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DPU Detective Dr Umar Johnson Is Still Talking!


Big up Sherrif X for posting this in my last Umar Johnson article and a shout out to the Hoebusters Network for being on top of the black female bootlicking court jester and DPU(Dick Police Unit)detective Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson.

Rich Paul(agent to Lebron James) is a successful businessman who has painstakingly built up his own empire, do you really believe that he’s going to take the words of a snorting coke head seriously who hasn’t got a black woman for himself, can’t even clean up his own apartment and who still hasn’t open up that academy for black boys?

Honestly, where does Gerbilface Johnson get off, in his delusional mind state he still believes he can go around checking and berating ie dick policing black men who choose to date interracially, meanwhile we haven’t seen hide nor hair of a black queenie by the side of this nugget-head yet.

The fraud Johnson even went as far as to recently fake a wedding with two black female volunteers, smh. He’s telling you to stick with the same type of women he can’t even get himself, how does this make any damn sense? Answer, it doesn’t.

Now, I checked out Rich Paul’s Instagram and noted that he has a black daughter, therefore he’s already been down the “keeping it real/black love” boulevard and recognises it for the abject failure that it is.

The truth of the matter is Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson is sideways begging free thinking, successful black men to take onboard these broken beyond repair black females because he knows that without our participation in the clean up man ponzi scheme, the modern day black female will forever remain desolate. Oh well, that’s her problem, not mine.

As I’ve stated many times before, a good quality product will always be in high demand and automatically sell itself, it doesn’t require a salesmen constantly in the consumer’s face trying to persuade and in most cases bully the perspective buyer into purchasing whatever is being offered.

This is exactly what Gerbilface Johnson doesn’t want to understand, if black women were even of decent quality then there wouldn’t be an issue of so many black men leaving the building in their droves and heading into the arms of non black females.

However Johnson just like the rest of these lazy pro black retards doesn’t want to improve upon the merchandise he’s desperately trying to peddle, instead he and they roll on using their preferred method of continuing to berate, browbeat and demonise those black men who opt out of dealing with black women altogether, believing they can shame us back onto the proverbial plantation.

Nope, it’s not going to work, once those black men who can think and reason for themselves experience just a small taste of femininity from non black women, it’s a chicken wrap and there’s no going back.

As far as I’m concerned, the so called “Snow Bunny Crisis” is a great thing for white women and black men who want to date and marry each other, the only reason why dickheads like Umar Johnson claim to be so concerned is because as MBD recently said, he just like many of these elder Gen X grifters believe that they can push a button to reset black society.

However, in order for that so called reset to take place, upwardly mobile, educated, intelligent, free thinking brothers are required to return to the scrapheap called the black community in order to deal with rebellious, belligerent, overweight, rude, arrogant, masculine, fake from head to toe, loud, mean, nasty, evil, angry, bloodthirsty, violent, ugly, lazy, narcissistic women.

No thank you, I’m good, I’ll pass. Let the so called “Snow Bunny Crisis” continue to gather heavy momentum, the more free thinking brothers who can liberate themselves and experience real femininity not just from white women but also from females of other non black backgrounds, the better.

Johnson talking about “don’t get your coon papers”, yet has Gerbilface himself manifested any paperwork concerning his Fredrick Douglas Marcus Garvey Academy for boys to date, I’ll wait?

SYSBM continues to steam roll ahead and there isn’t a damn thing the frying Pan African, dick police detective Umar Johnson can do to stop it, the substance abuse must have really gotten to the dude’s head, literally.

Here is just a small example of why more black men are throwing in the towel on black love, this clip is from the television comedy show Atlanta, season 2, episode 7 created by Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino:

Notice how the white woman PROUDLY proclaimed how she’d been with, supported and had the back of her black boyfriend from day one(8 years strong), however what did the loud mouthed belligerent black witch retort with:

“You can afford to invest early, I ain’t got time to be sitting out here with no community theatre ass n***a for 8 years and wishing on a goddamn star. There are plenty, plenty, plenty, plenty of good black women but you won’t see Brad Pitt trying to date Shonda Rhimes”.

