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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!


This is the message I received when I put SYSBM into the TikTok search bar. TikTok has also disabled SYSBM with the hashtag. Even the Chinese Communist Party’s social media platform looks upon black men exercising their options as a serious threat.

Harmful behaviour?? Advising and encouraging black men to expand upon their dating options and additionally telling them to stop dealing with the chaos and the strife that is called the black community is now seen as being “hateful”, really?

SYSBM cannot and will not be stopped, TikTok banning the acronym won’t make any difference to its exponential growth. It’s funny how the Western side of TikTok is full of misandry yet the Chinese side is the complete opposite.

#Feminism isn’t banned on TikTok though, that’s interesting. Any materials that truly empower men have either been practically ousted or at minimum blacklisted and moved to a dark corner.

Anybody who cannot see that the Chinese are openly using TikTok as an insider weapon(trojan horse) to take down the West attacking men, traditional masculinity and classic manhood as part of their strategic disarming process, at this stage cannot be helped.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen, you’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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42 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. I noticed the same thing.

    I type in sysbm on tiktok search bar and nothing comes up.

    Censorship from tech companies is real.

    Meanwhile, we have a first ever Indian prime minister of UK.

    First time in history to have 3 prime ministers within 3 months the same year.

    Britain is a joke of the world.

    England is not England anymore.

    This is a ten point plan from Rishi.

    ●”Rebuilding our Economy – A long-term plan to beat inflation, encouraging investment to boost growth, and cutting the basic rate of income tax by 20%.”

    ●”Scrapping VAT on Energy Bills – Temporarily scrapping VAT on energy bills to support every family through the winter.”

    ●”Cutting NHS Backlogs – Getting to grips with the waiting list and introducing fines for missed appointments to stop our NHS being misused.”

    ●”Delivering on Brexit – Scrapping all EU laws that hold the economy back before the next election.”

    ●”Tackling Illegal Immigration – Tightening rules on asylum, capping the number of refugees and making the Rwanda Partnership work.”

    ●”Clamping Down on Crime – Introducing automatic custodial sentences for career criminals and an emergency taskforce to track down grooming gangs.”

    ●”Transforming Education – Teaching maths and English to 18, boosting technical education like apprenticeships and cracking down on poor quality degrees.”

    ●”Strengthening the Union – Fixing the Northern Ireland Protocol, levelling up investment in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and standing up to Nicola Sturgeon.”

    ●”Protecting our Green Belt – Building homes on brownfield sites, faster development of homes with planning permission, and blocking any inappropriate development on our Green Belt.”

    ●”Winning the next General Election – Fully funding Campaign Managers in every 80:20 target seat and giving greater power to members.”

    What are your thoughts on this?

    He won’t achieve all of his plans.

    He won’t win a general election either.

    Good thing I have a Belgian passport.

    Belgium has banned dual nationality in the past and could ban it again in future.

    If the Belgian embassy tells me to renounce my UK citizenship, I would happily give up my rights and leave Britain permanently at this point.

    A white Belgian wife would benefit me more than a white British wife.

    1. Witwijf,

      In all my years living in the UK I’ve never seen any of these politicians and Prime Ministers deliver on anything previously promised, NEVER!

      Rishi is a puppet who will do what’s he’s told, he is the equivalent to what we call a “coconut”, but in Indian face, he’ll do what his white overlords instruct him to.

      You already know that pub crawler Colin and fish and chip shop Ken are NOT happy that a non white has taken up the seat of Prime Minister, you can here them now, “we voted for Brexit, we wanted to turn this country around and now we’re being run by an Indian, what the heck”?

      The UK is done, hold onto that Belgian passport because I’m sure you’ll be needing it in the very near future.

      1. My Belgian passport is the only valuable passport I can hold onto for dear life.

        I want to pass down my Belgian heritage culture to the next generation.

        Only a white Belgian wifey would help me do that without problems.

        I can’t say the same for white British women at all.

        The British culture would prevent me from passing down my Belgian culture on my future child and grandchild.

        I will eventually move to Belgium permanently.

        I don’t belong in Britain.

        I only care for my Belgian bloodline.

