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She Told The Truth – No Lies Detected #SHORTS


Thanks to TeamWhiteGirls for alerting me to the top video. This woman is mixed black and Korean. Now, if she was dealing with a white guy and wasn’t going in on the black witch contingent, their dysfunctional behaviour and lies, the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure would’ve bestowed upon her the honorary black card, however since she’s with a black guy and is lighting these dark sirens up, we already know the black card will definitely be withheld.

Honestly Adonis spoke the truth, no lies detected. Now, we already know that black women and their non thinking SIMPleton drone flunkies will come after her in their droves, going in on her weight yet as per usual failing to refute any of the points she’s raised.

This is what SYSBM practitioners such as myself have been stating for the longest, these black harriets are upset at black men because unlike the lies that are constantly being spouted by the black witch of Scalp Summit, Miss Cynthia G Dog, black men ARE desired by other races of women unlike these modern day black females who are NOT desired by other races of men.

Something else Honestly Adonis stated that was very interesting, how black women are upset at the fact that free thinking brothers by choice are bypassing them instead of grovelling at their feet only for those same black females to gleefully reject them(first right of refusal).

Again, both common sense and logic say that any man should go where he will be loved and appreciated, not tolerated, hated and ultimately rejected. No black man with his head screwed on straight is going to deal with belligerent, rebellious, fake looking, overweight, arrogant, prideful, nasty, mean and overall evil black females, period.

Again, non black women like professional snipers are seizing the opportunity to swoop down and scoop up the quality black men black women are openly rejecting, therefore black women should NOT get angry, upset, bitter and complain whenever they see the same black men they’ve rejected walking hand in hand with non black females, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

As has been stated before, there is no resetting the conversation for the black female, the only way she can successfully do this is to RESET HER BEHAVIOUR for the better, however we already know that black women aren’t about to put in the work to do that as such actions require being responsible, accountable and honest.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Truth Shall Set Your Free

Most High Bless

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30 thoughts on “She Told The Truth – No Lies Detected #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    The reason why black women are vex with black men because we have more dating options than black women throughout the world especially when it comes to mixed race relationships with non black women and the fact that these non black women desire us back especially if you are good black man who is childfree without any baby mother drama and is doing well in your life. Black women only have themselves to blame in the situations they are now in.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As I’ve said before, black women have brought their current situation upon themselves. They shouldn’t be angry and upset that the free thinking brothers they’ve chosen to reject can easily find love and companionship amongst women from other ethnic backgrounds. SYSBM brothers fully respect the black female’s preferred choice of mate.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I refuse to date black women and I am proud to be a SYSBM black man.

      2. Everything that woman said in the video about today’s BW I already knew “instinctively” bcuz I am well grounded & always aware of my surroundings.

        Good upstanding quality black men with their heads screwed on TIGHT have so many dating options in 2021 that it isn’t even funny any more. My best advise to them, first & foremost, is to ditch the toxic Western societies that encourage toxic BW feminist ratchetness, which ultimately leads to black degeneracy.

        How ironic that toxic Western SJW liberalism & their respective countries are going down the toilet — just like toxic BW who inhabit those countries. Coincidence?

        Get that passport & GTFO of Dodge.

  2. They are really going to hate this women, she is bi-racial and she is telling the truth. Good BM with their lives together can get with any group of women, meanwhile BW can have their lives together and still not be wanted (outside of sex at least). BW are left to settle for pookie and ray ray, single motherhood, or being a side chick.

    The Challenges Of Dating As A Black Woman

    Read the comments, these chicks know that nobody wants them. Even an in shape BW would have a hard time getting with a non-BM imo.

    1. JamesSYSBM,

      Black women as a collective don’t seem to understand that just because they choose to pass over the productive black man, this doesn’t mean that non black women will adopt the same measure, on the contrary, unlike these disjointed black sirens, women from mixed and non black backgrounds in general immediately recognise quality and will snap a good brother up with the quickness.

      As for black women and their dating options, they aren’t shy in declaring thugs, gangsters and criminal type Negroes are their preference, therefore they should fully expect black men with their head screwed on straight to go elsewhere, such a move is inevitable.

      1. Agreed @Verbs. Especially since culture makes a huge difference in the mindset of women.

        Western women (especially Black women) have the mindset of seeking and obtaining instant gratification as well as other things without considering the consequences. Or even question the decisions they make.

        Non-Western women who have not been feminized have a long-term thought process and realize that a man who is productive and shares the same mutual feelings for her is a better choice for a top-tier quality family.

        Of course there is another important difference, the non-Western women approach the men they desired while the Western women expect the men to approach and validate them.

        1. I have been saying for a while that BW will have to swallow their pride and approach the BM that they want because most men aren’t paying attention to them. They dress so promiscuosly because they know its the only way men will notice them. BW will have to make the first move to get a man’s attention but their egos are too big for this, they refuse to swallow their pride and approach men to ask for a date, etc. BW are the only race of women who have to do this imo, non-BW attract men without the theatrics and sexual displays, and men approach them.

