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Even When They Speak Right By You, Watch Out!


A Freudian slip. Really woman, pulling the homosexual card on black men who have raised legitimate concerns surrounding this modern day black female and her totally dysfunctional behind? Leveraging that homosexual jive nonsense, isn’t that typical behaviour of the daggle? Somebody here before stated that Ali is a daggle just like the rest and with this reckless comment she’s recently made. I beginning to believe it.

So, you wrote The Black Man’s Guide To Understanding The Black Woman over 30 years ago knowing exactly what these modern day black females are like only to about face in 2021 and accuse some black men who’ve raised legitimate concerns about black women of being “turned out” by other men, such a comment doesn’t even make any damn sense, however when do black women ever make any logical sense?

Even if we run with this ludicrous suggestion for a moment, seeing as how most black men are raised by black women, wouldn’t the blame for that type of violation fall back on these black queanies yet again?

Not that we didn’t know this already, however this type of action simply goes to show you how as I’ve already stated in my book Negro Wars, black women cannot and should never be trusted under any circumstances even if they appear to be on your side and seem to be saying “the right things”.

A legitimate question I’ve asked before, I’ll ask once again, of all the black women who were brought into the Black Manosphere, which one of them still remains steadfast until this day fighting for black men and their causes, I’ll wait?

The problem with a lot of black men is they’re too used to being given directions and instructions by women, hence why it wasn’t difficult for those women who did to enter the Black Manosphere to turn it into a pile of ashes and rubble within a short period of time.

A MANosphere is supposed to be for MEN ONLY, therefore a black manosphere is meant to be for BLACK MEN ONLY. That low key homosexual jab Ali took at free thinking brothers is one of many reasons why more black men instead are choosing to take their chances with women of other ethnicities, we’re done dealing with chameleon females flipping and flopping more times than a fish fresh out of water.

From talking about how black women need to be held accountable for their actions(which is correct) to pulling a move typical of the scraggle daggle just to appease the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure. Gentlemen, we’re on our own, it’s not that we didn’t know this already, however lug headed statements like this tend to bring in fresh confirmation.

Any black man who believes that he can get solid allies out from the black witch’s coven is a straight up fool, sadly mistaken and this is one of the primary reasons why so many black men fall for the Okey Dokey when a half way decent looking female appears on the scene and begins speaking “the right words”.

Finally, remember a black woman going by the name of TC Writer who around 6 years ago came out with the book I Hate Black Women, she’s yet another example of a black female who eventually folded to the pressure and settled back in with her fellow disjointed black harriets.

Where is her book today, nowhere to be found, not even on Amazon. SYSBM continues to speak for itself and low key jabs like this will forever justify the existence of the lifestyle. It is far better to deal with demure, humble, feminine, good looking, in shape women than to expose yourself to monsters like these below. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Black Witch Cannot Be Trusted

Most High Bless

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41 thoughts on “Even When They Speak Right By You, Watch Out!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    It’s no surprise to me that Ali is a black women daggle who hates the idea of decent black men getting into mixed race relationships with non black women because she feels that it’s killing off the black race and that it leaves black women with only the thug type of black man which is ironic because they are the same ruff neck black men that these black women love so much. I am so glad that I refuse to date black women because I know my self worth as a free thinking childfree SYSBM black man at 39.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Shahrazad Ali is one of these black love proponents just like Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson who believes that free thinking brothers should roll back into “da communitah”, step up to save these benighted queanies and their devil spawn seedlings.

      Not me, I’m good, I’ll pass. Black women are going to have to lay in the bed that they’ve made, I won’t be stretching out my hand to save any of them in their days of tribulation and distress.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I ain’t saving no black women who made stupid poor life choices especially if she became a single mother with multiple kids from multiple wutless thug black men. No thanks I will pass because I am only interested in creating my own nuclear family and having kids with good looking childfree non black women.

      2. And Minster Jap, Kevin Samuels, David Carroll, Papa Smurf (Coach Greg Adams), Sa Netta, Dr. Claw (Jason Black), Tommy Sotomayor by his actions not what he’s said in the past, Fresh and Fit in a round-around way.

