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Dick Police Detective Dr Umar Johnson Speaks!


Yep, that’s right, spoken like a true dickhead and an original soggy milk-toast biscuit pro black male gerbilfaced simp, do you see how the formula works with these goofy communist pro black, red, black and green, back to the motherland pyramid heads, always seeking to give the modern day black female an out, a squeeze and a pass while at the same time relentlessly holding black men’s feet to the fire.

This is one of if not the main reasons why black women continue to sink further and further into the gutter, because commutep, coke head, Pan African blue pilled simpletons like Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson deliberately turn a blind eye to their wrongdoings and corruption.

This knucklehead simply doesn’t want to understand the dynamics of how things actually work in the real world in comparison to the ideal fantasy that continually floats around in this dude’s cranium. Here is a video that I’ve posted many times before demonstrating just some of the obstacles that productive young black men constantly find themselves running up against:

So, the black harriet admitted that she’s been confronted by the “preppy boys” ie the so called “educated lame” black men who have their stuff together and they’ve asked her if hood Negroes are genuinely the guys they prefer to which she’s responded “duh” ie of course the thug Negroes are the black men we prefer, why would you think otherwise?

The reality of the matter as discussed many times before is black women during their prime years want to get ran through, rinsed out and used up by Field Mouse, Sheggy, Breeze Bloc, 2 Snacks, Whippy and Cheddar Boy but then as they exit their prime years and they have 2,3,4,5,6 bastard children en tow, now in their older age they want to “get serious” and have the guys who they dismissed when they were younger “step up” and perform janitorial, clean up man, step father services.

Here is another dysfunctional chicken head singing about how she’s looking for a real thug on the streets slinging real drugs:

Here is another video I recently featured featuring Tik Tok, YouTube and Instagram personality SwagBoyQ in which the wig wearing black female being interviewed once again confirms that she much prefers HOOD NEGROES:

Here is the link to an article I wrote just last month explaining why black male/black female relations are dead and can never be revived:

This is why I have no hesitation in calling communist slowteps such as dick police officer Dr Umar Johnson and those who think just like him dickheads, they honestly expect productive black men to be rejected by bottom of the barrel black females but at the same time still stick around waiting for them instead of logically opting to expand upon their dating options and look for love, sex and companionship elsewhere, smh.

The evidence is out here clearly demonstrating the fact that if your pants aren’t sagging down to the ground, you don’t have a set of gold grills in your mouth, your cap isn’t to the back, you don’t have tattoos and an extensive criminal record, your average black female simply won’t be interested.

Once again, why waste your time trying to appeal to a group of women who aren’t interested in you, isn’t that the classic definition of a simp?

I fully respect the black female’s decision when it comes down to the type of men she prefers to deal with, the problem I find is black women don’t do the same when it comes to those same black men they’ve already rejected choosing to pick up their stuff and go elsewhere.

SYSBM, Passport Bros and their supporters as far as I can see are practically the only groups in black digital spaces currently holding it down and defending the heterosexual free thinking black man’s right to choose the type of woman he wishes to get with regardless of race as well as defending his right to move around freely.

Obsidian wants to restore black male/black female relations, desiring for black men to reconcile, negotiate and horse trade with black women(even though in the past he’s labelled black females as sexual marketplace socialists), Tommy Sotomayor is the same even though back in the day he preached the complete opposite(take your penis and go home). The homosexual Cool Whip Kevin Samuels has also stated that he wants to see black men united with black women.

This is all despite the fact that black women themselves have openly expressed their deep disdain and hatred for black men in general, that hatred especially generated towards heterosexual free thinking brothers, therefore the so called “black/nappy love, black wives matter, black sistas only movements are already dead in the water.

Additionally, with the issue of black women worshipping Captain Blizzard, you’ll notice these pro black love court jesting minstrels always fail to address this. Black women chasing and pining after white men has nothing to do with black men dating out, black women have always lusted after Lord Euro and history has shown that they’ve been more than willing to carry out his dirty bidding.

There is no so called snow bunny crisis, what we have is simply a case of black women choosing to give the middle finger to heterosexual productive free thinking black men who logically in turn then choose to seek out love, sex and companionship elsewhere be it with white or other non black women.

