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They Always Have Ulterior Motives!

Thanks to brother Samuel for alerting me to this video.


It looks incredibly suspect when you host a panel discussing SYSBM but you fail to at least invite either the originator/founder of the lifestyle MadBusDriver, one of the long standing members of the philosophy of which I Verbs2015 am one or all of us.

This reminds me of a couple of years ago, back at the end of 2019/beginning of 2020 when SYSBM was briefly thrown into the spotlight shortly after I’d posted the SYSBM Tenets and all the detractors came out of the woodwork thick and fast throwing pure shade on the movement, yet none of them had the courage to invite any of the long standing members or MBD himself onto their panels in order to debate, answer questions and clear up any SYSBM misconceptions.

It is common courtesy to invite the originator of the particular topic you wish to discuss onto said panel, for example that’s like choosing to host a panel talking about the Mode One approach to dating, yet failing to invite Alan Roger Currie to the discussion, that would be incredibly rude and dodgy behaviour.

This is a deliberate move, you see most of these individuals have dodgy preconceptions and faulty inbuilt conclusions concerning SYSBM that they wish to remain in place and inviting true SYSBM practitioners and tacticians onto their panels would muddle up their plans to have the lifestyle painted in a negative light or whatever twisted narrative they seek to uphold.

Additionally, they don’t want the smoke especially from a person like myself who isn’t afraid to speak the truth without a filter and who equally is ready to supply them with a damning report concerning the decrepit state of their “black queenies” and black female society as a whole.

So, it looks as if the Black Manosphere reckons they’ve found yet another “unicorn” black female in the name of Courtney Michelle who I hadn’t heard of until the other day when the link to the above video was sent to me.

Some folks never learn. We’ve seen this familiar story pan out before when a half decent looking black female gets around these Black Manosphere Negroes, they shoot their loads on sight, believe she’s the best thing since the internet and once again fail to see how they’re being hoodwinked and bamboozled by stealth into exalting and building her up while they themselves remain in the same spot, don’t believe me, just look at what happened with Jessica X.

Let’s also not forget the cleavage showing black Jezebel named Irene Yvette who in 2018 rolled into the Black Manosphere upon invite and had no problems berating and disparaging black men on various issues despite her having 2 mixed children from a failed marriage to General Blizzard.

As you can see if you skip through the video, Courtney Michelle was able to pull up and reference from it in her panel discussion and analysis, however she was unable to shoot me an email at least letting me know that she was going to hold an SYSBM discussion and if I wanted to join it and chime in I was welcome to do so. Unicorn black woman, what part please, where’s the common courtesy?

Gentlemen, as more black men jump ship and SYSBM continues to grow in popularity, expect to see more opposition members hosting panels in dark corners drawing their own disjointed conclusions as to what SYSBM is and how it came about without inviting MBD or any of the founding original members to the table. SYSBM has black women very worried.

Of all the black men black women as a collective hate, SYSBM practitioners are despised the most because we are one of the few black male groups who haven’t been afraid to walk away from and cut ties with the modern day black female completely in terms of dating and mating or at least as much as we can overall.

As heterosexual free thinking black men we also condemn many of the movements and ideologies black women liberally attach themselves to and support especially abortion and the LGBTQP lifestyle, black women have a serious problem with any black men who refuse to support them killing unborn children, equally refuse to support them on feminism, homosexuality and all such related branches.

Finally, I have to laugh whenever black women or their blue pilled, pro black simp flunkies attempt to liken SYSBM to the swirling/divesting movement even though the origins and the reasons behind both are completely different, this particular topic deserves an article all by itself to remind these knuckleheads just how far apart divestment escapism is from SYSBM. Article coming soon, stay tuned.

Even though they’re putting on a brave face, you can clearly see SYSBM has black women shook out in these streets, the thought of them having to fend for themselves is now very real and the reality that most of them are destined to be smashed to pieces against Mount Singledom is slowly beginning to sink in, have your popcorn and freshly squeezed juice at the ready for the up and coming show.