        All these niggers want a function Black Community like that ever existed! Black Elites never fraternized with there rank and file and they aren’t going to start now.

        1. Anthony,

          I remember when Minister Jap went on his passport hating spree. There is never going to be a functioning black community every again because black women themselves don’t desire to have one. All the names you mentioned are living in a dream world if they believe for one second that they can somehow achieve functionality within black society without first bringing the modern day black female back into line.

          Black women are quite comfortable residing under the wings of Lord Euro as well as opening their legs to Cheezy Grillz and Field Mouse, they simply aren’t interested in preserving their own heritage. Those guys you mentioned aren’t going to tell younger black men to walk away from black women, however I’ve got absolutely no problems doing it because I recognise and accept that this modern day black female is done.

    2. Because these pyramid head, hoteps know full well that a community does not prosper unless it’s worker bees are on board.

      Since we are mainly worker bees, they get mad at us for seeking women beyond the shores of the United States or United Kingdom.

      Continue to refuse Black women, I concur and fully support your position Q

  2. I was the one who mentioned Ali stating she ain’t no different than any black females.

    All black females are the same everywhere on planet earth.

    Anyone who believes in a negress unicorn is a damm fool, it don’t matter whether she’s foreign or not.


    1. Witwijf,

      The black female unicorn is pretty much extinct at this point. So called “good black women who could’ve spoken out against the dysfunctional black female have remained silent which automatically makes them co-conspirators in wanting to keep the matriarchal gynocratic hellhole going.

      1. No such thing as BW that support Black men. If they do, they are cannon fodder I have said this 100 times now, they MAY find a few BM that will buy into what they are selling, but the majority will end up cat ladies.

        Nope, keep the wall up.

    1. You called it, deep embedded sleeper agent, it took over 30 years for her to blow her cover. BW heathens stay on the front lines for any LGBTQP degeneracy over their own men or communities, then low-key accuse straight BM of being “turned out by a man” LMAO.

      Dealing with these black hoes is nothing but a vicious circle of bullshit. Niggas who still deal with these heffas suffer from Stockholm Syndrome like Patty Hearst.

      I salute all you brothers who have successfully broken the cycle and made new timelines with new stargates. Like Verbs constantly says, abandonment is the only solution, we need to prune this timeline.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        It’s funny, when Ali conducted all of those interviews with black men 30 years in order to compile her “The Black Man’s Guide To Understanding The Black Women” book, back then she wasn’t talking about “being careful” concerning any black female dysfunction statements coming from black men nor did she mention the possibility of those black men making such statements being “turned out” by other dudes, smh.

        As I’ve stated in many of my articles in the past as well as Negro Wars, black women pretend to be allies of black men in order to take advantage of them, however those of us who are not blind can see that currently they aren’t doing a very good job of hiding their disdain and disgust for us either.

        Yes sir, abandonment is the only sensible way forward for the heterosexual free thinking black man, leave the pro black simps to lick the muddy boots of their pro LGBTQP daggle squads.

  3. I swear on my lord, black women be doing a good ass job shutting down the black man. All this shit talking the black women be doing to the black man, putting false labels on us even though it’s the dudes they stay choosing, it’s making me sick to my stomach. It’s no wonder why I lost attraction for the black woman. Always being a savage, being sexual and violent everywhere they go, ain’t got one, and I mean one, nice thing to say about the black man, always got to put us in a light that makes us the bad guy, like we ain’t shit, no love at all, but want a freakin fantasy of a black man. I might’ve ask this question before, but hell I ask it again: With black men, do we got women to procreate and build legacies with? Like white men got white women, Asian men got Asian women, Latino men got Latina women, but the black man, what do we have? After looking at this, I said to myself that maybe I was right: We probably not gonna be seeing black couples like that in the future, well in America, I don’t know about other countries with black population. If I do see a black couple, nine times out of ten, it’s probably a hood couple, or liberal black couple. I better off dating/procreating/starting a legacy outside of race, because I always told myself I’m probably better off either with a non black woman, or a mixed woman. I’m better off with either a Latina, Asian, European, Indian (maybe), or a mixed woman. I’ll take that as a Gen Z black man more than taking a woman of my own race who wants to stay shitting on the black man 24/7.

