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The “Blame The Black Man” Culture Continues! #SHORTS

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As per usual, misandrist and pander bear Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson has nothing to say about the following below, maybe these are just some of many reasons why more black men are openly declaring their disappointment towards black women and in some cases choosing to depart from black women altogether(which is a wise move):

This lame knucklehead who can’t even open up a boys academy is really sitting there and calling black men disgraceful because increasing numbers of us are sick and tired of black women running amuck in addition to blue pilled, pro black simps like himself purposely gatekeeping their dysfunction.

Nobody is forcing black women to make a complete and utter mockery of themselves, they’re doing this voluntarily and pander bears such as Gerbilface are there to ensure that black men who disapprove of black female dysfunction and ratchetness are given no room to hold them to account.

As I’ve stated before, what is extremely disappointing is there are individuals who are still choosing to give no boys academy manifesting merchant Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson a platform where he can continue to spew his redundant, disingenuous rhetoric.

Of course we already know that a large portion of his constituents are black women, these same black females are putting some serious money into his pockets. In return they expect Dr Johnson to encourage black men to worship them as well as heavily castigate those black men who choose NOT to involve themselves in such pagan practices.

Lame duck, triple cream certified simp Johnson will forever remain an underling and a lower level flunky of the black witch contingent trying his hardest to persuade other black men to sell their masculinity and manhood down the river for 2 shekels of silver, breadcrumbs and sour milk.

At this point there is nobody who can convince me that Umar Johnson isn’t a plant that in the same manner as the black female has been given his mission directives from Admiral Frost to ensure both black men and black society as a collective never progresses.

Religiously turning a blatant blind eye to black female dysfunction, always blaming black men for things black women are doing on their own volition which have nothing to do with us and which we are not involved in, this guy has to be working for some sort of government agency.

The dirty laundry is already out there for all other people to see and black women are the primary chieftains liberally throwing their dirty garments all over the floor:

Gentlemen, continue to openly show your disapproval of black female dysfunction and never allow premium grade pro black simps like Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson to shame you out of doing so.

These court jester, circus show entertaining black females are out here straight up embarrassing and making themselves a laughingstock without the intervention of black men. Brothers, separate yourselves from “Da Communitah”, get those passports and never look back. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Female Dysfunction Is Operated By Black Women And Black Women Alone

Most High Bless

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31 thoughts on “The “Blame The Black Man” Culture Continues! #SHORTS

  1. Oh for fuck sake, I wish he’d just fuck off already.

    So black men aren’t aren’t supposed to….you know what, I can’t even be bothered.

    Enjoy your weekend, gentlemen.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      In Umar Johnson’s eyes we’re just supposed to do as he does, simply turn a blind eye to black female dysfunction, cuff and procreate with one of these sexually degenerate, morally bankrupt creatures. As I always say, no thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass. Enjoy your weekend sir.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    It’s black womens fault for their stupid life choices because they did to themselves. Umar Johnson needs to fuck off and leave us decent black men alone because we speak the raw truth on black womens own foolish stupidity.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Johnson knows full well that the only black men who can turn things around in black society are the very ones that black women hate/despise the most.

      So, instead Umar has chosen the route of trying to shame and guilt trip us back onto the plantation despite the fact that black women have made it abundantly clear that “educated lames” and “squares” ie black men who are worth a damn aren’t welcome in “Da Communitah”.

      For any black man worth his salt, a return to Blackistan is NEVER going to happen, let these black women build with the thugs, gangsters and criminal ie the below the gutter Blackistani males they really love.

  3. Negress sheboons are paying Umar Johnson to be their gatekeepers.

    Black females are giving Umar Johnson a platform to not build academy schools for black boys.

    Black women are giving Umar Johnson a platform to go after sysbm and passport bros who want to start a new life away from black families.

    I want to live my life away from blackistan families and create my future mixed family with a white dutch girlfriend or white afrikaner girlfriend with moral values.

    This is why Umar Johnson would turn a blind eye to trash music being released by black females saying black men ain’t shit.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      The equation in dealing with Umar Johnson is simple:

      Since up to this present day no boys academy from Umar Johnson has been detected, thus his opinions on black men and who we choose to date must always be rejected.

      He can protect black female dysfunction as well as attempt to shame free thinking black men all he wants, black men who are worth their salt aren’t stupid, they left “Da Communitah” for good and they’re NEVER going back.

