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I have no idea who this ratchet whore is but at this stage we cannot be surprised, if this is how black women wish to portray themselves then so be it. And to think the usual SYSBM™ detractors have been forever asking the same dumb question, what are you guys saving yourselves from?

At this point I don’t want to hear “not all” because if you’ve noticed, the “not all” squads only seem to pop up to check black men for calling out degenerate behaviour amongst black women. However, very rarely if ever do they call out the degenerate black females themselves, smh. Moving along:

I’m sure you guys have come across this cake-faced black harriet in recent times, she’s been a loud and proud detractor when it comes to the Passport Bros as well as the Soft Guy Era. I’m still trying to figure out why her hairline is on the top of her forehead instead of at the front but that’s another investigation entirely, lol.

Once again, these black females are the ones raising these effeminate black men, everything the guy did in and to that women’s property is typically something that black women would do. We know exactly who he picked up that dysfunctional behaviour from.

Again, they deliberately choose dysfunctional men but somehow expect miraculous, smooth relationships to pan out, smh. If you choose mentally unstable dickheads to lay down and procreate with, you can guarantee that disaster will strike your backside at some point.

Then she wants to blame so called “absentee fathers” for children turning out dysfunctional. Err no, it’s the person who is PRESENT that determines the child’s behavioural outcome.

This witch has the audacity to label herself a life coach, black women being the most prolific failures on the planet are in no position to be giving out advice about life or anything else. Moving along:

Of course, nothing about them exercising sexual temperance/discipline, closing their legs or at least refraining from having sex with the dregs and the scum buckets of black male society. Nope, black women want their right to be whores protected at all costs and NEVER to be infringed upon, smh.

I’m not going to mutilate my body just so that you can be a carefree 304, nope, that’s NEVER going to happen. See, this is exactly what happens when you give stupid females and their bootlicking blue pilled simps microphones and a camera.

That dark skinned heifer really tried to compare putting women on birth control to a man getting the snip, you cannot make this stuff up. Additionally, why is she complaining about getting menstrual cycles once per month, that’s how a woman’s body is supposed to perform as standard, smh.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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32 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. They could dedicate a whole theme park to bdubs. You know like how we have Legoland over here? We need a Daggleland, it would be way more adventurous lol.


    I say serve this dude’s right. I’m not even blaming the daggle any more than I do a lion for biting off a circus performer’s hand. It’s like John Connor trying to be friends with the T-1000. WTF do these dudes expect?? These fools will insist on praising “muh kweenz” at their own expense. I do get pleasure watching their simping totally backfire on them. They don’t want to listen to brothers like us and even go all out to attack us at times for females who openly show them contempt and wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire. I say good on her. I still doubt he’ll learn his lesson though. He’s probably gonna get burnt so many times that he’ll end up a pile of ashes later on in life like most of these hard headed, Stockholm Syndrome simps. Oh well….


    I’m sure we’ve all seen this. I don’t watch this balloon pop show, whatever the hell it is. But again, these dudes just never learn that nothing good comes out of dealing with bdubs in area of life. I saw the clip out of curiosity and he didn’t even say anything crazy to them. He only gave back the same energy they were giving him. But you know how it is. Black women can be disrespectful, say whatever the hell they want to you because they feel like it, but when you have the nerve to get too big for your britches by standing up for yourself all hell has to break loose. So now all the daggles who could be using the time to clean out their putrid vaginas have decided to mess with his employment because he didn’t just take the insults like a good little boy.

    As a plumber, I’m sure he’ll still find work because that’s a good, recession proof trade always in demand no matter where you are in the world. But accomplished black man especially need to keep away from this demographic. Bdubs don’t like to see well put together, intelligent and successful black men outside of their control. They will try to destroy it which is why you shouldn’t have them around you, period. Why brothers go on this show and allow themselves to be subjected to these daggles I’ll never know.


    AC’s commentary aside, this again shows the nerve of these daggles thinking we’re their property.