Claiming that there are plenty of good black women while positively portraying herself as the absolute worst representation imaginable, as per usual just like her white lord and saviour General Blizzard referring to black men as “n***as and these are supposed to be the “most educated” women, smh. Like MBD says, black women don’t see any value in free thinking brothers until we choose to date out.

Plenty of good black women, where??? Of course your average black siren doesn’t want to invest in a black man, nope, she wants a ready made Negro she can begin sucking the blood and resources out of immediately, this is how the overwhelming majority of these black harriets function.

The above Atlanta clip is a whole article within itself, don’t let these black women out here fool you. They only want the wealth and resources of the average productive brother while on the flip side wanting to be dicked down and get their backs blown out by Shifty Sizzler, Sheggy, Cheddar Boy, Field Mouse, Blac Bloc and Roof Top Trey. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Dick Police Officers Are Everywhere Trying Their Upmost To Stifle Free Thinking Black Men’s Dating Options

Most High Bless

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49 thoughts on “DPU Detective Dr Umar Johnson Is Still Talking!

  1. The census already spoke. Does this dude really think he’s going to reverse anything? This has been decades in the making.

      1. “I’m afraid the goofball Johnson genuinely believes he can turn the tide.”

        No he doesn’t. He doesn’t believe his own nonsense. It’s a pander bear/matriarchal simp grift trying to get black hoes to hit up his Cashapp. As long as he’s so-called putting black men in their place, they will forget Umar’s many f*ck-ups including no school.

        1. Schadenfreude,

          Regardless, the problem is he’s emboldening these dark sirens and their pro black simp flunkies. How many videos and accounts have we already come across of black women and their simp drones accosting, harassing and in some cases being violent against interracial couples(black men/non black women)?

          He may not believe in all of it, however his rhetoric is causing ripples and those zealots following him who actually do fully subscribe to the pro blackity black doctrine are using his philosophy as their fuel.

      2. Haha Verbs

        He definitely does not believe all of the propoganda he say, but at the same time he stands behind everything he says, even if he doesn’t live it.

        There is a strange mechanism to charlatanry of this level that probably results in some weird cognitive side effects.

        But rest assured he will certainly advocate for the typical communal vices and traps to keep that cok..err cash flow coming.

        1. Lurker,

          We know that he appears to be serious when it comes down to his anti interracial dating and marriage stance(at least in the public eye), he’s been harping on that for years.

          The problem is nobody has the testicular fortitude to scrutinise, thoroughly examine and throw hard questions at the guy whenever he goes onto recognised venues to be interviewed.

          Just like these on the corner pastors, once again we have a case where black women and a few non thinking black men are only too willing to throw their money in his direction and not require any hard results in return, smh.

          1. @Verbs

            Yes the ever so convenient lack of scrutiny for such character of charlatans is unfortunately like a fundamental law for those under the dark yoke of the Conmunity.

            But at the same type people have been warning others about this guy for 10 years. But how many times have we seen disgraced pastors embroiled in scandal only to return a few years later like some MMORPG respawn boss.

            The funny thing about schools now is that many of them have incorporated a Remote Schooling option. This would be the Doctor’s opportunity to adjust his scheme but the accountability is just too scarce to even bother apparently.

            Nevertheless keep up with the consistent and excellent journalism @Verbs.

  2. Here we go again, the same fraud faking a wedding and still haven’t built academy schools.

    If black females were quality, I would still avoid all of them regardless.

    All of them are too ugly, very very ugly for sex and breeding.

    No such thing as a quality negress.

    The word quality should never be a statement describing any of them.

    What we have is a failed salesman trying to sell useless products that has never ever been good looking to begin with.


