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These Your Queens? Deplorable Behaviour As Usual! #SHORTS

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And they wonder why men only view them as cum dumpsters, smh. Whores/sluts do indeed have their place in the world, they are specifically used to satisfy men’s sexual desires, however the problem with most 304s in the West is they have adopted a delusional mentality to where they believe that they’re entitled to more from men than being used as a sperm receptacle.

Notice what the fake eyelashes, fake nails, weave/wig wearing, tatted up whore in white categorically stated, “f**k you n**as”. She feels confident saying this because we know she has so many thirsty Negroes in her inbox. Additionally, she also stated that she’ll date one of you n***as while having two in the chamber” ie two suckers on standby.

The interviewer went on to question her as to whether she wants to be a wife, her response was “when I’m old”, smh. These delusional broads really believe that men are going to be checking for them at the same rate when they’re over the hill, ran through, used up, rinsed out old hags as men were when these 304s were in their prime.

I’ve noticed that black women are the worst when it comes to understanding the concept of purity and using their prime years in the correct manner. They’ll typically be the ones to venture down 304 Avenue the hardest, racking up bodies upon souls like a cemetery but somehow still expecting traditional treatment from men.

Traditional Treatment Disqualifiers For Women Tenet Number 23 reads:

“23. Any woman who listens to and emulates female recording artists who live and promote the Jezebel lifestyle is NOT a traditional woman and therefore she is NOT entitled to traditional treatment.”

Traditional Treatment Disqualifiers For Women Tenets 1, 2, 3 and 13 read as follows:

“1. If a woman has any tattoos, she is NOT traditional and therefore she is NOT entitled to traditional treatment.

2. If any woman uses weaves, wigs, fake nails, fake eyelashes, nose bull rings(septum rings), body piercings, thick layers of makeup and unnatural, out of place colours in her hair, she is NOT traditional and therefore she is NOT entitled to traditional treatment.

3. If any woman has a foul mouth and swears like it’s her second nature, she is NOT a traditional woman and therefore she is NOT entitled to traditional treatment.

13. If any woman is rude, aggressive, violent(without a valid cause), rebellious, uncouth, unbridled, belligerent, masculine, haughty, prideful, has a foul, negative attitude and is not willing to submit to and accept a good man as her authority, she is NOT a traditional woman and therefore she is NOT entitled to traditional treatment, men and women are NOT equals.”

Again, as I’ve stated many times before, I point blank refuse to deal with any female who freely refers to black men as “n****s”every five seconds.

I really don’t understand how so many black men will quickly call out white and other non black folks for using that term against them but at the same time will give the black siren a squeeze and an easy pass when she does it. That matriarchal pandering and bootlicking has most black men severely licked and hemmed up, smh.

Even the late Dr David Carroll told you Negroes many years ago that black women as a collective are NOT cut out for long term relationships and should NOT be wifed up chiefly because most of them have been raised by irresponsible single mothers:

Stop giving hoes, whores and sluts unwarranted attention, if most black men would simply drop the matriarchal worship, grow a backbone and refuse to exalt these modern day sub par black females, the scales would immediately tip in their favour overnight.

The above is typical black female behaviour, black women only know how to engage in degrading, dehumanising, reprobate, degenerate behaviour whenever a camera is in the vicinity. The concept of exercising decorum and comporting themselves in a respectable manner when in public is a completely foreign concept to them, smh. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Have Flushed Their Own Image And Reputation Down The Toilet

Most High Bless

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16 thoughts on “These Your Queens? Deplorable Behaviour As Usual! #SHORTS

  1. Verbs2015,

    In my opinion the black male simp is lower than the 304-scraggle daggle. First of all, the black male simp willingly subordinates himself to the 304 and all scraggle daggles.

    Its a good thing that most black male simps don’t have much money because they fund the 304 collective. Nobody else gives the 304 money except the black male simp. Even bottom shelf Brad mostly gets his ghetto gagging services free.

    Because most individual black male simps don’t have a lot of money, the 304-scraggle daggle needs many of them to make a good income.