    For one thing, it’s the MEN who are supposed to be policing the women and giving orders, not the other way around. The nerve of this O-Dog looking daggle to be questioning black men on their dating choices and telling US who we should be dating. She really thinks using all these racist insults towards white women is gonna somehow make bdubs appealing.

    They have white women on their mind way more than we do. Although there’s many attractive white women I can acknowledge, they are not my preference and I don’t see them as my “superiors”. These type of women are my preference (especially the 1st and 3rd):

    …but I would still take a (feminine, non western) white woman over a daggle any day. I never in a million years thought I would say that, but these dysfunctional, disrespectful and chaotic bdubs ALONE are the reason I’m now SYSBM. Not because of this site, but THEM. I don’t even remember how I discovered this site, but it only aligned with what I was already feeling after seeing them mock KS’s death which was the final straw for me.

    And of course, she ain’t addressing her fellow sista kweens on anything and what’s causing a lot of brothers to stray away from the proverbial nest int he first place. Black women are totally blameless victims as usual. Like I just highlighted, you got black men praising black women’s natural hair and those SAME black women are literally telling them to piss off and even throwing wigs back on as an extra fuck you. But I’m supposed to listen to some condescending, superstitious hotep militant bitch addressing me like I’m a child and telling me who I should lay with? FOH.

    To any non SYSBM reading this – I only comment on bdub behaviour to raise awareness. I’m not dick police like Foolmar Jackass. If you still wanna date these bdubs that’s up to you, but I bet a whole month’s pay cheque that if you were to stay daggle free for a year or so, your physical, mental and emotional health will improve drastically. I’ve yet to watch any video of black men who have dated other women and/or moved to different countries, settled down and expressed any desire to go back to the sistahood. In fact, look at how stress free, happy and content they look. That alone should tell you something.

    You only got one life. Live it happy.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      I’ve got a small article coming up dealing with the first link you posted, I’ll be releasing that on Monday, stay tuned. As for the last link, my numbers are exactly the same as yours, number 1 especially.

    2. It looks like you and I both have similar tastes in women; the girl in the 1st pic looks like a habesha girl from Ethiopia. That is wifey right there!

      1. Indeed! Ethiopian and melanated latinas are my main weakness lol.


    This white woman is waking up.

    Another white woman is waking up to why a lot of men ain’t approaching women anymore.

    A black siren is asking a question about black men in this video.

    This blackistian male has issues with black men speaking the truth about negress sheboons.

    This black female has the nerve to speak about getting help with her mental health.

    Black women have never cared about mental health when it comes to black men.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      I don’t even know where to start with the links you dropped. With the first link I believe that white woman is a former 304 who managed to find herself a blue pilled simp after living her “best life” with her legs open. Albeit, she is speaking the facts, today’s modern woman is a social media NPC/bot.

      Regarding the second link, yet more proof of the modern female’s “there’s something better around the corner, I’m going to keep my options open” syndrome. Unlike men these delusional heifers are never satisfied with a good thing, they’ll wreck a good relationship because they always believe they can improve, smh.

      Dealing with link number 3, nobody is stupid anymore, everybody sees the modern day black female for who she truly is. People aren’t buying into their victimhood show dance, social media has shown the world exactly who the black female is and what black men have been putting up with for years.

      Link number 4, black male simps as we’ve discussed before are the gatekeepers of black female dysfunction, they’ll always seek to give black women an out by any means necessary. that includes dismissing the legitimate experiences of other black men especially when they don’t paint black women in a positive light. The majority of black men are simps, this is a sad reality but it’s true none the less.

      Black women as a collective have no moral compass and are possessed by evil spirits plain and simple, this is why they feel no way engaging in malevolent behaviour. Just look at what they did to the black guy who recently appeared on the balloon popping dating show.

      Because he stood on his square and refuse to be disrespected by a group of females who don’t even respect themselves, they called into his place of work over 500 times and got the guy sacked.

      Steering clear of black women whenever and wherever possible will add years to your life as well as give you peace of mind.


