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The above PDF is the official Public Health England consent form for the Convid 1984 bioweapon as well as below that a link to the NHS(National Health Service UK) Covid “vaccine” website. Now compare that to a fake consent form somebody unknown created below:

I much prefer the fake consent form as it provides much more information and more importantly serious home truths about the Convid bioweapon, those who created it and the real risks involved vs the official consent form and the NHS website combined. The official form ought to look like the fake one. The fake is what true informed consent should look like.

As I’ve stated before, a major massive red flag was the governments in the west granting these vaccine manufacturers total immunity from prosecution, folks should’ve stopped the presses right there, however as has clearly been revealed with this plandemic, most folks are non thinkers, even with blatant and overt government dishonesty, the sheeple will still follow the State and do what they’re told.

As far as I’m concerned when it comes down to the UK, most of the people here deserve to be enslaved because they don’t value their freedoms and are so willing to give them away in the name of so called “public health”.

At this point only a true braindead knucklehead can’t see that all of these measures being put in place by various governments around the world have nothing to do with a virus and everything to do with controlling and restricting your life.

Socialist countries unfortunately breed luggards and mullet heads who cannot think and reason for themselves, the UK is a prime example of this. The only reason why the UK government hasn’t gone full ham like the dictators in Australia is because this country has a history of rioting, the most recent being the London Riots in 2011 which eventually spread throughout the country, riots in which the police once again were mysteriously told to stand down and do nothing about.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice.

You cannot make deals with the devil and come out on top – Verbs2015

Those who choose to carry out the devil’s works must always be prepared to pay the price for doing so – Verbs2015

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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55 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Like I said before Verbs I refuse to take the vaccine because its going to kill me plus I want to live a very long life because I value my freedom. Also I want to have kids in the future and taking the vaccine will stop me having children. People who take the vaccine are bloody brainwashed because they can’t think for themselves.

  2. This is a message to Money Cultrual,

    Remember this video by Aaron Fountain when he tracked you down?

    Why don’t you flag this troll broadcast bugger. The only person so far made him cry is King Sigma. I say do it because you need to make an example out of him.

    At the moment he is at war with SoloTV 84.

    Verbs, do not engage with this Aaron guy on YouTube, he is not worth it.
    If he comes to this website, he knows he is in SYSBM’s turf and be expected to be roasted.


    As for the NHS Vaccine Consent form.

    This is for general public meaning vaccine is totaly voluntary. However if you work in the Care/Health Sector it is not optional, basically means they are putting a gun on your head. Either a jab or be fired, aka ‘No Jab, No Job’.

    Do not let the word consent/voluntary fool you if you work for NHS because you are signing away aginst your will or you are unemployed.

    I watched Kid Organic video about New Your Care Sector vaccine mandate.
    I have been told according to his video that in New York that if you get sacked because you refuse to get a jab, you will banned from unemployment benefits. Which create more homeless people.

    1. Yeah, I got your message brother. That’s a very good question why I didn’t flag him. It’s not worth flagging the guy, he’s nothing but a mindless idiot who is just narcissistic. You see about Bareback Fountain is that the reason why he was stalking guys like me, SoloTV 84, Mad Bus Driver, Sigma Jones, King Siqma and all of the others is that when he was a child, his mum use to fuck him up. He mum is to beat the holly shit out of him. Sees his face mass up, frigg up, bruk up, fuck up. You get me? If we flag him, YouTube won’t take down his channel. It would be his fault with the high level stalking he’s doing. And I don’t think that this guy will not stop. Here’s a article I did about his and his mother:

      I know that black men have been abused by their mothers. I use to get beat when I was young and when I was a teenager, I use to curse at her, even swear at her. But thanks for the message bro!

      1. Money Cultural,

        So far he is stop making videos against SYSBM as they rarely make video meaning he not tracking the SYSBM.
        One SYSBM pays him no mind, he cannot track.

        He is now focus on tracking the mid-tier black manosphere. That is where he tracks the beef.

        Also he focusing at war with SoloTV84 as he his giving fuel to this guy.

        I hope it stays that way and not pointing at this direction.

  3. The bodies are piling up at the bottom of Swirl Mountain, but radio silence from the swirling sisterhood. If it wasn’t for King Sigma, all of these killings would be swept under the rug. Kudos to his investigative reporting.

