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Black Men, Walk Away From Black Women, 12 Good Reasons Why – Classic Repost – Part 2!

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Continuing From Part 1:


Black women are generally unhygienic individuals, single mothers are typically the worst offenders. The typical household headed by the black woman will contain some of the following.

Clothes scattered all over the floor, used plates, cups and pots piling up in the sink, dirty used nappies lying in a corner, mattress typically is on the floor minus the bed, food and drink stains on the floor aswell as on furniture, their children running around with snotty noses that look like they haven’t been cleaned in days.

Children running around with no clothes on, wearing a weave that hasn’t been changed in months, vaginal cleanliness is typically down the toilet because black girls generally are not taught by their mothers how to clean their privates, therefore they are forced to freestyle and figure things out for themselves.

She is smelly because black women typically do not pride themselves upon how they look and smell missing out on taking baths for days, she is overweight due to an excess of testosterone and Estrogen in her system.

Black women priding themselves on being fat instead of taking the right initiative to lose weight, these are some of the common scenarios that a black man will come across when dealing with black women as a group.

Of course there is always the STD side of things, black women have the highest STDs out of all races of women. Of course this comes as no surprise seeing as black women have turned into the number one Jezebels and sluts on the planet.

Black women are typically referred to as “cum dumpsters” because they will permit any and all men to offload their semen into them. We already knew in 2010 that half of black women had herpes, even though some have attempted to rubbish the findings, the CDC has stuck to its declared results, yes it is true, in 2010 48% of black women had herpes.

Who knows what horrific numbers we’ll be running across today. The answer to this is simple, black women as a group are sexually irresponsible.

Black women generally are not clean individuals, this is yet another reason why black men must begin to look for love and companionship elsewhere.


That’s right, most black women already come pre-packaged with children. This is no good for a man who wishes to start his own legacy and lineage from scratch.

Yet another reason why black men must abandon black women, as black men contrary to the propaganda you have been fed by black women for most of your lives, you are NOT obligated to take onboard and look after another man’s children. Looking after a black woman’s fatherless child or children is not your responsibility.

You’ll notice that more non black women who have children are much more willing to accept their lot, they understand that seeking a man having already had children decreases their value in the dating market.

Again, it’s only black women who still believe they hold the same sexual marketplace value with or without children. Of course taking onboard a woman who already has children is more complex when the children are aware of their surroundings and understand that you are not their biological father.

The fact of the matter is as a black man there is a much higher chance of finding a non black woman without children than a black woman without children as non black women tend to prioritise and have goals for their lives that warrant not getting pregnant until the right time(not so much in the West anymore).


Most black women live for the argument, black women love arguing, they cannot get through their day without involving themselves in some kind of oral altercation in order to quench the thirst for verbal confrontation.

Black women will most likely start arguments with black men because unlike non black men and women, we have been tolerating this dysfunctional behaviour for the longest while, many of us believing that we had an obligation to do so.

However, I am happy to report that more black men are starting to give argumentative black women the middle finger and an extremely wide berth, rightly so.

Men look for peace, men generally gravitate towards peaceful environments, when we come home from the battlefield of work we have no desire to continue fighting the same wars on our own home turf, however black women in their drive to collect their RDA of attention and contention completely ignore this.

This brings me to my second point, black women as a whole do not listen. When was the last time you were engaged in a conversation with a black female and she managed to keep her mouth shut without interrupting you for the duration of your speech, I’ll wait?

This is the problem with the overwhelming majority of black women walking the planet today, they refuse to listen to good, sound advice mainly because they always believe they’re right, thus in their own discombobulated minds words of wisdom and good counsel from outsiders are automatically written off as valueless.

You already know the saying, “when you try to reason with fools you become a fool yourself”. Black men, stop attempting to reason with foolish black women, instead allow them to crash and burn out in their own ignorance, stupidity, pride and arrogance.

Of course these same foolish black women always have to have the last word as standard. I say if at all possible, don’t engage them to begin with, if you see them attempting to bait you into a conversation that you know is going to profit you nothing, I advise you not to get involved at all.


Black women have huge superficial, materialistic, hedonistic problems and this is primarily why their priorities are so backwards. The modern-day black siren is all about money, clothes, shoes, jewellery, cars etc.