  3. Verbs 2015.

    That hoe black woman with that blonde wig on the above video reconfirms the reason why I refuse to date black women as a childfree man at 42. I hate it when black women try to dictate to decent black men who they can and can’t date especially when it comes to black men dating non black women and black women hate that because they cannot control those decent black men especially the ones who are SYSBM. Black women act like they are our slave masters. I say fuck that because I ain’t letting any black women control my life because I am a free thinking man.

      1. MMT,

        Sadly I’ve been out and about and seen that same train rolling about, smh. I believe TFL have ruined one of the Elizabeth Line trains as well with the Alphabet Crew markings.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black women always practice the sleight of hand technique when it comes to their true feelings on black men dating out. They say they don’t care, however their actions speak otherwise.

      I’ve written several articles in the past demonstrating how black women will go out of their way to make derogatory comments to black men they see out with non black women(especially when they’re with white women).

      Even brothers who comment here have spoken on how they’ve been out and about with their non black significant others and received dirty stares as well as muttering under the breath comments from black women.

      1. Verbs2015,

        Your reaction mirrors mine when I first saw this lunatic on Instagram. I recently made a post about how I fear the upcoming Trump presidency will usher in an era of unprecedented racial violence, assaults, and police brutality against black men in the USA.

        And I do believe this because a large chunk of his coalition consists of people who have this in their heart of hearts. The Pookie population in particular will be getting their heads cracked, which in itself is not all bad. But unfortunately, black men like my-self will be in danger as well. That said, his administration will also usher in the needed pushback against the sort of woke feminism and Neo-Liberal madness that is personified by the proliferation of simps like this one.

        I only hope that the good of a Trump administration will outweigh the bad, and that productive, intelligent black men like my-self can stay safe and weather the coming storm of the next Trump presidency.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      This dude is clearly off his trolley. Of course, all the females and simps think he’s saying something profound when it’s just the usual fake lyrical, miracle, spiritual gibberish.

      They thought that lunatic ‘Nature Boy’ was ‘deep’ too and look at where he is now. It never ends well with these types.

    2. First of all, what the CUCK was he saying in that first reel?!? He’s basically saying to let your woman explore other “sexual energies” AKA sleep around in order for her to “heal”; that’s the most cucktastic thing I’ve heard this year. As for that second reel, this guy is saying to nurture the 8 year old girl inside of a grown 34 year old Black female; does that not sound like emotional pedophilia to you? And don’t even get me started on that last reel; what the heck is going on there? That guy needs some very powerful psychotropic medication!

  4. SYSBM: Hoping 2024 won’t be a bad year.
    White sugar honey: The last three years was awful.

    The ratchet black woman rapping on the video about big dick. Why I’m not surprised? I heard sexually explicit music before in the 1990’s but this is just vulgar and ratchet. It seems like there are more and more ratchets in the so-called black community. And the good black woman is getting rarer.

    The life coach who really needs to coach her life. The man who destroyed his ex’s stuff, them type of men were raised in a single mother household. Or he was raised in a two-parent home but the father was soft as ice cream. And them type of men are the ones that will stalk another man online and I’m not mentioning the name of the guy who stalk other men online.

    The women on that podcast whatever it is. Let me tell you something. First, they say that they want to see black baby boys aborted and now they are saying that boys who turn 16 should get the snip. I don’t wanna say anything else.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  5. Gentlemen,

    Here we go, the race hustler Tariq Nasheed once again demonstrating how he isn’t intellectually and logically astute at all. This is why men like Tucker Carlson were able to Mack truck straight over his backside with little to no effort.

    I fully understand why he takes so much offence when outsiders comment on the current plight of black America and what can be done to improve its condition(not much at this stage to be honest, it’s all about separation from the trash at this juncture).

    He wants as he calls them Foundational Black Americans to continue being fragmented and divided, that way he can continue merchandising, fleecing and making a mint off their perpetually downtrodden, stuck on the proverbial plantation state, smh.

