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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

The phrase of the day is day light robbery, this is exactly what happens when you fail to protect your intellectual property and everything you’ve built up over the years, unknown usurpers will roll in and take full advantage of your shortfall:

Yep, an unknown dude who goes by the name of Dr Spencer Holman has now trademarked the term “The Black Manosphere” and also has a magazine to go alongside the fresh jacking. The original founders of Black Manosphere 2.0 have been outright robbed and to be honest it was their own fault. What’s worst is a black female is one of the primary co-conspirators behind the heist, a YouTuber who goes by the name of Kendra D aka The Crimson Cure.

When you look at Holman’s team it’s full of black women, therefore over time any critiques of the black witch carried under the Black Manosphere banner will be flagged down and removed. What’s even more troubling to me is despite her behind the scenes stabbing in the back of Black Manospherian members, some black men out here are still saying that Kendra D is cool, how the heck does that work?

Oshay and Obsidian have been asleep at the wheel for the longest, claiming to be business men yet failing miserably to protect their very own creation from outside attacks and usurpation. Oshay was too busy tricking, beefing, false flagging and doxxing other folks while Obsidian focused too much on coattailing Kevin Samuels believing that Samuels was going to bring him into the promised land flowing with milk and honey.

Watch this space, over time “the new king” of the Black Manosphere Spencer Holman is going to clean house, being a church beast pastor you already know what direction he’ll be taking the Manosphere in. Like I said before, critiquing dysfunctional black female behaviour will be a no no, any videos doing so will be flagged down by him and his black female crew eventually leading to channels associated with the Black Manosphere being shut down.

Remember, Obsidian was one of the culprits who attempted to take over SYSBM on the slick, however we already saw and knew what he was trying to do, called it out and nipped any dodgy moves he would’ve made in the bud way before execution. We at the SYSBM round table on the other hand are straight, all our paperwork and documents are in check and in order, we have all of our ducks in a row over here.

MBDX is the outright owner of SYSBM, he has the trademark to SYSBM, thus NO unknown outsiders can roll in and take over anything over here, NONE. As much as many have attempted to mock MBD over the years, at least he was smart enough to protect his assets. Unfortunately, some folks in other places need better advisors.

Now you see why SYSBM advises black men to move with extreme caution when it comes down to dealing with black women under any capacity outside of dating(preferably not to deal with them at all if possible) and most certainly to choose stargates of other ethnicities when it comes to dating and mating period.

What are we saving ourselves from, being stabbed in the back by a black female for starters which is what they’re known for. The Black Manosphere brought black women into the fold and now has ultimately paid the price for making such a stupid decision.

You don’t set up a space for black men but then later on invite in the very women who caused you to set up the space to begin with. Like I’ve stated before, most black men are useless and cannot make any decisions without needing that black female approval and involvement.

This is what you get when you attempt to cater towards straggs, ran through, rinsed out, used up babymothers and low quality black females in general bringing them in through the front door. Yep, Dr Spencer Holman is now the KING of the Black Manosphere, Oshay and Obsidian are shortly to be evicted from the house they’ve built up, the Black Manosphere has been co-opted, smh.

Rest assured, if MBD had failed to trademark his brand, somebody would’ve ran the same underhanded move on SYSBM as well. One thing is for sure, they’ll be NO CENSORSHIP of demonstrating black female dysfunction and skullduggery at Slaying Evil, it is business as usual over here.

Finally, the number one reason why SYSBM is still going strong is because NO WOMEN ARE INVOLVED IN THE DAY TO DAY RUNNINGS OF THE LIFESTYLE, we don’t bring women in with the hopes of diving into some contaminated snatch, we’ve got integrity and high standards over here and those will always remain. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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87 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. Original leaders of black manosphere allows a negress to rule over the manosphere.

    They have allowed a random guy out of nowhere to trademark rights with documentation paper work.

    Most black men are a disgrace and useless to societies.

    This is what they get from having lower intellect IQ’s.

    All black females are a waste of space and should vanish like dinosaurs from 66 million years ago.


    1. Witwijf,

      Calling themselves “business men” but having no legal standing, rights nor paperwork when it comes down to their own brand, smh. Additionally, the overwhelming majority of these black manospherians don’t have their own websites, all they have is YouTube. Therefore when pastor Holman really begins to tighten the screws and starts getting their channels taken down, they’ll have nowhere else to turn.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I am so glad that I am not part of the black manosphere and the bullshit that comes with it because I am a independent free thinking SYSBM black man. When I fully start my own online Tshirt brand business very soon, I am too going to get my logo brand trademarked because I don’t want somebody else copying my ideas.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Trademarking is very important especially when you’ve put in so much hard work prior. The fallen Black Manosphere is exactly what happens when you allow daggles into your midst.

    2. #sysbm is successful 🙌 is because this black men only movement stays underground . And don’t even let in white american women in . Because their the 1st to create feminism .

      Don’t even let your non black wives in this movement.
      The last things a married simp needs , is to be remembered as the key 🔑 that open the door 🚪 and let the ideas 💡 of his feminist supporting wife contaminate sysbm ideologies.
      All it takes is one bitch to make the whole house fall apart!.

      1. There should always been Black Male only spaces. It is the only place we are allowed to speak our minds and not be judged for it. No interference from non Black men and from Black women or any women.

        1. Agreed. BW always want to push into BM spaces to control the narrative. They don’t want us comparing notes. The internet and social media is their worst nightmare because their fuckery is now evident worldwide and the tide is turning. They can no longer gaslight us that we’re the problem. These young, black Gen Z boys by all accounts aren’t even checking for the young daggles. Good.

          Keep the “Wall of Indifference™” up. SYSBM is working. No horse trading here.

    3. Let me know when you get the business up and running and we can cross-promote. My business site will be up next week.

      I’ll also give all the brothers on this site a code for 15% off their orders. When it’s up and online, buy ALL my shit!!

