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What on earth is going on in Chicago?


Pay attention, in the near future those hooligans will be the same blue pilled, black male simp savages who these black sirens will set upon any black men they see with non black women.

Let’s not forget that video that went viral a number of years back of black females randomly attacking non black girls and women in the streets for absolutely no reasons outside of spite, hatred, jealousy and envy.

I’m willing to bet you any money that the Chicago police have been told to “stand down” so that these rabble rousers can cause as much mayhem and damage as possible.

It’s not the first time that police have been told to stand down while rioters wreak havoc, didn’t something similar happen in Baltimore a number of years back, correct me if I’m wrong?

I remember when the London riots took place in 2011 sparked by the armed police shooting of Mark Duggan, the same thing happened once again, police were told to stand down and let the looters loot and allow the rioters to continue rioting.

Be extremely suspicious whenever you see police standing by doing nothing as goons, looters and rioters are free to run amuck and do as they please, something isn’t right.

When it comes down to random looting and riots taking place, the sponsor of these miscreants is normally none other than George Soros, always keep an eye on him as he’s typically the usual suspect behind most of the social upheaval worldwide whether random or purposed. Meanwhile:

This brother below had the right idea, get your stuff together and move as far away from Negroes as you possibly can because they’ll always be up to no good and act the fool especially when the police stand by and do nothing. Additionally, the further you can move away from a major city the better:

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gents? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice!

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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36 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. The legacy of state-sponsored single-parent scrag-headed households: Death and destruction.


  2. Wow, it seems something is about to go down due to higher inflation rates.

    If you are living in majority black areas, you will need to move out of black areas.

    I would want to feel safer where I am with a future white girlfriend.

    Hopefully it stays like this.

  3. It is very interesting about how simps and BW fight a Becky because she is with a BM. I do remember a year ago you made a topic about this.

    MadbusDriver stated in few live streams the before the SYSBM and the red pill. He mention that there was a random BW with a pram with the kid inside trying to run him and his family over. Madbus describe as the BW push the pram with the baby inside attempting to hit him because she was Madbus with a White Wife.
    Mind you they do not know each other and both of them just just random strangers.

    Some commentator was asking Madbus what did he do to her? He said he did nothing to her, did not look at her, do not know her or engage with her. The BW just randomly decide to push a baby in the pram at him for no reason, but because his wife was white.

    The pram did not him him and his family, but almost did all because BW saw a BM with a wife wifey and a child.

    1. The mean look the scrag gives when seeing a BM with a non-black woman is what MBD calls the Wreckless Eyeball. I’ve gotten plenty of those stares when they see me with my snowbunny wife.


    2. That’s one thing black women are good at – starting trouble and picking fights.

      The bitch who tried to push the pram into MBD probably doesn’t even know who the father of her kid is.

  4. Meanwhile over at the Passport Brothers section of this space. There is now some brothers, including one who has the copyright to the name “Passport Bros”, who are claiming that passport brothers are colorist? I bullshit you not they, really did state that some of these brothers are colorist. And that some of these brothers put other groups on a pedestal. I won’t be surprised if Verbs or somebody in this comment section called it out and I missed it doing my break.

    And everyone’s favorite now Ex-passport Bro Auston Holleman decided to s*** on men who say all black women around the world are like that. Especially now that he’s in Africa and will be doing this African tour . He’s probably trying to clean up what he said in the past about them and getting their good gracious, I don’t know.

    And of course some of these guys are taking shots at SYSBM. What else is new? Lmfao! And now I and others see why the Lord Commander has the stance that he has on the passport Bros.

    I still have love for them, but some of them do so just want to be Pro black. It’s like they’re taking a shot at us because some of us have said that the diaspora have a large amount of women who demonstrate this same type of attitude as the western chicas. I had a feeling that people’s going to try to shame us since traveling to Africa and claim that we’re colorists or claim we bash or hate bws if you don’t visit Africa.

    Even though, we’re not African women’s first choice of men. They’re white men or Local Natives. Anybody who’s been to even a portion of African countries understand this.

    Plus, as I stated before, a good amount of us have mostly. indigenous American blood. (And I’m not talking about what 23andMe or says cuz those are scams and that’s not how you determine your background. DNA is good for determining your health, but it’s limited as far as determining your family lineage . You do it through bloodline and documents, like my family did. I digress)

    the sad part is a dude that was talking s*** about SYSBM (I guess to stay in The Graces of so-called BP so he can get invited to the cookout like most of these guys do LOL) Richie Mack of Zoom to THAILAND, got roasted and played by a maggle he consulted who was visiting Thailand. Same maggle guy who was featured on Holleman’s Channel. This Negro talk all that s*** about us and now, you get played by somebody who you knew was ratchet.

