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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

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Apologies for the late posting of this Open Mic Wednesday. You’ve got the floor gents, what’s on your mind for this week, roll that dice.

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19 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Confederate Flag Shaniqua, Bottom Shelf Brad, Gulag Commander Nikhailov, RSS Man Rajput, Hyperborean Rabbi Azov, Goose-Stepper Pan-Africanist Leng, and Oligarch Pimp Thor all coping and seething over this:

    Butt-hurt black women, racist white supremacists cosplaying as “liberals”, and their rivals in the Slavic world are all bitching about this on social media, with Shaniqua and Bottom Shelf Brad crying about “white genocide” and “the Great Replacement”, while Gulag Commander Olaf and Pimp-Man Mikhailov start uneasily watching their own women as well.

    1. Well, well, well… Captain Fascist knows full well that White women go crazy for the BD but when even their OWN WOMEN are voluntarily flying out to get pounded by black sausage, it’s a wrap.

      Like Schadenfreude said a few months ago, ain’t it funny how this CONVID fakery was designed (in part) to stop black men travelling overseas? It worked, but can they stop white women from going?

      Let all those who hate on BM/WW relationships drink on their own tears and cope.

      1. Racist white men, Nordic chosenites and delusional black women can hold on to their delusional dreams of empire and keep on fighting each other on social media over garbage ideologies.

        I honestly think many of these chosenites and the black women and white men who fight them are secretly homosexual and use white supremacy as a cover up for their degenerate behavior. Look at how the Democrat Party, the Party of the KKK and State’s rights essentially became a vehicle for the gay rights lobby. And look at the amount of Slavic and Nordic white men, both chosenite and Gentile that have been caught engaging in gay orgies or fiddling kids those past few years.

      2. “Like Schadenfreude said a few months ago, ain’t it funny how this CONVID fakery was designed (in part) to stop black men travelling overseas? It worked, but can they stop white women from going?”

        Thanks for the shout, Michel.

        Yup, just as the first, unnamed iteration of “Passport Bros” was gearing up, lockdown came along. Then along with COVID came longer wait times for new passport issuance. COVID is supposedly “over” but it’s still 4 months to get a new passport. Some brothas online are saying BW postal workers are deliberately slow-walking applications. I wouldn’t put it past the daggle. I tell young brothers to go way out to the suburban PO (where white people still work) to apply, or get it expedited through a service, costs extra but worth it. Don’t go to the hood PO where the old daggles work. They don’t want us leaving but they can’t stop it unless they stop everyone.

        Passport Bros/SYSBM is the greatest passive rebellion in modern times and these hoes are feeling it. Love it.

    2. If all black men were told by the UK government & USA government to leave the UK & leave USA permanently, a lot more white women would voluntarily leave the UK & USA too.

      The reason why is cause white women would always want more dating options and won’t have to compete against other races of women.

      Black women and asian women would stay where they are in the west with white men and asian men.

    3. Brendan Dubalos,

      You already know the score, black men according to the groups you mentioned aren’t allowed to experience what black women and white men have been doing in Jamaica and other places for years. In the eyes of the black female and her white lord and saviour Major Sleet, only they are allowed to have fun and frolic in the hay.

  2. Good afternoon. Glad to see you’re doing well Verbs. There’s one thing that always bugged me, and I’m wondering if anyone here could explain this for me:

    So American black women, white nationalists and God’s chosen Nords, Slavs and Indians have this stupid conspiracy theory that they call “White genocide” and “Great Replacement” which supposedly claims that white men and black women are being made minorities in their own countries by white and brown people from other nations as part of some grand plan to ‘dilute’ the white race. Which I find pretty fucking silly to me, as white men, chosenites and black women have held the reigns of power in the West for a very long time and have oppressed black men and white women to maintain this power.

    The likes of EDL and UKIP will get shamed for this, which is good, but American black women and some of these white ethno-nationalists hide behind ‘liberalism’ to give a good face to the public while saying some of the most disgusting and vile things about black men and white women who date black men on these white nationalist websites they go on to state their true opinions. I’ve seen progressive black women work with Neo-Nazis in Germany to try and prevent black men from dating out. And that was on the ElonBurd.

    What I could never understand is how this black woman and/or the racist white man will talk about white power and racial solidarity, and then go to underdeveloped Third World countries and engage in sexual abuse of children knowing that these poor countries have lax law enforcement. Wouldn’t that be a violation of the supposed commandments of racial purity?

    But then again, Putin has been able to buy several mansions all across Europe, several American Democrat politicos are fucking loaded and living the life and Netanyahu has made the PiS very rich in Poland, which basically states that racial purity has to be one of the most profitable businesses of all time. Meanwhile, the idiots fighting each other on the streets are either getting arrested by cops left and right or in hiding, over some BS doctrine made up in France in the 19th century to keep the proles from rebelling.

    And black women and racist white men wonder why whites from other countries, Arabs and Asians are replacing them…these people are such a joke to be honest. Eternally whining and bitching in a manner not dissimilar to their rivals of God’s chosen Nords and Slavs who also use anti-black male racism to act ‘tough’ and attract morons who think Scandinavia and Russia are based and trad, but if anyone actually used Google they’d learn that the Nordic countries [including Russia] have the highest rates of prostitution, migrants and HIV in Europe.

    What a sad, pathetic, miserable bunch of losers stuck in their glory days while refusing to accept responsibility and face the real world.