  3. This is exactly what happened to the first “sysbm” forum that I was on in the early 00s. The creator slowly started letting in BW and next thing you know it was nothing but drama and arguments. The site went under as most of the BM on there left, it was the creator’s fault by trying to let in BW to what was supposed to be a BM space. Simps don’t understand that there is nothing wrong with having a BM only space, and BW refuse to allow it to exist if they can help it. BW cant have BM getting together and speaking to much, similar to how the plantation owners didn’t want slaves congregating, they might start analyzing their situation and getting ideas. The plantation owners needed their slaves and BW need BM, because they know that no other group of men want them. How often do you see (non-gay) BM trying to squeeze into BW groups?

    Keep the Wall up and SYSBM.

    1. JamesSYSBM,

      An individual can’t claim to be SYSBM but at the same time still be entertaining black women in things within their control, additionally we already know that black women bring nothing but drama, strife, death, destruction, pain and suffering to everything they touch.

      Imagine that, being taken down by the very same group of women they chose to cater and grovel to, Oshay was the first to begin allowing black women first through the backdoor then via the front, the rest of the founders unfortunately followed suit.

      Sadly, most black men simply can’t operate autonomously, they don’t feel comfortable making decisions by themselves, they always have to have a black female hovering around them as well as giving them the nod of approval, smh.

        1. I remember that site and the movie of the same name. That was over a decade ago, wow.

  4. The moment they brought the BW in this was ALL inevitable in some form.

    1. Autodidact,

      These black witches tested the Black Manospherian waters, seeing if those guys were that serious about wanting their own space where they could speak freely, obviously now exposed for being a bunch of blue pilled simps, they failed that test miserably.

      The cleavage showing black jezebel Irene Yvette was one of the first daggles they brought into the fold back in 2017-18, the rest of those dirty harriets followed suit including the black witch of Scalp Summit Cynthia G(what black men would be so desperate for validation to bring HER onto their panels).

      It’s a chicken wrap for the Black Manosphere, this is exactly what happens when you have no standards are choose to be ruled over by the very same women you claim are a major problem within your “community”.

      1. Obsidian lost me when he started having this chick on, I forget her name. First he interviewed her, then she was co-hosting streams. It was like she was on every show for awhile. That’s when I dipped. Negroes just cannot help themselves.

        1. Schadenfreude,

          You must be referring to D’Neika Marie, another YouTuber more popular than Obsidian that he thought he could mooch off just like Kevin Samuels. As King Sigma said, it’s all about staying the course, we know that slow and steady wins the race, however whenever you’re dealing with some of these merchandising elder Gen X Negroes who are only looking out for money and fame, you’ll notice that standards and integrity are thrown right out of the window almost immediately if they feel that they may “strike it lucky”.

  5. Looks like Obsidian and Oshay has overthroned.
    They got bought by the Doctor Paster.

    And that is what you get when they throw the white towel to the Simone56’s hit list and create an alliance with the Divesters and Cynthia G.
    The manophere falls and get brought.

    1. Oshay still got The Negro Manosphere though.
      But Obsidian will try take leadership over the Negro Manosphere because the Black Manosphere is brought and now main-stream.

      1. Michael MisterTea,

        The problem for Oshay is nobody refers to that space as the Negro Manosphere, everybody knows it as the Black Manosphere. However, now that the Black Manosphere has coopted by a black pastor, it will no longer be catering solely to black men, we already know how these black pastors roll.

        1. And also Oshay is a passport ha8ter. The so-called Black Manosphere keeps granting this negro interviews.

          1. Anthony,

            Yet the guy has been travelling all over Africa himself. I know that he’s definitely a thoroughbred SYSBM hater and has been behind many of the attempted instigated beefs between SYSBM and other groups. The Black Manosphere has no standards nor integrity, this is why it was so easy for a pastor(with the assistance of a black female) to roll in and take it over so easily and legally.

    2. Mister Master,

      Exactly, as I’ve stated many times before, give the modern day black female an inch, she’ll break down the entire door and smash the frame.

      I keep on saying that you cannot make deals with the devil and come out on top, the same goes for these disjointed black harriets, sooner or later they’ll make you pay dearly for believing you could “work” with them.

      Indeed, the Simone56/Christelyn Karazin hit list was the beginning of the end, dudes instead of holding their ground and standing strong wanted to have round table discussions with these she devils, we know the rest of the story, smh.

  6. Really, what is the so called black manosphere about anyway ? The very notion of needing a dating coach for the daggle, should turn off any black man with a live brain cell. The daggle has no standards, and almost everything about her is invalid.

    The so called black manosphere caters to the black male simp mentality. The notion that a black man should twist and contort himself in all directions to appeal to the daggle’s fevered neuroses and pathological dysfunction, is patently insane.

    Most narratives being put forth on the so called black manosphere are wholly based on false premises. The same old simp nonsense with a hotep twist. That is all one needs to know about the black manosphere, period, full stop.


    Germany, France and from what I hear, Greece and Italy are fighting tooth and nail against this stuff, finally. I truly believe on the other side of this fear those who don’t get death jabbed will create a far more conservative culture and society. You will also likely see them having more kids.

    Australia is trying harder than ever to restrain ppl, but I see that working less and less (hopefully). Too many are still asleep there, though.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      France is getting ready for national strikes, I have to give it to the French for their spirit, since the dictator Macron announced Covid passports, they haven’t stopped lighting up their streets.

      The Italians are slowly beginning to understand what is at stake, the Brits however for the most part are still sleepwalking into the slaughterhouse.

      Most Brits unfortunately will never wake up and the few that manage to shake themselves out of the trance will only do so once they haven’t had food in days and the army is patrolling the streets checking people’s papers, smh.

    2. And looks like Senator Rand Paul is sounding the alarm too. About frigging time. If this doesn’t wake up Joe the plumber, Harry the hunter or Mack the mechanic & their pro-2nd Amendment kin, then I don’t know what will.

