have to be if they want to secure a new family with their significant others.

        White American women will continue to scoop up productive black men as always.

    2. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Every year it’s the same old same old from black women and their pro black male simps, yet every year this modern day black female continues to trundle downhill at a rapid pace and her black male flunkies don’t have the nuts to tell her to change course in order to avoid further destruction, calamity and relegation, smh.

      Like I said before, black women already had first pickings of these guys and the past them up because as the black female in the last video said, they view them as “corny”(except when they become professional players, then it’s conveniently time to give them a pass).

      Black men simply need to carry on doing what’s best for themselves and ignore this fake outrage from “Da Communitah”.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    The reason why SYSBM black men and good black men in general are dating white women in 2024 and beyond is because white women are willing to be with black men who have nothing in the start of their sports careers or job careers whereas black women want a ready made superstar to be rich with money, power and resources so that black women can gold dig that black man so that they can live their lavish lifestyle without putting any work towards maintaining a solid relationship. I don’t blame black men who get into mixed race relationships with white women and other non black women because those types of women who are more than likely to be with that black men in the good times in life and the bad times in life whether he is rich or poor. Black relationships in 2024 is dead and finished because black women only have kids with the worst type of black men ever and when they become single mothers with 3 kids from 3 different baby daddys all of the sudden they want the decent childfree black man that they friend zoned in their younger years (18 to 30) to come in and play step daddy to kids that aren’t even his and that is the biggest disrespect to a decent black man who made good choices in life. I am a big supporter of mixed race relationships between black men and non black women in 2024 and beyond.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The serious lack of introspection on the part of black women at this stage is beyond ridiculous, they point blank refuse to look at themselves as the possible reason why more black men are choosing to go with white and other non black female.

      The arrogance and the ignorance from black women is off the damn chain, they deserve every part of being single. They openly work against their male counterparts yet still want us to deal with them as if we can’t see they’re constantly conspiring and scheming against us, smh. #SYSBMFORLIFE

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I am SYSBM for life man. 😎👍💯

    2. Big Facts! They Want Resources From Black Men And Still Control The Narrative At Everything The Black Man Do..Black Women See Black Men As ATM’s With Penises ..

  5. Verbs2015,

    I’m getting weary of chronicling the scraggle daggle’s many faults because there are so many of them.

    But the biggest difference I’ve noticed between black women and white women is this. I concede that today’s white women are a bit contaminated by 4th wave feminism and white beta male liberalism. But for the most part, white women still live in the real world. By that I mean that a white woman who is a 3 knows she is a 3, one who is a 4 knows she is a 4, etc.

    Not so with the scraggle daggle. The scraggle daggle can be a one on her best day and think she’s a nine. She will think she deserves to be wifed up by a world class black athlete making hundreds of millions. She even expects to be entitled to commit all manner of fuckery against him, squander his money, then decide to be divorced and get half of everything.

    But, the fault for this is da communitah itself and the black male simp cohort that comprises its male population. That’s right, most blacks of all strata consider black females to be more valuable than black males. They ingrain this nonsense in both male and female black children. Consequently, you have these black females who think they deserve black men who are so much better than they are. The thing is, most black males in Blackistan believe this too.

    This is why I say that if you are a black male who truly has a good mind, good character, and great prospects for the future, you had better give Blackistan a very wide berth, if you want to have a good life.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      The daggle continues to remain delusional regarding who she is and what she’s entitled to(which at this stage is nothing). If you treat black men like garbage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, expect said black men to eventually seek love and companionship amongst women who’ll show them appreciation.

      I really don’t understand how the modern day black female cannot understand such a simple concept. As you’ve stated, the bottom line for black men who’ve got something going for themselves is to get as far away from “Da Communitah” as they possibly can and NEVER look back.

  6. Verbs,

    I was going to do my mouthful but you beat me to it when you wrote the article and I agree 100%

    Here is a video of a simp trying to figure out why BM athletes gets with a snowbunny.

