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It Just Can’t Work – This Is The Main Reason Why!


I’ve never come across a group of women who are so backwards and mentally disjointed in my entire life, in other words the wig wearing harriet is saying that in order to be involved with her, you have to have a rap sheet as well as some sort of degree in criminal activities, smh.

This is why I don’t need to state my case when it comes to advising black men with sense and intelligence to walk away from black women and to never look back, this black witch automatically carries out the job for me.

As a young black boy growing into a man who cares about his future and who doesn’t want any interactions with the police, a jail cell or worse still prison, if all you keep on coming across are these young black girls and black women who without shame have no problems declaring their love for 12 Gauge Mike, Field Mouse and Cheezy Grillz, the next logical step is to walk away and instead deal with non black women who by and large aren’t looking for guys to prove our good their are at criminal activities.

You heard the nonsense coming out of the young black harridan’s mouth, she was proud to state that she deals with grimey and trashy black boys/men(hood ni**as), she even went as far as to attempt to shame the young guy for not being a scum bucket gun slinger with a mug shot himself, yep, just how black women in general are always attempting to shame productive black men via the label “educated lames”.

This is the main reason why black love is completely dead in the water and why slowtep, black love/black unity proponents such as Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson and Shahrazad Ali at this extremely late stage are wasting their time. You’ll notice how they’ll continually pound on black men to “do better”, yet they’ll rarely if ever check this modern day black female on her perpetual love for Spoony, Sheggy and Two Snacks.

The guy shouldn’t have touched her wig, however not for the reasons you think. He doesn’t know how long she hasn’t washed her hair for, thus he has no idea what manner of creatures are lurking underneath that nest.

Remember, because of the incessant weave/wig wearing(especially with the lace front weave), black women don’t wash their hair for weeks or even months at a time, what part of hygienic and healthy is that?

As a black man, whenever you come across black women who openly state that they prefer hood dudes, you simply respect their decision and move on.

We already know how the story ends for black women who love spreading their legs to the gutter trash of black male society, themselves as well as hoteps and prominent black love proponents begging you to save them from the harsh consequences of single mother hood is where all roads lead.

I’m so happy to see so many younger black boys and men shunning these disgruntled black females altogether, unlike many of the older generations they recognise and clearly detect that something just isn’t right with black girls and black women in general.

One reoccurring theme I continue to come across is young black boys talking about how these younger black girls are aways angry and display so much vitriol and hatred towards them, therefore, can we be surprised at the uptick in interracial unions between black boys/men and non black girls/women?

My message to younger black men and boys is this, WALK AWAY from this mentally challenged, angry and bitter black female and NEVER LOOK BACK, there’s nothing wrong with you, these black women are the ones who have serious problems, issues that you won’t be able to rectify.

Standing there on the international social media stage declaring you love for hood Negroes with no shame, then proud to be wearing the hair of non black women upon their heads, smh, how much more of an illustration of self hatred can you get?

Black on black relationships are dead, the writing has been on the wall for a very long time, the problem is most black men have refused to read and accept the scribing.

Finally, notice the usual suspects like the fake academic Aaron Fountain are eerily silent and nowhere to be found when lug headed chicks like this begin speaking from the heart and it’s been recorded. But SYSBM makes no sense right?? #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid Thug Loving Women Like Your Life Depends On It(It Does)

Most High Bless

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38 thoughts on “It Just Can’t Work – This Is The Main Reason Why!

  1. I remember Derrick Jaxn where before he made simp novel and books like ‘Single mothers for grown men. He use to make Thug love novels.

    Most Thug loving novels are written and created by BW.

    1. Mister Master,

      Derrick Jaxn before his exposure was one of the biggest merchants of black women on the planet. Turns out he was still behaving like a thug behind closed doors so I guess he would be very familiar with that type of lifestyle to be writing about it.

      1. Derrick have thig Thug like posture at the same time he claim to be into God while talking about what ‘Real Man’ does.
        BW are attracted to Thug preachers like him because there are ‘Pimps’ in disguise.
        These thug loving novel describe him as such.
        Except this is real life because he did cheat and thugs use God or Jesus as a scape goat.

    1. Alex C,

      I remember a black witch who was killed by a thug while broadcasting on Facebook live, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  2. Let them have all of the thug love that they want, just don’t be there to save them afterward. “Dear BM” is falling deaf ears these days, these BW have condemned themselves to mistress and baby momma status. Keep the Wall up.

    1. Gen X Black men and Gen Y over 35 are a lost cause. Just send them a link to Baba’s book and be done with it. I will inform young brother so they have confidence in their decision.

      1. Anthony,

        Indeed, especially when you see these elder men trying to direct the youth into the same deathtraps they fell victim to instead of advising them to steer clear, that is some vindictive, evil garbage right there.

    2. JamesSYSBM,

      Gold grills, sagging trousers(pants), cap to the back, skinny jeans, illegal guns plus a lengthy criminal record is what your modern day black female is attracted to, how can anybody look at such a criteria and tell me that black women as a collective are mentally sane?