      📌Rand Paul: ‘Resist’ the ‘Great Reset’ – ‘They Can’t Arrest Us All’
      Republican senator calls on public to rise up against tyranny with civil disobedience

      Republican Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has released a statement calling on patriotic Americans to rise up against Joe Biden’s tyrannical government to “resist” the “Great Reset” through mass civil disobedience.

      Senator Paul has called on the public to stand up against unconstitutional lockdowns, mandates, and harmful policies being imposed by “power-hungry” elites. In an op-ed for Fox News, Paul slammed Democrat leaders Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as “tyrants.”

      “They can’t arrest us all,” Paul declared as he urged patriots to “resist” the Democrats’ attempts to “destroy America…” Paul then tore into the Biden administration and Democratic Party for being “drunk on power” and attempting to sabotage the U.S. Constitution.

      Sen. Paul writes:
      “Speaker Nancy Pelosi — you will not arrest or stop me or anyone on my staff from doing our jobs. “We have all either had COVID, had the vaccine or been offered the vaccine. We will make our own health choices.

      “We will not show you a passport, we will not wear a mask, we will not be forced into random screening and testing so you can continue your drunk with power rein over the Capitol.

      “President Biden — we will not accept your agencies’ mandates or your reported moves toward a lockdown. “No one should follow the CDC’s anti-science mask mandates…

      Senator Paul continues:
      “Local bureaucrats and union bosses — we will not allow you to do more harm to our children again this year. “Children are not at any more risk from COVID than they are for the seasonal flu…

      “If a school system attempts to keep the children from full-time, in-person school, I will hold up every bill with two amendments. One to defund them, and another to allow parents the choice of where the money goes for their child’s education.

      “Do I sound fed up to you? That’s because I am. “I’m not a career politician. “I’ve practiced medicine for 33 years. “I graduated from Duke Medical School, worked in emergency rooms, studied immunology and virology, and ultimately chose to become a surgeon.

      “I have been telling everyone for a year now that Dr. Anthony Fauci and other public health officials were NOT following science, and I’ve been proven right time and time again. “But I’m not the only one who is fed up.

      “I can’t go anywhere these days — from work, to events, to airports and Ubers, restaurants and stores, without people coming up to me thanking me for standing up for them. “For standing up for actual science. For standing up for freedom. For standing against mandates, lockdowns, and bureaucratic power grabs.

      “I think the tide has turned, and more and more people are willing to stand up. “I see stories from across the country of parents standing up to teacher unions and school boards.

      “I see members of Congress refusing to comply with Petty Tyrant Pelosi.
      “We are at a moment of truth and a crossroads. “Will we allow these people to use fear and propaganda to do further harm to our society, economy, and children?

      “Or will we stand together and say, absolutely not. “Not this time. “I choose freedom.” 📌


      Wow!! That’s exactly what the masses needed to hear. I hope (EXPECT!) Senator Paul’s speech is will ignite his country’s zombie citizens into action similar to what the French & some other EuroZone citizens are doing BECAUSE I wanna heads roll for this diabolic depopulation conspiracy FACT. 😡😡 😡

      Sadly, we don’t have a Rand Paul in Canada.


    Notice they are now demonizing Desantis like they did Trump when his fully open state is doing no worse than liberal shitholes like NY and Commiefornia. The latter two states honestly need to be bombed out of existence or fall into the sea. I will note, however, that the few people in NY truly going against a lot of this stuff are Orthodox Jews, known for their conservative ways and large families.

    Healthcare workers in Arizona are finally standing up against mandates, too. You think the media will dub them “healthcare heroes?”

    And again, where are all the pastors and Christians protesting this nonsense?

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      It’s long overdue to start hanging these liberal, deceitful so called journalist from trees and lampposts, they are the primary culprits responsible for keeping this Convid scam going, they as well as the evil politicians who continue to vote in measures detrimental towards the people both need to burn in the fire forever.

  9. The manosphere has been dead for a while now, and it started with giving free reign to the same chicks that they supposedly were fleeing. That’s like a Jewish organization trying to grow by reaching out to and giving platforms to nazis.

    These dudes showed their true colors as liberal Simp manginas, no matter how much they may eek and ook about “alpha this, manly that.”

    These guys really just wanted to nut up in some slightly reformed daggles, they had no real interest in fixing the problem. SYSBM pretty much FLEE from the daggle and are all about breeding her out. Thus, these guys were left open to infiltration and being literally bought out. Problem is though, they didn’t even get any real payment out of it.

    These manosphere shines are basically wannabe pastors, and they got beat at that game by a real one.

    1. Yeah, pretty much. Even obsidian of all people is backing off on calling out black women & now tries to tell black men that we need to work it out with them. I used to listen to him a lot back when he first started on YouTube, but now I refuse to do so because of him changing his message.

      1. Robert Hicks,

        Some black men will point blank refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall even if it is slapping them square in the face, heterosexual free thinking black men cannot work anything out with a group of women who have been declaring their utter disdain hatred for us since day one, such a suggestion is absolutely absurd on its face.

        Obsidian unfortunately just like too many other black men lacks integrity, hence why his message has changed in favour of the same black females he once rightfully called out.

    2. Afrofuturism1,

      Yep, the Black Manosphere died as soon as Oshay began doing the One On One interviews with daggles, after that it was a clean chicken wrap once the other founders followed suit.

      Let’s be honest, these dark sirens aren’t even slightly reformed, they didn’t even need to pretend that they had changed, for example look at the black witch of Scalp Summit Cynthia G, she has always taken the “I hate black men” stance and look at how many of these knuckleheaded buzzards invited her onto their panels.

      Pastor Holman is going to turn the Black Manosphere into a church like setting where the women are free to run amuck and do as they please. How can he even call his magazine The Black Manosphere when he has daggles on his team writing for it?