    1. Where are the feminists talking about DoMeStIc AsSaUlT? Oh yeah, I forgot, THEY don’t GAF about black women either, haha

      1. Nope. Black women are MULES to push the white feminist agenda and beta test their tactics on black men before they unleash them on their own white men.

        White feminists also succeeded in alienating black women from their own men so they could double back and get unlimited access to that vaunted black d*ck.

        Wild how BW can’t see the game plan almost 50 years later, but they are satisfied with their gubmint handouts and trinkets.

        1. WTF do you expect from narcs? Black women have the attention of the simps and the gullible people still dumb enough to follow them.

    2. BW wont say anything about incidents like this. We all know that they are willing to tolerate anything from a WM just to be able to keep him.

  4. Lithuania to require Covid-19 certificate for intercity train travel

    Lithuania Makes COVID Pass Mandatory For Citizens To Enter Malls, Marketplaces

    Lithuania is the first country in Europe to fully implement the covid pass regime.

    It says without a covid pass, people are banned from shopping centres, restaurants, banks, gyms, universities, non-emergency medical care, supermarkets, non-essential stores, cafes, bars, hair cuts, libraries, repair services and employers will suspend staff without pay.

    Even Eastern Europe is finished and going down the socialist communist drainage like western societies.

    Revelation quote 13:16-18, He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, (A)to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, 17 and that no one may buy or sell except one who has [a]the mark or (B)the name of the beast, (C)or the number of his name.

    Revelations is looking not too far away, if a system like this is fully implemented workwide, just know and assume that there is absolutely nothing stopping verse 16-18 from coming to pass. Don’t be deceived, the enemy is working through these laws.

    This is global conditioning, the world is being prepared for the beast system and folks are allowing it.

    Although I’m not religious, I still believe in spirituality. The spiritual war in my state of mind is a white goddess fighting against realms of demonic forces. The physical war is protecting my future stargate against all physical enemies that would try to harm her and my future kids.


    1. Lithuania has long been an outlier in its region, and has many times embraced liberalism of the western countries much more. It’s no surprise that they’re pulling this here.

      Croatia tried to implement mere mask mandates, but the people made it clear that the traumatology wards would be filled with the cops who tried to police this, so it was dropped.

  5. “As far as I’m concerned when it comes down to the UK, most of the people here deserve to be enslaved because they don’t value their freedoms and are so willing to give them away in the name of so called ‘public health’.”

    There was a man who live a couple of hundred years ago who famously said, “Those who sacrifice liberty for security/safety will find that THEY INHERIT NEITHER.”

  6. Where are all the white nationalists on this? Oh wait, I forgot they’re being paid off and used by Mossad. The anti black male agenda seems very Yiddish to me, and also let’s not forget that not one of the major players mentioned Rothschild, multipolar world order, tech transfer or how the scamdemic enrichened the banking and financial class they claim to hate. The hoteps are a lost cause, but I can see why white feminists have grievances.

  7. Good Open Topic Wednesday morning,

    Statement made by this advocate Nova Reid: “I don’t know how else to say this so I’ll just say it: Black people don’t need white people to rescue us. We don’t. We have been rescuing ourselves and revolting against the oppressor throughout history.”

    Me to Nova Reid: “You don’t need white people (as saviours) but you want them as (anti-racist) allies (another form of saviour pertaining to this article).”

    Yeah, DONATE money to her because that what people like her are in the business for as an ‘advocate’. 💰💳💵💸💲

  8. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! This article was shared with me last week: ppw2

    Excerpt from the article: “The wind would scatter the tiny microchips, which could sense their surrounding environments and collect information. The scientists say they could potentially be used to monitor for contamination, surveil populations or even track diseases. Their creators foresee microfliers becoming part of “large, distributed collections of miniaturized, wireless electronic devices.” In other words, they could look like a swarm.”

    Chances are the next time you see what looks like a swarm of flies could actually be tiny wireless electronic devices monitoring your every move; this reminds me of the Orwellian telescreen technology from ‘1984’, but this is a whole ‘nother level of dystopian. In the very near future, your right to privacy may become a relic of the past that survives only in one’s memory. I guess it’s safe to say that the world of 1984 is now a reality:

  9. Are masks doing more harming than helping? In a recent claim, Anthony Fauci co-authored an article in 2008 concluded that the majority of deaths during the influenza pandemic aka “Spanish Flu” likely resulted from secondary bacterial pneumonia. In 2020-present, some people claimed that masks were the cause of the bacteria pneumonia while the “fact checkers” say there’s no scientific evidence supporting the claim that masks use leads to a higher risk of bacterial pneumonia.

