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Yep, move on, nothing to see here, please don’t record an individual convulsing after they’ve had their bioweapon so the people can know what’s really going on and that they’re actually allowing themselves to be injected with pure poison, smh. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gents, enjoy!

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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47 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. Verbs 2015.

    That guy on the above video recorded the truth about the vaccine biowepon in that it kills people or badly harms people, but people in their stupid ignorance are like sleep still getting jabbed up and falling for this the covid 19 vaccine is safe nonsense.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      It’s not even a vaccine, because it doesn’t provide any immunity/protection against said virus, so why people are still going out to get jabbed up with it is beyond me.

  2. Please don’t record should ring some alarm bells.

    Very suspicious indeed but many can’t hear the danger, many will feel the danger until its too late.

    Doctors, nurses, vaccine manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, governmental organisations and non governmental organisations will all have blood on their hands when billions of people all over the world start dropping dead a lot more within the next 5 years or less.

    Medical tyranny is clearly unlawful.

    Elite governments are really pushing for eugenic depopulation on behalf of the UN 2030 agenda and world economic forum.

    I will hear the word sustainability more often.

    The UN wants to ban people all over the world from eating meat cause they believe it ain’t good for the environment and wants people to start eating bug insects as a meat replacement.

    Good luck trying to convince billions of people to eat bug insects.

    What’s next? the government starts banning meat from all restaurants, including fast food and supermarkets on behalf of the UN.

    Sadly when I go on a future date, the most important questions I’ll have to ask is this.

    Are you vaccinated or not?
    Are you childless or not?

    She will have to say no for both of these questions to move on to the next stage of building relationships.

    If she is lying, I will find out eventually.

    Dating is literally an interview.

    In my area in Nottingham UK, I’ve already seen some BM/WW couples.


    1. Witwijf,

      Serious alarm bells should’ve started to go off once various governments gave these bioweapon manufacturers total immunity from prosecution in relation to this so called Covid vaccine, that mean that even they are not willing to stand by their own products because they have no idea what the long term outcomes will be, yet folks are still rushing out to get jabbed up with who knows what, smh.

      I won’t be eating bugs either, I’ll be sticking to meat. They tried to push this climate scam hard under Obama back in 2010 but it was exposed under Climategate, the problem is too many people forget too quickly and don’t retain a memory they can draw from.

      Yep, unfortunately checking a potential stargate’s jab status is now a requirement, the entire dating arena(already not being that great) has changed once again for the worst because of this Convid crap.

  3. New York State mandate for healthcare workers to have at least one jab of the bio weapon starts next week, and I’ll be out of a job for the time being. I have options, but I don’t like any of them honestly. All I can tell you is, the lawsuits are piling up and a few people I personally know are already in touch with PV (Project Veritas). It’s going to get very very interesting….

    1. That’s a bugger, at least you’ll leave with your head held high and your blood pure and clot free. I turned down £1000 worth of casual work due to this bullshit.

      If more nurses go to Project Veritas, hopefully it spells the end of the long running CONVID con job.

      1. Agreed @Michel especially since in NYC there is a legal battle pertaining to the use of exemptions medical and/or religious.

    2. You don’t say. I listen to and saw their most recent video regarding the experimental drug that is dubbed as a “vaccine.” This will be a battle of persistence and resilience.

      1. Joe Bribe ’em wants to start forcibly pricking the masses, from the United Nations pulpit.

        In a land with guns? Good luck.

    1. Hahaha!!!!!

      Daggles and their daughters are strangely always the target of their white husband’s/father’s actions. Almost as if they aren’t respected?

      Strange isn’t it?

      1. He must have went on YouTube and checked out videos of the BW queans and their non-mixed daughters getting their hairs chemically wasted at the head salon and it seems the best idea at the time for him for his mixed daughter. Boy, he was wrong and his wife laid down the law and both feet in his a**.

  4. Happy Open Mic Wednesday, brethren! So, we have another vaxxing victim caught on camera; the people who administered the shot came out there fast as if they could save her now. I don’t know how many of you are aware, but there are nurses out in the streets protesting the vaxx mandate in NYC because the jab ISN’T WORKING; they see firsthand that it’s failing, yet the news turns 2 blind eyes to this and continues to BS the masses with bogus claims of its efficacy. Now, we have a new disease, ‘Post-Vax COVID’:

    1. Those are the ones YOU KNOW ABOUT. Trust me when I say, there are a lot more protests that aren’t being televised or getting any media overage throughout the state. Even my liberal ass state is getting fed up on this nonsense.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      A federal judge in New York(a judge who is actually carrying out his duties correctly) has put a temporary hold on the so called “vaccine” mandate for healthcare workers, lets see where this goes.

      The jab is a joke, it doesn’t protect against Covid because it isn’t a vaccine to begin with, yet these governments worldwide are demanding and in some cases mandating that people take the experimental shot(an act which isn’t legal or lawful), smh.

      These mainstream media outlets are a complete and utter disgrace, why some people still trust in them is beyond me.

      1. @Verbs

        Did you hear about what happened recently? Romania (and I think some other European country) were like “F*ck this” and shut down all Covid vaxx centers because their people weren’t taking the jabs.

        Like I said about the jab last week: any “vaccine” that only lessens symptoms isn’t a vaccine, but TYLENOL.

