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You Heard It For Yourselves, Smh!


Well, officially it looks like the “I’m still caught between two places” black men’s “unicorn” black female Courtney Michelle also has to be flushed down the toilet, this ducking and weaving weasel couldn’t even bring herself to apply logic, common sense and make a stand for black men’s best interests, nope, as you all heard and saw, she’s all about US black men staying behind and performing cleanup man/janitorial services for washed up 304s and single mothers even though “da communitah” is clearly a lost cause, smh.

I already told you in Negro Wars that black women as a collective cannot be trusted, had I been asked that very same question, you already know that I wouldn’t have hesitated to tell black men to get their passports and find love and companionship elsewhere.

I keep on telling you black men, even those black women who claim to be on your side, if you sit back and wait for long enough, eventually you’ll begin to see their true colours manifesting into view.

You on the fence black men should be alarmed and disappointed at the way Courtney Michelle answered a simple question, all of that up the garden path, beating around the bush politricking just to say that she’s NOT about black men going overseas to find love and marriage, in other words she’d much prefer that US black men make the choice that is NOT going to bring them the better outcome, let that sink in.

Now fortunately for black community pundit Courtney, as has already been noted and stated by many of the brothers here from the US, most US black men are simps and despite how hard the dating arena gets will still choose to “stick it out” and believe in that unicorn black female one day rolling in on a white horse to save them.

I strongly suspect that Courtney Michelle herself is desperately looking for a clean up man/janitor, hence why she’s NOT keen on the idea of black men seeking out love, commitment and marriage in foreign lands.

I Verbs2015 have been standing up for the heterosexual free thinking black man from day one and NOTHING will ever change that, know that I will NEVER give advice to black men that is NOT in their best interests and I will always aim to steer you guys in a direction where you’ll receive the best possible outcome.

I’ll give Chantelle Simone credit for asking that question because at least those black men who believed Courtney Michelle was the second coming of Christ can now fully comprehend where she truly stands when it comes to black men seeking long term relationships.

As Simone pointed out, Courtney Michelle is literally a lone wolf on a mission trying to get black women as a collective to fix up. As I’ve already demonstrated many times before on this website, black women don’t believe that black men are worthy enough for them to fix up for.

Additionally, we always have to factor in State Directive 101 that black women signed their names to, that is in exchange for State benefits, welfare, government assistance etc, black women are to keep black men and black society flat upon their faces for eternity as well as sabotage, ruin and destroy ALL constructive works any black men attempt to embark upon in order to repair and restore “da communitah”.

Also, why should free thinking black men(the black men that actually count and can make the difference) rebuild a community that has blatantly disparaged, disrespected, mocked, ridiculed, laughed at and ousted them and where the women of said community have been stating that they much prefer dealing with the Slim Sauce, 12 Gauge Mike, Field Mouse, Cheezy Grillz type guys of their male counterparts, I’ll wait?

Black women constantly calling black men ni**as, useless, weak, conquered, broke, dusty, bullet bags, flunkies of white supremacy etc on the one hand but then still believing that those same black men have an obligation and a duty to fix a community they had no part in the destruction of, get outta here with that rubbish.

Stop wishing on a star, the sooner black men realise that their only allies on this planet are THEMSELVES is the sooner they can free themselves from the chains and the shackles of “da communitah”.

So called “good black women” are NOT coming to save you, learn to stand on your own two feet for once instead of constantly seeking out spokeswomen and supporters from black female society to advocate on your behalf. Too many black men out here enjoy being slaves, they hate and deeply despise freedom.

Finally, check out this video where black community advocate Courtney Michelle on the same panel attempted to venture down Waterworks Boulevard in order to garner some SYMPathy, smh:

Courtney Michelle just like most black women knows that the “reach back” option is fast disappearing, those guys who would’ve performed clean up man services are now beginning to recognise their true value and test the waters elsewhere.

