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Off the bat, dealing with this black female’s look, no black man worth his salt is going to deal with a tatted up, fake nails, septum ring, thick makeup wearing woman.

He has an image and a reputation to uphold plus as I’ve stated many times before, these external appendages that black women love using are tasteless, classless and most definitely unattractive.

It’s too late for these older females to talk about walking back their strong and independent doctrine, this is the bed they’ve made, now they’re going to have to lay in it BY THEMSELVES.

Gentlemen, DON’T be a cash mule flunky for any of these women who are supposedly “tired” of being strong and independent, DON’T save them. This is what these “boss babes” fought long and hard for, therefore they must suffer the fallout resulting from their reckless decisions of the past.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gents? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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30 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. So I heard about some new show called Supacell on Netflix which is a Black British sci-fi. Decided to check it out to see if it would be something different from the usual.


    Literally every single stereotype in the book you could imagine is here: black rival street gangs warring over literally nothing as usual, deadbeats, shooting and stabbing each other (including stabbing a civilian black delivery driver for not paying a ‘street tax’), a black man attempting to rape a Pookie loving black female behind a club, cocaine and weed all on display etc. No wonder this crap got the green light.

    I’m not saying every character in a black show/movie needs to have a halo over their head and that there shouldn’t be any villains, it’s a sci-fi after all. But the low rent drug/gang stuff wasn’t needed. They could have went another route and it would have still been entertaining. Most black youth are just regular people going about their lives. What about all those studying at uni, starting businesses etc?

    It seem like a lot of black writers still don’t care about the images they put out about themselves and the influence it has on impressionable minds. Just having one or two sensible characters doesn’t cut it when all the stereotypes shout the loudest and dominate most of the screen time. We’ve already had Top Boy. We don’t need more of this crap in 2024, it’s beyond old and played out and has been for a very long time now. The only recent film I could think of that doesn’t have any of this nonsense is the film Boxing Day that came out a while ago.

    I’d rather see motivational stories like this dude here who is currently being given a hard time in this racist environment leading up to tomorrow’s (h)el(l)ections:

    ….or centred around young black men who think like this:

    But that’s just my view anyway.

    We’re living in a time where we can ill afford to be pushing out negative images of ourselves when the mainstream and social media is already doing that.

    1. Do we honestly expect better from Hollywood? The Black business model is trauma based; every hot movie and TV show has to include these foul elements, and the young folks eat it up! It’s the same here in the States; if it’s not thuggish Black males being portrayed, it’s the effeminate Black male (like the Afro battyboy they have playing Dr. Who now).

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      As you’ve pointed out previously, the problem we have here in the UK is there aren’t enough black men willing to take a hard stand to defend our image and reputation, this is why garbage like Supacell continues to fly. I’ve never watched shows like Top Boy and I still don’t intend to.

      Unfortunately the overwhelming majority of black writers are all about being toads and flunkies for the system in order to bring that money in, they don’t care about their image and reputation as long as they’re able to get that cheque at the end of the month.

      As the free thinking black men that count we have to do what we can to push back against the stereotypical nonsense whatever the size may be. Voting with our wallets and feet is a start.

    3. SYSBM Forever, Blue Collar and Verbs,

      I was very disappointing about the black man in Dr Who who turns to to be a Foreign Black Man who is a Alphabet.
      I know a lot you do not like Shawn James, however Shawn does try to promote new black media and black positivity. But the problem is the black culture do not like black positivity. They rather watch black ghetto stereotype movies instead.
      I agree with Verbs on this and Shawn mention this that the National (UK and USA) Black Men do not want no part of this LGBT Agenda so what they do is to get a foreign LGBT Black Man. Usually from the West African continent to represent and because the face of he National Black Culture.

