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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here and another so called “variant” of the Convid-1984 hoax has arrived on the scene. I find it funny how they’ve never isolated the original virus to begin with, yet this Omicron(Moronic) or whatever they want to call it has conveniently arrived on stage just as big pharma are using governments around the world to promote their booster death shots, we aren’t stupid over here.

What makes this even more suspect is the fact that the South African doctor who discovered the “new strain” has come out and stated that the virus is NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT and that the cases so far are unusual but mild, however as we all know the governments of the West have an agenda to fulfil, therefore the facts and the real science doesn’t matter.

Though the mainstream media as per usual has been in full swing hyping up the Omicron variant, the good news is finally more people are awakening and wising up to the scam, many of those have already taken the bioweapon and are finally realising that they’ve been taken for a huge joyride and bamboozled.

A massive big up to commenters Brotherdanunlimited and Black Picard especially who have been keeping the Vaxx Watch page lit and constantly posting updated information concerning this Convid-1984 scam. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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73 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Good day, SYSBMers!
    Here’s an interesting story, folks. Once again, Lord Anglo’s superior male offspring are determined to depopulate themselves. This appears to be a first. 👇🏽

    📌 LOL: MAN Crowned Homecoming QUEEN For The First Time 😂 📌

    And then they wonder why Beckie, Cindy, Jeanie & the others are exploring more masculine cultures on the chocolate side. Also posted here in Maggle / Daggle Watch since this male “queenie” above obviously prefers the female maggle “lifestyle”:

    1. Ooops, looks like GAB is temporarily down — probably due to some progressive fukery. Anyhow, here are some backup links:

      LOL: MAN Crowned Homecoming QUEEN For The First Time 😂

      📌 Missouri High School Picks Male Student as Its Homecoming Queen for the First Time
      One student at a Missouri high school has an extra special reason to celebrate this homecoming season.

      Student Zachary Willmore made history at Rock Bridge High School in Columbia this week, by becoming the first male student to be crowned Homecoming Queen during the school’s homecoming game.

      Video of the moment on the field when Willmore wins the title was posted to Twitter and YouTube, showing wild cheers and collective excitement from everyone in the vicinity. “It was literally like a dream” Wilmore told KOMU 8 news outlet. “It was just really special to me.”

      The student, who is also a cheerleader on Rock Bridge’s varsity team, was also seen on his TikTok at the homecoming event, wearing a beautiful gold gown and homecoming sash on the field in front of the crowded bleachers…… 📌

    2. Ooops, looks like GAB is experiencing some network difficulties. Probably Lord Ziostein’s progressive foot soldiers up to no good – as usual.

      Once again, “Western” progressive white wommin are TOTALLY NAIVE to the new Frankenstein monster they’re “supportive” of. Fukin idiots taking part in their own destruction.

      Anywho, here are some backup links to the Homecoming male queen maggle spectacle. 👇🏽

      LOL: MAN Crowned Homecoming QUEEN For The First Time 😂

      📌 Missouri High School Picks Male Student as Its Homecoming Queen for the First Time
      One student at a Missouri high school has an extra special reason to celebrate this homecoming season. Student Zachary Willmore made history at Rock Bridge High School in Columbia this week, by becoming the first male student to be crowned Homecoming Queen during the school’s homecoming game.

      Video of the moment on the field when Willmore wins the title was posted to Twitter and YouTube, showing wild cheers and collective excitement from everyone in the vicinity. “It was literally like a dream” Wilmore told KOMU 8 news outlet. “It was just really special to me.”

      The student, who is also a cheerleader on Rock Bridge’s varsity team, was also seen on his TikTok at the homecoming event, wearing a beautiful gold gown and homecoming sash on the field in front of the crowded bleachers…… 📌

      1. Some other gender/sexuality news of the progressive kind:

        ‘Gender-Neutral’ Boy Crowned Second Male Homecoming Queen

        Now, isn’t this going a little overboard here for a “queen” of homecoming? Take a peek at the sista’s pic from 2012!

