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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here once again, Slaying Evil continues to keep it real by refusing to shy away from telling the truth no matter how uncomfortable it may be. What’s on your minds for this week gentlemen, you’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

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22 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. What do you all think cause the demise of Black Manosphere 2.0? For me, I would say it started from 2015-2019 as there have been at least three known versions of black men calling themselves the black manosphere with the original one dating back to 2006 to 2010 (some say 2005-2009 and others say 2007-2010) but all agree there was a 1.0 version that existed before the current cast of characters rolled up.

    What started as a group of black men speaking about black men issues quickly became a group of men bitching about black women. Nothing wrong with complaining about black women when you realize they are not a good choice for mating and companionship but it seems like these sexless men were simply angry at their dating situation than at the situation facing black men. As soon as these dudes started making some money, their mindsets quickly changed to ‘learn game, respect women, women don’t owe you anything, black women always had our backs, etc’. Kevin Samuels had these guys thinking if they just wore suits all the time, everywhere, their problems would be solved. Locario showed them that ran through women are okay as long as you learn game and she’s hot. Towards 2018, the content started shifting into panel discussions bickering over women to who gets the most women with everyone doing the longest reach they could. The audience called cap on all of this especially when many of us were quietly exited and taking our dollars with us. It was cool as they felt, goodbye, more guys and dollars are coming to take your spaces but those guys never showed up so it then it became the audience was the problem which alienated even more people. Then, you saw these dudes bring on the same black women they argued with to their panels to let them go in on the audience with them co-signing every word. Now, did you ever see the harlots bring these dudes on their platforms to check their audience of women. To ask the question is to answer it. They went co-ed after they all got girlfriends (remember they were anti-girlfriend, anti-dating but still swear they ain’t never getting married—just give it time, these dudes will be bragging about being proud husbands in due time because it will be trendy). These cats are not about that life but about the clout.

    1. SYSBM Rookie,

      Your comment is great. As soon as the black Manosphere started talking about learning game, I knew they were spewing nonsense.

      I have a young male relative who did everything right. He stayed out of trouble, did good in school, works hard on his job. He kept dating scraggle daggles and treating them well, and they always shit on him eventually.

      This is a good looking young man, fit, athletic, good character, the whole package. He started thinking that something was wrong with him. Luckily he had me. I assured him that he was okay, that he simply dated from the wrong pool of females. He always said he preferred black women exclusively.

      Eventually he met a young woman of Italian and Croation descent. Since he’s been dating her, he is a new man. She is fine and she appreciates the quality man he is. He has told me that for years he was oblivious to all the attention he was receiving from nonblack women who were checking him out. He now sees it. He had put blinders on and was focused exclusively on the scraggle daggles.

      He now sees the scraggle daggle sisterhood for the dumpster fire that it is. He has left the plantation, and I am sure he will never look back.