Contingents of black men snapping out of the plantation spellbound trance is NOT good news at all for these washed up, rinsed out and ran through black females desperately seeking out a janitor after they’ve spent their prime years having their fun in the sun. As I always say, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

There are too many black men out here who cannot let go and as a result continue to seek out validation and leadership from black women, this is one of the main reasons why the so called black community is a lost cause and why SYSBM is the only viable and sustainable way forward for those black men who can still critically think and reason for themselves as well as stand on their own square WITHOUT requiring female approval and guidance. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Black Witch Can NEVER Change Her Spots

Most High Bless

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42 thoughts on “You Heard It For Yourselves, Smh!

  1. Hi Verbs,

    I was going mention this on the next week OpenMic Wednesday about this, but you beat me to it.

    Recent weeks these BW and people like Obsidian trying to create this rival version of SYSBM which is called SYCBM which stands for ‘Save Your Community Black Men’ and another term called STAB (Steal Their Ass Back).
    STAB is a movement by BW to try to win their community back, e.g. Passport Brothers.

    Even STAB and SYCBM has good points but I will stick to SYSBM because at the end of the day, they never make up over 40 years of liberals who destroy the black culture
    99% of brothers will stick with SYSBM route over SYCBM because there are no turning back and the community is dead. And there is no community.

    In reality, SYCBM and STAB can never win back thinking brothers just like these ‘I love you BM’, ‘Apology’ or ‘Soft Girl Era’ videos.

    Take may advice and just do not fall for okie doke.
    They are just another ‘Reachbacks’.

    Just like Carlton say, ‘How can you talk about how BM should stick together and you do not what that means’.
    I will say to these pro-blacks, pro-hood who talk about how Black Men should be on code, they do not know what ‘Code’ is, they use the terms but they do not know what are ‘the codes’.

    Remember, they are trying very hard to stop BM from travelling and put them back into the plantation and clean up the hood. Not happening Even General Tito has mention this on one of his video.

    1. I have completely dismissed any of this nonsense. I don’t owe the community nothing because I came from the part of it that paved the way for the least among us to have an opportunity in the first place.

      My grandparents and parents did their part. No way I was giving life insurance money to da commumtah or taking my free time to steer the youth in the right direction, which would require me to live near these miscreants.

      Have you ever had castor oil or cod liver oil?

      It tastes horrible. This is what the Black Community has to experience in order to change. By the time that happens a new community of new African immigrants, mixed race Blacks and IR couples will take over its spot behind the default community.

      Nothing will stop its progress. The Black men left behind are cannon fodder.

      1. Anthony,

        The black communities in both the US and the UK are finished and in both cases it was the modern day black female who killed them. As long as black women with the assistance of the State can continue indulging in their hedonistic lifestyles/behaviours and activities, the streets can be on fire all around them but they won’t care as long as they’re still having THEIR fun.

        It’s all about black men with sense and intelligence who don’t need females to lead them as well as approve their decisions to look out for themselves now, “da communitah” is done however there are too many black men out here who simply refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall.

      2. …The black community is on a self destructive mission. It needs to be destroyed for it’s own good now. As many have seen themselves, the most useless negro males seem to have little problems finding female companionship. Productive, law abiding and sensible black men these days are often times single, childless and lonely. It does not look to change in any way unless these men give in to a baby mother who deep down is just using him for support.

    2. MMT,

      Save Your Community Black Man(SYCBM) and Steal Their Asses Back(STAB) are already both dead horses on arrival.

      Once again, the pro black community advocates haven’t answered the question as to how they’ll persuade black women to like and cooperate with certain contingents of black men said black females have already expressed their utter disdain and hatred for(Passport Bros, SYSBM practitioners and other heterosexual free thinking brothers).

      It goes back to the same thing I’ve been stating for years concerning these matriarchal, blue pilled pro blacks and how they refuse to improve their product(black women), they get upset when they keep on presenting the same garbage goods to the black men that count and we rightfully reject them over and over.

      The bottom line is black women as a collective are NOT interested in rebuilding and restoring the so called black community, they’re quite content handing over billions of dollars to East and South Asians so they can continue having access to weaves/wigs, fake eye lashes, fake nails, skin bleaching creams etc.

