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Typical Black Mother, Smh #SHORTS!


I’ve seen a few folks already post about this so I thought I’d put in my 2 pence worth. Unfortunately the person who posted the video has plastered their tag over this black witch’s Tiktok page URL(I suspect in an effort to protect her) so I was unable to get the link to it.

Scum bucket black mothers and terrible mothers in general need to be exposed, not protected and coddled. On that note, why do I get the strong feeling that this black mother is precisely the reason why her son chose to run away from home?

Additionally, you’ll notice that whenever non black women lose their children and put out an appeal, typically they’re heavily distraught, upset and balling their eyes out, however not this modern day black siren, her face is as hard as stone, she shows no emotion whatsoever.

I keep on telling you that the overwhelming majority of black women don’t have any maternal instincts, they simply don’t care about the children they have, they are completely detached emotionally from their offspring and really couldn’t care less what happens to them.

This is clearly demonstrated with this mother actually putting it out there that should 12 Gauge Mike, Trap House Jim, Two Snacks and Field Mouse run into her son, she’s given them full permission to beat him down, what kind of a mother does this?

This is how most black mothers roll, they don’t like black children and this is reflected in the horrible way they treat them not to mention the fact that black women commit the highest number of abortions when compared to non black women. This black female no doubt was beating her son from pillar to post as well as engaging in other forms of abuse, that’s why I suspect he kicked out.

Most black children are NOT happy in their homes, here is another example of a black teen who ran away from home due to endless abuse:

Yet another illustration as to why black men with sense and intelligence must NEVER put their seed into a black female. Observing the field however it seems that too many black men are very hard of hearing and will never fully break free from the modern day black woman, as I keep on saying, SYSBM is for the very few, not the many. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Mothers Are The Worst Of The Worst

Most High Bless

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29 thoughts on “Typical Black Mother, Smh #SHORTS!

  1. She has probably been mentally and physically abusing that boy since birth. Sadly also, if I had to guess the boy might be a mentally and emotionally broken pookie or ray ray type at this point who should be avoided. Sad situation all around, but this is what modern day BW produce.

    “I keep on telling you that the overwhelming majority of black women don’t have any maternal instincts, they simply don’t care about the children they have, they are completely detached emotionally from their offspring and really couldn’t care less what happens to them”

    Many of them have sex and crank out bastard kids like feral animals, the gov pays for the kids and the “streets” raise them. They don’t care who fathers their children (bums and thugs) because they don’t care about their children.

    1. No disagreements from me there. Especially since the woman both insulted his son and allow those who found him to do as they please.

  2. Typical black upbringing:

    Break the boy into pieces using attachment trauma, starvation, physical violence, sexual molestation, refusing to show any love, care or respect (considered “weak”), show no guidance or purposefully given bad guidance. On top of this the boy is told not to seek out pastures new otherwise D’Buh and I-Brow Cutz will kill him.

    And they wonder why the boy left home? Really?

    You’ve all had a variation of that type of childhood and struggled to recover, which is why I have no qualms calling narcissistic black women – satanic to the core. If the boy gravitates towards white girls (more than likely given his mother’s treatment) he’ll literally shortcut his own healing.

    1. Shit, most times a white female teacher or classmate is the first example of kindness and femininity a black boy sees. A little blond girl in the 2nd grade was the first to ask me to be her boyfriend while I struggled with Shaniqua all the way through my sophomore year in college.

      1. The first time I attended a birthday party at a white family, I did not want to go back home, that is – legit –

        Code switching for us brothers isn’t just about speech, we literally had two brain operating systems – society and – survival.

  3. I won’t be surprised if the teen has joined a group gang from school just to run away from abusive home.

    This is the root cause of black on black crimes.

    The government funding prison cells to bring in more criminals from the streets.

    I don’t consider dark skinned black females as women at all.

    The negress looks more like an ape than anything else.


