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She Told The Truth, No Lies Detected – Part 2


So according to the friend of married Daphne Ford Sutton, nerd, educated lame, square type black men who are turned down by black women DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO DATE OUTSIDE OF THE RACE. Again, as I’ve stated many times before, black women as a collective in their delusions of grandeur honestly believe that black men are their property and are obligated to deal with them and them alone even though black women freely permit themselves to date out and expect black men to accept it without question.

Again, SYSBM practitioners don’t care who black women choose to date, however when the black men they turn down opt to expand upon their dating options, they shouldn’t be surprised and must take the L on the chin. Remember, they didn’t want the guy anyway, they turned him down(first right of refusal), so why are they so salty because he decided to go elsewhere?

This is how selfish most black women are, they don’t want the educated lame during their prime years but expect said guy to “step up” and perform clean up man/janitorial services once the prime years high speed express has reached the end of the tracks, she’s been ran through by every Slim Sauce, Roof Top Trey, 2 Snacks and Field Mouse type Negro on the block and additionally she has x amount of bastard children en tow.

Once again, this is an extremely unusual and rare moment where a black female admonishes her friend for clowning a guy she turned down for a date simply because he began dating a white female. As we all know more time the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure will always stick together and back each other up even if their fellow member is clearly in the wrong.

Always remember, the term sellout is only ever applied to black men who choose to date out by black women and their pro black simp squadrons, however whenever black women engage in the same activity, they’re just “exercising their preferences”, the hypocrisy of this modern day black female when it comes to interracial dating is off the damn chain.

I really don’t understand black men who still choose to deal with black women because the above and more is just some of the premium garbage they choose to put up with. Daphne Ford’s testimony also goes to prove how non black women as a group are much more open, friendlier and receptive while these black sirens stay hostile, combative, belligerent and militant.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, non black women have no problems swooping down and scooping up the black men black women arrogantly reject, Kevin Samuels and Obsidian seriously have their work cut out trying to rekindle so called “black love”.

Honestly, black love is dead, it died a long time ago and black women were the ones who killed it because of pulling first right of refusal foolishness like the above, black men with sense and intelligence simply need to move on(many already have). Doesn’t this remind you of the article I posted a few months back with video en tow in yet another rare moment where a black female confesses that most black women hate black men anyway:

I’m NOT going to sit there and hold out for a group of females who on so many occasions have already stated that they much prefer the men they deal with to have multiple babymothers, gold grills, sagging trousers and criminal records 10 files deep, forget that, instead I’m going where I’ll be loved and appreciated and I don’t care what Dr Umar “GerbilFace” Johnson has to say about it.

Yet another example demonstrating what black men need to do in order to break free from the black female’s spell, however as we see unfortunately very few have the ability and the courage to snap out of the “gotta keep it black/real” trance.

On very rare occasions I’ve heard a few black women state that modern day black females will never change because black men continue to pay them attention despite their gripes and complaints about them and I believe it, this is why SYSBM is for the extreme few, NOT the many. Black women don’t control my dating preferences, they never have and they never will. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Writing Is On The Wall, However Most Black Men Refuse To Read And Accept It

Most High Bless

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52 thoughts on “She Told The Truth, No Lies Detected – Part 2

  1. It happened to me at my former job. Black women there got offended that I was getting with white girls and her simp group clowned me for me for over a year behind my back. They do this a lot especially if the white girl you’re talking to is attractive. They don’t like that at all.

  2. Hi Verbs,

    I saw this post by Daphne a month ago, I could not find he post again, otherwise I would of send you this.
    She is very good a calling this BS out like this.

    This one when some one said to Daphne “Just because she said no to him doesn’t give him the right to date outside of his race.” What that really means that good brother should accept rejection and die alone in vain.
    Madbusdriver did say that the dick police officers want the educated brothers to stay in the communitah and be miserable, so the matriarchy can drain the brothers resources.

    Remember, this who Dick Police only works in the America, UK do not play this Dick Police here.

    1. Michael,

      I also like to add many years ago that Cynthia G declare war against Black Nerds and hating on them because the Beckies took to Educated Lames which BW despises.

      MadbusDriver made few videos about, if black men are reject, losers, bums, lame, incels. The why do they care and get mad when Beckys chooses them.

      Madbus’s Gems

    2. MMT,

      I actually wrote this article at the time that she posted the above for a later release, however other things came along which pushed the article back, I usually write up articles in advance. UK brothers indeed don’t accept and will not tolerate DPU officers, our 60% plus dating out rate speaks volumes to that.