    It’s just a pity most of his fanboys are too dumb and stupid to realise they’re being bamboozled and hoodwinked by the dude on the daily. I’m going to listen to the entire exchange tomorrow but from the small portion I’ve heard so far, Nasheed is getting that work.

    The guy is dumb, he thinks Hamas is a military group of Israel, don’t believe me, check it out for yourselves:

    1. Verbs2015,

      This is how you know someone is a grifter. They all have a certain ploy to distract from the fact that they’re not really serious about anything. Umar’s gimmick is bleating on about black men engaging in interracial relationships while Tariq’s is xenophobia, engaging in beefs, name calling, trolling and antagonising other black people.

      I remember this interview particularly and even then some of his supporters were calling him out for not standing on his square when Tucker Carlson pulled his card at 4:30:

      But the real kicker was when he was effortlessly destroyed by Jared Taylor who was simply using basic common sense points throughout the entirety of the discussion. This was six years ago and a lot of people say this is when Tariq got “buck broken” himself. It’s interesting that later that year that’s when he dropped Pan Africanism and descended into that ‘FBA’ madness (which is basically an extremist ‘ADOS’ spinoff) we’re seeing now.

      I’m surprised he kept the video up, because he took a huge L and got obliterated. Honestly, this is like listening to someone trying to debate Neil deGrasse Tyson on Astrophysics because they read a wikipedia page on the topic lol. Many other black folks would have been better contenders.

      Tariq was always just some smart dumb negro opportunist and his followers are even more dumb.

    2. OK, I’ve been listening to this so far on another link, I have to agree with Tommy when he says these dudes are just giving Tariq a win.

      You see, he knows how to press buttons and get under people’s skin and Myron and Sneako fell for it, then Sneako ended up using racist talking points against Black Americans which is exactly what Tariq wanted.

      Of course Tariq used the “failed homeland” and “defecating in the streets” arguments, when someone could easily ask him why are there places in America – the richest nation on earth – that resemble third world countries and have similar levels of poverty? If he’s gonna use the whole defecating argument, aren’t there homeless black people in major cities doing the same thing – even in Los Angeles which is in the wealthiest state? What’s the difference? At the same time, are there not people in African countries who are wealthier than some Black Americans? Why hasn’t Tulsa been rebuilt? etc?

      One could easily say Africans have an excuse because they live in a third world nation with much less, while Black Americans live in THE richest nation (GDP wise).

      He’s saying how the white supremacists are sabotaging FBA efforts by building freeways etc. Then why make fun of white supremacists doing the same thing on the continent? And if he wants to use the “fleeing” argument, well since FBAs are the “real” indigenous people, where would they “flee” to? And why are so many of them admitting it’s over in the states and moving abroad (AKA Passport Bros)??

      Podcasters are not the group to argue these points and Tariq knows that. They’ll get emotional and they’re not exactly well read. He’s not going to go against people he knows would be a real match for him. As much as I despise Umar, if he wasn’t such a clown he could have easily debated these xenophobic points. Akala could have debated him too. Any number of people would.

      Listen to the points Jared Taylor was using compared to the points Tariq uses now. That’s the definition of “buck broken”.

      Anyone who is calm and collected and doesn’t take the bait would have Tariq stuttering all over the place like he did on Fox News. So many opportunities were missed from what I’ve been listening to.

      1. SYSBM Forever,

        Yep, Nasheed is really spreading it on extra thick with that hostility towards non FBAs, there’s no way he isn’t some sort of CIA/FBI plant.

        Any smart individual would form a coalition with black folks from other nations but no, this guy is going out of his way to bring about as much division and separation between himself and foreign blacks as he can.

        Nasheed is a very slippery one when it comes to debates, he’s not that bright and so as you pointed out, he’ll try his best to get under your skin in order to make you lose frame.

        There are places here in London where people take a dump in the streets, as you said, that behaviour isn’t limited to developing countries. As far as I know taking a dump in the streets is NOT a thing in Nigeria, however they do that in countries like India.

