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Is This Your Queen? Peep The Real Agenda!

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I’m not buying into all of what she’s saying, I’ve written articles on this single mother of 3 before where she’s either said or engaged in some outlandish actions just to get some form of attention.

I’ll give her a pass on the water sports, however the defecation part I’m struggling to buy into because she never look genuine when she said it. I could be wrong though, Sukihana could be into SCAT activities.

Pushing the golden shower and SCAT issues aside, this is why I have little to no respect for Western women, these are the same females who claim to be a cut above and smarter than men yet they’ll buy into the words of these useless female rappers wholesale and in the overwhelming majority of cases follow through putting them into practice.

Female rappers such as Cardi B, Meg Thee Male Horse, Sukihana, Doja Cat, Saweetie, Glorilla, City Girls, Ice Spice, Lizzo etc haven’t been pushed into the spotlight and heavily promoted by accident, these dark sirens are all part of an agenda to persuade everyday women to dehumanise themselves as well as accept all forms of degeneracy, decadence, debauchery and reprobate behaviours as normal.

In turn this will cause decent men to want to separate themselves from the filth furthering the divide between men and women(which is also part of the plan).

Of course we already know the blue pilled, black male simps will relentlessly dedicate themselves to the cause and forever bow down at, worship and kiss the feet of the black witch contingent.

We also know that black women as a collective are dumber than a box of rocks and will subscribe to the lyrics of these female rappers even though most of them are either married or are in relationships, smh.

What’s very disappointing is in recent times other races of women who once upon a time knew better and who exercised logic and common sense are now beginning to sing from the same song sheet as the modern day black female and large swaths of them too are following these trickster pied pipers down Slut Avenue, Gutter Mews, Hoe Street and Degeneracy Boulevard.

At this point Western women cannot wonder why they’re increasingly being rejected and passed over for foreign women, the reasons are obvious and in plain sight for all to see.

Hoodwinked and bamboozled by the sorcery and the witchcraft of social media which tells them to whore themselves out in their prime years and only settle down once their hay days are over is nothing short of a fool’s errand which typically ends in failure and disaster.

We now have a significant consortium of women in their 30s and 40s who are slowly discovering that they were lied to, however it’s too late to turn back the clock, what’s done is done, they cannot undo what has already been executed.

As I always say, at this juncture most Western women have rendered themselves only fit for the sewers as the streets are too good of a place to give them. Any women who listen to any of the above artists and more should be given an extremely wide berth and avoided at all costs.

Gentlemen, choosing a quality woman has never been more important, don’t fall victim to these seductive enchantresses, just one seed can spiral you into 18 years of pain, misery and suffering.

Keep your heads on a swivel and watch your six out here gents, as times get harder for women in the West they will attempt to resort to extreme measures in order to syphon your money, attention, time, energy, resources, seed or all 6. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Unkempt Women Are Very Bad For Any Man’s Health

Most High Bless

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13 thoughts on “Is This Your Queen? Peep The Real Agenda!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Black women are not Queens as they are fucking idiots because they are always making foolish stupid life choices. I avoid black women like the plague as much as possible.

  2. This is an interesting article you wrote Verbs about the female rappers.

    Because there is a rapper is now a Reachback name Angela Renée White aka ‘Blac Chyna’.
    After the years of being ghetto trash rapper she was, she decide to get ride of the ghetto ratchet mindset and now turn ‘Born Again Christian’. She manage to remove all the fake and tattoos. Now going all natural and baptised.

    I say good for her, people are supporting this as she is no longer fake.
    Unfortunately her mum Shalana Jones-Hunter aka ‘Tokyo Toni’ is being a hater and butthurt because her daughter got herself out of the ghetto mindest.

    What is your thoughts about Blac Chyna becoming born again?

    1. “What is your thoughts about Blac Chyna becoming born again?

      Typical hoe trying to rebrand, let’s see how long it lasts. You can’t make a hoe into a housewife but some blue pill mama’s boy simp nigga will step up to the challenge. At some point she will crack and run screaming back to the streets. One thing about black heffas, they can never fake it for very long.

  3. Depopulation of western societies has been on the rise between men and women for decades.

    It has been designed this way and it ain’t an accident.

    No coincidence at all of hip hop being the number one chosen genre of music in western world.

    Hip hop has been used as a weapon to separate men and women for many years.

    I don’t want my future white girlfriend listening to hip hop.

    1. Here’s the thing about HipHop. For 3 generations now, black youth have gotten their values from HipHop. Middle class white yourh might listen to HipHop as a youthful indulgence. But by and large, they don’t internalize this nonsense. They largely go on to be functioning middle class adults.

      The black who grew up listening to HipHop is usually still stuck on this nonsense at 45 years old. In other words, he usually turns out to be a low IQ, loser simp, who got his or her entire worldview from HipHop. This is just like General Somon Blizzard planned it. General Simon Blizzard makes tons of money off these cretins while keeping them stuck in the mud.