      The recent rise of the Passport Bros gives any black man with eyes to see and ears to hear an idea as to where the mindsets of black women as a whole are at, they’re essentially telling black men to get lost and to never come back, not trying their utmost to execute moves that will make Passport Bros reconsider leaving, smh.

      1. Verbs, you said something very important about these Pro-Blacks as they refuse to improve Black Women, in reality the can’t improve them. The simps said it themselves that BM cannot change BW and since you mention this, there is something Robert Mugabe (the dictator before he passes away) use to say. He said about how God create Black Women to become natural beauty and become wives. But these BW do not like natural looks which we all seen weaves, makeup, lashes and fakeness. Robert also said if ‘God cannot make BW happy, what make BM think they can make BW happy?’ Good point, basically saying if God cannot do it, what make them think man can?

        The hoteps/BW go on and on about how BW don’t owe BM anything for being nice, but they expect BM to owe the black communitah, for what?

        Also Schadenfreude said some very legendary which brothers need to take notice:
        “They say BM “do not build” but they do not respect blue collar dudes who can actually lay infrastructure; dry wall guy, plumber, landscape man, house painter, roofer, carpenter, electrician, architect, engineer.”

  2. When Courtney said relationships shouldn’t be based on feelings because that’s a woman thing that sounds eerily similar to what Shawn James aka Stoop Kid said about black men being happy. Both of them are basically saying negro fuck your happiness & get with this undesirable black bitch & her bastard offspring! Then they wonder why free thinking black men are making a beeline for the fence! They see black men as a utility. In their eyes black men are supposed to be on some John Henry type shit! In other words we’re supposed to be the real life version of the Expendables. I’m just glad to see more black boys/men are escaping the plantation & never looking back. The thing I particularly find amusing about Courtney is she thinks that even if just 1 black man finds his true happiness & freedom that’s 1 black man too many.

    1. Val Zod,

      I would also go one step further and declare that the likes of Courtney Michelle and Reverend Bargain Bucket Shawn James don’t want black men to have PEACE as I believe that black men would be much more content with that in conjunction with happiness.

      Again, the logical approach to getting folks to pay attention to products you want them to take onboard and involve themselves in is to IMPROVE THE PRODUCT FIRST.

      They can’t do this because they already know that black women have completely soiled their image and reputation beyond redemption, therefore they have to resort to using guilt tripping/shaming language(which isn’t working by a long shot anyway).

      Black women are the pinnacle reason why black men are walking away from them in droves, however black women already believing they’re above reproach will never hold themselves to account and so the divide between black men and black women will continue to grow.

      This is not a problem for black men because they’re easily able to seek love and companionship elsewhere, the same cannot be said for the modern day black female however.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    The unicorn black woman doesn’t exist in 2022. As a SYSBM childfree black man at 40, I am not going to be the clean up man for the black community, black women, ugly women, fat women and single mothers. Fuck that shit as I refuse to do it because I have high standards for myself.

    1. Smart man. Never be a cleanup man for these bum chasing broads. They’re dual mating strategy has long since been exposed. Do not let the bastard baby makers shame you into taking care of pookie’s problems. Get your passport and be free.

      1. JayInChi44,

        As I’ve been stating for years, black women do NOT want productive black men, they only want our resources and will reluctantly deal with us in order to obtain access to them, however we’re not stupid over here, we see that Kansas City Shuffle in plain view.


    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I really don’t understand how those who advocate for black love intend to deal with the modern day black female’s deep disdain and hatred for upwardly mobile, intelligent, productive, non criminal record holding black men.

      I’m NOT dealing with a group of ultra low quality black females who hate my guts, I’ll simply take myself elsewhere where I’ll be loved and appreciated. No clean up men/janitors over here either.

      SYSBM till the wheels fall off and even then we’re still willing to roll on rims and watch the sparks fly. SYSBM™

  4. The only one in the videos encouraging black men to find companionship elsewhere is Chantelle Simone.

    At least this negress has common sense to tell black men to travel overseas.

    Courtney Michelle is a plantation slave owner like all black females on earth.

    She sees marriage as a business.

    That says it all.

