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Is This Your Queen? – The Bar Lowered Once Again #SHORTS


They advertise themselves as rampant sex bots and they wonder why so many men only want to nut up in them and swiftly move on. You can find a tatted up black witch with plastic buttocks twerking on every corner these days, once again, where are the so called “good black women” condemning this kind of behaviour, that’s right, as per usual nowhere to be found.

The synthetic creature’s Instagram is loaded with more of the same twerking foolishness using high performance cars as well as the colour pink as the themes for her degeneracy. Additionally, note how these black females are only too eager to induct children into their reprobation. Don’t ask SYSBM practitioners what we’re saving ourselves from, the reasons are obvious to anybody with half a brain:

Always remember, these are the types of women that your average pro black, frying pan African pyramid heads want you to get with and clean up for, as I always say, no thank you, I’m good, I’ll pass. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Queanies Continue To Sink To New Lows

Most High Bless

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58 thoughts on “Is This Your Queen? – The Bar Lowered Once Again #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Black women are NOT Queens as they are fucking idiots always making stupid choices in life and the above video reconfirms the reasons why I refuse to date black women. I am SYSBM for life man. 😎

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Exactly, true queens don’t go around showing off and shaking their rear ends in public, they save that for the bedroom with their significant others.

  2. Verbs2015.You gotta check out this black woman calling herself “Crimson Cure”.This chick constantly Blasts Black Women for their behaviors, disrespect,Dehumanizing,degrading,disdain,contempt amongst so many other negative,toxic things Negro females say about and the Extreme Hatred they have towards Brothers.She’s made several videos.She just recently made one within the last couple days.She’s the only one out here now doing this.She seems to be real and genuine about it.However,we don’t know how long this will last.Check her videos out and see what you think.

        1. Agreed Verbs! Waaaay too fukin late.
          That’s why I keep saying that I scored me a fabulous black unicorn sista. 😉

          But I gotta say, this video is dope. Mad respect to Sista Crimson Cure (CC). I will definitely forward this video to the daughters & nieces of some of my genuine black friends, family & acquaintances whom I actually GIVE A SHIT ABOUT.

          📌 This Is Why Black Women Throw Their Degree In Black Men’s Faces

          We talk about the reasons why black women weaponize the fact that they have degrees against black men while in relationships with them.

          About Me:
          …Like many of you, I fought the clutches of feminism (by extension, the gynocracy) all my life and I have happily supported Red Pill men throughout my lifetime (my father, husband, son, family members and friends.) I consider myself a Red Pill woman since birth. I was in a 20 year marriage before my husband passed away.


          CC actually calls most of these black “educated” feminist womin as GATEKEEPERS for zaddy. Never heard a BW talk like that b4. lol

          Verbs, if I were you, I’d post a comment or 2 or 3 about your site, Negro Wars & the SYSBM tenets over there. You’ll definitely have a receptive audience out of those 496 comments since they all generally agree with CC’s philosophy. Just my 2 cents.

          Thanks for link, Robert!

    1. BW have been on their bs for so long that anybody who talks like Crimson Cure is seen as a ploy. Same as the rash of “we love you black man” videos BW make whenever it looks like section 8 is going to get cut or they get laid off from their affirmative action jobs.

    2. Robert,

      Crimson Cure aka Kendra D is the same woman who sneaked in with the unknown black pastor Dr Spencer Holman who ended up trademarking the Black Manosphere without the consent of Oshay or Angryman, therefore she’s already shown her true colours as your typical loose cannon black female who can switch at the flip of a dime. Check out this Open Mic Wednesday where I discussed what happened:

      1. Aaah, didn’t see this before I posted my first comment.
        Then again, nobody’s perfect. Fact!
        At least she remains red pill in thought compared to 99.9% of ignorant BW.

  3. Instagram has so much negress degeneracies, just like facebook and twitter.

    I’m glad I deleted my facebook and twitter years ago.

    I’ve never used instagram and never will.

    Social media is extremely toxic nowadays.

    The sad thing is next generation of kids discovering these platforms.


    1. I only use IG, Facecrack for business purposes when doing websites for my clients. Use them for the eyeball views, but don’t give them a fcking dime.
      I have tons of Google accounts I create for my clients which I then configure to pull all of their emails OFF their shared hosting mail servers so that GMail’s superior spam filters takes care of all the junk without overloading the shared webhost’s servers. Works GREAT & totally FREE!