      That being said, I’m glad to see more US brothers finally breaking the spell and not allowing these black sirens to emotionally manipulate them into “keeping it black”.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    The above cartoon pictures reconfirms the reasons why I refuse to date black women. Black women are the biggest hypocrites on the planet because its okay for them to date outside of their race, but let a black man do it then he is labelled a sellout and a uncle Tom because he is betraying the black community even though black women clearly rejected that black man because he wasn’t a bad boy and we all know that black women hate good black men but worship evil black men that’s why the black community is totally fucked. What makes me laugh is that black women don’t see any value in a decent black man until he gets with a white woman and that’s when black women lose their fucking minds because they know that they cannot compete with white women because black women will lose in every department. Fuck Umar Johnson and the other pro blacks who try to guilt trip us SYSBM black men into dating ugly black women and black women who are single mothers because we SYSBM black men know our own worth and value in dating and relationships plus we SYSBM black men are not being the clean up men for black womens poor stupid life choices and instead we are going to have kids with beautiful childfree non black women so that we can create our own nuclear family and have a great future with our future wives and girlfriends and let black women rot and stew in their misery and failures when they have kids with dirty dick Rodney who already have 7 other baby mothers.

    1. Quincy,

      Only in America the brothers called a traitor for having options. UK do not play here.
      I been told if they dick police in the UK, they are not label ‘homosexuals’ and they get a beat down.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I really don’t understand exactly what black women believe the black men who they choose to reject are going to do, free thinking brothers aren’t going to stick around and wait in the hopes that those same black females will have a change of heart and accept them, nope, we’re going to head in the direction of women who will love and appreciate us.

      The meme link below says it all, the bottom line is black women as a collective don’t want to see black men happy at all yet alone outside of their control:

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. The meme link that you shown me is a 100 percent accurate of how black women treat decent black men and that’s the reason why black relationships in 2021 is dead.

  4. You’d be left on read with that kind of “fixing computers” talk from your regular BW. Da communiteh don’t need fixing computers and shit, just deal drugs. Never mind Windows 11, gimme an ⅛.

    I see those type of memes with the grotesque “Tyrone” negro caricatures on Telegram, usually done by white incels. Unfortunately the commutep Umar GerbilFace Johnson is also a walking meme of his own, two babymamas and 30kg nostril deep in baking soda, yet still embarrassing himself on live chats from his dirty hotel room talking about “Coon passes”. Can’t even master distance learning from the hundreds of thousands of $$$ he’s raked in.

    Both the incels and hoteps love promoting race purity, but not for thee, doesn’t matter as long as their black man nemesis is holding his nuts. The 21st century is going to be tough for them, SYSBM and white women openly declaring and snatching up BM. Tyrone memes cannot put that genie back in the bottle.

    1. Michel,

      Dr Umar Gerbilface Johnson can suck rocks for all I care, the dude has to be a premium knucklehead not to observe the below disgraceful state that most black women currently reside in, besides the dude has a school to open which is well overdue.

      As I’ve stated before, Johnson needs to accomplish 4 things before opening his mouth concerning the choices other black men make regarding where they choose to place their family jewels:

      1. Open up the academy for boys he’s been collecting money for, for over 10 years.

      2. Clean up his dirty apartment.

      3. Get himself one of these black women he claims are so great and marry her.

      4. Clean himself up ie stop snorting the blow.

      Black women, Admiral Frost and commutep simps are three sides of the same unholy triangle. Regardless, as you’ve stated nothing they do is going to stop the SYSBM Express rolling full steam ahead.

      1. 1. No chance
        2. LOL
        3. Unlikely, just a song and dance to appease the sirens you often speak of.
        4. See #1

  5. You have to wonder why there is such an insistence on Black men getting with women he MAY NOT be attracted to…

    1. If BW could control what BM was attracted to, you’d have Michael B. Jordan dating Leslie Jones or Gabby Sidibe instead of Rich Paul dating Adele. They would freeze the “educated lames” like the Winter Soldier and thaw them out when they’re done getting raw dogged by Trap Gawd and Lil 2-Pump and are ready to “settle down” with bastard kids en tow expecting the “lame” to play clean-up.

      YOU are messing up their retirement plan when you go off and make families with Becky or Ling Ling who see your worth.

      SYSBM is the way and the light for the intelligent, productive Black Man.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        If black women could have it their way, they’d have black men back in chains working on a makeshift plantation while they would be spending all their time frolicking in the hay with Major Sleet. As many brothers here have stated before, for those black men who are awake and see exactly what is going on, SYSBM has now become a mandatory position to adopt.