Remember, despite black women having a greater spending power due to the fact that they have been inserted into an artificial position of leadership, coupled with them being government assets who are able to freely indulge in the treats and the benefits of the State, single black women possess a median net worth that is square deep in the sewer pipe.

Black women typically spend their money on nothing constructive at all, we as black men see this for ourselves first hand. It’s all about me, me, me, me, me in the mind of most black females.

Their appetite for materials must be satisfied and their drive for money which allows them to indulge in this practice has them engaging in all manner of degenerate acts.

Black women have no problems selling themselves to any man who is willing to pay, it existed), Tinder, Instagram, OnlyFans, TikTok and Ghetto Gaggers are some of the most common places you will find black women degrading themselves in order to gain a quick buck.

Black women bring no tangible qualities to the table apart from in extremely rare cases physical features, yet they expect black men to break the bank funding their childish pursuits of all things material.

This is why I stated in an article I wrote 8 years ago(which will be reposted at a later date) dealing with black women embracing slut culture, most black women today are actually prostitutes by trade.

This leads me onto black women and their delusional expectations of black men, is it any wonder why most black women today are single? He has to be over 6 feet tall, earn 6 figures, have a 6 pack, at least possess a 6 inch penis(minimum size) drive his own car, own his own house, pay her bills, have no children etc, etc, etc.

Remember what I stated about feminists in my book Negro Wars, how they are decadent, lazy slobs looking for free hand outs and an easy ride through life?

Doesn’t this description fit the modern-day black woman to a T? Mind you, remember that these demands are coming from women who have a median net worth sitting at the bottom of the toilet bowl.

Just on a side note, have you noticed that for the longest while it was very difficult to research the median net worth of black men? I came across an article some time ago that pegged the US black man’s median net worth at just over $7000. Since then I believe the median net worth of US black men has risen to between $10-15K.

I’d observe the median net worth of black women by itself and black couples but to see data on the black man’s median net worth by itself was extremely rare. Obviously it is much higher than that of black women which is why the mainstream media went to great lengths to hide the info, in fact this is a heavy embarrassment to black women seeing as more black men are in prison when compared to them.

We as black men are the most oppressed and downtrodden individuals, we receive no government hand outs nor any State assistance whatsoever, yet we still have a net worth higher than that of black women. Black women ought to be ashamed of themselves. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Stay tuned for part 3. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Date Out For Your Own Health, Safety And Sanity

Most High Bless

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14 thoughts on “Black Men, Walk Away From Black Women, 12 Good Reasons Why – Classic Repost – Part 2!

  1. 7 – This is no random insult. That grifter D’Neika Marie once said in one of her videos that the reason a lot of black men don’t want to mess with bdubs is cos of their poor hygiene. I also read on Twitter recently that even some lesbian said she will be with a fine bdub and the smell would be off putting – even muff divers are complaining!

    I remember back in the day when black women use to mercilessly ridicule white women for poor hygiene and lack of cleanliness. How times change.

    8 – ….and the nerve of Da Communitah expecting ME to take on one of these harridans and her load of rugrats – usually by different daddies. What do hell do I get out of that package? They can’t even show good black men basic respect, but want us to raise THEIR families? Look at the animal kingdom. Even male lions have the right idea because they ain’t raising the next male’s cubs.

    We already know the many demerits of a man being stupid enough to put himself in this position. There’s way too many examples of this, so no need to elaborate.

    They say it takes a village. Well, the village never did shit for me and if I didn’t seed up a woman, she and her kids are not my responsibility. Not my problem if Wasteman Wayne and Natasha can’t exercise self control or use protection. FOH.

    9 – Yup, always the need to argue and fight over nothing. They cannot stand peace. Even when you’re talking to someone else about something they’ll feel the need to interject with a contradiction for the hell of it or something disrespectful and totally nonsensical. Always have to butt in, add their little two pennies worth and argue to the death even when they’re making no sense at all which is usually the case. This is why I call them Deadites after the demons in the Evil Dead movies, because it’s like they just exist to cause total chaos and disarray for no reason at all.