    2. My advice, move to the EU. England is cooked. It started with Brexit. Now it’s the testing ground for Great Reset policies (cashless society, social credit score, etc). Rishi himself is a WEF insider and Klaus Schwab acolyte. The EU is also globalist, but they’re not pushing the agenda as hard or as openly as England at the moment. Belgium is as cool as place as any to land.

      1. When the UK introduces a social credit score system like China, that is the time to permanently leave the UK.

        I will move to Belgium permanently and hold on to my Belgian passport.

        Right now I’m learning French at my spare time.

        I will be seeking job opportunities in Belgium.

        I will be seeking affordable homes in Belgium.

        Look at financial costs to make sure I can afford it.

        I’ll keep saving up from now on.

        When it comes to dating, I’m not going to seek unicorns in Britain anymore.

        It will make more sense for me to only seek a white Belgian wifey.

    3. It is kind of funny how people upset that we got an Indian as a Prime Minister, in London we already got a Pakistani Muslim guy as a Mayor of London which is Sadiq Khan. However he can argue saying that he has born and bred in London.

      Best advice Witwijf is to renew the Belgium passport because this will be a backup passport.
      This worked on Miko Worldwide when he was falsely accuse of paedophobe. They took the US passport and the haters won because he cannot travel. However because he had a German passport, he get to travel before he got extradited in Columbia.

      1. My Belgian passport will get renewed in 2025.

        I have to renew it every 7 years.

        If Belgium bans dual citizenship again in future, I’m not letting go of my Belgian identity.

        I’m Belgian till I die.

        I would rather forfeit my UK citizenship by declaration of renunciation if I’m asked to do it from the Belgian embassy.

        During WW3, whoever I end up with needs protection.

        The sleeping giant could wipe USA & UK off the map for good if the USA & UK starts firing nuclear missles at Russia.

        I can only start a Belgian family with a white Belgian wifey in Belgium.

        I can’t start a family in Britain, no chance at all.

        These are warning signs from the most high.

        Belgium and other NATO countries would finish Russia if that happens.

        I just don’t want to be around Britain in worst case scenario.

  2. Gentlemen,

    Since may of you notice for the last month that there are lots of online and now of offline war against the Black Men with Passports in America
    It is time to tell the story and the origins of the Alliance war against Passport Brothers:

    Who are the Alliance?
    The alliance are Dating Coaches, Pick Up Artists, Hoteps, Blue Pillers and of course Black Women Feminists, Dick Police and the other detractors.

    How did this alliance war began? I tell you.

    During the Covid lockdown, the thinking and the ordinary average joe ordinary brothers were saving up money during the lockdown.
    If any brothers understand the original lockdown, the original lockdown was all people have to stay home like it is some sort of curfew and only the essentials like blue collar men and key workers (care, hospital sectors) can go out to work whilst all business were closed.

    Now the essentials such as blue collar men off the internet and behind the scenes make money and they get to save up.

    During the lockdown, all these dick police simps were laughing at people like MadbusDriver because of the travel restrictions.

    A year later, the travel restrictions were lifted, some are still restrictions as long as you take a jab. Some countries do not require the jab.
    When the lockdown is lifted, the blue collar brothers who saved up their money during the lockdown can travel again.

    Some brothers like myself learn from the pandemic and think with strategy during the lockdown to plan ahead so when the the pandemic is return to normal, then set a course of action.

    Suddenly more Black Men in America travel just to get a rest for few days and weeks.

    Unfortunately, because of Black Men travel, the PUA and these coaches are losing money because the Black Men are not just save their money to have a vacation, they improve their well being and meet new people in person, some brothers during the lockdown learn new languages at the time meaning they can communicate in foreign languages. Which means they do not need this stupid ‘game’ or ‘swag’. Just using organic, being yourself and being original.

    Also what these haters and alliance do not understand that some people meet new people online, working from home often, doing new online business and networking during the lockdown so when the time comes (lockdown lifted, they get to travel and meet them in person).

    With the rise of new opportunities, the alliance are losing subscribers, money and competition. Now they are pissed. You now see BW resort to shaming men because the dating competition is now fierce and their liberal mindset towards men are no longer working.
    I even heard few occasions from Tito’s supporters that BW in the Post Office will go irate/angry and full of rage because Black Man is applying for a Passport.

