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We’re Not Stupid, We Know How You Women Work! #SHORTS

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I’m pretty sure you guys have come across this woman before, for those who haven’t, her name is Erica Leshai. She’s the so called black female “unicorn” so many of these gullible pro black simp Negroes are currently straddling the fence for, smh.

We’re not fooled in the slightest over here because we know that in nearly all cases, it’s women who are the ones conveniently asking men for “help”. When was the last time you as a man called upon a woman to help you with anything, I’ll wait?

Did she mention plutonic friendships with men, smh? Let’s be honest, she doesn’t look that bad at all, however she has to be smoking some high flow, industrial grade Flakka if she believes that she can have plutonic relationships with men.

Let’s deal with the two examples she gave and allow me to fill in the gaps because we already know how most women when giving accounts love to purposely omit chunks of vital information.

Dealing with the first guy who procrastinated in helping her move some things into her apartment, I personally believe he’d been chasing her for a long time but she wasn’t attracted to him.

Therefore, when she asked him to help her move some things, at that point he’d come to the realisation that she wasn’t going to give him the cheeks to clap.

This is my deduction as to why he kept putting off the time to help her, he didn’t want to be used as a grunt work flunky and not be equally rewarded, so he stalled her out for as long as possible knowing that eventually she’d complete the task without him.

I don’t believe this black siren for one second when she stated she was feeling him, SHE WASN’T, don’t be fooled. You weren’t going to give him the draws anyway LeShai, we’re not dumb.

Too many of these deceitful harridans want men to perform the services of a boyfriend/husband but they don’t want to show the man a level of appreciation under the same conditions.

Regarding the second man who helped her out, no doubt she was actually feeling that guy, hence why he became her boyfriend and in turn got to clap the cheeks.

You always have to read in-between the lines with women whenever they give you accounts because they love missing out pieces of information that might strip them of their victimhood status and maybe would make you look at them with a side eye.

If you need some heavy furniture and boxes to be moved into your apartment, call on the services of a removal company, you’ve got this sis. DON’T call upon a man who you know is attracted to you knowing full well you’re not feeling the same way about him.

Gentlemen, it’s NOT your job nor obligation to jump through hoops and to prove yourselves to women. They’re the ones who are supposed to demonstrate to you how they can be an asset and a net positive to your life.

Remember, we as men control access to relationships and marriage, NEVER allow these lofty minded harridans to attempt to usurp your authority in those realms.

Brothers, NEVER allow yourselves to be used as grunt work flunkies by strong, independent women, especially those who are NOT going to give you anything worthwhile in return. In 2024 the word is RECIPROCATION. There’ll be no free help over here.

Her HUSBAND should be the one helping her move any heavy furniture but of course, being the typical black female who no doubt wasted her prime years on the wrong types of black men, she doesn’t have one.

Whenever certain stories don’t add up or seem to lack pivotal information, never be afraid to put on your hat of critical thinking and deduction in order to fill in the blanks. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

If You Don’t Want To Tell Us The Complete Truth, We’ll Do It For You

Most High Bless

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25 thoughts on “We’re Not Stupid, We Know How You Women Work! #SHORTS

  1. I would never ask my enemies for help.

    This is common sense that ain’t common from a negress.

    She should ask her blackistan male for help.

    I don’t need reciprocation from a sheboon.

    Black females should get lost.

    Only a white dutch girlfriend or a white afrikaner girlfriend has to demonstrate net positivity in my life as an asset.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      You’ll never get any reciprocation from the overwhelming majority of black females because they have no idea what that word means, modern day black women as a collective are all about take, take, take and take again. It’s all about them and what you as a man can do and provide for them, never the reverse.

  2. Verbs2015,

    My message to them:

    It’s funny how these strong “independent” fefails never need a man until they need a man. Tough shit. Brave it out like we do. I currently live on my own. I don’t always feel like cooking and cleaning or repairing stuff after work or studying. But guess what? I need to get shit done and my feelings don’t come into it.