    This video of a bitter BW trying to find out whey Black Athletes marry a white woman

    Now this is when I put Russel Wilson into the mix because some brothers on the Hardcore Red-pill crews see the fate of Russel because if he retires from Football, Ciara will return back to the streets and leave Russel just like the Rapper ‘Future’ stated. The Red-Pill homeboys stated that ‘they will be waiting’ meaning when Russell takes an ‘L’

    Snowbunnies always ride or die with the Black Men even they do not get drafted because they invest the money when he retires.
    Black Athletes knows that BW are for the money, if he BM do not get drafted, he get ditch for a Pookie.

    This happen years ago when I cannot remember the basketball player’s name when he was not drafted, this 304 (cannot remember here name) dumped him for a Pookie, calling him broke bum, then a year later he got drafted for a $20 million deal and when his ex found out during the live panel, she completely lost the plot and went psycho and drunk in front of the simps panel because she miss the big bag.

    1. MMT,

      It’s the same old pattern with the modern day scraggle daggle, wait at the finish line for the accomplished black man and still expect to be picked up even when you rejected him during his up and coming years, the nerve of these black harpies, smh.

      Stephen Jackson?? Wasn’t he the same Negro a few years ago who made a video telling black men how black women are NOT their friends going into details about the various ways in which black women shaft black men?

      I remember posting that video on the previous website where Jackson spilled the beans on these black sirens but as per usual, later he retracted said statements made because the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure got on his case. Guys like him never stay consistent, smh, flip flopping until the end.

    2. Michael Mistertea wrote:
      “This happen years ago when I cannot remember the basketball player’s name when he was not drafted, this 304 (cannot remember here name) dumped him for a Pookie, calling him broke bum, then a year later he got drafted for a $20 million deal and when his ex found out during the live panel, she completely lost the plot and went psycho and drunk in front of the simps panel because she miss the big bag.”

      I know exactly what you talking about. It was PJ Washington and Brittany Renner.
      She divorce him for a Pookie and wash his hands of him because he was broke and send up with being a single mother, years later as soon as she found out on Charleston White show when the simp ask her about her ex (PJ) getting a $50 million contract, she went drunk and become psycho because she can no longer get the bag, she miss the bag and she is completely lost it in the panel and almost had a fight because she is not getting red cent out of him.
      That was priceless.

      Link =

      1. That is one Andy C.
        Thanks for this. It is Brittany Renner and PJ Washington.
        Brittany got humiliated in the panel when her ex move on with the new contract and she is stuck in the streets.

  7. The communitah led by Umar johnson the shameless liar and his bunch of yaya bin hoteps need to shut the fuck up. The Beckies were with the brothers who were busy working hard and training themselves for future drafts while black women were busy having their vaginas being drilled by pookie and rayray.

    Black women need to know they are cooked and fried ,these brothers are already sorted ,this mentallity of ‘oh you need to be with a black girl’ so what ?! just because am black and succesful does not mean i marry a black woman .The question should be WERE YOU THERE WHEN I WAS CLIMBING UP TO THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN? IF NOT SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!. Any comments or further clarifications brothers feel free to do so

    1. Edward Maina,

      I think that’s the main point here, these same black females rejected those black men when they were up and coming and it isn’t just the case with athletes either, that same first right of refusal/rejection pattern goes for black men from all walks of life. As the saying goes, “if you weren’t there for me when I had nothing, why should I accept you now that I have something”? #SYSBM™

      1. Brother verbs you are absolutlely right on this one, black women reject brothers who are principled,hardworking , God-fearing and so forth . this is what separates bw from non black women, Becky is not just looking for a man who is grinding but a brother who will be a good example to his kids.I have been watching Accountability Channel for almost 2 months and I can say bw are going to be single probably until the return of Jesus Christ the number of problems they are encountering such eviction being fired from jobs, rejection from Brad is on the rise and now they are coming for brothers to restore”black love” , here is my answer ” BLACK LOVE IS BULLCRAP IT WILL NEVER SURPASS THE LOVE BECKY OR ANY OTHER NON BLACK WOMEN HAS FOR A BROTHER”. What is your say concerning the devil woman ie bw?

