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Did You Catch What She Said? #SHORTS

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Did you catch what this Caribbean daggle said near the end?

“We don’t want to come to the prison to come and visit you.”

This is yet another blatant exposure as to the type of black men most of these modern day black women out here are choosing, if you were dealing with decent men to begin with, you wouldn’t need to worry about them getting caught up in the judicial washing machine and thereafter being funnelled into the prison industrial complex.

As we’ve discussed here many times before, the primary problem isn’t with black men, the problem is with black women and the fact they love choosing from the dregs and the scum buckets of black male society, criminals, gangsters, thugs, street loiterers and serial impregnators are the only types of black men most black women see and prefer(and they openly confess this).

I’ve told you before how coming up I witnessed firsthand black women passing over myself as well as many other decent brothers for the worst guys ie the short term choices. Decent, hard working, intelligent, educated black men are totally invisible in terms of relationship viability to your average black woman.

Most black women are wired backwards, having full leverage and control over the swamp called “da communitah”, they exalt and praise the worst example black males while at the same time mocking, laughing at, ridiculing, disparaging, berating and rejecting the best and the brightest black men.

This is exactly why SYSBM™ was born, the philosophy came about as a need for free thinking black men to continue their legacy/family tree, however recognising such actions would have to take place OUTSIDE of the black community due to its predisposition towards dysfunction as well as the acknowledgement that the modern day black female wasn’t and still is NOT a woman of quality.

Therefore, in light of these many shortcomings, she most certainly wouldn’t be the best choice to uphold traditional maternity and womanhood as well as pass on a healthy and grounded culture to her children. Here is an example to illustrate the point:

Below is yet another example as to why black women are by far the worst parents and custodians of children on the planet bar none. SYSBM™ is all about looking out for children’s best interests, we don’t want to place the future of society into the hands of reckless and irresponsible female trash like this. These are the typical types of unbridled females SYSBM practitioners are saving themselves from:

Where are the likes of Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson as well as newbie speak much but do little, throw stones and hide behind the dumpster, Pan African, pro black pundits such as Omowale Afrika when it comes to checking this degenerate and dysfunctional behaviour from “da sistas”, as per usual nowhere to be found.

However, dare you make mention of purchasing a passport and your departure from the dysfunctional black community and these guys will be quick to jump out of the bushes labelling you a coon, Sambo, Uncle Tom, sellout and whatever other names they can muster up to throw at you.

They’d also be quick to tell you that you’re a coward for “running away” as well as not being able to “deal with” a strong black woman(you cannot make this stuff up).

Gentlemen, don’t believe this “black men should stay in the home” mantra, if black women were deadly serious about desiring stable households, the bottom line is they’d pick better men from the beginning(Blue Collar Trevor and White Collar Stephen over 12 Gauge Mike, Roof Top Trey, Slim Sauce, Field Mouse and Shorty Fist). #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

When You Opt To Choose The Worst Mates, Don’t Expect Miracles

Most High Bless

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20 thoughts on “Did You Catch What She Said? #SHORTS

  1. These people never change…and yet they and their white lord and savior go on these white nationalist platforms and cry that they’re being ‘replaced’ by Becky, Maria and Natasha LOL.

    What a bunch of losers – why don’t they and their rivals in Gulag Commander Olaf and Oligarch Olev go and fix the problems in their own communities instead of dick policing black men?

    1. Brendan Dubalos,

      Black women have done this to themselves, they don’t have anybody else to blame for their current plight(which is not my problem, nor will I bear any burden of it).

  2. As someone who comes from a Jamaican family, Jamaican women especially need to shut the fuck up. They’re beyond dysfunctional.

    I’ve seen firsthand how they operate here in the UK and out there. There’s a widespread issue in the island of ‘jackets’ – bastard children that men think are theirs – because their woman will spread their legs for any no-good dude with some swag. The women would take a clone of Wayne and Biggs from the movie Shottas over a productive hard working labourer any day. They don’t like good men either, just like their American/UK counterparts. Same old story, just a different location. It’s a serious issue, yet the Jamaican communitah talks about it like it’s a joke. Then wonder why domestic violence, murder and all kinds of messed up shit is sky high in the island. They’re not interested in change and this has been going on for decades.

    As for that dusty, scruffy head Walrus Foolmar Johnson, he just needs to worry about going to rehab. The only woman he was ever seen with was a stripper and even that wasn’t a relationship, they were just fucking. These hotep clowns and simp lackeys are a huge part of the reason as to why black women will remain the way they are. I guarantee they’re blaming a man not being in the home as to the reason why that worthless whore in that video was twerking in front of little children. SMH.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Remember how in my book Negro Wars I stated that black female dysfunction was an international problem, this clip amongst many others I’ve highlighted illustrates just how prolific the problem is worldwide. There is an entire slew of men these black females pass over because in their own words, they find black men who don’t have criminal records and who have their stuff together “boring”, what other race of women in general think like this, I’ll wait?

      Anywhere in the world where the daggle resides you’ll find the same patterns of black female promiscuity coupled with multitudes of children born outside of committed relationships and high numbers of questionable paternities. And the detractors still have the audacity to ask us what we’re saving ourselves from, smh.