        What “perception” does this give about Black people? I’m sure there are lots of fit, good looking intelligent sistas at Ole Miss back then. Gezuz!

        First African American Crowned Homecoming Queen at Ole Miss

        And u know the luvly folks at Storm Front were going to have a field day with this “woke” story. lol It’s almost like King Progressive is always trying to rub salt in the faces of conservative Anglo society by USING dumb naive woke negroes who should SEE & KNOW they’re getting PLAYED in a dangerous divisive race game. smdh

        Ole Miss: OBESE Negress Crowned Homecoming Queen Over Gorgeous White Woman (First Black Homecoming Queen)

      2. …….. No comment to describe the level of WTF as I am no longer surprised of the attempts by those who support feminism.

    3. Where are the men’s rights and white conservatives at fighting hard in the paint against the LGBT? Too many damn ppl, especially so called conservatives and libertarians, will go to their graves on this live and let live shit. When you refuse to take a side and speak out against evil bullshit like this, you’re part of the problem. Many whites on YouTube complaining about SJWs refuse to stand for anything otherwise, they’re the reason their culture is the way it is.

      As you mentioned, women notice this and thus do not respect them. Hell, why would they?

      1. They’re too busy dick policing black men while all white hell breaks loose in their own backyard BY “Christian” Zio imposters who LOOK just like them & control their mass media.

        1. @AfroFuturism1 @Black Picard
          We are truly living in Sodom and Gomorrah. As for where are the men’s rights, whites as well as blacks (Obsidian is now fighting for fags, Kevin Hart did a whole 180 etc, list is too long) the church as well as the traditional family, black and white? All cucked /sold(souled) out. I can’t think of one prominent person who spoke out against homosexuality, not one. The biggest name I could find is Raekwan. Dave Chappelle said a couple things about trannys which I guess is a start but even he said he is willing to sit down with them and did not say unequivocally he does not agree with homos in any way. Everybody wants to be a soldier in peace time.

    4. *reads this whole comment thread*

      I don’t follow right wing content creators on social media, but I can be sure that none of them have spoken about this story of Zachary Willmore being crowned Homecoming Queen; all you ever get from these right wing clowns are crybaby videos about mask and vaxx mandates, an anthropomorphic bird on a children’s show discussing the vaccine, “woke” TV commercials, crime rates in blue cities and states (populated by Blacks and other colored groups), celebrating the acquittal of a teenager who shot 3 men (2 of whom are deceased) in “self defense”, banning a college course from being taught to K-12 students, etc. Right wingers pretend to be morally sound by fighting a culture war, but they themselves don’t intend to right these wrongs through policy. Let them cry while they destroy the country they say they love!

  2. Candace Owens condemned after alleging ‘Black Americans are the most murderous group in America’

    This ape female and other negresses are the root causes of black on black crimes globally.

    Failing to mention the root causes of herself as a whole.

    British army military personnel to be brought in for booster vaccination programme as 13 cases of Omicron variant confirmed in England.

    The boris twat wants to reduce the gap between the 2nd jab and the booster jab from 6 months to 3 months gap.

    I won’t be surprised if thousands or millions of brits start dropping dead to the ground like flies within the next few months.

    Only 5 million people are unvaccinated in UK.

    Its estimated by 2025, the UK depopulation will go down from 66 million to 14 million people.

    It could go down further than 5 million at this rate.

    Millions refuse to see the warning signs and writings on the walls.

    I’ll have to be extremely lucky to even find a quality stargate during medical tyanny, never ending cycles of media manipulations through propaganda.


    1. As I always say, white MGTOW men and black swirlers are two sides of the same coin. They REFUSE to take responsibility for the mess they made and instead want others to clean it up.

      This is why the same 400 lb. loser complaining about female nature will never take his own advice. Likewise, black daggles will write books about leaving the attitude behind for white boys and not even realize the bad optics.

      You can’t tell a group always gripping a shovel not to dig their own graves.

    2. Your comments are spot on.

      As for finding a quality stargate, truth be told, that was going to be a challenge even before the plandemic.