  6. BM are used to rejection, BW cant take it. They can dish it out all day, but they cant take it.

    1. JamesSYSBM,

      They love dishing out rejection in the direction of the so called “educated lame, square, nerd, got their stuff together” type brothers. They openly confess that they despise those types of black men but throw their rubber ducks out of the bath as soon as they see those same brothers they rejected dealing with Clair, Julie, Rebecca etc, smh.

  7. When a black woman (a ratchet one) sees a black man with a non black woman, she will go on rage mode. After that, she will go to the nearest hair dressers and put on that fake weave on her hair trying to look like a white woman, her biggest ever rival. a ghetto ratchet hoodrat can’t say nothing because about a black man dating a non black woman while she pushed him to the side and go after the below average white man like Homo Nazi Vern, Small Dick Dave, Incest Boy Wayne and Cuckold Jim right down to the thugs like 357 Jimmy, 50 Calibre Gilly, Knife Man Priest, Rum Smuggler Don, Whiskey Baron Tony and Fuck All Night Freed. As these ghetto harridans have their children, then they try to go for a good black man to be the clean up man. No clean up man here.

    1. Homo Nazi Vern, Small Dick Dave, Incest Boy Wayne and Cuckold Jim


      Don’t forget Paedo Pete and Kiddyfiddler Kate going after the children.

        1. Money,

          English men have a name for pedo called ‘Chester the Molester’

    1. Money Cultural,

      These guys talk smack about SYSBM all day, yet they always fail to read the tenets, neither do they bother reaching out to any of the original heads for comment, smh. It’s always the same old story with dudes like this.

      1. I haven’t watch the whole first video and second video but let me tell you this. I looks like there is goanna be a British version of Bareback Fountain.

  8. What’s up, family? It’s been a while, but I’m back in the house!!! Let’s get it on. Salute to you, as always, brother Verbs. What I’d like to know is where these fucking weave rats get off telling us what we have the right to do? Nevermind being turned down; if he never asked a black woman out in his life, that’s his business. These whores don’t own us. She didn’t want him, but is mad he found someone who did? What kind of shit is that? And as much as I hate that bullshit ass sellout term, she has no right (ironically) to throw it at him. He came to HER first, not the other way around. And she shut him out. So fuck her! If you don’t fight for what you want, don’t cry for what you lost. I wish the brother and his white girl all the happiness in the world. Great to see you, fellas! I’m back. #SYSBM

    1. Mister Perfect,

      Good to hear from you as well brother. These sirens love cutting black men down and shutting black men down, they’re professionals at it.

      They hate free thinking brothers because we don’t give them the opportunity to play their stupid games on us, we simply circumvent their folly and head straight in the direction of women who will love and appreciate us.

      Like you said, these heifers don’t own us although they seem to believe otherwise.

  9. It’s very easy to offend them indirectly without even trying.

    Not much effort needs to be done .

    All I’ll have to do is go on holiday to Texas, then walk on the street and sit in a restaurant with a white girlfriend.

    I know American women love British accents.

    In UK, any guy who is dick policing is automatically seen as a faggot.

    No such thing as interracial law in UK, never has been and never will be.


    1. I have also notice on YouTube for many Years the American black Women love Black British men.
      The reason, there was no interracial law in the UK because the diversity naturally evolved since 1950s.

      We know in the UK, we don’t play that DPU, slave mindset game here.
      Only in the America they can get away with it.
      Some cases DPU will get a beat down because we are diverse here.

    2. Witwijf,

      Yep, there aren’t that many black male DPU officers over here, they know better. It’s mostly the Chaz And Dave, pub frequenting white males who are the ones showing the most concern about where black men are choosing to place their family jewels and get extremely upset whenever they see a black man with an attractive Katie or Julie.

  10. I saw the thumbnail of Dr. Umar Johnson video , I chose not to watch it why is that in my feed bros. YouTube I am not watching that shit fix the algorithm. Also stop the video suggestions from Doja Cat, and Megan the Stallion. I get it… What was that goofy video about that the Doc dropped.

    I edited the video on Thanksgiving on patreon for the bros cut 20 minutes out . Enjoy…

  11. Too many younger black men have zero game. I started out as a simp, like almost all black men do. Because this is what we are taught to do. But I stopped simping back in my early twenties.

