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Black Men, Walk Away From Black Women, 12 Good Reasons Why – Classic Repost – Part 3!

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Continuing on from part 2.



In Negro Wars I talked about how black women subscribe to a form of feminism which is far deeper than what was given to them by white women.

“I’m an independent woman, I don’t need a man, I pay my own way, I don’t rely on any man, he’s got to pay my bills, he has to be earning a six figure salary, he has to have his own house and car, he can’t have any children(even though you have 25 en tow), he has to be a minimum of 6 feet tall”.

“He has to be willing to look after my children, black men are nothing(except when black women want something from us, all of a sudden we become of value to them), black men don’t build(I don’t see black women building anything, however I do see them destroying), boycott black men, don’t give birth to black males(which really means selectively abort black boys)”,

“Black male patriarchy is oppressing black women(where exactly), black men are afraid to tackle white supremacy” etc, etc, etc, this is just some of the current feminist rhetoric spewing forth from the reprehensible mouths of dysfunctional, reprobate black females.

It seems that black women are still too prideful to admit that feminism has been a complete and utter failure for them. As a result most black women will remain destitute and enter into their elderly years living in houses filled with cats, dogs, gerbils and parrots.

Feminism never has and never will be about equality for women, feminism is only about placing women in authority over men and stripping men of every single right they have. As I wrote in Negro Wars black women practice a mutant form of feminism, not even white women have taken feminism to the levels that black women subscribe to.

Yes, it can be argued that some non black women also subscribe to feminism, however unlike black women with non black women this is not the general rule(this is unfortunately not the case in the West anymore).

In the black community most of the women are feminists as standard, they are no different between those black women who openly label themselves as black feminists Vs those who don’t, don’t ever be fooled into believing that there is a difference between the two.

Women who celebrate matriarchal standards aka feminism must be kicked to the curb immediately as a precautionary rule, they are a hindrance to any community looking to build itself up as well as seeking to better itself overall.


For a group of females who continually talk about the white man oppressing the black nation, it is highly hypocritical of black women on the flip side to be worshipping and exalting white men to a god like status.

The same black women who complain about the system of white supremacy killing black men via its enforcement arm aka the police are the first ones to call the police on a black man whenever they don’t get their way or the man tells them truth they don’t want to hear.

These black women who claim to hate white supremacy are the same individuals freely indulging in the treats and the benefits of the State and enjoying themselves too.

These black women who claim to have a disdain for white supremacy are the same individuals running to the white system in order to shaft black men through child support.

These same black women who claim to have a problem with white supremacy don’t have any issues churning out 1000s of novels that talk about them taking on the roles as either side pieces of or sex slaves to white men.

How can black women claim to have a hatred for white supremacy yet they are the ones fulfilling the white supremacist agenda of Eugenics by slaughtering record numbers of unborn black children daily in abortion clinics? The last time I checked, there is another name for this type of mass killing, it’s called GENOCIDE!

How can this black woman who claims to be “down” for the black man so easily open her legs to and allow herself to be degraded and dehumanised by the very same individuals she states are causing the problems within black society?

Black women are all bark and no bite, they are NOT loyal women at all, not by a long shot, yet another reason why black men need to walk away from such traitors.

Let’s not even talk about all of the sexual degeneracy and depavity black women are willing to engage in with their white lord and saviour Major Sleet in their efforts to try to land a seat at the master’s table, smh.


I believe this has to be one of if not the most important reason why black men with their heads screwed on straight should abandon black women at all costs. Black women as a group DON’T FEAR GOD.

Even if you don’t believe in a higher power, from a secular standpoint it cannot be denied that this modern day black female seriously lacks morality, integrity, dignity and sound ethics.

Today’s modern day black female is literally a devil worshipper who PRETENDS to fear God, she uses the Most High, Christ and the bible as a shield/smokescreen so she can continue carrying out her evil activities unchallenged and the blue pilled, pro black simps that worship her are the primary gatekeepers of her malevolency.

It’s become extremely rare to encounter any black females engaging in any constructive and productive ventures, however you’ll have no problems coming across black women involving themselves in all manner of degeneracy, debauchery, sexual deviancy, depravity as well as plain wickedness.

Even if you doubt me, take a look at black women through the lens of your own lives and tell me what you see them being caught up in the most, good or evil?

Additionally, the modern day black female is the creator and the driving force behind Blackistan, the decadency and degeneracy that has deliberately been woven into black culture.

Isn’t this the same black female who is a strong advocate for the LGBTQP squad aka the Alphabet Crew? Hasn’t she been the one who for the longest has been trying her utmost to get black men to accept homosexuality and lesbianism even though despite the majority of us being raised by single mothers, we still don’t play that?