      The problem is that women worldwide have been corrupted by the feminaziism that Hollyweird has exported to the world. It used to be that you could always fine a feminine, submissive, non westernized Filipina. More and more, even they are being tarnished and corrupted by the dysfunctional feminist lies coming out of Hollyweird USA.

    3. Witwijf,

      The point you raised about black women being the root cause of violence in black society is spot on, yet they always manage to conveniently omit themselves from the equation. Owens doesn’t want to look in the mirror, nor does she want to call out the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure for their gigantic failure called the black community.


    Obama (a tranny loving fag) and Fauci are both evil as hell, especially Fauci. Check out Robert Kennedy JR.‘a new book exposing how evil Fauci is, including his experimentation on poor kids in New York back in the day. But will these fuckin liberal pieces of shit that stand up for “minorities!!!” Say anything? Hell no!!

    Likewise, there were actually black MEN still dumb enough to defend Obama cuz “rEpUbLiCaNs WaZ WAYCIST tO him!!!”. Give me a fuckin break, that man threw black men under the boss every chance he got.

    1. Despite the obvious lie revealed regarding BS-19, the corrupted bastards still want young children to take their bioweapon. If that’s not a sign of satanic shit, I don’t know what is.


    Lebron James is a cucked liberal piece of shit himself, sucking China’s shrimp fried rice. I’d laugh if he ended up in the hospital, hell I’d celebrate. The sheep NEED to see vaccinated idiots like this fall, for several reasons.

    Also, is it just me or more and more is a black man with a prominent beard a sign that he’s a fag, a cuck or a liberal?

    1. @AfroFuturism1
      Does Dwyane Wade have a beard now? He has to be the poster boy for black cuckery. You’re right though, it seems like they all have a beard. Pun intended lol

    2. I dont really follow sports that much, but didn’t Lebron just return after recovering from an injury? Now, he’s out again with COVID-1984.


    I wonder if these compliant shrimp dick gooks will do anything…. Nah, better to just follow the government, amiright? Asians are KNOWN for being compliant too.

    No one in decent health under 50 should logically even worry about this. That said, I don’t feel sorry for ppl too damn stupid to do basic research and figure out that this vaccine and booster subscription service is not the way.

  6. Verbs 2015

    The government created this new omicron variant as a way to control people into wearing masks and getting the vaccine jab. Like I said before Verbs I refuse to take the vaccine and I ain’t wearing no fucking mask because I have my exempt card.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        Wow I just watched the clip and even Bill Gates himself admitted this whole covid vaccine jab was a test to see if people fall for this bullshit. I am so glad that I have never been vaccinated and this clip reconfirms the reasons why I refuse to get the jab because its going to kill me. Bill Gates wants to kill off the world’s population.

  7. Too bad the Oz Aboriginal community aren’t armed like the docile pro-2A Anglo pussycat “patriots” in Amerika. And WHERE are all the heavily funded, bleeding heart SJWs?? Crickets!

    Listen to the URGENCY of the Aboriginals in this video! 👇🏽

    📌 🆘 BREAKING NEWS 🆘 Representatives of the Aboriginal Community in Australia issue International Plea for help over tyrannical Australian coercion & control.

    How much longer can the world just sit back and let this happen? 📌

    Mike OchsEvergreen tree:
    It has been known that Australia has descended into tyranny for at least the last six months, and now this.
    Where are our social justice, ‘decolonize’, post-colonial Theorists at right now? Isn’t this their bread and butter?


    I’m sorry to say this. But the all powerful, all superior Anglo world will just sit back & take it up the ASS. What an absolutely PATHETIC race whose electorate has the power & resources to put an end to this medical tyranny.
    Once again,if Convid was a Black conspiracy, they’d be gunnings & lynchings going on 24/7. But Anglos seem to have a dangerous weakness for Lord Ziostein & his 1% Elite associates.

    Like I’ve said a zillion times now, I’ve TOTALLY lost all respect for the “Western” Anglo race. Zero BALLS!!