Black women are the ones who are single handedly causing black men especially the younger generations to turn towards non black females and they only have themselves to blame for the exodus.

Black women out here tattooed up to the hilt like punk rockers and pirates, wearing weaves, wigs, fake eye lashes, thick layers of makeup and bonnets in the streets with no shame, most of these heifers have extreme masculine energy, are heavily overweight, can’t cook, can’t clean, despise black children and have no problems murdering them inside and outside of the womb, but after all of that I’m still supposed to form a confederacy with this black witch?

No thank you, I’m good, I’ll pass. Communist hotep Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson as per usual can suck rocks, if he really wants to demonstrate himself being a blockhead and a numbskull every time the subject of interracial dating and marriage is raised then so be it, I’ll have no problems lighting his backside up every time he says something out of pocket or attempts to stifle a black man’s freedom of choice.

Let the degenerate and dysfunctional black community burn to a cinder, black women and their pro black simp cohorts can burn along with it. This has been an SYSBM public service announcement. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Respect Yourself, Don’t Appeal To Women Who Don’t Want You To Begin With

Most High Bless

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54 thoughts on “Dick Police Detective Dr Umar Johnson Speaks!

  1. Dr. Umar and his performative hotep simp babble smdh. BM would not date and marry out at three times the rate of BW if:

    a) The intelligent, productive BM liked what he saw dealing with BW
    b) If BW were more desirable to other race’s men (they aren’t)

    The fact is, when dealing with WW, this is what’s on offer:

    The only “snowbunny crisis” is the one where WW and other races of women are stealing the productive, intelligent, athletic BM from their own female counterparts. 30% of degreed BM in America are dating or marrying out. And I say GOOD!

    Leave the strong and independent, masculine and belligerent black wah-man to fend for herself since that’s what she fought for.

    1. If THAT is the snow bunny crisis…… I’d like a crash course!!! No need of bailout here!

      The chick ain’t “fat and ugly” (as if 90% of daggles don’t fit that description) and the dude isn’t some hood guy covered in tats. Of course they wouldn’t want him. Meanwhile Chewmore Johnson only recently snagged two daggles QUEENIES despite there supposedly being a surplus. Methinks the simp doth hotep too much.

      1. “If THAT is the snow bunny crisis…… I’d like a crash course!!!”

        Not a crisis for US, but a crisis for THEM.

    2. “Leave the strong and independent, masculine and belligerent black wah-man to fend for herself since that’s what she fought for.”

      Rick Scorpio called it over a decade ago in this classic:

      Black Women, You’ll Regret Making Black Men Your Enemy!

      1. The original 5-mic classic. That video pops up and down and up again on YouTube like whack-a-mole. The strong and independents keep flagging it down because Rick Scorpio got it right…even down to another hurricane and flood in Louisiana, which he said would happen. That vid was in 2012. Almost a decade on and it’s gotten worse…for BW. Oh well their problem, not mine.

    3. Schadenfreude,

      Additionally, I found out that this bootlicker’s so called wedding was all fake and staged, dude is still as single like a one way bus ticket. These communist hoteps simply want productive, non criminal record holding black men to hang around for black women who simply aren’t interested in them.

      Always finding some way to blame black men for the modern day black female’s singularity when the evidence clear points to the black woman herself being at fault regarding the mass exodus of black men from the building.

      Trust me, living in the UK I’m surrounded by attractive white women, what is on offer is far better than settling for your average black female, this is the truth, a harsh one at that but that’s not my problem.

      As I’ve stated many times before, white and other non black women will continue to swoop down and scoop up the quality brothers black women choose to pass over for the likes of Breeze Bloc, Sheggy, Field Mouse and Cheezy Grillz.

      1. The damn wedding was fake!!! Pro-blacks can’t even get black love right! Actually, maybe they can. After all, black love at this point is truly fake and staged, with professional wrestling being more realistic.