      So, it isn’t enough for the pastor to stick to his own church fleecing silly black women who are all too willing to throw their money into his coffers, nope, now these dudes are actively coming out of their musty caves and catacombs warring against heterosexual black men on behalf of the daggle and her lord and saviour Major Frost(let’s not forget his part in all of this).

      1. { How can he even call his magazine The Black Manosphere when he has daggles on his team writing for it? }

        Perhaps that’s his “game” in order to get some ezy, free skanky daggle puhnani. Ya think? Hey, every male has their “method” of picking up skirts. I reckon “Pastor” Holman will be doing what pastors do best to their dumb, ignorant daggle flock. Watch this space!

  10. This so called Dr. Spencer Holman is a joke. He is supposedly launching a new magazine called “The Black Manosphere Magazine 2021 Core Glossary and Report Card”.

    All the content creators will be daggles.

    LOL !

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      When you look at the list of Black Manosphere content creators mentioned in the sample page, the big 3(Oshay, Obsidian and Angryman) aren’t even at the top of the list, nope, a daggle(Crimson Cure)is given the number one spot, lol.

      We’re not stupid over here, the so called Black “Manosphere” is about to be reformed into something much more black female friendly, we already know this, however those guys over there are in for a very rude awakening.

  11. Thanks for bringing up the fact that a lot of black men are weak. Before someone gets mad I’m a black American man, but that doesn’t stop me from acknowledging the fact that a lot of us are weak & are quick to submit to black women. That’s their fault for allowing women into their spaces. Like you said, why would you allow a group of women that are hell bent on destroying you into your platform you built up? That’s the reason we’re behind other groups of males because we worship women & care to much about what they think instead of seeking power & ignoring what they have to say. SMH

    1. Robert Hicks,

      “That’s the reason we’re behind other groups of males because we worship women & care to much about what they think instead of seeking power & ignoring what they have to say. SMH”

      Bingo ! You nailed it.

      This is the biggest problem with black men as a collective. They’ve had the manhood ground out of them by the unholy alliance of General Blizzard, bankster Chabad, and the scraggle daggle.

      So much so that they’ve lost the natural male instinct to seek power, and instead seek subservience to the scraggle daggle.

  12. Happy Wednesday, SYSBM Bros! I had learned about this situation yesterday on MOT’S channel regarding an unknown person hijacking the Black Manosphere name and trademarking it:

    Now that this random grifter has come through and taken dominion over what others have built, he can now clean house and rewrite the history of the whole space to fit his vision of what the Black Manosphere should be; David Carroll recently did a Rabbit Hole where he mentioned these daggles practicing witchcraft to hurt Black men (they can never do it to make Captain Coldspell love her). I honestly believe these guys are under a spell by these Black witches because they allowed them on their platforms, made them moderators, and they don’t push back against any false narrative these sirens speak.

    The first time around, they tried to cancel the Black Manosphere through flagging their channels down, but now they’ve successfully infiltrated and placed their ideal man in charge; this is what happens when you don’t read the writing on the wall. When the fake academic Aaron Fountain started his yellow journalism crusade against the Manosphere, they should’ve took that as a sign to tighten up and get the trademarks like MBD has done with SYSBM. These guys are really going to be jealous of SYSBM now!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      This is one of the greatest heists in black YouTube and black manosphere history, the grifter pastor rolled in and took full control of a movement that had been a long time in the making. All of the hard work that Oshay, Obsidian and Angryman put in has all been swiped by a swindling cleric with the wilful aid and assistance of a daggle who pretended to be in the black man’s corner(no surprises there).

      Isn’t this what I talked about in my book Negro Wars as well as my church beast book, the fact that there are scheming merchants on every corner seeking to take advantage of ignorant black folks?

      There are too many black men walk around with the “it will never happen to me” mentality and then want to cry foul when what they thought wouldn’t happen happens.

      We’re straight over her bro, we’ve got all of our paperwork and documents in check, no fleecing pastors can attempt any sneaky takeovers of SYSBM and we can’t be censored on calling out black female dysfunction either.

    1. Jesus Christ!!!!! Is it crying? Hell, I am after opening the link!

      That woman is ugly as hell, with body of a man and a face like a horse’s ass. What shade are daggles such as this usually? Yep, you guessed it.

      As you said, this looks like a straight up tranny. That weight lifting tranny couldn’t “pass” worth a damn, but the actual female black woman doesn’t look any better, smgdh.

      1. Ouch ! Spare me !

        That beast is pure unadulterated ugly as a female. As a male it wouldn’t be as ugly, but still not great.

        The sad truth is this. There are plenty of thirsty black male simps who would call it fine. The black male simp has no standards for beauty, and many have latent homo tendencies. Hence their thirst for manly girls and girly men.

        The lowest sort of Bottom Shelf Brads get awful thirsty too. There are plenty of Bottom Shelf Brads who would do it as well.

    2. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but they’ve been pushing the masculine black trannies at us the past month at an alarming rate. From these Olympic trannies like Sha’ Carri Richardson and this Nigerian chick to the black, deep-voiced, foul-mouthed, manly Nina Turner running for office in Ohio (the attractive woman won thank God). Disgusting to say the least. There is definitely a war on beauty out here.

      1. @Schad
        And then Prince Snowie WONDERS…um, “But but…WHY are blaccck men getting all of our hot white womin nowadays??”

        Well, bcuz Lord Euro’s illogical institutional racism over the past 3 or 4 decades have worked beautifully on the dumb BW & their nigga simp partners in crime. Fact!

        However, Black EVOLUTION — in the form of the SYSBM — is now making white males compete with exceptional black male stock in terms of intelligence, education, financial stability & of course the ultimate intangibles of athleticism/looks/composure/Soul-RHYTHM. That is a tough combo to beat.