    There was a video I watched not too long ago with a huge claim that the 1918 flu is equivalent to the COVID shots of today and the vaxxed person/people as carrier can infect non-vaxxed people with the intent of killing both vaxxed and non-vaxxed individuals in this bio war.

    Yep, back in 1918 in the pre-Tuskegee experimenting era, they were experimenting and injecting people with a drug out there in Kansas or some other mid-western state and sending the injected individuals to Europe and that’s when hell broke loose with chemical warfare.

    In this video by clicking the link, a doctor threw major hand grenades with his evidence on wearing masks for long periods of time can cause respiratory issues ranging from the toxic air expelled from your body and breathing it back in to the materials in the mask which people are breathing into their body.

  10. Greetings brothers. The fact that the “vaccine” took 7 months instead of their usual 10 to 15 years and there is an open VAERS website, should have been crimson flags to everyone.

    Each and every moment, the truth in regards to the bio-weapon is getting more louder and obvious in plain sight. The more people try to cover it up, the more damage it will unleash.

  11. It’s been a minute since I snoop around here, got a little catching up to do, but it’s all good. This month been rough for me, but I’m pulling through. As for the COVID crap, a lot of blood and bodies are gonna be on these psychos’ hands, forcing the damn bioweapon on to the human race. Biden just moved the goal post, AGAIN, and IDK how many times they done moved the goalpost. Plus, I’m ready for him, and Kamala Harris to be removed from office completely. No wonder why some people are regretting voting for that old man anyway, voter’s remorse. He talking about 98% of Americans need to get vaccinated to return to “normal,” I don’t think nothing’s gonna be normal with these psychos running the show. It’s like the 100th time they moved the goalpost, and all that moving the goalpost is getting dangerous to the point where suspicious is gonna raise up to the freakin sky, or probably up to space for sure. Talking about endless booster shots? First of all, is the human body suppose to take a whole bunch of needle shots, because that sounds real suspicious? Talking about the shit is “safe” and “effective,” How can a vaccine be “safe” and “effective” when it’s causing a whole heat of problems? I’m no scientist or doctor, but the last time I research about vaccines, don’t they take like 10 years, or more than ten years for them to actually work or something? What are these psychos hiding anyway? These psychos force that poison onto me, I swear to god. They immune to prosecution, they may be, but they ain’t gonna be immune to the blood and bodies that’s gonna haunt their asses for life. These psychos started a whole lot of unwanted events, and I don’t think they can’t hide from it. They can run, but they can’t hide.

    1. Indeed. They can’t hide. Also out of all this shitshow how come they never did the most important thing:

      Figure out if this “virus” is actually the sole cause of sickness and not make crap up to fit their narrative.

  12. Meanwhile in Zoo York, Cuomo’s replacement Governor has the BALLS to show up in church AND claim that frigging toxic deathly “vaccine” came from God & tasks the sheep church goers to spread the good word — about the jab that is. Wow!

    Talk about Satan preaching in front of a corrupted congregation. Major cringe. Any church with diginity would’ve thrown her off the damn stage.

    NEW – NY Governor Hochul proclaims, “The vaccine comes from God” and asks those present in the megachurch congregation, “I need you to be my apostles.” 📌

    Hold onto yer hats, gents! Winter’s coming soon & I expect to see a ton of pro-vaxxers filling up caskets. I wonder how they’ll spin that new reality.

  13. Fantastic informative “science” based article on Convid facts that went viral.

    📌 “Damn You To Hell, You Will Not Destroy America” – Here Is The ‘Spartacus COVID Letter’ That’s Gone Viral

    This is an anonymously posted document by someone who calls themselves Spartacus. Because it’s anonymous, I can’t contact them to ask for permission to publish. So I hesitated for a while, but it’s simply the best document I’ve seen on Covid, vaccines, etc. Whoever Spartacus is, they have a very elaborate knowledge in “the field”. If you want to know a lot more about the no. 1 issue in the world today, read it. And don’t worry if you don’t understand every single word, neither do I. But I learned a lot.