        1. Afrofuturism1,

          Yep, it was all staged bro. The dude can’t even get one of these daggles to wife up yet he continues to harp on about black men, their dating preferences and how black men should “stick with da sistas”. Outta here with that mess, Johnson’s lack of a queenie by his side more than illustrates just how defective beyond repair the overwhelming majority of black women are.

          1. Verbs,

            Seeing as polygamy is illegal in the USA, I knew Dr. Umar’s “wedding” was nothing but more performative sham hotep simp bs. When will he lead by example and legally wife up either of his babymamas? Or open his school? That’s all I want to hear from him.

            1. Instead of being concerned with who educated BM are dating how about be concerned with opening your fraud school Fake Dr Umar. These guys are truly jokes and he might be gay this dude does not even have a woman.

      2. Verbs,

        It is a damn shame that it was stage. I also found out.

        If he did get married and wife them black kweens. Kudos to him. But he is still single, then he is still a hotep simp.

        I saw this snow bunny crisis since summer.
        There are no crisis.

        If BW are wife material, we would wife them up.
        If they not, we go else where.
        He need to listen to Trick Daddy as he did warm BW about this.

        Since Umar keep on shaming thinking brothers because we are not choosing those hoes.
        There is a lesson you learn from the ‘Super Pimp’ and that is “Never turn a hoe into a housewife”.

    4. I Guest these “Simps” like Umar who make Fun of SYSBM soldiers. ain’t Laughing anymore. after there Siren witches just did R. Kelly Dirty. I Bet Umar knows that he’s next. and realized that °SYSBM made more common sense all this time, after all..well, Simp Umar ” you we’re warned…😉🤣

      1. SYSBM is the solution my friend. We don’t even mess with those black heffas. No #MeToo here.

  2. Umar Johnson still hasn’t built his own school.

    Not too long ago a white woman graduated from HBCU (Historical Black College University).

    Snow bunnies are against the negress crisis.

    The negress crisis has been happening all over the world for decades and centuries.

    I hate seeing masculine females, very high testosterone females, manly females with the ugliest facial features like trannies.


    1. Witwijf,

      Indeed, the real problem is the black female crisis, weaves, wigs, heavy makeup, fake nails, fake eye lashes, overweight, masculine, how is Gerbilface worrying so much about white women scooping up quality brothers when instead he ought to be focused on improving the product(the black witch)he expects us to take onboard?

  3. At this point, white folks HAVE to be superior to blacks: pro-blacks prove it!! Always with the “Caucasian” this, “snow bunny” that. These people have white folks and their perceptions on the brain more than anyone they criticize.

    White women are far superior anyways since black women have to find the grimiest ones possible just to compare and contrast with. Even then, they still look up those white chicks, who are openly insulting them by slumming it up with them.

    Notice that Chewmore never opens his fat Bologna munching mouth to criticize “Rice bunnies,” “bean bunnies,” or “curry bunnies.” Again, these folk WORSHIP white folks, despite supposedly hating them. Hell, if I were white, I wouldn’t just think I was better than these idiots, I’d know it. Why else would they constantly think of me so?

    Pro-blacks don’t FIGHT white supremacy, they PERPETUATE it. You know what they ironically can’t perpetuate? Worth a damn black families! Nah, we gotta worry about Chauncey getting married to and nutting in Jenna instead of doing so inside of Jamarqyisha.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      These pro blacks just like the black females they worship need to perpetuate white supremacy in order to continue playing the victim and begging for handouts, isn’t this exactly what dick police detective Chewmore Johnson is doing?

      Again, in terms of dating, why is Johnson being a total blockhead, surely he can see that black women have become less physically attractive and this is on top of the many extra appendages they commonly use trying to looking more feminine but actually end up looking like a bunch of trannies.