    I respect Richie. The guy has done some good work, but I have no sympathy for him.

    Keep SYSBM out of your mouth. Be lucky we don’t respond to these sneak dissing because well we’re WINNING!


    P.S. you know some of these losers are claiming that Brothers don’t travel to Africa or hardly anybody travels to Africa like that? Did they forget how European and Chinese men travel to Africa? Why you think that the African women generally have them as their top preference?

    Damn these dudes have the IQ of a door knob, lmfao!!

    1. Mack G,

      I don’t even know where to start with your comment. So, let’s clarify, who exactly has been talking down on SYSBM again? This is one of the problems with the Passport Bros movement, one I have stated before, most of them still want to deal with black women.

      Remember what I said before about swaths of black men jumping onboard genuine movements that depart from worshipping the daggle, however most are really only PRETENDING to depart in order to get the black witch’s attention so they can engage her in conversation and in their minds come to a feasible arrangement where these same blue pilled simps can get some of the black siren’s rotten snatch spoils.

      As A man who comes from Africa(though I was born in the UK), I understand the nature of African women having been raised by one and been around many as I’ve been growing up. You’re right, African women as I’ve shown many times before are white men worshippers.

      Additionally, large swaths of African women demonstrate the same traits as black women in the West particularly the American Black Woman because that is who they’re trying to emulate.

      Speaking on Holleman, I saw that particular tweet that he posted on his YouTube community tab, I’ve always stated that if a black man wants to date women from Africa, he has to be extremely cautious as to what African women he’s dealing with.

      These stubborn pro black dudes are going to learn the hard way that the black bloodline either has to be mixed or departed from altogether in order to increase your chances of finding a decent woman. Here is an example of African women demonstrating the same violent nature as the daggles in the West:

      Notice how they have no problems slapping, punching and swing on the guy. Admittedly, those women are Nigerian, some of the worst women in Africa who should be avoided at all costs for reasons such as the above.

      MBD is a champ, I’m so glad earlier on that he made a separation between SYSBM and other black sectors, that move was a must.

      You notice that everybody is copying MBD when it comes to trademarking, he was the one who set the benchmark in these black digital spaces for intellectual property to be trademarked, a massive shout out to King Sigma who was the individual who first brought the trademark suggestion to us(the same man who coined the term Passport Bros which so many of these fraudulent Negroes have now bastardised and ruined).

      Passport Bros, colourist??? You cannot make this stuff up. Do you see what I mean about many of these guys NOT being genuine about travelling and meeting women from different cultures? They still want the daggle, they can have her, that doesn’t brother me.

      1. If you go to Holleman’s Community tab on his YouTube page, he posted the tweet that you saw. In the comment section, he pinned a comment from someone taking a shot at SYSBM.

        I’m not even subscribed to Holleman, but when you watch videos on YouTube, you may get a content creator community post in your feed. We all know YouTube algorithm works.

        Oh boy, they loose in the comments section. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to it because well at this point it is what it is with the haters.
        I got some of this info from other SYSBM bro. Then, this video came up:

        Yep Verbs, they are going there with this topic and conversation. It could be clickbait, but yeah these fools are really talking about SOME (his emphasis, not mine) PPBros. being colorists.

        I was subscribed to Passport Podcast guy at the start of the year, I’m unsubscribed now. I think it’s to shame and brothers to travel to Africa. And even though I’ve dated awesome women From Ethiopia (my last gf) , Ghana, Angola, and even Nigeria, I’m American, not Africa. I have that blood And me, but that’s only because we originated as humans from East Africa.

        The logistics to travel to Africa is more complicated and more expensive for us Americans. This is not complicated. It’s gonna be easier for most men to travel to South America and even Asia then to Africa.

        I didn’t want to be Debbie Downer, but I believed that some b******* like this was going to happen.

        But well it’s not about being positive or negative. It’s just is what it is

        PS That video of that Afro-Daggle is nuts

    2. Auston Holleman is a clown. Black women were the ones who literally put his life in danger in Brazil simply because he had the audacity to be living his life. I saw that tweet he made “if you think all black women are the same unfollow me now blah blah blah”. Oh well, his choice. Some black men just gonna have to learn the hard way.

