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But You Chose Those Guys Though! #SHORTS


Aren’t these the same black women who openly confess to preferring these types of black men? Haven’t we heard black women on numerous occasions state that they are heavily drawn towards men who are desired by other women, smh? They choose the gutter but somehow expect gold.

This is exactly what I’m talking about when I state that black women as a collective will stay stuck on stupid forever, as I’ve said many times before, most black women bypass the best guys, home in on the worst but then expect miracles to manifest and make the relationship function normally, you cannot make this stuff up.

Black women are out here openly confessing how black men who have lengthy criminal records, who shoot up the block, sling drugs on street corners, loiter outside convenience stores all day, are serial impregnators, have multiple babymothers on deck, don’t have any ambition nor plans in place for the future are their much preferred choice of guy, make it make sense.

In dealing with the above types of men, from there these same black harriets will stretch out the blanket of disparagement, anger and bitterness to cover black men in general, yep, even the guys that they chose NOT to deal with because they were in their words “boring”.

This is why whenever black women come out and say there aren’t enough good or eligible black men to go around, this statement must immediately be dismissed as premium grade cow manure. There are plenty of decent black men out there who would commit to these failures, however black women don’t want them.

Black women are the ONLY group of women on the planet where the majority bulk of them are attracted to the worst of their male counterparts, whereas with other cultures, on the opposite side non black women as a whole place the highest value in the best and the brightest of their men.

Clapping the other chick over the head and body with what looks and sounds like a frying pan, why not simply pack up your stuff and leave or if it’s your house just kick the guy out? Again, notice how most black women do not have the ability to conflict resolve without introducing violence into the equation.

Then in the second video you have the babymother confronting her babyfather in the store. I don’t feel sorry for any of these women whatsoever, those are the guys they chose, those are the types of black males they’re attracted to, thus they must deal with the consequences and the fallout from intermingling with such low quality men, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Must Lay In The Dysfunctional Beds They Make

Most High Bless

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21 thoughts on “But You Chose Those Guys Though! #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I don’t feel sorry for black women and their stupid choices in life and their plight in life because they chose the worst black men to have kids with and these men who already had kids with other baby mothers. Black women are always purposely picking difficult lives instead of picking easy life with a childfree good guy and they want everybody to feel sorry for them. Like I said before Verbs if you can’t afford to have kids don’t have them because you will ruin your life and your future kids lives and especially don’t have any kids with the worst type of men who are not dad material. I am so glad that I am a childfree SYSBM black man at 40 who has his head screwed on.

    1. LIke with youtuber Cyntha G, she would call Black men dusty beta male coons with many baby mamas. Guess what? The same “dusty beta male coon” with many baby mamas she had a baby by. Like you said you can’t make this stuff up

  2. Women cheat more than guys on average cause they can get away with it easier.

    The issues of black couples ain’t my problem at all.


  3. Way too little, MUCH too late:

    Priceless comments:
    “Na we good, yall keep being the “strong and independent” queens yall are, you got this sis”

    “They’re starting to wise up bc they know it’s over. The clean up man is a thing of the past. Most bm my age I know personally came from not having a father to being the patriarch of a family with a non-bw.”

    “This isn’t even an apology. This is a “can you” post. Apologies come with acknowledging you did wrong and being accountable for it. Listen to her video again and you’ll basically hear “can you excuse my behavior without me saying I’m sorry while I point out exactly how I hurt you?”

    “Already got my Filipina wife.”

    “This is sweet, I live in the Dominican republic but good for her for trying, but as for me, I’m 30 and I’m winning over here”

    “You can hear the MASCULINITY in her Voice”

    “I’ve had one black girlfriend, she tried to have me convicted of child pornography, accused me through the police of sleeping with my own daughter. all to close my computer repair business down. Did this while she was sleeping with the local Minister of here Church. Brought her own nephew over to my home under the rouse of cooking me a surprise dinner, and tried to get a fist fight going after I had offered to purchase her a new car, then brought it up in court and brought that same nephew to lie in court, backfired he told the truth, that I never put a hand on her. I married a White Woman that we just celebrated our 13th year of marriage. Wife while girlfriend worked hard to clear my name, got all the computers and equipment back that was taken by the police. My white wife has went through the hardest of times with me and that includes homelessness. Where my black girlfriend couldn’t even support me while participating in Church Programs. God could not get me to date, marry or even give the time of day to another black woman. I would rather burn in Hell Fire.”

    And FINALLY:

    “It’s too late when all of the damage is irreparable.”



      1. Damn, my brother, that is crazy the way our own women do us. They are very jealous and vindictive. They want to be on top even to the detriment of their partner. I recently read an article where women of other races say they like dating Black men because we are accommodating and we don’t ask them for a lot. While their men are very demanding. So when these women do things like cook dinner for us and other simple things a traditional wife would do, that is normal for them but it is unusual for us. Us asking our women to do thos things for them is way too much.

  4. The black female in the US is the enemy of free thinking black men. Da communitah is the enemy of free thinking black men. Da communitah regards matriarchal as the natural order of things and it sees nothing wrong with the black female’s promiscuity and high levels of vd. They must both be avoided by black men who want to have standards. If you wallow in the filth of da communitah or the black female, you have no chance of living your best life.

    1. The typical scraggle daggle prefers bums. But when you think about it, these are the only type of males she is suitable for. The scraggle daggle doesn’t know how to behave with a good and decent free thinking black man.

      Whether it be a welfare mother scraggle daggle or a pseudo educated scraggle daggle, there can be no happy ending for a good and decent free thinking black man who makes the mistake of pairing up with one of these beasts.

