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They Only See You As A Utility To Be Exploited! #SHORTS

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Most black men need to get it into their simple minded heads that the overwhelming majority of black women only view them as a utility to be used and exploited for their own gains. Black women don’t love you, black women don’t care for you, they only want you to spend your money on them as well as take money from you.

As soon as the money and resources run dry, that’s when you’ll really observe Jezebel coming out of the cage and showing her true colours. It’s the truth. What have I said before, most black women look upon black men as slaves, COMMODITIES AND ASSETS.

Just look at the luxury vibes Instagram page, the majority of it is all about weave and fake eyelash wearing black women constantly being lavished with money and gifts, where are the black men receiving gifts and being treated the same from their women, I’ll wait?

Let’s face it, most relationships in black society are about black men financially propping up black women as well as lavishing said black sirens with various gifts and treats in order to try to keep them in place.

Genuine love is something that’s seriously lacking within black society and it is evident that black women are the ones most affected by this.

Notice that despite being raised in a single mother household, a black man can still venture out, deal with women of other ethnicities, find a woman that is ideal for him and still be able to love that woman even though he may not have received love if any from his mother growing up.

Most black women on the other hand who grow up in single mother households without love and affection are typically shafted as they don’t have that foundation of love built in to pass onto their significant other or even their children.

So instead most black women begin to view relationships from a transactional standpoint and choose to dive into the degenerate lifestyle of hedonism. From that moment forward any men they encounter are expected to support that lifestyle or keep it stepping.

Gentlemen, you are NOT a utility to be used by vain modern day women, any females who seek to use you for vain financial exploits must be avoided at all costs.

Additionally, beware of men whether they be dating coaches or other dodgy merchants who attempt to encourage you to venture down the hedonism/vanity path in order to be more appealing to women.

Any adaptations or conformations you implement in order to appeal to dysfunctional women makes you a SIMP, always remember that. You’re NEVER supposed to conform to dysfunction of any kind yet alone women who are squarely out of balance.

It’s all well and good building yourself up and improving your financial and economic status, however the Western dating market is still a complete and utter pile of trash and will remain that way for a very long time.

Most women in Western countries are complete financial knuckleheads, they are ultimately dummies when it comes to understanding the economic climate they’re in, budgeting, living within their means as well as putting some money away for a rainy day. DON’T ever put yourselves into the red just to appease one of these debt slave Western prostitutes.

Build yourself up for YOURSELF, take your money and resources elsewhere and in your own time and choosing, invest into women who are worth it and who will freely reciprocate.

Above all, DON’T put any money into the Daggleverse, you’ll get absolutely no return on any and all capital invested. Get those passports gents and never look back. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

NEVER Line Yourself Up To Be Used As a Utility By Women, You’re Much Better Than That

Most High Bless

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27 thoughts on “They Only See You As A Utility To Be Exploited! #SHORTS

  1. That’s cool, because I only see them as a liability to be avoided.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      It’s diabolic to me how these females are so lost in their delusion mind state, they still believe they’re classy, quality women despite the fact that more men than ever before are choosing to walk away from them in record numbers, smh.

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; white women used to not be like this. Narcissistic and money-hungry. If they’re not being influenced by radical feminist dykes, it’s by broke, black babymamas. Take me back to 2011-2012, before IG, TikTok, Hinge and Tinder.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      It’s incredible how trashy and classless modern women have become, white men were the canary in the coal mine, they’ve been going abroad to get away from their female counterparts since the 1960s.

      You’re right though, 2010 is when I reckon things really began to start going downhill albeit the spiral really started to take form around 2015-2016.

      Non black women demonstrate everyday how they don’t have two braincells to rub together in the fact that they can be so easily mislead by anybody and everybody including the same black females they once rightfully looked down upon, smh.

  3. Kornelija Slunjski is from Croatia.

    Very sad to see more white women from Eastern Europe becoming infected with feminism.

    Negress sheboons are malware viruses on planet earth since the beginning of time and creation.