      I remember a long time ago the man who created World Star Hip Hop made a website to promote black positivity and he got no views and no one support him. Then people start uploading ‘shock videos’ such as black ghetto stereo types, suddenly the website become popular.
      This also shows that the Black Media and the culture as a whole do not want positive stuff, but rachet stuff.
      Mostly Black Females themselves stated that only Pro-Black Men want to promote Black Love, not females. This is another reason why thinking brothers give up on Black Love and why Black Love is dead.

  2. Black women were brought to America as slaves and breeders. How do they figure they get to live a “soft life”? That’s for white women. Black men don’t get to put our feet up. We are nothing and nobody if we don’t produce and get results. And that’s with the odds stacked against us. And we still don’t get respect. And no help from our female counterparts. These hoes kill me. Like Verbs says, these strong, loud and independent boss babes fought, screeched, stamped their feet, had temper tantrums, bitched, whined and voted Democrat for this. This was their choice. Don’t save these hoes. SYSBM.

  3. Gentlemen,

    Yep, that’s exactly what modern day Western women are, professional beggars and prostitutes who can always be bought for a price(usually a cheap one at that).

    More men need to start labelling these money hungry, materialistic, superficial Jezebels for who they really are, morally bankrupt whores, beggars and prostitutes who’ve sold their souls to the devil in exchange for some carnal trinkets as well as cash money.

    1. The women here in New York are on some extra bullshit. Unrealistic and oblivious to what they’re actually bringing to the table, and ungodly disrespectful. Not to mention damn near all of them have kids (I have one now so I can’t really talk; I will tell that story soon I promise) from a narcissist. Their new favorite word when they don’t know what it actually means.

      I haven’t been on the site much as of late, but you guys following all these broads crying about their man leaving them after they took pics with Chris brown hanging all over them, grabbing they asses, etc? And paying 1200 a pop for it to boot.

      Can’t spoil your man, pay a bill, but got money to pay Breezy. I see it as him doing brothers a favor and showing these hoes for what they are, and promoting the smart men to send them back to the streets where they belong.

      1. FDC,

        I’ve heard much about the women in NY especially in the city and none of it is good. I can just imagine that they’re a bunch of materialistic, insufferable Jezebels just like most of the women here in the UK.

        I’m still shocked by how your life has changed so drastically, from going about your normal life having a child out there that you didn’t even know about to becoming a full time father, what an adjustment. I’m looking forward to you laying out the full details of how this all went down.

        Yep, these mentally challenged Western females have become so carnal, morally bankrupt and hedonistic. Everything they do is for the immediate moment, they never look at how their short term gratification will hurt them in the long run.

        $1200 just to take a photo with Breezy, that’s a mortgage payment right there. How mnay times over could you fill up your fridge with food having $1200 to hand? Quite a few.

        Most women in the West never grow up and mature until they get into the elder years, fawning over celebrities and willing to sabotage and destroy their own relationships in the process? Smh.

    1. The video describes most western women entirely.

      At this point I only have 2 options to choose from when it comes to dating white women.

      White Dutch women or White Afrikaner women.

      Both are identical but white afrikaner women are more family oriented than the whole of Europe.

  4. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! First off, this chick looks terrible; no wonder these straggs have to use witchcraft to keep Black men attached to them. This is a form of the Reachback (per Accountable Commentary); she said she’s tired of playing the “strong, independent Black woman” role, but why is that? Is it because she sees the handwriting on the wall now? Is it because of the growing numbers of Black men leaving them for foreign women? Is it because her political usefulness is coming to an end? I feel no empathy for them as this is what they fought for at the expense of Black men.

    Now, to address this woman’s use of language like “step into my femininity”, “feminine energy”, “essence”, etc.; this is New Age lingo she’s using, which had me thinking that maybe she’s one of these spiritual 304s. One look at her channel’s main page confirmed it all for me; go take a look for yourselves, and you will see the same witchery Verbs has written about to warn us.

    General Tito has stated that most Black people are crypto Luciferians, and that perfectly describes this Black witch. Lastly, please don’t fall for her words about wanting to wear skirts and heels and being feminine; her words were carefully selected to make simps let their guards down. Once a man’s guards are down, what will it take for her to be in her “feminine energy”? His time, money, and resources; I’m not an investor, but I know a bad exchange when I see one. Don’t accept the Reachback, get your passports, and SYSBM.