    When they know a platonic male “friend” is sick, do they offer to cook for him? When a man does decide to go around and help with the heavy lifting, do they offer to pay him for his services? Do they order food in the meantime or even offer so much as a bottle of water while he’s performing work for their lazy behinds? Of course they never mention what they have to offer in return or just generally – and I’m not talking about sex either. We don’t ask women to do shit for us, even when we’re down and out.

    They will never bring up the fact how they always try to finesse and use men, nor mention that maybe some men are reluctant to offer favours because they themselves were once used and now they’re much more cautious or totally jaded. We’re not looked at as human beings with our own needs. We’re just robots to them. Bdubs don’t want to confront their own b.s., so of course they have to play the “men just want sex” card. You know how it is with black women when it comes to accountability.

    You’re not gonna shame me into being a “gentleman” for you. I don’t owe you fuck all. Besides, what about the men in your family? Don’t you have sons, babby daddies, brothers, cousins, uncles etc….or are they sick of your bullshit too? Why does a total stranger need to perform the services of a moving company? These companies will do a better job and they’re insured.

    And let’s face it, black women are not exactly a likeable demographic and many western women are sadly following their lead. Femininity and basic politeness would get them far, but they don’t even bring that to the table. Some simps will always get burned, but growing numbers of us know that we can do so much better – as many brothers who are with real FFF (fit, feminine and friendly) can attest to – so we’re not trying to hear their crap anymore. No more freebies and in fact, no more of anything. The only thing they’re gonna get from us is abandonment.

    Help you move? Nah, WE’RE the ones doing the moving – to greener pastures.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      I know there’s more to the story than what we’re being told with the first example she gave. I personally believe she had been using that guy to do things over a period of time knowing full well he liked her, however being fully aware of the fact that she never shared the same sentiments.

      Eventually he got sicked and tired of being used(which let’s be honest was his own fault) and so on that particular day he decided to throw a spanner into the works just to let her know that the free help had come to an end.

      I can count on maybe 2-3 fingers the amount of black women I’ve helped out and they’ve shown me appreciation by offering me a drink, a hot meal or in some cases given me some money.

      These black females have been walking down the streets beating drums and blowing trumpets declaring their strength and independence for so many years, thus they shouldn’t be surprised when men shun them completely or are extremely reluctant to help them.

      Those days of being a gentlemen towards modern day females are done, the only woman who are entitled to gentlemanly treatment are those women who have held onto their femininity and have remained traditionally minded.

      You’re right, femininity, being polite, showing kindness and appreciation would go such a long way in getting men to help them, however we already know that black females especially don’t have those components built into their nature, especially when it comes to interacting with black men.

      1. Verbs2015,

        Despite Erica’s decent looks, she’s still no different than the average Keisha. She’s slipped up many times revealing what she’s really about. Someone posted a video where she said something along the lines of “Kevin Samuels had y’all gassed up, huh?” or something to that effect.

        They will eternally hate that man not only because he told them the truth about themselves, but also because he helped awaken the sleeping giant in many black men who now know their worth and don’t put up with black women’s b.s.

        Couple that with the fact that many black men are bagging quality women with not even 10% of the effort they previously made with bdubs who didn’t value them, now they’re really livid – hence why you have that annoying bug eyed headcase in Japan who is clearly two trees short of a forest making more videos in a pathetic and futile attempt to try and dissuade us into dating IR as if that’s gonna work.

        Black women know all this, but rather than simply address EACH OTHER and push themselves to become better women for decent brothas, their response is to get even worse lol.