        I disagree with Nasheed’s point about non FBAs not being permitted to speak on FBA issues. He stated that he could speak on white folks because he’s a “victim” of white supremacy.

        In the same manner I could easily argue that well to do non FBAs are victims of the janky, degenerate, reprobate culture being put out by none other than the FBA black witch herself.

        Once again, as I stated in a comment before, Nasheed wants FBAs to remain fragmented and divided, that way he can continue merchandising, fleecing and making a mint off their perpetually downtrodden, stuck on the proverbial plantation state, smh.

        1. @Verbs2015

          “Any smart individual would form a coalition with black folks from other nations but no, this guy is going out of his way to bring about as much division and separation between himself and foreign blacks as he can.”

          And the thing is, Far Right activity is rising globally. When you look at social media, from Australia to America to Britain, they’re ALL on the same page. Even if some Brits and Irish don’t like each other, you’ll never see one white group making fun of something unfortunate that happened in another majority white country at the hands of immigrants/ethnic groups. NEVER. They know how to stay on code.

          I was looking at the Africa Diaspora News channel latest video and they have a clip of Jamaicans being discriminated against in a hotel in the states. You know you have FBAs infesting the comment section and actually gloating over it. Take a look:

          This is why I don’t get when they choose to post clips of what some random nobody said about Black Americans when you have mainstream blue ticks on twitter with REAL power and widespread influence being openly hostile and racist against black people and advocating everything but genocide. Why not just solely focus on them? You can always find someone saying something about another black group, so why highlight that when there’s clearly way bigger fish to fry? Philip Scott should know better.

          Then you got a well known Hebrew Israelite dude ‘Captain Tazaryach’ on twitter praising Tariq. Why doesn’t he call out Tariq for attacking West Indians, Haitians, black Latinos? According to their doctrine, those groups fall under the 12 tribes of Israel so why not defend your fellow brothers?

          Anyone who rocks with Tariq, I’m done with them.

          Black people are done out here, period.

  6. Gentlemen,

    Here we have yet another example of a black female behaving badly and trying her hardest to offload the negative consequences that have unfolded as a result of her stupid decision onto somebody else. I’m actually surprised she didn’t blame a black man for this, smh:

    1. Kameron,

      I received your email, appreciate you sending me this. They love thugs, criminals and gangsters so much. Very rarely do things ever turn out well for black men who choose to deal with black women.

  7. One other thing:

    America seems to bring out the absolute worst in people.

    Here you have some recently arrived little girl from Colombia like this chick who is so obviously trying to make a name for herself using the old ‘crash, bang, wallop’ tactic by diving in headfirst immediately with the rhetoric. She’s obviously saying whatever she thinks is gonna propel her in the world of politics. It’s just amusing to me that the last time I was in her country just over 5 years ago, she was literally still a teenager. WTF could she possible teach me? From her accent she clearly hasn’t even been off the plane long enough to know about anything. This is who Nasheedites need to be going at, but I guess the African cab driver who was supposedly rude to you is the easier target.

    I’ve noticed ‘Christ is King’ seems to be the latest catchphrase/dog whistle for anti black racists on Twitter. Everybody else jumps on the bandwagon by being as anti black as possible to the point where it’s ridiculously over the top and made the app the new Stormfront – only worse because now it’s mainstream. You got Andrew Tate currently referring to black people using the n word with the hard ‘ER’ as well as other high profile blue checks of all races jumping on the bandwagon. No point in even reporting their tweets either. This is how apartheid boy wanted it.

    Unfortunately this is what happens when a people are powerless because the men are simps and allow their women who sold them out long ago to be rebellious and rule them with an iron fist, all the while making excuses for and even celebrating the dregs of their communities while disrespecting and trying to impede the progress of productive black men. We’re sitting ducks out here because the ones who shout the loudest don’t even take themselves seriously, so now other people are just saying whatever the hell they want to and about us because they know apart from black folk lashing out on social media, there’s not gonna be any real consequences. Being anti black is an easy way to success for these folks.

