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29 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Feminism is the worst thing that has ever happened to mankind because it destroyed relationships and marriages between men and women and it created alot of single mother families.

    1. Quincy,

      I agree with you. It has done a lot of damage over the last half century alone, let alone going back to its founding in 1850. I refuse to entertain any feminist because I know the movement seeks to reverse natural gender roles and destroy the dynamics of the family as ordained in the Bible. Any woman who is a feminist is a no-go for me as far as marriage, especially those who are both feminist and have ties to the alphabet mafia.

      1. Kameran Fleets.

        I fully agree with you bro. I hate feminists and feminism and I avoid feminist women like the plague.

  2. Good Open Topic Wednesday morning,

    I skimmed through that Livestream video featured in Monday’s article and that was almost 7 hours of dryness.

    The guy ‘Zoom to Thailand’ is suspect. How long has ZTT been doing videos because I first heard about him on and off early this year and how he called MadBusDriver’s video collage of black men and non-black women relationships corny.

    This shows that dudes like Z.T.T. can travel to foreign countries but still have some association with the western society black community. He must got black children.

    Can you call black men who were never accepted by the (black) females and community they grew up around and in response to that date and marry non-black women divestors as well? In this case, in order to divest, you had to invest in the first place so NO.

    1. ZTT is suspect to me as many of these fools will use handles that are SYSBM-ish to seem like they are with the movement and you see the hotep fuckery come out in full display. These are the fools who believe black women are the best in all things but have no black woman of their own. We had so many infiltrators in this space over the last couple of years of cats wanting to be part of the action until its time to take a move then all of a sudden its ‘I can’t leave black women behind’ when they get cornered. Most black men are glued to black women no matter what as they think it makes them a good man. I know a dude who is dating a white girl but still wants a black woman despite the fact that black women think he’s lame and corny. Black men know they love themselves some black women, too bad its not reciprocal

  3. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I’m not sure how many of you are aware, but Kevin Samuels’ cause of death has been revealed this week:

    With this revelation, it confirms my suspicions that the jab is the true cause of his death; heart problems such as myocarditis have been linked to the jab, so the fact that he collapsed in his home, allegedly from hypertension, is very suspicious.

    1. We can only speculate. I always suspected he took high dosage viagra. Many black men do, even those who don’t have ED. They think it enhances performance.

      The recommended dosage is 25 mg. Some men take it up to 200 mg. This level is very dangerous, even for healthy men. For someone with hypertension, high dosage viagra makes you extremely susceptible to heart attack. It especially interacts badly with hypertension medication.

      The fact that he died while doing the deed with a younger biracial hotty daggle, triggered my thinking in that direction.

  4. ‘ISM’ comes from the Greek word ISMOS. It means to take sides, as in ‘us against them’. This is why we have words like feminism, racism, genderism, classism, ableism, ageism. All religions except Christianity and Islam end in ism; ie Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism.

    The problem is that the use of the various ISMs has been abused by the disingenuous and wicked to divide and conquer people for nefarious reasons.

    Some of the ISMs such as racism, classism, and ageism, describe social pathologies that are universally bad. These words differ from feminism in that they are describing maladies that exist in society that need to be reckoned with, while the term feminism describes a social construct that is used to prescribe a set of behaviors for females that create social maladies in society.

  5. I want to revisit back to last week’s Open Mic Wednesday when I was talking about the Passport Movement. I’m trying to get my supporting documents in order and trying to find someone or a place where they can take a good passport photo so I can have that on deck. Man I see dudes are not playing about that passport, finding love in a different country. Like I said, I don’t blame them. Like 2pac said: I ain’t mad at cha. One thing I know for sure is that it got these Western Women, especially American Women, shook, confused, and pissed off. But you know what, they should be shook and pissed off, to the point where they need to start checking themselves because they walking around here with a big chip on their shoulder, thinking the whole world fucking own them something, which we don’t. All this boss Bitch, thot shit they engage in, is gonna keep them single forever. At this point, Maybe I did make the right move by not engaging with the western woman because A) They’re too much in fantasy land, B) They can’t choose right, and C) They’re embracing that feminism, boss bitch, thot culture. Once again, folks can make the argument that there are some “good ones” out here in the west, maybe I’m looking in the wrong places, but I’m starting to not believe in that bullshit no more because in my own eyes, either the “good ones” are A) Taken, or B) Far in between, Maybe C) Not that physically attractive, maybe be good hearted on the inside, but outside, no. I look at this both ways. Too many bad apples outnumber the good ones. These dudes can spit it in my face that I don’t have game, I need to do all these weird ass magic tricks just to be in a woman’s good graces, like bullshit man. If I’m doing all these magic tricks, or if these dudes are doing all these magic tricks just to be in a woman’s good graces, then by instincts, that just tells me there’s no dating to begin with, and probably this woman is looking for a butler to baby her, or spoil her. I’m just confused right now, is there even a dating market in the US, because it seems like there isn’t one? I don’t even trust these dating coaches and these other dudes and women with the info they stay putting out, but have some nerve talking shit about dudes who travel and found actual love overseas, calling us weak and incels like are they serious? who the fuck wanna deal with a “Strong” woman? American women don’t really have it like that. I’m sorry. I would’ve been doing the friends with benefits type of thing with them because they can’t pick and choose right, but I’m not finna go that route neither. I’m just finna go by my word. In America, I’m just gonna be worried about myself, becoming a better version of myself, I’m just gonna do what I said: I’m not gonna be worried about these American women, I’m not gonna date here, I’m not gonna worry about their shit, I’m just gonna worry about me, stack up like hell. I’m also gonna stick to the plan, I’m gonna get a passport soon, and I said before that once I hit my 30s or 40s, I’m gonna split and move out of America. It’s just a matter of time for me to get away from all this bullshit. Some folks can say I’m running away, but I’m walking away.