    Let’s call it, Having Game 101. Something most black men never learn. The more you simp, the less pussy you get. And that which you do get, is usually bad pussy. I stopped simping when I was 21. Once I stopped simping, I found myself turning down pussy. Now days I don’t deal with black women for the most part, because most are not up to my standards. But if I met a unicorn, I would deal with her. I’m not looking for one, and I’m not holding my breath.

    It seems counter intuitive to most men, but women don’t respect simps. They don’t even like simps. Any woman that I deal with, quickly realizes that I can take her or leave her, depending on her behavior. Believe me when I tell you that they respect this.

    Unfortunately for them, the dating strategy of too many men, and especially too many black men, is to try to out simp the competition. Oh well, too bad for them. This makes it so much easier for me.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Youtuber and queen of the Black Manosphere Jessica X illustrates a prime example of as you put it, men trying to out simp other men. All this woman has to do is turn up and the simps will drop mega superchats, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, I’ve even seen some of those clowns dropping $500 superchats for a chick they’ve never seen in the flesh nor on camera and most probably never will.

      If you want to see a prime example of simping, just watch one of her livestreams and you’ll see in real time exactly what I’m talking about. Now these same desperate simps are angry and complaining because she hasn’t done a livestream in weeks ie they can’t feed her money and feel good about themselves believing they have a chance to get in her panties.

      The reason I bring Jessica X up every now and again is because those same simps gave me serious hassle when I first came on the scene, telling me that as “the foreigner” I had no rights to speak on black females in the US.

      It’s funny how that “foreigner” standard all of a sudden changes when the black female critique is a British mixed female using her accent and sexually provocative avatars to draw in men. Simps are a huge problem.

    2. Agreed, I have not actually date or even slept with a black women in about 10 or 11 years. I have no disre or hope to. I use to say if they met my standards like everyone else I deal with that’s ok, but I’ve pretty much given up hope of that as well. There are just so few and far between. And in the last decade, all of the black women I’ve met that I would actually date have already been married or in a serious relationship.

  12. Black men existing and not requiring their services or generally being around black women is offensive to black women. God forbid the guy not be in or on his way to jail.

    Likewise, an OLD white woman just being around a black man is offensive to them, let alone a young attractive one that shows interest in him.

    Similarly, a bunch of white men could be robbing a bank, and black women would blame the black security guard. Black women are your ENEMIES, they have nothing nice to offer you. That is, of course, unless you consider bastard kids, STDs, and tons of debt accrued by purchasing copious amounts of weave and having you and the dog and goldfish’s names out on the phone bill as manna from Heaven.

    Meanwhile, black women will grin from ear to ear like nobody’s business if a fat smelly white man just farts near them. He could look like Baron Harkonnen (from any adaptation) and she would literally sniff his taint fresh after a dump and thank him for the opportunity. They want you to reject you, to pre-ject you and use you as backup men. Don’t be a plan b for a group too stupid to know their ABCs.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      I had to look up Baron Harkonnen, lol. You’re right though, we already know how most black women worship white men unconditionally and will do anything for Major Sleet.

      As per usual with these black witches it’s one rule for them and another completely different set for black men, unfortunately we still have large swaths of Negroes who actually pay attention to the heavily slanted rules, terms and conditions these heifers lay out instead of completely ignoring them and going about their business as they please.

      As commenter Brendan Dubalos would say, no clean up men over here, I’m not having any black harriets dictate to me who I can and cannot date either.

  13. The moment I saw that stragg’s reply to Daphne about him not having the right to date outside of his race after she told him ‘no’, I immediately thought “they always want first right of refusal”; this brother didn’t sell out anything, but rather saved himself from the stress that most likely would’ve come with chasing this trying to win her affection. This is the IR relationship version of the Dred Scott case in which the Supreme Court ruled that Black men had no rights which the White man was bound to respect; this is how the the scraggle daggle feel when brothers choose to be free and date a non Black woman (as evidenced in the above post by Daphne Ford Sutton). As we’ve always stated, “go where you’re appreciated, not where you’re tolerated”. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Telling us that we have no rights to date outside of the race if they choose to turn us down as if they own us, the audacity of your modern day black female, smh. Of course black men like ourselves ignore such dictates as we recognise and hold onto our autonomy and sovereignty, we will NOT be dictated to by a bunch of women who believe it’s their sworn duty to cut down and shut down brothers at any and every opportunity that presents itself.

  14. The beast, broadly chooses degenerates over regular men. Moreso than other races of women.
    It thinks if you are not gangbanging or dealing you aren’t a real man, basically you got to always face jail time to please it. This has got to be an IQ problem, Or a form of mental illness yet discovered.
    Its one thing to like tough hardworking men or men rough around the edges worker types, it’s another to like complete nuisances to society. when said men get put in jail they go for next,untill they got bastard kids en tow then child free hardworking blue collar men or otherwise would look after it and it’s offsprings lol.