  4. If Black women stopped funding Omar Simp Johnson he quickly shut his mouth hes a snake oil salesmen

    1. Goldenman,

      The dude is a joke, he’s always opening his mouth about black men dating out and how we should deal with black women exclusively, yet the best black female this court jester has managed to get with thus far was a damn stripper, smh. You can’t make this stuff up!

  5. I agree with SYSBM Forever and Quincy as Umar just need to get lost.

    Since Umar love to blame black men for refusing to play simp.
    Umar, Derrick, Boyce who panders to BW because Derrick made a book called ‘Single Mothers for Grown Men’ and Boyce love to promote stepdaddy because he wife up a female who friendzone for 20 years need to watch this video to because this is a video to take heed on when you deal with Single Moms:

    AC Commentary:

    This reminds me of the topic Verbs posted years ago when the pookie-dad want to die for Keisha’s vagina.

    As for Umar, he saying that Red-Pill BM conditioning Black Boys to hate Black girls. I call bull on this because no one is conditioning young Black Boys, young cats observe, expose and experiencing matriarchy in real life so there is nothing to condition. Also Red-Pill men are teaching young boys by putting them into the right path by being female awareness, teaching the young cats to stay out of trouble and have some self-respect. Teaching young boys female awareness as when they go to school and get older into the real world on how to deal with mutant feminism black females and avoid them when it comes to mating and choosing.
    Madbusdriver stated that black boys at young age are already aware of female nature and feminism in school which we all been through, now dealing with LBGT side of education so they date other females when they get older. Young cats do not care and listen to Umar because people like him and other elder hotep simps are full of crap.

    When Umar open his mouth he tries so hard to gaslight young men to become simps and this is not working because they teach young boys to lose at young age and get emasculated.

    To be truthful Verbs, I saw a little clip of female rap video but I did not want watch it because I cannot stand looking at these female rappers. When they wear baby-hairs it is just repulsive to look at. It is just a turn off and I do not understand (maybe I do understand) how any simps find these females rappers attractive. They are just trash.

    I like that fact that these simps always say ‘other race of men never trash their females’.
    Let us get the record straight ‘other race of men never trash their females’:
    White men trash their females online and white females respond back because of MGTOW and feminism. The reason why other race of men never trash their women online because these men and women has standard and not expose to feminism except for western version of ethnic females.
    In many poor countries if these females go out of line, they get serious consequences and females want to be wives.
    Unlike Black females in the west where they openly ‘Supremely and confidently’ bash and constantly talk and show full of hate towards black men which Umar never point out for the longest.

    Umar does makes video going after swirlers and divestors but they do not get views because thinking black men do not care about black women’s dating options. We do not care about who female dates, that is the Hoteps problem, not ours. The reason why he gets views when he dick police because he promote pandering and simping which shows disrespect to black men. Umar even mention that calling out Keisha’s behaviour is not masculine. So he is basically saying we should put up Keisha evil ways? I say no thank you. Red-Pill brothers encourage to avoid Keishas at all time.

  6. If black men ain’t shit why are so many non black women who are open to dating us?

    1. Goldenman,

      Black women are just a bunch of angry self hating morons who are bitter at the fact that our place in the dating market isn’t the same as theirs. They wish so badly that we were in the gutter just like they are. Despite the endless propaganda that’s constantly being pushed against us, black women can’t stand the fact that we black men still have far more traction dating out than they do.

  7. Gentlemen,

    Here is yet another reason why increasing numbers of black men are walking away from black women and why Gerbilface Johnson’s shaming tactics don’t work anymore.

    As I keep on saying, black women look upon decent black men as cash mule flunkies, but they’ll give up the cooch to Tyrone, Skettle, Slim Sauce and Field Mouse for free.

    Remember, the only woman’s bills you are obligated to pay are those of your WIFE(if you have one). You’re NOT responsible for the upkeep, maintenance and bills of any woman you’re not married to. NEVER allow these broke professional beggars called black women to shame you into thinking and doing otherwise.

    These black sirens are out here calling black men broke al day yet aren’t they the same ones sideways begging black men to pay their bills? Aren’t these the same black women begging black men to give them money so that they can get their hair, nails, feet and makeup done?

    I’ll keep on saying it, NEVER allow any female to use you as a cash mule flunky, that rule especially applies to black women who are forever claiming they’re strong, independent, don’t need a man nor his money because they’ve got their own, smh. Leave these financial vampires to their own demise.