Isn’t this the same black female who goes out of her way to emasculate and feminise black boys while at the same time pushing for black girls to be masculine as well as to engage in whore/slut culture?

Through their actions black women as a collective prove themselves to be evil creatures hands down and they’ll have no problems actively seeking to convert those around them into children of the devil just like themselves.

Lastly, let’s not even talk about how black women will treat individuals who reject their invitations to venture over to the dark side but instead hold fast to their morals and integrity, smh.


The conclusion is quite simple, black men with sense and intelligence will seek love and companionship elsewhere. As I stated before, based upon the modern-day black woman’s extremely poor track record, I will NEVER recommend her as a viable option for a companion or somebody with whom you can bring forth offspring.

Black women are going to have to lay in this contaminated bed they’ve made, remember black men, you have every right to desire better, NEVER be shamed and bullied into settling for the sub standard conditions these black harridans bring to the table.

Neither they nor their simp cohorts can salvage a reputation that has already been flushed down the toilet by the black woman herself. Save yourselves and be free black men. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Intelligent Black Men Distance Themselves From The Failed Black Female

Most High Bless

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29 thoughts on “Black Men, Walk Away From Black Women, 12 Good Reasons Why – Classic Repost – Part 3!

  1. I agree with everything you said. A lot of other black men do too, which is why you’re seeing a mass exodus of black men away from black women.

    (At least that’s true in the US; I’m less familiar with other countries.)

    It’s really hysterical to watch how BW respond to BM eschewing them. Thanks to segregation, American BW once had a monopoly on black men. Now that they don’t, they don’t know what to do. They usually try to shame us into being with them (“Ain’t yo momma black?!”) or insulting us (“Dating interracially is a sign of black men’s self-hate!”).

    But none of BW’s smooth-brain tactics are working. In fact, they’re just driving even more black men away from the failed state that is the matriarchal black community.

    I for one am glad black men are abandoning BW in droves. Life is too short to spend it coupled with the objectively worst group of women on the planet.

    1. Ramses,

      They do everything negative trying their utmost to retain black men, however changing their bad behaviours and negative attitudes in their eyes is completely out of the question. The very things that are driving black men into the arms of other races of women are the same things they point blank refuse to address.

      I’m also glad to see more black men abandoning black women in large numbers, since they keep saying that they don’t need us and as a group we’re garbage(even though they only deal with a select few number black males), exactly what do we need to stick around for?

  2. Negress females were sleeping with the Ku Klux Klan during segregation.

    Sheboons would have asked the KKK to hung black men on trees after black family arguments.

    Black women have always been feminist before feminism became known to white women.

    They just hid it for many many centuries before exposing themselves since the 1960’s.

    The bible exposes the hidden nature of black women since ancient biblical times.

    Many black men have been in forced marriages with black women and regretted it afterwards.

    There are many black couples all over the world that are living in unhappy marriages.

    Some are staying together because kids are involved so they don’t get divorced.

    Black love never died cause it never existed from black women.

    Black love only existed from black men and it still exists from black men.

    Even adopted black boys are treated better by white women than biological black mothers.

    This is why my view of black love is having a white mom for my future mixed kids.

    1. Wiitexton Witwijf,

      I believe the only times where black women have been somewhat “cooperative” is when they didn’t have any betrayal options available to them. Anytime outsiders have offered them a seat at their table, black women have taken it believing they could do better for themselves and themselves alone. Black women need to be left to crash and burn out in their own failures, they’ve always worked against black men especially since the 1960s.

      Because most black men are blue pilled simps, they turn a blind eye to black female dysfunction, thus they’ll never really understand just how low black women have sunk into the sewer pipe. The key to take away from all of this is black women are NOT traditional women, not by a long shot. As traditional men you cannot form a solid and successful union with such individuals. #SYSBMTILLTHECASKETDROPS

    2. No lies told

      But then again we are the intellectual blacks who know the actual history and not some random slave narrative

  3. Verbs 2015.

    Black women are just horrid horrible people and that’s the reason why I refuse to date them as a SYSBM childfree black man at 42. I am so glad to see more and more of the younger generations of black men (Millennials 1981-1995 and Generation Z 1996-2010) are walking away from black women for good and instead they are dating beautiful childfree non black women making them wives and girlfriends and having kids with them creating SYSBM nuclear families. 😎😎

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black women have been horrible individuals from day one, however social media, dating apps and the smartphone have made them infinitely worse. I too am glad to see more black men using logic and intelligence to steer clear of black women at all costs. Walking away from black females is the best move bar none any black man can execute in his life. #SYSBM™

  4. Time for my 3Ms (Michael MisterTea Mouthful):


    Verbs wrote:
    “I’m an independent woman, I don’t need a man, I pay my own way, I don’t rely on any man, he’s got to pay my bills, he has to be earning a six figure salary, he has to have his own house and car, he can’t have any children(even though you have 25 en tow), he has to be a minimum of 6 feet tall”.