    10 – Indeed. I’ve never known them to be frugal and wise with money and it shows. They’ll have all the latest this and that, yet they live in a matchbox and their fridge is empty SMH. Then they expect you to subsidise and help them out, but they’re supposedly independent. I wouldn’t throw them a penny I find on the ground. Again, not my problem.


  2. Not my women, not my problem.

    This should be the response from all black men on earth.

    Unfortunately this ain’t the reply for most.

    English women in general don’t wash their genitalia.

    This is another reason to avoid anglo saxon women, including negress sheboons.

    Childfree is my answer to no single mothers.

    This applies to my future white dutch girlfriend.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    I fully agree with the list part 2. I ain’t raising any single mothers bastard kid/kids that isn’t mine that the single mother had with some watless irresponsible baby father. I am also not going to fix a fucked up situation that I didn’t create in the first place because thats the black communitys problem not mine. I want to create my own nuclear family from scratch with a beautiful childfree non black woman.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Single motherhood must be shamed and shunned at every turn, let the pro black simps “step up” and take care of Slim Sauce’s devil spawn seedlings. I refuse to raise another man’s children and no tatted up, weave/wig, fake eyelashes and heavy makeup wearing black siren is going to shame me into doing otherwise.

  4. I was going to comment on part 1, but I decide to wait until part 2 because there is something to say and I am going to do my 3Ms (Michael Mistertea Mouthful)!


    SYSBM Forever wrote:
    “I’ve never known them to be frugal and wise with money and it shows.”

    SYSBM Forever and Verbs,

    I am going to tell you the secret of how BW talks about how they are fugal with money and saying how BM are in debt.

    For decades, single mothers committed Credit Card and ID fraud. That is how they do this.

    How this works is because they require male’s authority to have credit information and they do not have a man because they are in Section 8, they put their son’s name on the credit card and I am talking about when the kid is a toddler. Now in rare occasions women has rights to use credit so they put their daughter’s name. But mostly the male’s name on it as this is common.

    They out all the household and utility bills in their son’s name and max out the credit card, then they sign up to another one and max them out. Rack out debt as possible.
    As soon as the son turns 18 which is the legal age, they are liable to pay the debt.
    There are lots of stories which was never told that some homeboys in real life cannot get any credit application, some got financial backlisted and banned from Passport Applications because of the huge debt their mamma did to them.
    Most of the time the black boys are unaware that their 304 of their mums put their name on the credit and loans. Also use loan sharks with their name on it. As soon as they turn 18, they try to find out how they owe so much debt.

    Now I know simps will say ‘White Women do it too’. Let me say this: If this was other race, their son will immediately sue them for fraud and get them locked up. The reason why this is legal in the black community because if matriarchy and the credit card company knows that black men are simps so they decide to suck it up and pay. My advice is do not suck it up. Take legal action or else you get screwed over legally and financially.

    Here is a video of an example of this. This maybe a funny skit and black community find it funny (I do not find this funny) but they do not know how serious this is because the communitah let BW destroy black boys’ financial future by doing this.

    Mom ruins son’s credit Video
    Part 1 =
    Part 2 =
    Part 3 =
    Part 4 to 6 =

    Verbs, I recommend you do a article on this in the future if I find more of this.

    1. MMT,

      These evil black sirens deliberately set their children up for failure, whereas traditional non black women sacrifice themselves to the bone in order to ensure their children can get ahead.

      I am very familiar with black women in the US doing this as a common practice, I remember watching a Judge Joe Brown episode years ago where a mother put an electricity+gas bill in the name of her daughter but then didn’t the black witch of a mother default on the monthly payments which completely jacked up her daughter’s credit? I managed to find part of that episode:

      Black women as a collective are abysmal failures when it comes to managing finances, they’re literally like children who can’t control themselves and just have to have everything and anything they lay their eyes on, smh.

      Yet they have the audacity to refer to black men as broke ass n****s even though we have a much higher median net worth than they do, smh.

  5. SYSBM: Have you heard about the story of Money Cultural when to this girl’s house and the flat was a pigtsy?
    White sugar honey: No (Giggles)

    Number 7: Right, it was 2012 and I was at this woman’s house. When I was in the house, you could of saw how the place look like. Mi bomba claat. And not only that. She’s a single mother and smoke weed. Listen, I was trying to get some pussy, you get me? The story is sexually explicit so I won’t say anymore. Number 7 is an issue when it comes to hygiene, STD’s and health.