    The U word has always been non existent in black societies.

    I’ll never say the U word and black women on the same sentence.

    I can say unicorn and white wifey on the same sentence.

    1. WitWijf,

      Marriage originally was a union created by the Most High for men and women to solidify and confirm their love for one another, in recent times it is the State that has rolled in and replaced itself in the position of the Most High as the head of marriage and additionally turned it into a business transaction.

      It’s quite telling that Courtney Michelle would look upon marriage through the same lens as her white lord and saviour Uncle Sam.

      Chantelle Simone at least understands that black men have been caught between a rock and a serious hard place and as a result some will exercise the option to seek love and companionship elsewhere(which is their right).

      The issue I have is black men ought to be supporting other black men FIRST who have been preaching this message of freedom of choice and freedom of movement for years(MBD, myself, General Tito, Kirigakure Jones, GW3 Extreme, The Straight Shooter etc), not waiting for a black female to pop up and then all of a sudden rally around and lift her up.

      As I said before, due to the single mother upbringing, most black men unfortunately are repelled by strong black male leadership, even many of those who claim to be free and critical thinkers.

  5. One, or maybe two live ass questions:
    A) Can they let go of this holding on to black love, keeping it black or pure, thinking they’re still hope for that because it’s starting to get played out like them Tyler Perry Movies? Nowadays, I see more IR couples than same race couples, mainly the Gen Z, Probably Millenials. How do I know, I’m Gen Z. I’m 23 years old.
    B) How do black folks expect black men to save the community when black men are constantly and constantly getting shitted on 24/7 by people who share the same as us (especially coming from the black woman)? How?!

    “Steal Their Asses Back?!” Another “Black men belong to us” bullshit. It’s official, the future for black women is not gonna look pretty for them. What they gonna do when they try to steal us back, force us to be with them because they can’t choose right, and pookie and day day and White boy rick left them out in the cold after they got their fun from them, and they won’t commit to them? That’s these women’s fault they can’t choose right when it comes to dating, relationships, and marriages. Always thinking the grass is greener on the other side with the dudes they fantasize about. As for that black love, finding that black unicorn, they can throw that shit in the trash because times has changed. I’m going for what I desire, not what other folks what me to date. I told my folks, and my mother maybe I might end up with a Black woman, maybe I won’t, but it’s my choice, not nobody else. If I do end up with a Black woman, 9 times out of 10 she’s probably gonna be a mixed chick, an Afro-Latina, or a Blasian for sure. That’s the closes to black I’m gonna get to personally.

    Save Your Community Black Men: What Community?! There’s no community if they threw away all the good people, shitting on them, embracing the negative shit. Them bad people that destroy the “community,” they can fix it, not me. I’m out! MisterTea beat me to the punch when he mentions that Carlton Quote. How do these black people expect unity, when they don’t know the word unity?

    1. TRG,

      If black women as a collective were that serious about getting quality black men to return then from a long time ago they would’ve huddled together and spend day and night brainstorming for viable solutions(which would have to begin with them finally holding themselves accountable and changing FIRST).

      Instead we see a minuscule number of black females here and there wanting black men to return but NOT seeking to remedy the problematic black woman in her current broken beyond repair state.

      The community is done and I believe Courtney Michelle is a plant put in place by her white lord and saviour General Blizzard as a last ditch effort to attempt to steer those black men that count back onto the down trodden and ran through plantation.

      As I’ve stated in other comments, black women as a whole are NOT interested in rebuilding nor restoring the so called black community to any semblance of glory.

      To the modern day black female, hedonism as well as lusting after materials and vanity are and for the foreseeable future will be their priorities.

  6. Save your community? See these disingenuous buzzwords that trap Black men under spell work?

    You guys need to look beyond and stop thinking that these new made up terms actually come from BW. They’re being fed from up the chain by the invisible (wealthy) hand, standing to lose a lot of money with Black men off the plantation field.

    Soft girl summer > procreation for added bodies.

    Save Your Community = Stay in the US and don’t travel with a passport.

    Steal They Asses Back = the initials are STAB, slave catching with added violence.