    2. Great points!

      To piggyback off of what you said, the reason why 2.0 fell apart is because and I say it often here. They romanticize black women and they have a hope strategy.
      Yes, most of the topics online especially from a marketing perspective, your target audience will be in categories that discusses health, wealth, and relationships. The manosphere was not about discussing relationships per sey, as you said, it’s about men expressing their thoughts and getting strength and knowledge and understanding to help them through their psychological and mental obstacles. That often started when they were children and didn’t understand what it is.
      Towards the end of 1.0 era (about 2014) most of the dudes who weren’t flagged off of YT are social media decided to do just do what at the time 1.0 originator Qes Soul-N-Balck call “the wall of silence”. There were women in 1.0 who came to the panels and had discussions, but it often ended up with the same deflections, excuses, and typical predictable replies that you expect from them. And some of the Simsps over there at the time. Which is why most of those content creators just bounced. There are few of them that’s still around, but they decided to walk away.
      This was also right around the time that the Lord Commander MBD started his channel. Save yourself black man was formed. This it was a simple channel showing various images of BM in relationships seemingly happy, and building families. He discussed how to control your destiny and how to create relationships. You talked about the trials in the community, and how to improve yourself to make sure you are the ideal man to attract women from different cultures. And he specifically said that he did not want to be a part of 2.0 that was forming because of them getting away from their message. This is after the third time his channel got taking down. He went by Aladdin Sinbad but his channel got deleted. I think he’s now on his 4th generation of his channel. This was in 2011, 2012.
      One of The originators of 2.0, was actually a troll on our channel and started up his channel to troll us. Most of us know who that is (hint: he once went to school to become a physician)
      Yeah, you can’t really call yourself the manosphere where you’re still trying to rebuild and negotiate relationships with the bw. Even though they have essentially made their decisions. Most BM don’t want to accept that because they still romanticize her. Not realizing that she is just like any other woman. Who’s not innately loyal and it’s only loyal to whichever society is in charge.
      Also, these guys suck at marketing. This is obvious if you want to look at black man’s plight as a marketing strategy, instead of a genuine consultation and mentoring. You don’t insult your audience by telling them that is their fault for their situation. You don’t insult their audience by telling them that they broke and poor because they won’t support your product. You’re trying to market a solution, not market how better you are at them and why they should listen to what you do. That don’t work on men, and it barely works on women.
      You find out where you are lacking in your market strategy and you get better. But these guys want to blame the audience because they weren’t getting like you said the crowd that they thought they were going to get. No, men want you to be consistent. If they want to talk about relationships, why the hell would they come on your channel where they can go to other bigger more established channels? This is why you’ve been seeing channels that don’t claim the manosphere (shows like the daily rap up crew or, the women who are biting off of our talking points like their Candice Owens LOL,) but have women on there blow up over them. It’s basically just a channel about black and peoples relationships.
      That’s not manosphere, that’s mainstream.
      SYSBM have been consistent with the message, and we have expanded upon our message and create standards for people who are looking to live their lifestyle. Because this is a lifestyle, not a movement. A lot of people get those concepts twisted. Got to keep that in perspective.
      I may come back and add a bit later to this because this is from the top of my head right now so. Again very spot on comment

    3. SYSBM Rookie,

      That is the good point, however Michael MisterTea explain the origin of the downfall of the manosphere:
      Link Original =
      Comment =

      Basically, the manosphere was about 2 things: Building and Solution, it was never about females at all, after the hit list by the BW, The BW even had a lawyer to take down the manosphere because the BM was flourishing. Oshay and Obsidien caved in and create this Black Feminists/Manosphere alliance.

      Oshay, Obsidian and Angryman created the manosphere. This Feminist/Manosphere alliance was the fall and BW invite the simps which become drama.

      So the mansophere went from building/brotherhood to this beef/drama/PUA, Fake Red-Pill (Not Red Pill to better yourself, but taking to attract the same hoe of the daggles).

      It is sad because SYSBM was part of it and the brothers was flourising, MadBus and the SYSBM left the manosphere because of this alliance Obsidian created, I do not blame him and them.

      Even Shawn James was part of it, many years ago he was a nobody and after he was interviewed with Obsidian, all the brothers donated to him, help him build a business and he become a somebody. Before Manosphere Shawn James has 3000+ subs and after the manopshere he went +10k subs, then Shawn did a U-turn when he introduce the ‘Passport Gate’ (hating American BM who has passport and travel) because he is broke to get a Passport. Om top of it all, he told Verbs that Travellers are Incel.

      Now today, manosphere is a joke.

      That is the explanation of it.

    4. SYSBM Rookie,

      Black women themselves were the ones who brought down Black Manosphere 2.0, as soon as the founders began letting them in, it was a solid chicken wrap for that space. In reality Black Manosphere 2.0 is full to the brim with blue pilled, pro black simps who weren’t and still aren’t happy about the dating and mating choices being made by Shaquanda, Kolisha and D’Shana. They still love black women and hope and pray black women will change for the better(we already know this is NEVER going to happen)

      The difference between Black Manosphere 2.0 vs its 1.0 predecessor is the black men in 1.0 still interacted with black women throughout and as a result in like manner their videos, channels and profiles were struck down, this is how the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure rolls.

      2.0 was meant to be a completely separate space where black women were supposed to be excluded to give black men room to discuss real issues at hand without having the daggle constantly interrupting and interfering with the process.