When you have an SYSBM manual discussing the lifestyle in depth plus my book Negro Wars which profoundly talks about the many problems that black women have created within black society, there is no longer any excuse or a lack of understanding on any level concerning why more black men are choosing to throw in the towel on black women and alternatively are seeking out love and long term companionship elsewhere. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

SYSBM Continues To Move Forward Despite The Unwarranted Attacks Against It

Most High Bless

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42 thoughts on “They Always Have Ulterior Motives!

  1. Kevin Samuels was their last life line. That is why she had only simps on the panel.

    1. Facts bro. I would encourage you and my fellow SYSBM BROTHERS to check out this white woman named Just Pearly. She is a white woman who gets it. She is American living in the United Kingdom. She mostly has black men and women on.

      1. I had a look at a few vids of her justpearlythings youtube channel.

        This white American woman understands men’s rights 100%.

        I don’t know if she is a unicorn in christ or not but it looks like it on the surface cause she is pro life.

        The only issue is she has more than two negress friends.

        This friendship won’t end well if she is dating out interracially with a black guy.

        1. “The only issue is she has more than two negress friends.”

          Instant red flag slash turnoff right thurr. White hoes are particularly susceptible to Black Girl Magic.

          1. Schadenfreude,

            More like #BLACKGIRLTRAGIC because I don’t see any positives or benefits coming from their witchcraft and sorcery.

      2. I looked at a couple of her youtube videos. Instant turn off.

        The whole vampire thing she has going. She says she’s super religious. I’m not against religion, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like her superficial religiosity. She seems to come from a rich family. She says her dad bought her a water ride from a water park.

        Strikes me as an attention seeking reality tv wannabe.

        The chick seems to be some sort of vampire cultist, spoiled Becky, bible thumping valley girl. She went to Florida in one vid. She is in this huge house on the beach with a nose ring wearing daggle and dwarfs.

        Too weird.

        1. In her old videos she has these vampire fangs. They look nasty. She’s gotten rid of the fangs in her newer videos.

      3. Antonio Esteban,

        With JustPearlyThings, she talks a good talk, however I’m EXTREMELY suspicious of any Western women talking Red Pill at this particular moment in history. When things were running more smoothly and the economy wasn’t on the verge of collapse, notice how these same “conscious” women were extremely few and far between.

        There is another female JustPearlyThings briefly teamed up with called RealFemSapien who has also been doing the rounds talking Red Pill heavy. RealFemSapien claims to be a changed woman, however she still has a load of tattoos on one of her arms that have yet to be removed. As we always say with women, look at their actions, never get swooned in and hoodwinked by their words.

    2. Robert Chavis,

      Kevin Samuels tried his utmost to help these ungrateful black females yet they still couldn’t see it simply because they refuse to be humble as well as take accountability and responsibility for their actions. Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    The reason why the panel on the above video didn’t invite any of us true SYSBM black men because we would have spoke the raw truth on how fucked up the black community is and that black women are the worst wives/girlfriends and mothers to black men. They would have never invited someone like me on there because like the livestream that I had with Rap Raven on the black betterment broadcast three months ago back in April 2022, I would have ripped into these pro blacks on their dream fantasy on trying to get us SYSBM black men to save the black community and I would have told them the truth about themselves and they would have hated me for it. I am so glad that I am a independent free thinking SYSBM black man who doesn’t let anyone brainwash me.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick.

      Kudos to everything you have said. Stay strong minded, it will serve you well.

      The pro black Hoteps, pro black simps, and the black thug collective, comprise the overwhelming majority of the black male population.

      They have chosen to live in misery under the foot of the scraggle daggle who takes her orders from Genaral Blizzard. If that is what they want, so be it. They should leave SYSBM alone, as well as anyone else who rejects their simp way of life.

      1. They don’t know how to do that. Not worried, they will get the horns soon enough.

    2. Quincy,

      I never forget Rap Raven trying to convince that you that there are plenty of good BW out there. Also wanting to hook you up with these BW.
      I remember clearly on the live comment on the live stream you did some hotep mention you bleach your skin. When I read that, I was thinking where did they get that crap from?