  3. Slayingevil is doing godly work. Young black men worth a damn should give a very wide berth to the scraggle daggle. But that’s not all.

    They should also give a very wide berth to da communitah and all its toxicity, whenever possible.

    They should also give a very wide berth to the so called black churches, especially the ones with 30000 tithers and housed in multimillion dollar gaudy buildings. If you believe in the Christian God and you want to honor the 4th commandment, find a church that is truly about upholding the ten commandments and doing God’s work. Unfortunately, this does not apply to most so called black churches. They are hotbeds of hotep indoctrination, gynocratic matriarchy, and black subcultural degeneracy.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    The above video justified the reason why I refuse to date black women and single mothers because they are always making stupid life choices and they always love their thug black men. I am only interested in dating any single beautiful childfree non black women.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Agreed, black women openly declaring their love for thugs also demonstrates their clear lack of intelligence as well as them not having the ability to perceive negative outcomes based upon bad decision making. Sorry, I refuse to deal with dunce, knuckleheaded women.

  5. These scraggle daggles profess to love thugged out Tyrones and sledgehammer fisted Tbones. But they love Bottom Shelf Brads even more.

    These are the same sort of scraggle daggles that you see on the internet with their tongues to the hilt in Bottom Shelf Brad’s a-hole.

    Any black man worth a damn, should be utterly disgusted by these scraggs.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Unfortunately most black men see the black witch’s unconditional love for Admiral Frost and this still doesn’t change anything in their mindset, they remain steadfast and dedicated towards these fefails.

      No other ethnicity of female on this planet is prepared to sell her own male counterpart down the river like this black siren, smh.

      1. “Unfortunately most black men see the black witch’s unconditional love for Admiral Frost and this still doesn’t change anything in their mindset, they remain steadfast and dedicated towards these fefails.”

        I saw on Twitter just today, this weavehead who a few years ago posted a pic on IG with her white man with the hashtags #teamslave and #slavemaster and claimed the white man tReAtEd hEr BeTTeR is now pregnant by a black man.

        Black beta male simps have no standards, there are zero consequences for these bedwenches. Let those hoes stay in the snow after being smutted out by Brad & Chad. Especially after what we know about DJ Kidd.

      2. verb 15 : I captured a photo one of the siren witch you warned sysbm about. in dumbo bk at an event. your 100% correct they are on the attack against sysbm.. time to fight back. and expose the siren… stay tuned sysbm family. too see who it is. and Remember this photo. of who it is, this is a real one. and she attacked (sysbm) it in front of small Dick captain frosts.

        1. verb 15 : I captured a photo one of the siren witch you warned sysbm about. in dumbo bk at an event. your 100% correct they are on the attack against sysbm.. time to fight back. and expose the evil siren witch… stay tuned sysbm family. too see who it is. and Remember this photo. of who it is, this is a real one. and she attacked (sysbm) it in front of small Dick captain frosts.

  6. No such thing as black love unity.

    It never existed to begin with.

    Its just an illusion made up by delusional black men like Umar Johnson and the rest of them.

    Repeat the same lie a million times, the blind sheep’s will eventually believe the lies after hearing it for decades and centuries.

    This is a mental weapon of brainwashing propaganda being passed down as a cycle.

    I don’t want to pass down any of that to the next generation.


    1. What pro-black hoteps do not understand and we got the memo on this that whilst hotep-men and hotep-women talk about ‘Black Love’. Hotep men wants hotep women but pro-black hotep women do not want hotep men.
      I observe this and David Carrol observe this.
      This Black love they preach is a waste of time. Why? Because in reality Black-women do not want this.
      Whilst pro-black women hates thinking straight BM, they prefer Thugs.

      1. Black love is there as a fantasy for BW and weak BM. The idea that this female can be as wicked as she wants and adhere to no standards, but can count on some dude with money and means to take her ran through ass off the market? Or find a mythical “educated thug”? That is essentially the jist of these black love movies.

  7. As a black man, whenever you come across black women who openly state that they prefer hood dudes, you simply respect their decision and move on.

    Accept the decision (walk away with dignity)

    Believe them (no room for delusions of “black love” romanticism)

    Adjust yourself (grieve the loss, then move on permanently with your life)

    99% of black men will fail the first piece of advice, too many childhood mother wounds left unhealed.

    1. “Accept the decision (walk away with dignity)”

      Which is exactly what the young pookie in the Lakers jersey should have done. Instead he wanted to argue with her, I got single mother raised pookie vibes from him when he looked at her ass and said “she could get it” as well. He should have just said ok and gone on about his business when she said he wasn’t her type. You know pookie and ray ray don’t know how to speak to girls that aren’t hoodrats, and they cant take rejection either. Low IQ and the emotional maturity of a child, just the way that the single mom BW raises them to be. Keep the wall up.