    1. Dude, breed ’em out. Make more exotic lightskin girls that they hate. Truth be told I would have thought these pancake box mammies would have been extinct a long time ago. SYSBM.

  4. I was thinking about this last night, with the recent trademark of the ‘black manosphere’ name, said black manosphere is now owned by the black wo-manosphere.

    My thoughts on the Shahrazad Ali video from above, black folks like to use Malcolm X’s line on you must protect the black woman. Well, it was when black women at the time was of quality and respect in the 1960s on back. Ali’s message on how she spoke concerning black women must get themselves together and respect decent black men or get left behind was 30-40 years ago and will not registered in today’s western black culture.

    The modern day western black culture was created as a wreck if you tune to BET, TV One and the likes with no positive image of black folks. By seeing Ali’s video, she gave up after being attacked in recent decades by the women that she tried to help. All Ali can say that she’s married and these women aren’t.

    One statement she made: “There’s a lot of men talking about US as black females out here.” Once she injected herself into this conversation as ‘US’, she opened herself wide open to criticism which we will see throughout today’s blog.

    1. As much as I admire Malcolm X, he had it wrong about black women. Now, I will grant you that black women have fallen a long way since Malcolm’s time. But the truth is that black women had already been turned into corrupted pathological creatures by General Blizzard’s culture, long before Malcolm X came along.

      1. According to Wikipedia, Ali agreed along with white supremacist Craig Cobb that the black and white races should be separated.

  5. I kind of find it odd because this is the same woman (Ali) who mention in the 70s that if the BW do not become wife-material, they will not get pick.
    Now she is shaming men.
    The reason why she is doing it because she knew the BW are lost cause.

    It is basically saying “If you can’t beat them. Join them”.

    1. Mister Master,

      Joining the daggle brigade is NOT an option for black men with their heads screwed on straight, we’ll be leaving that to the pro black male simps. Ali needs to appeal to the clean up men/janitors of black male society to rectify the black female’s deepening mess, productive black men aren’t about to bail out used, up, ran through, rinsed out women with bastard children en tow.

      1. The problem is this – They don’t want SIMPS, it doesn’t agree with their DNA. They are not the strong best of the breed so they are not sexually attracted to those men. They are just convenient shock troops to try to keep you from leaving the plantation.

        That is why they attack us, we have passports and have experienced women of other races and come to the conclusion that BW of any stripe are not for us.

        1. Anthony,

          Black women will have to settle for the simps because no black man worth his salt is going to waste his time with them, additionally there aren’t enough available thugs to go round either because most of them are either in jail, prison or 6 feet under.

  6. Shahrazad Ali is the original “pick me” ambassador for the scraggle daggle; Man Of Tomorrow did a livestream 2 months ago on Ali and how she is doing the same thing as game dudes:

    Look at her book’s title, “The Black Man’s Guide To Understanding The Black Woman”; she’s basically teaching Black men the game on how to deal with dysfunctional Black females rather than avoid them entirely! What good is Shahrazad Ali’s book nowadays when we have social media where these brawds tell on themselves?

    We as SYSBM Practitioners understand the BW very well, therefore we seek out quality stargates from cultures where they embrace traditional values and promote femininity; the communitah is bereft of such a culture. Don’t try to understand the daggle; abandon the daggle. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I’ll keep on saying it, a lot of these elder black folks are full of garbage, encouraging younger black men to walk into the fire when it comes down to black women instead of directing them to choose the more sensible option of simply walking away. Ali knows that these daggles are a completely lost cause, yet still wants productive black men to “step up” and save them from the consequences of their trandsgressions, sorry, not me, never, I’m good, I’ll pass.

      So according to Ali, if black women critique dysfunctional black women then it’s cool, that type of examination and scrutiny can be taken seriously, however if the same is coming from black men, at that point we have to “be careful” because some black men have ulterior motives even though the heifer outlined the same gripes, concerns, shortfalls and grievances in her Black Man’s Guide To Understanding The Black Woman book 30 years ago plus, make that make sense.