  4. I remember way back in 2004 when Bill Cosby rightfully Blasted the black communitah and single black mothers for raising their children the way they do.Unfortunately,He caught a lot of heat and backlash from them.Ever since then,things have gotten much,much,much worse.Its gotten so bad to the point that Finally there are more black women speaking out against them and their behaviors on their channels and platforms.It won’t change anything especially theses black demon witches but at least some women are no longer afraid to speak out against them.Bottomline:Dysfunctional women like this one in this post and so many others even worse than her need to be locked up in padded rooms in Maximum Security Mental Health Facilities and the keys thrown away in the Atlantic Ocean.

  5. Verbs 2015.

    I don’t blame that black kid for running away from home because of his black mum treating him like shit and probably beating him on a regular basis. I remember at my dad’s funeral back in March 2019, my step mum was being rude to me and given me the cold shoulder all day and not supporting me grieving for the death of my dad all because a family member overheard my conversation with my cousin on the phone who told me on the very day of the news that my dad have passed away and I told my cousin that I felt suicidal because I just lost my dad and I felt like I didn’t want to live anymore and that family member went and told my step mum what I said that is when my step mum was being rude to me. At the my dad’s funeral reception in Leyton, East London, my step mum was guilt tripping me and bringing up all the mistakes I made when I was in my teenage years. Let me tell you something black mothers have no caring bone in their body when it comes to their kids and expect their kids to be perfect all time without question and to be like robots without any human emotions. Also black women show no empathy towards their kids especially when their kids are going through difficult times in their life. This is the reason why I refuse to date black women and I will never ever have kids with them because they are not mother material.

      1. Money Cultural.

        She can be a bitch sometimes and also overbearing especially in my teenage years.

  6. Da communitah is a sick construct to begin with. A place that came about because black people were forced to live in isolated cramped proximity to one another, due to racism and discrimination, and government mandated apartheid.

    Add to this, the denizens of da communtah adopted all manner of negative, bizarre, destructive, and violent behaviors as the norm, when interacting with each other.

    And the hoteps and their corrupt so called leaders would dare romanticize something that is an afront to humanity, and call it a culture.

    This sick subculture has never produced good mothers and it never will. It is a sick, degenerate, matriarchal subculture; designed to keep black people at the bottom of humanity in every category of human achievement. It also serves to keep the black collective in a monolithic mindset, that is easily marketed to by Chabad Rothstein and Co.

    1. @AmericanBlkMan…..On A Scale Of 1-10 I Give Your Comment An 100 Plus! That’s The Dysfunctional Shit I Grew Up With Even In The 80’s…Your 1st 2 Lines Are GOLDEN! “Da Communitah is A Sick Construct to begin with. A Place that came about because Black People were forced to live in *Isolated Cramped Proximity* to one another, due to Racism and Discrimination, and Government Mandated Apartheid.” Peace Brother..

  7. What a disgusting piece of crap she is! Note how she spoke with contempt for her son’s running away and just insulted him in her “plea” for his return; as if the verbal abuse wasn’t bad enough, she gave Slim Sauce and Field Mouse the green light to brutalize him if the see him. What kind of mess is that? It’s sad to see a child go missing, but in this case, I hope he never returns to her and a non Black family takes him in; who knows, he might actually blossom into something greater than anything his beastie mom could raise on her own. Hey, Umar, is this yo queen? I pray his running away from home is the first step he takes towards saving himself from the scraggle daggle completely. #SYSBM

  8. Ironically, I was just reading up on the case of Johnny Gosch (scary stuff), in that case it’s the mom who to this day goes to bat for her son’s forgotten case, meanwhile the dad supposedly was in on his kidnapping.

    White women will start causes and charities in their kids name, meanwhile, black women will at most sell hoodies with their dead or missing kids’ visage on them.

    Look at how abusive black women are KNOWN fir being. Hell, it’s common knowledge that young black girls run away from home at a high ass clip. Thus, how is impregnating these chicks not illegal at this point?