    …SARS-CoV-2 Spike is a highly pathogenic protein on its own. It is impossible to overstate the danger presented by introducing this protein into the human body.

    It is claimed by vaccine manufacturers that the vaccine remains in cells in the shoulder, and that SARS- CoV-2 Spike produced and expressed by these cells from the vaccine’s genetic material is harmless and inert, thanks to the insertion of prolines in the Spike sequence to stabilize it in the prefusion conformation, preventing the Spike from becoming active and fusing with other cells.

    However, a pharmacokinetic study from Japan showed that the lipid nanoparticles and mRNA from the Pfizer vaccine did not stay in the shoulder, and in fact bioaccumulated in many different organs, including the reproductive organs and adrenal glands, meaning that modified Spike is being expressed quite literally all over the place.

    These lipid nanoparticles may trigger anaphylaxis in an unlucky few, but far more concerning is the unregulated expression of Spike in various somatic cell lines far from the injection site and the unknown consequences of that… 📌

    1. It was clear when “delta” came out they were just going to say its a new variation and use a new greek letter.

  14. via America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLD) Telegram channel. A pinned message:

    📌 Over 70,000 healthcare workers in New York are willing to be fired rather than take a mandatory shot.

    What does that say to you? 📌

    When the jab healthcare pushers in one of the world’s biggest libtard cities don’t even want to get jabbed, you know some serious shit is going down. Yet these know-it-all vaxxtard sheep (I have a whole flock of sheep on the estate I live on telling me I should “really think about getting vaxxed”) keep insisting the unvaxxed get — ahem — vaXXed. Fuck that!!

  15. Right, one guy who is a Tottenham Hotspur and I’m Arsenal fan, he said that in the shop in Luton that they are spraying the vaccine into the children now. They did that to his daughter. Let me tell you something, this government is doing whatever it takes to bring the vaccine to the children. My mum is in Jamaica and she is telling them Jamaica is on lockdown and the people up at Yaad wants the current prime minister to step down because he’s messing everything for people. This vaccine is a dangerous weapon that the beta males especially Bill Gates is using on people.

    1. I saw a tarot reading that said the Jamaican PM is power hungry and is going in too hard on the people. He’s gone way beyond what he was told to do, which means the people, yardies, gangstas and roadmen need to go find him and raas him up.

      1. If so people need to raas him up. He has abused his power to much and people want a change. And that is the Jamaican PM.


    So they raped TF out of Congolese African black women and no one gave AF? SHOCKING!!!!

    Isn’t this the same WHO that many liberal blacks are now trusting in? Hell, think of all the African human rights offenses they engaged in beforehand, concerning Ebola and a whole lotta other stuff. Where the **** is Umar Johnson? He outta be a HELL of a lot more concerned about this than a black man marrying a white woman! They literally used black women as cum dumps…. then again ghats nothing new.

  17. To Go Off Topic for a Moment. Guess everyone is Aware of R-Kelly Getting 100 Years aka ”Life” in Prison. Plus People are Giving Cosby Shit for Expressing his Opinion of How Much like him. Kelly also got Railroaded. It’s like if Kelly Really was All that Much of a Monster as They say. Then Why didn’t Anyone Called him Out Years Ago? Why Now Say Something? Just Shows How Brothers Be it Famous or Non-Famous Have Now more than Ever have become ”Targets”. Just Recently Elvira Actress herself Cassandra Peterson is Claiming that Deceased Basketball Player Wilt Chamberlain Sexually Harassed her. She Does this After the Man’s Death Took place Back in 1999. Much like How People are Now Brining up Stuff from Kelly’s Past that They Now Use to Throw him in Prison or How Last Year When Kobe Bryant Along with his Daughter Gigi & Several Other Helicopter Passengers have Died. The Man wasn’t even Dead for 2 Hours & You see White Liberal Females like Even Rachel Wood, Abigail Disney & a few Others Throwing Mud Calling him a Sexual Predator. This Goes Back to What Actor Eddie Griffin Said About How Black Men in Hollywood, Sports or Even Politics Never Leave this Plane of Existence Clean. Where as Guys like JFK, John Wayne, Babe Ruth, Elvis Presley & Such they are Always Held to the Highest Regard. Despite the Many Skeletons they have in their Closets. That are Almost Never Brought up. Bottom Line To Brothers like Myself Who live in America. When it Comes to Women. Especially Non-Black Women, You Always Got to be On-Guard, Because What Becomes Hugs & Kisses Today Can Become Poison, Venom & Slander When you Least expect it.