      Like you said, in the 21st century we fully understand the modern day black female and as a result understand why any black man with sense and intelligence needs to seek out love and companionship amongst non black women instead. #ABANDONFOREVER #SYSBM

      1. I’m starting to put BGS IMOR in that group of elders who pine for a functional Black Community when that has never existed.

        He is siding with helping the future Elite Black men with finding a mate, the few BW going to Ivy League schools, high end schools like Stanford and Notre Dame.

        He basically agrees with SYSBM being a solution, BUT….. It’s not a solution he agrees with.

        Not a Passport H8ter but close.

        Meanwhile, Dennis Jean Pierre has posted a video of a woman riding a bike on the parkway in Rio give him the stare down as she rides by him walking. She stops, clearly hoping he comes by, he does, they chop it up for a second and within a minute of meeting they exchange information and she asked him straight out “Do you have a girlfriend?”

        As 1Master Teacher has asked “And you need game overseas?”

        The answer is NO, you don’t need game. That said, you can’t be dorky/corny and you can’t be fat.

        That’s basically it.

  7. It is just not possible for Negro females to have wholesome interaction with Negro males. In the Americas, hundreds of years of slavery and racism has made it impossible for Negro men and women to have the sort of relationships that men and women of other races enjoy. Likewise, colonialism has forever poisoned the interaction between black men and women in Africa.

    Where ever there is a history of white people dominating black populations, the black female is co-opted by the dominating white culture. The black female becomes a tool of the dominating white culture, a tool used to spy on, control, and manage black people, especially black men.

    The black female’s first loyalty is always to the dominant white society, it always has been and it always will be. This is true in Africa as well, because colonialism inflicted many of the same pathologies on black people as slavery did in the Americas. Colonialism was really slavery lite.

    SYSBM has got it right. Any black man who is able to do so, should have a non black stargate and a non black life partner. I started out as a black male simp like most black men do. This is what da communitah teaches black males to do, become simps. Fortunately, I have the sort of mind that is capable of learning from observation and experience. So as I got older, I began to see the scraggle daggle for it was, and the black male simp for what it was. I only wish someone had introduced me to the tenets of SYSBM when I was a child.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Where ever there is a history of white people dominating black populations, the black female is co-opted by the dominating white culture. The black female becomes a tool of the dominating white culture, a tool used to spy on, control, and manage black people, especially black men.

      The black female’s first loyalty is always to the dominant white society, it always has been and it always will be. This is true in Africa as well, because colonialism inflicted many of the same pathologies on black people as slavery did in the Americas. Colonialism was really slavery lite.

      SYSBM has got it right. Any black man who is able to do so, should have a non black stargate and a non black life partner. I started out as a black male simp like most black men do. This is what da communitah teaches black males to do, become simps. Fortunately, I have the sort of mind that is capable of learning from observation and experience. So as I got older, I began to see the scraggle daggle for it was, and the black male simp for what it was. I only wish someone had introduced me to the tenets of SYSBM when I was a child.

      Nothing more needs to be added.


  8. I was wondering if Shahrazad Ali was a daggle. I was wondering that if she’s a ghetto dungle. You know something, might be. I think that she’s upset that she is seeing black men who are with non black women. But when you see a black woman who is a pro wank queen, black men will avoid that in a second because everyone knows that pro wank women like MsArchducess are nothing but whores. They had sex with a whole leap of thugs, worthless men, hopeless men and unproductive men. And they had kids with these dudes. And you know something else? They still like these types of men. As I turned 40 on Wednesday, I just see the black women as ratchet. the more ratchet they act, the more they are undateable.

    1. Money Cultural,

      Damn, did you say MsArchducess, is that black witch still going? That’s a name that I haven’t heard in ages. At this stage the only thing for free thinking black men to do is simply walk away, black women as a group have to be the most blockheaded individuals on the planet, expecting miracles out of the stupid and calamitous decisions they make, no other ethnicities of women think like that as a collective.

      Black women open their legs to knuckleheads and jackasses and yet walk around with a chip on their shoulder against the productive black men they’ve purposely given a wide berth to, smh, make that make sense. Pro black women are some of the worst because they’re the same ones who will jump into the arms of Admiral Frost in a heartbeat.