    1. Verbs,

      I can see people like Shawn James, Umar and other Pro-Blacks simps will call say he as Internal Hatered towards Black females or he is been brainwashed by White Supremacy because he does not black women even what the black man said on the video is based on his personal experience. Internal Hate and White Supremacy has got nothing to do with what he said. His reasons are 100% legit just like what we all dealt with.
      It is not the black man’s fault that Black females becomes Keishas. It is not the fault of black men when black females become mutated gremlin feminists. No black men want to deal with them. It is not black man’s fault that other race of females showing natural love whilst black females are money gold-digging pan hander bums who expect productive men to pay Premiums whist bad boys get sex for free by doing nothing.

      1. MMT,

        Men like Shawn James have to be completely removed from the equation because he hasn’t had a date since 1989. James has absolutely NO IDEA of what dating black women is like for black men today.

        Also we have to remember that Shawn James is one of these pro black Negroes who has invested into buying a rubber doll to use for his extra recreational activities.

        The dude can’t even deal with a real woman, instead he’s thrown himself head first into the silicone sex doll realm.

        The guy in the video told the truth, no lies were detected. Black women are a bunch of money hungry Jezebels who offer men of value nothing apart from stress, debt, drama, contention, disobedience, rebellion, belligerence, strife, worry etc.

        I will ALWAYS advise black men to go where they’re being shown love and appreciation, that certainly is NOT amongst black females. In fact black women revel in tearing down decent black men and showing them just how much we’re hated by them.

        Leave these broke and begging black female to their own demise, Gerbilface isn’t going to change anything with his feminine shaming tactics, smart black men have already seen the light.

  8. SYSBM: Labour won the election last night. And it’s wet outside too.
    White sugar honey: Yeah, a wet Friday.

    Let me tell you something. The more Dr Foolmar Johnson come after black men, the more black women donate to him for his school. And the thing is that where is the school that he’s sorting out. All this pandering that he’s doing, it’s doing this for money just to feed his cocaine addiction.

    The video of the black chick who dating non-black men. I have no issues of interracial dating but the thing is that the black women who are ratchet, they will go for the white man who is homeless, broke, refuse to work and shit, you get me? They will get a worthless white man just as they get a hopeless black dude.

    I remember when Sukihana same to the UK and she said that she’s goanna get her punany stretch out and eat a man’s ass. If any man got their ass eat, they are nothing but suspect. Why would any man wanna get their ass — never mind! And for Sexxy Red, it’s the same old thing with her.

    I wanna say this to the simps and the ratchet black women who are at war with black men. Don’t start a war that you can’t win!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      My message to Gerbilface remains the same, since his boys academy still hasn’t been detected, therefore his opinion concerning where I choose to place my family jewels is REJECTED.

      Additionally, as I’ve mentioned many times before, if he feels black women are so great, why isn’t he setting the example for other black men to follow by landing himself a quality black female of upstanding character???

      1. The reason why Dr Foolmar Johnson doesn’t land himself with a quality black women is because that he prefers the ratchets!

      2. “…if he feels black women are so great, why isn’t he setting the example for other black men to follow by landing himself a quality black female of upstanding character???”

        I notice in real life that the super pro-blackity black, race-loyal, “black wombman is god” type niggas are still somehow always single while halfway decent looking sustahs are throwing themselves at Chad, Topher and Trap Gawd Nate.

        It’s almost like their ass-kissing and pandering gets them nowhere.

        1. Schadenfreude,

          Gerbilface and others like him are forever going in on black men who choose to date out, however like you said, most of these guys are as single as a one way bus ticket.

          Umar Johnson stays talking smack all day about black men who are getting with white women, he’s forever claiming that black women are the better option for black men(they most certainly are NOT) yet he still can’t land one for himself. You cannot make this stuff up.

          1. Verbs,

            Quick story. I had a so-called buddy back in the day who thought he was gonna air me out for not dating BW. This dude was raised by a single mom (dad died) and had two sisters, so he was mentally cooked in retrospect. He was also single at the time, I asked him where his black queen was since they’re so great. He got flustered and quit talking to me lol.

            20 years later his FB page came up in my recommendations, we still have the same people in common. I took a peek at his page and lo and behold he has an Asian girlfriend. Mr. Black 1st, black wombman where’s-yo-queen-ass nigga with a Japanese girl, imagine that.

            Goes to show what hypocrites these negroes are, Umar included.

            All roads lead to SYSBM.

  9. At this point there is nobody who can convince me that Umar Johnson isn’t a plant that in the same manner as the black female has been given his mission directives from Admiral Frost to ensure both black men and black society as a collective never progresses.

