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They Did It To Themselves – Not My Problem #SHORTS


Thanks to TeamWhiteGirls for bringing this video to my attention. Oh well, it isn’t like black girls and black women don’t know why young black boys and black men increasingly are choosing to avoid them in favour of dealing with girls and women from other races, they know exactly what the problems are, however they point blank refuse to address them.

As I’ve stated many times before, black women as a collective don’t believe that black men deserve them at their best, they brazenly bring their disrespectful, belligerent and dysfunctional nature to the black man and believe that he must accept it without question, yet it’s funny how these same black harpies will clean themselves right up for Admiral Frost and other non black men.

Yep, the attitude is reserved only for you black man. Now, the black girl in the video doesn’t actually look that bad, however the problem with black females is their image and reputation(which is straight in the toilet bowl), this is one of the main reasons why even the few that look halfway reasonable are still being rejected and passed by.

See, as mentioned in previous articles, young black boys are NOT going to be bullied and coerced into dealing with a group of girls who typically show them maximum hostility. The fact of the matter is white and other non black girls are far more approachable and friendly that these modern day young black females.

General Blizzard has implanted a chip of hostility, disdain and hatred into young black girls which is only activated whenever they come into contact with their male counterparts, so it comes as no surprise when young black boys swerve their female counterparts and instead choose to embark upon non black female territory.

Efforts by certain elder Gen Xers such as Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson to try to lead free thinking black men back onto the proverbial plantation are all in vain, only non thinking Generation X loyalists and Boomers can be guilt tripped into “keeping it real/black” ie sticking with a group of women who hate their guts. Black love is dead.

Remember, these are the same chicks who for the longest while have been talking about how they’re independent, how they don’t need a man, calling black men n****s every 2 minutes, mocking and ridiculing intelligent and educated brothers while at the same time uplifting, exalting and worshipping thug, criminal and gangster type Negroes alongside their white lord and saviour Chad.

To the young black boys as well as free thinking black men out here, continue to go where you are loved and appreciated instead of settling for females who barely tolerate you and at the same time hate you to the core. In The meantime SYSBM continues to roll full steam ahead. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Walls Of Indifference And Silence Are Savage And Undefeated

Most High Bless

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60 thoughts on “They Did It To Themselves – Not My Problem #SHORTS

  1. Here we go again, this AutumnGio or whoever this girl is in the above TikTok video mentioning white girl/women. These black folks man. It’s a severe obsession and mental illnesses by them always focusing particularly on white women as the ONLY means of attacking brothers that are in IR relationships.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      Yet they keep on saying that we’re the ones who are obsessed with non black females, white women in particular, smh.

  2. The hostility, disdain and hatred is naturally there without the implanted chip from WM.

    The involvement from WM is only the tip of the iceberg that exposes the true nature of negress females.

    No one should take black females seriously but sadly a lot of black males like Umar are taking it seriously cause of their race purity.

    Not my people, not my problem.


  3. Verbs 2015.

    I avoid black women like the plague and I refuse to date them because they are not attractive at all plus I don’t feel guilty about it.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I don’t blame you at all, as the saying goes, go where you will be loved and appreciated. Black women don’t appreciate good black men, instead they shun them.

  4. Remember these are the same 300lb masculine looking weave wearing “Queen Kongs” who say Black Men are weak, broke , homeless and worthless. So if that’s the case then why are the weave roaches worried about being ignored by us. I absolutely LOVE IT…keep it up brothers find peace love, happiness and respect with White,Asian and Latina women and continue the speedy MASS EXODUS away from the “Queeen Kong”‼️

    1. “So if that’s the case then why are the weave roaches worried about being ignored by us.”

      We all know the truth, and they do too. BM are the only men that they have a chance with, they hate us but at the same time cant let us go.

        1. That’s exactly what Jerry Springer said to some rageful BW on his show. The dude was dating a WW.

    2. TeamWhiteGirls,

      Yep, also let us not forget that these are the same brick house queenies who won’t hesitate to call black men “bullet bags” and say that the police are not killing us fast enough. Black women always state that they’re not concerned about who black men date and marry, however their actions say otherwise.

