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I’ve been seeing this video doing the rounds on quite a few social media platforms, even these pro blackity blacks are now having to admit and confess that non black women despite their various shortcomings are much nicer to black men than these black straggs that are our unfortunate counterparts.

Of course SYSBM Knights/Practitioners have been stating this forever, for example, even with their injection of social media combined with feminism, white females are still much more pleasant women to talk to and deal with.

Keisha aka the weave/wig wearing stragg aka the sacred cow of “Da Communitah” on the other hand is an insufferable black female militant who couldn’t compliment any black men even on her best day, black men simply need to walk away. As I’ve said before, black men will NOT be able to find their ideal woman in black female society, it’s just never going to happen.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

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22 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Verbs2015,

    I truly believe that at this point, it is the subculture of Blackistan itself that is the root of the problem. The stragg will always try to preserve this subculture because it is a black female centric matriarchal subculture that conveys upon her tremendous advantage over her black male counterpart and fully subordinates said counterpart to the whims, desires, and service of the scraggle daggle. This is the Blackistani subculture at its best. At its worse, the Blackistani subculture is about black on black male violence, black female whoredom, the oversexualizing of children, attention seeking women obsessed with the superficial, and hotep lies about historical glory that never existed, and nurturing values that never existed.

    Instead of trying to build something wholesome from the ashes of slavery and colonialism, blacks have thrown themselves headlong into a paradigm of debauchery, dishonesty, sloth, and excuses, led by females who take their marching orders from General Blizzard.

    How can such a subculture possibly produce women who are good for their children and good for their male counterparts?

    1. And don’t forget the (((media))) saturating the young with low vibrational female worship under the guide of RnB music. It’s all they talk about, nothing deeper than chasing ass and pedestalizing hoes.

    2. AmericanBlkMan,

      That subculture you refer to is exactly what keeps Keisha on top. She loves the debauchery, degeneracy, reprobation and the freedom from morality.

      Of course the black female has no problems spreading this garbage to others around her, hence why we now see white and other non black females in the West increasingly singing from the black witch’s song sheet.

      As far as the modern day black female is concerned, since she’s on a one way Express down to the deepest, hottest parts of hell, she just like her father the devil is determined to take as many others with her as she can.

      These pro black simps who happily carry out the black siren’s grunt work as well as gate keep for her evil works are heading in the same direction, good riddance to them both.

  2. Gentlemen,

    So apparently the plumber guy who appeared on the balloon popping show has been lying his backside off. It just goes to show how very few people can be trusted nowadays. Anybody who makes claims(especially if they sound extreme) must provide the hard evidence before they’re believed. Don’t be afraid to not believe them and any evidence they do bring forward should be sifted through thoroughly with a Judge Judy fine tooth comb.

    1. I had to go and check that out for myself; this guy is Roda Osman 2.0.

  3. I remember mentioning that scene in the Equalizer 3.

    For men who want to look out for the type of qualities they want in a wife, look no further than this character. No exaggeration, the woman who plays Amina is one of the best, if not THE best modern portrayal of what a real feminine and wholly traditional non western/Keisha influenced woman is.

    Seriously, watch that movie carefully: Notice how she’s slim and in shape, dresses modestly, well presented and kept together, feminine mannerisms, deep warm smile and cute sense of humor etc. That clip is my favourite scene in the movie, the way she was curious as to why Denzel was folding his napkins and genuinely wanted to know who cooks for him and asked him out so he can get more familiar with the local dishes. Come on!! What more could you want in a woman??? Everything was a green flag.

    That type of feminine, nurturing and caring quality is what makes a woman and something every good man should be looking out for and pursuing. When a woman is concerned for your sustenance and wellbeing, you have a winner right there. These type of women we nurture and love in return as well as protect and take care of. Obviously they’d make great mothers too, that goes without saying.

    I looked up the Italian biracial actress’ Gaia Scodellaro’s IG and she seems to be pure class. Nothing thottish, vulgar or attention seeking – just a woman living life. She was probably somewhat playing herself in that role.

    There’s good women out there (outside the west cos you just ain’t gonna find that here, we know this already) like that fictional character. As good black men we deserve those ones and they deserve us.

    Let the hard headed simps and pookies have the dregs of female society.


    1. Equalizer 3 was shit. The best Denzel Washington film was training

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      Nurturing, feminine, cooperative, submissive women are becoming extremely hard to come by, because of social media and the dreaded smartphone, it getting to the point where you’ll literally have to head into the deepest, darkest forest to pick a woman from a remote tribe order to find a female with the least amount of contamination.

      I’ll always say that man has to be the focus of the relationship because as he is elevated, he’ll automatically bring up everybody else in his family.

      When a man makes more money, he automatically thinks about how he can better his family, whereas when a woman makes more money, her mind immediately says “I don’t need a man anymore”.