    Old but funny. These Karens (make and female) are too used to virtue signaling online. I honestly hope that more of them get brazen like this guy and end up getting WORSE fates.

    Many say “don’t be divided, it’s the eLiTeS!!”, well the elites would have no power if not for the legions of sheep following them, they’d be bored trillionaires.

    1. Maybe non-white Asians will learn from Lord Euro’s penal colony next door.

      📌 Australia’s Corporations Rebel Against Government’s Draconian COVID Lockdowns

      Australia’s corporate sector has finally had enough of the ongoing lockdowns that have left the country’s economy hobbled and its people cut off from the rest of the world for months.

      Increasingly frustrated by a slow vaccine rollout and the ongoing lockdowns, the leaders of many of Australia’s biggest companies, including BHP, Macquarie and Qantas have signed a letter demanding that the government acknowledge it’s time to “learn to live with the virus,” as many other countries have done, since “COVIDZero” has finally been exposed as an impossible dream…

      In the letter – which was reported on by the FT – the signatories allege that Australia is making “big mistakes” in failing to reopen to the world. By making the lockdowns so severe (and so unceasingly long), the Australian government is putting politics before the well-being of the Australian people ahead of the federal elections that must be held by the end of May – when the Senate’s present term is slated to expire.

      The companies that signed the letter “…employ almost one million Australians” and warned that lockdowns were having “long-lasting” effects on the economy. However, this shouldn’t be news to Australia’s political elite: Economists at Australia’s central bank, the RBA, already lowered their growth projections after a stronger-than-expected Q2 GDP print.

      But all the incremental data seen so far suggests that Q3 could be a disaster – well that, coupled with the intensifying economic pressure from Beijing, which is trying to win a geopolitical stare-down contest with the Australian government by blocking a growing number of imports. 📌

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      Desantis bringing the raw truth as per usual, he’s right, people need to stop going along with this garbage, stand up and say enough is enough.

  19. So I’m walking back past my local supermarché and there are queues of cars wanting to get petrol, I thought that’s weird. Then my family says they can’t fill up their car as all nearby gas stations are empty.
    Turns out the UK media instigated a shortage hoax and everyone’s fallen for it. Remember 2020 when all the Indians bought up bags of rice, whites secured all the toilet paper? That dumb shit. There was never no shortage.

    Talk here in the UK is now around food, electricity and even internet rolling blackouts. It’s like the fucking 80s again!

  20. Gentlemen,

    It’s always good to poke fun at those who choose to blindly trust in the government, mainstream media and who freely dive into a ridiculous, flimsy narrative which is falling apart rapidly by the day. It’s also wise to ALWAYS ask questions and investigate what you’re being told:

  21. Check em out and click em up!

  22. Is this siren serious with that drivel: Since the blair witch gov of New York wants to talk about God, the scripture in Psalms 104:14-15 read as follows:

    104:14 He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and HERB FOR THE SERVICE OF MAN: that he may bring forth food out of the earth;

    The scriptures are clear, man is to use the herbs of the earth for his service, NOT magic potions and experimental DNA altering chemicals being concocted in a lab. The heifer is promoting blatant sorcery and witchcraft under the guise of a remedy “sent from the heavens”, smh.

    Again, where are these church beast pastors, why aren’t they speaking out against this overt deviltry?

    1. Nope, recently saw a church at a SMALL Tennessee town with a sign promoting “social distancing” and no more than 10 in a group.

      Churches aren’t worth shit, plain and simple. These same churches were being used as testing and vaccine centers. But remember, you had BETTER show up on Sunday and give them your 10%, if you’re not under their auspices you might as well be damned. Is it any wonder why I call these hellholes mainstream cults?

    2. Also notice that god damned vax cross. I’m not even religious like that and think the woman needs to be public beaten for that shit. Muslims would NEVER put up with such blasphemy to their religion, meanwhile 99.99999999999999% of Christians can find neither their left or right nutsack.

    3. ………… Just saw the video and this reminds me of a warning explained in the Bible about false prophets. Major levels of corruption right here even worse when reinforced in schools.

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