    2. The first comment I saw under that video was some pandering simp declaring his love for his queenies.

    3. James SYSBM,

      Good to see those hoes crying in the comment section. All this is recompense for all the good dudes they shot down along the way. Of course they leave that part out. Decent BM are no longer willing to go through their humiliation ritual just for subpar product when Becky and other races of women are openly providing full service from the get-go. They have made it known that they have no intention of actually pleasing or cooperating with non-Pookie non-fuckboy BM, so be it.

      Props to this Blasian princess.

      Smile in their face but give them nothing, make them cry. SYSBM.

  3. No lie detected.

    Even if black females did reset their behaviours for the better, I would still avoid all of them regardless.

    Dark skinned negresses are the ugliest females on planet earth.

    This is why none of them have a lot of dating options from non black men and can only get attention from non thinking black males.

    Light skinned biracial women have more dating options to both black men and non black men.


  4. No lies detected. Especially since this will be added to the collection of receipts of the years of bullshit Black men collectively have endured from all sides. From U.S. Society, the women, and from other men with a feminized way of thinking.

    1. Blackdjedi,

      The receipts at this point are stacked up sky high, the only black men that refuse to look at them are those who are still hypnotised and bewitched by these dark sirens.

  5. Ooowweeee, the Blasian beauty Honestly Adonis came through with the facts like gifts on Christmas morning! Funny how just about every race of non Black women can see this, yet we have bootlickers like Fake Academic Fountain who will denounce us as enemies of Black feminists because we don’t kowtow to them, and Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson who call being desired by non Black women a “crisis”. Make that ish make sense! Also, she knows how daggles wish they had long, straight hair that they can play in like she does; daggles probably would break their fingers playing in their naps (which is why they constantly cover it up with wigs and weaves). SYSBM continues to thrive, and even the potential stargates can recognize it has the daggles shook!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Isn’t it funny how the fake academic without fail performs a convenient disappearing act anytime videos like this come up? Yes, I have no problems declaring myself a sworn enemy of any form of feminism but especially the black female mutant variety.

      Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson needs to do 4 things before opening his mouth about the dating preferences of a small(but steadily growing) sector of black men:

      1. Land himself a black female, the same ones he’s insisting free thinking black men stick with and stand by.

      2. Open up the FDMG boys academy he’s been collecting money for, for over 10 years.

      3. Leave the white stuff alone/remedy his substance abuse.

      4. Tidy up his dirty ran sacked apartment.

  6. You have to love when a BW tells the truth about the origin of Anti-Black misandrist rhetoric from other BWs. Ultimately, the root cause of their rhetoric is fear and insecurity, but the misguided aim is to devalue BM in the sexual marketplace – which clearly isn’t working.

    Luckily, misandrist rhetoric is backfiring on the ratchet banshees as more of them are settling into the abyss of discomfort and loneliness.

    Expect more BW to call out the loudest misandrists among their ranks as they watch their prospects of securing a long-term companion dwindle by the day. The spinsterhood of failure can give them hateful rhetoric, but the spinsterhood can not lift them out of their loneliness, poverty and misery.

    That last clip of the bitter BW attacking the White chick was gold, pure gold.

    1. King Sigma,

      This idea that black women have in their heads that they can somehow project their failures in the interracial dating and sexual marketplace onto black men and cause some sort of shift to our detriment just goes to show you how mentally unhinged the overwhelming majority of black women are.

      They won’t focus upon themselves and take action to bring about improvements for their tattered image and reputation, nope, instead the order of the day is for black women to demonise black men in the hopes that non black women as a collective just like themselves will begin to look at us in a negative light.

      As you pointed out, the major problem for the black witch is this overused lame tactic simply isn’t working, unlike these black females non black women don’t have axe to grind with black men. SYSBM for the win now and always.

      1. @Verbs

        Wall Street has factored in the outcomes for Western women in their financial outlooks for the next 10 years. The Spinster Apocalypse is here, and if the misandrists are OK with it – so be it.

  7. Right, here this. I didn’t understand the first video until I figure it that they don’t no black man at all. black women want the good black man after when they have their fun with Cell Block Scrappy, 12 Gauge Mike, 357 Jimmy, Long Dick 44 and Fuck All Night Freed. It;s nothing but the same bullshit with black women nowadays. It was the weekend and I was in the city and when I see a black woman it’s nothing but weave galore and I’m goanna talk about it on Wednesday. How can anyone want these type of women who can’t behave normally? They say that there are some good black women around but the thing is that where are they? Nowhere to be found. And the mix chick on the video. I like them chubby as well. A mix chubs, alright. Don’t mind non black chubby women.