  5. SYSBM: The hurricane has hit Jamaica.
    White sugar honey: Oh my God. The amount of damage that hurricane will do to JA.

    Right, the election is on tomorrow and what do I feel about it. It doesn’t matter who wins, it’s just the same thing with these politicians, you get me? So, it’s worth my time to vote for these fools really.

    I was watching some videos from Jeremy Hill on YouTube and here are two videos I wanna talk about.

    Right, I heard that the STI rate is up in Houston, Texas. Let me tell you this. the reason why it’s so high is that these ratchet women are having sex with these worthless men raw. They are having sex with me that ram same coochie which a whole leap of dude ram out.

    There is this woman and she has not one, two, three but five children with five dudes. And she is struggling to take care of them. These scraggle daggles love willy. Love it so much, they want more and more of it.

    Oh, wait until Friday because I’m goanna talk about the prison officer who got dick down by that inmate.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggles are coming after non-black women.


    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      In the spring of 2020 I proudly stood my ground and did my part to expose the Convid-1984 scam for exactly the fraud it was and still is. As a result at the end of 2020 my first website was taken down by those lefties at who bought into the narrative hook, line and sinker. The US government is still trying to run this scam because they know there are suckers out here who still believe the entire scamdemic was legitimate.

      Speaking from across the pond I’ve noticed and increase in knuckleheads starting to wear masks again especially on public transport(yes, the same masks that in the beginning they clearly stated DID NOT protect folks from Covid or prevent transmission until the government decided masks could be used as a quick and lucrative money making scheme as well as a symbol of enslavement).

      Now with the Convid-1984 devil’s juice they have the audacity to call a “vaccine”, there are so many people dying of “unknown causes” which the mainstream media is trying it’s best to cover up with some of the most ludicrous headlines and articles imaginable. I will always stand in line with and for the truth no matter what the devil and his human cronies throw at me.

      1. I see those idiots EVERYWHERE in New York especially closer to the city. They know that those masks, vaccines don’t do anything and actually have negative side effects, but they’ll still wear them to virtue signal and some actually “trust the science and government”.


  6. Gentlemen,

    There you go right here, I and many other brothers here have been stating that black women with their weaves/wigs, fake eyelashes, fake nails and thick makeup look like trannies.

    So she was actually born a woman but nobody can tell the different since most black women go out of their ways to look like trannies and flamboyant black male sodomites.

    I like how she admitted at the end without realising it that the sex you’re born is the sex you’ll always be. As per usual, watch out for these modern day black females because they’re the main supporters and proponents of these homosexuals and their decadent, degenerate agenda.

  7. Where to start with all these current events happening all at once:

    1) The Trump vs Biden debate: Didn’t even watch it, didn’t even bother, and I don’t even vote because
    A. I don’t care about either of them at all.
    B. I really think they need to retire because when both of them ran office, all hell broke loose.
    C. Some of these folks are wasting their time thinking Trump or Biden are their heroes, or the Republican or Democrat is the hero party.

    2) I’m sure some of you brothas have seen the pop the balloon dating videos on YouTube. My take on this: It’s really just exposed how American dating has gotten worse. All these videos of American women talking about their unrealistic expectations of a man, rejecting a man for some stupid shit, boss babe, confessing their love for dudes that are bad news, but made the move of sleeping with them anyway (Hey, they grown, they just gonna have to deal with it because I can’t help them), like I said, and I’m gonna keep saying this until the day I die: Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side, sometimes it ain’t, but start putting a lid on a fantasy and open up to reality. A fantasy is gonna have them looking stupid and single if they keep playing these silly ass games, and have men confused as hell. The dating market really done turned into a transactional, prostitution market. God I hate using the P word, but it came down to this. I really don’t blame dudes for not partaking with the American women, and either just staying single or going outside the country to find love. I mean hey, If you can’t find love where you at, where are you gonna find it? I know damn well for me, I’m not gonna find love here, so I’m gonna make the move of finding love outside the country.