    1. Everybody on this forum knows that I despise black male simps even more than I despise scraggle daggles.

      Now here it goes. I believe the dude in the vid was a simp. He asked the thot; ‘don’t you want to be a wife?’. Anyone with 2 live brain cells would know this thot wasn’t wife material, ever!

      This thirsty simp would probably go down on both those thots; V D be damned! Most thots like this have had so many venereal diseases and abortions by the time they are 30, that they can’t rven have kids, at least not healthy kids.

      The thots call it ‘female problems’. LOL

      What sort of simp would be videotaping these attention whore thots twerking, unless he was thirsting for them?

      1. “What sort of simp would be videotaping these attention whore thots twerking, unless he was thirsting for them?”

        What I especially find disgusting was how he didn’t even have the testicular fortitude to maintain control of his interview; that one stragg videobombed the interview, followed by the one who started twerking like the mindless drone she is, and he just stood there as if he had no ability to control the situation. That’s epic weakness, if you ask me.

    2. Totally Agreed! Male Simps Are ”Very Dangerous ” Simping For Keisha’s That Literally ”Hate” Them..SMH..

    3. AmericanBlkMan,

      The black male simp is a piece of trash, he’s the one who gate keeps the black female’s dysfunction and will actively go after those black men who choose to stand up and reprimand these black sirens for their shortcomings.

      The black male simp needs to face a severe economic catastrophe so that these straggs/daggles can be left to crash and burn in their own failures.

  2. SMH

    Now contrast that to this young lady:

    As for those harridans, not much I can say. I actually wouldn’t be surprised at all if she has a bevy of “niggas” since black males are the biggest simps and have zero standards. This is why they don’t feel any shame or embarrassment acting like this, because they know they have these pathetic thirsty fools to fall back on to fulfill their sexual and material needs.

    They obviously know that no decent man would ever touch them in a million years, much less consider them for marriage, hence the immediate resentful remark (expressed ignorantly of course) towards those men.

    Anyway, this is a problem for da communitah which I’ve long distanced myself from, so who cares.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Bro, sadly women like Jillian are an extremely rare breed in the West, most of these fefails aren’t concerned about continuing their family tree, to them life is all about living for the moment and indulging in every carnal and hedonistic pleasure until they hit the grave.

      Even if you go back 10-15 years, the probability of finding a virgin or at least a female with an ultra low body count was so much more achievable in the West.

      Just look at these classless whores we’re now surrounded by in these Western nations, no moral compass, no class, no decorum, no manner, no respect for men, no respect for themselves.

      Tatted up, weave/wig, fake eyelash, fake nails, thick makeup wearing Jezebels who all suffer from main character syndrome and as a result need constant attention and validation from random strange men online, smh.

  3. The 27 minute video from Dr David Carroll is classic.

    Everything from start to finish were spot on.

    Blackistian males are walking zombies, savages, apes, monkeys, simps.

    Quoting “once you go black, don’t come back”.

    This statement ain’t racist at all when I think deeply about black societies subconsciously.

    This is why most white women date black men who have abandoned blackistan culture forever.

    No sagging pants down, no tattoos all over the body and is able to speak proper English.

    No spiritual damage from Hip hop.

    No psychological damage from watching black movies and black tv shows.

    No emotional damage from negress sheboons.

    I would tick all of the boxes as I’ve never dated a black female and not attached to black cultures.

    These are the traits white women look for when it comes to marrying black men.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      These modern day women have absolutely no class nor self respect whatsoever, as soon as any female takes it upon herself to get branded with a tattoo, any class she previously had is immediately flushed down the toilet.

      Tatted up, fake eyelashes, fake nails, thick makeup, weaves/wigs, septum rings, mouth piercings, funny colours in their hair etc, yet these will be the same gutter trash 304s looking you and I up and down and sizing us up and if they’re too good for us.

      This is how you know that most western women suffer from serious delusions of grandeur, when they’ve sunk so deep into the sewer system but yet they still believe that they’re quality females who “deserve” whatever they’re asking for in and from men, smh.