        Oh well, their problem. Like I always say, in time there will be less and less of us doing anything for them and they only have themselves to blame. We tried.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    Plutonic friendships don’t work because it’s fake and men and women cannot be friends. I refuse to have female friends because they are bloody useless because they always moan about a bad boy guy that they are dating while putting a good guy who really likes them and care for them in the friend zone because they think that the good guy is too short in height or he doesn’t make 6 figures in money. This is why relationships in 2024 is so fucked. The only women that I am dealing with is a good looking childfree non black women who is my wife, girlfriend or sex with benefits where lots and lots of sex is involved in all 3 situations and we have to be sexually attracted to each other for it to work.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Being friends with women really doesn’t benefit the man, it benefits the woman. From getting the guy to carry out various tasks for her to being a shoulder to cry on as you said when she’s being messed around by Chad, Brad and Tyrone, all round it’s a lose, lose situation for a guy to put himself in the friend zone.

      Women are absolutely rubbish at choosing long term companions, this is why in times past the father or elder male family members would do the choosing. The West is full of unaware, unaccountable NPC/bot females who will continue to make the same bad decisions over and over again, that’s why we need to use our passports to circumvent around them on our journey towards greener pastures.

  4. She call herself a unicorn? In her dreams.
    Lets get the fact straight:
    Unicorns rarely use Social Media. If they go on Social Media a lot such as YouTube or TikTok, they are not unicorns because they are hidden. Also unicorns are not as Verbs stated, NPC/bot females.
    Just like Kevin said that High Value Man rarely go on Social Media.

    Accountable Commentary stated this as we all aware of this for may years (Verbs notice this for many years) that when these females go online talk about men or their ex-boyfriend/husbands, there are more to this story because the female side of the story does not add up.

    Lets get to the platonic story. Something Quincy commented:
    I remember years ago on one of the forum, I cannot remember where it was.

    This was written by a women and I will try and detail as I can:
    This women and the man were hanging out as platonic friends for years. The man wanted to be with her, but she reject him and kept him on the friendzone. The man accept friendzone stuff and just doing all the platonic stuff. She saying that they were besties for years and not just hanging around, also going to trips together with all the fancy adventures.
    Years later, the platonic friendship started to decline for few months because the friendzone man met another woman, the new woman got along with the friendzone guy and they become a couple because the new woman want to be with the friendzone guy.
    Now the friendzone guy is no longer in the friendzone not just got a new women, now they move and relocated. The man who use to be in the friendzone ghosted the previous platonic female friend.
    Now this women who friendzone the man got pissed that she lost a friend and he ghosted him.

    I looked at the comments from females and simps saying that the guy who ditch the female is a bitter loser or a villain. Call him a manipulator and the women who friendzone the guy is a victim.

    So let get this straight: So basically these simps is calling this guy an evil villain because he basically got out of the friendzone for 4 to 5 years after he met a female who respects him and want to be with him.

    The women who friendzone the guy is not a victim. No. He wanted the women, she rejected him and put him in the friendzone. Once you reject him, he can go else where. Put the man in the friendzone basically means that he is back into the dating market and once he is out of the platonic friendzone because he found another women who wants to be a wife, he will be gone and that is her loss.

    This remind me of these black females (Keishas) who friendzone productive black men and one these productive black men has options and he has money to get Passports, be will be out of the friendzone and there is nothing these Black females can do about it. Also these so called Keishas and Pro-Black simps like Umar can talk all about Black Men take their resources to Beckies, Latinas or Philippines which they cry about, guess what? Pro-Black cannot do a damn thing by cry about it because once the Productive BM get out of the friendzone, their resources are going with them. Period!

    Madbusdriver use to day one of his video that these Black Females gets so mad and angry when the Black Man go overseas to find wife when the Black women themselves do not want be wives.

    1. MMT,

      The friend zone should NEVER be an option for any man, not now there is so much information freely available at the touch of a button.

      When I was growing up for me it was mostly trial and error, nobody schooled me on women and how they change their behaviour towards different types of men. I had to learn all that through boots on the ground observations.

      As mentioned in your comment, the best way to exit the friend zone is to either stop communicating with the woman who friend zoned you or ultimately find a woman who is going to take you seriously for a long term relationship.

