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I believe the guy may have created this video in line with Black History Month here in the UK which lands in October. I’m not even going to deal with what he said because he clearly either doesn’t understand the volatile history between black men and black women, the black females’s evil confederacy with the State as well as her acceptance of mutant level feminism or he’s deliberately glossing over all such factors and more.

Let’s deal with the real reasons why pandering Panjid put out this video, put frankly he’s shook because himself and his male peers are observing more Indian women checking for black men and vice versa.

I remember an article I wrote some years back covering a Metro newspaper article dealing with the fact that Indian men were and still are using the line “we get it, you like black guys” as a shaming weapon against their female counterparts in order to pressure them into marriage, please see the Metro article below:

Additionally, simping Sanjay just like Admiral Frost realises that as long as most black men continue to remain bound to masculine black women, those black men will NEVER prosper and will perpetually be locked into a never ending cycle of stagnation.

In other words, Indian men want black men to remain on the plantation just as much as Captain Snowy, his black female flunkies and their blue pilled, pro black simp squads.

You black men need to open your eyes, there are MANY OTHER confederations outside of racist white men who do NOT want to see you being fruitful and prospering as they are.

Don’t you find it very suspicious in light of Passport Bros recently gaining a bigger spotlight that random groups all of a sudden are coming out of the woodwork trying their utmost to steer you black men back onto the proverbial plantation?

Indian men are extremely territorial when it comes to Indian women, as we’ve seen many times before, they won’t hesitate to take things to the extreme in their efforts to keep their female counterparts locked in with them because Indian men already know that they’re among the least desired males on the planet.

When it comes to dating, Indian men are in exactly the same boat as black women, if both their counterparts refuse to deal with them, both will have an extremely hard time obtaining companionship from other ethnicities. In my opinion Indian and South Asian men are the biggest simps on the planet bar none primarily because of the harsh difficulties they face in the dating market.

As much as you knucklehead pro blacks want to scream “white supremacy” every 5 minutes, dealing with racist whites is literally a walk in the park when compared to the racism against black people emanating from South and East Asians as well as Middle Easterners.

The most racist and hostile people on earth towards black people Are NOT white folks, you fist pumping Negroes need to begin looking at the continent of Asia and start covering real racism at unprecedented levels.

The bottom line is SYSBM™ cannot be stopped, those black men with sense and intelligence will exercise their options and there is nothing Indian or any other South Asian men can do to stop it.

Of course we already know just like the black witch and her white lord and saviour Major Sleet, some Indian men will still try their utmost to throw spanners in the works, however all attempts to stifle SYSBM™ have and will continue to fail miserably.

I work with a lot of Indians and South Asians, because I know as a collective by default they despise black folks, I’ll judge them on an individual basis. I find that the younger generation South Asians tend to be cool and laid back, it’s more the old guard elders who are not so keen on letting go of their deeply embedded racist customs and tendencies.

Brothers, what are your experiences? Now you’re beginning to see in a much clearer light that black men saving themselves is seen as a huge problem by certain OTHER GROUPS. Meanwhile in other news:

Don’t ever let anybody tell you that as a black man you’re not desired by women of other ethnicities. Like I said before, there are many people who do not want to see you prospering and flourishing, always keep this in mind, be sure to take note of and mark all those who attempt to throw shade on your expansion endeavours.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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25 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Good Open Topic Wednesday morning,

    I was going to post that same video of the Indian caping for the Queans but I got something better. This new blk female YouTuber in the space named Karennie Rose, age 25 from New Orleans, USA.

    “My response to my Thailand video it needs to be address #blackmen #blackwomen”

      1. If you think we’re going to look at a bwack woman speak for more than 20 seconds, I have a bridge in Haiti i’d like to sell you, bruh.