    Throughout the years, Keishas are just plain and simple contradict themselves when it comes to dating. When they are single the talk about how they do not need men to earn a living, then when go into the dating scene the whole ‘Feminist’ mindset goes out the window and want productive BM to pay Premiums with this 6 figures and assets owned.
    This is because we all know that they are Gold-Diggers regardless. Even they are a billionaire, they are still Gold Diggers.

    Becky understand that when they join Feminism, they know the dating scene is changed and become 50/50 because they know they are doing what man does, work, make a hustle and own a home. But Black Females, they are just mutated Feminist.


    This also come under #11 (Feminism) because they ask why Brothers do not talk about White Supremacy.
    I tell you why:
    This is because ‘White Supremacy’ is a tool for Black Men. How is it a ‘Tool’ for Black Men?
    I tell you:
    You can use it to help you benefit your life, do courses to upgrade yourself, learn languages, get a Passport and get your money up to have options. I would put more examples but I will write too long and bore the readers.
    This answers Shawn James question from his video
    Link =

    If White Supremacy dies (this may happen in the UK because of Muslim issue against White Men) black men can take that knowledge and run with it. Just like when David Carrol and Kevin Samuels died, us black men take that knowledge and apply it in real life and mix with SYSBM, that way they avoid all the evil Black females we deal with. Don’t listen to Pro-Black who have beef with the White Men because they need to White Men. So we got nothing to lose

    However, Black Females has everything to lose when White Supremacy dies. Because if White Supremacy gets abolish, the BW loses Welfare, Child Support, simps may dry out and they cannot call White Cops to put Black Men in jail. They will be homeless and on the street.
    We all know they love Ghetto Gaggers. I remember this Jamaican Lesbian got upset because Scandal was delayed because of Nelson Mandela’s memorial because he passed away. She believes that being a White Man’s whore is important than Nelson Mandela.
    Old Clip. Verbs, I recommend classic post on this topic.

    Now, lets get to the Demon worshipping part:

    “Today’s modern day black female is literally a devil worshipper who PRETENDS to fear God, she uses the Most High, Christ and the bible as a shield/smokescreen so she can continue carrying out her evil activities unchallenged and the blue pilled, pro black simps that worship her are the primary gatekeepers of her malevolency.”

    Oh yes, they hide behind a Jesus Christ to do evil stuff. Also the pastors in the church are pimping cults.
    Most black men in America and UK as well as I experience that we got forced to church against our will and when you get force to go to church against our will by the mothers, we become emasculated and submissive. If you turn 16 to 18 and you have a choice. Leave the church and never go back because you will regain your manhood, I been told that in real life that some mothers in get heartbroken when their son left the church because they can no longer get emasculated. But they let that go and leave it in the past. When I come across people asking me why I left church since I was 18, I just tell then ‘long story’ because they cannot relate what productive black men go through and they will never understand it. So I just leave it there and prefer not to explain it at all.

    Keishas loves Witchcraft and practice evil spiritual stuff. Some have Ouija boards to fight against the black patriarchy. Make sure your head is screwed because you need it screwed hard to protect yourself from these Black Witches. Verbs made lost of article about this.

    Verbs wrote:
    “Even if you doubt me, take a look at black women through the lens of your own lives and tell me what you see them being caught up in the most, good or evil?”

    We all seen this as a little child. I remember experience this and Quincy mention this that Black Women hates Black Mens guts because of our mere existence. These simps can say ‘you must of done something to them?’ Bullsh!t because Black Men were never taught to hate Black Females. Only Black Females at young age taught to hate Black Men and these simps will never understand it because they spend time calling them ‘Kweens’ and putting them on the pedestal at young age. It is sad to say that Black Women are just pure unholy evil. You just go on Social Media and on your feed, you see BW doing just pure evil in front of you because it is viral.

    Verbs, do you want to see classic evil of BW? I show you:
    Tommy use to use it as a Theme back in the days.

    I can write more but looking at BW having baby hairs and wigs are just turn off.