  3. Verbs 2015.

    Umar Johnson trying to guilt trip and shame black men into dating black women is getting so tiring, old and boring. He needs to do something else. That rude black woman on the above video giving that poor innocent white woman attitude for no good reason is the reason why I refuse to date black women. The trouble is that black women want a ready made superstar black man, thug black man or their white lord and saviour any type of white man and they don’t want to invest in a good black man in their sexual prime years when they can potentially build a good life with that particular black man especially if he working his way up from the bottom so that they can have a good nuclear black family together. No black women only want a decent black man when they fuck their lives up when they hit the wall at 30 plus when they become fat, old and ugly and the worst of it all when they become single mothers with multiple kids from multiple wutless thug baby fathers. Whereas a childfree white woman or childfree non black women will get with a good black man when they are young and when he has nothing because they can see the future potential in that good black man so that they can both build a fantastic future together and have their own children without the baby mother/baby daddy drama that dating a single mother brings. Good looking natural looking black women these days do not exist so Umar Johnson is chatting a load of shit.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I was baffled when Johnson brought up different shades of black women Rich Paul could choose from as if those different shades equated to any quality. Black women as a collective are of the lowest quality and they’re the ones who’ve single handedly brought that low standard upon themselves. I haven’t seen or come across a good looking, natural, pleasant, feminine black female in person for years.

    1. Blade,

      This is exactly my point, even if the dude doesn’t believe in all of what he says, his acolytes do and in some cases are willing to go to extremes in order to execute the philosophy.

      It’s not like we haven’t already come across black men being harassed and accosted in the streets by these goons and their black female overlords because they were with a non black female.

      1. Verbs,

        I know….and in spite of how it may look at times…yes we are Winning.

        To paraphrase Harry Hart from ‘KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE’

        “A righteous sense of self-worth, awareness and respect for others is a Gentleman’s armor…and we’re the new Knights.” 💪

  4. Mic Drop.

    Always Plantation Bros. without a sexually desirable Black wife broadcasting the loudest most d*ck policing PSAs. The grift is stale, but more and more BM are ignoring their message of scarcity and control by the minute.


    1. In the words of Economist Professor Thomas Sowell:
      “Freedom has cost too much blood and agony to be relinquished at the cheap price of rhetoric.”

    2. King Sigma,

      It’s always the same story with these plantation zealots, constantly barking dick policing orders at black men, meanwhile very rarely if ever fulfilling the same criterias or first setting an example themselves, smh.

      1. @Verbs

        And their inability to LIVE their creed and produce TANGIBLE CONSTRUCTIVE results is why they will drown in their own false proselytizing.

    3. @King Sigma

      OR, if they were married at all, the broad looks like a Moblin from The Legend of Zelda, built like Dr. Robotnik from Sonic the Hedgehog, and is as dark as one of Blanka’s alternate palettes from Street Fighter II.

      1. @kameron

        That is the irony, they cape for a group of women – who are throwing themselves at the feet of the same non-Black men ; the CommuTeps claim to be ‘at war’ with. And ‘at war’ refers to PURE rhetoric and posturing without nary a tangible results over decades.

        Make it make sense?

  5. Umar: “The (BW) queens come in all different flavors.”

    Me to Umar: “You have “full” access to these different flavors of ‘your’ queens but the only flavor of women you have in mind and on your breath when speaking is vanilla with homemade non-black whipped cream and drinking caffe vaniila frappuccino with white cream and multi-color toppings/sprinkles from Starbucks.

    Him talking about the snowbunny crisis so he can make money while hiding behind his secret desire to be with a snowbunny queen that his sistas is learning from.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      So many free thinking black men out here with quality non black women, meanwhile blue balls Johnson has to resort to sleeping with strippers. Where is the quality, why is he unable to obtain one of these “queenies” for himself if black women are so great?

      1. “Where is the quality, why is he unable to obtain one of these “queenies” for himself if black women are so great?”