    1. MrZero,

      When devil spawn black females breed with Slim Sauce, Two Snacks and Field Mouse, we already know from observable data that the results are NOT going to be good by a long shot. However, since those are the guys they prefer, their choice to deal with those types of dudes has to be respected.

      The problem is these unbridled black females in turn don’t want to respect the free thinking black man’s choice to leave and head in the direction of women who will love and appreciate him.

      As I’ve stated many times before, it’s one set of incredibly flexible rules for them and another awfully rigid set of rules for black men, smh.

  15. At this point, I don’t even recognize the black woman anymore. The more they put down the black man, the more they gonna see black men walking away. I got a question for you black men reading this: Are you getting to the point where you is getting tired of tolerating the disrespect and bullshit coming from women that share the same race as you? Black men, you deserve better than this crap. It’s time to start going what’s right for you, and not be worrying about the black community and these confused ass black women. Let them keep calling us a sellout or a uncle Tom because we found a quality woman who happens to be a different race, ethnicity, or nationality as you, be we doing something right. The man upstairs is telling me to go what interests me, and not what other people want me to be with because of my race or the color of my skin. The ghetto booty doesn’t interests me anymore. I like women with the hourglass body figure, but that ghetto booty, hell nah. At this point, I don’t even see myself with a black woman. If I do, it’s either a biracial, Afro Latina, or Blasian, Maybe a Light Skin BW, Idk. If the thugs, white boys interests the black women, get them wet, then for the “educated lames, Squares,” time to go to different women that’s gonna take a interest in you. There’s no point in trying to wait for the one. I know all Bw ain’t like that, but it ain’t too many you can find man. All that waiting ain’t worth it man. Time to go to different women, don’t matter what race or ethnicity they are. LOVE IS COLORBLIND, PERIOD!

    1. Also to add to my comment, Let me ask y’all a serious question, and I’m probably gonna know what y’all gonna say. Are women gonna achieve something, or achieve getting a man with a big chip on their shoulder 24/7?

    2. The major thing is avoiding women with a ghetto or ratchet mentality regardless if race, the issue here is black women, especially westernised or mentally “ghettorised” ones even regardless of socioeconomic economic status,overwhelmingly make the majority of these. I’d avoid western women in general. Iv now only dated phillipino or African women as that had less of them with such beastly “ghettoesq” behaviour. Skin tone isn’t much the issue, don’t think like light skin mixed girls raised by a single bw won’t act like the usual ratchet beast.

    3. D.K. Phantom,

      As per SYSBM Tenet Number 3, you’ll most likely find yourself dealing with a non black female, I wouldn’t hold on to these black harridans if I were you, they’ve made it abundantly clear that the men they find most interesting and appealing are those with heavy criminal records as well as Bottom Shelf Brad type white males.

  16. Lol, i remember when I first started dating my girl. I started a new job not long after. Every morning we’d have a big breakfast for all departments, there were two black women working there who worked downstairs. I greeted everyone and when said good morning to the black girls they actually ignored me and didn’t reply. One made a stank face. The other people were all visibly shocked, as these shanequas were putting on their polite act for everyone else all the time.

    Fast forward about 8 days. My girl began cooking me lunch every morming and bringing it to the job and eating lunch with me on my break. Well not long before the rude shanequas saw her. They marched up to me the next morning at breakfast and pretty loudly demanded to know if i liked black women(seriously, they did this at work in front of everyone). I looked one dead in the eye and just said “No”. Some people were giggling, no one felt sorry for these rude bitches. Funny thing is, a bunch of the other womeen there stopped me in the hallway during the day to complement me on my uh…preference.

    See, what these shanequa’s didn’t know is that despite me being in IT, I’m not a lame/nerd/square. First of all, I’m over 6 ft and built. I used to box and play football, I have been sexually active since 15, and have been with all the major ethnicities before even graduating high school. I was raised in a rough area of Queens, NY and I’m not some punk. I’ve been in many fights in my day, I’m just NOT a mindless low IQ thug. I was never theirs to reject or control. And honestly at this point I hadn’t sworn off black women completely, but it felt good to rub it in their faces. And sure enough, they got some simp negro to come question me a bit later…never even spoke to this nigga before. Had the nerve to ask me if I really didn’t like black women. I said fuck no, more for you bro.

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