    3) That boss babe, strong and independent phase these women put on, is getting played out. First of all, once again, there’s no such thing as a strong, independent woman.

    P.S. Sorry if I haven’t been active lately. Been going through some rough times right now, and I’m trying to pick myself up because I’m starting to have zero tolerance for bullshit. All this bad luck and unexpected events I had to deal with, took a toll on my finances and mental health, and I’m tired, stressed out, and frustrated. I know shit happens, but when it comes all at once, it’s extremely frustrating to deal with.

    1. Okay that’s weird. I posted my comment one time, but It kept saying I said the same thing. Now it duplicates my comment. That’s strange.

      1. That Retro Guy,

        I don’t know what’s going on either but I’ll get rid of two of them for you. I kept the comment you added extra to assuming that’s the one you want to stay up.

    2. Retro Guy,

      The problem people do not realise about the whole Trump vs Biden is the fact that they are the best candidates.
      Trump decide to take a ‘L’ like a man after he lost the election (we all know he got screwed and Biden cheated). But unfortunately the liberals refuse to let it go. Just like these Keishas (BW) they want to have the last words. Thanks to the Black Liberal lawyers and because Donal Trump is now a convicted felon, they basically turn him into a martyr. Now he is a martyr, thanks to the Pro-Blacks, the American people pressured Trump back into Presidential candidate. Also there are no challenge/opponent for Biden, except for Trump.
      Liberals should of let him retire to the sunset, but no, they have to rub it in and make into a political messiah.
      These pro-blacks spend so much time turning Trump into Messiah whilst the whole communitah is in the shithole full of matriarchy.

  8. Hey, have any of you guys seen that Bob Marley biopic that came out in February? If so, what were your thoughts on it? I watched it because (1) it’s about Bob Marley, (2) I wanted to see if they would do his story any justice, and (3) I was curious how authentic they would present all of the characters, especially with how they speak Jamaican Patois; I say they did a good job with the storyline and the character portrayals. I was also impressed with how they spoke the dialect; as the son of a Jamaican man, I showed my dad the movie because I wanted to know his thoughts on whether they sounded authentic. Not only did he think they sounded accurate, he also highlighted how Kingsley Ben-Adir nailed Bob Marley’s Nyabinghi Trance dancing on stage; I doubt that this movie would’ve been as good without the direct involvement of the Marley family.

    Now, to address what I am really making this post for: in the film, Bob and the band went to England and it was there where they recorded the “Exodus” record; I’ve recently been listening to a few of Bob’s classic albums, and “Exodus” was one of them, which included many hits like “Natural Mystic”, “Jamming”, “Waiting In Vain”, etc., but there is a song that stood out to me called “Guiltiness”. Here are the lyrics that spoke to me:

    Guiltiness (talkin’ ’bout guiltiness)
    Pressed on their conscience. Oh yeah.
    And they live their lives (they live their lives)
    On false pretence everyday –
    each and everyday. Yeah.
    These are the big fish
    Who always try to eat down the small fish,
    just the small fish.
    I tell you what: they would do anything
    To materialize their every wish. Oh yeah-eah-eah-eah.

    When I heard these words, I thought to myself, “this song was ahead of its time”; he was talking about the Babylon system that’s written of in the Book of Revelation. Does his words not remind you of all of the shenanigans these powerful globalist organizations are up to? We’re talking about powerful people who have done all manners of evil throughout history to get what they wanted, even if they were done at the expense of the innocent; Bob Marley knew what time these people were on, and he used his voice and his music to denounce their wicked ways.

    1. I did see the Bob Marley movie named “One love”.

      This black movie was more interesting to watch than most black movies.

      It was black music in 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s before hip hop became mainstream.

      It was also based on a true story of Bob Marley’s life that was more accurate.