    The war against Black Men who got Passport in America is real because the pool in the plantation is getting empty and no one will be cleaning up the communitah.
    Now they create a new SYSBM rival such as SYCBM (Save Your Community Black Men) or STAB (Steal Your Ass Back) which are not working anyway.

    That is the story about the war against Passport Brothers.

    1. I don’t owe black women shit . I refuse to date black women and I don’t feel guilty about it one bit. I am SYSBM for life man and let these delusional pro black simps deal with black women. The black community is dead Date Out Brother

    2. Sheriff,

      This is a classic and accurate origin of the Haters Alliance against American BM with Passport.
      Also bear in mind that thinking brothers owes the hood, Community or BW nothing.

      I like the origin story because this takes place after the lockdown is lifted and things return to normal.

      I have notice stories in real life that you have these BW using this ‘Intersectional Feminism movement’ to hide that they are in reality insecure and bottom of a barrel females.
      Foreign women knows these western women are lying because they are BW are losing in the dating scene.
      Also true about these BW at the Post Office are refusing men and pissed because BM are getting passports.
      Another thing BW going overseas to confront BM in other countries.

      They are resorting to international tactics in America.

    3. Firstly and like I said on one of Tito’s videos is that Black men should avoid most interactions with BW. Apply for your Passport online, buy your plane ticket and make an appointment at a Passport Office near you.

      I find requesting a Passport by mail is a delay tactic. If you ask for it to be expedited by mail, getting it from the Passport Office costs exactly the same (minus any travel cost) and you get it the SAME DAY, including pictures taken at the office.

      I want to see more men DO and less Plan, if I see another “It’s on my list of country” comment I’ll scream, these men are just scared and guess what the kind of woman you want doesn’t like men who are afraid.

      This is SYSBM not an excuse not to act. I get frustrated more and more each day that I can’t go where I want, but I must take this path so I can leave when I want and stay as long as I am legally allowed too.

    4. Sheriff X,

      Well stated, I’m glad that you’ve documented this, that way when folks who aren’t in the know come across this information, they can get up to speed as to what happened and why we’re here.

      Yep, I head about that ie daggles working in US post offices deliberately obstructing and road blocking black men from getting their passports, absolutely disgusting conduct however we shouldn’t be surprised by this at all, remember these are the same group of females who supposedly “don’t care” who black men date.

      You soon realise that talk is all cap, lies and deception once the black witch’s ACTIONS are examined, scrutinised and dissected.

      Black women could’ve somewhat stemmed the flow and blood loss as a result of black men leaving the building in record numbers had they shown brothers a little more respect as well as not behaving in such a masculine, aggressive and violent manner.

      As I alway say, it’s a chicken wrap for black women as a collective and they brought this calamity upon themselves with their own hands. Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

      1. I like to shout out Sheriff X with the story Verbs.

        Guys like Michael, myself (Mister Master), Quincy, Money are UK guys and we see some weird stuff in America.
        I remember Michael did an origin story about the fall of the Manosphere because of the Simone56’s hit list and one about origin of the Passport Gate which created by Shawn James.

        Even UK Black community go through the same thing, but we do not have this war/hate on our people because we have options, we thought that if our culture do not respect you, then you go else where, because when you apply for a job and you get rejected, their response is ‘I hope you find someone who hire you or find someone who respect you.’ And they wish you luck in good terms. They not going to mad when you got chose by someone else because they already reject you. But in America, they go hate you for going elsewhere because their plantation is going empty.

        I reason for the term ‘Haters Alliance’ because I did not see this coming when PUA and coaches come up this alliance.
        Also me or Michael use the term ‘Haters Alliance’ because this came from UK thing. 20 years ago these white liberal feminist are becoming pro-Muslims. Also the trans and the alphabet people are pro-Islam and if the Feminists/LGBT and Muslins join forces this is know as the ‘Unholy Alliance’.

        I like brothers here to pay attention about this ‘Unholy Alliance’:
        These liberals believe that the Feminists/Alphabet and Islam will have unity. Just like in America, you have these Pro-Black liberal have this partnership with Mexican immigrants (Black/Brown Alliance).
        These Unholy Alliance never ends well and in reality this leads to cultural cannibalism.