      Like I’ve stated before, the fact that pro black pundits such as Gerbilface Johnson focus so much of their energy and time on the “dreaded white woman” allows women of other ethnicities to roll in and scoop up productive black men with even more ease, they don’t even need to use stealth mode.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    Umar Johnson is a fucking prick because he is always dissing black men like us for dating non black women but he never criticises black women for dating her white lord and saviour. We SYSBM black men have real legitimate reasons for dating white women and other non black women because they treat us like human beings and worthy men whereas black women treat us decent black men like shit while they’re worshipping black male thugs, white men and other non black men. When that sort of thing happens to good decent black men on a regular basis we have no other alternative but to date outside of our race for a better life and a better future but you still have these idiotic pro blacks and Umar Johnson trying to guilt trip us and shame us into sticking with black women even though they blatantly told us decent black men that they are not interested in us in no uncertain terms until they waste their best prime years(18 to 30) with the worst kind of black man, have all his bastard kids,hit the wall at 30 and beyond, get really ugly and overweight and now that these black women look destroyed with a gremlin full of bastard kids from different baby fathers now that they want to get a serious relationship with a decent childfree black man, the same men that they rejected in the past and put them in the friend zone while they were shaggy different Chad’s and tyrones and now they want us childfree SYSBM black men to come in and play the clean up man to these single black mothers and their bastard kids. Get the fuck out here with that shit because I am not as a childfree black man at 39 coming to rescue black women from her poor stupid life choices. She made her bed now she should lie in it and live with the consequences of her poor choices. As the old caribbean saying goes if you don’t hear then you must feel.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I fully agree with you bro, it’s all about free choice. White men openly encourage other white men to expand upon their dating options, somebody a while back posted a video(I believe it may have been Afrofuturism1) of a white guy doing just that, letting his fellow brothers know where they could find quality women.

      Babymothers and ran though thots are NOT an option for me, I’ll leave those women for the simps to choose from. Still single and sleeping with strippers Umar Johnson needs to keep his mouth shut when it comes down to interracial dating and focus on clearing his drug addition, cleaning up his apartment, actually landing himself a black queenie and opening that boys school he’s prattling on about for over 10 years.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I refuse to date black women, ugly women, fat women, divorced single mothers and unmarried single mothers because I want to meet a good looking childfree non black women with no kids who has never been married before so that I can create my own nuclear family with her from scratch so that I can create my own Fitzpatrick family legacy for good. I am not interested in the whole step dad, step family bullshit because to me it doesn’t seem natural. Even animals know that it’s far better to produce their own children than to take on someone else’s kids. I have high standards for myself and I will never ever settle for less.

  5. Black “man”osphere “thugblamers” are also “dick police.” Umar is a fraud but so are the “who women choose/Dey keep choosing thugs!” pundits that frequent the SIMP-laden black manosphere. You can’t whine about Umar telling people who they should sleep with, or not sleep with, and you’re doing the same. In fact, at least that SIMP Umar is not calling black men “thugs” and trying to devalue them in the eyes of women like some of the BETA MALES in the redpill space claiming to be IBMOR or SYSBM or “Angry” men.

    Not only are some of the “males” here dick policing they are blatantly devaluing black men with their silly “Pookie and Ray Ray” narrative. And if she’s a no good Jezebel why do you care so much about “who she chooses” anyway? Most of these accounts in the redpill space are covert matriarchal frauds.

    1. Don’t know who you are, or what you are, ‘AnonYmous’. And I don’t care.
      But defending black thugs, Pookies, and Ray Rays, makes you a troll.
      Black thugs, Pookies, and Ray Rays, have no redeeming value.
      And the world is better off without them.
      And speaking of covert matriarchal frauds, I smell a daggle.
      Could that daggle stink be coming from you ?

      1. A bunch of white female worshipping SIMPS don’t dictate what kind of caliber of a man a black man is. So your stupid “Pookie and Ray Ray” namecalling is pointless. You went from worshipping toxic black females, who rejected you, and then turned around and started worshipping white females. Either way you’re still WORSHIPPING FEMALES you ckown.

        The only one obsessed with the “daggke” are you guys to the point of where you see them everywhere and can’t stop talking about your dusty counterparts. You’re matriarchal whether you admit it or not because all of your talking points are feminine and 90% of your rhetoric is gynocentric in origin. You’re not Alpha males but instead a bunch of bitter Beta SIMPS that pretend to be “rejecting” a bunch of low tier women who never wanted you in the first place.