        And you know what? The SYSBMer doesn’t even need to have Chad-like looks. He just has to be in his element which includes a strong awareness of his surroundings while keeping himself in a respectable PRESENTABLE physically fit fashion which I believe all SYSBMers KNOW is vital in today’s competitive dating scene.

        That’s my logic, but it makes a whole lotta sense bcuz, well, I’m a very logical cat who deals with If-Then-Else-While-Do-Repeat-Until programming logic.

        So, yes, institutional racism was probably a blessing in disguise for Black society bcuz it allowed the cream to rise to the top while the rest, unfortunately due to ignorance, continue to be slaves in da Communitah. I truly believe this.

        And from looking at some of Mad Bus Driver’s disruptive videos like this one, I am 100% RIGHT. Go SYSBM go!

  13. Quite tragic.
    This Holman guy was installed into his artificial position by BWs so he could start exercising censorship powers via social media on the same BM that built up the social media presence. Talk about a masterful bait and switch to place BWs in-control of the messaging.

    The lesson learned, stick to the mission and maintain your integrity.
    Money follows added value in due time, so stay the course.

    Now, you see why the SYSBM mantra grows more attractive by the week.

    1. King Sigma,

      Salute to you fam because from a long while ago you mentioned outsiders coming in and taking over the Black Manosphere in some form or fashion because they guys over there have no standards nor integrity, indeed their love for the daggle only makes the situation worse.

      Like you mentioned before, those guys are short term thinkers, they rarely if ever ponder on the longer term potential. This “I’ve got to have it all now” attitude is what keeps tripping them up, they just aren’t cut out for the long haul.

      The swindling pastor has nothing but daggles as editors so we already know the direction in which he’ll be taking what was once meant to be a space for black men only.

      However, I can’t only fault pastor Holman as the founding members themselves were the first ones to bring in the black females they claimed to be trying to get away from. What a manoeuvre, one that will definitely go down in the black history books as one of the biggest heists of the 21st century.

  14. Good Wednesday afternoon of this Open topic edition,

    I didn’t get a chance to post this news last Wednesday but here it is now.

    Runaways, please come back to “mentaaaaa”. No white, Asian and Hispanic men seen around in these parts to join in the mentor ship. These boys better leave the hood for good just to get proper mentor ship from said ethnic groups of men mentioned above.

    1. Wanting people to waste their time trying to save the devil’s children, hell no. As mentioned, other groups SHUN their wayward youth and communities. You won’t see anyone worth a damn trying to mentor Skeeter and Bubba. Let the devil’s children BURN!!

      1. AfroFuturism1,

        “Wanting people to waste their time trying to save the devil’s children, hell no. As mentioned, other groups SHUN their wayward youth and communities. You won’t see anyone worth a damn trying to mentor Skeeter and Bubba. Let the devil’s children BURN!!”

        All this hotep talk about mentoring black demon spawn is just the hotep crowd’s disingenuous attempts to make excuses and deflect blame for bad black behavior. Black demon spawn should be held fully accountable for the harm they do to others, as should their degenerate parents: Shaniqua and Murder Mike.

      1. It’s probably like the book/movie Carrie, gas up the ugly chick and make her think she’s the prom Queen. I wouldn’t even entertain it though, I’d kill myself if I had for some reason had consensual sex with that beast.

    1. Turns out Cap’s worst foe is not the Red Skull or M.O.D.O.K., but fat ass Lizzo. These hoes have no shame. Ughhh

    2. I was going to make a post about this, but I saw you beat me to it; if I were in Chris Evans’ place, I’d scream “blasphemy” if I heard an obese brawd like Lizzo spread a rumor that I impregnated her.

  15. More than $170,000 raised in 24 hours for mother and three kids facing eviction

    To no one’s surprise this story is about a weaved up, dark skinned BW. The thing to notice though is that her 3 kids look mixed. BW swear that getting a WM is leveling up, but apparently this BW got one and still under up a nearly homeless single mom. Maybe the race of the man isn’t the problem, maybe it’s the women choosing the men that is the problem. Dark skinned, weaved up, used for sex, and abandoned broke with kids. Nothing new here. Keep the Wall up.

    1. Yeah, I noticed the children’s mixed appearance, as well, but what I really wanted to point out was that the media is using an UNEMPLOYED SINGLE BLACK MOTHER OF 3 who is behind on rent as the face of the ones suffering from the end of the moratorium (i.e. the scraggle daggle are the face of the permanent underclass).

  16. Obsidian tries to destroy SYSBM and failed. All of the simps that have tried to mess up SYSBM has failed miserably. But hoping everyone doing well. My birthday is today. 40 years old. They say life begins at 40 but the war continues with SYSBM and the simps. And Verbs, when I heard about this Dr Spencer Holman, I went good God, another simps siding for these scraggles. Since I was in my 30’s, I have seen nothing but simps. We had Monty Woodgrain who was a wood police, the duppy boy Black Authority, Nutwatd TV, True Semen, Woke Poofgressive 2.0 who come out as gay and Bareback Fountain. And now we have a new simp on the block now and this Dr Spencer Holman. Why they are calling themselves doctors and they are not doctors? The reason I stay away from the manosphere is because that there are too many dick police over there. No, I’m good. Anyway I’m goanna enjoy the rest of my birthday with some Amaretto and Dr Pepper. Laters.

    1. Jason “Duppy Boy” Black 🤣

      I’m a “doctor”, therefore I’m smarter than you, nigha. Appeal to authority works on weed smoking dupes. Also falsely claiming to be a PhD candidate.

  17. My uncle (my dad’s sister’s husband) died today, having apparently complained about neck pain for the last few days. I’ll admit, I actually liked him a lot more than my piece of shit uncle (dad’s younger brother) and my aunt, his bitch of a wife. That whore tried to get my own mother’s name OFF of my dad’s obituary, meanwhile made sure that all of my dad’s ain’t shit nieces and nephews that he hadn’t spoken to in years were listed on the obituary.