        What I mean by cultural cannibalism basically means that the strong one will unify to one and take over.
        Example, if Feminists/alphabet takes down patriarchy, then the LGBT will become 2nd class citizen to Females because someone need to maintain the infrastructure. Same as if Feminist and Islam unites, the Islam will take full control and all the women who fought for feminism and the 50 years of liberals will be gone and govern by Sharia. Same goes to this Black/Brown Alliance, those foreign Mexicans hates Black liberals and take over the black community.
        This is what liberals need to understand.
        Did you know about some lo-brow LGBT civil wars meaning the Trans, gays, lesbian and Bi do not even like each other, they just outdoing each other. But they are bunch in the same group.

        I going to add to Michael MisterTea and Sheriff’s talking point about the Haters Alliance, one of dating coach use this Basketball analogy saying about how brother lower the rim to score the goal easily which represents foreign women because western women are rigged in the dating pool.
        I will give them a dose of reality to these Coaches (Verbs call them Roaches): Dating foreign women are more hard to get than the western females because the man requires to learn and study their culture, learn the language. Also you have to real and original meaning it is hard to be real. Also the foreign women had to learn your culture to see compatibility. Also you have to be a husband material, have standards and self respect before you deal with foreigners.
        If you manage to get the foreigner, good, because that shows you are being real and show self-respect.

        The problem with these Coaches Roaches is they are not husband or boyfriend material, I can say the same to these Hoteps unless they get a Becky. All this talk about ‘game’ does not work in foreign country, one guy try that game/swag in Thailand and did not work. This only work on western women. (Verbs made a topic on the website a year ago.)
        Game and swag is basically means ‘fake it to make it’.
        Thinking brothers do not fake it to make it when is comes to dating foreigners.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    We SYSBM black men and Passport black men are the two most hated groups of men on the planet. It’s like nobody wants us to be happy or to have anything good or positive to happen in our lives. I am proud to be a SYSBM black man. 😎🇬🇧

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The black man’s happiness and peace of mind in the eyes of certain other groups is forbidden. However, as myself as well as MBD keep on stating, SYSBM cannot and will not be stopped. SYSBM till the wheels fall off and even then we’re still willing to roll on rims and watch the sparks fly.

  4. Salute everyone. Appreciate Verbs and this site because I need to get some thoughts out about this situation. This is a ramble.
    I’m sure you heard about the stories around Kanye West and everything that’s going on with him this week. And I’m sure you are all going to give your insights on this, because we and people on this site seem to be two steps ahead of stuff like this. It just seems like people are two steps behind of SYSBM in general. Just look at how remedial are detractors and syc-bm and STAB advocates are LOL. Except for people who are way more powerful than our lame detractors. As we see with TT. (Glad I never downloaded that app LOL)
    The scenario I want you to bring up is just how you will see most black ppl, especially BM sit by and not do a damn thing about what’s going on with you. His point has been proven he said that when he spoke out the truth, people would try to take everything from him. They have done that. And they have shown that even rich black people are controlled. Some of that most of us understood.
    What I want to bring up is the fact that you’re going to have people basically affirming what’s happened to Kanye. Saying that “he overstepped this boundaries”, “he took their money and now they’re going to take everything from him” (as he predicted) “They made him, he didn’t make himself” “he deserved this”, and that “he’s going to be made to make an example out of.” It shows you that you’re almost better off either forming your own outside of the Matrix or you’re better off being a sellout. Because what are the general, rank-and-file black people going to do to help you whenever you decide to speak out against the system? Talk about what has been going on that most of them know about?
    They will just make videos and claim that you’re going to make an example out of. They won’t flat out say that KW deserves it. Because they know they will get heat. Even pro blacks are siding with the system, even though some of them have claimed to have made similar statements to KW. But why speak out, when all the goofy speaking out for can do is complain, talk s*** about you, and call you a lame because you’re not acting like the same stereotype that the system created. That innovators and pioneers gave they lives to try to break and be free after you get canceled, you’ll be broke, and you’re not going to have a lot of support from the people because they’re weak anyway. I’m not saying being a sellout is better, but I understand why people don’t buck the system.
    As much s*** as the community likes to talk, let’s be honest they are not in position to do anything. And they are still seeing as being inferior peasants. It is so f****** demoralizing to be put in that box, the black box.
    This is why it is so important for us to create and control our destiny as being SYSBM Knights. Make enough money, save and invest your money, work on being the best version of yourself, self improved for yourself (not some chick, like the dating coaches like you to believe. Apparently they never heard of REAL SELF IMPROVEMENT COACHES like Les Brown or Eric Thomas but I digress), and finding the right Stargate. People say it’s a movement but it’s a philosophy it’s beyond just being a movement. (Most don’t understand that but well I’m pedantic, so I won’t be trying any SYSBM purity test LOL)
    I don’t agree with everything KW says, which goes without saying here. It’s encouraging to see him speak out at a major risk.
    It’s just can be so demoralizing to see that the guy is actually trying to speak something that most of us understand. But instead of trying to embrace and support him, black ppl just dismiss it.
    And now you see why SYSBM Roundtable KNight gw3 made his explosive series no hope no change. Which got his original channel flagged but was he wrong?
    One thing for sure, in addition to proving others right, he proved us and especially professor David Carroll right.