        Be honest with yourselves. This SYSBM and IBMOR nonsense is reactionary SIMP anger because you WANTED these gyocentric harlots and they did NOT want you. Therefore you became better because you could not worship your “queen” and instead started worshipping these dusty Caucasian females. If you’re not worshipping one female loser you’re worshipping another; and then sitting online in your safe space complaining about women you claim not to want; while attacking anyone these dusty females do decide to fuck.

        Your envy, bitterness, and hatred is easily seen. “Pookie and Ray Ray” are just the men who got the dusty pussy that YOU wanted and could NOT GET. Be honest SIMPS…

        1. Daggle and Pookie in quote marks. Talking about Caucasian women as dusty (but omitting mentions of Asian/Hispanic women). I think I know where this is going…

          Do we need a forklift truck to “uplift” your ass?

    2. Anonymous aka Noodle Head,

      What part of SYSBM is NOT part of the Black Manosphere don’t you understand? You’ve clearly got issues with the Black Manosphere but you keep attempting to bring your gripes and contentions over here as if we’re a part of that sector and equally responsible for your problems.

      Any issues you have with the Black Manosphere and its members should be addressed to them, stop coming over here trying to put some of the reckless decisions they’ve made on us, the main reason why SYSBM is still going strong is because we haven’t compromised our position.

      Just the other day you commented and said that black men need to be warned about dysfunctional women, now you’re attempting to shame this sector for doing just that, have you just walked out of a maximum security mental asylum?

      We call out a certain sector of black male society as the scum and the dregs of it because that’s exactly what they are, bottom feeding trash hence the specific references used, 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce etc. If you expect us to defend your Pookie and RayRay type Negroes then you landed in the wrong spot mac, we don’t do that over here, we look out for criminality free heterosexual free thinking black men only.

      SYSBM, dick policing? Now I know you’ve really lost the plot. This is the problem with people like you, you fail to find your own purpose in life and so you go around trying to tell other people what they should and shouldn’t be doing. Obsidian, Oshay and the Black Manosphere are over there, exit stage left.

    3. Pretty tortured “logic” to accuse us of “dick policing,” how Sway? Also bending over backwards to defend Pookie and Ray Ray outs you as a thug-loving black bitch. Typical. Don’t care “who she chooses” but when she comes back to our side of the fence with a blown-out snatch, and another man’s kids, wanting a bailout from the same productive Black men she rejected, it becomes my business.

      The funny thing about y’all black hoes whether it’s Skillet, Man Man and dem, or “divesting” with Bottom Shelf Brad, y’all ALWAYS either come home to roost on some “We love you Black Man” sh*t, or end up dead by Cletus.

      Keep the wall up, gents.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        I believe you’re right, the fact that this creature stated that we productive brothers should be standing up for the scum of black male society says it all. These modern day black females are all the same, there is no diversity with them which is why no matter what part on the socio economic spectrum they reside, you’ll still find them engaging in slum lord behaviour regardless.

        1. Verbs,

          Spot on. I know BW in my personal life that were born with looks, intelligence, both parents in the home with professional jobs, raised in good neighborhoods, yet they still go out of their way to be ratchet or a babymama with no difference between them and the Section 8 project hoe.

          Tommy once did a story about a black female DENTIST with a good practice, from a good family, Dad worked for the government, siblings all professional. This DOCTOR confronted the woman who she thought was sleeping with her man and stabbed her in the neck right on the dude’s front lawn in front of neighbors. Of course dude was a dick-slinging Pookie because a normal everyday negro could not drive a black bitch to go murderous like that lol.

          These hoes are all the same regardless of socioeconomic background and all chase the same Pookies. SYSBM is the solution for productive, intelligent Black Men.

  6. This generation of black activism such as black love, Black Lives Matter and all of that junk is about selling a product for money. Talking about white women in particular being snow bunnies in an derogatory way and the anti-Passport stuff as an merchadising tactic just to buy their books and other items from the marketing catalog. Yep, hustling black folks and now non-black folks out of money. I don’t like using the term hustle when you’re getting something done because it seems you’re doing something illegal. I personally believe dudes like Umar are purposely impregnating certain black women and using it as a means of support (💲💸💵💳💰) from followers for their movement.