    1. Once again, they’re too busy dick watching and obsessing over Black dick to even care. Imagine the 4th reich on your doorstep and being blind to your own extinction?

  8. I want to piggyback on this article: “She Told The Truth, No Lies Detected – Part 2.”

    The friend of married Daphne Ford Sutton is like many of the (black) girls that we grew up with and went to the same schools and churches in the very latter decades of the 20th century. Due to the stereotypical black entertainment culture that both men and women of that ilk take it cues from, they will not be any average, normal black unions.

    I can tell you first hand from a young grade school age at the time that if you’re not deemed by said blk quean females in the two categories below, you will never have a chance with any female among them.

    1) Your stereotypical hood dudes.


    2) The 20-year friendzone bench warmers/simps/wannabeer guys (dudes who’s hardly about that life but dresses up to be about that life for the women), etc…

    These same grade school girls (now women years later) will see you with a quality woman (outside their realm) regardless of ethnicity and they’ll wonder why this particular female is with you and what did she saw in you that your then-fellow grade school girls didn’t see. The problem for them is that they were in control (or so they thought they were) of the dating and mating market within their isolated environment influenced by black entertainment of bad taste and won’t fit in this international dating and mating traditional order of things.

    Salute to the guy for dating that white woman.

  9. I swear everyday, things are getting more and more worse than it shouldn’t been. Like I said before, the whole freakin world is in huge trouble with these psycho son of bitches destroying everything, and I think we ain’t gonna recover from all this crap. These elites done a fantastic job fooling like the majority of the population of the world with their lies and goalpost moving. These elites and psychos, they can count all that blood money they collecting, put out all the questionable technology that’s gonna trace every moving human on this goddamn planet, celebrate everyday while us people suffer, put us in camps, lie every single goddamn day to every person in every continent of the globe, use the military or whatever type of armed forces on the people because of not being vaccinated, act like nothing or nobody can’t touch them, but one thing I can surely tell you guys, they’re not invincible.

    I wonder how long they gonna keep this up with the so called “variants.” I’m confused, did they Omrinic variant just popped out of the blue or something? I’m telling y’all, throughout this whole Covid fiesta, the whole world, including us, we’ve been played by these psychos big time. How long are they gonna keep this bullshit up because it’s gonna get to the point where suspicious is gonna raise up over the roof, the bodies are gonna keep piling up more and more, they can’t play the blame game much longer, and it’s gonna get a lot harder for these psychos to hide and run from the shit they caused?

  10. Shawn James here,

    I know most here don’t want to hear about my personal ongoings, so as a fellow brotha, I ask your support for my latest project.

    As you know, I am a (struggling) writer. I have long tried to break into the movie industry because I sincerely believe that Hollywood’s top ‘black’ movies are damaging to black males – think about The Butler, Precious, or even Waiting to Exhale. Unfortunately, all the scripts I’ve sent to agents have been rejected, possibly because they don’t fit the Jewish liberal/black woman agenda.

    Good news has finally come my way though. I was contacted by an independent studio based in Nigeria (Busu-Busu Films), and they were interested in producing a movie based on MY LIFE! (I suppose ol’ Shawn’s blogs has been getting some attention huh).

    The plot will basically be about my life growing up as young black man in the Bronx, who was endlessly teased and bullied for not conforming to the ‘nigger’ standards of anti-intellectualism and thuggery.

    What I would like is your opinion on my preferred cast choice (the producers said I was free to propose actors I thought suitable).

    Shawn James – Jamie Foxx (before you make fun about my weight, remember that is an ADAPTATION)

    Mammy Jones (my landlady and supportive mother figure) – Octavia Spencer

    Talisa (romantic interest who works in a bookstore) – Thandie Newton

    Mario (a friend and comic relief) – Ice Cube

    I’ve also decided, as a gesture of goodwill, to include cameos featuring thinking black men whom I interact with online. These include:

    Tommy Sotomayor – Tyrese Gibson

    Verbs – Lenny Henry (a classy british actor suitable for you)

    Afrofuturism – Jussie Smolett

    Do let me know your thoughts!