    Kanye West just found out how much they do.

    PS: since it’s now trendy once again to be a SYSBM detractor, they will use his situation with his ex-wife as reason why dating out don’t work. Even though we have tenets that describe what a quality Stargate look like. Even though several SYSBM members have videos criticizing him for not picking up proper Stargate. Most of us have stated that even though she is attractive and she looks out for BM, Kim Kardashian isn’t probably not an ideal Stargate if you can keep it 100%. The disingenuous opposition claim they’re trying to help us, when they’re two steps behind.
    You follow us we don’t follow you.


    1. The truth is, these pro black clowns DON’T hate “The System (‘White Supremacy’)”.

      Far from it.

      No, they just hate their positions in the pecking order. I guarantee you that if they were handed the keys to the kingdom, they would shut up about “white supremacy”.

    2. Mack G,

      Kanye West has snapped out of the plantation spellbound trance his Jewish handlers had him entangled in and believed he was going to remain bound to for life.

      The reason why they’re quickly trying to reduce West down to nothing via demonisation as well as taking away all that he has is because he has a massive influence on the youth, they don’t want the masses waking up and rebelling against the system.

      The talk about Kanye having “mental issues” is all smoke and mirrors trying to label him as some sort of tin foil hat wearing madman so that people won’t look into what he’s saying on a deeper level.

      You’re right, da communitah is about as useless as a bucket full of holes, there is no support from it which is why I have to laugh whenever they talk about not supporting those black men who choose to leave, they don’t support the black men that count anyway.

      Yeezy is doing the right thing by speaking out, it will be interesting to see how many avenues the Jewish music industry contingents will take in their attempts to shut him up.

  5. Question, how can you have a panel and use the trademark label SYSBM and not have no founding Knights, no MBD, or anybody who represents the philosophy and what we believe in? They say they want to have a “conversation” (i.e. us listen to their diatribe and we be quiet), but they can’t even start off with basic decorum and respect enough to have people represent the philosophy on your panel. Like I said in my other comment, that’s something remedial.

    Can anybody say “In mala fide”?

    1. They don’t want to confront the horns. That is why they don’t reach out to the founding father or knights like me.

      Others have defended it though, 1MT and Andre of Andre and Andrea (Crossing Boarders) but they are too careful, at least Andre will go off a little more with some lubrication (Spirits).

    2. Mack G,

      Here is an excerpt of an article I wrote about this exact topic back in July:

      “This is a deliberate move, you see most of these individuals have dodgy preconceptions and faulty inbuilt conclusions concerning SYSBM that they wish to remain in place and inviting true SYSBM practitioners and tacticians onto their panels would muddle up their plans to have the lifestyle painted in a negative light or whatever twisted narrative they seek to uphold.

      Additionally, they don’t want the smoke especially from a person like myself who isn’t afraid to speak the truth without a filter and who equally is ready to supply them with a damning report concerning the decrepit state of their “black queenies” and black female society as a whole.”

