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They Paid The Price Chasing Vanity! #SHORTS


I honestly have to laugh at all of these women, their quest for attention cost them dearly, especially the female who had one of her breast implants explode as well as the tatted up harpy who had her right-side butt implant explode. This is all too many women in the West now live for, seeking to get the attention of others ie get their 15 minutes of fame by any means necessary, smh.

The female in the first video is a mess straight out of the box, fake long nails, tatted up, she also has the extreme duck lip action going which indicates some kind of surgery has taken place and then on top of this she decided to install breast implants to which one of them exploded and literally blew her left breast out.

These are prime examples of what I’ve been saying regarding the witchcraft and the sorcery of social media bewitching and bringing so many women into a zone of fantasy, delusion and lunacy. They’re so easily sucked into and wholeheartedly believe the Instagram images as well as TikTok videos of others and women especially so called “living the dream”.

Here is an article below illustrating just how easy it is to fake a luxurious, lavish lifestyle on Instagram and how so many folks get suckered into believing what they’re seeing:

Investigating I came across so many articles demonstrating how many of these so called Instagram influencers aren’t really living the lives they claim they are in their photos and videos. Insincerity has flooded the internet, we as free thinking black men have personally seen this firsthand with the Black Manosphere 2.0 where over time so many individuals within it have been exposed as frauds and charlatans.

What makes me laugh about modern day women is they claim to be intelligent, some even going as far as stating that they’re smarter than men, yet it’s men who are the ones from the rip seeing through the frauds and the garbage while at the same time these same lofty minded females are buying into the illusions and deception wholesale, smh.

They all desire to look like Kim Kardashian while at the same time adopting the potty philosophies of Cardi B, Megan The Male Horse, Dojo Cat, City Girls, Sukihana Da Goat etc. These Western women have totally lost their individuality, they’re all clones of each other yet act as if they bring something different to the table than the next female, what a joke.

They all want to go “viral” and are willing to engage in any Tom foolish buffoonery to get there, they all want attention and are willing to do anything to get it. As for the knucklehead in the second video, what more needs to be said?

If the harriet in the 3rd video hadn’t gotten out of the car on a busy street to twerk for attention while at the same time blocking up traffic, her foot wouldn’t have been run over, she only has herself to blame for that.

Gentlemen, as always be careful whenever selecting a stargate because there are a lot of mentally damaged and broken beyond repair females out here who refuse to deal with their many psychological issues and expect you to take them onboard in a decrepit state. No sir, not me, no thank you, I’m good, I’ll pass. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Chasing Vanity Is a Vacuous Life

Most High Bless

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27 thoughts on “They Paid The Price Chasing Vanity! #SHORTS

  1. The question is who would sleep with a woman that had a breast implant explosion?

    I’m curious to know your answers.

    Seeing this is a huge turn off.

    Me seeking a unicorn white wifey is going to be really really hard but not impossible with faith.

    1. Witwijf,

      There are plenty of simps who would jump at the chance of dicking down a female with a breast implant explosion, the blue pilled simp knows no bounds and will do anything to get his member wet.

      Finding a traditional woman in the West will be an extremely hard feat, this is why brothers ought to expand their option towards non westernised foreign women as well in order to increase their chances of successfully finding a quality stargate.

      Remember, as he stated in a video years ago, MadBusDriver went to the deepest, darkest parts of Russia to find his wife.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Wow women who are getting extreme plastic surgeries to get the perfect body are destroying their bodies because they are taking the plastic surgery thing too far. If women wants to improve their bodies naturally they should just go to the gym.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      It all boils down to heavy insecurity, it’s so easy to trigger and sucker many women into feeling inadequate without weaves/wigs, makeup, fake eyelashes, fake nails, BBLs, breast implants, lip fillers etc because large swaths of Western women are so desperately trying to keep up with the Kardashians literally.

      Most women have no clue what men want, if they did they’d roll down the natural path and stick to it. The fake look in its various forms is extremely unattractive, no wonder so many of these women are out here stuck on Single Avenue.

      1. “Most women have no clue what men want, if they did they’d roll down the natural path and stick to it. The fake look in its various forms is extremely unattractive, no wonder so many of these women are out here stuck on Single Avenue.”

        Modern females are very quick to say they don’t care what men like, in fact they do the opposite out of sheer spite and misandry. It used to be just black females who spouted that rhetoric, but as I’ve pointed out before, white women are now regurgitating the same black girl magic talking points, trying to imitate the ratchets they look up to.

  3. Nowadays these dumb ass hoes are actually making fun of women that have natural bodies. That tells you all you need to know about these fuckin degenerates.

    1. Val Zod,

      These plastic, fake females are mentally unstable and highly insecure, for a group of individuals who in many cases claim to be smarter than men, the cosmetics industry sure has got them by the coochie, smh. It’s a struggle to come across a natural female these days.

  4. When I saw the first video when the White girl lifted up her hoodie and showed her chest, I turned my head for a moment; her left breast looks like a popped balloon! I also can’t stand to see White girls who get plastic surgery that leaves their faces looking like Barbie doll faces; it’s just so unnatural to behold. As for the braud in the second video, I know it must hurt to sit down; she probably can’t even do that. Western women are going to have to learn to love themselves in their natural state; they will save themselves a world of pain and suffering once they do. Lastly, that girl should’ve stayed in the car because moving traffic won’t wait for you to do it for the gram; she also owes the vehicle’s operator for a new fuel cap to replace the one she knocked off.

    1. BCT,

      Unfortunately a lot of white women have now chosen to sing from the same degenerate song sheet handed down to them from Keisha.

      What makes this even more disgusting is the fact that they aren’t even subtle with the surgery, they always want to take it to the extreme and end up looking like trannies and exaggerated cartoon characters.