    1. Mr. James this is hilarious, sir. Jussie Smollett, the Gay Tupac himself as Afrofuturism would be box office magic, as would Jamie Foxx in a 1989 flat top afro like you sport. Jamie would have to get fat for the role. Lenny Henry’s a bit old, might I suggest the classy Colin Salmon as Verbs?

      I am disturbed by your erasure of a pale white Goth chick as your love interest, though. After all, you lust after them in real life. Or do you think you’ll get pushback from the sistas? Reverse racism???? Just asking.

      Good luck! LMAO!

  11. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! So, about this Omicron (Moronic) variant that’s supposedly surging, I thought to myself that this is another tactic to get people to rush and take the booster shot (boosts you to an early death); also, has anybody else noticed that these variants always start in countries populated by colored people? Things that make you go hmmm…

    In other news, the Biden administration (in all actuality, it’s the powers that be who are pulling the strings) is making it harder for people to heat their homes this winter; so much for “build back better”:

  12. Omicron, Megatron, Galvatron, Stars cream and Optimus Prime had a fight, in my yard…. Last night. If you believe Convid 1984: then you can believe that.

      1. Probably on the way too. Another instalment of transformers is probably on the way. Omicron vs Megatron

    1. Dwight Hayes,

      The narrative is getting more and more ridiculous by the day, however unfortunately there are so many knuckleheads who are still buying into the scam and so the scammers continue to roll on full steam ahead. Good to hear from you brother, hope all is well.

  13. People weren’t getting vaccinated at the rate they wanted, then came delta,now Omicron,these retards are pushing for a war.
    I think hyper capitalism has reached it peak , now they trying to reset.when everything becomes automated what power would they have?.

  14. First came covid, delta, now omicron varient. So this virus is evolving that rapid within two years?
    these retards are pushing for a war.
    they been high on power so long they forget once you push to the limit ppl push back.extremist capitalism may be reaching its limit. Maybe They’re trying to reset.
    When everything becomes automated and human free from slave wage labour what power to they have left?. What happens when you move to startrek type society trekonimics.
    where money isn’t all important? What will they do ! They don’t want that to happen.

    1. Note that these variants did not exist UNTIL the vaxx came onto the scene.

      1. Kameron Brown,

        As I’ve stated from the point these Convid-1984 bioweapons(under the guise of vaccines) were launched back in December 2020, the variants are the bioweapons and the bioweapons are the variants, they are one and the same.

        1. What I meant was that the virus was sitting by itself not doing anything, until the vaxxes were rolled out. THEN we started getting all of these “variants”.

      2. @Kameron Brown. There was no sickness at all until the vaccine came onto the scene. The vaccine is the virus.

  15. As more and more people are taking the vaccine, the more people will drop dead on the ground. This is a plan to depopulate and that beta male Bill Gates is behind all this. While people are dying from the shot, the man is just counting his paper smiling. Right, when you see these politics, you see that they are all beta males. All of them are. I’m not a political person. I always hate the politicians but here this. It’s been a long time since Britain had a strong prime minister and I mean a very long time. When you put a beta male in charge, your goanna have a recipe of disaster.

  16. OMNICRON is an anagram for MORONIC, which is what the people are. If after 2 years of this b.s. people still believe this and are buying into all these “variants” they deserve what they’re getting. The writing is on the way for ALL of us. Those who can’t read the signs or won’t take heed are soon to enter the horror show.

  17. This entire charade is the


    They have already laid the foundational ground work and conditioned the sleeping sheep to the slaughter NPC’S, and now they are implementing the actual physical infrastructure. Here is the evidence.

    Revelations 13: 16-17 And he shall make all, both little and great, rich and poor, freemen and bondmen, to have a character in their right hand, or on their foreheads. [17] And that no man might buy or sell, but he that hath the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    How much more evidence do people need?

    I am utterly amazed that even people who are aware that this whole thing is generally b.s. refuse to acknowledge how far this rabbit hole goes. I assume this is interfering with their beliefs and life plans so there is just no way this could be that serious right? LOL. This is not a dress rehearsal, this operation is live.