    The Black population has stagnated at 12% with the presence of Planned Parenthood baby murder centres since the 1970s, 2000s saw record Black incarceration, 2010s saw the black welfare state greatly expanded. BW are merely empty sock puppets for vested interests looking to profit and exterminate us. SYSBM and Passport Bros are a serious dent in their slave catcher status quo.

    1. They’re starting to realize that the pool of potential clean-up men has run drier than Lake Mead. They can stay “strong and independent” for life. We out!


      1. Thebackhandofreality,

        I looked up Lake Mead, that sucker is practically devoid of any H2O, damn.


    2. Correct, if you don’t feed the system you starve it.

      Black men are the primary source of income for the justice system.

    3. Michel,

      Indeed, Colonel Sleet has been busy in his ivory tower brainstorming the “problem” of free thinking brothers finally throwing in the towel on the black female and thereafter rightfully seeking love, sex and companionship elsewhere.

      You’re also right in stating that a lot of money is being lost because of just a minority of black men walking off the plantation, SYSBM practitioners and Passport Bros have placed a serious monkey wrench in the modern day plantation blueprints and schematics.

      When I think of STAB I picture a scene where a free thinking black man and his non black female significant other are walking along the street minding their own business when a white minivan with blacked out windows pulls up alongside them screeching to a halt.

      4 daggles along with 2 Slim Sauce/Field Mouse/Trap House Jim type Negroes jump out, at gunpoint tackle the free thinking brother to the ground, gag him, tie him up, bundle him into the back of the van and drive off at full speed leaving his non black girlfriend/wife behind hysterically crying in distress.

      Such an occurrence in the near future is not so far fetched. We’ve already seen videos of black women randomly attacking non black females in the streets as well as themselves and their 12 Gauge Mike/Roof Top Trey goon squads assaulting black male/non black female couples.

      I keep on saying it, black women despite their “we don’t care who black men date” Texas Two Step aren’t about to allow free thinking brothers to ride off into the sunset with their non black girlfriends/wives without attempting to at least sabotage, ruin and destroy those unions.

      Black men who are dating and married out need to be watching their six because if we acknowledge that the bottom will never drop out regarding black female dysfunction and degeneracy, these daggles are capable of anything especially if the activities are crazy, outlandish and dangerous.

      1. “When I think of STAB I picture a scene where a free thinking black man and his non black female significant other are walking along the street minding their own business when a white minivan with blacked out windows pulls up alongside them screeching to a halt.

        4 daggles along with 2 Slim Sauce/Field Mouse/Trap House Jim type Negroes jump out, at gunpoint tackle the free thinking brother to the ground, gag him, tie him up, bundle him into the back of the van and drive off at full speed leaving his non black girlfriend/wife behind hysterically crying in distress.”

        There was a movie that is similar to what you describe where a Slim Sauce crew led by Ving Rhames kidnaps BM (never BW) who get too uppity b.k.a. “acting white” and “deprograms” them. This could easily be adjusted to BM who date and marry out.

        1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 it’s been a couple weeks but damn that whatS going to happen in the future. Courtney walked it because she knew how stupid and how we own black men it’s sounded. Plus her dumb ass got roasted. It’s funny how these scraggly DAGGEL are trying to fight SYSBM and passport bros. The economy is bad, recession and depression are on its way like Thanos wanting those last 2 infinity stone. The L keep on stacking. Dennis spurrling was on CHEZ SHOW HE TOLD HER something that left her speechless. He told he a NIGERIAN PROVERB WHEN A CHILD DOES NOT FEEL THE WARMTH OF LOVE FROM THE VILLAGE HE WILL
          ONE RETURN TO BURN 🔥 IT down TO FEEL ITS WARMTH. IM HERE TO MAKE SURE IT BURNS TOO ASH. He also told her these other races of mother with black sons are going to protect their sons from the ABW THEY WILL NOT WANT SCRAGGLY DAGGEL IN THE FAMILY CHEZ HAD A BLANK STARES ON HER FACE