    Again, black women seem to outlive the hell out of their husbands. Likewise, I don’t know if he had been jabbed, but apparently he had been complaining about neck pain. Sounds like a blood cot/aneurysm to me, likely caused by the death jab if he got it. If so, I honestly can’t feel too sorry for him. I wonder what my fat lazy ass 40 something cousin will do now that he has one less parent to mooch off of.

    1. AfroFuturism1,

      Sorry for your loss. But you know, your cousin might be in trouble. Daggles are all about themselves, and they only become more of a scraggle daggle with age. If the mom takes up with an old simp who is looking for a place to live, your cousin might get the boot.

      1. Her getting another man is hampered by her being old as shit herself, not to mention ugly and mean as a snake. I legit don’t know how she had my uncle, who was known for otherwise not taking shit.

        My cousin will probably be dead himself soon, especially if he takes the 💉. He’s in horrible health and is shaped like a testicular chicken McNugget, having diabetes and a whole bunch of other stuff. Dude is honestly Shawn James level.

        1. “He’s in horrible health and is shaped like a testicular chicken McNugget”


          I gotta use that damn!

  18. Single, unattractive swirler single mother of three biracial daughters gets $170,000 raised for her in one day.
    Noticing a new hustle from these worthless b’s. Hmm. Three kids and no white guy in sight. I thought black men were the ones that impregnate women to create single moms while white men were responsible and stuck around their children through thick and thin.
    Notice the complexion and the general hideousness…

  19. I knew eventually the Daggles, BT1000s & Feefails would be coming to take over The Dysfunctional Black Manosphere. American 🇺🇸 black men as a group are bitchmade to the core. Oshay & Obisidan thought they can fraternize with the opposition & succeed smdh? At 50 I am about SYSBM for life. I love me Some SnowBunnies, RiceBunnies & SalsaBunnies.

    1. Over 50 here & fully agree. Full Team Ricebunny here.

      Snowbunnies are racing to the bottom with the daggles they imitate. Either that or racist Karens, or on some angry feminist #MeToo shit.

      We can agree on no daggles, though. The very last one I messed with was in 1991.


      1. Well said my brother. The SnowBunnies I am referring to are in Eastern Europe. The Salsa/Latin Bunnies are the truth. You still have to vett them to make sure they are not Zaddy lovers. The Asian Bunnies are gems.

        1. Samuel Smith,

          Eastern European women are the best white women on the planet right now, over here in the UK I’ve seen quite a few black men(especially African men) with Eastern European women.

          1. The secret sauce in UK is Polish, Czech & Romanian women are actively looking for Black men (UK, African, US) mainly because the White men in the UK don’t trust them (hangover from the Cold War) and they tend to do the jobs (here we go again) that the local population does not what to do.

            1. I done told you I had a married Romanian woman as my boss flirting heavy with me on the job, even coworkers were turning side eyes. Yes, Black men are sought after for eastern European women.

    2. Samuel Smith,

      Regularly since August 2016 I’ve been demonstrating on this website the fact that black women can’t be trusted, only foolish black men believe that they can “work” with black women when the black female’s occupation as per the instructions of General Blizzard is to keep black men and black society flat on their faces.

      This slick takeover is proof that black women will move in to either take over, sabotage or do both to any constructive endeavours black men embark upon. As the saying goes, one must NEVER negotiate with terrorists especially those of the black female variety.

      1. The additional problem is that Dr. T is actively in the dating market dating, you guessed it.

        So he is somewhat surprised (C’mon man!) when he was CATFISHED. I mean, didn’t Neve get in trouble (by BW) for saying it’s mostly Black women on his show that are doing the CATFISHING?

        He was made to apologize for it.

        So when somebody is RIGHT about Black women behavior, when another person who teaches at a University is also right about Black women still fuck around with Black women? For Neve it’s a business move, they want to be on the show just as BW want to be on Maury Povich (Sally Jesse Raphael, Jenny Jones, etc, etc, etc) IE seen by their ratchet friends for their 15 mins of fame.

        This is why there is no hope for the Black Manosphere

  20. And the award for “Simp of the Day” goes to:

    Cocaine is one hell of a drug; couple that with methamphetamine, and your brain can be likened to the egg frying in the skillet. So, this guy hatched this plan to have his wife kidnapped so he could come in later and “save her”; separation anxiety must’ve got to him.

    1. Chabad Chev, ADL Chad and Bottom Shelf Brad: B…but we wuz KANGZ and shit in Ukraine and the Stans maann! KANGZ!

      But in the view of these clowns black men are savages and that us dating out, is ‘white genocide’. What a sad and pathetic joke. No different from all these ‘Blood and Soil’ goosestepping hoteps who run around spouting outdated nonsense from the 1500s with no strategy or endgoal in mind, just more clickbait to draw in idiots.

      These race purists are a joke, the Soviets and the Lord Euro/Shaniqua coalition can’t stop fighting each other over trailer trash and NEET scum and what remains is either marginal or run ironically, by people Brad and Chad don’t consider to be of the Nordic race. It’s basically two Hispanics and an Irish guy trying to supposedly ‘save’ the people who treated them like trash, and used them as slave labor from racial annihilation by dog-whistling to the dick police crowd and providing the occasional tibit of information on the various hairbrained schemes of Shaniqua and the KGB in order to get that paycheck from Lord Eiberstein and Banker Rothschild.

      And check this out, one of the Hispanic guys trying to ‘save’ the Anglo-Saxon race started ebegging and turned into a big shill for emigration to Israel, because it would help ‘keep the huwhite race pure and free from interbreeding’. But I thought that he was trying to save white people from the evil tribe from Central Asia!

      Why is he promoting Zionist strategy and Kremlin goals while acting as a outright opponent of liberal degeneracy and Russian expansionism? They hate assimilation and any form of real unity, why do you think they used white men to clear the way for their schemes?