      I don’t pay jack squat for ANY version of Windoze – only deal with enterprise or server editions where I can completely turn of automatic updates & other crap.

  4. Was that a General Snow Leopard in the car? If so, notice how they LOVE whoring about when he’s nearby.

    Even if he’s not white, there’s waaaaaay too damn much of this on social media and just everyday real life for these to be outliers anymore. Notice that the dudes trying to put out a positive image for black women can neither do that or defend this ridiculousness. You can only spin positive PR for devils in the flesh so much.

    Now you gotta ask, do you think the chick makes good money doing this? Black chicks have to show their ass on social media just to get half the attention, clicks and likes, let alone profit that a non-black woman would get from videos of her just doing her makeup or hair.

    That’s THEIR problem, though, and no one should feel sorry that they have to go to such lengths just to be briefly acknowledged. They baked this cake, let em eat it.

    1. Afrofuturism,

      Around 20 years ago when I was into drag racing I went to a local spot where a load of guys used to meet up and show off their high performance cars. Way back in the day there was no female element to souped up vehicles and street racing, it was nothing but men meeting up and racing each other.

      Then at some point women got introduced into the equation(I’ve nothing against women, however what do they have to do with high performance cars, I’ll wait) and it’s been that way ever since which is what this tatted up black siren is taking advantage of.

      We already know what black women are like when it comes down to how they behave in the presence of non black men(especially their white lord and saviour Major Sleet), no holds barred degeneracy is fully on the table.

      At this point, can anybody name anything positive black women are known for?

  5. God almighty.
    Those videos are just sad.
    David Carrol said something interesting:

    Everywhere you go they are twerking, on the website, social media, National TV, local TV and worse of all, in real life.

    These so called hoteps always saying why do we go hard on these BW so much?

    Are they blind? Don’t they see what they are doing, especially in front of their kids? They even force their kid to participate against their will.

    1. Jeezus Kriste,

      The slowteps are a bunch of bewitched and brainwashed zombies who’ve been very well indoctrinated and trained by their black female overlords, no matter what this modern day black woman does, in their eyes she’s still a “god” who is above reproach and can never be questioned, examined or critiqued under any circumstances.

  6. And you have to wonder…is the face of the “bullet bag” starting to change?

    Intel that’s reached me revealed the shooter to be a Daggle. Likely some stupid BS that happened at the night spot.

    But I have to tell you, the past year+ hasn’t been to kind to quite a few of Philly’s BW populace, often generating these types of headlines.

    1. Blade,

      These modern day black women are far more feral and dangerous than their dysfunctional black male counterparts. Wasn’t it only a few months ago where a daggle got out of her car, shot another daggle at point blank range and rolled out without batting an eyelid?

    1. Looks like Madamelogicbomb 2.0. They want “dusties” to leave them alone, then cry when they go to a club and no black man asks them to dance or buys them a drink. Instead the brothas are with all white chicks. SYSBM is all about giving these pink pill divesters the world that they want where no black man bothers them. I’m good with that. Ladies, enjoy.

      1. About buying drinks in the club for women who is still doing that?
        That’s from a bygone era.
        Men around my age 23 won’t even entertain that nonsense. Any bw or other woman that thinks men should buy her drinks can kick rocks.

        1. Bygone era for you, but these hoes still expect it.

          I commend your generation for bypassing the okey doke. Don’t do shit for these strong and independent heffas.

          1. Lol yall wish we were in the clubs waiting on yall to do anything. It’s time for the bullet bags to be left on their own. No more coddling.

            The women who are sad you don’t bring your dirty, disease D to them are mammies. Divesters are totally different groups of women, but you got to soothe that ego by saying we are the same women 🤣🤣🤣🤣

            I don’t want Dusties 🤮 anywhere near me. Too unpredictable 🤬 too many are criminals in hiding😈, waiting to assault the women who look like the women who birth them.

            Black males do not understand their role in the world. The community is in shambles because black men refuse to build. They are not really men the way Brad and Jose are Trash bag carrying dusties got no business calling any woman out her name for twerking or anything else, when they obsess over booty. LIKE ANIMALS! The reason these women are twerking, is because the air mattress/no box spring crew, conquered degenerates want to see it.

            1. @Free Derek Chauvin You say that, yet you here commenting on an article that is discussing the horrible display of the ABW these days.