    Wake the fuck up and GET PREPARED!

    I can’t tell you how many people I know think they’re going to ride this out and in 25 years will be sitting down with their friends having a laugh about how all the idiots died from taking the vaxx in 2021 – 2025. It’s coming for everybody, and those who are unprepared (99.999%) will go first and hardest. Do you honestly believe that after all of this that has been done WORLD WIDE AT THE SAME TIME, that they’re suddenly going to turn around and say “just joking, you guys can go back to your regularly scheduled lives, back to normal business as usual”?

    Just a lone voice crying out in the wilderness. You have been warned…

    1. Soon they’ll go door to door asking for proof of vaccines or forcing you with the army.thats when things will go AWOL.

    1. That video is frustrating to watch bcuz the masses are such compliant asses — especially the “superior” Anglo Saxons. No balls to even put up any resistance to protect their offspring as they get snuffed out while being distracted by fake woke BLACCCK, blaaaack, Blaaack “anti-white” boogie man PROGRAMMING.

      And here I thought the pro-2nd Amendment “Christian” PATRIOTS would be doing this with their feedom-luvin guns. smdh

      300 (2006) – This Is Where We Fight Scene

      1. @Black Picard
        Their nuts got cut off YEARS ago. Now that they’ve destroyed them, they’re coming after the black man now and if you notice they are really turning up the destruction of women, they’re promoting the shit out of lesbianism.

  18. Another SYSBM naysayer:

    What was this dude even saying? He was just all over the place with his rhetoric; as usual, it’s the ugly, dusty communitah eunuch who has something negative to say about SYSBM. Also, near the end you can hear a daggle screaming outside which, as he stated himself, defeated the point of his conversation.

  19. There is an online petition asking journalists to stop writing about Will Smith’s and Jada Pinkett’s weird marriage. And its about time !
    Any heterosexual black male who considers himself a fan of Will Smith is worse than a plain simp. He’s a wacko simp !
    Talk about somebody who gives off feminine energy ! I’ve always thought Will Smith was one of those metro sexuals, that will do a he, a she, or an it.

  20. … and there it is. Omicron or whatever the hell its called. From South Africa. That means one thing here:

    YaLl nIGhAs Be dIrTY

    To be fair most people aren’t fussed, but you had the (mostly Indian) few covering up their noses.
    I’m sorry, since you had your piece of paper below your nose — does that mean you’re breaking the rules? Or is the virus only around when you saw a black man?

    Never mind Captain Frost, it’s South Asian people who are just as racist concerning a joke virus that CAN STILL ENTER YOUR EYES!

    1. @Michel
      “(mostly Indian) few covering up their noses”

      I’m glad you noticed that. I’m from Toronto (now an unofficial province of India), and the only racism I ever experience is from paki’s. Full Stop. Real talk. In their religion the lighter you are the better you are, which is why they worship white people. They are also the worlds most nasty disgusting people so them turning up their nose at us is funny to me since we don’t shit on the street and wipe our ass with our hand like they do. Every black man I know bathes daily and uses a wash cloth, unlike them. And I’m not taking that back, I’m part (West Indian) Indian so they can miss me with that being biased shit.

      On another note, what’s the link to your blog?

      1. Indians and Pakistanis literally shit on the street, and is it any wonder their food looks like diarrhea? Those Indian men especially are a JOKE, no one respects them or likes them, especially women (including their own). Pakis also like marrying their cousins, leading to a “race” called the Chua, or rat people.

      2. Guess we’ll accept being the scapegoats of the world in exchange for their women?

        My (rarely updated) blog :

    2. Michel,

      Anybody who exhibits such dickhead behaviour I’ve got no time for. It’s funny how blacks haven’t done anything wrong to South Asians, yet they treat us with such contempt and hatred. The complete reverse treatment for General Sleet though, even though he’s brought nothing but death and destruction upon their countries, smh.

  21. Delta + Omicron is an anagram for “MEDIA CONTROL”
    You can’t make this stuff up.

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