    1. This entire country is about hustling you out of money. “Women’s rights” is a hustle for women; because you only see women fighting to be given the power of men and NOT the responsibility. Youtube channels are hustling for Cashapps and likes in order to get more followers and earn more money. “Dating coaches” always have some “game” program to sell beta males. The “black manosphere” is being used by Youtube coons to make money for themselves with no real concern about black MEN. The only people making real money in the stock market are a select few; everybody else is losing money or trying to sell courses on “how to make money with stocks.” Its all a bunch of BS. You’re surrounded by phonies and hustlers. The only difference is many of these claims of victimization are false and based on women’s feelings; whereas the wholesale enmity against, and attack on, innocent black men is all too real and has been verified in numerous studies/reports.

      The problem is REAL BROTHERS allowing the undercover SIMPS/female worshippers/racists to enter black MALE spaces and take them over. You don’t protect shit. You just let any Tom, Dick, or Harry jump on claiming they are a black man spewing racist-misnadrist garbage all over the place. Until the REAL brothers (not some female or Caucasian racist nerd online) protect their castle (not the black female or Caucasian female; but his space whether online or his actual home) you will see swindler after swindler using the DEATHS of black men as her/his “come up.”

      1. Anonymous Aka Confused Individual,

        Go and talk to your boys Oshay and Obsidian about letting simps, female worshippers and racist move in and take over the Black Manosphere because that has absolutely nothing to do with us over here.

        If you invested in the Black Manosphere and got fleeced as a result then that’s your business, put in a claim with the merchants who took your money, don’t bring that baggage over here because SYSBM practitioners are NOT responsible for your losses.

        I don’t know where you got your information from but over here we don’t fleece black men nor sell them down the river. However at the same time we don’t defend scum bucket black males either, we never have and we never will.

        1. Who is this guy?!!!

          Did Cynthia G and Black Caesar do the fusion dance?

          1. Afrofuturism1,

            I think this is possibly a black witch masquerade herself as a dude, as Schadenfreude pointed out, it’s typically blockheaded black women who jump to the defence of 12 Gauge Mike, 2 Snacks and Skillet and then expect productive black men to do the same. Yes, we have a few numbskull black males out here who will defend your Pookie and RayRay types, however in the majority of circumstances you’ll normally find a black siren carrying out such work. Your average black female and high octane effeminate black male simps are one and the same, it’s extremely difficult to tell them apart.

            1. Or maybe I’m a space alien who came to takeover the world? You jester cap, medieval helmet wearing weirdos and your conspiracy theories are a trip. Put your jester cap back on and hide from the truth.

  7. This clown just doesn’t know when to shut his Gerbil mouth; he is correct that Black women dating out is nowhere near the levels of Black men dating out, but how does that correlate to Black women not having many options of Black men to date when they deliberately ignore responsible brothers to get with the likes of Scrappy and Cheesy Grillz? They’ve made it known publicly that they aren’t attracted to brothers with a 9 to 5!

    Also, he put the blame on Black men for the “snow bunny crisis” because they started dating out first; if that’s the case, what do we do with ‘Loving v. Virginia’? What Gerbilface is saying sounds an awful lot like the old propaganda of Black women being single because Black men are either dead, gay, or incarcerated; he just modified this talking point to fit his “snow bunny crisis” narrative.

    If this dude could process reality, he’d realize that there is in fact a scraggle daggle crisis; SYSBM has properly diagnosed it, and has promoted quality stargates as being the solution to this crisis. We all know how these hotep communists roll: they’re pro Black in the streets while being SYSBM in the sheets. One of these days, a White woman may come forward and put King Kong UnKonsciousness on blast for secretly sleeping with her while openly saying he loves African sisters.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Johnson must be in his late 40s to early 50, the dude has to resort to regularly beating his monkey because he can’t get one of these black queenies he continues to brow beat other black men on sticking with, smh.

      Like you said, SYSBM has noted the defective beyond repair black female and come up with a viable solution that any black man can implement(though most choose not to), date out, it’s that simple.