              Assuming you’re a woman, enough with the guilt-shaming as many have experienced it and choose not to be the clean-up crew.

              You got your independence, so practice accountability and keep the men here out of it. Otherwise it would defeat the purpose of your attempt to show how “strong” and “independent” you are right?

              Otherwise if you’re a man, stop and get some help since you’re butthurt over well-deserved criticism. Review, reflect and think before you speak.

              1. Blackdjedi,

                ‘Free Derek Chauvin’ is without a doubt a daggle; just look at the name they chose to comment their claptrap thoughts about “trash bag carrying dusties”. She probably orgasmed as she watched the demoniac Chauvin snuff out a Black man’s life (a Black man who was in a relationship with a Becky, mind you); as David Carroll states time and time again, BW are walking mental disorders.

            2. Haha why so pressed, divester? When have black men ever been “coddled”? The “community” is a “shambles” because the black queens who run it ain’t shit. Why should good black men build for ignorant, hateful ghetto scrags and ungrateful bedwenches like you? LOL

              You probably don’t have a Chad, but if you do let’s hope he either whips your black ass or k*lls you soon. It’s been happening a lot lately. Just don’t come back crying to us.

              Gentlemen, this is a teachable moment right here. The “divesters” want the “dusties” to leave them alone, yet when we do, they come find us. Hahaha!

              SYSBM got ’em shook. F*ck these bitches. Keep the wall up!

              1. SYSBM for the win. I don’t even argue with them or respond to anything they say. They want your energy, don’t give it to them.

            3. Free Derek Chauvin,

              I really have to laugh at you so called “divestors”, who are you exactly “divesting” from and where exactly are you going seeing as you’re NOT wanted elsewhere?

              Non black men just aren’t checking for you like that, you’re dumb as hell to believe that being the lowest choice on the dating totem pole, non black men are going to favour you over their own female counterparts yet alone other non black women, smh.

              You breed with the dusties and create more of the same dusties that you whine and complain about, make that make sense.

              Criminals, thugs and gangsters(the very “dusty” black men you dark sirens keep on stating your prefer) by default don’t build, they destroy(much like you black heifers).

              Again, when you look at the so called “dusties” roaming the streets obsessing over booty, just remember who created them(YOU DID), this is the inconvenient truth most of you disgruntled black harriets cannot handle.

              1. Verbs,

                In the immortal words of David Carroll, “Who raised these ni**as?”

    2. Mslet,

      There is no reset for the black witch, not now, not ever, they’re delusional in believing that they can somehow escape the consequences of the heap of ashes and rubble they’ve created called the black community, however as we all know, black women will not be able to escape their judgement or the wrath that’s to come upon their heads as a result of destroying their own people.

      As I’ve stated before, those who choose to carry out the devils works must always be fully prepared to pay the price for doing so. Your average black female is no different, the devil requires repayment for the destruction she’s brought upon black society and she will pay up in full.

      Free thinking individuals out here aren’t stupid, they clearly see the modern day black female is at fault for the degenerate mess black society currently is in, the black witch knows this which is why she can only appeal towards angry, bitter, non critical thinking knuckleheads just like herself.

      The only way black women as a collective could reset the conversation would be through resetting their behaviour for the better, however knowing how black women love holding onto their victimhood status, such actions will NEVER take place.

  7. Three Words: Nasty and Idiotic

    It is not surprising at this point given the nature of these dysfunctional women. Not my problem.

    1. Blackdjedi,

      But Dr Umar Gerbilface Johnson says “wife that fake butt, tatted up, weave wearing, twerking queenie bruh”.

      1. And in my response: “Led by example then.” That would be for Dr. Crackson and any pro-crack flunkie.

  8. Only a simp could fine that stinking animal appealing.
    All that video does is make me think, shitty ass odors for days.

      1. AmericanBlkMan,

        Yep, and I bet you her inbox is flooded with SIMPleton Negroes looking to experience a taste, yuck.

  9. Scraggle daggle never shy away from overt sexual deviancy; I looked at her IG page, and aside from all of the pink rides rolling on rims far too big for them, I saw nothing but pics and videos of booty, pum pum, breasts, legs, and thighs; is this the type of broad that Umar Gerbilface wants men like us to wife up? She doesn’t look like a far jump from that Conscious Stripper he was outed by a few years ago; she could also use some of her Pink Stunna money to fund his crack habit – I mean, his all boys school.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The same Conscious Stripper who Gerbilface referred to as “queen” and “empress”, what kind of low bar is that? Dude talking about “don’t get your coon papers”, yet the correct definition of a coon is a black man/black woman who seeks to make racist white folks feel comfortable through engaging in dysfunctional behaviour.