      Black women, their white lord and saviour Captain Snowy noted the rise and the momentum of the 2.0 space and decided that it had to be sabotaged and thereafter destroyed. Remember, preventing black men from embarking upon any constructive endeavours is one of the principle directives handed down to the modern day black female by the State.

      ODJ drunk off the fumes of success was the first pro black simp to bring the daggles into the 2.0 space, the rest of the founders quickly followed suit. It’s a grand shame because Black Manosphere 2.0 could’ve been a serious juggernaut of power that could’ve taken black men in general to a whole new level.

      As per usual with most black men, once some half decent looking black or mixed female comes into their vicinity, contentions, strifes, in-fighting and riots are sure to follow.

      SYSBM practitioners such as myself did interact with BM 2.0 in its earlier days when it was a productive movement, however as soon as the members began dipping into ultra simp mode and demonstrating that they still wanted the daggles, I kicked out and never looked back.

      It wasn’t even hard for black women to gain entry, all they did was pretend to show interest in the movement as well as fake wanting to finally have a conversation with the simps they’d been rejecting for years, those suckers got bamboozled, fell for the Okey Doke and the rest is history.

      One of the main reasons why SYSBM is still going strong is because we’ve kept black women OUT and that is the way it will always be. Women typically ruin men’s movements which is why they must be NEVER be allowed to have any say in the day to day running of any men’s organisations, movements or functions.

      Finally, as I’ve stated before, male dating coaches here in the West position themselves to help the average man intermingle and deal with “dirty women” ie females with little to no quality traits and value, as we all know as a normal man a dating coach is NOT a requirement whenever interacting with traditional, classic, non westernised females.

  2. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! Life has been very busy since I started my current job a few weeks ago; I haven’t been able to post for OMW like before, but I want to address briefly the daggle senator who was twerking while doing a headstand on the beach. The Young Turks did a video which reinforced my thoughts on liberals and their defense of the scraggle daggle:

    Forgive me if this disgusts you, but it’s also evident in the video that her lesbian partner has gone to town on her booty; anyhow, am I the only one who’s noticed how liberals always defend the daggle when they’re on their worst behavior? I’ve never seen them defend traditional women in this manner.

    1. Because they are useful idiots to these condescending bigots.

      Not to mention, it’s easy to market to a woman based on her lack of emotional capacity and short-term thinking. Women will usually follow whatever is the culture is. So if the media-portrayed culture is putting a twerking women on a pedestal, other ones will follow. Because women, especially the bw, are followers instinctively. Let’s keep it real, since people will claim that this is misogyny.
      Nope ladies and lurkers of this page, you claim it’s “misogynoir” (they sure do love copying off huwhite people) because it hurts your feelings. It’s a emotional response to something that is playing out in real time. That even you as a woman yourself acknowledged.
      You don’t have conversations (since everyone thinks it’s trendy to claim “let’s have a conversation” when they don’t want to.) with people when they want to claim something hurts their feelings just because of the tonality.
      It’s really immature if you think about it.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    Black relationships between black men and black women is doomed in 2022 and I don’t care what these pro blacks say.

    1. Quincy,

      I use to believe in that during my 20s, then I realised that I was never into BW to begin with.
      This was because we all taught that we should date your own culture, however when I get older, I have more options and date anyone I want.
      If anyone still thinks about black love in this time, I say forget about and think outside the box.

      1. Andy C.

        I fully agree with you Andy. I was never attracted to black women since I was 16 years old all the way back in October 1998.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you always say, I full agree with your bro. You cannot build a fruitful and prosperous relationship with a woman who refuse to take any accountability for her bad choices and always expects you as the man to fall upon the sword for her own shortcomings, no thanks, not me, I’m good, I’ll pass.

      Besides, black women as a collective have clearly demonstrated that they despise black men with a passion especially those who don’t have a lengthy rap sheet, are productive and don’t loiter on street corners all day, however very few black men are brave enough to read and accept that handwriting on the wall.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro and thats the reason why I refuse to date black women as a childfree black man at 40.

  4. If women’s national soccer/football team win the Euro 2022 trophy final for England this Sunday, it will be the most embarrassing moment in history for men’s national England team.