  8. I grow tired of these clowns always popping up with their two cents about affairs that don’t involve them. Luckily they telegraph their moves (of the ever numerous in their playbooks) so they are easy to spot and ridicule. I personally never engage with them as my energy is to be used on productive manners, life is too short to live the way most in the communitah do. How silly does it look to be focused on the endeavors of teenagers and who they choose to be with? It is utter madness that these idiots rush to social media when that energy could be focused on more important matters.

    As a guy in my late-20s I look at older Millennial, Gen X, and Boomer black males still stuck in the plantation/simp mindset with shame and disdain. Especially older black men rushing to the defense of black women when they were put through the ringer at my age. The question is why? There are no brownie points to be gained with the ladies of the witches’ coven hence why it is a lost cause. This shit isn’t a video game where XP can be collected. I am annoyed seeing emasculated and feminine minded black males trying to cape for a demographic of females who on their own volition, time-and-again show their true colors. I know some will go to their grave still defending the enemy, yet I hope some of these knuckleheads see the light.

    1. Kameran Fleets,

      I remember stating in my book Negro Wars how unfortunately most black men would become victims and casualties pining and chasing after the same black women who clearly don’t care about them.

      Exactly how many times do these pro black male simps need to get treated like garbage before the penny finally drops and they realise that their black female overlords are NOT their friends?

      I personally believe it’s the elder Gen X and Boomer cohorts who are the worst offenders when it comes to jumping up to defend the black witch.

      Most of those guys are gluttons for punishment, in their minds it’s worth it even though the same black females don’t even bother giving them the time of day.

      What’s most annoying to me is the pretence still being promoted by them that nothing is wrong with black female society and that black men who refuse to deal with dysfunctional black women are the ones who have issues, smh.

  9. I have been watching all of this meltdown on Facebook aka FeministBook over the black men and their non black women at the draft.

    Fellas, these dudes are like the rest of us, overlooked, dismissed, ignored, invisible and passed by. We didn’t get mad, we found women who like us and those women didn’t look like us.

    Black folks have long wanted black men to be the mules who worked themselves to death for a community with no morals, no values, no ethics, no sense of direction, no purpose and if you dare try to exert authority, black women along with their simp enablers will fight you to the bitter end. They love Mr. Charlie, Mr. Wong, Ms. Steniem, and El Hector when they come in because they know better and they got it down.

    This anti patriarchy talk these black folks are on is NOTHING but anti black male, they love patriarchy as long as black men are not in charge. Write that down!

    Black men who have options need to use them. The black community is for money making purposes ONLY! Its dead and done. Get some property while its down as it will eventually be gentrified and those who stay fighting us will be pushed out to some podunk suburb. They can have little marches around the confederate park about how they want to take their community back.

    Blacks have told us they don’t like us as thinking and productive black men so we need to go to other pastures and call it a day. Dont be lulled back by these liberal non black men, black women and simps, get free and get gone!

    1. SYSBMRookie,

      Well said, we always have to remind these bootlickers that black women proudly reject the best and the brightest black men in place of 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Chunky Bruh, Two Snacks and Field Mouse all day everyday.

      They can’t now complain about the guys they claim they didn’t want going elsewhere to be loved, appreciated and celebrated. This is one of the main reasons why I say this fake outrage should be ignored.

      It’s long been established that the so called black community is finished, it cannot be saved primarily because of a serious dearth of moral compass which has been injected in by none other than the modern day black female herself.

      “Da Communitah” is a gynocentric, feminist, cesspool of degeneracy, filth and failure which must be left to crash and burn out by itself.