  6. Wow! So now we’re associated with hateful behavior on TikTok? Good Move TikTok. I won’t be saying anything when that app shuts down one day.

    Now as for men getting passports, exploring their options, it’s getting real out here. They’re not playing any more. These d watchers and women getting upset, they need a life. I expect the women to get upset because maybe if they stop letting loose, giving it all to dudes that are not gonna commit to them anyway, maybe they’ll have some luck in the dating market, but hell nah, feminism and sexual liberation done a big number on their asses. The dudes that are upset, what the hell are they getting all hot headed for?! Them D watchers got way too much sugar in their tank to be worrying about what another man is doing, and sleeping with. Are they really doing something by trying to “expose” the passport bros? These folks are really pushing it. Making slick ass arguments, talking down on us, don’t let them fools start falsely accusing passport bros and Save yourself black men of some crazy shit, and preying on something bad that’s gonna happen to them because that’s let me know their asses is ignorant, and evil as hell. These game/dating coaches, I’m starting to wrap my mind around something about these cats. They’re the real beta males. Wanna call dudes weak and all this shit, so what do they call themselves having to do a whole bunch of magic tricks just to change a woman’s mind to get with them? If she says no, move on and find some other women that’ll connect with you. God this dating culture in America is weird as hell.

    Maybe that saying was true all along: Women are the gatekeepers of sex, but Men are the gatekeepers of Relationships/Marriages. I find it funny how women are trying to commit to the dudes they find attractive, but the dudes they find attractive won’t commit to them. It’s like these chicks may want that certain type of dude, but is that certain type of dude wants them? Women aren’t the only ones out here with options. I’ve been seeing those videos of women getting rejected by the dudes they want, they find cute, and I laughed at that shit. Do these women really think they’re the only ones that got preferences, and can say no? That’s a live ass question that needs to be answered by these women.

    Black men, stay strong, exercise your options, find quality stargates, and stay out of the bullshit. We got work to do!

  7. Verbs is right.
    I just did it myself on TikTok with the same parameters and I can confirm this.

    1. MMT,

      You can guarantee that the CCP(Chinese Communist Party) has plenty of daggles and maggles working in the shadows on that platform.

    2. Now you understand why Donald Trump wanted TikTok banned from the US. He knew full well it was a CCP Trojan horse app and now we’re all finding out. Delete that shit off your phone.

  8. So tiktok knows about SYSBM. Looks like the simps are happy with this. What are they talking about? SYSBM is not hate speech. So what about the feminist movement then, the movement that destroyed the family home of the black race? They didn’t take that down. The reason why simp tok took down SYSBM is because that the simps and the ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after it. And the social media outlet help them out by taking it down. Black men can date whoever they want and nobody is stopping them. Look at the UK. Look how many black men are with non black women. The percentage is high. Why is so high? Because some of the black women act ratchet like their mothers, their grandmothers and their aunt. No man want them type of gyal them but the simps.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honeys safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  9. For hysterical females, just leaving them alone and ignoring them is “violence,” and talking about female nature is “hate speech.” Not surprised about the #SYSBM hashtag being suppressed.

    And yes there’s daggles and maggles working the back end on all these platforms messing with hashtags, search results, shadowbanning, etc. This is why #SYSBM is suppressed, but Cynthia G who promotes eugenics and genocide of black male fetuses still has a channel.

    Also I didn’t know that Black hoes working at the post office are trying to sabotage brotha’s passports? I guess it doesn’t surprise me if so. Any links on that?

    1. Looking at women is sexual assault.
      Talking to women is sexual assault.
      Touching women is sexualassault. Looking at women is sexual assault.
      Not looking at women is sexual assault.
      Addressing women as women is sexual assault.
      Not addressing women is sexual assault.
      Shaking a woman’s hand is sexual assault.
      Refusing to shake a woman’s hand is sexual assault.

      Is it any wonder that birth rates in the west have collapsed?

  10. Gentlemen,

    The video below illustrates the road for the overwhelming majority of these so called “strong and independent, I don’t need a man, I can do bad all by myself” women, lonely, unloved and struggling with no man in sight.

    It’s an extreme rarity to have a daggle shedding genuine tears of regret and admitting that she has personal issues that need to be addressed, the sad thing however is that women like her still believe that crying on the internet to millions of millions of strangers is normal and acceptable behaviour.