  7. There is no chance for black men wifey up black women. Because some of the time black women are not wife martial. As I see the bullshit going on with black women right, it like you can’t be in a relationship with them. If a black man wants to find a wife, then he has to marry a foreign woman. As everybody know that 60 per cent of black men are with non black women. Why? Because they have seen the dysfunctional, ratchet madness they have seen with black women for a very long time. When black men see black women acting ratchet, they just sprint off and just date non black women. I have no issues of black men being with foreign women but most of the time, they are dealing with black foreign women which I have no issues with because I don’t mind foreign black women but as long she has no weave on her. As you see the lives of these ratchet black women, it is nothing but chaos. It’s so chaotic, it has more chaos then the house of parliament.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honeys safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      The 60-70% black male dating out rate and beyond here in the UK is exactly what is going to transpire in the US as this modern day black female sinks deeper and deeper into the mire of filth and degradation. As I always say, oh well, that’s the black female’s problem, not mine.

      1. It’s not my problem neither. The women who are upset of black men dating out are not wife martial.

  8. I don’t know much about this Courtney Michelle chick (outside of what I’ve seen on Slaying Evil), but it’s been made plain that she is no different from the rest of the scraggle daggle collective; I don’t trust what most women have to say in these online spaces because it’s well established that women are very selfish, manipulative beings. Let’s actually break down the things she said in her response to Chantelle Simone’s question that stood out to me: first, she said that she thinks marriage is a business; to successfully start a business, you’re going to have to invest a lot of time, work, and money. It’s funny that when it comes to said “business”, it’s always only Black men who have to put in the effort; I thought it takes two to tango, right? Second, she said she believes marriage is a political statement; what kind of political statement do you think you’re going to make by trying to convince Black men to marry Black women at the expense of his happiness, self esteem, and financial peace? It’s a pretty stupid statement if you ask me! Third, she believes marriage is for the children; I’ll agree, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna marry a woman with bastard children en tow. Lastly, she believes it’s for building generational wealth; now, it’s no secret that Black women control the money bag in “da communitah”, so who’s to blame for the lack of generational wealth? Also, what is with these folks trying to rip off of another man’s movement? SYCBM? STAB? These folks are so unoriginal! SYSBM remains the only viable, sustainable option for the heterosexual thinking black man.

    1. A few years ago, a BW on YouTube named MadameLogicBomb tried to start BWGTOW, Black Women Going Their Own Way lol. Now it’s SYCBM. These females don’t have an original thought in their hiveminds, they can only imitate and take off from others.

      I also have to laugh at the “generational wealth” topic brought up by BW. How can there by “generational wealth” when black hoes are pushing out kids by 2-3-4 different babydaddies? Or when the kids all have the babymama’s last name and not the dad’s? How about 1 broke bum fathering multiple children in the hood? People are cousins in the hood and don’t even know it. Then they eventually connect, another generation of inbred, slope-headed welfare morons is born, and you can’t figure out why test scores are in the toilet for blacks.

      You need marriage for generational wealth to be passed down, but modern BW don’t want to live under a BM’s husbandry, quite the conundrum. Oh well, as Verbs says, their problem not mine.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Courtney Michelle in my opinion has been instructed by her white lord and saviour Captain Snowy to roll in and try her best to round up as many free thinking black men as she can. As she’s already stated, most black men(non free thinkers) are captives inside the Matrix/plantation and will remain there until they hit the grave.

      They don’t want to be free, are unable to follow strong male leadership and cannot think and reason for themselves or make any significant life changing manoeuvres without a black female’s approval and guidance.

      If by some miracle Michelle was able to persuade black men to return to the pile of ashes and rubble called the black community, how would she deal with the deep disdain and hatred black women as a collective have for non criminal record holding, hard working, upwardly mobile, progressive black men?

      It seems to me that she wants to get black men to return first and then try to figure out how to manage black women’s hatred towards decent brothers afterwards. That’s not the way things work, you must work on and improve your product FIRST, then once what you want to sell is up to par, only then you can appeal to your consumer base.