  10. Thanks for the shoutout Babatunde.

    The last tiktok video featuring Michael Clark Duncan with a Weave is an excellent example of why so many Black Men are choosing the SUPERIOR option of White Women. Black Men want Fit, Feminine, Friendly and CIVILIZED, NOT Fat, Masculine, Belligerent and BARBARIC.

    And this is just the first salvo,the 2024 NBA Draft is June 26 where we’ll have the secondary detonation of weaves nationwide🤣🤣

    I really can’t explain to you guys how much fun I’ve had since the draft watching Klu Klux Keshia, Glocktavious and the Moist Mafia have a literal PSYCHOTIC breakdown over Black Men and their White girlfriends.

    And last, I thought Klu Klux Keshia was divesting, I thought she wanted “pasta n lobster”, I thought she was in the “4B movement”, I thought she’d rather be with a bear than a man, I thought she wanted to abort ALL Black Male babies, I thought Black Men where broke, and dusty. HMMM, there sure are alot of Weaves in flames over Black Men that Klu Klux Keshia says she supposedly…DON’T WANT!

    1. Teamwhitegirls,

      All these weaveheads do is show WHY young black men need to stay away from them. They excel in the worse qualities of womanhood and severely lack in the best.

      I’ve yet to hear a good reason why we should date them anyway. All you ever hear is “cuz yo moma blakkkkk” or “what about da communiteee”. I’ve never heard one good argument on why a black female is a better choice for me. Why exactly should I date them (other than the aforementioned b.s. and what our kids might look like) over others? What are they gonna offer me that other women can’t?

      At one point, I was the biggest supporter of “black love”. Married one and all that. Nothing in my life was enhanced or got any better – in fact it only got worse. Some bdubs would tell us “it’s nice to see a black couple”. That’s it. No one really cares about you. They just want the image so THEY can feel better.

      Da communitah act like getting with a black woman is like being handed the keys to heaven. At best – and I mean, AT BEST – you’re just with another female. Most of the time, you’re only experiencing sheer hell.

      1. Bro as far as am concerned black love is counterfeit because it only benefits bw but a brother its a living hell.

    2. TeamWhiteGirls,

      As was mentioned by commenter SYSBMRookie, why are these disingenuous black females getting their panties in a bunch over black men they supposedly “didn’t want”? Didn’t we hear that same line before when the Passport Bros movement blew up, “we didn’t want you anyway”?

      The black witch couldn’t divest even if she wanted to. We already know that white and other non black men just aren’t checking for black women like that, even less now that most black females look like trannies and crossdressers in combination with their inability to behave like ladies.

      As for the 4B movement, black women have absolutely NO sexual discipline, this is why they keep ending up getting pregnant by on the street corner, outside of the convenience store, gold grill wearing, trousers sagging serial impregnators.

      Tyrone’s member is too good for the weave/wig wearing, feminist black siren to pass up, there’s no way she’d forsake getting her insides rearranged by Roof Top Trey.

      As for abortion, that’s probably the only act these modern day black females are fairly consistent on. They say we’re “broke” and “dusty” yet here they are sideways begging for the same “broke” and “dusty” guys they rejected beforehand, you cannot make this stuff up. Roll on the NBA Draft. #SYSBM™

  11. SYSBM: The dick police is happening again.
    White sugar honey: And it’s mostly these simps are doing it.

    The reason why black men are choosing white women or non-black women is that when it comes to black women, they are not willing to back black men until they become the finish product. And white women, they are committed to support him.

    Let me tell you something. This is a frigging melt down with not only with the ghetto ratchet black women but with these simps who are siding with these ratchets just to get some pum pum! But at the end of the day, these simps will lose as the thugs like Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Rum Smugger Don, Whiskey Baron Tony, Gin Trafficker Harry, Long Cocky George and Fuck All Night Freed.