      The chosenites don’t want people to know that a lot of their kind are returning to Ukraine and some of them are leaving Israel and going to the US to live. A lot of these immigrants are basically white and don’t even care about the Talmud.

      And of course the guy is a Mexican and a MGTOW shill…..but it’s black men who get all the blame these days.

      Oooh, the irony…..and they wonder why nobody takes them and/or black women seriously.

      This, as well as other incidents and events have caused me to reach the conclusion that all race purists are government agents and should be treated as such. No wonder white women are running to black men at record rates now, who wants whiny emos and bratty children as leaders and potential fathers?

      Notice that not one of these idiots ever mention anything about getting out on the street and banding together in real life, doing protests in key locations and and handing out flyers to the right people, as well as getting your message out on the road. All they can do is just sit back and bitch and moan online, like the cowards they are.

      I have to give Russians and Ukrainians, as well as Turks, Arabs and Japanese credit. They actually get off their asses and take action. I have to give it to them.

      And the simps… god do we have to say more? From Umar and his scams to the absolute worthlessness of these people during the CONVID-1984 plot.

      This incident only proves once more that projection is never healthy and that modern white nationalism, as well as pro black Valkism is a money making scheme and a form of extortion via protection racket, in order to intimidate good people out of their hardearned money and get the likes of Nikolai Tesla and Aaron Swartz to go to Soviet Israel where they can work as slaves to help Likud kill Arabs and other so-called ‘Jews’ and build the AI fake god in the Third Temple.

  21. You know, I kept on asking this question to myself and to others, was I wrong for unsubscribing from the black manosphere? Turns out, maybe I wasn’t wrong. Maybe I did do the right thing by unsubscribing from the black manosphere. When I saw MBD’s video about the black manosphere getting hijacked, I was like yeah, they shouldn’t let them random people into that space. What the hell they were thinking? I thought the black manosphere was suppose to be a space for brothas to come together. How the hell they just let a rando take over their space? Somebody explain to me, what all happen with the black manosphere? They just went from black men coming together to being a freaking circus show, and it’s sad. Then, when they let them black women into that space, that Jessica X chick, and that Melody chick, probably some others I don’t remember, it was a sandwich wrap from them. I’m guessing some folks were right that said the majority are probably gonna stick to their own, and that’s probably one of the things why I stand out from the majority because I don’t look at race like that. Like I said before, I’m cool being around the SYSBM and Passport Bros Spaces because I can relate to this group. SYSBM until I Die.

    With Covid-19 still going on, They getting extreme desperate to the point where not only they trying to kill us, but they gone kill themselves too, with all these agendas they pushing. They now tryna go back into lockdowns and making people wear masks, plus they made a dumb move, trying to force vaccinations mandates, making it legal, trying to blame it on the unvaccinated, playing that segregation game, and it’s gonna get to a point where some shit bout to pop off, and you can blame these corrupt politicians and globalists. They can put all the labels out there all they want to, but at the end, their actions speak louder than what’s coming out of their mouths, and that’s for damn sure. All this goal post moving and shit, yeah it’s getting to a point where people are gonna start asking questions. I swear a dime is gonna get dropped on all this shit, because how long are they gonna keep lying, and keep playing the victim? I’m examing the shit they say, their word play, and their actions, because I know they hiding something. Like why are they censoring all the doctors and other people who speaking up against this corruptness? Like Jim kelly said: “They come right out of a comic book.”

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      The impression given was that the Black Manosphere was supposed to be a safe haven for black men where they could air their grievances without being ridiculed and mocked by the black witch contingent, a place that supposedly came about due to black women and the mainstream media not giving black men any airtime in their spaces to tell the other side of the story regarding black male/black female relations as well as the state of “da communitah”.

      The reality however is completely different, they merely pretended to set up their own space away from the daggle, however when black women came knocking on the door, they couldn’t wait to let them in. As commenter Michael MisterTea broke it down, it was the Simone56/Christelyn Karazin hit list that really showed how weak those guys were under moderate trials, tribulation and adversity, even David Carroll at the time had to call them out on how quickly they caved in and ran back grovelling to the daggle.

      As I’ve stated before, the guys in the Black Manosphere for the most part have no integrity nor standards, as we’ve seen with the likes of Irene Yvette and recently with China White, Melody, Jessica X etc, if you’re a halfway decent looking female, you can simply roll into the space and begin exercising authority and dominion over hoards of blue pilled black male simps who will be more than happy to lick your muddy boots and shine them up too.

      As mentioned before by many brothers here, SYSBM is for the FEW, NOT the many. Most black men can’t operate without having the nod of approval and the wink from the black witch or some other female and most black men will continue to deal with black women at their own peril.

      As for the plandemic, the Covid-19 bioweapon is exactly that, a weapon. It is NOT A VACCINE because by definition a vaccine is supposed to provide immunity/protection from said disease/virus, this so called “covid vaccine” provides neither and yet we still have mullet headed folks rolling up their sleeves willing to play Russian Roulette as well as subjecting themselves to being lab rat substitutes, smh.

      The goalpost moving has gotten beyond ridiculous at this point, over here in the UK when the bioweapon was first introduced back in December 2020, the government stated that only the elderly and the vulnerable needed to get jabbed, now they’re moving in for everybody, even children who they’ve been saying from the beginning are practically invulnerable to the so called “virus”.

      Many folks are stupid out here, however I’m not one of them. I know a blatant scam when I see one.

  22. So, the CONVID train rolls on running without rail tracks, this shit is older than 2 year old prime rib.

    So in between 12 year olds being banned from school of they don’t take the clot shot, Costa coffee requiring papers to drink their hot piss to TfL shit midget Sadiq Khan wanting non mask wearers to be criminally charged… oh and the bullshit delta variant could entail another lockdown.

    None of it will ever hold.