      1. This nigga literally went from “It’s that bad” to “If you think all black women are the same unfollow me now blah blah blah.” If you’re gonna pander to the daggle, you might as well stay in America. SMH

  5. This my brothers is a precursor to what eventually will be the norm. The new normal as such. If, local law enforcement is being ordered to stand down while chaos and mayhem ensue…what’s next??? These series of events is a culminations of over 50 years of single-mother section 8 ran households. Seeds were laid a half century ago in contaminated soul and now we’re witnessing the products of it’s harvest.

    We’re at a point of no return for the communita. I personally have removed myself from their existence and it has been for the better. I neither hate or love the communita…just thoroughly indifferent to their them and their future. That’s right! They don’t have one!

    Let these clips be a source of reflection and meditation. A source of instruction on the best course of action to take to insure our best lives!!!


  6. Yet this is the communitah Foolmar Johnson says professional black men should stop abandoning lol. Like I’m gonna stay around a bunch of useless niggas who don’t know how to behave and who would be the first ones to try and rob me for what I have. The communitah is beyond done because these female demons and the wasteman they give birth to don’t want to change. They just want to be victims.

    1. Your comment is the comment of the day, because it is so concise and true. Blackistan and its denizens are useless, even to each other.

      The only folks who have a use for them now, are disingenuous capetbagger white neo liberals. They use Blackistanis for cheap votes and to market worthless junk to, like weave, nails, wigs, and overpriced sneakers.

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      Nipsey Hustle is a recent prime example as to why you don’t “stay behind” to help Negroes who don’t want to be helped, dude tried to build for his people and was shot to death in the process by a Pookie, the same Pookie these black women love. Let us also never forget Ronald Moon Jr, a guy from Cincinnati who back in 2015 inherited his parents house and wanted to turn it into a community centre.

      However, the house kept getting broken into by Roof Top Trey Types. Finally one day he caught the perpetrators in the house, confronted them and asked them why they kept breaking in because he was trying to convert the house for them and others in the local community. They answered Moon by beating his backside to a pulp and leaving.

      I found this video made by Tim Black for those who may not have remembered the story:

      The black witch is the primary reason why the black community continues to trundle downhill, however most black men just can’t let go of her even to save their own lives, smh.

      1. Verbs2015,

        I’ll take being a scapegoat than a sacrificial lamb for ‘da communitah’ any day.

        Even here in the UK there was a recent case of some loser, pieces of shit gang members who murdered an innocent young black man by the name of Anthony Adekola who was walking home from his job in M&S. He didn’t know them, they didn’t know him. They just chose someone who looked like them at random and decided to end his life brutally just because he lived in a different postcode. I reckon they also killed him out of jealousy because he had a job and was obviously doing something productive with his life. If he lived further away from these animals he’d still be alive.

        There is no ‘black community’. Just a bunch of dysfunctional niggas living in the same space. What professionals from any group decide to remain living in any dangerous area? Would Bill Gates live in a trailer park? A black man is supposed to live in the hood for what exactly? To make a bunch of losers feel better about themselves? When they decide to come after him and his family then what?

        Umar Johnson is just some scruffy dickhead who has the gift of the gab and read a few books, his “profession” is simply being paid to give hotep speeches around the world. Plus he ain’t married himself and has multiple kids with different women and acts like a goofball just to keep his name relevant, so I don’t know why he’s taken seriously.

  7. A question for those in the UK

    Is the work pension worth paying into or not?
    Also is a LISA worth it at all for saving?

    I’m asking this from a young man’s perspective as there’s just so much uncertainty in the UK.
    I don’t think the UK has a future.

    What do you all think?

    1. Jon,

      The short answer is NO because there is no guarantee that you’ll see the money. By the time you retire, I’m sure the retirement age would have been raised to 80 years of age(you might not be alive to claim it by then). You’re better off making your own investments particular into companies you can see will boom in a fallen society. It sounds harsh and grim but this unfortunately is the world we live in now.

    2. Jon,

      I never put my money into a pension because during the Labour government, they use to steal old Age pension money so when you put your money into it, they seal it and you get nothing.

      I do trust the Tory government when it come pension, but I still decide not put at in that too because the government regardless of who it is in power/Administration will always gamble your money.

      People ask me ‘how to I live when retire?’
      My simple answers is plan is to work until I die (work to death or no longer fit to work) because it is no point on retiring and Verbs stated, that the retirement age may raise to 80. I will work part time at old age because when you retire, your life becomes worthless.

      I remember Minister Jap said that he will work to death because you still make money, even your main part time job is the side hustle.

      State Pension income is worthless and you cannot even pay bills with that money. In some cases, the utility bills are higher than the pension income.

      Even you a wealthy pensioner, UK got this stupid Pension Tax, yeah, they still tax when you are old and retire which is slap in the face for old people.