    Number 8: I do agree on that as I have seen black women having multiple children. And it’s not from the good black men. They have multiple children from Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Machete Man Briggy, Rum Head Fraiser, Des The Drunk, Long Cocky George, Last Long Palmer and Fuck All Night Fred. They will never in a million years they will have children with a good black man or a simp. But when it comes to dating, the simp will be their last option as the good black man will refuse to date a woman with children. And that is the man they do not want.

    Can’t wait for part 3

    Hey keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are with non-black women.


  6. I’m not being mean and I’m not being petty, but their strong offensive odor is one of the things about black women that turns me off the most. Some time ago I posted about an experience I had involving a black woman when I was a college freshman.

    The girl had a big behind, big hips, and a decent looking face. She invited me back to her room one night after we danced and chatted each other up at a party. When she peeled off her tight jeans, the room lit up with one of the foulest odors I ever smelled. I told her I needed to step out for air, and I kept stepping. After that night, I wouldn’t speak to her when I saw her on campus.

    That said, I have to switch gears and talk about black male simps in the states. Overall, black males in the states are equally as fcked up as black females. Just today, a black male simp at work tried to make small talk with me. He showed me a picture of an instagram model he had just gotten off the phone with. I had heard him talking loud to her on the phone. He sits in a cubicle not far from mine.

    The simp went on and on about how he doesn’t waste his money on things like heath care, dentistry, and education. He said he knows how to keep himself healthy, and he doesn’t trust doctors anyway. The simp makes good money and is old enough to know better. He thought the thirst trap picture would impress me and went on and on about the various ways he lavishes money on her. By the way, she was white.

    This is the sort of black male simp who has no honor towards other black men. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. Yet, this same simp would bow down to and worship any woman with a BBL, whether she was white, brown, black, or yellow. Unfortunately, this sort of black male is all too common in the USA.

    The simp is a paymaster, who shouldn’t be working in the same space as me. But he is typical of black males in the US. Some are just sneakier and more discreet than he is. But most have no standards, no honor, no brains, and no decency. This disgusting simp is dumb as a rock and is only there because of the company’s DEI program. But the way he flaunts his bimbo activity at work, he won’t last much longer.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      It’s funny you should mention blue pilled simps lavishing Instagram thots with their money because a few years ago whilst going about my travels through London, I was randomly approached by a young black guy who was upset that an Instagram 304 who he had been sending money and gifts to all of a sudden cut him off.

      He showed my pictures of the chick(if I remember correctly she was Turkish or from somewhere in that Eurasian region) and of course she was half naked in nearly all of the photos.

      I told him that he should be glad she cut ties with him because the photos he showed me clearly demonstrated she was a worthless whore. I also informed him that she most definitely had other men on the roster doing exactly the same thing.

      Finally I said that he should cut his losses and move on, however upon meeting the next female making sure she was of quality material and making sure NOT to lead with his wallet. Trust me brother, the UK has a serious black male simp epidemic as well.

      Black men may be dating out at a 70% plus rate over here, however the blue pilled simping pestilence is still very much a prevailing issue that we both agree needs to stop.

      As for black women and sexual hygiene, I remember when I was in my mid teens coming across a skinny black female who had a vagina that literally smelt like a sewage plant.

      The self awareness when it comes to cleanliness is seriously lacking in the overwhelming majority of black women.

      1. Verbs2015,

        There is a bad simp epidemic over here. Unfortunately, many brothers over here tend to get too hyper at times and make fools of themselves and it’s a turn off for a lot of women (there’s one we all know off, but this time I don’t want to say any names, but he’s been called out on it). I remember some years back some black dude got caught eating out some woman he had just met in a club earlier. The video was all over Facebook. Just tacky.

        “As for black women and sexual hygiene, I remember when I was in my mid teens coming across a skinny black female who had a vagina that literally smelt like a sewage plant.”

        Jeez man SMH. Why can’t folk at least shower before they get down to it??

        The one thing I like about Latin America, particularly Colombia, they take personal hygiene very seriously, even in the poorer areas. You just won’t have that issue out there.

        I could never mess with a woman with bad hygiene because it shows she doesn’t respect me or herself.

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