      The CIA sent drugs to destabilize Jamaica, including an assassination attempt on Bob Marley.

      These powerful globalist organizations don’t want an average person to wake up to their plans.

      They want the average person to remain a sheep and not fight back to what is really going on.

      There is a rise of nationalism against globalism in Europe for many reasons.

      The globalists have always been at war with nationalists since politics was created to govern.

      Most western women are globalist liberals on political spectrums.

      This tells me all I need to know about the mindset of most western women.

      There are more men voting for nationalism than women as a whole in Europe.

      White conservative women would be minorities voting for nationalism with moral values.

      1. You’re correct on everything you said; I discovered through my own personal research (which wasn’t initially about Bob Marley) that the CIA sent guns and drugs into Jamaica, and they also gave Bob cancer in his toe and physically tortured him before his untimely passing. The way Jamaica’s destabilization played out is eerily similar to that of Libya and Syria; if you know, you know.

      2. Check out the excellent book Inside the CIA’s Secret War in Jamaica by Casey Gane-McCalla. Definitely an eye opening read. It’s well documented these bastards were threatened by Michael Manley’s close relationship with Fidel Castro and that Edward CIA-ga was a plant. America is the reason why Jamaica has been in state it’s in for decades.

        As for the One Love movie, it was cool for what it is, but I was disappointed they never explored the CIA angle and too many things were just skirted over. You can’t tell bob Marley’s story in an under two hour movie. It should have been a Netflix series.

        1. I agree wholeheartedly; they could’ve explored that angle to help put the political situation in perspective for the viewer who may be new to Bob Marley’s story. Also, thanks for the book recommendation; I’ll definitely look into it.

  9. Gentlemen,

    In the UK, Labour won the election by a landslide.
    Labour only won because the UK wanted the Tories out.

    1. Mister Master,

      Most people in the UK are dumb and incredibly stupid, they’re so gullible to believe that Labour is going to bring about a better Britain, smh. I remember when Labour came into power back in 1997, they were the ones who first opened up the immigration floodgates.

      Additionally in 1997 as soon as Tony Blair and his labour government came into power, one of the first things they did was to ban public ownership of the Walther PPK pistol the average Joe previously was able to carry on his person. Yes, prior to 1997 everyday people in the UK could own firearms.

      Under a Labour government things are going to get extremely rough so prepare for an extremely bumpy ride. Expect the same sellout policies as the Tories but at an ultra accelerated rate. Expect immigration to shoot through the roof to the stars. It wouldn’t surprise me if Labour starts copying the Democrats in the US by providing the transportation needed for massive amounts of immigrants to travel to this country.

      Lefties are always used to accelerate the downfall of a country, the UK public need to be punished more until they learn not to play the game of ping pong where they’re continually bounced between two parties aka the usual suspects, smh.

    2. I remember Boris was the good prime minister. Until he messed up on the Covid which is no fault because of the pandemic. When he left the Tories went sloppy and hit rock bottom.

      I agree with Verbs that the UK is dumb because when Tony Blair was in power, he was secretly given UK Sovereignty and powers to the EU and make them stronger which is the reason why EU was corrupted and he and Gordon Brown was trying to secretly sign up to the EU Constitution so UK will be 100% governed by Brussels which did not happen and even try to put UK in Euro currency which would of bankrupt UK.
      The reason why UK support the Tories the longest because the EU referendum and the Brexit which I am glad we are out of.
      When Biden run America they are going through what UK use to go through which is immigration which was reduce. But now Labour back in power they will reopen the boarders again just like before and I know full well that Labour will use every means to take UK back to Satan’s Club aka EU.
      Very good point the British said that if they love EU so much, why they just simply relocate to main Europe and live there? Look at Black America where the thinking BM making a statement where they have a group called ‘Passport Brothers’ and they are building Black Wall Street in Latin America, Thailand and Philippines. But the UK liberals are coward because they cannot relocate unlike the Passport Bros in Black America can.

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