    Also if you make any post about BW and Evil here is a theme for you to use in the future because they are beyond curse:

    1. MMT,

      Those old Tommy Sotomayor videos were when he was at his best, when he was actually serious about black men walking away from black women, as he would say, “black men, take your dick and go home”. Unfortunately as with all black men who don’t cut the black witch off, eventually they succumb to the black siren’s witchcraft and end up compromising themselves.

      YouTuber The Saint And The Sinner recently exposed Tommy for engaging in questionable acts on his OnlyFans where he filmed himself playing with the area of his body where the sun doesn’t shine(he has since taken the OnlyFans page down). Sotomayor’s weakness has always been his lack of sexual discipline/temperance, just look at how many times over the years he’s complained about the BLACK women he’s brought to his house.

      The modern day black female is a devil hands down and black men who still choose to deal with her shouldn’t complain whenever their hands get bitten. The truth of the matter is despite their various shortcomings, non black women appreciate black men far more than our own female counterparts.

      1. The modern-day black female in the US does indeed have the character of a devil. She has the devil’s character and values while lacking his intellect and craftiness.

        The negress in the Americas has been taught by General Blizzard, her elders, Blackistan subculture, and her black male simp counterparts, that all the evil, treachery, and fuckery she commits against the black men in her life, is just her exercising her female prerogative. The Blackistani mentality looks at such behavior and says: “what a woman!”.

        The entire set of precepts, norms, and values of Blackistan is sick, especially as they relate to the black female. This is why I always say that the wise black man gives the scraggle daggle a very wide berth, but he also gives Blackistan subculture an equally wide berth. The two are inextricably interwoven.

        1. AmericanBlkMan,

          It’s a pity that most black men refuse to see the modern day black female for who she truly is, a walking devil in the flesh who is only here to steal, kill and destroy. She has adopted the mindset of Blackistan very well and has no problems spreading that Blackistani culture not only to other blacks but also to non black folks around her.

          The black witch is the main reason why so many females of other races in the West have severely derailed to the point of no return. Blackistan and its decadent culture is a pestilence and a curse that free thinking black men must walk away and steer clear from at all costs. Black women have surpassed mental illness, they don’t even see anything wrong with the reprobation, degeneracy and reprehensible behaviour they freely and openly engage in on the daily, smh.

      2. The saint and sinner is a fake red pill grifter (like FNF) with “questionable” habits himself, but Tommy fell for SAS trying to bait him. I’m still wondering how he didn’t see this coming but well what do we expect?

        Tommy fingering himself? He has joked about liking a chick to lick his butt as part of his comic routine but maybe he had meant it.

        Oh FYI he didn’t take his onlyfans down, onlyfans banned him. As he like to take credit for saying, you can’t make that s*** up LOL

        1. Mack G,

          I have noticed how the Saint And The Sinner even though he calls out sexual degeneracy still partakes in it himself which technically makes him a feminist. I’ll never understand these guys who call out women for being whores and prostitutes, yet they themselves indulge in the same sexually liberating culture they speak out against.

          OnlyFans banned Tommy’s page?? I wonder if the same black females he loves sticking his penis into were responsible for that take down. Tommy has always been engaged in sexual controversy. Several women have come forward in the past stating how he’s given them STDS. I completely agree, there are too many grifters out here using the Red Pill to get ahead as well as using it as cover to inject their own janky philosophies and edicts into the mix.

  5. SYSBM: You know the sprinkle, sprinkle woman. She was asks if she worship the devil. She says she doesn’t worship no man.
    White sugar honey: Not even Lucifer don’t like her!

    Agree on number eleven and twelve with them not only being feminists but they love the white beta male which no average white woman don’t want. As you see the ratchetness of the scraggle daggles, it really goes to show that there are some black men will go SYSBM or be passport bros, you get me?

    You know why these ghetto gagging ratchet hoodrats have these twelve reasons is become they were raised by a ratchet mother or they have been raised in a two parent home but the father is soft as ice cream, a sweet biscuit dudes or Oil of Olay men which is a term that I haven’t used a long time.

    As thinking black men are talking about the ratchetness of the ghetto hoodrats, these simps are out here defending them just to get some punany from them but the scragglies are opening their legs and make Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Machete Man Briggy, Chopper Man Stoley, Thick Dick Tyrone, Cell Block Scrappy and Ruff Cut Larry.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  6. As a childfree 29 year old man . I’m not paying full price for a used car i refuse to date a single mother. I ain’t no cuck / pussy. Only cuck/ pussy dates a single mother when they are childfree. The only person who should date a single mother is a single father.