  4. SYSBM: There so many whores in these streets. They are coming like my mother.
    White sugar honey: My mum was a whore as well. She slept around with multiple men.

    We have more and more whorish women on these streets now, especially when it comes to black women. And they are the ones that are ratchet. I’m not a guy who is goanna get married but I know that there are so many women that are not wife martial.

    I have seen so many rachet women, it made me lose count. Most of these women who are whorish are for the streets. You can have your fun with them and that it is. You can make them your girlfriends or your wives.

    As we see in Britain, we are seeing that around 60 per cent of black men are with non-black women because they have seen the dysfunctional behaviour with the ratchet black women for a very long time. So, it was for them, black men have no choice but to date non-black women.

    The best thing a man should do is just not give them any attention. When you see these simps look at these women, they are goanna start thinking that “That’s the one I wanna wife up!” Lord have mercy.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


    1. MC,

      I don’t feel sorry for any black men who still choose to deal with these black females, they only have themselves to blame when things inevitably go wrong. #SYSBMTILLTHECASKETDROPS

  5. I’ve seen this clip on Instagram before; it was on one of those “red pill” pages where they post a bunch of videos from various sources (I’m becoming highly suspicious of these “red pill” pages, but that’s another subject for Open Mic Wednesday). The late MC Craig Mack saw how messed the scraggle daggle had become and spoke about the same behavior we see today in his song “When God Comes”; here’s a portion of verse 2:

    “I watched the earth’s cheese line get longer,
    I watch allegiance to Satan’s army gettin’ stronger
    I watched drugs and guns take control
    I even watched how the devil take the Black woman’s soul.
    They ain’t got respect no more
    When your ass on the camera you ain’t nothing but a whore.”

    These two slowbus Keishas are too stupid to realize that they are doing more damage to their already FUBAR’d public image; the impulsive twerking, poor command of the English language, profanity, the disrespect of Black males, the standard 304 accoutrement, and stupidity. All of that was on full display, and the dude still fixed his mouth to ask her if she wanted to be a wife; that other one said she’s “a lot of niggas’ wife” (spoken like a true 304). This is what I don’t get about these podcasts and on-the-street interviews; these guys will express their desire for purity and femininity from women, but look at who they’re holding these discussions with. Are you kidding me?!

    I’m glad that you plugged the “Traditional Treatment Disqualifiers” tenets; I see them alongside the SYSBM Tenets and the “Guiding Principles Of A TRUE High Quality Black Man” as required reading for any brother who’s introduced to the Red pill. Also, I like that you included that classic video of David Carroll; if he were still alive, I can just imagine the field day he’d have with the evidence you’ve brought forth on the scraggle daggle. I miss his Rabbit Hole productions.

    1. BCT,

      It’s funny should should bring up that Craig Mack song because I remember a pro black guy who also used to write blogs like myself some years ago but he would showcase the extreme minority of black women who were actually engaging in something constructive and productive.

      However eventually he chose to throw in the towel and abandon ship because I believe he finally came to the realisation that black women were too far gone and had ruined their own image and reputation beyond redemption and salvaging.

      Interviewers like The Desirable Truth need to go to non Western countries and conduct street interviews in those places because the results will be completely different.

      As I’ve stated many times before, the modern day black female is a devil in the flesh on her way down to deepest, hottest parts of hell and she’s determined to take as many people with her as she can.


  6. Dr. Umar says you supposed to get with these queens exclusively, brothers! What’s the problem? How you gonna make generational wealth with a snowbunny and not a female from your own community? They need you to shut up and save them from their piss poor choices and to provide for they chilluns, yet making you a sandwich is slavery.

    Man up, niggas!


    1. Schadenfreude,

      I walked away from these black sirens over 19 years ago and I’ve never looked back since. They can save themselves since they’re so strong and independent. They keep on saying they don’t need men therefore it’s only right that we respect that declaration. By the way, that also goes for these non black hoes out here trumpeting the same as well as singing from the black witch’s song sheet. As I keep on saying, black women and their non black female acolytes must be left to crash and burn out in their own failures. We must NEVER save any of them.

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