    They want many non black women to catch as many infections from them down to hell.

    This is their game plan against passport bros.

    Blackistian males are utilities to black females.

    I’m not one of them but my brother and my brother-in-law are married to black women.

    My siblings are utilities to black women.

    1. “Negress sheboons are malware viruses on planet earth since the beginning of time and creation.

      They want many non black women to catch as many infections from them down to hell.

      This is their game plan against passport bros.”

      You are 100% right. BW know what they’re doing.

    2. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Indeed, Kornelija Slunjski(who managed to land herself a blue pilled simp flunky) is from Croatia and yet she’s still a hedonistic piece of trash who just like the Sprinkle Sprinkle black siren SheraSeven, is merchandising and fleecing so many dumb women who lack the ability to think critically.

      Yep, the same black females white and other non black women once rightfully looked down upon are now their lords, saviours and teachers taking them straight down to the bottomless pit express style.

      Black women have successfully contaminated the Western dating market with their morally reprehensible degeneracy and filth, as a result I would estimate that in 2024 only between 3-5% of women in Western countries can be labelled as quality.

      More men must realise that they are NOT there to cater to women, it’s supposed to be the reverse. The blue pilled simps will always simp, most of them are a lost cause.

      It’s up to the men that count to hold the line, call out and reject hedonistic Jezebels who think they’re the stars of the show whenever and wherever we encounter them.

    3. Honestly, I can’t think of any instance when non black women have ever come into contact or close association with negress females and came out on the other side better women. Never. It just doesn’t happen. All you get is a bunch of Shanaynay-ing and the same decadent mindset you see being displayed here.

      Tenet 22 is something I noticed long before I even knew what SYSBM was.

  4. Klu Klux Keshias are UNBASHFUL WHORES and Professional Beggars. My level of DIGUST for them is endless.

    1. TWG,

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. Unfortunately the curse and the pestilence know as Keisha has successfully managed to contaminated the overwhelming majority of non black women in the West with her reprehensible feminist degeneracy, debauchery and filth. This is why more black are opting to look for quality stargates in non Westernised foreign countries.

  5. I am going to do the usual 3Ms (Michael Mistertea Mouthful):

    These Keishas do not care about love. They only care about money because they are natural Gold Diggers.

    Verbs wrote:
    “As soon as the money and resources run dry, that’s when you’ll really observe Jezebel coming out of the cage and showing her true colours. It’s the truth.”

    This is when they call you broke A-N and they will bail on you.

    Verbs wrote:
    “Additionally, beware of men whether they be dating coaches or other dodgy merchants who attempt to encourage you to venture down the hedonism/vanity path in order to be more appealing to women.”

    This is an interesting part I am going to mention what you said.
    The reason why the dating coaches are the biggest simps because this hits home with a lot of men.
    When I was a kid. We all taught ‘No Money, No Honey’ meaning you are not fit to be in a relationship because you got no money or job.
    I remember doing my volunteer work for years to grind some experience to get a paid job. These BW are not interested. I remember in my early 20s, this is when I grew some balls. When I got a paid job with good amount of money. This is where some men say to ‘Now you can get a girlfriend’ because I got a paid job and I was thinking, ‘the hell with them’.

    These dating roaches get mixed up with this ‘lead with your wallet’ and ‘get your money up’.
    The true purpose of ‘Leading with your wallet’ and ‘Get your money up’ are to have options and opportunity. Not getting females. As soon as I got my money up, I was thinking ‘why do I need females’ because I build up my resources myself without these females so forget them.

    As I got into my 30s as I start listening to Red-Pill like MGTOW and manosphere, this is before SYSBM. I realised around 10 years ago that how the dating works is there are 2 rules. One rule for ‘Good Men’ and another rule for ‘Bad Men’.
    Basically saying if you are Good productive men, you have to pay Premium when it comes to dating and if you are a bad man aka ‘Pookies’ you get date without paying a penny. Now you got swirlers and divestors meaning that the rules has changed again. Meaning if you are Thug, Pookie or an non-Black Man, you get free sex. If you a productive BM, you not just have to pay premium, but you have to be the ‘God-Devil Man’. When I say ‘God-Devil’ Man meaning you have to be a god with the number to meet the Keishas’ criteria of dating with a 666. As 6 inch cock, 6ft height, 6 figures and 6 pack.

