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That Didn’t End Well Now Did It? #SHORTS

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Shout out to commenter SYSBM Forever for bringing this unnecessary tragedy to my attention.

Yep, this bottom of the barrel, weave wearing, tatted up, OnlyFans prostitute really threw her toys out of the pram (buggy) because a “I’m still waiting for my unicorn” black male simp complimented her on wearing her natural hair in the first photo.

Yes, it was so upsetting for her to see a black man happy because she was natural, so she decided to put back on the stupid wig as well as declare that she’ll be doing NOTHING to appease “guttersnipe” Negroes with the middle finger raised for added flavour.

I’ve told you before that black women DO NOT appreciate any well to do gestures or compliments that come from good black men, they’ll only value a compliment if it’s coming from a street thug or the Ice Man.

You know you’re living in an alternative dimension aka the Twilight Zone when the least married and least desired females on the planet have the audacity to refer to black men as “guttersnipes”.

A lot of you black men still can’t get it through your thick skulls that this modern day black female hates your guts more than you could ever imagine and has no desire to change for the better, most certainly NEVER for you.

You have to scratch your head at this modern day doofus of a black female, she chases after the dregs and the scum of black society, gets burned over and over again and then in her “wisdom” chooses to lump the men she’s NOT attracted to in with the trash that used and abused her, make it make sense.

Of course black women as a collective have never made any sense and they never will, as I keep on saying, if you’re going to open your legs to the deplorables of black male society, DON’T expect miraculous and smooth running interactions.

Gentlemen, don’t be like this foolish guy here, save your compliments for women who will actually appreciate them, not morally bankrupt, trashy whores who bust it wide open in front of the camera for $10 per month on OnlyFans, smh.

This is why despite what the detractors say, SYSBM™ always has been and always will be leagues ahead of the rest of these black male spaces.

We’re cut from a completely different cloth, we’re not out here hoping that black women will see the light, we’re not wasting out time showering them with compliments nor are we holding out for that imaginary unicorn that’s NEVER COMING.

Unlike others, we moved on a long time ago. We accepted that black women didn’t like us and we fully respected their dating preferences. If they only want to deal with Bottom Shelf Brad, 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Field Mouse and Trap House Jim then so be it, that’s no skin off our noses, more destruction to them. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Don’t Compliment Trash Females, Shun Them Instead

Most High Bless

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30 thoughts on “That Didn’t End Well Now Did It? #SHORTS

  1. The fact that some tattooed, linebacker built, masculine looking negress with an onlyfans page thinking she’s on the level of any decent black man and can throw insults our way is laughable to say the least.

    Not that there’s anything worth perusing, but I just looked at her twitter page and it says she was born 2001. I thought she was 35. She also seems to have a resentment towards suburban black men, which is unsurprising considering Da Communitah have always had this resentment and jealousy of others who don’t live in a shit hole.

    She says she doesn’t want to appeal to “guttersnipe negros”. That’s cool, but who else is she gonna appeal to? Pookies and pathetic black male simps aside, what man of any race who has a lot going for himself would even want to be seen with her? Wasn’t there a recent issue with dating apps supposedly pushing them to the bottom? They wanna act like there’s some conspiracy, when the simple truth is nobody else is checking for them.

    It makes me laugh when they try and act like they’re so above us, yet these same females moan and bitch during every NFL draft and follow us “guttersnipes” to different countries and cry when we ignore them. Just listen to the first three minutes of this video:

    They literally fall apart when we don’t give them our attention – which they don’t deserve anyway. They’ve already made it clear from the jump they think we’re beneath them, yet they want us to keep them company in foreign lands where the native women are the pinnacle of beauty and femininity?? Like, seriously? I ain’t shit to you in our city, but when we’re overseas I’m supposed to give you the time of day?

    I think it’s because they don’t want to have to be going to restaurants and other places solo since they already know the local men wouldn’t want them either, so they need us to keep them company so they don’t look stupid out there lol.

    The only reason they’re still so brazen is because of simps like the dude complimenting this husky bitch and fucking up the program. These clowns never learn no matter how many times the black witch shows her hand.