      This is what is great about getting your passport and going overseas, at least with non Westernised foreign women, for the most part they’ll make it clear from the very beginning whether they’re interested in you or not.

      There is none of this “I’ll string him along” garbage like many women in Western countries frequently engage in. Dating in the West is finished, brothers simply need to look abroad in order to find their ideal mate.

      1. Verbs wrote:
        ‘When I was growing up for me it was mostly trial and error, nobody schooled me on women and how they change their behaviour towards different types of men. I had to learn all that through boots on the ground observations.’

        This is how I learn about friendzone and it was ‘trial and error’. This was when I was in my 20s.
        Today, this should not be an issue because of the internet with wealth of information.

  5. SYSBM: We had a weekend of rain.
    White sugar honey: Now we have a weekday of rain!

    The man just wanted to clap them cheeks. He wanted to give her some backaz. Just the back strokes and that is it. the woman is not bad looking but the thing is that a man and woman cannot be friends. I have seen videos of YouTubers talking about this. Friendzone, yes! We all know about that.

    Why is she just a moving company so they can move her furniture out? Does she have the money to get the stuff moved into her apartment? You know something. The guy who didn’t helped her, I think she was just playing with him because he liked her and she wasn’t feeling him.

    Yeah, Money Cultural have been through that road before with a female not feeling me and it’s not only black women but some non-black women. But’s it’s mostly some black women.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      She didn’t want to spend the money on a removal company so she called upon the services of a guy she’d been stringing along for a while, a typical move from a crafty Jezebel. #SYSBMFORLIFE

  6. A black female trying to extract the most labor and utility out of a black man while giving back the absolute minimum or nothing, I’m shocked. The fact this is even a convo is how I know it’s indeed a BM.

    This is a big topic I’m seeing on social media overall, men of all races refusing to help these ungrateful entitled bitches. Good news as far as I’m concerned, as responsibility without authority is slavery.

    But don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater gents. It’s advantageous as a single BM to keep a platonic white female bestie around. In my experience she’s the one who will big you up in rooms you are not in, hook you up with opportunities you wouldn’t normally get, you’ll probably end up sexing one of her friends, etc. Plus it keeps people guessing, especially BW. It’s strategic for your personal brand.

    Way back in the day they asked one of these old time college football coaches from the South how he felt about integration, he basically said he couldn’t win without Negro players. Now reverse it, it’s good to have a white girl on your team lol.

    Just FYI, gents.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      I’m also glad to be observing more men refusing to help these ingrates. As I’ve stated before, when you see a woman lugging some heavy luggage, don’t help her because she’s strong and independent, she doesn’t need a man, she can manage all by herself.

      When you see a female standing at the end of the train platform with her buggy looking behind her waiting for a man to help her carry it up the stairs, pass her by and keep it moving because she’s strong and independent, she doesn’t need a man, she can manage by herself.

      I’ve been saying for a while now that men have to cold shoulder women in order for these females to slip their brains back into the real world.

      Since all these Western women want to do is slate men off on social media all day everyday, men need to bring the consequences of engaging in that rotten behaviour to the real world.

      1. Verbs2015,

        At this point, the only women who get a pass are the very elderly.

        Other than that, all the rest can take a jump, especially the ones with their kids expecting some stranger to lift their pram up a flight of steps or give up their seats on the bus or train. FOH, should have had a car or taken an Uber. I can’t stand the entitlement expecting random men to help. They never gave their circumstances any thought before popping out kids, but want men to give up their seats and do heavy lifting. I ain’t doing shit for the next man’s woman, that’s his job.

        I’m glad men in general are waking up too and teaching these females a lesson and it’s not happening fast enough. They killed chivalry, so they’ll have to deal with the consequences.

        1. SYSBM Forever,

          What amazes me is at this point you’d think women would look at how more men are responding to them negatively and at least think about pumping the brakes on their delusions of grandeur. But no, listening to the likes of the Sprinkle Sprinkle witch aka SheraSeven has only encouraged these heifers to double down in their folly.