      I am glad you turn it down because it is too late to be convinced.
      It is better you did not go to that livestream with the pro-black manosphere because it will be a waste of time talking logic with these dumb incompetent.

      1. Andy C.

        I fully agree with Andy bro. I will never bleach my skin because I am very proud of my brown skin. These pro blacks are lost so bad that they cannot be saved and I am not saving these idiots because I have my own life to live and I am going to find my future beautiful childfree non black women as a girlfriend/wife. If that pisses off the black community then I don’t give a fucking shit because as a childfree SYSBM black man at 40, I am putting my happiness first.

    3. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I remember a few years go MBD had to pull up SuperSly75 on a panel Mr Fantastic was hosting, unfortunately you’ve got to roll up on these detractors hard because they don’t want to invite you on in order to have a fair and balanced discussion.

      Your appearance on the Rap Raven livestream was a classic, as I stated before, when he stated that there was a plentiful supply of good black women around and that he could hook you up with one, I already knew that he would brought you to an overweight, thugly looking, weave, fake eyelash and heavy makeup wearing single mother, guaranteed.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro and thanks for saying that the livestream video that I had with Rap Raven was a classic because I spoke the raw truth to Rap Raven about the black community. I avoid black women and single mothers like the plague.

  3. I don’t know if it’s me, but I’m sensing a setup on this. I’m not gonna be surprised if this chick turns on these dudes because there’s been like one, two, or three incidents of this happening. The Jessica X incident, she played the black manosphere hard. Rebecca Lynn Pope, I don’t know if y’all count that. The other one, I don’t know if y’all remember, but it was some lady, I forgot her name, but she used to be around C boogie, and Obisidian, I don’t know what happened to her. It was Nicole Michelle, if I got the name right. Correct me if I’m wrong. Anyway, I suspect this Courtney Michelle woman is probably far in between. I can feel it. These dudes play themselves thinking they found a black “unicorn,” thinking there are some good ones out there. I hate to break it, but it ain’t too many you can find man. Like I said, how many bad apples are you gonna go through just to find that one unicorn? That’s just a waste of time man. Even though I have personal preferences, I’d rather have my options open to other types of women than waste time and energy just to find that “black gem,” or put my good graces into a certain group of women.

    1. That Retro Guy,

      Because Courtney Michelle looks reasonable, you already know that she’s been ran through by 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Chunky Bruh and Field Mouse.

      Black women know that most black men are inherent suckers for them and will be willing to overlook transgressions as well as take them onboard no matter how chequered their past.

      It’s always the same pattern, they come on the scene pretending to be different, however if you keep on pushing the Jezebel button, eventually these black harriets will revert back to their true colours.

      To date there is no black woman who was invited into the Black Manosphere who has remained loyal and stayed the course, they all turned on black men at some point, ALL OF THEM. Courtney Michelle will be no different, at least we aren’t stupid over here.

  4. Verbs,

    You mention about 2019/2020 when SYSBM briefly into the spotlight, this was created by Shawn James when he introduce the ‘Passport Gate’ in Summer 2019 when he thought that he was critiquing Passport Brothers who does sex tourist. But he critique the wrong brothers, the Travelling Brothers, the group who live their live to the fullest, but Shawn show his true colours when he talk to you.

    As for the panel, I am glad they did not invite you or MadBus because you both will end up talking to a brick wall. On top of it, they had a BW on the manosphere panel so they because plue pilled. It is not worth debating them. I would not even make a comment on the video as you will be dealing with daggles and simps.

    Even the hoteps was hypnotise by Irene’s cleavage as she uses her cleavage to entice the manosphere and pro-black. I remember David Carroll one time saw a a video panel, some intellectual debate with the hoteps, some of the hoteps was so smart so they decide to invite Irene because the hoteps claim they can out-smart Irene. As soon as she shows her cleavage, the hoteps IQ dropped and become simping hard.

    1. MMT,

      Shawn James got that work in the debate we had, he should’ve known better. I dropped the SYSBM Tenets in autumn of 2019 and thereafter in the winter is when the pot began to boil.

