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What These So Called “Divestors” Really Look Like!


I remember one of you brothers posted a video from this guy’s channel a while back, he’s going in really hard on these wishing upon a star divestment cronies and wannabe swirlers and rightly so.

Now he pointed out the grey hairs on this monstrosity, however I’m more inclined to point to the massive chunk of hair that’s missing from the right side of her head(our left side), what the heck is that all about?

Once again, these so called wannabe “divestors” out here be looking like Frankenstein’s monster. Divested Zealot Response Channel is correct, these desperate “I wish white men would pay me at least some attention” black females use the sorcery and the witchcraft of social media to deceive these younger black females into believing that snagging themselves a General Blizzard is a walk in the park, however nothing could be further from the truth.

As I’ve always stated, the majority of black women who talk about swirling, divesting and levelling up are only doing so IN THEORY, NEVER IN PRACTICE. An exceptionally attractive black woman(which these days is extremely rare) who is actually given the opportunity to date out doesn’t spend hours upon hours on the internet talking about it, she simply gets on with it.

The reality of the overwhelming majority of these so called “divestors” looking like The Morlocks really isn’t anything new, remember a number of years back when the high priestess of Swirl Mountain Christelyn Karazin hosted a Swirling retreat, when photos from that retreat finally surfaced, most of the attendees looked like overloaded oil tankers, beached whales and super size cruise ships.

Most black women today are made up of weaves and wigs of all colours, fake eyelashes, fake nails, construction site layers of makeup not to mention the serious weight issue that plagues too many black females, white men of quality and substance most definitely are NOT going to abandon attractive white women and instead choose a Becky wannabe black female, that’s never going to happen.

As I’ve stated many times before, this modern day black female is the one who has created the very same “Blackistan” she frequently complains about, those dysfunctional black men they advise other divestment flunkies to keep clear of came from their loins.

Black women will NEVER be able to escape the defective products that have been crafted via their own hands, so called “divesting” is a pipe dream. Racist white men were the ones who sent their black female flunkies into the black community to destroy it and now black women in their delusions of grandeur honestly believe that they can find peace and sanctuary in the bosom of their white lord and saviour in order to escape the destruction they themselves brought upon “da communitah”, that’s never going to happen.

Finally, as I stated many times before, black women time and time again fail to understand the relationship dynamic between themselves and white men, they are the white man’s flunky and occasional sex toy, nothing more, nothing less, however most of these theoretical divestors are having an extremely hard time accepting this reality.

Swirling/divesting/levelling up is simply another “get your popcorn, you favourite beverage, sit back and enjoy the fireworks” movement, white and other non black men aren’t checking for black women in any significant numbers, however this doesn’t stop black women from frequently diving into their Alice in wonderland fantasies pretending otherwise. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Divestment Is A Failure For Black Women Just Like Swirling And Levelling Up

Most High Bless

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18 thoughts on “What These So Called “Divestors” Really Look Like!

  1. I just assumed that the overwhelming majority of divestors looked like a dark skin version of Charles Barkley with a weave but then again that’s how most B-Dubs look anyway. 🤣😭🤷🏾‍♂️

  2. The late great David Carroll used to say “Blackistan emanated from between their legs” and he was 100% correct. BW take Blackistan with them where ever they go, so there will be no hope, no change for these angry, facially-challenged femcels. And are we really going to gloss over homegirl’s lazy eye in the video?

    Just imagine, these femcels would rather go through all these theatrics than just lose the weight, lose the attitude, and be a halfway decent woman to a productive Black Man. As we all know, these matriarchal Black simps would date down and dumpster dive amongst these fat weaveheads if these hoes acted halfway right. But they prefer their online fantasy life with Topher and Brad lol.

    Oh well, their problem, not mine. Putting my feet up and enjoying the decline from a safe distance. SYSBM, gents.

  3. I would always choose a white christian wifey over a negress every single day of my life and nothing changes that ever.

    This dynamic of general blizzard frost has the same mindset as me in terms of dating a Becky his whole life, nothing will change this either.

    Swirlers continue to live in fantasy land, not my problem at all.


  4. Verbs 2015: You as Always are Spot on about All of this.The Late,Great David Carroll stated many of things you’ve said in this article time,after time after time and black women still refused to listen to him.Not only that,they still refuse to listen to you knowing Everything you’re saying is 100%Truth.The Delusions and Dysfunctional behaviors are Overwhelming.I don’t know if you talked about it,but,just a couple weeks ago,a young black woman who is a State Senator here in the U.S. was Twerking on a beach and it of course went viral.She wasn’t sorry,felt guilty,remorse or repentant about it at All.These Giant Behemoths who are extremely disgusting to look at swear they deserve the best men out here.We live in a world where all the mentally dysfunctional idiots are Unfortunately allowed to roam free.

  5. Verbs 2015.

    That black woman divestor at the above video is so ugly and horrid looking with that bald patch on her head and grey on her head that no sensible man with his head screwed on is going to date that ugly fat monstrosity. I am so glad that I don’t date black women because 98 percent of them are fucking ugly these days.