      Contrary to what these pro black knuckleheads say, dating and marrying interracial is the complete opposite of cooning because it demonstrates a desire to escape the all too common dysfunction associated with the black witch, her pro black simps, 12 Gauge Mike, Field Mouse and Shifty Sizzler.

      Racist white men don’t want black men walking away from a dysfunctional society, they want us to remain within it, that way they’ll know for certain that no progression will ever be made and black folks will perpetually remain stagnant in the same position.

  10. I bet that parking lot smells like burnt rubber and pigs feet.

    And she’s raising the next generation of ratchet black hoes, complete with blue contacts at such an early age. They’ll be taking thug di** soon guaranteed. Yup these are the queens who almost always get primary custody.

    SYSBM, gents. Let the communitah burn.

    1. You forgot to mention the stench of tuna, boiled eggs, Bologna loaf, sweat, unwashed weave and despair.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      As per usual without fail black women always have to induct innocent children into their ritualistic degeneracy, smh.

      1. They set them up for failure from birth because nobody is allowed to do better than sustah girl.

  11. The reason why 60 per cent of black men in the United Kingdom are leaving behind black women is because — ah man you know why. Look at the dysfunctional shit they get up too. And these pro wanks like Dr Foolmar Johnson wants black men to save these right offs? No way, I’ll pass. All I see now is the scraggle daggles doing nothing but dysfunction and they have been doing that for years. And when black men talk about this bad behaviour, these simps will come and save them and attack black men for talking about the ratchetness of black women. You know why we have so many ghetto ratchet, scraggle daggle harridans is because of the simps. They simps are defending these ghetto harlots because all they want is that toxic waste punany. But these simps get played by the hoodrats because they are giving the pums to 12 inch Gary, Long Pipe George and Fuck All Night Freed, these foolish simps are goanna be heartbroken.

    1. Umar Gerbilface talking about “coon papers”, yet flies to Japan for a “black” conference…

      Gary Long Pipe? He just bought a house in Bedford. He’s hosting Queen of spades parties too.

  12. Fake Academic Fountain doing his Arsène Wenger impression: “I didn’t see it” 🤣

    Of course he didn’t see it. He never see shit like this, only an isolated incident. Worldstar Hip hop is full of these “isolated incidents”. Some researcher…

    Anyway, let me enjoy my chilled jazz in full knowledge that 70% white women want to get with brothers. I’ll get my wish very soon.

  13. She used to be an exotic dancer, but now is a licensed phlebotomist, owns her own business, has a exotic car club, and her music is getting more popular.. her ass is real, she’s getting better but judged based on dancing and how she dresses?

    1. Licensed phlebotomist, a business owner… AND RATCHET!

      Only a BW would attempt to launder the image of her “sisterhood”. “Not all!” but “y’all nighas”? Typical.

  14. A scraggle daggle can commit every sort of crime, cause every sort of harm to black men and children, and the racist Karens and Chads of America, will use any excuse to prop her up.
    They do this only to stick their thumb in the eye of black men. The most worthless scraggles will be propped up by America at every turn. On the other hand, the most gifted black man will be consigned to failure by America, if he makes the slightest human mistake.
    This is one more reason why I consider the black male simp who gasses up the scraggle daggles and supports them with money and resources, to be my enemy.
    When a black male props up a scraggle daggle, he is doing the bidding of his enemy. I don’t buy from scraggles, I don’t spend on scraggles, and I don’t vote for scraggles. If a scraggle daggle has a business, I do not patronize it.

    1. Seconded. I vote with my wallet is more powerful than arguing and speaking to the daggle.

      1. Thirded. Nothing they hate worse than not being having access to the thinking black man’s resources. BW talk about divesting but BM can actually do it. Spend your coin where you’re respected.

  15. I was reading where there’s a rash of BW disappearances in the St. Louis area. Some say a serial killer. As long as it’s Shaquanda and Towanda, I’m good with it. Where is the alpha thug Pookie to protect them? Get the popcorn.

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