  8. These simps will get nothing for their reward, Lord have mercy!

    These simps who are attacking black men with non black women is something not new at all. They are doing this to please the ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles all for the name off the tun tun. We never see that happen when you see a white man with a black woman. I have no issues of interracial dating but the thing is that black men get attacked when they do it when their with a white woman.

    I heard that the Walmart in Chicago is being moved elsewhere because of chaos, mayhem and madness is going on. When I saw the video, I could see all of the carnage left by these crazy hooligans.

    Right, there is a video of a couple of ratchet black women and the was in this beauty store. They comes in with their face covered and rob the store taking the make up and other stuff. Not only that Walmart has suffered with retail theft but other stores as well. And it’s hurting them financially as well.

    As I saw the video of the two interracial couple getting beaten up by the simps who will get nothing in return as these scragglies are opening their legs to the thuggish dudes, I have thing to say. Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles and these simps are coming after non black women.


  9. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! You know, I remember hearing one of the SYSBM Knights (I believe it was Man Of Tomorrow) predict that we would see attacks on brothers with their stargates; do you comprehend the satanic aggression that was in that mob? I’m planning on learning a combat sport (like boxing or jiu-jitsu) to be able to defend myself should one of these monkeys come at me in public. Only in extreme situations would I pull a gun; also, there will be those scenarios where Captain Frosty will make a scene in public when he sees an interracial BM/WW couple. Also, what events have taken place in Chicago that sparked the rioting and looting? I even saw a video where a mob vandalized a Tesla in the middle of the street; as for the looted Walmart video, this is the type of behavior that keeps the N word alive and well in the hearts of others. How much you wanna bet some daggle or maggle will bring up reparations as a justification for the destruction of their community? I agree, it’s best to move away from big cities and find a place in the country where you can live in peace and safety; the folks in the country are much friendlier to you, too.

    1. Oh, I heard that same comment from MOT too. It was MBD himself who said that originally. Because MOT said that he remember what MBD said years ago. When he was still wearing a motorcycle helmet color lol

  10. Verbs 2015.

    The black community is a fucking joke and I am so glad that I refuse to date black women and single mothers as a childfree black man at 40. Its getting really scary now that you have black people attacking a black man with his white girlfriend or other non black girlfriends all because black people especially black women hate the fact that the SYSBM black man has moved on with his life with his non black girlfriend or non black wife and that he has escaped the black community for good. I am never ever going back to the plantation black community to save it because as far as I am concerned it can burn in hell for all I care.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I remember my mother moved out of the black community in Seven Sisters back in the early 1980s because she recognised that things were bad and wouldn’t improve. Those black folks who have the means to move away from black society tend to do so because they desire better outcomes which will be extremely hard to achieve living amongst black hooligans. The black community here in the UK is done, it’s no different to the one in the US, the black witch at the helm(placed there by Captain Snowy) putting the finishing touches to destroying what little of it remains. #SYSBMFORLIFE

      1. LOL I’m from there too. I particularly despise that area, a lot of bad history and it’s been a ghetto for several decades. Literally every black form of black dysfunction you can think of happens there. I hate that place. Even with huge gentrification over the last few years in the area it’s still trash. They have a certain mentality around there I can’t stand.

  11. Shit like this makes me wonder was I wrong for distancing myself away from the black community. One thing I’m gonna say is this: the black race as a whole ain’t gonna make it. Individuals in the black race are gonna make it, but as a whole, nope. And I tell certain people yeah we share the same race, but we ain’t all brothas and sistas, so don’t even dare try it. Don’t try to lump me in with ignorant ass people.

    Now as for the Passport bros, I heard about passport bros being called colorists, and I’m like lord here we go again. For Old Time Sakes: Let Dudes date whoever they want to date, no matter what race that woman is, and mind your damn business. I wish these pro blacks and black women, and simps would stop trying to put a chain on us, thinking they run the show when clearly they don’t run shit at all. I have preferences too, but that doesn’t mean I don’t discriminate. I like what type of women I like, and there’s not a damn thing nobody can do about it. Plus, some BW call me a colorist because I don’t hang with dark skin women like that. First of all, I’m a high yellow black man, and I date women with my skin color, so how am I a colorist? Plus growing up, my mother and a few other black folks called me a white boy because of how light I am, and I talked proper. But anyway, I’m high yellow. So yeah I’m gonna women my skin color, olive skin/honey golden/cinnamon tan/caramel skin, fair skinned, but guess what, it’s my taste of women I like, NOT YOURS! That’s all I got to say.