    1. Goldenman,

      I’m also childfree yet black women would have the world believe that black men as a collective are out here impregnating black women and abandoning their children when most black men are actually single and childless. This is in addition to the CDC study that came out around 9 years ago demonstrating that black men are the most involved in their children’s lives. Say NO to single mothers all day everyday:

        1. Goldenman,

          Fortunately not, she didn’t want to do what she was told so she had to get fired. Slowly over time she became a non critical thinking social media NPC/bot, I don’t have time for women who refuse to follow sound and wise advice. That being said I may have a possible replacement in the works but we’ll see.

          1. Verbs,

            That is sad.
            I thought she is better than those other females when she is with you.
            Your ex will get a serious Karma. I say ‘serious’ because they they lose or turn down ‘true’ potential men, like yourself, this will bite her in the butt.
            Females need to understand that if they become a non critical thinking social media NPC/bot as you stated, the streets (as Future the rapper say) is not a friendly place to go and belong.

            1. Andy C,

              I agree with the message that the streets is not a place a female to go.
              Verbs will deserver better.

            2. Andy C,

              Uncooperative women need to be cut off and left to crash and burn in their own failures, her included. I have zero tolerance for NPCs, bots and non critical thinking knuckleheaded women.

              1. Verbs2015,

                Sorry to hear that, you two were together for quite a while, right?

                As black men we gotta hold to our principles no matter what, which will sometimes mean some people will have to be let go. It is what it is.

                1. SYSBM Forever,

                  11 years altogether. I completely agree, women are supposed to conform to what you as the man require in order to add value to your life, they’re NOT the main characters nor the stars of the show. When they begin to think the focus should be on them and not yourself, that’s when they’ve got to go.

  7. Seeing this repost really brings back alot of memories of the old site; I’m definitely looking forward to other articles that you plan on reposting. Let me address the bonus reason for a minute: I will never forget that article you published about that one Black witch who warned Black men not to piss off their Black girlfriends because they are in secret Facebook groups for witches casting spells on unsuspecting brothers by taking their pictures and conjuring up demon spirits to make their lives harder, putting their period blood in their food and tea, and casting spells to keep these guys stuck to these females and they haven’t a clue what is taking hold of them. I actually saw an Instagram post shared on one guy’s story where a stragg had a caption on her video saying that she’s IN a man’s spaghetti, and the comments section was full of men who recognized what she was truly saying; these straggs will practice witchcraft to keep a man attached to her, yet they still can’t compete with foreign women whose power resides in being fit, feminine, and friendly. Always remember, Quality Stargates Matter. #SYSBM #PassportBros #ThisIsTheWay

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      It’s funny that you should mention black sirens and their witchcraft, a good friend sent me this video below of a black witch’s channel called The Black Culdron:

      While scrolling through the comments I came across this one which said the following:

      “My ex tried to do a witchcraft on me too stay with her. She cooked me spaghetti and fish for dinner. She told me to hurry up and eat. I said I will after I get out the shower. Once I got out the shower. My ancestors told me too throw the food in the trash and come back with the plate on the table and act like I was eating. So I did and my ex came back in the kitchen with a smile on her face once she looked at my plate and said damn you ate that fast. I said yeah I was hungry. Went to sleep that night. Woke up early in the morning and she told me do you feel anything different. I said no I feel good. I got dress walked out and never came back. Text her a few hours and told her I am done with you. You was trying to do a spell on me too stay with you. She had put her period blood and other spices in the spaghetti Next day she lost the house the car and got fired from her job.”

      I’ve been stating for years that most black men are completely ignorant to the dark devises black women are willing to utilise in order to keep black men attached to them.

      Remember, as we already know SheraSeven aka the Sprinkle Sprinkle lady is a practicing witch, however she’s opted to not talk about all of the sorcery she practices behind closed doors because she wants to keep growing her audience.

      It just goes to show you how ignorant most folks are these days, they really don’t have a clue what “sprinkle sprinkle” actually stands for, smh.

      1. Forget the “spiritual” aspect of that, something like that is a potential biohazard!

  8. Another classic banger from the vaults. I remember it got a ton of backlash at the time yet it’s still relevant in 2024. Says a lot about the stagnation of both BW and the so-called communitah.

    Absolutely despise the pursed lips on the witch Shera Seven. Weird how Kevin Samuels and David Carroll were both neutralized (*cough*CIA*cough*) yet she is allowed to run her mouth unchecked. Actually not so weird. That Ebony K. Williams the 40 year old bedwench turned test tube babymama has the same pursed lips and attitude. Watch the video where she says “If he owns the bus.”

    I wish I could disappear these bitches.


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