      As you’ve mentioned, the black men that count aren’t going to deal with single mothers, plus as mentioned many time before there is a serious dearth of attractive, feminine, fit, friendly and natural black women within black female society. Black men worth their salt aren’t going to deal with ugly, fully loaded oil tankers with tattoos, body piercings and bull rings, not by a long shot.

      I believe on Michelle’s part there is a grift element involved as well, she’s seen the success of females like mystery women such as Jessica X who can roll in from the shadows on a white horse and equally has observed how black men will practically throw money at them without a second thought.

      Any female who looks halfway decent that “claims” to stand up for the rights of black men can easily make a serious mint just by hosting live panels saying little to nothing while the other panelists carry the show forward, that technique is genius within itself.

      As I stated in my book Negro Wars, the black community will NEVER see any brighter days until the women of said community are brought back into line. Negro Wars was released in the fall of 2015, those words still stand true as we currently stand in the fall of 2022.

  9. All these Soft Girl & Pink Book Lessons sisters there in the matrix USA 🇺🇸 are all smoke & mirrors whose main intent as being previously stated is to destroy FBA Men at all cost. They are the field officers for The Chucks & Pearls Crew/Woman King Batallion. Also, why are these Passport Brothers entertaining these women on their live streams smh 🤦🏾‍♂️? There is a division among Passport Brothers, Blue Book Gentlemen & SYSBM.

    1. Samuel,

      I don’t understand the point of bringing disagreeable women onto livestreams and panels, we already know what their position is, we have ours. This is how the Black Manosphere 2.0 got taken down, the founders were too thirsty for female attention and validation, they began bringing daggles onto panels and the rest is history.

      SYSBM is definitely a cut above the rest and has stood the test of time precisely because we’ve kept women OUT of the discussions as to how the philosophy is to run and pan out day to day, that’s the way things will stay.

      Out of all these black male spaces, SYSBM is the most hated by the black witch contingent because we’ve NEVER given them any anchor over here and we NEVER will.

  10. You heard it for yourselves because they tell on themselves.


  11. Hey brother verbs
    What are your thoughts on Crimson Cure/Kendra. As with most black women waiting for the other shoe to drop but so far she’s been on fire.

    1. Jedi Master Coon,

      Folks have already forgotten how Crimson Cure conspired and aided an outsider in trademarking the Black Manosphere right from under the noses of the originators(to be honest the Black Manosphere founding fathers should’ve made that move from a long time ago anyway).

      I believe Cure is another black female who has seen how black men will literally throw their money at any woman(black especially) who rattles off red pill truth and she’s noted that a tidy mint can be garnered in the process.

      As I stated before, it shouldn’t take a woman to stand for black men to take notice because veteran brothers in the trenches have been stating what Kendra has been saying way before she came on the scene. Black men paying attention to the truth coming from the mouths of women first as opposed to men is a serious problem.

      1. Verbs…personally I write off dudes trying to prop up or lead other men to these women and their channels. If you’ve been in this space long enough you know better. If you need to hear it from a woman…I got bad news for you bruh. Many men come online to LARP a lifestyle and never implement…its just to make Keisha mad in the hope she’ll act right lmao

  12. …It’s so so sad at the state of black relationships in amerikkka. Coutrney Michelle seems to give hope to many black men as the example of a good black woman still around. She might be soft spoken and not too hard on the eyes but she is modern waste. She just does not have the right programming to be a good wife or a girlfriend due to being raised in the USA. The more she talks, the more you see how limited her good qualities are. She is a black feminist trying to give dating advice and find black men to save the so called community. The Jamaican woman in these videos needs to mind her own business and distance herself from this dysfunction here in the states.

    1. Rick Scorpio,

      Courtney Michelle whether she realises it or not represents the archetype of what black men with hope are to expect from so called “good black women” now and in the future, ran through, used up and rinsed out babymothers who are attempting to repackage and promote themselves as quality goods.

      Rest assured, Courtney Michelle had her fun in the sun just like the overwhelming majority of black women, she just like most black females also rejected many decent guys in favour of Trap House Jim, Slim Sauce, Field Mouse, Blac Block and Shorty Fist.

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