    It’s a little tiring to be surrounded by the so-called “superior race” wearing dog muzzles as a virtue. Honestly the amount of skinny jean soy latte bitches voluntarily declaring themselves virtuous slaves is something else. They must get off on being big government’s bitch. The women aren’t any better.

    Yet the low class, ain’t shit, low IQ dark skin nigha with nothing going on, full of ebola and zika isn’t scared to death of the superflu. Funny that.

    1. Michel,

      The Convid scam is still able to run because there are too many knuckleheads in this country just doing what they’re told, not asking questions and labelling anybody who attempts to open their eyes to a different angle as a “conspiracy theorist”.

      Meanwhile across the English Channel the French are rebelling like there’s no tomorrow, packing out and lighting up their streets. As I’ve stated before, the only time that “some” Brits will snap out of the trance is when their bellies have been empty for a week and the army is on the streets bashing anybody over the head they see.

      Khan is a liberal knucklehead who needs to be replaced immediately. The level of compliance from the sheeple is so disappointing, however can we expect anything else from them?

      Nope, Admiral Frost doesn’t have any fire in his chest for his own government going rouge, however have 3 Negroes miss their penalties and these spineless shines start baying for blood and act like the end of the world is nigh, smh.

      1. { Nope, Admiral Frost doesn’t have any fire in his chest for his own government going rouge, however have 3 Negroes miss their penalties and these spineless shines start baying for blood and act like the end of the world is nigh, smh.

        Yep, same thing in some of these allegedly “CONservative” alt-media pro-2A blogs where I’m now seeing more stooopid race articles purporting blacks to be “more racist than whites” or how everybody’s “hating on whitey” & all manner of idiotic journalistic focus when the main focus should be on their WHITE 1% bankster overlords in Jew York, DC, London, Paris, Brussels & Hell Aviv who have brought in this CONvid vaccine to — you can make this shit up! — KILL whitey! Frigging idiots I tell ya.

        They appear (maybe I’m over reacting…nah!) to be enthralled with dick policing & being the “superior” race. Meanwhile, Lord Euro & Lord Ziostein, who incidentally looks just like them, has been cuckolding them for decades by playing race games with their weak minds while showcasing alpha male BBC a la BLACKED, BangBros et al drilling their precious innocent snow bunny progeny with reckless abandon. 😀😂😁

        Yes, they are spineless compliant shines.

  23. D. K. Phantom

    You did the right thing by unsubscribing from the Black Manosphere.

    The manosphere become a joke after Simone56’s hit list.

    The reason why I always bring up Simone56’s hit list even this was 4 years ago and I like explain to SYSBM brothers on this website where the hit list and the origins of the downfall of the black Manosphere.

    Before the hit list, where Oshay, Obsidian and Angryman created the Black Manosphere, the manosphere was all about 2 things: Building and solution.
    Where BM had their own space. Where they talk about how to better yourself, building your wealth and business. You had people in the space teach you money management, taking red pill and brother pill where they get counselling to become masculine because of the Liberal/Material environment. Like SYSBM and Verbs’s Slaying Evil where BM can detox the toxic Bull Crap where BM goes through, talk about travelling.
    Brother become better version of themselves and the BM were flourishing.

    Then this Simone56’s hit list came because BM are becoming more Self-Aware and become a threat to the Matriarchy and flagging down BM’s YouTube Channels because BM becoming smarter.

    During the BM purge, Obsidian and Oshay went to the Black Feminist group and tell them they want to call it a ‘Truce’ and wave the ‘White Flag’ – Stupid idea.

    Also Obsidian want to have this unholy Alliance between the ‘Black Feminist Groups’ and the Black Manosphere because they thought that Black Swirlers had the power to pull the plug on the Black Manosphere (not true), so they cave in and have this alliance.

    The deal was the Black Feminist Group will stop the purge if the BW becomes and member and administer the Black Manosphere, which Obsidian did.

    This is where some BM got blocked and banned from the Mansophere group and it turns out that the BW were Youtube Moderators (wrench) on the panel, kicking out all the SYSBM.
    Obsidian and Oshay not just invite BW to the group, BW manage to take over.
    Now you see the likes of Cynthia G, Irene Yvette, Nylah Says and notice some BW were ex-Ghetto Gaggers, Swirlers, nor turn Pro-Black join the panel which where the drama begins.
    When BW fail to take over the Manosphere, BW decide to bring the big guns – their simp enforcers like Taz the Goat into the panel. This is where the beef, drama kicks in.
    Now the manosphere is all about women, PUA, instead of taking the ‘Red-Pill’ to become the better version of themselves which Red-Pill was all about, now they they take the Red-Pill to attract not normal wife-matrial women, no they want to attract the Scraggle Daggles, the hoes. Talk about having ‘Game’ and ‘Swag’ just to date Daggles. Not quality women, hoes.

    On top of it all, Obsidian want the Homosexuals and LGBT to lead the Black Manosphere. I am glad that MadBusDriver withdraw from the Manosphere because of this mess.
    I feel bad for Angryman because he was against BW part of the Manosphere. But it was an 2 to 1 odds.

    Even Kevin Samuels made good videos showing black men how to better themselves. My advice to Kevin is to not affiliate with the Manosphere. It is funny because Obsidan and Oshay see Kevin as a Manopshere ‘God’ or some sort of Manosphere Messiah/Leader of the Black America.
    Kevin does his own thing, he is not interesting in being some living God.

    Obsidian said, the reason why he let BW into the panel so he can expose BW. I say you do not need to invite to expose, as he just let them in and infiltrate the Manosphere.

    Manosphere was use to be a safe haven for BM to heal and once you let the liberals in like a Trojan Horse, it is no longer a haven, just like the City of Troy.

    1. Michael,

      You forgot to mention that the Simone56’s crew has Sophia Nelson as a lawyer on YouTube to shut down the Manosphere. Another reason why Oshay and Obsidian submit to the Divestors.


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