    We never tapped into the power we really have, because if we did people would be literally kissing our asses. Simply being influential in entertainment just doesn’t cut it. Black people never took advantage of what was probably the final chance to turn things around in 2020. Instead it turned into a clown show and now everybody is getting revenge for the little power we did display then.

    There is no black community and no significant number of suitable black female partners, so the rest of us have no choice but to leave and form unions with other women and worry about our individual legacies.

    Sad, but I’m not staying on a sinking ship when I have a rafter available for me.


    1. SMH Another young girl who seems to be reading from the same conservative playbook as Candace Owens (whom she tagged in her tweet); General Tito did a live where he spoke on the easiest way to appear smart in Amerikkka, and the answer was disrespecting the Black man. Now, Juneteenth isn’t specifically about Black men, but conservative pundits can’t help but to attack anything that is significant to Black Americans; how is a federal holiday that commemorates the day when slavery was ended “ratchet” exactly? I’m surprised this girl knows English well enough to use such language to attack a so called Black holiday. Another thing I must point out is how easy it is to gain support from White conservatives by using buzzwords and cheap talking points to sound like somebody who loves this country; most conservatives aren’t that bright if you ask me. All you see from them nowadays is trolling the liberals, ignorant inflammatory remarks directed at Blacks, insulting Democratic politicians, praising law enforcement and military veterans as if they’re royalty, etc.; this broad is merely following the same model as Candace: grift off of the collective ignorance of conservatives by talking down on things that may matter to Black Americans. Anything to avoid being disrespected and called a “wetback” by the same ones she’s pandering to, I guess.

  8. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I don’t know who that stragg is in the first video, but she is nothing more than a Sexyy Red clone, rapping about the raunchiest subjects; every female rapper looks and sounds the same today. Absolute trash, and that life “coach” and the straggs on that podcast are trash, as well! Now, I would like to share my 2 cents on the balloon pop show where that one plumber got fired after the scraggle daggle called his place of employment; honestly, that guy said nothing terrible that would warrant such action. He was only matching the energy they gave to him (these straggs can dish it out, but they can’t take it); also, there was one girl who just started insulting him when he hadn’t even spoken to her yet (she’s the one who said he looked like a Ninja turtle). This is why we warn brothers to STAY AWAY FROM KEISHA! The balloon pop show is nothing more than a humiliation ritual for Black men; I’m no fan of dating coaches, but Rom Wills did a video recently where he said that this same program is ruining Black relationships, and I agree. Black love has been dead, but if there were any chance of reviving it, this show is not helping; hopefully, this guy moves on from this and stays Keisha free. #SYSBM

  9. Blue Collar Trevor,

    I hope the plumber guy learns his lesson but somehow I doubt it, most black men unfortunately are too invested in black women to see that they’re their number one enemy.

    These black sirens called into his workplace en masse because they didn’t like the fact that he stood on his square and refused to flagellate and emasculate himself for them.

    It seems that there are many black men out here who still haven’t learned anything from how these black harriets danced on Kevin Samuels’ grave when he passed.

    I hope the guy gets back on his feet, this just goes to show you the evil lengths black women as a collective will go to when you refuse to lick their muddy boots, they’ll go straight for the jugular with a rusty chopper.

    Finally, I saw in the end that the plumber guy didn’t even go out on a date with his match because behind the scenes she was handing out her number and Instagram to other dudes.

    Most of these women who attend dating shows are NOT looking for a suitable companion, all they’re after is clout, attention, their 15 minutes of fame as well as trying to extract some money and a free dinner from the guy if they can.

    Black men have to be on guard at all times when it comes to their money and resources because these sharks called modern day black females are around every corner looking for an opportunity to fleece an unsuspecting brother.

    Black woman complains and makes social media videos to shame guy for taking her to Shake Shack on what appears to be their first date. I feel SOO BAD for black men that are stuck with these clearance bin garbage black chicks. Imagine having to deal with this kind of crap for women that aren’t even attractive?
    P.S. How much you wanna bet that Shake Shack wouldn’t be an issue if the guy was white?

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