    3. Bruh, I’ve been saying the same thing for years. I’m tired of repeating myself so I just don’t say it anymore.
      If “we” are the bottom of the barrel then why are they so worried about what “we” are doing? I don’t worry about them but they always seem to be worried about me. Strange isn’t it!

      1. The Str8 Shooter,

        Chad isn’t giving them the attention they thought they were going to get from him, so their next move is to complain about the black men they weren’t interested in to begin with, make that make sense.

  5. Translation: I am not being approached by the kind of men I want to use, manipulate or have a kid with so I’ll blame Black men for attention.

    Women such as her will have options of men but on the SIMP category or honorable ones, but her attitude and overall presence is toxic. Shame given in comparison to the ugly witches seen, she’s decent. Nonetheless her attitude, mindset, and overall qualities are weak.

    1. Blackdjedi,

      Indeed, she does look decent and makes a change from the usual masculine looking, weave wearing, overweight, deep voice speaking, tatted up black harriets we observe on a regular basis.

      Surely she can look around and see exactly why black men are choosing to give her a wide berth, it isn’t that difficult to figure out. I refuse to believe any black female who claims to be ignorant or in the dark as to why more black men are choosing to date out.

  6. Welp, these b*tches are beginning to stare right at the “Wall of Indifference.” I couldn’t be prouder of this young generation who have finally learned their lessons from watching their elders get raked over the coals by the matriarchy. They will not be bullied or shamed into sticking with the failed state called Blackistan. Also this new generation of young non-black women know EXACTLY how these boys are treated by their own kind, and serve up the opposite. After experiencing real femininity and just plain human kindness, why would you go back to Q’uonos to deal with these hostile Klingon-ass b*tches?

    I’ve been waiting over 30 years for this moment. Hurt these b*tches and make them cry. SYSBM is winning.

    1. “I’ve been waiting over 30 years for this moment”

      Its been a long time coming. Even as a kid back in the 80’s I saw how mean BW and Black girls were compared to WW and White girls.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      And that’s what it boils down to, white and other non black females despite their shortcomings are much more feminine, definitely more friendlier, kind and far easier to approach than your average black witch.

      The younger generations of black men cannot and will not be stopped despite the vain ramblings of certain elder Gen X pro black love flunkies trying their utmost to lead them back onto the plantation.

      Whenever you think of black women, kindness, approachability, femininity, humbleness, meekness etc are NOT attributes associated with them.

      As I’ve stated before, black women will not be able to escape the Blackistanian hellhole that they’ve created, recompense is due and is being poured out upon their heads in double right now as we speak.

      1. Verbs, there is a video of a guy who was talking about black men who are calling them beta males who hates black women. Now SYSBM are not anti black women but SYSBM hates the madness these scraggle daggles are doing. And I don’t know why is he call himself alpha male. We have Alpha Male Strategies calling himself that but I don’t listen to him especially when he made a video about black men going for foreign women, so did Coach Gregg Adams as well. It is what it is, you get me? Here it is:

        1. Money Cultural,

          I managed to get to the 1:30 mark before I had to switch the video off. This is your typical black male flunky carrying out the bidding of the black witch. As per Tenet number 3, SYSBM has written black women off as meaningful stargates because quality black women are extremely few and far between. MBD did a lifestream a while back where the question was asked, can an ABW be a good stargate and the conclusion was NO.

          You cannot be SYSBM and still deal with black females, this is also something that has been brought up recently. Any dude calling himself ‘alpha” because he chooses to deal with a group of dysfunctional women, tolerates and accepts their ratchet behaviour is a premium grade A dunce.

          1. These bewitched, bedazzled and befuddled negroes twist into pretzels trying to reconcile dating ABW and being SYSBM as if both can exist at the same place at the same time. ABW are the REASON for SYSBM! You called it, you cannot be SYSBM and still deal with black females. Smdh

          2. @Verbs, listening to that video (after Obsidian got YEETed), I couldn’t help thinking about this line from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns:

            “Do not expect any further statements. The Sons of Batman do not make speeches. We act.”