      This is the default Jezebel, selfish mindset of most women and exactly why the Most High stated that men should rule over them, he knew exactly what he was talking about.

  4. Black Women Are Stalking Passport Bros Overseas; Here’s Proof.

    Black Woman Are Causing Mayhem In Vietnam! Passport Bros Vindicated.

    5 African Countries with the Highest White Population.

    Out of these 5 countries, I would pick number 5 and number 4 to go on holiday with my future white girlfriend.

    I’m sure white Afrikaner women in these African nations ain’t like most white women in Europe and America.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Yep and her wig came off, lol. I’ve been following this, here is a longer version of the arrest:

      1. Verbs2015,

        Every day I see more and more scraggle daggles completely losing it in public.

        It is obvious that this scraggle daggle has been conditioned by a lifetime of being catered to by black male simps and never being held to account for anything.

        A paradigm shift is taking place whereby the masses of black males will not automatically rush to the defense of scraggle daggles behaving badly.

        Scraggle daggles are melting down all over the place because they absolutely cannot cope in a paradigm where they are held to the same account as everyone else.

    2. I woke up to the fact that when you vote straight Democrat (as I used to) and are fixated on the top of the ticket (POTUS, Governor, Mayor etc), these daggle judges get voted in by default. As decent brothers who never go before judges, you don’t pay attention. But every straight Black man should vote GOP to pack their black asses outta there. I bet these hoes put more brothas away than the white male or Jewish judges that they replaced.

      Remember a few years back there was this black female judge who got arrested for corruption and there was a video where she was sentenced and wouldn’t leave the courtroom. The bailiffs had to literally drag her out of there, you know how these hoes go limp when they don’t want to leave somewhere (a black bitch did the same thing on an airplane when told to leave). I hope they checked out her cases and judgements.

      Looked it up, here’s the link:

  5. SYSBM: Today was hot.
    White sugar honey: I’m not going out there tomorrow.

    You know I really believe what the guy is saying. When it comes to non-black women, they are so nice. But when it comes to the black women, the ones that are ratchet, they are not nice at all. I know because I have seen it before so many times Verbs.

    Do you know how many black men are getting their passports and flying out of dodge? The passport office is busy right now as black men are filling up applications to get their passport. Or they just go to the SYSBM route.

    When I saw the clip of the movie The Equalizer, his heart beat faster then ever before. Because he has never ever get that before in America. And the Italian woman, the Italia is just shooting her shoot. Fellas, go for the one that likes you.

    Hey, keep your sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming non-black women.


  6. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! Well, well, well; so, a pro Whack is openly admitting that snow bunnies are nicer than his beloved Black queens; I honestly cannot say that I’m surprised at his statement. I understand what he means when he said he thought maybe she liked him; I also encounter White women who smile when you walk by them. I can recall there was this cute blonde who used to work at my neighborhood Kroger who would smile at me every time she saw me walk in; they typically have a friendlier demeanor towards us than the scraggle daggle. As for what he said about compliments, a daggle’s “compliment” is just a slick even if they did say something that’s meant to be positive, they still attach a slick comment that is offensive. That movie clip with Denzel Washington and the Italian woman is an SYSBM/Passport Bros PSA; I wonder now if the late Marvin Hagler met his wife in a similar fashion when he moved to Italy.

  7. Here is a news story out of Houston, TX that went viral 4 weeks ago where these 2 community activists held a press conference regarding a former Lamar CISD teacher who was exposed for filming porn during school hours:

    Here is a follow up interview Fox 26 Houston did with the teacher in question:

    As sad as this situation is, it comes across as comical when you hear Quanell X talk about what this lady did in her classroom. He made this whole press conference sound like an episode of “The Boondocks”; even the lady next to him couldn’t help but chuckle! As for the former teacher, of course she would dodge accountability by deflecting to her ex boyfriend who allegedly leaked the videos; now, revenge porn is wrong, but that is no excuse for what she did in her classroom while working. What if a student or faculty member stumbled upon her while she was recording? In case you’re wondering, yes, the video is as gross as Quanell X described; i saw a censored version of the video in question, and this is an obese woman who was doing this trashy behavior. Western women are done!


    I didn’t even know WSHH was still in existence, I haven’t clicked on that godforsaken website for many years and no one talks about it anymore, but someone posted this link in a whatsapp chat.

    These simps wanna be the “dad that stepped up” only to face the wrath of the emotional and unstable pookies who fathered the kids. Notice what the boy’s mother’s name is? LOL the whole joke writes itself.

    If it turned violent I guess Umar would have magically appeared to save the stepfather.

    We keep trying to warn them, but they don’t listen..

    1. Here is the original Uncut version for you and Verbs.
      This will be good for Verb’s future post.

      For all the simps who promote step-cucking, this video is a warning when the Pookie Daddy is still in the picture. This is one of the reason why you never date single moms and play step-daddy.

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