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A $400 Dinner Date? Any Volunteers? #SHORTS


Some of you may have seen this video floating around some months ago. “If you can’t pay that stay home”? Really? As I’ll continue to state over and over, the witchcraft, the sorcery and the wizardry of social media has really gotten the heads of many of these females gassed up to the point where they’re literally walking around rattling off ultra delusional nonsense and at the same time patting themselves on the back believing they’re wise and full of understanding.

This clown faced chicken head is a court jesting minstrel and a damn idiot, she genuinely believes that turning up at restaurants to have random dudes spend large amounts of money on her is the standard, smh. Don’t even get me started on how she’s dressed with her breasts practically hanging outdoors in conjunction with her cake face, fake eyelashes and circus clown red lipstick.

Sadly we already know that her inbox is full of black male simps who are willing to put down the $400 deposit for the FIRST date. That’s right, she was talking about the first date.

As I’ve stated to you gentlemen before, the only time large amounts of money should be spent is when you and the woman concerned are actually an item and even then the spending from that moment onwards should be equal on both sides.

The purpose of dating is to get to know the other individual on a more personal level, therefore activities that involve more interaction between both parties must be considered and prioritised.

If you go out to dinner you’re going to be spending more time EATING and less time talking, this is why a coffee date ought to be the maximum at anytime during the dating phase, going for walks, sitting down and sharing time in the local park(weather permitting) or any other activities that involve more communication are definitely key.

This ridiculous idea many Westernised women hold to that complete strangers are supposed to spend large amounts of money on them from the rip is one of the reasons why I’ll continue to advise free thinking brothers to deal with non Westernised foreign women if possible.

I wouldn’t be wasting $400 on this batter faced black witch or any other female for a first date. Brothers, never allow yourselves to be gaslighted when delusional broads like this say “if you can’t afford it stay at home”, putting down a large amount of money on a woman you don’t know and have no guarantees of seeing again is a fool’s errand times 10.

Any woman who expects this type of treatment from the men she dates clearly is NOT interested in seeking out a significant other for long term relations and is definitely more focused on filling up her empty belly at somebody else’s expense, DON’T BE THAT MAN, DON’T BE THAT SUCKER!

You’re not worth $400 witch, it’s even debatable whether you’re worth a measly $4. This type of expectation is NOT incumbent of a classic, traditional woman and as such, those females who exhibit dysfunctional traits like this should be AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS!

There are plenty of mentally unstable women out here, the above is just one example of many. Finally, go to her Tiktok page and note how the video above has been removed, you already know she received some serious heat for making such a ridiculous and outlandish suggestion. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Never Waste Your Money On Delusional Women

Most High Bless

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20 thoughts on “A $400 Dinner Date? Any Volunteers? #SHORTS

  1. L Express will generously donate (to her) a gift certificate for $400 worth of L’s.

    L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


  2. This is EXACTLY why Tom Leykis made this one of his “Leykis 101” cardinal rules!

    “Never spend more than $40 on a date; $0 is optimum!”

  3. “Sadly we already know that her inbox is full of black male simps who are willing to put down the $400 deposit for the FIRST date. That’s right, she was talking about the first date.”

    There are some white chickenheads. Usually these are wiggers who have daggle girlfreinds and think the daggles are cool. But it is extremely rare that you would fine a white women or any nonblack women talking about a $400 dollar first date.

    This is because the culture of da communitah raises its females to think like prostitutes from early childhood on. At the same time, da communitah is raising its male children to adopt a pathological masculine mindset that involves simping to as many daggles as possible.

    The key for Black men who have their heads screwed on straight, is to give da commnitah and all its denizens as wide a berth as possible. There is nothing good coming out of this subculture. And the truth be told, the whole hip hop and rap genre, on balance has degraded the already sewer level subculture of da communitah, while exacerbating the pathologies that have always been endemic to da communitah.

    1. That’s why I love my country/ suburban white girls who don’t listen to this crap. They steer clear of that stupidity. And they love a brother who is well kept and has a good head on his shoulders whether they admit it or not.

  4. $400 for a dinner date, when other dudes have already gotten the milk for free? Hard pass.


  5. Verbs 2015.

    I will never ever spend 400 dollars or £400 pounds for date with a woman I just met. The most I will spend on a date is £10 pounds maximum and that’s just for cheap drinks date or coffee date for the first date and even then I will make the woman pay for her own drinks and I will pay for my own drinks as well because there is no guarantee that I will see that woman again. If a woman really likes you then she doesn’t require you to spend any money on her and just spend some quality time with her in the park like you said.