      Yep, the real crisis is the modern day black female continuing to put herself deeper and deeper into the sewer, black women themselves are the reason why they remain single at such a high clip.

  8. First Umar you4 commy ass can’t save brothera from snow bunny crisis whatever the hell that is. We saving ourselves fr o m these demons that our making black race extinct and killing our children. The black community is dead and ashes. The daggles saw to that distruction. Black woman done and us black men don’t really need them. I let pro black communist simps deal with their foul behavior.

    1. Antonio Johnson,

      Black women have made it abundantly clear that they don’t like black men who aren’t gangsters, criminals and thugs, I respect their position and have moved on but according to Gerbilface Johnson, I’m in the wrong for doing that? Make that make sense.

  9. How many schools has D*ck Police Gestapo Agent Umar Johnson built with the hundreds of thousands raised from single mothers and poor Black men since at least 2010?

    Where’s the money?

    I’ll wait.

    1. King Sigma,

      Dick police officer Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson won’t have any answer for you on those questions, however he’ll have no problems attempting to stifle your freedom of choice when it comes down to who you choose to date, smh.

      1. @Verbs

        Funny how Umar embraced the Passport lifestyle in Japan a few years back on the same people’s dime – searching for that Black Samurai lifestyle. So, freedom for he, but not for thee is the mantra of the digital pulpit pimps.

        But as long as the majority search for comfort in pleasing rhetoric, expect nothing to change for the majority.

  10. I don’t see the problem myself. If Gerbilface wants to declare a snowbunny crisis, let him. We all know what we see with our own eyes in the real world, BM and WW are 30% in the US, 60% in the UK. The only crisis is Asian, Desi and Hispanic women trying to get a look in.

    Plus Gerbilface has racked up two failures: getting “married” and opening his school. Speaking of which…

    Where the school at, nigha?

    1. He’ll never answer. Too busy scamming his followers out of their last dollar. Just like his wignat counterparts. I loath black women, Lord Euro types, hoteps but I despise the sheep who follow such scammers because of their continued ignorance. Black women are a ever lasting disgrace and I hope their swirl nation and white privilege hustle falls apart so everyone can see what evil racist monsters they are along with their fake opponent the Soviet oligarch.

      Who the fuck does Umar think he is? If the Democrats had to resort to vote begging and hood policies after Eisenhower called their bluff and the USSR and Apartheid South Africa no longer openly exist, how does a propagandist like him get the right to decide who people date? Somebody needs to start investigating these hotep groups and white nationalists and trail the money, because I smell a big fat hasabara rat and a Dugin chaos star dawning here.

      This is what I despise about the race purists, they aren’t fine with living their lives how they see fit, they want to force you to conform to their ideals as well. Nothing more than a bunch of fascists and communists who seemingly forgot to remember that Skyrim, HOI4, Black Panther and Vikings aren’t the real world.

      As far as I’m concerned the black community is dead, black women corrupted and destroyed it making off with huge amounts of money and power for their bosses in Chabad and Davos. Meanwhile they call black men bullet bags and spout hate speech and venom from their filthy mouths. Sorry Shaniqua, I’m not your janitor or cane cutter. Go find some mentally disabled white boy to prey on and mold into a killer through the education system or get some fucking balls in your pathetic life and go tell Baron Schlomo and Duke Zulu to take a trip for once and stop leeching off everyone else.

      Umar was a joke from the start but this whole scheme killed him. Ethno-nationalism as a viable political philosophy died for a reason and these wignat, hotep and neo-Zionist movements running around fighting each other while failing to call out and take action against the likes of Gates, the Rothschilds or Bennet in exploiting the masses is proof that it’s nothing more than a failure.
      Thankfully, BW and Lord Napoleon won’t be cucking for Zionism under the table while pretending to be for ‘white power’ nor will there be any mentally unstable white males for the both of them to abuse and exploit when race purity finally goes through the door. There will be no escape for black women, they will learn that ‘the house always wins’.

      These simps are brainwashed man, leave them to choke on their own poison. Black women need to be left to their racist fantasies and go out the exact opposite of their ideology, forgotten, alone and despised. A fitting punishment for attention seeking scum like themselves.