  6. Divestors look like Oil Tankers and Weave Witches from the Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Simpistan, Cuckistan and Wokeistan).


    1. the Pookie and Ray Ray can have them cuz that’s how they ever will have because they just want good black man for the money because we some cleanup guys HELL Fuck NOPE I ain’t having Nothing 2 do that shit And the funny part is They have three dudes in the side Just DATE OUT Brother #SYSBM4LIFE get those passport American west woman is fucked now already

  7. When you see a swirler or divestor, when you really see one, it’s nothing but a below average black woman. You think that the white guy Nice Guy Nick who is successful is goanna be with a woman like a divestor? No way. The man has standards and he’ll never in a million years that he will be with a woman like that ghetto ratchet harridan. I have no issues of a black woman dating a non black man just the same way with the black man dating a non black woman. Everyone has the right to date whoever they want but here this. There is no way that not only a white man but any man will be with a woman like that. And these types of women have been with the thugs like Long Cocky George, Scruffy, Rum Smuggler Don, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet hoodrats are coming after non black women.


  8. THEY Can’t even keep one man that’s why they ara cheater and a liar they only Race hustle I know why I feel sorry for these Weak Pro Hotep Simps because that’s what they kissing ass a skanky bitch ain’t shit sorry ass don’t know what ONE And ONE love Relationship means or being honest of a powerful relationship Don’t even know about it they belong to ass in the street selling butt making bread that’s what you ever learn about because that’s how single mothers will raise their fuck daughter to be just want to chase them all for them money 💰 for the streets stanky Ass bitch no wonder why they can’t keep one baby daddy they have five or six and seven living off of welfare

    1. the Pookie and Ray Ray can have them cuz that’s how they ever will have because they just want good black man for the money because we some cleanup guys HELL Fuck NOPE I ain’t having Nothing 2 do that shit And the funny part is They have three dudes in the side Just DATE OUT Brother #SYSBM4LIFE get those passport American west woman is fucked now already

    2. I’ve said this several times, there is no reason to feel sorry. You can empathize as a fellow human being but their suffering is caused directly by them, so until they admit they have a problem as a collective and try to change their behavior, put the hand up.

      I was SYSBM before there was such a thing, growing up Middle Class outside of a Black Enclave I saw the Black Community for what it was = Dysfunctional

      My mother dated a White man (after the divorce from my father) and he wasn’t particularly attractive. This has always been the case, show me an attractive Black woman with a handsome White man, c’mon I dare you it’s NEVER HAPPEN. They may date or marry men of higher net worth or with more status than you or I but they aren’t better looking by and large.

      But that extends out to everything, the majority of the time when you are dating or marrying a woman she is better looking than you by some measure and actually that is how women want it, they don’t want a man that really catches they eye of other women especially after she’s got you.

      At the same time they don’t want you to be a slob or unkempt, that makes her look bad to her friends, co-workers and extended family.

      Anyway when Courtney compared SYSBM to the Divester movement I was appalled at them making such a comparison, which shows how much they aren’t concerned about them and more concerned about us.

      Why? Because we are best suited for the knowledge economy moving forward.

      Stay Strong, Stay Vigilant & always save yourself FIRST (SYSBM)

  9. You know, it’s not difficult to ascertain several things about that daggle by looking at that photo; one, she has the camera up close to her face and her body isn’t visible (because she’s most likely a beluga whale), she has a lazy eye, she has gray hairs, and she has that whole vacant lot on top of her head! Like, what happened there? As you pointed out, BW can not truly Divest from Blackistan because they created it; that’s like Admiral Snow lamenting the feminist movement when it was he, using the legislative powers granted him by the government, who fed the beast. While the scraggle daggle fail at snagging a White man, SYSBM continues to grow by leaps and bounds; scratch that, SYSBM is SOARING to greater heights!

    1. Calling the scraggle a beluga whale is highly insulting to beluga whales.


  10. When I think of divestors, I think of Kimberly Foster (For Hariett) as she has the perfect face and body for such. She’s bland, boring, dull, and overweight. She loves to hide behind intellectualism and pretend to be into white boy shit hoping that white boys will pay her some attention. Fellas, we have to realize that most black female republicans are pick mes who are trying to get attention from white men at all costs. We know they don’t believe in the policies and practices of the GOP, they know it’s full of white boys. Granted, the democrats have their white boys too but those white boys don’t have money like GOP white boys do.

    Divestors have made all of these channels, twitter handles and more and they are still single. Just like the swirlers have wrote all of these books, hosted endless panel discussions and more about how to get white men and they are still single. Black women have failed to realize their reputation is louder than they are. I worked with non-black people who used to loathe the black women at the office because they were the ones quick to file bullshit HR complaints on folks, start drama and be a victim in all things. And these were corporate cats who saw what we all saw.

    They want to be separate from black men at all costs and black men have slowly starting to let them go which is long overdue. Let the black gay men have fun caping and defending them full time until they see how homophobic their beloved mama queens are. The black community is dead, the let the gentrification continue

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