      No matter how good the black man is, the scraggle daggle will bring him drama, disrespect, resource depletion, challenge to his authority, and in most cases cheating, venereal diseases, violence, constant stress, bad sex, and maybe even violent death.

      Another thing about black females is that their body count tends to be much higher than that of other female demographics. Women with high body counts tend to be desensitized, and therefore make bad sex partners. The twat is worn out. Prostitutes are only a turn on to the thirsty and desperate, because if she is not a super high priced prostitute, her pussy is dead.

      I’m starting to think that those black men who have options, who still opt to deal with scraggle daggles, must have some type of self hate complex gong on.

  5. That’s the men that they choose though!

    That’s what they want. That what they like. That’s what they love. Them type of men. The first video was crazy with the scraggle daggle hitting the chick with a pan or whatever it is and then beat up her man who has other girls he’s goanna see. And then the second video is the scraggly recording her former man with a new girl in the store. And she says that he’s not taking care of his three children. Question, how does he know that them three kids are his anyway!? When it comes to relationships, the scraggle daggle refuse to date and choose a good black man. They will go for the worthless type of men. And that’s what they want to be with. But as they get older and has a few children, all of a sudden they are looking for a good black man. No man wanna be with a woman that has children, regardless of the colour. And the gyal in the second video, nice looking browning but the weave though! All of the gyal in the two videos are wearing weave.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  6. Frying Pan Man was administering what we call old-school pimpin’. That Ike Turner style beatdown is just the corrective that black bitches understand. Also kudos to Frying Pan Man for keeping his rage right on the cause of the problem. She was in a relationship, not dude, he’s an innocent bystander. Frying Pan Man would get along just fine in 1975, keeping them hoes in check in full Iceberg Slim mode. Time for toxic masculinity to make a comeback on these spoiled, coddled bitches. Who they really choose, indeed.


    1. Verbs and Money Cultrual,

      I saw this video.
      I give you my input:
      People assume that Black Men are the world most simp men.
      Not true. In reality BM are the 2nd highest simps in the world.
      Indian/Pakistani are the number 1 simps in the world. They even simp for transgenders which I observe on Facebook.

      As for this video:
      What the hell does he know about BM’s struggle? Nothing. I bet it was a BW was up to this trick and this Indian guy doing the BW’s dirty work. This is not the 1st time I see other cultures lecturing BM.
      Also he need to sort out his own country because of poverty and women too.
      Did you know they have to go to their own countries to find women because most Desi women do not want them.

      The only reason why their marriage is successful because of arrange/force-marriage. Take them out of the equation and they will experience what the west goes through and most will be incels be default.

      1. I have to disagree with you on that. Maybe US Black men can be 2nd as some fly out women but other groups of BM no.
        My rankings of highest simps in the world

        1. Indian/Pakistani
        2. East Asian
        3. White
        4. Black (US Black can be in 3rd place as well)
        5. Latino
        6+ Other groups not mentioned.

        1. John,

          I agree to this one. Mister Master pointing out they are 2nd as females, fly to another country for women do not count.

          However, if you include alphabet (LGBT) people (transwomen and crossdressers only), I say your rankings is more accurate. Put Latino will be 4th and blacks will be 5th or 6th ranking because they do not subscribe to alphabet people.

          This is by observation on Social Media posts mostly Facebook posts and who comments.

        2. Revised List:
          1. Shawn James
          2. Fountain Pen
          3. Blackistanian Simps
          4. Indian/Pakistani
          5. White
          6. Black
          7. Latino
          6+ Other groups not mentioned.


          1. thebackhandofreality,

            This is much better, you should put Dick Police and Passport haters on top because they are most threatening blue pillers of them all because unlike normal simps, these Dick Police super simps hate other men who have options and overcome stereotypes.

            Shawn James on top, 100% spot on because he is the creator and the founder of Passport Gate. Also he has no passport, inexperience since he think he is an expert of foreign women because he stuck in his teen phase as he said to Verbs – 1989 which makes him in his teens.
            If it was not for Shawn, there will no war against an average BM who hold a Passport.

  7. American Black man wrote:
    “I’m starting to think that those black men who have options, who still opt to deal with scraggle daggles, must have some type of self hate complex gong on.”

    I describe Peso Man on this because even he travel around the world, he admit that he loves the Western matrix which he said it himself.
    Just like Oshay Duke Jackson as well as Peso Man.
    The reason why talk all this pro-black, pro-hood like this and hate on Passport bros because they do not live in the America themselves.

    People like Peso and Oshay live in another country preaching shit online to American black men to stay and build in the hood set themselves for faliure whilst they are in safe haven.

    They are like pimp pastors who go to the hood, fleecing the hood financially talking how money is not important and pray to white jesus at the same time the hood is in the slum because BW allow it whist the pastors live in the white neighbourhood living in a mansion because Churches are tax exempt.

    1. Peso Man (and most BM) were never shown any kind of love when small that abuse is “normal” to them. Being beaten up spiritually, mentally and emotionally is an addiction the Black man cannot give up. The slave mentality is so strong in the Black community that a brother can be shown freedom and paradise and *still* want to put the chains back on his feet HIMSELF. It’s some sad shit but 400 years of indentured servitude is hard to kick for some.

  8. Like I mentioned on last week’s article on Monday, water seeks its own level; they shouldn’t be surprised to see their man cheat. I find it funny how the scraggle daggle see nothing wrong with a guy cheating on his wife/girlfriend with them, but they lose their minds when that same guy cheats on them with another braud; make that make sense!

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