    I remember many years ago I wanted to date BW back in the day, but thanks to SYSBM like this website I never did date Black Females and I am glad I never deal with them in my life because I would get into trouble and story from Quincy when he mention about how Black Females hate hits guts as when he was a little boy. This hits home with me and you have these simps gaslighting me defending bad Black Female behaviour. I say no because they know it is true but they rather still deal with them.
    Have I dated Black Female in my life? The answer is ‘No’ and it will remain ‘No’.

    Verbs, one thing the bible man said which is you cannot fix the black culture, but you can unplug yourself from it.

    1. MMT,

      The dating roaches are desperate because they’ve made quite a lucrative income merchandising and fleecing many vulnerable and insecure men who still want to deal with these toxic, parasitical, money hungry sirens in the West.

      Most of these Western women are so delusional, they really don’t understand how deplorable, ugly and unattractive they’ve become because of their subscription to feminism coupled with their new found embrace of ultra hedonism.

      Black women are the worst culprits on the planet by far when it comes to worshipping mammon and all things superficial and material, their lust for carnal trinkets knows no bounds.

      The bottom line is stay away from hedonistic Jezebels(whether they be black or non black)who just want to use you for your money and resources.

      In 2024 there is too much information out here to get used by any female who has no intentions of ever reciprocating any kind gestures you show her.

      Steer clear of Keisha at all costs and ensure you also give a wide berth to those non black females you observe have adopted the gutter mentality of the black witch.

      You’ve done well not dating black women, you saved yourself a lot of unnecessary drama and strife plus by avoiding them, you’ve added many extra years unto your life.

    2. Michael wrote:
      “Have I dated Black Female in my life? The answer is ‘No’ and it will remain ‘No’.”

      I was in the same boat. I also never dated a BW. I wanted to when I was young as it was my 1st preferance because we all taught to date your own cultute.
      I threw the towel on BW before the pandemic. I do see quality BW in London but I will not risk it.
      Thank god I did not date any BW because I never date them. Not even once and thanks to RedPill and SYSBM. I dodge all the feminist bullets. I have people still trying to convince me saying ‘Not all’ but that ship has passed and have options to go elsewhere.

  6. SYSBM: More gold diggers on the streets!
    White sugar honey: I’ve walked past one in Camberwell Green today.

    With all the gold diggers on these streets, there is no surprise there are so many now. I know about these type of women as I have exes like them scraggle daggle gold diggers.

    When a woman says support her lifestyle or keep it stepping, it’s best to keep stepping and not support her lifestyle because he knows that there nothing he will get in return, you understand me.

    A woman like these women on these videos will not give any decent man time but they will bend over like that prison officer getting ram from behind by that prisoner in Wandsworth Prison, Lord have mercy!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  7. Whether it’s Keisha’s,Becky’s,Maria’s or Ling Lings Western Women Have Become Toxic At A All Time High Thinks To Feminism,Social Media And Watch The Shitbox(TV) Only Thing Men Can Do Is Be Mindful And Stay Away From These ”She-Devils At All Costs…

    1. Doc T,

      Social media has really speeded up the demise of women in the West, there are very few if any of them remaining that still have some semblance of class left.

  8. More broke broads trying to fleece a man for his resources; again, I must point out how every female seems to be speaking from the same script nowadays. There’s little to no variation in their talking points, but we’re supposed to take them seriously? No flippin’ way! As for that Becky, the eyes don’t lie, Chico (she looks dead on the inside); by the way, get a load of this Puerto Rican stragg with her “Sugarbebi commandments” (apparently, Shera7 liked this video):

    Did you guys catch the part where she said “it’s time to return to the streets”? Yeah, because that is where this talentless, lackluster gold digger belongs! This is a great time to plug the Traditional Treatment Disqualifiers, and here a few that apply to this subject:

    10. If any woman is not satisfied with a simple, low cost first date, she is NOT a traditional woman and therefore is NOT entitled to traditional treatment.