    With Austin Holleman, I don’t know what the deal is with that guy, but one thing I’m gonna say is that he’s moving too fast. “If you hate black women, and think black women are the same worldwide, Unsubscribe and unfollow me,” Really dude?! He should’ve stayed in America if he’s bringing an ignorant mindset wherever he goes. Wherever he goes, bringing an ignorant mindset, and messing up opportunites, that’s on him because he was acting like a hot head. When I start my traveling journey, I’m bringing two vital things with me, and I call it the Two C’s: Common Sense and Class.

  12. Pookie and Twerkeisha’s welfare spawn has come of age and is running wild in these streets, not just Chicago but nationwide. Both MBD and Verbs both warned that you won’t be allowed to go off into the sunset with your non-black stargate that easily. Thank God that IR couple made it out of there with only minor injuries. Verbs is also correct that cops were probably ordered to stand down and let Bebe kids go berserk to justify overtime and Federal assistance. I moved out of the hood 21 years ago and will never live in a poor negro area again, inshallah. SYSBM!

  13. I guess the FBA grift is slowing down so Tariq is going back to his old Mack Lessons roots. Here he is trying to gaslight dudes that BW like “clean cut” brothas and how you got to get your confidence, “game” and “swag” up to bag the brokest, most obese, least desired women on the planet.

    He is also playing semantics games, trying to parse between “clean cut” and “corny.”

    Mind you, this dude is married. What does he know about the modern dating scene?

    I seem to remember wayyyy back in the day when Flex went to Brazil and told brothas to go down there and deal with Brazilian women, waaaay before Passport Bros. Now he’s pandering to the American daggle. Pepperidge Farms remembers!

    The blue pill dating coach, dick-policing Dr. Umar hustle is in overdrive since Passport Bros came on the scene. Stay the course, gentlemen!

    1. Schadenfreude,

      I had to swing a pitch in on this, what on earth is Tariq talking about? We’ve seen these black harpies in video after video stating how they despise the decent brothers who are doing well for themselves and how they love them some thug chocolate instead. Has Nasheed forgotten that he has a daughter by a black female that HE’S NOT WITH?

      However, Tariq has 4 children with a MIXED FEMALE:

      Who is this guy trying to fool, he knew not to go there again with trying to make it work with a black siren, so he did what I’ve been stating for the longest, he diluted the black bloodline in order to increase his chances of finding a decent woman and in addition he made sure that the female he chose had a WHITE MOTHER.

      I remember that video I had up on the old website with Tariq telling brothers to head down to Brazil to get themselves weave free, attractive, cooperative, feminine, submissive, child free women. Tariq has been married for a number of years now, dude needs to take several steps back on talking about the modern dating scene which is a horrible mess and far different to the same in his mack lessons days.

      As for Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson, still no school, nor has he wifed up a black queenie, however I came across this video of him stating that black men who date out will eventually run across a tranny, yep, you cannot make this stuff up. This dude is not afraid to conjure up any witchcraft and sorcery in his efforts to try to get decent brothers to return to the plantation, smh:

    2. Tariq Nasheed is another charlatan. One minute he was travelling around the world, preaching Pan Africanism and linking up with black folks in different countries (I’ve met him in person) and putting out pseudo science ‘documentaries’, then just out the blue one day he decided to become some xenophobic extremist who claims all other black people hate “FBA” (some bullshit term he made up for black Americans) and are out to get them. Suddenly we’re all the enemy and a bunch of “tethers” who want to see black Americans be destroyed so we can somehow replace them! His crackhead idiot followers just roll with whatever he says.

      The guy’s out of his fucking mind. This brilliant exposal video on him is all you’ll ever need to watch:

  14. Well, well, well…. here we have a very large & ugly Lizzo fan who says that everyone should set their own beauty standard for themself. Huh? How the hell does that work unless you plan on just being alone for the rest of your life? Where’s the logic?

      1. Lizzo locked her Twitter. Probably getting roasted, the fat bitch.

        No other ethnic group allows their fat bitches to represent their womanhood to the world.

        Notice how fat white girls like Adele and Rebel Wilson have lost weight and are now svelte. No excuses or BS. The white world will not tolerate a fat hoe representing them on the world stage.

        Adele has even gone so far as to say she lost the weight partly for her boyfriend, who is BLACK.

        Meanwhile I saw a tweet from daggle who says BM aren’t worth losing weight for. Then they wonder why BM of means are going SYSBM or Passport Bro.

        SYSBM, gents, quit struggling with fat-ass Keisha and get a girl who will go to the gym with you.

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