  3. If any black woman is showing interest in dating a black man, that is a red flag.

    If a black woman ain’t showing any interest at all in a black man, that is a green flag.

    I’m only seeking green flags for relationships.

    This summer I’m going to travel to Germany and Spain.

    I’ve only visited 13 countries in my lifetime and will be 15 in total by the end of this year.

    Who knows? I might find a white german girlfriend or a white spanish girlfriend as one of the 1% unicorns.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      As always God speed on your search looking for a quality Snargate, keep your head on a swivel regarding women from any western countries as they’ve been contaminated the most with the feminist/women’s empowerment doctrine, just look at what happened recently with that Moroccan footballer Hakimi and his Spanish wife trying to pull a fast one.

      Ultimately she lost and now has to part with half of her wealth, an extreme rarity in Western society for the man to come up after a divorce. Finding a quality Snargate in the west can be done, however it’s much more of a difficult task as opposed to seeking a female from countries that still adhere to traditional customs and values. Always remember that the world is your oyster.

  4. I can tell by her accent that she’s Jamaican like myself. In which case as far as I’m concerned a Jamaican women should be the last group out off all the nationalities of black women to fix their mouth to talk about black men anywhere. Remember 80 percent of men in Jamaica who do DNA test on kids that they believe is theirs turn out not to be the father of said child/children. So before she talks about what black men as a group need to do,she should go tell her sisters back home what they should do to unfuck themselves. In my Kevin Samuels Voice you can’t make this shit up.

    1. Firelord Trill,

      I remember hearing about that paternity stat from Jamaica, when I first heard that number it was actually a daggle working in and around that field who I I remember first bringing that horrific percentage to my attention. As I keep on saying, black female dysfunction is an international problem.

  5. White Sugar Honey: Can you stay tonight for the bank holiday?
    SYSBM: Sure! I’m not going home tonight.

    Hey, the scarggle daggles love a man from prison or is in prison. If a ghetto ratchet black woman wants black men to stay in the homes and raise the kids in a two parent home, they will she didn’t pick one who is suitable to a father anyhow? Oh, they’ll get the feel money from the government and they said that you don’t need a man take care of her and the children.

    And when they do have children, they are not having children with the good black man. They are having children with the worthless type of black men they they prefer and love so much.

    And the two heifers that was fighting in the shopping mall. I really like to know why they are fighting for. I think I know who they are fighting for. They must be fighting for some thug cocky. I don’t know if they are fighting for it — I really don’t know.

    I remember the video of the mother who was twerking with her kids while getting recorded. I have seen so many black women twerking on Instagram just to get attention an what makes it worse that some of them have children and they will twerk in front of the kids with they on Instagram live.

    There is a reason why a black man can’t find a good black woman. Because there are so many ratchet black women. Lord have mercy!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scarggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Criminals, prison dudes and irresponsible men are all the rage in black female culture worldwide just like fake eyelashes, fake nails and BBLs.

      1. That is true. That is so true. They don’t want no good black man. They want the wothless man like Worthless Leslie!

  6. Verbs 2015.

    The reason why black relationships are dysfunctional and bad because black women are always picking the worst type of black men to have kids with. If black women want black relationships to improve then they need to pick decent black men to have kids with.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The thing about is black women wouldn’t have things any other way, they’ll live by the wrong kinds of men and die by the same. Like I always say, that’s their problem, not mine.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I am so glad that I am a childfree SYSBM black man at 40 and I avoid black women like the plague.

  7. What’s weird is they are not attracted to the good Black men who want to stay in the home. They are attracted to the ones who are “forming gangs” and “contributing to the negativity of society.” Visiting their man in prison gets their panties wet, who do they think they’re fooling? The Jamaican daggle is the worst of the lot, their country is a cesspool with single motherhood at 80%, even higher than the USA. Not to mention all the Jamaican dudes who are raising children that are not theirs.

    How do these women fix their mouths to say this sh*t?

    These SYSBM recruitment videos are coming in thick and fast. Heed the call brothers lol.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Exactly, they openly confess to loving gangsters, thugs and criminal minded black men while giving the decent, upwardly mobile brother a massive pass. These heifers rather should be talking amongst themselves about the jack up choices in men they’re making. Nobody is forcing these women at gunpoint to deal with 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce and Field mouse, those are the guys they naturally gravitate towards.

      Therefore as far as I’m concerned they should take any negative consequences associated with dealing with such men on the chin and stop complaining about the outcomes.

  8. There is so much to unpack from that short video, but let’s start with the one thing you pointed out: she doesn’t want to visit the prison to see Black men. Let these brauds talk long enough, they will tell on themselves; do these straggs really want these jailbirds to come into their homes to raise their children? There was a story about one such stragg who married a convicted felon who bound her up, slashed her in her face, and murdered the children they had together in front of her; is that what they want? Water always seeks its level, so if she wants a jailbird, what does that say about her character? They are bums just like the men they desire. #SYSBM

  9. Funny how black women like her, love to leave out the fact that they choose men from a backwards and destructive mating criteria, “ he swag out, he tote the nine and glock”. They prefer the so called black community to remain in a single mother state because it enables their matriarchy. Black women don’t want the communitah to change.

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