    Subliminally, it is the Jezebel spirit promotion from mainstream media to humilate westernised males subconciously.

    Psychologically, all westernised women would think they are above all men for winning something for England after 56 years.

    Traditional families have been under attack by the west because of spiritual warfare against true christianity.

    Blackistan churches have all fake blackistan christians and all fake negress christians, including non western societies.

    They are all a joke internationally worldwide.

    No such thing as a godly negress, it don’t exist anywhere on earth.

    A white godly woman on the other hand does exist globally.

    I just have to look in the right places, which I have done recently.

  5. What’s up people? I just came home man. I was at St Pancras international and I have to take a different route because of the strike.

    When I’m on the street, all I see is black women wearing weave. There are more black women wearing weave then ever now. No matter what colour the weave is. The black women spend over seven billion pounds on buying weave every year, just to look white. I’ve been saying all the time.

    There is this thing in America called unborn child support. I think that’s what it’s called. It’s when a woman is pregnant and she can get child support from the father of the baby. Right, men especially black men. You better zip it up or wrap it up. I don’t mind having a son but this child support thing is a terrifying thing for most men, also for black men.

    Hey keep your white sugar honey safe at all times.


  6. Very educational posts about the various versions of the Manosphere. I myself was never so invested. I started out as a fan of the OGs like Tommy, MBD and Obsidian. I kept to the guys with semi-professional radio voices, not mushmouths and Pookies like O’Shea and Angryman. I never respected O’Shea anyway because here he was supposedly amongst some of the most beautiful, marriage-minded white women on Earth in Poland, yet his videos were all about weavehead Shaniqua and Tawanda back in dusty-ass Murca (eyeroll). That’s like if you break out of prison yet all you can talk about is how your old cellmate used to rape you.

    Tommy’s schtick got tired because for all the bs he was talking about grimy BW, he was steady flying them out to his crib etc. Also flying first class on peeps donations, not a good look. And why bring your kid on camera so the daggles can attack her? Too much peacocking for me. Niggas never learn. These Jews and white boys be trillionaires and dress like bums but niggas got to be flexing (eyeroll). YT kept killing his channel so when it disappeared I just never looked for it again.

    The O-Man used to be “the voice of the everyday brother”™ but now he’s trying to emulate St. Kevin lol. The message was better when he stayed off camera, now he’s trying to flex and peacock. Imagine needing a dating coach for the most undesirable females. Pretty wild. He got some sista with him now on camera, the “confirmed bachelor” lol. The voice of the everyday blue-pilled simp. A full 180 from “Why I Refuse To Be The Clean-Up Man.”

    There were a few more OGs like SBW and Rick Scorpio from 2012-2015 who quit making videos.

    Only MBD has remained strong in his message. A lot of older brothers like me were always SYSBM but there wasn’t a name for it. MBD codified it into a lifestyle complete with standards. Even trademarked the name. Kept his face off camera to not dilute the message. He did a lot of things right.

    Funny thing is I see BM trying to mentally twist and contort SYSBM into including BW (eyeroll). “But-But African and Caribbean BW doe!” True SYSBM understands that anywhere there is internet and smartphones, these hoes are daggles. And basic internet shows you they’re undercover ghetto gaggers before they come back to your black ass because Chad only pumps and dumps. SYSBM is a solution to the daggle, but simp negroes can’t let go of their qUeEnz.

    Like Verbs says SYSBM is for the few.

  7. Happy recession everyone!! I mean that sarcastically but seriously, I hope you’re all doing well.

    As we’ve stated before, it’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets any better. We’ve warned you all time
    and time again, to stock up and to look out for your own.

    Hopefully, the younger/ newer SYSBM brothers heeded our earnings.

    I’m still in this god awful state of New York gifting the good fight. People are finally starting to turn on Holchul (who makes me miss Cuomo) and Adams who is worse than DeBlasio.

    Hopefully things get better here, but my hopes aren’t high. I know, I need out of this state but some things are keeping me here; for now. November election is my last hope for this state…

    1. Yeah, you should definitely plan your escape from New York soon; my family left in 2003, and we don’t ever plan on returning there.

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