    As for the rest of us, it always makes me smile when I hear of my brothas in huge numbers ignoring these harridans and not even looking in their direction. Black men are waking up and finally realising they don’t need to put up with this crap and deserve better. Bdubs – and Admiral Frost for that matter – can keep running this ancient lie about us only getting low quality women and pros until they’re blue in the face, but there’s way too many receipts that prove otherwise and blows all that out the water.

    Clearly, black women would rather be miserable and slander these black men than make the necessary changes to become better people (which will never happen), but that’s their problem. As time goes on, there will be much less simps like this guy to fall back on…


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      You’re hitting on all cylinders with your comment. The theme black men(especially those on the fence)need to take away from this is black women do not appreciate compliments/good deeds from decent black men and will NEVER change for the better.

      Most black women’s minds are still stuck in the segregation/Jim Crow era, they still believe they have a monopoly over black men because of the hoards of blue pilled, pro black male simps that flood their inboxes on the daily.

      Well to do black men checked out from dealing with them a long time ago never to return. I’m a living testament to this. I stopped dealing with black females back in 2005(19 years ago) and I’ve never looked back at all.

      My decision to abandon them completely was even more solidified when I began travelling regularly from the fall of 2008. These on the fence Negroes are definitely under some sort of spell or witchcraft.

      Their love for the black female has completely blinded them to who she really is as a person. On the other hand black men who know their worth simply need to continue on their path of freedom, it’s that simple.

      Don’t give these black sirens the attention, money and resources they’re looking for, as I’ve stated many times before, ABANDONMENT is the best and most effective weapon to use against the black harridan.

  2. That’s what dude gets for trying to pander to the beast! LOL!☠️

    1. It sure is, he should know by now being on X

      Even worse is the fact that this fool will be the first one to try to roast us for calling out women like this Orlando-Brown-from That’s-So-Raven-looking-ass chick

      Oh well, Maggles will Maggle


      1. Mack G,

        Indeed, the very reason why black women continue to spiral deeper into the sewer system is because every time black men step up to check them, these blue pilled, pro black maggles always rush out of the woodwork thick and fast and stand in the way of any correction. Black female society will NEVER see any improvements because the simps are the gatekeepers of its dysfunction.

  3. If Kelvra was a non black man, she would have said thanks for making her feel confident.

    Blackistian simps never learn anything.

    Negress sheboons will be living alone miserable while watching passport bros build families.

    There are already cases of black women spying on black men overseas.

    If any black females try sabotaging my future white girlfriend, they will be dealt with on the spot.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      It doesn’t matter where in the world black men go, these black sirens will always follow their favourite scapegoat to the ends of the earth. This is why I stated a while back that the Passport Bros now need to move in silence.

      The non progressive blue pilled, pro black simps will always be the same, spending all of their time idolising/worshipping black women, criticising well to do black men instead of getting their finger out and actually rebuilding for their crumbling community, smh.

  4. Salute, guys

    I clicked the X link while I’m on the toilet (I know TMI but I’m being honest that’s just how I feel about this Shorty). Heads up, I got plenty to say

    I guess due to the “backlash” (most of it is hidden or deleted because it’s Twitter X), she’s now trying to say that she was “trolling”. Like a typical woman, she’s backtracking when the heat is on. Trying to front like we can’t see through it, LMFAO!

    She also went in on some of the WM who also comment on her hair and claim she’s against IR relationships. But then again she does claim to be Pro black and we already know how it goes with Pro black women.

    She also said that because he (the maggle Kelvara) mentioned other women being weak, she didn’t like that comment. She saw it as being conditional, we know women will “fake outrage” when it comes to defending other women such as fat women or women less attractive. And you don’t have to watch a pop the balloon show with some random Nigerian chick to see that. For example, if you say a chick looks like Lizzo, she gets mad but will also get mad if you can insult a chick that’s the size of Lizzo. Amazing!

    this chick is on different types of head meds, and she has boobs but a Zoloft gut and a jawline like that marícon (Spanish slang, look it up) from Doctor Who. I just got back from Costa Rica and Panama. She can’t compete at all with even the Afro Latinas.