    As usual, the bitter Gerbilfaced fat fuck pops his head up just in time to stem the flow of brothers looking elsewhere with no success.

    Funny thing is whilst Dr GerbilFace constantly whines about the alleged white man’s system, I suspected he hides the fact that the white man’s system is either paying him or blackmailing him to put media spellcasting under threat of prison time. It’s straight out of the pysops playbook 101.

    I’m sure fraud is still a criminal offence in the US, so why hasn’t he been investigated for accepting donations for a non existent school?

    1. Michel,

      The only things Gerbilface needs to stem is the excess flow of white powder streaming out of his nose from his drug habit as well as the rubbish flowing out the front door of his messy apartment.

      Gerbilface just like Tariq Nasheed is working in tandem with the same white supremacist system he speaks out against. Isn’t it also the mission of General Blizzard to keep black men who are worth their salt stuck on the proverbial planation?

      Like I said before, since his boys academy to date hasn’t been detected, therefore his opinion concerning where black men are choosing to place their family jewels is outright REJECTED.

  10. Man this guy. Where is the school for boy’s.

    1. G1,

      His academy for boys in 2024 is still nowhere to be found and what grinds my gears is nobody has the courage to confront him on that.

  11. Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson practices the grift that keeps on giving: blame the Black man for everything; General Tito said that this is the best way to appear smart in Amerikkka, and Umar is a real professional at it. So, this CON-scious guy expects Black men to stop “openly repudiating Black women” online for other men to see, but is quiet as a church mouse when Black women openly engage in the behavior that we’re condemning. On what planet exactly does this line of reasoning make sense? Where’s the smoke for the Black women who openly celebrate the deaths of Black men (e.g. Kobe Bryant, George Floyd, Kevin Samuels)? None to be found.

    Honestly, he has NO place to talk about masculine behavior when he got exposed for banging a stripper; why isn’t publicly calling out BW’s bad behavior masculine? Isn’t that a part of what being a leader is, holding them accountable for their actions? We wouldn’t say a parent is responsible if they continued to turn a blind eye to their children’s dysfunctional behavior; no, a responsible parent corrects their children’s behavior before it gets out of hand. Besides, I could care less what non Black men have to say about anything relating to how we view Keisha; we have no allies, and aren’t looking for anybody’s approval.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      As I’ve stated before in previous articles I’ve written on this clown, the problem at this stage isn’t him per se but the endless, spineless knuckleheads who are still willing to invite him onto their platforms to speak.

      How on earth does he expect black women as a collective to improve their behaviour outside of being checked whenever they do something wrong? Yes, black women love celebrating the deaths of black men especially black men who call them out or who are involved with non black women.

      As a strong, masculine black male leader, indeed you’re supposed to hold black women accountable for their actions, however if you’ve chosen insead to place them on the merchandising chopping block, you cannot afford to because you require them to fill up your coffers with their cash.

      Just like these institutional church beast black pastors, fleece merchants like Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson understand that the moment he holds black women to task, his goose is cooked.

  12. The fact anybody takes this clown seriously is hilarious. Him like others are either delusional to see why we outright refuse to deal with these women or disingenuous at best.

    I would bet money they all say this stupidity to keep their pockets full because they know there are simps, and women who have gone through the wall who will listen; all while doing everything they claim to hate behind closed doors.

    I wish these mentally challenged, useless niggas would just go away and that’s being polite.

  13. FDC,

    The only reason he still can be heard is because of the spineless bootlickers who continue to invite him to their podcasts to speak. The least they could is stop giving the guy airtime seeing as he’s been a complete and utter fraud with regards to his boys academy.

    The entire plan to open up an academy for black boys was a lie right from the very beginning, it’s my reckoning that he simply launched that fraudulent scheme in order to further fund his drug habit.

    Woe unto those knuckleheads who continue to invite him to speaking engagements. His opinion on who black men choose to date at this stage is irrelevant.

    After all, the dude is still as single as a one way train ticket. The dude can’t even land himself a reputable black female of upstanding character in order to set an example for other black men to follow, smh.

  14. Dr Umar is just another version of church and social Communism. He basically teaches we all have to like each other no matter what. Competition make things better. Thus why these women won’t change they don’t need to compete.

    1. Goose,

      No black man who has two braincells to rub together is going to take Gerbilface seriously, he has yet to show and prove on his boys academy and he still can’t land himself a “black queenie” despite singing their praises 24/7, smh.

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