          The entitlement is off the chain, for example during peak times on the tube women with children are supposed to fold up their prams but they never do, instead they typically head straight in the direction of the fold up chairs expecting you to make space for them.

          I’m in two minds about the elderly because some of them can be quite entitled and rude about it as well. Like I said before, anytime these heifers ask for help, tell them to enlist the services of a bear.

  7. I remember this girl; she’s what is known as a chameleon (beware of them). You know, what puzzles me about her story is that the guy she liked was the same one she withheld sex from; usually, they’d throw the pum pum at the men that they want. These are the games that they play with men; they will test you by making you jump through hoops, or they want to see how much you’re willing to sacrifice for her before she reciprocates. The first guy won, if you ask me; he’s not missing out on anything!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      It reminds me of this video below where the woman states she’ll reciprocate only once she feels “safe and secure” in the relationship:

      In other words, the guy has to jump through 10,001 hoops for conditional femininity and even then the witch can easily move the goal posts at a moments notice, smh.

      We don’t play that nonsense over here, if the woman is not showing equal or more interest in you from the beginning, then the mission is already a dead horse from the jump.

      Men need to nip the non reciprocal behaviour in the bud right from the very start, these freeloading females need to know what time it is and that you will NOT be tolerating the garbage she gets away with, with other men(blue pilled simps).

      1. I gotta bring it back to let these broads know how I really feel. Having platonic relationships with women for the most part is an absolute waste. I have maybe three close female friends (who I’ve known since childhood) and they ALL helped me a lot over the last few years when I was down and out.

        Whether it was bringing me home cooked meals, doing laundry while I was hurt, giving me rides when I was without a vehicle when it crapped out, rides to and from work NEVER asking for anything in return. Only caring myself and at the time less than two year old was good. Guess what the common denominator is? I don’t even need to say it, y’all already know what it is.

        But for the simps and the boons reading, not a single one of them was black. “Yo mamma black”. Well bitch, yo daddy (if you know who he is) is black too but it doesn’t stop you bitter bitches from running your useless mouths.

        Platonic friendships with women exist but admittedly are hard to find. But getting back to the point of this post, these broads don’t deserve favors. Y’all strong and independent, figure it out. Can’t move that sofa, need the dresser moved? Sounds like a you problem.

        They actually believe we’re supposed to ignore the last few decades of no scrubs, can you pay my bills, you niggas ain’t shit to willingly do ANYTHING for you?? You got male relatives or simps who will do it for you. Unless they even got sick or you. Get lost. Leave these broads to their own demise.

        1. FDC,

          Preach! Non black women make way better friends. They will willingly do things for you out of kindness and not from some ulterior motive, but simply because they know that’s just what friends do.

          But yet you got these “we don’t owe you a smile” black harridans who want husband privileges from total strangers who they wouldn’t even piss on. Funny you mention no scrubs cos I remember vividly when Sporty Thievz hit back with No Pigeons and females were mad lol. “This ain’t my car like that ain’t your hair” LMAO. The good old days!

        2. FDC,

          You’ve known those women since childhood, I can understand that’s totally different. Additionally, the fact that they’ve come through for you in times of need clearly demonstrates how they’ve proved themselves to actually be valuable in your life, i can’t argue with that at all.

          You’re right, genuine plutonic friendships between men and women that go both ways are extremely rare to come across because as I stated before, typically the friendship is lopsided with the man always helping the woman.

          Speaking about No Scrubs and Can You Pay My Bills:

          The thing is in both songs they’re blatantly referring to 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Field Mouse type Negroes

          But somehow as per usual decent, hardworking upstanding black men were also brought into the equation, you know, the so called “educated lames” and “squares” these heifers for the longest have been saying they’re NOT attracted to, smh.

          I keep on saying that black women are delusional in that they deal with bums, thugs and gangsters yet they still expect smooth sailing and miraculous relationships to unfold, you cannot make this stuff up.

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