        I had a friend years ago who tried to get on me for dating and being with non-black women, including the one I was with at the time. I asked that guy the same question, where was his queen if black women were so great? Not long after, I cut him off for good.

        20 years later I stumbled across his FB profile as we still have mutual friends. Lo and behold, he has a Korean girlfriend. Haha!

        These matriarchal negro hypocrites are really something.

  6. Umar thinks he’s the Eliot Ness of dick policing. Like I said before had I lived in a more diverse area growing up I NEVER would’ve dated the American black witch! Btw have you noticed no one is talking about how Adele lost all of that weight to get with the brothers. Does anyone here think the black witch would do the same for the thinking black man? LOL!

    1. Val Zod,

      Adele did very well slimming down, we already know that black women as a collective embrace their overweight status instead of attempting to change it. Johnson’s dick policing tactics will only work on mindless, non thinking pro black simps as well as some elder Gen Xers and Boomers who still believe in the “black love” pipe dream.

  7. Breakdown on Umar Johnson:

    * Abysmal to downright shitty track record when it comes to his contribution to the Black race. Particularly Black men.

    * Continues to belittle or shame Black men for dating out and engaging with White women. Despite that Black men have and still are interacting with non-Black women (including Latina, Greek, German, etc). To which I will assume Dr. Shitnson shames Black men who are with Black women from different non-Western countries who are not vile, hyper-aggressive, and actually display feminine qualities. Outside of the horn of Africa included.

    * Can’t even build a school for Black people despite the support he has received over the years and screw up at a fake wedding.
    Not to mention that he interacts with White women sexually.

    So..from a “Pro-Black” leader, he has a lot of mental problems and display that toxic bitch-ass energy akin to the Black female.
    No different than the minstrel known as Derrick Jaxn.

    1. Blackdjedi,

      Outside of groups like the Black Panthers from back in the day(not the new clowns) and the Detroit 300(until these black sirens came against them), I don’t think I can recall to mind any pro black groups who have ever done anything to benefit black folks, most of them have been on the grift express, some classic examples of grifting minstrels are the likes of Messy Jackson as well as Al Sharpton who are now being run out of town everywhere they go, the same needs to start happening to Gerbilface Johnson.

  8. Why would successful Rich Paul with a world-famous British singer on his arm listen to busted, no wife, no school Dr. Umar? Answer: He wouldn’t. More of the pander-bear, matriarchal simp grift in action, shameful. Notice black hoes get to skip off into the sunset with Chad and Brad to become the next statistic, yet nobody is pussy-policing them.

    Oh and Black women born in America are not “African” they’re American.

    SYSBM continues to be the best solution for the successful, thinking Black man. Just ask Rich Paul!

  9. I give a shout out to Sherrif X as he last time comment about how Aaron Fountain Jr was crying on YouTube because King Sigma flag this broadcast stalker video.

    Also Andy C because I was also looking for that Atlanta clip to bring this to Slaying Evil. This clip shows you why BW are nothing but sh1t.
    The WW basically explain to this witch why she got the brother instead of her.
    This BW friendzone this brother for 8 years and BW is pissed because the White Woman snagged him off her.
    I say well done to the WW.
    She saw potential that BW always overlooked.

    1. “This BW friendzone this brother for 8 years and BW is pissed because the White Woman snagged him off her. I say well done to the WW. She saw potential that BW always overlooked.”

      It’s a well known fact that black hoes like their black men ready made. They want a 25-year-old making 40-year-old money right out the gates, while the white woman is there to help a black man build from nothing. When I was in college, a few of the athletes were getting tutored by white girls.Then if the dude went pro guess who was with him? Black hoes wasn’t doing shit for these young men, yet act like you owe them something.

      Keep the Wall of Indifference™ up! SYSBM!

    2. MMT,

      I’m glad King Sigma flagged down that video, Fountain just like the black witch honestly believes that he is allowed to dish it out but that somehow we aren’t allowed to give in return. This doesn’t even take into account the fact that he’s constantly taking people’s comments out of context and rarely if ever provides references to the original content.