    1. Having a passport has been standard globally for many many centuries.

      For some reason most North Americans want to stay where they are.

      Fear of the unknown.

      Travelling from state to state is the norm of holidays in USA.

      This nation is like another continent of 50 states, 50 countries, 50 nations within itself.

      This is why most don’t consider leaving the states permanently.

      If you want to move to South America, most South American countries speak Spanish, there are apps you could download to learn the language.

      If you want to move to Eastern Europe, it will be harder to learn the national languages of Eastern countries in general due to the structure of the whole language itself.

      This is one of the reasons why I don’t think I could move to Eastern Europe cause of language barrier and close to the war zone.

      I wish I could move there but I can’t.

      I just need a white Christian wifey with godly traits and childless, not westernised by feminism.

      If you want to travel to Asia, their language structure like Japanese and Korean is just as hard as Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Croatian, Slovak, Slovene etc.

      1. Witwijf,

        “For some reason most North Americans want to stay where they are.”

        The reason why so many Black men in the US don’t get passports is because the US indoctrinates them to believe the best of evrything is in the US.

        Getting a passport is easy. Just go to any passport office and apply and pay the fee. They take your picture there. Pay the fee for an expedited passport and your passport arrives in 3-4 weeks.

      2. I got my list of places I’m gonna travel too:
        Latin America: Cuba, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil
        Asia: Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam
        Eastern Europe: Don’t Know.

  6. I want a son. I want a son that looks like my youngest nephew.

    I hear that there are some simps say that SYSBM don’t take accountable. Question? Accountable for what? Because I’m trying to figure that shit myself blud! I don’t know what these simps are talking about really. It really puzzles me what shit is coming out of their frigging mouth when it comes to these simps.

    When you see a black man becomes pro black, that’s when he loses his mind. He loses his sense. The man will have no direction what so ever. Do you know how many black men that have turned into pro black and their live have changed forever? There are so many simps now and there are more and more are coming from the woodwork. I’m just waiting for the next simp to light up.

    Hey, Keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these simps, beta males and these ghetto scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  7. Apparently Shawn James has been sh*tting on the Rippaverse recently.

    Black Sands sh*tting on Eric July? That is understandable/to be expected, since Rippa represents a potential but very real/legitimate challenge to his crown.

    But Shawn James? He has never been (to the best of my knowledge, anyway) a part of the “#1 best indie black comic series of all time!” conversation!

    1. Kameron Brown,

      If this is true then it wouldn’t surprise me as Shawn James is your typical liberal Negro who despises competition as well as being outshined.

      Additionally, he ought to be careful because the Rippaverse might have given James a leg up or a shout out in the future which would’ve helped his brand, oh well, no chance of that happening now.

    2. Typical crabs in a barrel negro behavior. Nothing but respect for Young Rippa. He surrounded himself with the right people, laid the groundwork, and positioned himself for success. Shawn James on the other hand is a matriarchal liberal clown.

      1. @Schadenfreude

        With Black Sands, I understand him attacking Young Rippa; it is more or less a professional thing–of course you’re going to attack the up-and-coming new guy if he seems to present a legitimate challenge to your position as King-Of-The-Hill.

        1. Kameron Brown,

          I never heard of Black Sands, but a true leader IMO recognizes that he can’t stay on top forever, and is gracious and supportive of the new blood. That’s the king behavior that commands respect.

    3. That is bizarre since Shawn James did support Eric July regarding his own comic book series and company. I will take a look at the video and see for myself.

    4. Shawn James is dead and done. After how he shitted on the black manosphere when Obsidian led the effort to help him, no one wants anything to do with Shawn anymore. People were coming with offers, wanting to meet him to strategize and introduce him to people but he flaked out EVERY TIME. I strongly believe he teamed up with Aaron Fountain to take down the space as Shawn has been trying to virtue signal for black women for years despite them calling him Chester, creepy, lame and ugly. He thinks by standing up to guys like us on their behalf will make black women find him sexy and attractive. NOPE! He’s still over there like a loser getting clowned by his queens but still caping.

    1. The plague of western societies come together as one.

      They are the main reasons why the west is finished with all these ism’s in divide and conquer on traditional christianity families.

      Two sides of the same coin against black christian men and white christian women.

  8. @Verbs

    I remember you saying that you hope the Sonic 2 movie is more dark and mature. Well, I think that they’ll have no other option BUT to make Sonic 3 a tad more dark and mature, considering the next major player.

    As a side note, the director of these films actually worked on CGI cutscenes for a certain Sonic spinoff back in the mid-2000s.

  9. I don’t have any issues with women’s national England team of soccer/football being all white.

    White women players on the pitch are better than the men’s national England team and that is embarrassing within itself.

    The woke liberal mainstream media has an issue with this.

    Guess who has complained about this?

    A white female reporter from the BBC. (British Broadcasting Corporation)

    I would have thought it was a negress or a blackistan complaining about it.

    White guilt is destroying western societies.

    No one complains of an NBA basketball team being all black.

    Let that sink in.

  10. After numerous setbacks I finally applied for my passport. I can’t wait and I hope I can show brothers something new. Hopefully help boost the image of a black man abroad too lol

  11. Does anyone remember the name of these two blogs one was about hapa kids and the racist upbringing they receive and the other is like living in Anglo something it’s about interracial marriage

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