    What the fk was this pandering fool thinking? They really think this works with bw’s. You don’t give a random woman comments without doing research on her page, you make yourself look like a fool for propping up a chubby mentally unstable, IT chick (as she claims) with questionable skills trying to downplay her OF because she doesn’t show nudity.

    The maggle, like this Ashley Cole-looking broad, is also trying to downplay this he is getting roasted by women and he’s of course defending himself trying to say something is off with them and that he still loves them. TYPICAL

    And the dude is trying to basically claim that guys who are calling us out are losers basically. He says he’s just trying to give her compliments while guys are trying to make this about war between men and women. Of course these are Normie blacks. Along with their disingenuous tripes such as as “we must both come together” “we must love each other,” “the gender war is not all of us it’s just those weird dudes and women.” You know the usual BS we hear on Twitter X with the Maggles and Daggles.

    I flush this conversation like I flush the toilet. I was done after only 5 minutes of looking at this. Can’t tolerate this, and I wonder how do black across the diaspora live like this.

    I am grateful that I/we live this lifestyle of saving yourself.

    That s*** is toxic on Black Twitter X. I rather be a lame, loser, weird, Oreo SYSBM guy. Than to be the Maggle Kelvara or even plumber Aaron Sloan. He mostly maintained masculine frame but recently got put on blast for basically “simping” to his exes.

    Then again Aaron was calling these women Queens so are we really surprised?

    SYSBM is NOT a movement and we do not need to recruit. B/c not everybody is Built For This.


  5. Verbs 2015.

    It doesn’t pay to be a black man simp because black women hate those type of men. Black women love only their white lord and saviour white men, their white father and thug black men. The black community is so fucked.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      What makes me laugh is when these pro blacks criticise outsiders for calling them out on the fact that they don’t actually build anything for the community but instead spend the overwhelming majority of their time worshipping and licking the muddy boots of the black witch contingent.

      As I stated in Negro Wars, “Da Communitah” will never see an iota of improvement until they check the black female and bring her back into line(which is NEVER going to happen).

      Modern day pro blacks are premium grade dummies, they think they can rebuild black society without first putting the destroyer of it back in her place, smh.

  6. Shoutout to SYSBM Forever.
    Since she is piss-off because the black man complement her natural hair. I say this:
    She is an ungrateful b!tch.
    She cannot complain about when BM goes to Becky because of she got offended by positive comment.

    I tell you this Verbs, you cannot please black-females no matter what.

    Verbs wrote:
    “A lot of you black men still can’t get it through your thick skulls that this modern day black female hates your guts more than you could ever imagine and has no desire to change for the better, most certainly NEVER for you.”

    This is what I explain to people in real life when I was in my teens, but these BM are thick headed and say ‘no all’ or saying ‘you have hate towards women’. No I do not hate them, they hate use.
    Pro-Blacks like Shawn, even he make good videos, can take pot shots at Passport Bros and shattering the Passport Bros narratives all he wants, but it does not change that Black females hate Black Men’s guts. I knew this when I was a little boy, Quincy went through this and Madbusdriver said is many times.

    We accept and move on. You still have simps think they have hope for a unicorn instead of having options.

    1. MMT,

      Shawn James is a prime example of your typical pro black, spends all his time praising, worshipping and licking the boots of black women but doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to check them which is exactly what is needed in order to have any chance of rebuilding the black community.

      I said it in my book Negro Wars that was published in 2015, there will be NO restoration of black society until the modern day black female is checked and brought back into line. 9 years later this particular statement continues to be vindicated over and over again.

      1. Lets keep it real Shawn James is a fat looser. How old is this guy and he still lives with his mother and he hasn’t had a job in how long? It obvious he’s social awkward . And most black women wouldn’t give him the time of day. He’s opinions have no worth.