    2. Michel,

      I saw a video in which Johnson was doing an Instagram live and when somebody asked him about the school, the dude looked like he’d just developed Parkinson’s Disease.

      I still cant believe how many knuckleheads are religiously following this dude despite him falling short in so many areas in his life, no queenie by his side, a messy flat, a drug addiction and a boys school that has yet to open.

      1. He’s also on the hook for two monthly child payments to two mothers.

        He knew what he was doing by almost marrying two daggles. He can’t afford a divorce bill on top of funding his baking soda addiction. Gerbil’s always ducking and diving.

  11. Yo, this dick police officer is back again. Bomba claat, what is his deal? When a man wants to know where another man puts his penis in, you got ask him about his sexual orientation. Look what happened to Woke Poofgressive 2.0 when he confessed that he’s gay. He was dick policing black men left, right and centre. Bareback Fountain is the same thing with him stalking other men online. And they said that he use to have a girlfriend. Oh no, he’s gay. Simple as that. Dr Foolmar Johnson is not only a dick police but he’s a coke head and I beat you he must be sniffing coke of another man’s nuts. Black men better stop dick policing because the gay agenda is being pushed in front of us and I’m not talking about another person’s lifestyle but people are now questioning his sexuality.

  12. Y’all enjoy watching my wedding to two beautiful black queans? You white worshipping coons be telling me to wife it up for the longest, whilst you stay unmarried chasing after your white woman’s delight? Big mad in the comments section 😂

    There is a Snowbunny crisis in the horizon, there won’t be enough of you to be pleasing and pressing hard on them, but most of y’all still like them obese chocolate thighs, I see you. Y’all still love your mothers. Don’t worry, your cooning white woman fetish will be short lived.

    Some other coon asked when the Marcus Garvey School For Boys will be up and running. Funny, I don’t remember any of you sell outs contributing a single dime to the upkeep of the first Pan-Afrikan educational establishment in America. Maybe looking after your children is a new concept for most of y’all because clearly responsibility is extremely low amongst the uneducated, unconscious community, so the fathers that do step up I consider the REAL BLACK MEN of the community. They will inherit the earth, not you lost coons.

    I hope you enjoyed the ceremony!
    Now its your turn to “wife it up”, if you’re man enough. Stop acting all weird and WIFE UP YOUR BLACK PRINCESS NIGHA! #NappyLove

  13. Hey verbs and everyone yeah iam constantly being verbally attacked by the black witch too a pestilence so bad in my retirement I stay home mostly but when I go out alone or with wife driving in one of my three nice cars is subject to harassment my wife is latina black mix her mannerisms are mostly latina old school cook clean and loving ❤ thank you for that most high iam just waiting for shit to hit the fan on these degenerative foul mouth weave thots I anit saving none of them it’s on its way I can feel it like most of us can verbs give me a call if you can just to talk or email me it’ gets very depressing just to be around these women that os so disrespectful just remember fellas we will come out the winner according to the most high it’s in the Bible he the most high can’t lie and nothing will not come back to him undone about these jezebels witches the book of Micah verse she that is my enemy shame shall come to her I think about and the book of Isaiah seven women shall take hold to one man so just sit back guys the world 🌎 is going to change right before your eyes and our haughty women will get there recompense

      1. Verbs and Sherrif X

        I found this clip. I could not remember what is was.
        I was trying to find this clip for many years, until now.

        This clip is a living example of what happens when a BW do not give brother time and a day, and that is a WW overtakes the BW.

        BW need to learn from this White Woman. Here is the clip:

        1. Andy C,

          Thanks for posting this, will be featuring it in tomorrow’s article. Notice how the white woman stated how she had been with her black boyfriend from day one(8 years), what did the black witch respond with:

          “You can afford to invest early, I ain’t got time to be sitting out here with no community theatre ass n***a for 8 years and wishing on a goddamn star. There are plenty, plenty, plenty, plenty of good black women but you won’t see Brad Pitt trying to date Shonda Rhimes”.

          That clip by itself is an article. Black women however won’t learn anything from it.

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