        1. Speaking of Haiti, doesn’t US plan on invading them soon?

          Apparently the UN may approve it. A bit of a double standard I’d say

    1. I Miss This Millennials (Generation Y)

      Now everybody go Stupid Woke Z 🙄 I don’t think like none of them alphabet mobs losers who Brainwashed the Media think that way scumbags who then everything is racist because you’re having a dating reference for liking somebody White and the Woke Leftist MOB Alphabet don’t care about Black Man only they self They Are Part Woke Leftist illusional Democrat blue pill sissy bitch Truth Hurts who they show their true colors is real Black Men Ain’t nothing can’t last forever if you be a slave to your own race but that’s what Society want you to keep you as a slave to the community And I don’t never listen to these ignorant people try to throw Black Man back in The bus I think That normal People Have A Right To Love Outside Of Race They Think Black Man You Possibly Be A Slave To Your Own Race I Hate illusional Woke Motherfucking Try To Dictate Me And Talk About Race Hustling you it’s About Money and Politics And I’ Been Noticing Since The Day When I Start To See it How Does Woke Crap behind it and I feel Like Black Men Should Be Free To Love Outside Of Race Be Happy We Ain’t No Slave To Black Community Nobody Who Think We Should We Have A Right To Have a Future love Outside Race Fuck All These Woke People In General IF You’re a Woke Person I Hope You Go 2 Hell You feel that Way prejudice people like you always think everything is wrong for a black man for liking outside a race it’s hard to be free and love and be happy Fuck the Evil media thing

  2. “When it comes to dating, Indian men are in exactly the same boat as black women, if both their counterparts refuse to deal with them, both will have an extremely hard time obtaining companionship from other ethnicities.”

    This quote statement is very true.

    In UK, I know how Indians and Pakistans operate.

    I’m glad I left East London 6 years ago.

    That area feels like another country within Britain.

    It really is a dumping ground like India and Pakistan nations.


    1. Black Men Go #SYSBM and Protecting show bunnies white woman And Leave Them HoodRat Black Women Alone don’t ever save them hoes They Are cuckoo for cuckoo Puff!! 🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏾🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏾

  3. Verbs 2015.

    This Sanjay Indian dude does not like the fact that we SYSBM black men are being desired by non black women throughout the world and now Indian women and Pakistani women are also wanting and desiring black men too as I see it in London as well. He is telling us in his video that black men should only get with black women but he doesn’t understand that black women hate good black men but they love the worst type of black men ever and this is why black relationships are dead in 2022. I remember years ago on the way home from work on tube I was talking this this Indian women who is married to a Indian man and she told me that if her daughter brought home a black man then she will disown her and I was thinking what a fucking racist bitch. Needless to say that I never spoke to that Indian woman again because of her racist attitude towards black men. I had 3 ex Asian girlfriends in the past 1 Pakistani women, 1 Indian women and 1 mixed race woman who was half Bangladesh, half Jamaican.Nobody wants to see us SYSBM black men happy with good looking quality feminine in shape childfree non black women. As a proud SYSBM black man I am beneath nobody because I love myself and value myself as a human being.

  4. I told y’all last post that Sanjay found out that Sonali got dug out by Thick Dick Tyrone and is big mad about it. Seems that is likely the case. The thought of her getting stretched out is a psychic pain Sanjay could kill himself over.

    The cheek of Mr Lentil Dhal Breath lecturing a brother on our special race based month. Let a brother chat shit during Diwali or Eid and you can collect the amount of N-words flowing back in his direction in several large IKEA flat pack boxes.

    Just goes to show that if you think Rear Captain Neckbeard is the apex of racist behaviour, theyve got nothing on Mr Mughal. Indian men took the colonial ball and ran with it. Hotep Pyramid Heads wouldn’t survive two seconds under the brutal whip of Indian supremacy. This is a society that washes a room from top to bottom with disinfectant just because a dark skinned person entered there. Ask the Dravidians about their special brand of racial harmony.

    Sanjay can take several seats, if it wasn’t for arranged marriage, he’d be gang raping his own women on a mass scale, rape being India’s second national sport.

    Eat it and weep.

      1. Well, there you go. Couldn’t get a woman outside his own damn family, the incestuous bastard. Sanjay can take several more seats.