      I believe it was the black women first pro blacks who first picked up on them and then the SYSBM melee snowballed from there.

      Passport Gate occurred shortly before, but it was a separate issue, it was these pro blackity black, blue pilled simps discovering SYSBM tacticians had a creed in writing that had them running around like headless chickens blowing up the spot.

      It’s the serious lack of common courtesy that bothers me, we have a whole SYSBM book out on the lifestyle/philosophy, the authors are readily available to come onto panels and talk about what SYSBM is all about and yet the detractors still choose to wallow in deliberate ignorance.

      Let’s keep it a buck, most Negroes crumble as soon as some halfway decent looking black chick is placed in front of them. I’m just waiting for a white female to come into the Black Manosphere and pull the same strokes black women have been doing, trust me it will happen sooner or later.

  5. Once again I ask: Why are these BW so concerned about what the BM they rejected do? I thought these strong and independent queenz could do bad by themselves? SYSBM also means more queenz with bastard children for the B1 simps to choose from and raise. Win-win to me what’s the problem?

    Another live stream as long as a workday (6h42m) and what was accomplished? That right there is why the so-called communitah is on the bottom.

    True SYSBMers should steer clear of this mess. The hood is not yours to fix. No need to explain what SYSBM is because you’re out there living it. Let the magpies squawk. These bitches are on their own.

    Y’all really don’t know how misogynistic I am right now. I really couldn’t care less about these hoes. SYSBM.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      The reason why BW are concerned about BM’s options because they are jealous of BM.
      They say ‘they don’t date ugly BM and no women on the planet want ugly BM. As soon as the ugly BM got a women, they feel insecure and butt-hurt because they do not understand why the ugly BM got a woman.
      The BW do not think that the BM is not ugly after all and BW overlook their personality or they attract the handsome pookies and thugs, but not good men.

      As for the livestream you mention that 6 hours and you use the term ‘workday’.
      Some brothers call it ‘Workshift Jokes’.
      Basically brothers make jokes about workshift when they do very long livestream.

      Why we call it ‘Workshift Joke’? Because these pro-blacks do like 7 to 8 hour livestream and itself equivalent to a day shift. Whilst they doing 8 hour livestream talking shit all day, we out there out in the real world doing an honest living and making real money, not wasting time on YouTube.

      I give you an example of a Workshift jokes when it comes to YouTube:
      We have B1 makes 11 hour livestream. That is equivalent to me leaving my house to work and back in my house from work.

      Another example from a commenter from Kid Organic when B1 does 15 hour livestream:
      A brother wakes up for work, he hears B1’s livestream
      He gets to work, B1 on livestream
      Lunch break, B1 on livestream
      Heading home from work, B1 still on livestream
      Return home from work, B1 still on livestream

      Basically saying these hoteps spending entire day doing a livestream talking about absolutely nothing, dick policing, putting BW on the pedestal, achieving nothing whilst we out working in real life doing real work.
      They making peanuts doing 6 hour livestream compare to real work.

      It is like they have no real job outside of YouTube and they believe that YouTube is their main income.

      1. “It is like they have no real job outside of YouTube and they believe that YouTube is their main income.”

        Years back people saw Tommy Sotomayor living exclusively off YouTube (donations) and people been trying to copy him ever since without the talent. Superchat has killed many of my favorite channels now. They used to make bite-size chunks, 15 minutes max. Now they blather on and on all day and night. No productive person is gonna sit through all that. I mean a movie is 90-120 minutes.

        Like you said all these B1 hoteps do on these livestreams is gas up black hoes and dick police other black men. Funny how they keep falling for the “unicorn” sista routine aka “the banana in the tailpipe.” Simps desperately want BW to act right. In fact there’s a channel actually called “Please Act Right” lol.

        SYSBM, brother.

      2. Michael,

        I like the explanation and the meaning behind the term ‘Workshift Joke’.
        It was also Akwesi and David Carroll come up with the term because these YouTubers makes videos such as 6 or more hours, even 10 hour livestream, this is indeed equivalent to a day shift of my job.
        This also make sense that it is working as a dayshift.