    Again, beating him into submission, too. Ain’t this the same group that complains about white men beating black men during slavery like it was yesterday? The right hand of white supremacy is one that regularly fixes a weave into its head.

  9. Upon 30 seconds of that video, the woman already described her parenting skills as shitty. I also note that she gave the hood negroes permission to do what they want with her son. Which opens the door for abuse especially on a sexual level.

    At this point Western women and those with the same mindset are toxic and should be avoided as a collective.

    1. “At this point Western women and those with the same mindset are toxic and should be avoided as a collective.” Totally Agree!!

  10. There are no repercussions, that’s why this crap will continue. Some BLK male will always simp. “Look how bad she’s talking about her missing kid”.

    ‘Yea but, she got a fat ass im’a hit that.

  11. There are no repercussions for Thier behaviour, that’s why things like this will continue. Some BLK simp will always save them.

    ‘Look how bad she’s talking about her missing kid’.

    Yea but she got a fat ass, I’m hitting that.

  12. I think I know why the yute runaway. Is because of the mother. I bet you she did the same thing what Bareback Fountain’s mother did to him when he was young. The mother on Tiktok must have beat him over and over so many times, he start to think “Fuck this” and legged it. When I was a young boy especially when I was a teenager, I use to get beat by my mum. Well, I have a bad attitude towards her. I use to curse at her, even swear at her and that’s when she gets the belt out and start whooping my ass with it. You see Tiktok, it looks like it’s goanna get ratchet and it’s the beginning of the ratchetness of Tiktok because when it comes to these ghetto ratchet black women, all I see is ratchetness. When it comes to social media, we see some black women with that ratchet shit!

    Keep your white honeys safe!

  13. All of this seems staged because I know black women will say anything to get attention especially from simps. The plainest Jane covering up her ticktok, handle, to no type of report or CPS investigation.

  14. None of y’all have commented about the toxic masculinity of this hard-face heffa. The way it does its mouth when it tawks looks like a shemale rapper from the early 90s. She looks and sounds like she’s from New Yawk but had to run and ended up in Milwaukee lol. The boy is a good handsome kid from the looks of his photo, probably too “weak” or “soft” for that Klingon bitch. He don’t even look like her kid. You know he’d thrive in a non-black environment, with non-black girls. I wish I was in Milwaukee, I’d provide underground railroad services for that young man, some food, money and clothes to keep him moving to a suburban environment. Because you know that Klingon bitch would make it even harder for him when he got back to the ghetto. SYSBM.

    PS: Verbs, comments are marked already liked when I come on even if I’ve never seen the comments before?????

  15. Hey Verbs, what is your email address? I wanted to send you a story that I think you should cover on Friday. This is absolutely disgusting yet viable information that needs to be shared. Hopefully, many men see this and aren’t fooled by thinking a Black Queen is in the Caribbean.

  16. Glad that kid ran away from that weirdo bitch and she’s an awful motherfucking mother who talks like a goddamn man

  17. Have any of you seen this Netflix documentary (the name escapes me) about 2 young black girls going missing in the 90s, and how a couple of Negroes were blamed for it? I believe it was a re-investigation into the case.

    That being said, characters involved in the tragedy were interviewed. Among them were some Black women (sisters, relatives) – and the way they behaved was APPALING. Laughing and giggling, they recounted how they were ‘in da club’ the night of the crime; not an ounce of sadness or remorse was there!

    Second, the accused Negroes. God help me, I did not know such Negroes still existed. They were – of course – unemployed simps who were dating the black women above. That’s pretty normal – but these Negroes seemed to be literally picked out of the slavery era, to the point where they even spoke like old fashioned racist stereotypes (“I’se innocent, I swears to God, lawdy almighty”).

    But at least those Negroes showed SOME empathy towards the black children – it was alarming how the literal black female relatives themselves had zero of that and revelled in the attention of the White Man’s camera.

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