    Too many women are gullible enough to believe the lies that Disney, movies and social media have told them, that they’re going to be young forever and that at anytime they’ll be able to land themselves a quality man once they’ve finished having their fun, NOT SO:

  11. I see all the racists have slithered out from their caves to call anyone non-white as “not English”. Funny how it was perfectly alright to go to South Asia and rule with an iron fist over the “unclean” brown people, but a brown man at Number 10 is completely unacceptable. Never mind how fast they got rid of a Black man in charge of the UK’s purse strings within 20 days?

    I got called a black bastard from a ginger smackhead at work. His pal was an Asian smack head. So the irony was lost on both of them. Or maybe the whites and browns will stop a black man from success, just look at Sanjay from last week crying over Priyanka getting dug out by Thick Dick Tyrone.

    I’ve got no truck with six fingered bigots telling me what I should be. Born in London, got a degree from a London university, paid UK tax but some dole dosser high on bath salts insists I’ll never be English or British? They can go fuck themselves, then they can go fuck their siblings, inbred racist scumbags.

    Rishi is a World Economic Forum cheerleader and he’ll be told what to do by Uncle Klaus and Brother Yuval Harari, so the “Great White Replacement Theory” troglodytes won’t have long before they too are replaced by robots and disembodied AI clones.

    Can’t stop SYSBM either, so cry tears.

  12. Another black bitch loses her mind out in Cali. This one causes property damage for no reason. Remember earlier this summer when another weavehead ran a red light on purpose at high speed causing multiple injuries to others while she was barely hurt? Also in California.

    BW are a public menace. SYSBM taking its toll on these hoes. Watch your six, family. They gonna start coming after you and your non-black chick next.

    1. Halloween is just around the corner; the daggle is a Halloween story that makes Freddy and Jason look like the Teletubbies.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      That black siren is lucky that she wasn’t shot, because if that was my house in LA, I wouldn’t have hesitated to open fire on her as she’s clearly posing a serious threat to the lives of the occupants. These lunatic, mentally disjointed black harpies walking the streets in their millions are truly a menace to everybody around them.

      Remember, this modern day black woman is General Blizzard’s creation, white folks weren’t concerned with these mentally unhinged black females as long as their neighbourhoods weren’t being affected, oh how the worm turns.

      You better believe these black harpies will eventually turn their focus of evil towards black men who date out, could you imagine sitting at a red light with your non black girlfriend/wife and a black witch springs up out of nowhere, goes to smash up your car windows or worse still attempts to break into the car aiming to cause maximum injury or even death to one or both of you? Literally a Rocky horror show on steroids.

  13. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! On my current cellphone, TikTok somehow got downloaded onto it and i didn’t know; I eventually deleted because I got tired of getting notifications to watch all kinds of frivolous videos that didn’t catch my interest at all. Lately, I’ve come across a video of a Muslim man who spoke about how China controls the algorithm of what we see on TikTok in the US/UK vs what they see in China:

    Here is Andrew Schulz, host of the “Brilliant Idiots” podcast, speaking to the same issue with the TikTok algorithm:

    This is psychological warfare; if war were to break out tomorrow, we would be totally unprepared to face the enemy. Now, we have to deal with TikTok’s algorithm classifying anything related to SYSBM as promoting “hateful behavior”; considering the revelations of the shared videos, do you really think they’d promote Black men seeking out his own happiness on the algorithm outside of China? Where’s the censorship of the slave fantasy content produced by the daggles, or the content where they actually speak their hatred for Black men? They have no real jurisdiction over us; NOBODY can stop SYSBM!

    1. BCT,

      The muslim guy and Schulz spoke nothing but the truth and facts and I know this because occasionally the algorithm messes up and I’ve gotten to see what the people in China get fed from their government, exactly what both gentlemen talked about, nothing but positive and constructive endeavours, works and engagements.

      Not even the Chicoms can stop SYSBM, as you said nobody can, though many will still try their utmost to obstruct the movement. SYSBM will continue to grow and expand exponentially and there is no force on this planet that can change its trajectory towards the stars and beyond.


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