      As for the Atlanta clip, whoever wrote that script knew exactly what they were doing, black women stay rejecting the best and the brightest of black society in pursuit of thug penis and quick money but then years later want to circle back and pretend that they’re now interested once they have 2,3,4,5 children en tow and the brothers they rejected have finally established themselves. We know their game plan.

  10. “Community theatre ass nigha”

    Replace “community theatre” with tech start-up, delivery driver, trainee engineer or any other artistic or creative endeavor. That’s who you have in your corner. No one.
    Honestly as creative myself, that statement is THE MOST disrespectful thing anyone can say, let alone a woman. So this is what a “good black woman” providesfor support? And you wonder why Adele can spot a good black man?

    As for the Gerbilface, he’s trying to remain relevant in a black community that just sent All Sharpton packing from Texas. Coon this, coon that, coon everywhere. I’ve got one question:

    Where the school at, nigha?

    1. Michel,

      But don’t you know, even if the black witch is disrespectful, Dr Gerbilface Johnson says that we’re still supposed to cuff her. I’m sticking with my position on the majority of black men being bewitched and deeply indoctrinated as to the reason why they still choose to deal with black women because any person in their right mind would never tolerate such disrespect.

  11. It’s amazing how this guy thinks he has the authority to speak to anybody, let alone a successful Black man, about who they should date; keep in mind, this is the same goofball who was exposed for smashing a stripper a few years ago. What kind of goofy ish is Gerbilface spewing? Sweet Brown Sugar? Cinnamon? Hot Pistachio? African Vanilla? Is this fool describing Black women or limited edition Pop Tarts? If there’s any crisis Rich Paul fell victim to, it’s the Communitah crisis; thankfully, he escaped that crisis alive and found a stargate in Adele. More power to Rich Paul! #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Nobody has the balls to pull this court jester up on his serious shortcomings(no school, no black queenie by his side, severe substance abuse and a messy apartment), this is one of the main reasons why Gerbilface feels emboldened to continue berating and disparaging black men who date out(not that brothers who expand on their dating option are paying the fool any mind to begin with).

  12. This man really don’t quit star. As this dick policing batty man continue to cock patrol other black men, he is still sniffing up the white shit like Tony Montana in the 1983 gangster movie Scarface. Listen; remember the time when Woke Poofgressive 2.0 came out as homosexual because he was dick policing all over the place. Bareback Fountain was doing the same thing and stalking other men online until we found out that he was abused by his mother when he was a child. Foolmar Johnson. Now a well known coke head must be a homosexual man. Look, I have no problems with a man’s lifestyle but when a man wants to know where another man is putting his penis in, you gotta question is sexual orientation. Here’s a song for him. Well, three:

    One last thing. All the man them need to put their trousers up man. Shit!

    1. I forgot dude was a damn drug user. I bet his nose looked like he eats nothing but beignets and powdered donuts.

    2. Money Cultural,

      As I’ve stated many times before, outside of black women themselves, only homosexuals and sexually suspect black dudes worry about where another black man is placing his family jewels.

  13. Here’s the deal: Umar is trying to sell wholesale, bootleg level products at prices higher than Amazon and then wonders why you’re running to Jeff Bezos.

    Who would jump through hoops to get with a chick who’s ugly, belligerent, stupid, arrogant, argumentative, had tons of kids by other men and just as many STDs and has more debt than the USA?

    THAT’S the prize? As long as that’s the prize you’re automatically a loser. This chicks are McDonald’s level in both food quality and service but have the nerve to get mad that you’d rather hit up Ruth’s Chris, Benihana’s and Rodizio.

    They don’t want to have to compete, hell they don’t wanna have to comb their own hair! If they’re to lazy to even LOOK GOOD, why the hell would they put effort into being a good mate?