  5. Greetings brothers, in connection to BS-19, I am sharing a link to an article that is highly credible in terms of information and actual journalism.

    Even this journalist also provides links to other credible sources that debunk the ” COVID-19 vaccine is safe” narrative. Needless to say, it will be very useful for debunking and dismantling BS-19. Here it is:

  6. Conversation on the train between a black man and a liberal white woman:

    Black man: make sure you avoid the pin prick!
    Liberal WW: why’s that?
    BM: its poison.
    (Liberal WW proceeds to start up her music.)
    BM: they’re just waiting until winter, then we’ll see the amount to people dropping off from the vaccine.
    Lib: and why would the government go through all of that?
    BM: because they hate you. You’ll see. Give it a few months.
    Lib: ok, I’ve heard enough (starts music)

    Add to this half of passengers still clinging onto their G string mask, no wonder TfL Shit Midget Sadiq Khan wants to recriminalise non wearers. Can’t stop the yoot slashing each other, but wants to throw you in jail for no mask. Dick.

    1. Michel,

      Most of these Brits simply don’t have a clue as to what is coming, this is exactly what happens when you abandon a moral compass and instead place your trust in decadence and degeneration, you get suckered by a beyond corrupt government and your life is cut short as a result.

      I can never understand the British public, if I as an individual engage in untrustworthy actions, it wouldn’t take long for your average Joe to conclude that I couldn’t be trusted, yet the government have been acting shady and dodgy for the longest but most people still turn to it regardless, smh.

      Sadiq Khan is a singular joke, all of these other train operating companies have dropped their mask mandates but this dude was to be the fool and the odd one out. Liberals are a serious pestilence to freedom.

    2. Michel,

      They’re all walking ticking time bombs that are going to go off at a disturbing rate. Either that or they’re going to be sterilized and can’t have children.

      It’s a sick disgusting and honestly, genius plan.

  7. Yeah, the woman who went down on the ground because she took the vaccine. I know that there are some people took the vaccine and later died from it. These people are not listening and now people are dying from it, people are starting to listen? I give credit to the protesters who are not with the vaccine. Because they know that it’s nothing but a poisonous jab. But there are some protestors are doing some dumb fucking shit which will make you lose your rag.

    Right, I heard that Insulate Britain protested on the M25. Now, I’m all with protesting for a cause but this dumb shit is terrifying. These cars on the motorway are not speeds like you see on the residential street. These motorists are doing at least 70 mph. Why don’t they go to the house of parliament and protest there instead of frigging protesting on the motorway? Dumb ass people. I really can’t stand Britain. I really can’t.

    I tell you something about dumb people. They will put you in a irritating spot and it’s goanna make you wanna take their heads off. Wow!

    1. Money Cultural,

      Insulate Britain is really Extinction Rebellion, don’t let the change of name fool you, they are one and the same. Again, as per usual with these millionaire and billionaire sponsored groups, they just happen to be calling for changes that line up with the great reset, how coincidental is that?

      It’s all a set up, if the group was legitimately grass roots then the police would’ve removed the protestors immediately instead of standing down and doing nothing. The protest on the M25 was all staged.

    2. If these bastards are on either Good Morning Britain / Lorraine / This Morning or Loose Feminists then you can be sure it’s a Deep State setup.

  8. Reddit is currently down and I have a feeling that there’s something going on. After all, aren’t there Reddit pages protesting COVID “misinformation”?

    Expect a purge of Reddit’s pages that actually told the truth.

  9. @Afrofuturism you don’t say. Let me know what you found regarding reddit given that it is a liberal cesspool

    1. Michel,

      Certain people are looking for their lives to be cut short very soon. And they wonder why black folks are super skeptical when it comes to the government and vaccines, smh.

    2. @Michel

      Disembowel this guy and hang him with his own digestive tract!


  11. Gentlemen,

    Looks like Nicky Minaj was onto something, it seems that the swollen testicles phenomenon is quite common among men who choose to get the bioweapon, I never said it, the doctor did. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why the testicles are swelling up after administration of the injectable, the bioweapon is doing its job, sterilising the individual:

    1. I’ll stay a firm member of the Colonel Indians Long Nuts Association

  12. Don’t be like this guy:

    Now, I’m going to assume that Omi is an Afro Latino (his full name is Bill Omar Carrasquillo), but the bottom line is he would still be considered Black just going off of his looks; this is the kind of Black guy that makes me feel embarrassed that he even exists. I think part of the reason he attracted the Feds’ attention is that he was flossing too hard online; all of that money spent on exotic cars, jewelry, and property that could’ve been invested in legit businesses. What’s even sadder is the fact that he has the support of folks online who believe the Feds raided him because he’s a Black man with great wealth, not that he crafted a $30 million fraud scheme. SMH This is what’s wrong with the communitah.


    Singapore is rivaling Australia in restrictions and yet cars are rising lol. Asian countries are way too damn compliant, as they always are. It’s a shame, I was always hoping to impregnate my Singaporean (Indian and Chinese) friend haha. She has an amazingly fat ass. Oh well.

    I’m always wondering if you’re seeing the same symptoms in other countries outside of the west concerning the jab. Obviously Trinidad, but you haven’t seen much in Asia (that we know of).

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