    2. Because we generate ideas, income and put in long hours.

      I appreciate fellow Knights finding this content because I don’t have the stomach for it.

    3. Schadenfreude,

      These pro black, blue pilled simps don’t understand how SYSBM is actually doing them a favour in that a segment of black men walking away from black women will help them by giving them less competition.

      It just goes to show how short sighted these limp biscuit simps are, why are they upset that SYSBM practitioners leaving for other women is giving them more options to choose from?

      A shout out to King Sigma because a few years ago he stated that “da communitah” talking points would come full circle. Very few if any folks in black society is willing to break ranks, talk about the real issues that matter regardless of the heat that may come about as a result.

      1. “These pro black, blue pilled simps don’t understand how SYSBM is actually doing them a favour in that a segment of black men walking away from black women will help them by giving them less competition.

        It just goes to show how short sighted these limp biscuit simps are, why are they upset that SYSBM practitioners leaving for other women is giving them more options to choose from?”

        Because the late, great David Carroll said it best, these matriarchal simp negroes see other black men THROUGH THE LENS OF THEIR MOTHERS.

        If SYSBM is a problem for their MOTHERS, it’s a problem for them.

        Straight, competitive BM think in terms of mating strategy. What will get us one up on our rivals. Matriarchal simps think like females. They hate competition. Black gay men have no dog in this fight yet THEY are mad that straight brothers date out. Because they think like their MOTHERS.

        David Carroll RIP. Anyone who forcefully speaks out against the matriarchy dies.

  6. Have any of you listened to this other than just comment on what they MAY have said?

    This Drake person being ex-military is one of the other reasons I consider Black men more dangerous than OP’s.

    The other dummy compared us to the divesters.


    1. Anthony,

      That Drake dude was a joke, he claimed that black men who have left for other races of women have “run away” and weren’t “man enough” to bring the black female under control. However, where he put his foot in his mouth is where he’s chosen to stay behind and the black female he claims we couldn’t control is still OUT OF CONTROL on his watch, smh.

      If he’s the man for remaining onboard with the black witch then where are the improvements? If he’s going to criticise black men who have left for greener pastures then at minimum he should at least be able to show better results, however we already know the score, black women as a collective continue to trundle downhill at a rapid pace and shoe shining simps like Drake Harvey World Drizzy have no improvement receipts to put on display.

      As commenter AmericanBlkMan as well as myself have stated many times before, the blue pilled, pro black simp has become even more of a pestilence than the black female herself, his job is to gatekeep for her dysfunction as well as ensure that her reign of evil and wickedness continues.

      1. Agreed!

        He also said that we are running away because we have been unsuccessful with women.

        While some at the round table have had trouble getting women to reciprocate that is only because of a lack of self confidence that can be fixed. The rest of us including myself haven’t had any problems attracting any woman: Black, White, Asian, Latina, Arab, etc.

        Why is that constantly repeated by them? I tend to agree with General Tito on his fact that some of the lesser among us complain about SYSBM Knights that fit the phenotype “Pookie, Ray-Ray, Jocks and other “Alpha Males” they feel they can’t compete with.

        The problem there is the scarcity mindset. Why would you be concerned about these men poisoning the well? Even though I often joke in Passport Bro spaces that I would not step foot in the Dominican Republic, a close friend of mine is married to a Dominican, not a pro/P4P girl and never set foot in Sosua.

        They love to attack the fact we fetishize White women especially, living rent free in the minds of the Pro Wack and B1 cult.

        That is why the focus should be long term and not short term. Make things work, figure things out, ask any of us whatever the question, we will point you in the right direction.

        I do know this and I have seen this play out –

        When a Black man goes to another country and represents that country it doesn’t matter how or even if the Government of that country approves, that man is seen as somebody, an authority figure.

        That is extremely attractive to women overseas and that’s why unlike White men Black men overseas have women coming out of their ears, blowing up their Tinder and their DM’s.

        Women over other races are waiting for you, if you can rub two nickles together that is enough for 95% of them.