        1. Shawn lives on his own which he stated.
          Shawn is unemployed for 15+ years. This is because BW made him permanently/eternally unemployable. Even the BW lied to the Brad boss because BW does not like him so he got sacked. Black Female lied about he was sleeping on the job which is not true and she use the feminist rule to get him screwed over.

          This is a long video you should watch:

          When I watched this, this is another wake up call for Black Men

      2. If Black women had any sense. They would start showing some respect and being nice to black men. Because we are there only option. If all Black men jumped ship and starting/ reproducing with non black women black women would go extinct. They are jealous because we can date outside more than them. And alot black men are waking up and smelling the roses the grass is greener with non black women

        1. Goldenman,

          Showing respect and being nice to black men in the black female’s eyes is akin to anathema because they already having the slave master mentality see us as beneath them.

          As far as black women are concerned, ALL black men should bow down, worship at their feet in addition to accepting any maltreatment and abuse they throw in our direction.

          More black men than ever before are jumping ship, the numbers haven’t even reached critical mass yet and look at how these straggs are running around like headless chickens panicking.

  7. SYSBM: Today was hot.
    White sugar honey: Summer is definitely here.

    I can’t even remember the last time I ever saw a black woman had their natural hair. Most of the time I see black women with weave in their hair no matter if it’s blonde or a different colour of weave.

    I hear the rap song from the chick with the cat. Well, there was two of them. Here this, where is her man? Nowhere to be seen at all as a man will not deal with a woman like that. She will give the dude problems left, right and centre, Lord have mercy!

    I know why some black women are wearing weave is because that they are trying to compete with the white woman’s hairstyle as the white woman can grow her hair out of her scalp while black women spend almost eight billion pounds a year on buying fake hair just to copy her style.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Black women think they’re the default character, the stars of the show. To the blue pilled, pro black simps they are, however NOT to the black men who know their worth ie the men that count.

  8. These hoes will wear wigs and weave to spite BM, lie on us and say we prefer it, blame us for them wearing it, but they’ll go full nappy-head to provide Chad with the same plantation jungle sex raceplay experience that his great-grandfather got.

    Too bad that simp in the OP didn’t know how these sheboons really move. Hope he learned a lesson here, his compliments are lost on these heffas.

    SYSBM remains undefeated.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      I still remember an article I released on the first website some years back where a black man went to the trouble of preparing a picnic only for the black heifer he was on a date with to outright reject it.

      From the standpoint of a well to do black man, there is no pleasing the modern day black female no matter what lengths you go to. If only more black men in general would learn and accept this instead of fighting against it foolishly believing they can achieve what others have been unable to, smh.

      1. Welp, Verbs, it’s a sucker born every minute especially the blue pill, pro-black, single mama-raised black simp. He’ll either keep on simping, or take the red pill and snap out of it. I bet on the former. Whats funny is I have younger cousins who fit that very description.

  9. This is like that old parable of the frog and the scorpion playing out in real time only worse because the frog was at least reluctant. Dude deserved what he got for simping.

    1. Justa Joe,

      These blue pilled, pro black male simps never learn, they continue to get their faces spat in yet they still prostrate themselves as well as grovel at the black female’s feet(crusty toes and all).

  10. This is like that old parable of the frog and the scorpion playing out in real time only worse because the frog was at least reluctant. Dude deserved what he got for simping.

  11. Perhaps that simp should’ve checked her page out first before he complimented her on her natural hair; her Twitter/ X page said “agent of chaos” at the top. Only the scraggle daggle will be so offended by a Black man’s compliment to put on a wig over her real hair to spite him; this is madness! Imagine how we’d be perceived if we put on wigs that look like Brad’s hair if we were complimented for wearing afros, locks, waves, and high top fades; people would laugh us to scorn! Seeing those screenshots reminded me of that meme with the caption: “To The Black Woman, A Black Man’s Happiness Is Forbidden”.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      These stragg daggles stay offended at black men especially the black men who know their worth. How can any individual in their right mind get offended at somebody stating that they look better in their natural state? Black women aren’t right in the head, they lost their marbles a long time ago, it’s a pity that most black men still refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall.


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