          3. That group chat was some real Tower of Babel bullsh*t. Plus it should have been private, we are the only race willing to put all our internal beefs and shit on display. You know Whitey is somewhere with a notebook listening to this sh*t, plotting ways to further divide us.

            This is why I think SYSBM should be a non-centralized terrorist cell that commits THOUGHT CRIMES against the matriarchal and communist status quo. Like Fight Club, we shouldn’t talk about Fight Club. Just do actions.

  7. That reminds me of a video a while back with a dark skinned BW standing outside of a club crying about how BM didn’t want her. Later we found out that she was a former swirler and was a single mom with a bi-racial son. Ignore them and let them stay behind the Wall.

      1. Verbs and JamesSYSBM,

        I remember this video.
        When this woman made a video about how no BM gave them time and a day in the Jazz Club (I cannot remember what Jazz club it was, probably Chris Brown performance). The media went out and saying all BM are bigots, colourism this and colourism that. Call BM racist and how BM fetishizing White Women.

        A month later as Akwesi100 made a video about this as she actually got interviewed by Angel Ramierez-Jordan (Mexican-Jamaican simp he was) and spill out the confession.

        She confess that as JamesSYSBM said that she was an ex-swirler.
        What you guys did not know that her Mr Clean Ex was a rapist. The kid is a rape-baby (pregnant as a result of rape) and she decide to keep the kid.

        She also mentions in the interview panel that she was surrounded by White and Asian men. The BM in the club have to fight the White and Asian man aka jump though the hoops just to dance to her.

        The BM in the club was thinking, just leave her as she is because with White and Asian men and she is not worth approaching, that is all which is the logical thing for a brother to do.

        I also think the brothers in the club knew about the rape and swirler stuff, so she is off-limits to them before she made a video.

        1. Wtf and you had to dig to find out she a rape baby (like I believe that story, a white man can rape a black women like a fat person has to be forced to eat cake).

          Black men hurt her self esteem for not dancing with her, but the white man didn’t hurt her self esteem by raping her?!!!!

          And she’ll keep a mixed light skinned rape baby but abort your dark skinned kids. You can’t make this up!!!!!

          1. Most of those deep information like Cynthia G and this rape kid. Also the Origin of the Downfall of the Manosphere are from Akwesi100 (Brother of Logic of common sense) videos. He rarely makes YouTube videos because he is a busy man (working).
            Him and David Carroll goes deep into these stuff. Especially David Carroll’s Rabbit hole in FS Avenger.
            They dig deep on stuff like this.

            When I hear stuff like this, you will never see this coming and I am thinking WTF did I just heard.

            1. Mister Master,

              Akwesi100 unfortunately still deals with these black sirens, he’s even come out against SYSBM in his defence of the same black females he once upon a time held to account.

              There is no logic nor common sense in dealing with a group of women who hate your guts and who are detrimental to you on every level.

    1. I thought about that video, as well; I didn’t know she was a failed swirler, but I guess she thought she could crawl back to Black men with her “dirty mongrel baby” and land a sucker.

  8. How is it the fault of Black boys that she feels inferior to White girls? Why is it always the next person’s responsibility to deal with the daggle’s insecurities? I would personally tell her “that sounds like a ‘you’ problem, Miss Autumn Gio; just admit that you’re jealous for the attention they give to White women instead of you”. She just admitted that White women are better if she felt that being White would get her the attention of Black boys; why not try being ladylike? As Verbs pointed out, their image and reputation precede them. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      You’re right, her insecurities have nothing to do with us, however black women just cannot bring themselves to accept any responsibility for a predicament they brought upon themselves.

      There is an entire history behind black men and the exiting the building movement, it wouldn’t take her long to discover exactly what is going on and the main reasons why, again, this is assuming that she’s ignorant to the hostility that black women regularly display towards black men(I suspect she’s fully aware and is just trying to play dumb on purpose).