    1. What I could never understand is how this black woman and/or the racist white man will talk about white power and racial solidarity, and then go to underdeveloped Third World countries and engage in sexual abuse of children

      Because Lord Icesheet and their pals are Black Sun worshipping, demonic paedophiles that deflect onto BM for their sick kiddy fiddling tendencies. Racial supremacy is intrinsically inbred and aligns with the current trend to destroy all life on earth.

      1. True fact. Remember the time when Nordic chosenites and the black women and liberal white men they claim to fight worked together to portray black men as savages and white women who date out as race traitors? We now know ‘based and trad’ Russia has the highest rate of sex trafficking in Europe, black women are heading to the Caribbean to rape young boys and Anglo-white men are going to South East Asia to sexually abuse young children.

        I saw an article that could explain why white women are dating and marrying black men in the USA. Apparantly, these white men are lazy bums who don’t want to work and want the women to do everything, so these white women become single moms or date black men, which causes Oligarch Olev in the Kremlin to sweat bullets, hoping his daughter wont go to the USA and settle down with a Tyrone sick of Kiesha and Leniqua, and Confederate Flag Shaniqua and White Power Brad to run out of the CNN newsroom to do a rant on Renegade Tribune about “the Great Replacement” and “muh white genocide”, which of course nobody except them and the black woman and white man’s rival in the Russian power structure truly believes.

      2. Michel,

        Yep, notice the similar kiddy fiddling tendencies with black women and their white lord and savior Colonel Glacier, if you understand the white male you’ll understand the black female and vice versa.

  3. White wife: I’m ready to cuckold my husband
    Black bull: I’m using no condoms.
    White wife: That’s good. Bust all of it in there!

    As we show the video clip of the rapper Sukihana saying she likes golden showers, I was thinking that in America that black men are goanna get marriage with non black women. Why is that? Because that they are seeing the dysfunctional behaviour with the ratchet black women.

    So black men in America is start thinking that he’s goanna date non black women and marry them and have a family. Or they get their passport and leave the America just to look for a woman to wife up. And when black men in the US, the ratchet black women get upset and show bitterness towards them because they are taking a different direction when it comes to relationships and even marriage.

    And they know why black men are with non black women. When black men who are think minded talk about the ratchet black women and they ratchet behaviour, these simps come after them just to defend the ghetto ratchet scarggle daggles that don’t even like them. They want the ruff neck type dudes that they prefer and love so much. The simps are the last option when it comes to relationship and marriage. Hell with it!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Nothing but pure facts. Already I’ve seen black women and white nationalists working together to dick police black men on Twitter.

      1. its not just dick policing black men, but they try to thought police black men, and speech police black men.

        They try to force all black men to ignore the fact that black women are the ugliest, meanest, stupidest, most emotinally disturbed, most character dificient, and morally corrupt cohort of women on the planet; and they try to force all black men to participate in the delusion that all black women are ‘Quaens’. They try to force a simp mentality upon all black men that says black men are the cause of da communitah’s dysfunction, while absolving the black woman of all accountability for her shortcomings and disgraceful behavior thruout history. And this just ain’t happening with the SYSBM brotherhood.

        1. AmericanBlkMan,


          The issues you’ve mentioned above are just some of the reasons why SYSBM and the Passport Bros exist and are only growing larger by the day, more brothers are giving black women, their blue pilled, pro black simp underlings and their white male overlords the middle finger and instead choosing to place their destiny into their own hands(which is the way things should be).

      2. The black women and the white beta males are doing that on Twitter all the time with the dick policing. So does the simps as well.

  4. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! So, for a while now I’ve wanted to share my 2¢ on the NYC subway shooting by Frank James last year; I had a suspicion that this whole thing was staged (I’ll get into my reason for saying that later), but then I saw a livestream by Hardcore Tito where he addressed the incident and shared his thoughts:

    So, I remember when this story first hit the news, they didn’t waste time creating a profile about Frank James being some kind of disgruntled Black man who posted videos online where he ranted about race, violence, and his struggles with mental health; they also made sure to include that he had things to say about Black women and was subscribed to YouTubers like Kevin Samuels. Now, here is why I believe that this was a false flag: they say he set off a smoke grenade and fired his weapon 33 times (yes, 33 times), somebody on the train said they saw blood and an injured person in spite of the smoke, and NONE of the cameras in the city were working that day! Another thing they do is tie every Black shooter to a group, and which group did they tie him to? The Hebrew Israelites, but theres one problem: Frank James doesn’t have a beard. I shall post Part 2 to this commentary later as I’m now heading out to travel; feel free to share your thoughts.

    1. As promised, here is Part 2 of my comments on Frank James: so, it was revealed early on that Frank James posted videos to YouTube, but he also posted to Free Speech Avenger when it was still live; when it was discovered by the Feds that James was on that site, the site was shut down for “investigation”, and it remains that way to the present day. Funny how YouTube was never shut down; all they did was remove James’ channel. I believe this man was a Manchurian Candidate; when he was questioned by authorities, he said he didn’t know what they were talking about. How does he not remember what happened? Was Frank James under mind control? There’s so many questions that arise, but I think that asking them is also answering them.

      1. Blue Collar Trevor,

        Shot his gun 33 times, that right there is a massive red flag for me. They cannot help but throw in their freemasonry at every opportunity that presents itself. I didn’t really look into the Frank James case too deeply myself but I can imagine certain folks sitting in dark corners who are concerned about black men expressing themselves OUTSIDE of the confines and the jurisdiction of the modern day black female.

        I keep on saying that there are certain individuals on this planet who don’t want to see black men flourishing and being successful and if there is any way they can put hindrances and obstacles in our path, they’ll do it without hesitation.

        1. They always leave something in the details that shows their involvement.

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