        The Black Community is FINISH and a new one will come up in it’s place and it won’t include the lower classes, they are done for.

  7. I disregard any person who talks about SYSBM yet doesn’t live the lifestyle it entails; those types won’t be fair in their critique, especially since they didn’t even have the decency to reach out to MadBusDriverX or any other SYSBM Practitioner. With the likes of Kevin Samuels now gone, I guess they now feel bold enough to go back to talking about brothers who are giving the communitah a wide berth; like one brother stated earlier, Samuels was their last life line.

  8. I know of Courtney Michelle via another YT channel she is a regular panelist on called “The Lapeef Network”

    Verbs, if EVER you wanted material for your blog, visit that channel. They do lives on various interesting topics and then upload snippets of major points discussed. Beware of Kay and Kayla, though. You can’t get better flag bearers for argumentative, irritating, combative women then those two. Even commenters can’t stand them.

    Here is one example:

  9. Like Schadenfreude just said, Black men cannot do anything without looking over their shoulders for dey momma. But why?

    When you were a kid, you had to contend with a cold hearted, neglectful, violent abusive witch. Unfortunately that witch was your mother. Growing up you were trapped in a gulag of psychological torture with someone tasked to “look after you”. So that kid figured that was better to be beaten and violated than abandoned completely. That breeds Stockholm syndrome – the more love you need, the more you’ll cling on to.

    Arrested development made sure you stayed a child in an adult body, love starved. But the truth that your mother did this is too much to cope with, so the fantasy is created – a black woman unicorn. That fantasy that finally I can be loved gets exploited by Jezebels running up into man spaces and creates simps. A simp is just a love starved man-child.

    8 hour livestreams trying to will a unicorn mother substitute into existence is some tragic lingering trauma leaking out for the sharks to dine on. Sad, but inevitable.

    I know it’s an uphill struggle to even acknowledge the witch in the room, but SYSBM also means healing up and taking the new path of freedom and self autonomy. So who here has the balls to do so?

    1. As an African who highly supports SYSBM to be honest even African men avoid BW like plagues whenever they see an African man they think they have scored a jackpot unfortunately they have no idea these men have been brought up in an environment where they are more masculine and more stoic than ever it’s no surprise that African brothers are also marrying women of other cultures.

  10. To paraphrase Gandhi:

    First they ignore us,
    Then they laugh at us,
    Then they fight us,
    Then we win.


  11. They really don’t want the smoke! They need to maintain some level of cognitive dissonance because they want to seem righteous in their foolish endeavors.

    1. I keep saying that and what they keep referencing is the lames among us. Those so-called “lames” might not be in the gym regularly but they have spoken with their income and feet.

      When Courtney says these are strangers MDBX has in his videos, as if they aren’t actual couples, all they have to do is use social media which they are scared to do. They also seem to forget the vitriol over any Black male/White female pairing, including Honey Boo-Boo of all people. The majority of BBW models are with Black men.

      They ignore the obvious for their own means.

      A new permanent underclass will be created and they can’t stop it.

  12. What’s up people? Was busy yesterday, man!

    If they wanna know about the tenants and what is SYSBM is all about, then why would she invite Mad Bus Driver or Verbs2015? Why would that British simp Rap Raven invite Mad Bus Driver who created it in 2012? You know when these simps say that they are hurt, what do they mean by that? Listen here. Everyone has been hurt. Even these simps have been hurt and they have been hurt by the women that gave birth to them. When I hear about SYSBM, I’ll be thinking “It’s getting attacked. It’s getting attacked!” All of the simps from Shawn James, Dr. Foolmar Johnson Swag Boy 360, Nizzo The Artist, Bareback Fountain that I had battles with the homo have attacked it so much. Oh man!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times even more as these beta males, simps and these ghetto ratchet black women are coming after non black women.


    1. As an African who highly supports SYSBM to be honest African men avoid BW like plagues black American women think when they have an African man they have scored a jackpot unfortunately they have no idea that such men are from environment where they are more masculine and more stoic than ever it’s no surprise there is a lot of interacial marriage.

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