      1. She’s Dominican. Those non-FBAs are the first ones to divest or somehow b*tch, complain and cry about Black men.

        1. Hell, most Dominican deny have ANY black blood. This one couldn’t even pass as mixed so essentially is “slumming it up” with black men. That’s the shit she won’t say while she begs for sympathy.

        1. Blue Collar Trevor,

          The witch was simply gaslighting and seeking out attention, he’s right, she isn’t ugly so what’s really up? Something tells me that if she was getting attention from white guys then she wouldn’t be complaining about black boys at all.

  9. BW can’t run that kind of game over here.
    We British bros have white women coming to **us** because the BM/WW image is on TikTok/Insta/Snap with white girls openly declaring their love of dark meat. Just today, this Russian young chick pretty much stood directly in front of me on the train, no fucks given, whilst I enjoyed the view. I didn’t have to do shit. So why oh why should I ever repeat my childhood and tolerate some angry heffa?

    1. Michel,

      Ummi Zummi aka Gerbilface expects you to outright reject advances from non black women and go right back to that masculine, belligerent and hostile black queenie, wife that black witch up bruh.

      Black men in the UK are cleaning house and have been for a long time, I’m glad to see younger generation black men in the US stepping up and giving these elder Gen Xers who are trying to keep them on the plantation the middle finger.

      The so called “snow bunny crisis” is only going to increase and there isn’t a damn thing these pro black love pundits can do about it. As I’ve stated before, black love is already DEAD and it cannot be revived.

  10. You see these young black boys; the reason why they are dating non black girls is that they see the dysfunctional behaviour of these young black girls. So it’s like the hell with that and date non black girls. The girl in the TikTok doesn’t look that bad but these young black boys will not give her a go because they see these young black girls bad attitude, they see it with their mothers and other female family members. I could date any woman as long she has no children and ratchet. I really don’t need that. I was talking to a chick from Jamaica and I heard a child in the background and I was thinking that I hope she’s not a single mother because there are so many baby mothers in Jamaica.

      1. Yo blud! You don’t need to tell me because for of my ex lovers are from Jamaica. I’ve done a five part mini series called Jamaican Pudding when I explained my experiences with the Jamaican broads. And the first girl I had some is from Jamaica but that’s another article so other time. It use to be dear to my heart and I said it use to be. Charming as they are but trashy some of them. I just finished my script on September 12th and I’m thinking about writing a new script next year about a successful man or a crown prosecutor begins a sexual affair with a woman from Jamaica and doesn’t know that she’s involved into criminal activates. I don’t wanna talk about him but anyway. When I write I think about Shawn James because the fool is a writer. Once you go simp, it’s over.

        Check out the mini series:

      2. Angry, boastful, violent, rageful, slothful, ugly, belligerent, over proud, stiff necked, loud, narcissistic, bloodthirsty, loose, hates themselves, their children and man man.

        There’s a reason Jamaican men are secretly disappearing them.

  11. Girl in the video is fairly attractive. I am sure they are not approaching because they think it is likely a waste of time or they have specific information. Group reputation does factor into social interactions especially in the introductory stages.

    1. The fact of the matter is that attractive bw are usually assholes anyway nit in the ghetto way but a passive aggressive manner. They look down on you hevaily becasue they are rare in the black community whereas in the other communites that have higher ratio of attractive women their more likley to cooperate.

      1. Bingo. The default BW in the hood is ugly, obese and hideous, so when a rose from concrete (conventionally attractive BW) actually springs up, she is naturally big-headed. She has had ni**as trying to holla since kindergarten so she looks down on BM.

      2. @Turner and Schadenfraude

        Yes and so when thinking brothers take that into account. They will likely choose the likely more friendly and approachable option. As opposed to someone snarky with a chip on their shoulder.

        You have set up a losing battle when the approaching man feels more comfortable with the soft rejection of another vs. your hard rejection or lukewarm reception. That is literally a losing set up.

  12. Again, notice they ONLY ever mention whiet women. White Women ARE better, how can they not be? White women are goddesses, why else would black women worship them?

    As mentioned, the chick actually ain’t bad looking, which just shows how bad they’re doing to have such a poor reputation.