    Simp: This needs to be stopped!
    Me: Leave them the fuck alone!

    Now, not all black men are with non-black women but there are some black men will not date black women with all of the dysfunctional behaviour they are displaying and they are not afraid to show it, Lord have mercy. When Dr Foolmar Johnson sees black men with non-black women, suddenly he has a fit. But he might overdose with all the cocaine he’s snorting.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  12. It is so tiring to hear the same old dick policing babble from the usual suspects; they still have yet to speak on the situation with Sade Robinson being hacked apart by the Brad she dated. That daggle in the first video looks like Stephen Jackson in drag; she has the gall to question whether these guys like being Black, but she has somebody else’s hair on her head. Make that make sense! As for the next video, I would like to know what this guy’s obseesion is with what another Black man chooses to do with his family jewels? Also, those last two lames talking about these guys not finding Black women need to shut up; Black women aren’t the only options out there! Besides, hkwbis that any of their business? Then, we have that one stragg who thinks it’s “suspicious” that all of the guys drafted are with White women, but is it teally?

    I believe we see this manifestation of these young Black athletes in these interracial relationships because they’ve listened to Red pill content; I remember the Thinking Man’s Templar did a video years ago where he received an email from a star athlete in college who is in an interracial relationship (as well as his brother who is also a star athlete). He also mentioned that his whole team listened to TMT’s videos together in the locker room; it must be said that we have a whole generation of young men who have grown up on Manosphere content, and are now adults acting on the knowledge they’ve received over the years. Even if the Manosphere came to an end tomorrow, the truth it espoused lives on forever. Shoutout to free thinking Black men!


  13. It’s like the movie GroundHog day, this is the same argument daggles had in 2015, 2017, 2018, 2020.

    Fyi I had no family members in the Draft, but it was in the D my former hometown. Simple explanation (PROXIMITY) majority of women in PWI’s are ……. WHITE. (65% of college students are female) Most of these football players are middle class not poor inner city dudes. They are mostly SUBURBAN dudes, most of their GF are white. Most of these cats in the NFL don’t even know about sysbm, ect.

    Please don’t use that guy Caleb Williams is possibly/allegedly a pansexual. Heavily venerates the occult ie wiccan (allegedly), as a religious guy Verbs, eeeh!! Pick another example please… He paints his fingernails 💅 and wore a dress in a photo shoot for GQ.

    About the Writer,
    Bounty Hunter for Dick Policing Certification 1.0
    SYSBM Online University ™ Alumni 2013
    I like long walks to the Bank and Library, love traveling, and avoiding the daggle

  14. Listen to Shawn James how he goes on about this NFL Draft is part of the White Supremacy and comparing the draft with Swirlers and divestors. You cannot even make this up without using racist white men term.
    Shawn need to understand that this is got nothing to do with racism and White System. There are no White Conspiracy at all.
    This is all about Black females do not want men who are building themselves up and Beckies just being a helpmate. That is all.

    1. Sheriff X,

      Shawn James is stuck in 1989, guys like him refuse to accept the current decrepit condition of the modern day black female. He has no idea of how hostile black women are towards GOOD black men. You cannot reason with the unreasonable, likewise you cannot build with those who seek to destroy your works on behalf of another(General Blizzard). Becky will continue to swoop down and scoop up those black men that black women claim they “don’t want”, good, all the better for quality brothers.

    2. The problem Sheriff is that Pro Black spending time talking crap againt their competitors such as comic and dating instead of improving their own product.
      Triple H the wrester said it himself that you cannot stop people shopping elsewhere.
      These Pro-Blacks keeping on call customers ‘Sell-Out’ for shopping elsewhere instead of why the customers shopping in their Pro-Black shop.
      Shaming customers are not going make them buy their product. Infact get discouraged.
      He is 50 and he his unemployable for life, thanks to a BW.
      I understand the job market is hard, but the BW are his obstacle so he need to acknowledge that.

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