    1. >black women want the good black man after when they have their fun with Cell Block Scrappy, 12 Gauge Mike, 357 Jimmy, Long Dick 44 and Fuck All Night Freed

      Don’t forget Slim Sauce.


  8. I’m don’t even give them the attention and humiliation rituals that they want us to act on. I keep the wall up and be very indifferent to them.

    1. As you should, Bob. Keep it cordial do your business and keep it moving it’s the best way. SYSBM.

        1. That approach works for me quite well.


  9. Chicks like this are the first big threat to black women. A mixed or light skinned woman, namely one raised with a non-daggle mother, are most black men’s first choice.

    It’s an added insult if she looks like Alicia Keys or Ayesha Curry.

    If the woman is white or non-black, however, it’s WW3. To be fair, I haven’t seen AS much vitriol against Latinas, though maybe it’s because they aren’t usually obviously “white.”

    Also, the chicks calling her fat are probably 500 pounds bigger, while the dumps would GLADLY bend her over and bust five nuts. Hell, Umar Johnson is hitting her up as we speak.

  10. Listen, trash bag carrying Dusties, Cyn G. and MS Archduchess are steady exposing you down low dusties, as you “date out” as part of your journey of self-discovery, in which you finally recognize that you are a gay male at the end.

    You don’t have a pot to piss in, or a window to throw it out of. You’re delusional. You aren’t free thinkers or whatever you post. Good black men are so rare that they don’t even matter. There’s actually no such thing as a high value black man, no matter what kitten heels Samuels says. You stay resting in your feminine, incapable of getting any woman to be submissive. Other race men exude masculinity. You exude homosexuality and failure. Black men are the gayest men. Ijs 😂😂😂😂.

    SYSBM is a failure already. The whole world, including the beluga beckies, are turning against you black man. We protected you and kept you alive for hundreds of years. It is only because of us that zaddy or muhammed didn’t finish the job.

    We coddled you for literally centuries. We saved your lives. You gave us Tommy Sotomayor, along with a century of aint shit behavior and broken homes. Most of you dindu nuffins (YEAH I WENT THERE- take it up with Doja cat 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 lol😁😁😁😁😁😁😁) are going to die alone one day, because kitten heels is right. Winter is coming. Just for the melanated male. It’s always springtime for black women.

    We are the most imitated. Our sun kissed skin moves mountain.

    Though I don’t ever support violence look up Bakari Henderson. He was a passport bro who got checked hard by serbian Zaddy. Zaddy served zero time. Bye bye mr. air matrezz!

    What about that recent death of that weak trash bag carrying dusty who got killed by zaddy for harrassing his girlfriend? He got what he deserved. I’m happy that ashy gremlin is gone. Men of no color know how you rest in your feminine energy and the are feeling some kind of way about the air mattrezz/no box spring crew.

    The black woman contains the seed. She is responsible for you existing.

    Winter is coming, black man. Better get used to it.


    1. Failed Divestor,

      Cynthia G, exposing dusties??? The same black siren who opened her legs to and got pregnant by the same below the barrel black men she constantly complains about, or did you conveniently forget that uncomfortable truth?

      Typical bootlicking black female/pro black male simp talk, black men who choose to walk away from belligerent, rebellious, unattractive, masculine looking, violent, malevolent black females are all of a sudden homosexual, blah, blah, blah, please change the record, we’ve heard that lame rhetoric so many times before.

      SYSBM practitioners don’t deal with the “high value man” doctrine, we focus on QUALITY which denotes something much more than the superficial, we also expect the women we deal with to be of the same which is why black women by default have been scratched out of the high quality equation.

      Why take jabs at homosexuals when they’re black women’s best buddies? The black men you’re constantly referring to aren’t over here, you keep on getting us mixed up with black men from other black digital spaces, go over to those places and berate them for their shortcomings.

      Stop the cap, black women have been the number one enemy of black men from day one and when Major Blizzard pretended to invite them into the fold in exchange for their destruction of black society services, they couldn’t wait to sell their own people down the river for 2 shekels of silver and a piece of mouldy bread.

      If SYSBM wasn’t working then you wouldn’t be here dropping essays in the comment section, furthermore if SYSBM was a failure your pro black bootlicking, court jesting minstrel Dr Umar Johnson wouldn’t be running around like a headless chicken claiming there’s a so called “snow bunny crisis”. You came here to comment, we never came to you, remember that.

      Your average black female is a vagabond, a laggard and a tramp who attempts to project her abject failures in life onto black men, however unfortunately for her such witchcraft isn’t working in her favour, in fact it isn’t working AT ALL.

      Finally, it’s funny how these so called “divestors” can always be found hovering around the very same black men they claim to have divested from. You won’t find me in Cynthia G’s or Ms Archduchess’s comment sections, yet you can always find a “divestor” trying to contend with the same group of men they claimed to have walked away from, divested, what part? What a joke, lol.

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