    12. If any woman is seeking your time, investment, attention, money and energy and refuses to reciprocate equally or more, she is NOT a traditional woman and therefore she is NOT entitled to traditional treatment.

    23. Any woman who listens to and emulates female recording artists who live and promote the Jezebel lifestyle is NOT a traditional woman and therefore she is NOT entitled to traditional treatment.

    24. Any female who values material things over good traits of character is NOT a traditional woman and therefore she is NOT entitled to traditional treatment.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Yep, these modern day females are all clones of one another, they offer nothing unique, they’ve thrown away their individuality in order to fit in with the group. This is why I have to laugh whenever they rattle off their big list of requirements they expect from men.

      If they believe that men worth their salt are going to take clones seriously, they’ve got another thing coming. Modern women spend so much time and effort on the exterior, their personalities and characters long ago sunk deep into the sewer pipe.

      As for the Jezebel in that link you posted, these women will eventually age out, watch as they’re replaced by younger more attractive looking females and live a miserable life until they hit the grave.

      They’re incredibly short sighted, they think they’ll remain young forever and have men chasing after them indefinitely, smh.

  9. With all the information available today and how these women tell on themselves proudly, you’d have to be flat out retarded to deal with one of these sheboons willingly.

    And at that point, you deserve EVERYTHING negative that WILL head your way. My level of disgust and hatred for them is endless.

    1. FDC,

      Good to hear from you brother, it’s been a long while. Unfortunately there remains a plethora of black men out here who are still willing to go there with these black sirens. It doesn’t matter what you tell or show them, as far as they are concerned, the black female’s juice is still worth the squeeze, smh.

      1. I will be more active, my life has been HECTIC (discovering a child I didn’t even know existed dna confirmed it; now have FULL and sole custody biracial little girl since her mom went off the deep end). That takes up most of my time and it’s worth it. Didn’t think I’d enjoy fatherhood this much (it’s not without its issues), but I do.

        It’s been A LOT and once things settle down later in the summer, I will go into detail without revealing too much now I have a three year old to worry about.

        1. FDC,

          Yep, you’ll definitely have to fill us in on that story. You didn’t even know the child existed? DAMN! I have a close friend who said the same thing about not believing that he would enjoy fatherhood, now he says he doesn’t understand why he put off having children for so long. Children are great, it’s just the mother of said children that you have to be very careful with. Place your seed into the womb of a devil and she’ll be sure to give you hell for the next 18+ years. I’m glad you’ve gotten full custody, that definitely makes a change considering the gynocentric dumpster we live in called the West.


    Imagine having an amount like $20,000 at your disposal and you choose to throw it all away on some gutter hoodrat like the late worthless Pookie King Von’s sister, only to be clowned by her for it.

    That money could have gone toward education, property, a business start-up, cryptocurrency etc

    This is why I feel no sympathy for these black men when they date these harlots and get burnt.

  11. SYSBM Forever,

    Bro, this tatted up hoodrat isn’t even worth 2 pence yet alone $20,000. Most black men are suffering from serious self esteem and self confidence issues resulting from being brought up in these decadent, dysfunctional single black mother households. These blue pilled court jesters never learn that the more they pander to and simp for the black witch, the more she’ll despise them, smh.

  12. Verbs 2015.

    I did date one black woman when I was 16 years old all the way back in October 1998 and I regretted it because I wish that I said no to her because she never really fancied me or loved me at all. I thank God that I never ever had kids with a black woman because it would have been disastrous and that I am a childfree man at 42. Like I said before Verbs I refuse to date gold digging black women or any other race of gold digger women because I value my money finances. The good looking childfree non black woman that I will get with will love me for me and not for my money.

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