      Ali is trying to save the daggle, however black women long ago crossed the point of no return, they’re now going to have to stew, marinate, and burn in their own failures and I won’t be helping them out in their coming days of distress, pain and suffering.

      1. These black witches had their days. They are heading to a gutter which they will never come out. But their thing is that these simps like Dr Foolmar Johnson, Woke Poofgressive 2.0, Shawn James, the ghost of YouTube The Black Authority and Bareback Fountain will save them.

  9. Ali is and was always a hotep, whose ultimate goal was to stick to the proverbial white man and have some magical unicorn strong black family. Sadly, anyone with any brains knows that this is now an impossibility in the US and other western nations.

    Ali sees more interracial marriages among black men on the rise and knows that the next generation of Al B. Sures, Alicia Keys’ and such will want nothing to do with “empowerment” for the few remaining non-mixed blacks that actually worship them just for being lighter. Thus, she needs more simps and hotep legions in order to keep this shitshow going, no matter fruitless it’s become.

    Hoteps are communists and socialists at hard, that’s why they want worth a damn black men to come in and waste their time and money fixing the mess that Taquiesha, Laroyolanda, Dee Bo, Nook Nook, LaJasper and Jarnathan Toothass caused. Nope, not me, that would just put me at their low level while they squander what I give em. Let the devil’s children BURN!!!

    1. What’s funny is there is a documented history and pattern to decent black men coming back to the hood to rebuild only to get victimized or even killed by nigga savages, the most obvious example of which is Nipsey Hussle. No thanks. All these strong, independent babymamas keep spreading their legs for Man Man and Trap Gawd, let them clean up the hood.

    2. AfroFuturism1,

      You nailed it so well. This hotep narrative about organizing da communitah and building da black nation is an old hustle that has played out. For generations hoteps used it to appeal to the heartstrings of black men worth a damn.

      These hotep preacher pimps and welfare pimps got rich by conning donations from worth a damn black men and getting ‘gubmint’ funding for their various scam organizations. They claimed these organizations were providing some public good, but in reality they were mostly scams to enrich a few hotep welfare pimps. Hence the term ‘welfare pimp’.

      These welfare pimps usually live in luxury gated developments far from da communitah. They use their ‘gubmint’ grants to fund lifestyles of debauchery including several side chicks (black and non black), while spewing hotep rhetoric to their ignorant black constituencies. The sad thing is that there are still plenty of ignorant black male simps who still fall for this played out scam.

      The hoteps know that if more and more black men go SYSBM, their gubmint and rich liberal white supremacist funding dries up. They will then have to do honest work for a living like everyone else.

    3. Afrofuturism1,

      These pro black bootlicking communist minstrels aren’t sticking anything to Admiral Frost, all they do is talk, talk, talk and talk some more, however they’ve got plenty of fire in the tank for black men who choose to seek out love and companionship elsewhere though.

      The black family is dead, we already know the history, history that this black female is attempting to alter, even going as far as attempting to shame black men who bring up her treacherous decisions of the past illustrating why black society is in its current rapid downhill spiral.

      Stay tuned, got an article coming on Monday with yet more evidence demonstrating why black male/black female relations are dead before they’ve even been formed. The hoteps are wasting their time, their “queanies” are the problem, however we already know that they don’t have the testicular fortitude to confront them, so instead they take out their frustrations on free thinking brothers believing us to be easier targets.

  10. We Knights of SYSBM have but one message to those pyramid heads and their ilk:

    No thanks. We’re good.


  11. Hey Verbs. Haven’t been commenting in awhile but still read the articles. Thank you for posting this as well as another post showing a BW saying other BW hate BM. Up to 90%.

    This is why I don’t trust the D’Nieka Marie’s, Crimson Cures, Jessica X’s, and the like. Women, in general, have a flaky, duality of behavior to them. But trusting a Black Bitch (or Bi racial) is like sleeping with a venomous snake. It will strangle or poison you eventually.

    Are you going to do a post on the Krystalin Karazin Clubhouse meltdown and debacle? I can’t wait for you to do your take on this one.

    1. Ryan,

      Good to hear from you bro. I’ve got no idea what is going on with Karazin and Swirl Mountain, you’re going to have to fill me in on the latest.

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