    1. Get ready because there will be more of this nonsense in the future. SYSBM, Passport Brothers, etc has not reached its peak yet.

      The division of that will happen before and has too because too many Black men remained married to the idea of a reasonable Black woman.

  5. I found this most amusing to say the least. But, we all know what this is really about…so I don’t need to give my commentary on it. Here, in the US it’s quietly known that Indian women have sought secretly to date and be intimate with Black Men. Some even going so far to marry them regardless of what their family feels and thinks. Also, recently I found out through some Brothers I know personally that married Indian women are seeking intimacy with Black Men in order to find some reprieve from their oppressive domestic experience. From my understanding these women crave for what it’s like to be desired and cared about…which Black Men are known world wide for providing. So, the concern from Pandering Panjid is rooted in his fear of the inevitable. And, what is that you may ask?? A life confined to his home, alone eating curry rice with a large container of lotion and a family size box of tissue paper…flipping through fascinating about what could but will never be!!


  6. Sanjay who is married to his cousin is just pandering. He’s upset that some of the Indian honeys are dating black men. It’s feels like its the same thing with the white beta males with their small pee pees and the these pro blacks who are dick policing. Listen here. There is no way that anyone can stop SYSBM. Note even the fruity YouTuber Bareback Fountain is goanna stop SYSBM. Everyone is at war with SYSBM and the Passport bros because they don’t like it when they see a black man who is masculine are dating non black women and they can’t date because something about them is real iffy towards the women.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet black women are coming after non black women.


    1. Fake Academic Fountain’s still gunning for you, huh? What happened to lotion boy’s new “job”?

  7. I have told this story before, but this article kind of reminds me of when I was a student at Job Corps back in the late 2000s-early 2010s. There was this Black guy and Arab (Indian?) guy I was cool with. We were on a clothing trip to the JC Penney that was in town at the time. As we completed the trip and we were boarding the bus (I was on the bus before this happened), both of the guys I was cool with boarded the bus.

    It was somewhat common knowledge that this Arab (Indian?) guy was hot for this white girl all three of us knew. Whatever happened between those three had to have happened AFTER I boarded the bus (I don’t know what led to what I am about to say): the Arab guy boarded the bus, and the Black guy was hot on his heels.

    The Black guy shoved this other guy (who did nothing in response) and yelled to him: “She ain’t gonna f*ck you, bro!” I would like to think that I talked this guy down from doing something stupid (i.e. tearing this guy apart). I don’t even know if they were dating, but I suspected they were close friends all the same.

  8. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! So, I won’t waste too much on Sanjay and his covert dick policing under the guise of pandering to daggles; he must’ve ate some bad curry before making that video because there was no real passion behind his words. If Black women are so great, where is his Black woman? Do you really think he cares about the state of the Black family? Nothing he said about us “leaving” Black women behind with the kids is true; check the CDC stats about Black fathers being the most involved, and couple that with Black men choosing wives of other cultures (his included), and there lies the root cause of his PSA to Black men: he doesn’t want to compete against us for sexual access to his own women or White women (Indian men are simps for Becky). He needs to stay in his lane and shut his mouth; nothing’s gonna stop SYSBM!


    First, I must extend my condolences to the family of Daniel Moshi; second, I have a suspicion about what caused him to die. His mother said she was told that he had healthy organs, so what went wrong? Could Daniel have taken the jab?

  10. LOL @ the Pandering Punjabi. I was reading where most of India doesn’t even have toilets. The women have to do their business out in the open, in a pot like the 19th century. This is in the rural areas. See to your own country instead of commenting on Black people’s business. No, we won’t stay with these thankless heffas. Yup, SYSBM got ’em shook worldwide.

    Also Helga Babushka is really fu**in’ cute. Sistas hate it when a mixed or non-Black woman sings the praises of Black Men. Meanwhile BW call Black men “n*ggas” and “bulletbags” and say we “ain’t shit.” LOL.

    Passport Bros up, gotta love it.

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