  6. This is what happens when the ‘real man’ shtick goes on for too long. For the longest, instead of black men putting their foot down and checking this shit, they start flexing like they got it like that. They know full and well they would never spend that much money on such without any guarantees and we know what guarantees we are talking about. When you have a matriarchal society such as Black America, this is the norm. Women think they are the prize regardless of what shape or package they come in (bastard kids, obesity, debt, attitude, mental issues, homeless, whatever). Sadly, there are too many simps around here especially in the black manosphere they believe women are right and this should be the norm. While they still single without a woman and sex, the SYSBM brothers are moving full speed ahead at living life and enjoying it. Let these full nutsack dudes continue to lust over the dead and dated concept of black love, they can have it and the nothing that comes with it.

  7. A white christian wifey with godly traits would never ask me to pay $400 on a dinner date.

    $400 is a ripoff, even for a restaurant.

    Although I’ve never been to starbucks ever, I would go there on a first date.

  8. She said $200 to 400 for the 1st date is standard.
    Unfortunately this is normal practice for dating in the hood because this is the fault of the simps which increase the dating standard inflation.

    If she was a swirler/divestor datimg a white man it will be coffee dates.
    This whole inflation like $400 for dating only target BM.
    If they accept $400, they know that sex is a ROI for that price.

    This is the reason why I agree with AmericanBlackMan because the simps and blue pillers ruin the dating standard.
    These same BW has no value anyway.

  9. Classical Alpha Fucks Beta Bucks.


    I always say men put themselves in their positions.

    Even the baddest women could not have me spend $400 date.
    If some men can only attract women by spending money it’s their problem not mine.

    Cake face, ugly face, entitled attitude, probably bad hygiene, and average sex.

    Also constantly showing skin, show u all the things u need to know about this women.

    Like u perfectly said, when u not even in relationship with the girl u better do free date or 50/50 max, she can either accept or move on, but u are not used.

    To finish no more date after second date if u haven’t had sex with her, she probably think u a provider. Meanwhile some men fuck her for free and far less time and effort SMH.

  10. I just did a money conversion, guys. $200 is around over £160 and $400 is over £330. Why would anyone pay that much money on a date, especially on someone you just met? Listen here, if a woman says that you must spend that much money on a first date, it really shows that the scraggle daggle is nothing but a gold digger. And I had my shares on these gold digging, scraggle daggle hoodrats. And the other thing is that she had her cleavage exposed as well so she is setting up these thirst traps for men who can’t control their temptations. I did an article on that.

    I would never spend that much on a date. I have spent money on a girl but that’s in my twenties. Some of my exes are gold diggers and I have chatted to others girls so it doesn’t bother me if they get upset if I was creeping. We have more and more gold diggers now.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. I could go to Amsterdam and get my dick sucked for €75, have full sex for €200 and have enough coins left over to buy Shawn James a Tower burger every day until the apocalypse.

      Skank dinner bitch.

  11. $200 – $400 on a date? The hell kinda drugs these chicks are on? What type of dates these chicks are going on for a dude to require/have $200 – $400? Unless you were going somewhere luxurious, I get it, but on a serious note, shouldn’t a date be like under $100? I’m confused. I can’t think of what to say about this because with this type of shit out here in the America dating market, am I wrong for going with my instincts and not mess around with the dating culture? Women like the one in the video that have these crazy ass high standards and requirements are automatically undateable in the books. They might be good for being pookie’s or whiteboi’s play toy, but that’s all they’re gonna be. I don’t wanna hear none of that shit about dudes being broke and bummy, dusty, coming out of these chickenheads mouths while they are out here playing gold digger, sugar baby. I’m a tell y’all like this, I encounter some chicks that be looking like Instagram, only-fans chicks, but I’m a save that for Open Mic Wednesday because I’m a need you guys point of view on this, and tell y’all that I learned a complete life lesson out of this crap.

  12. Before I go in on this dinner whore, does anybody know where she is from? She sounds like a NY hood rat; one look ain her eyes, and I can see that logic doesn’t reside in her brain. Also, why must these daggles be so lazy when it comes to putting themselves together? She’s dressed like she is going to bathe! A quick look at her TikTok page was enough for me; I don’t even need to watch the content. Now, $200-$400 is way too much for a dinner date; where’s the benefit in spending that kind of money on a meal? If there is anybody who should stay home, it’s her broke behind; learn to cook and prepare a meal for much cheaper than what you’re demanding.

  13. Those New York niggas are down bad if this is what they got to choose from. Loudmouth, tacky, fake claws and masculine asf demanding a $400 dinner date are you serious. It’s like the delusion of these daggles is ballooning and reaching critical mass in real time. Is it social media that’s programming these bitches?

    And what you bet she got a couple of Pookie babies at home from niggas she let hit raw for free, while demanding that YOU take her to a $400 dinner?

    Oh well, good luck to that hoe.

    1. Ballooning in the very midst of growing inflation…this wont end well for them.

  14. 400 dollar dinner? Get all the way the fuck outta here. I’m spending 50-60 max on a first date. You gotta earn those expensive ass dates (and I don’t mean with sex before some dummy comes out and says it).

    These broads stay losing and still can’t figure out why they’re hilariously and pathetically single 😂😂😂

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