      The thing is, too many black simps and daggles can not differentiate between reality and rap videos.

      1. The sad fact today is that for most youth in Blackistan, Rap is the only music genre they will ever know. HipHop is the only culture they will ever know. This is combined with the fact that most will never know anything close to academic rigor or critical thinking. Even the ones who get a degrees will mostly do so in various forms of fluff. So the elite of today’s Blackistani youth will have superficially educated, minmally developed minds, that have been totally marinated in a degenerate gutter culture.

        The future does not bode well for Blackistan.

        1. Single babymamas do not culturally enrich their spawn, they listen to this thug or ratchet sh** damn near from birth.

          Damn near every conversation between younger black men as a group devolves into who their favorite rapper is. Law, education, finance, investing, nah.

          I got into jazz and rock from my uncles and older cousins back in the day. My cousin was the first guy I knew who was into The Police when I was a kid. My gen was lucky to have male role models before the Black Gynocracy proceeded to erase them.

          I used to note these Section 8 heffas blasting Future in their cars with their babies in the back seat. This is the programming that is giving us Chicago now with these pickaninnies running berzerk, looting sh**.

          Young Black Men of worth should escape Blackistan at all costs.

  4. SYSBM: You have that hoodie dress what Sukihana had on.
    White sugar honey: Yeah, I hope you like it. Got the red wine on the table waiting to be open.

    No, this woman is not my queen. No sir!

    I saw this video on twitter and what she said what she said, my mind went into different directions. She wants a man to pee pee on her, on her mouth, on his mouth, fart in his face and all that. Her being a woman with three kids, let me put that to the side and I’m goanna tell you why.

    This is properly the most ratchet thing I have ever seen in my entire life. I can’t say no more with this. I don’t know if the girl is trolling but I just can’t think no more.

    As a good black man or the nice guy sees a woman like her, he’s a goanna reject her in a heartbeat. But then, she looks at the good black man as a lame dude who is boring. We have seen so many ratchet black women, it’s not even funny no more.

    As you see how the ratchet black women are and we have more of them, you wonder why black men are dating outside their race more then ever. Look at Britain with 60 per cent of black men that have made it with non black women.

    When I listen to the music right now, I just have to turn my ears away because it’s very trashy. I prefer the music of the 1980’s and 1990’s more then the crap I’m hearing.

    I’m done!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  5. The teeth reminds me of the Xenomorphs from the movie Aliens.


  6. “What’s very disappointing is in recent times other races of women who once upon a time knew better and who exercised logic and common sense are now beginning to sing from the same song sheet as the modern day black female and large swaths of them too are following these trickster pied pipers down Slut Avenue, Gutter Mews, Hoe Street and Degeneracy Boulevard.

    In other words, my beautiful suburban Jan Brady white women who in 2012 would have been cute girlfriends and wives, have now been corrupted by daggle media. If a non-black hoe knows the words to all this ratchet bullsh*t, hangs around black heffas, talks like niggas, has a gang of tattoos, or has been Mandingo-ized by Pookie, it’s a hard pass.

    1. This is why SYSBM Tenet #22 was proposed: “SYSBM brothers do not deal with non black women who have black females as friends because hanging around black women is guaranteed to leave them contaminated and thus no different to the dysfunctional black females we walked away from to begin with.”

      Any non Black woman who follows or listens to anything associated with daggledom is to be avoided just the same.

  7. Before I share my 2 cents on the matter, I must point out that just last night, I could click the links to the IG accounts of the female rappers and view them in Incognito Mode (to avoid being redirected to the IG app on my phone), but this morning I can’t even do the same without being told the link is broken or the account has been removed. I suspect the social media overseers are at work to block thinking brothers from seeing the degenerate behavior you denounced in this article; the only way I could view their IG pages was to log in through the app. It may just be on my device, but it was interesting to note.

    Sukihana is a hot, stinking mess! That’s what she becomes whenever she pees on/gets peed on by whoever is willing to engage in that nastiness; not only that, but farting, too? The look on that guy’s face said it all; he was speechless! How is such a repulsive being so popular with people? Verbs, I would second the notion that it’s not by chance that these female artists are being heavily promoted in the mainstream; there is an agenda to debase the arts, and I believe these new artists are fulfilling that through their videos, public displays, and performances.

    I remember seeing a video where an older woman was being interviewed and she made mention of Sukihana; some young SIMP then said he never smashed Suki, but he dreamed that he did. The older lady then asked him how he would feel coming behind all those other dudes who already smashed; he looked disgusted upon hearing that. All of these THOT female rappers are virtually the same, perverse creatures who have no discernible talent or originality; Lizzo is the only exception given that she’s a classically trained flutist, but she can’t even do that without baring her backside.

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