    2. Michel,

      #BOOM, which is why black women behave the way that they do towards black men, they know that most black men will still choose to deal with them regardless of how rotten black women treat their male counterparts.

    3. Michel,

      This is why I respect BW preferences. So she can tell you loud and clear what type of men they go for and who they respect.
      Then you can either take it or leave.

      I do not understand why simps and blue-pillar do not get the memo.
      If they do not like you, respect it, walk away and leave.
      That is simple

  8. Water seeks it’s own level, so this young dude in the Lakers Jersey should consider it a badge of honor to not attract a hair hatted hooligan like the one seen here; remember King Von? He was dating a young THOT that said on her Twitter that you must have at least 3 bodies under your belt to get with her, and what did that earn him? An early grave.

    This young brother better save himself instead of having thoughts about her “getting it”; the only thing she can get is the heck away from me! Who you date is politics, and I’m not giving an uncultured female the time of day. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The thing about it is because there are so many deranged single mother raised black males out here, most of them won’t see anything wrong with the abnormal requirements of this modern day black female in terms of the type of mate she wants.


  9. Like I said before, I don’t think in America, we’ll be seeing black couples like that in the future. If we do, it’s probably a hood couple or a liberal black couple. At this point now, that black love shit can be thrown out the window because video after video, evidence after evidence shows that the black woman got a huge, strong hatred for the black man, and there’s no denying the evidence, even if it’s a “joke.” For them black dudes that’s on that black love shit, they need to really throw in the towel on that shit. How are black men gonna be on that black love shit, when you got black women constantly shitting on black men 24/7, and their dating resumes doesn’t contain like one quality black man?

    1. People like Umar Johnsons are hustlers plain and simple. Gotta get those Benjamins baby….

    2. D.K. Phantom,

      I’m glad the younger generations aren’t paying attention to the black love garbage because that’s exactly what it is, RUBBISH! I’ll keep on saying it, black men with their heads screwed on straight simply need to go where they will be love and appreciated and that most certainly is NOT in the direction of black women, how much more evidence needs to be presented that clearly show black women loving the worst of black men and at the same time hating and loathing the best of us?

    3. I was at a baseball game Sunday and saw more black men with non-black women just dating or married(and kids in tow). Heck even the group I was in was BM/WW lol. You aren’t seeing dudes deal with BW like that unless its older men, thugs, or culture warrior types.

  10. The video was so good mi have fi watch it twice mon!

    This is evidence that these scraggle daggles love, obsessed and lust after for. They want the thug, the bad boy, the worthless man, the hopeless man and the unproductive man. Here this. When the scraggle daggle haves the thug’s child or children, she will struggle to take care of them because the thug refuse to take care of his children. So then she will come after the good black man but the good black man don’t want her because she’s carrying baggage. And she gets bitter and I mean very bitter.

    So, she goes off and ends up with the man that she doesn’t want and that is the simps. But she needs the simp just to be her enforcer when thinking black men talk about her ratchet behaviour. And when he does that, she is getting dick down by Cell Block Scrappy, Street Boy Muhammad, 357 Jimmy, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Long Dick 44 and Fuck All Night Freed.

    1. Money Cultural,

      The bottom line is your average black female is a block head plain and simple. Cynthia G is a classic example of what you stated, a knucklehead black female who travelled across the country to get impregnated by another knucklehead who already has several babymothers, how stupid and lug headed can you get?

      True SYSBM practitioners aren’t out here impregnating random women and walking away from their children.

      1. GAME! These black females are loco man! How can anyone think that a thug makes a good life partner, then again these chicks are high as a kite and trying to act like men.

        1. Brendan Dubalos,

          Black women are the only group on the planet who actively seek out the worst of their male counterparts while at the same time proudly snubbing productive black men. All other groups of women as a collective value, cherish and desire to get with the best and the brightest of their men. When was the last time you heard a white female refer to her white collar male counterpart as an “educated lame”, I’ll wait?

  11. Many times, the same one bemoaning interracial marriages are the same ones beating off BBC black man/non-black woman porn. I bet you dollars to donuts that even Shawn James doesn’t watch daggle porn!

    Not even in porn is there anything romantic about black woman, and when you see their street interactions, you see why. You’d think this chick, even if she wasn’t into the dude, would’ve tried to come off as sweet or feminine. Nope, these hoes aren’t built for that. They’re about as sweet and friendly as the STDs they’ll give you. Never mind the fact that she looked HORRIBLE, and is probably considered average to great looking among most black men.

    “She could get it.” Not from me bruh! I wouldn’t want hear from the chick! Speaking of head, notice how nappy hers was? These weaves have these chicks looking dumb and sloppy, but they’ll go out decked looking like this.

    A stone or rock has more sex appeal than the average daggle, and dudes who screw them are really just squirrels trying to bust a nut. When a dude only wants to be with you to engage in the bad test sex possible and subsequently GTFO, it says a lot about YOU, not him.

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