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      The dunce Johnson already knows that black women as a collective have sunk so deep into the toilet bowl, however if black men begin walking away from them in serious numbers(which in the US is slowly beginning to happen), who will be left to deal with them?

      “Who would jump through hoops to get with a chick who’s ugly, belligerent, stupid, arrogant, argumentative, had tons of kids by other men and just as many STDs and has more debt than the USA?”

      Also, we can’t even forget the fact that black women don’t like productive black men anyway, I’ve never heard any of these pro black bean heads address how to overcome the black females deep disdain and hatred for the heterosexual, productive, intelligent brother.

    1. Sasamuel Everett,

      As long as it’s in line with the topics discussed on the website(apart from Open Mic Wednesday), you can email me the article are I’ll put it up in the next available slot.

  14. Anyone Who Listens to Umar Johnson has to be the Dumbest Person on the Planet Earth. He Panders More than Barack Obama, Jay-Z & Will Smith Combined. Though with them, They Pander Hard to White People, Because they don’t wanna lose Their White Fanbase. Umar Panders Hard to Black Females, Because he Enjoys Disfunction, He Enjoys Black Women Showing Zero to No Respect for Black Men & He Enjoys being a Simp. It’s like ”You Can Speak for Yourself”, But Don’t Speak for Us. Well-Intentioned Black Men Who Have Dated & Mated with Black Women Especially American Black Females Have Been Met with Nothing But Hostility, Negativity, Constant Beratement, Arguments 24/7 & Even Violence. All for the Sake of a ”Comunitah” that is Broken Beyond Repair. Smart Brotha’s Who Have their Shit Together are Checking out, Because Currently There is No Happiness Found within their Own Race, Only Bitterness & Strife. Therefore Anyone Who Follows the False Teachings of Umar Johnson is to be Avoided at all Costs. SYSBM For Life!!!

  15. “the only reason why dickheads like Umar Johnson claim to be so concerned is because as MBD recently said, he just like many of these elder Gen X grifters believe that they can push a button to reset black society.”

    Excellent point! Black society — as it now stands — has no reset button. It has been destroyed in so many ways that it isn’t even funny any more.

    But WTF, ya gotta stand back & laugh at how the black queanies Umar expects good high value black men to MARRY are of low substandard value compared to the feminine “competition” in Asia, South America or Europe — and YES, even in rural Africa where I found my naturally curvy slim petite Kikuyu unicorn with REAL long hair & niiice soft brown skin…and NO ATTITUDE nor baggage! 😁😄

    Yes, there are black people with black skin, etc. But a black society?? Naah, that concept is looong extinct. Hence movements like SYSBM.

  16. Dr. Umar Johnson represents many of the ills & defects of Black Men,Women,and society in general. Dr. Umar forgets each individual is their own being with their own motives, agenda, dynamics, experiences, and preferences.

    Note Dr. Umar has difficulties working with other Black people of the same academic achievements or socioeconomic status. Like many other Blacks. Also, ego ,arrogance, and delusions of granduer/self importance is rather a huge downfall for most like him.

    Low key, I think Umar is somewhat of a male feminist. Looking at the actions and statistical data of Black Women, one has to be very dense, to say the least, to want a black woman. For Umar not to acknowledge the ills of modern Black women and the detriment they have cause in all facets of Black society is pandering.

    Although his school was slated for Black Boys, which is honorable, he has yet to produce anything of value in relation to this plan. And the worst part, he was catering to Black women for this cause. A set of women who murder their children to the number of 20 million. The same online weirdos who post “Abort Black Boys”.

    Dr. Umar is no different than the feminists panderers and psuedo-Hoteps. Umar is a long running joke by now. I would pay him no mind and disregard his idiodic statements.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Yep, and crackhead Johnson went and challenged Mike Tyson to a fight, smh. I’ll keep on saying it, the substance abuse has gotten to Gerbilface’s head, he has to be 12 kegs short of a 6 pack challenging one of the greatest most powerful boxers alive:

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