      Like I said before, any woman who gets plastic surgery and runs into calamity I don’t feel sorry for in the slightest, plastic surgery in my opinion is an outward manifestation of women refuses to deal with their inner demons and rapidly declining mental health.

  5. Those are classic examples of fix-a-flat asses, fix-a-flat boobs, etc.
    They rolled the dice and it came up snake-eyes.


    1. Thebackhandofreality,

      The first two videos give a new meaning to the words puncture wound. They did it to themselves, they have nobody else to blame for those outcomes.


  6. Once again I blame the simps. Women are naturally followers. They will rise or fall to the level that men desire.

    This reprobate behavior will continue as long as male simps validate it. And nobody simps like the black male simp.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Agreed, talking about simps and panderers, I see the bootlicking minstrel Derrick Jaxn is attempting to restart his career where he left off. Kevin Samuels when he was alive put a huge dent in Jaxn’s grift.

  7. The two videos of the implants explode: BORDERLINE GROSS! With the breasts, I like nice size breasts on a woman, but implants on breasts ain’t right. I’ve seen females with butts and breasts out of proportion, and it be looking like it could explode in one hit. The females that clown women that stay naturally fit are gonna have karma knocking at their door with those fake implants and injections they put in their bodies. The women that are wanting to increase their breasts size naturally, I don’t know how that works, maybe someone could educate me on that. The women that want a big butt, nice butt: Try a good diet, squats and brazilian butt workout, and maintain that. Putting injections and implants into you, is dangerous. Some females die from that crap. I like thick, fit women, but only when that thickness is natural.

    1. That Retro Guy,

      As black women in particular and women in general continue to get sucked deeper and deeper into the Kim Kardashian/Cardi B/Nicki Minaj/City Girls Multiverse, expect the body mutilations among them to get even worse.

      Western women as a collective due to their embrace of feminism have become lazy and extremely entitled, these days they want everything instantly and aren’t willing to work hard for anything.

      There are herbs like Fenugreek that can help women increase their bust size naturally, however that would take time and effort which so many women in the West refuse to work alongside and with.

  8. Sometimes you gotta play the hand you’re dealt. “A whole lot of nothing is a real cool hand.” – Cool Hand Luke

    1. DeAngelo Staples,

      That statement will be seen as anathema to most modern day women, but it’s the truth regardless.

  9. What’s worse is these companies run ads on Urban Radio. They offer high interest financing so those even with problem credit can get work done.

    Ever since Kim K blew up the spot by having sex with a Black men being posted online. (Notice nobody else’s sex tape has done as much for one person has this one has done, shout out to Ray Jay)

    That also let the world know that some Black men are indeed packing and it wasn’t some urban legend.

    Now everybody (not every woman) wants their own Black man, the last masculine man left.

    1. Anthony,

      The Kim Kardashian Multiverse runs deep, these plastic surgery companies know that the overwhelming majority of women in the West are highly insecure knuckleheads who are unable to think and reason for themselves.

      I could be wrong but I believe one of the few Kardashians who has remained natural is Kourtney Kardashian. I haven’t listened to radio in years, it doesn’t surprise me at all that plastic surgery would be advertised there.

      The one thing I’ll give Kim Kardashian credit for is substantially opening up the interracial dating market for black men even further to the point where today dating brothers for the most part is no longer seen as taboo as it was in previous times.

  10. One, the gyal tittie exploded, the next one is the woman with the tattoos, he ass exploded as well and the other jackass was just twerking blocking traffic, just to get attention. I expect black women women embracing fakeness but now I see white women enlarging their lips, having breasts implants and so on. It looks like natural beauty is not being embraced any more. If these women want big butts, then why just go to the gym and do squats? If they want big breast, they can do bench press. There is muscle in their chest. We have seen weave on a black woman and us black men have seen it a lot and now we are seeing fake buts and fake breasts. What else? Oh yeah, Bareback Fountain got a BBL so Woke Poofgressive 2.0 and hit it from behind. Ready to give him backas.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Imagine a guy dealing with one of these plastic based freaks and she runs into these types of problems, she’ would fully expect the dude to foot the bill for the surgery to fix the problems she brought upon herself to begin with, make that make sense.

      The moral of the story is simple, stay away from tatted up, plastic, mutant females, give them an extremely wide berth, avoid them like the plague.

  11. There was a story going around this week of a woman who went to the Dominican Republic for a BBL and ended up getting her kidney stolen lol.

    The exploded titty was bad, but that ass implosion above was particularly disgusting.

    We are seeing the decline of brainwashed, propagandized, mentally-ill Western bitches in real time, gents, and nobody has fallen harder than my beloved white women. They literally went from the feminine blueprint to bitter, angry, tattooed, twerking, fat and chronically single, just like her friend Shaniqua.

    Chaotic, destructive, female nature with the lid off. And this is the matriarchy that the Western powers are trying to push on us. No thanks!

    1. Schadenfreude,

      If you tried to persuade these women not to go through with these dangerous procedures, they’ll simply bark back at you stating that what they choose to do with their bodies is none of your business. Like I said before, I don’t feel sorry for any of these women who end up getting caught in calamity and disaster as a result of chasing vanity.

      I agree, Western white women a long, long time ago used to be the pinnacle of beauty and femininity, these days however you cannot run into a white female who isn’t tatted up to the hilt, bitter, disgruntled, cussing like a sailor as well as using terms that men would typically used amongst themselves.

      The serious and sadly incomplete derailment of women in the West is exactly the reason why females must be controlled and kept in line at ALL TIMES by competent and responsible men, NOT the State.

      Though I’m not a Muslim and don’t agree with the extremities they’ll go to in order to ensure that their women don’t fall off, I do however strongly align with the principle of women being constantly monitored and checked immediately whenever they get out of pocket.

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