    Current events will likely only increase interracial marriages along black men. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a wave of black women killing themselves soon.

    Also, “dye my hair blonde.”

    Black women already LOVE honey blonde weave while being extremely dark skinned, and they do NOT do that or anything else to please black men.

  13. Where’s My Bucket? I Got Some Crocodile Tears to Shed for AutumnGio. No Doubt Both You Verbs & Harvey from ”Your World, Your View” Pointed this Out 100%. Black Women in America Who Feel that Smart Educated Black Men are Beneath them & Who go for Black Men Who are Either Uneducated, Got No Successful Ambitions or Just Men Who wanna be Pimps, Thugs & Gangsta’s. Are Forever Doomed to Fail. Plus they Also Believe that those Kind of Men will Lead them to Better things in Life. When that is Just BS in a Nutshell. All Black Women get is Bastard Children in Odd Numbers from Dudes who have no intention of Ever Marrying them & Broken Bitter Spirits. Then When they Come to Black Men that They Shitted on. Calling them Lame or as They Prefer ”Lame-Ass Niggas”. They Expect them to be the Proverbial Janitors & Clean up their mess. When Clearly that’s not their mess to Clean up. Plus the Kids I Do Feel Sorry for Because it’s not like they had a Choice to be Born. Plus With Black Boys. It’s the Usual Mental Training. That You Go Pick up a Basketball, Baseball Whatever & Your gonna get us out of The Hood or When it Comes to Girls. They Immediately set in the ”Don’t Bring Home no Becky, Lola or Ming-Ming” Speech. Yet When it Comes to Black Daughter’s Who are Raised by Single Mother’s Without Father’s They Let Them do Whatever the Hell they Want. They Never give them the Speech of ”Don’t Bring Home no Joshua, John, Jose or Cho”. That Speech is Always Reserved for Black Boys instead. Hence the Hypocrisy. As far as I’m Concerned Seeing as Black Women Most Notably those of the American Variety. Wanna say that What ever Black Men get from Dating, Mating or Marrying Outside the Spectrum is Well Deserved. Then That Goes Double for American Black Females. At Least With Black Men. We See When the Separation is Coming. Black American Women However Don’t. Hence What Happened with that Chad Wheeler Debacle Back in February of this Year. His Black GF was Beaten to Which in those Photos it Looked like She was on the Verge of Dying. She Never Saw it Coming, However there was No Outrage or Blowback. No Time’s up, No Me Too. They don’t get that the People/Celebrities Who ran those Liberal Minded Organizations Used them. Yet Most if Not All Still Stand with those Same Non-Black Females. All in All I Have No Interest in Dating or Mating with Black Women in America & It’s Not out of Hate. it’s Out of Health. Both Mental & Physical. SYSBM For Life!!!

    1. Anthony Riggs,

      When a brotha does approach them, they go out of their way to clown that dude. Sistas have long let it be known if you ain’t 6 feet and look like you have money, don’t step to them. Even the short, fat, ugly black heffas are on this nonsense. Intelligent black men are moving accordingly and are no longer willing to be a BW’s ego boost of the day. You love to see it!

  14. Ignoring them is the best thing to do. They want to argue and fight all the time. Walk away from men because it did wonders for me.

  15. I follow RGIII (Robert Griffin the third)on Twitter. He’s full blown SYSBM. Even when he was doing videos with his wife and the pro blacks and the daggle went after him, he said fuck them and proudly did videos with his wife.

  16. I watched the TikTok video. All the points she stated in the clip is PROJECTION at best. Black men are not avoiding Black women because they are Black. Nor are they not pretty enough. Without the weight problems, weird appendages, and tattoos, Black women can be attractive.

    It’s their reputation, character, and known legacy for treachery. And really beyond the 2000s, most Black women do look like Transgenders or Mutated Freaks. She can only blame her toxic sisterhood of failed feminism that ruined Black women’s reputation.

    Watch further into the future she will be a liberal feminist “swirler” or conservative “bedwench”. These types end up that way still crying but later over a bottom shelf Brad.

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